I had just started working for this advertising company in Chicago, after 5 years in New York, and I had been assigned to work for Robert (Rob). We were working on a promotional program for a car customizing service. The owner of the company was a man named Mickey.

I had previously done work on wine accounts, clothing accounts and a few movie deals, but cars, who knew from cars. I told this to Rob and he said that selling was selling and that I ought to go to Mickey's Chicago shop and spend some time, so I could appreciate what we were doing.

I contacted Mickey on a Friday and explained what I wanted to do. He thought it was a good idea and said for me to come to his shop, dressed for shop work--jeans, t-shirt and boots, if I had them. I went in on Monday and was put to work in the break-down area where the cars and trucks to be customized were taken apart and prepared for the customized re-building. Unlike, office work, this was hot, dirty and very hands on. I worked with a guy named Tommy, who was about 25 and built like a weightlifter. He was soft spoken and pleasant and when he stripped off his shirt in the afternoon, my knees went weak looking at what had to be a 54 inch chest of solid muscle narrowing to a 34 inch waist.

Being only about 5'6" and 140 pounds, this 6' guy had me sweating and my 6-1/2 inches got hard almost immediately. I had no notion that he would be interested, so I tried to pay attention to what we were doing and not look, too much, at his sweat laden chest.

As Tommy got down on the creeper to slide under the car, I could not help but notice his crotch and what looked like a full package and I became even more distracted. When he asked me for a particular wrench, I had to lean across his legs and pick it up and when I pushed myself up, I noticed my hand was on his thigh near his crotch. I quickly removed my hand and handed Tommy the wrench.

At about 5:00, I went in to talk to Mickey and arranged to come back the next day. As I was leaving, Tommy asked if I wanted to go get a beer at his nearby apartment--I agreed and we went to his place. His place was in an old warehouse that he owned with another guy and they had divided it into two apartments. We went into Tommy's where I found a remarkably nice place with open, big rooms and a nice kitchen and bath area.

Tommy popped us some beers and, as I sat down, he pulled me close to him. I turned to look at him and he said, "you know you have been waiting to find out." Without even thinking, I just nodded. I leaned against him and his arm went around my shoulder. As we drank our beers, my hand settled on his leg and I began to slowly play my hand along his thigh.

When we finished our beers, Tommy turned me to face him and lifted me onto his lap facing him and pulled my face to him and began to give me a deep kiss. I almost fainted when he pushed his tongue into my mouth.

We played like this for a few minutes and suddenly Tommy pushed me to the floor in front of him, stood, removed his pants and pushed his now hard 8" against my lips. I could smell the sweat of work, but I opened my mouth and began to work on swallowing his cock. I licked and rolled his cock in my mouth and began to take in more and more and shortly had my nose pressed against his pubic hair. At this he took my head in his hands and began to fuck my mouth. The whole time I was working to get his cum. I felt him stiffen and then unload into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but some leaked out of the corner of my mouth.

Tommy pulled out of my mouth and when I went to wipe my mouth, he said leave it and knowing he was serious, I did. Tommy then pulled me to my feet and took me into the bathroom, where he stripped me and took me with him into his double shower. There he started the shower and began to wash himself and then me. He lathered and jacked my cock and in almost no time, I exploded all over the shower floor. Tommy looked at me and shook his head, muttering "no control".

Tommy's erection had, by now, returned and the turned me to the wall, bent me forward and lathered my ass with soap, doing the same to his own cock. Placing his cock to my ass, he began to push and after passing the rings of my ass, he rammed the remaining inches into my ass and began to pound, with me begging at times for mercy and then begging for him to fuck me harder. There was no mercy in this fuck, but the pleasure oooohhhhh the pleasure was almost too much.

After what seemed to be forever, Tommy tensed and blew his load in my ass. I weakly went to my knees and turned to him. Seeing his cock still dripping, I stuck out my tongue and welcomed the drops of cum.

Leaving the shower, we went out and Tommy said I could leave to go home and get some clothes, but he expected me to be back in an hour. I started to give an excuse, when he grabbed my cock and glaring at me said, "we aren't through". I nodded, dressed, went home and returned with tomorrow's clothes.

The remainder of the night would forever alter my thoughts about customizing cars and the people who did the work, not to mention having my ass and mouth customized.