By George Gardner

Pelting rain beat a tattoo on the corrugated iron roof of the drying shed. it was a cold, dreary night and Sean wished it was morning. He had turned eighteen Just two days ago. February the nineteenth, nineteen sixty-nine. The other lads, and the older men who comprised his shift in the old brick works, had given him a bit of a party which had culminated in him having his trousers and pants removed and a liberal coating of heavy grease applied to his genitalia by his gleeful comrades. Sean hadn’t really minded - not really.

 Sean took the strain on the shafts of his wheelbarrow and hefted it into motion. It was heavy, of course, but no longer the struggle he had found it two months previously. He had gotten stronger since then . He pushed the laden barrow out into the rain drenched night and headed for the kiln as fast as he dared. Loading the bricks was not his idea of a good time unless, like tonight, he was working with Jim.

 Sean liked Jim. Before he went to sleep in the mornings, when he was pleasantly warm and sleepy tucked up in his bed in his room at the top of the house, he would think about Jim. He would think about big, hunky Jim. Jim with the strong, broad back, the tight gorgeous arse and the bulge in his crotch which Sean craved so badly - and his cock would get hard. So hard that it hurt. Sometimes he would come without even having to touch himself - just thinking about Jim. Sean turned the barrow neatly into the chamber they were loading. It was warm and dry in there. The heat from the inferno of the fired chamber kept it so.

 Jim was whistling to himself as he stacked the bricks. Sean watched him for a moment or two. His back was turned and he couldn't possibly see the desire which burned briefly in Sean's eyes - a desire which burned almost as hot as the kiln itself. A desire which was illegal and criminal for one under the age of twenty-one years. Jim was much older. He was thirty and he was tall and broad shouldered. His muscles showed a fine definition, honed by fifteen years of loading bricks. His powerful frame tapered to a narrow waist. His worn, old blue jeans showed off his neat, tight buttocks and, when he turned round, his manhood showed plainly inside the faded denim.

'Where've you been Sean?' Jim demanded. 'You got the tea on yet?'

 ‘It’s on, ' Sean replied shyly.

 He didn't talk much to Jim He was afraid to in case his voice betrayed the yearning he felt.

 'Okay. Gimme a hand here for a while. I want to get my head down for an hour or so later on.'

 Sean liked that, too. Sometimes, when the brick presses had been playing up, they could load all the bricks into the kiln well before the end of their shift. When that happened, they would find a quiet corner in an empty chamber and catch a couple of hours sleep. Sean liked to watch Jim sleep. Sometimes Jim's cock would get big and hard as he slept and Sean wished he could set it free from its denim prison and kiss it and lick it and have it in his mouth until it erupted and he could drink the warm, sticky nectar.

 They finished the chamber and went into the drying shed for their break. Jim, as always, tried to make conversation with his younger mate but, as always, Sean would only answer him in monosyllables.

 'Right then,' Jim said at last, getting to his feet and stretching himself. 'I'm going to get my head down.'

 Sean drank in the sight of him as he stretched, then he followed as Jim strode off towards the kiln once more. Once inside, they settled down in the soft sand which comprised the floor of the chamber. Jim on one side, Sean on the other - from where he could watch in youthful lustfulness. Soon, the warmth of the kiln worked its soporific spell and Jim tell asleep. Sean drifted gently on the cusp between waking and sleeping. The gentle glow from the lamps in the next chamber, which filtered through between the bricks, was just enough for him to see by. He lay quietly and dreamed.

Suddenly, he snapped awake. Jim was awake too, and he was staring at him Sean panicked momentarily and closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep.

 'What were you lookin' at?' Jim asked 'Don't kid on you're sleeping I saw you starin' at. me,'

 Sean opened his eyes again and stared fixedly at his feet.

 'I-I wasn't,' he said quietly.

 'Yes you were,’ Jim said sharply. 'You were eyin' me up, weren't you?'

 'I wasn’t!'

 Jim got to his feet and crossed to where Sean cowered against the wall of unfired bricks.

 'You know what happens to little pervs who stare at other guys’ cocks?'

 Sean shook his head fearfully.

 'Well you're goin' to find out. Right now.'

 Jim grabbed him roughly and pulled him to his feet. He dragged Sean, struggling fitfully, to where the bricks were stacked just high enough to sit on.

 'Don't hurt me!' Sean pleaded. 'I didn't mean any harm! I won't do it again!'

 'Yeah?' Jim growled. 'We'll see.'

 He sat down and laid Sean across his knees.

 'You need your arse tannin',' he went on.

 An uninvited thrill coursed through Sean's body as Jim roughly hauled his trousers and pants out of the way. Sean felt the cool draught of the night air on his bare buttocks just before the first stinging blow landed. He didn't yell. He bit his lip and tried to take his punishment like a man. Again and again Jim's work-roughened hand landed an Sean's rear. Again and again the sharp report of the blows echoed back from the arched roof of the chamber. A round dozen of them. But they didn’t really hurt him. Jim let him go.

 'Get up, Sean,' he said.

 Sean didn't. move. He didn't want to get up. He didn't want Jim to see what the punishment had done. He didn't want Jim to see that he had a raging erection.

 'I said, get up!' Jim said more sharply, pulling him up by his collar.

 Sean tried to hide his rampant cock from Jim with his hands. His backside tingled arousingly from the tanning he had had. But Jim knew.

'What're you hidin' there, Sean?' he demanded. 'Let me see.'

 Sean shook his head and backed away slightly.

 ‘I said, let me see!' Jim barked.

 Sean dropped his hands to his sides and stood shamefully before the object of his desire. Jim shook his head wryly and smiled thinly at Sean.

 'Come here,' he said.

 Sean didn't move.

 'Come here, Sean,' Jim said again and he smiled strangely - almost warmly - at the quaking youngster.

 Sean stepped hesitantly towards him.

 'You want some of this?' Jim asked grasping his own crotch.

 Sean nodded slowly. Jim got slowly to his feet and towered over him.

 'Kneel down,' he said.

 Sean sank to his knees. Jim slowly and deliberately loosened his belt. Sean gazed up as he realised what was happening. He placed one, tentative hand on Jim’s hip. Jim smiled a little. Sean placed his other hand on Jim's other hip, then slid his hands round on to the firm, round backside and slowly pulled himself in until his face was buried in that wonderful crotch. Jim twisted his fingers into Sean's fair hair and thrust against him. The scent of man mingled with sweat and other things seared into Sean's young and inexperienced senses.

 'I think you liked that tannin' I gave you,' he said, his voice low and gravelly. 'Did you like that, Sean?'

 Sean looked up for a moment and nodded shyly. He buried his face deeper into Jim’s manliness and revelled in it.

 'I think you'd like some cock, too.'

 Sean could feel that Jim's cock was hard inside those old jeans Without a word, he reached out and slowly pulled down the zip.

 'You done this before?' Jim asked.

 Sean shook his head.

 'I was twelve, my first time,' Jim said with a low laugh.

 Sean pulled the old jeans down until they were around Jim’s ankles. But the cock was still a prisoner inside a pair of tight white pants. Sean gaped in awe before he moved back in and began to kiss all along the shaft, the head and then below, around Jim's balls. Jim had been labouring hard. The fabric was suffused with the essence of his toil and felt damp to Sean’s questing mouth. A large bead of pre-cum glistened briefly at the head of that magnificent cock and then spread into the fabric of the briefs.

'You know what you want, anyway,' Jim chuckled.

 Sean pulled the tight, white pants down and took the great thing Into his eager, young mouth. Jim let out a sigh of pleasure and ran his hands down over Sean's shoulders. Sean's senses reeled as he worked on Jim. He didn't know how he knew what to do. He didn't care. This was what he had dreamed of all those warm, longing mornings tucked up in his bed. Now, it was real. Jim let him suck on that cock for a while, then he pushed him away - but not too roughly. Sean sprawled in the warm sand as Jim freed his legs from his Jeans.

 'Get out of those!' he said sharply pointing at Sean’s own trousers.

 Sean did as he was told. He was afraid, but he was being driven by a power which was, for the time being, much stronger than his fear. Jim came forward and grasped Sean’s youthful cock in his powerful hand.

 'Not bad,' he said with a grin. ‘Bet it’s had plenty of exercise.’

 Jim ran his hands up under Sean's T-shirt. Sean Closed his eyes and immersed himself in the darting, sizzling sensations which arced through his youthful body and blazed into his soul. Then Jim turned him around and gently bent him over the low area of the wall of unfired bricks. Sean felt Jim's hand run over his buttocks. the hand went between his legs and grasped his balls, rubbing and kneading them, until Sean felt sure he could take no more.

‘Nah, you don’t,’ Jim chuckled. ‘You ain’t shooting your load yet, Sean.’

 There was a sharp slap which made him jump. Jim slapped him another couple of times, firmly rubbing his buttocks between slaps. Then Sean felt a finger slip into his anus. It hurt, briefly, but he didn't protest - the pain went away quickly as the exploring finger found the spot.

 'Don’t hurt me, Jim!" Sean whispered. 'Please don’t hurt me!"

 Jim stroked the youngster's hair gently.

 'Don't you worry, lad,' Jim said with a strange softness in his voice. 'I wouldn’t ever hurt you.'

 Sean felt the head of Jim’s cock touch his sphincter, then the incredible hot rush as it slid inside him. Sean threw back his head and moaned in ecstasy. Jim thrust deep into the virgin territory, giving Sean his full length in one long, slow stroke. Sean rolled his head in paroxysms of Joy as his body responded and resonated to the powerful thrusts. Jim held onto him with his strong, rough hands. Faster and taster, harder and deeper Jim thrust into Sean until, with one last mighty stroke, Sean felt the hot ejaculant explode into him. Sweat was dripping from both of them as Jim withdrew. He slapped Sean once again on the rear, but this time the slap was gentle and affectionate. Sean rolled over and looked up into the eyes of his first.

 'You can take it alright,' Jim said. ‘Now you get your reward.'

 Jim knelt down between Sean's legs and took the young cock into his mouth. His tongue explored and circled the slit, teasing and tantalizing. Jim could take the whole length of it in his throat. Sean lay back and writhed in delirious pleasure as the master worked on him. Jim's strong hands ran up along Sean's sides, then across until they covered his nipples. Then his flesh was pinched between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Sean groaned as the sensation raced through his straining flesh and seared into his nerve-packed glans.

 It was too much. Every muscle in his body went rigid. Every nerve fibre screamed for release. His young cock became bigger and harder than it ever had been before and then it emptied itself, in long, languorous contractions, into the welcoming mouth which surrounded it. Sean's mind and body reeled from the intensity of that release as he flopped back limply on the bricks. Jim stood up and pulled Sean up in front of him. He smiled down on his young partner and then he put his arm around Sean and held his fair head to his chest.

 'I think you liked that, Sean,’ he said softly. 'I'm just like you, kiddo. Queer.'

 Sean put his arms around Jim's waist and held on. Jim ruffled his hair gently and chuckled softly.

 'Dirty little perv,' he said quietly.

 They got dressed again in silence. Jim stretched out on the soft sand again and Sean took up his position opposite him as he had always done.

 'Get over here!' Jim said with a grin.

 Sean lay down beside him. Jim put a strong, protecting arm around him and let Sean lay his fair-haired head on his chest.

 'Sean?' Jim said.

 Sean raised his head and looked into Jim's eyes. Jim gently pulled him closer until their lips touched, brushed briefly, and then blended into a long, melting kiss which almost made Sean faint.

 'You're a good lad,' Jim said warmly. 'We get on okay. Don't worry, I’ll look after you.'

‘Suits me,’ Sean said with a shrug. ‘I’ve always wanted to .... you know? With you.’

 Jim smiled up at him. ‘You’re a horny little bugger, Sean. Yes, I always wanted to have you, too. But I want us to be more’n just cock to each other, okay? There's more to it than that. A lot more.’

 Sean lay down, warm and happy, in the strong embrace of his friend. It hadn't been quite what he'd dreamed of but there was always tomorrow night.

 There would be lots of tomorrow nights.

©1974 & 2003 George Gardner

 AUTHOR'S NOTE. This story was written in the time before HIV (1974) and, therefore, does not reflect safer sex advice and practise.  I decided not to alter the story because it is, to a certain extent, true and that's the way things were in the sixties.