No Advantage
Chapter XVII

"Claaaaaaytooooooon. Waaaaake uuuuuup."

That ain't part of a dream, Clayton, that's somebody calling your name for real.


Yeah, it's real all right. Dreams don't kiss you on the cheek. Mmmm. It's Rob here in bed with you. Snuggle up to him closer.

"Good morrrrrrninnnnng."

Mmmm. That feels good to get scratched on the head. Wilbur likes it, so why shouldn't you? Mmmm. Rob smells good; he smells just like Rob. Yeah, run your nose over his chest, just like Wilbur does with you. Might as well lick him too while you're at it. Mmmm. Even tastes like Rob.

"C'mon, Claytie, open your eyes."

Mom and Dad used to call you "Claytie" when you were little. They still do sometimes. Okay, get the show on the road. Roll back the eyelids. Hmmm. Still pretty dark in here. Probably because your face is smashed against Rob's chest. Okay, Clayton. Pull head back. Keep eyes open. Tilt head back. Yep. It is Rob. Let the smile on your face get bigger.

"That's a good boy. Do I get a morning kiss?"

Yeah, but Clayton wants to put his face back down on your chest right now; any major movements might make some body parts fall off. Hope you'll settle for a nipple kiss. Oops. Eyelids have slammed shut again. Oh, well, just use your tongue to find a nipple and kiss it. Ah. There's one. Mmmmmm. How was that? Mmmmm. Rob must like that; he's scratching you behind the ears now. Mmmmm. This is kinda like snuggling up with a great, big teddy bear. Go ahead, Clayton, get your hands in on the act and feel of this teddy bear in bed with you. Mmmmmm. But teddy bears don't have nipples. Mmmm. And teddy bears don't have cute little belly buttons. Mmm. Damn! Teddy bears ain't got big hard dicks either! MMMMMmmmmmm. This is way better than any stuffed animal.

"Has Claytie found something to play with?"

Yes, Claytie has indeed found something to play with. Something that Claytie loves to play with. One great, big, hard, banana dick. Mmmmmm. Gosh, the head of that thing feels good. Nice firm set of balls too. Yep. This is definitely much better than a teddy bear.

"Is Claytie gonna give Robbie some nookie?

Oh, yeah. Remember what you asked Rob for first thing this morning? Mmmmm. A fuck to wake up with and start the day. Yeah, you're definitely starting to wake up. You've realized you're as horny as you always are in the mornings. That'll be great. A morning fuck. Your first one. Yeah, Rob made love to you that morning after the Halloween party, but that was different. This is gonna be sex. Horny sex. Quit sucking chest, Clayton; let loose of Rob's dick and turn over on your stomach so he can get started. Don't worry about trying to talk yet. Just relax and get fucked while you wake up.

"Does Claytie want some dick?"

Yes, Claytie wants some dick. Claytie loves Robbie's dick. That's why Claytie is always playing with the thing. Claytie wants Robbie's hard, throbbing prick planted in Claytie's ass. Spread your legs apart, Claytie.

"Does Claytie want Robbie to butt fuck him?

No, Claytie wants a cucumber shoved up his ass. Of course Claytie wants his butt fucked! Why do you think Claytie is lying here in bed with his legs spread apart letting your rub his ass with your hand? Wiggle your butt around a little, Claytie. Let him know he can get started.

"You really want this big hard dick up your tight little ass?"

Damnit, Rob! Quit monkeying around. Lay off rubbing my butt with your hard on and stick the thing in. Clayton, grab a pillow and shove it down below your stomach to hike your ass up in the air so this moron boyfriend in bed with you will get going!

"Well, I guess Robbie will just have to give Claytie what he wants."

Finally! To hell with this foreplay shit. Time to insert Robbie's rock hard dick into Claytie's soft, needy butt. Ah, there's the nightstand drawer opening. Mmm. And the wonderful snap of the lube bottle opening. Ew! Stuff's kinda cold. Yeah, Rob, work plenty of it in the chute so everything will be nice and slippery. Use your fingers to get your super horny boyfriend's ass all ready for you, just the way you like it. Have a nice piece of boy butt to get your day started. That's right. Pull your fingers out and replace them with your boner. Rob is getting up on his knees between your legs. Must be rubbing some lube on his dick right now. Ah, lube bottle's back in the drawer. He's all ready, so just lie here and relax, Clayton. Rob, will you please stop running your dick head up and down the ass crack and just put the thing in where it belongs? Just how long are you gonna leave your horny boyfriend here suffering, getting the sheet wet under him with the precum oozing out of his dick, waiting for you to finally get . . . . MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm. God, that feels good when the head of his dick pops into your hole! Makes your eyelids fly back open too.

"Now, you just relax and let Robbie take care of you now."

You're damned right Claytie is gonna lie here and relax and enjoy what Robbie is gonna do to Claytie. Take care of Claytie really good, Robbie boy. You know that Claytie likes to be fucked. You just go right ahead and do whatever you want to, except pull that huge boner of yours out. Have all the Claytie nookie you want, Robbie. Claytie is Robbie's boy toy now. Robbie can have all he wants of Claytie's tight little ass. That's right, Robbie, keep sliding that banana right on in, nice and slow. Claytie, raise up a little so Robbie can put his arms around you under your chest. There. That's better. Yeah, Robbie, just wiggle around and snuggle down on top of Claytie. That's the way; place your palms on Claytie's hairy chest and feel around all you want to. Claytie knows what turns Robbie on. Make Claytie your body pillow and enjoy your morning helping of boy butt. Keep on twisting and screwing your big, fat, curvy dick around inside to stretch Claytie's hole open nice and wide so you can fuck the hell out of him and shoot a big load of cum up his butt. Claytie will like that.

"Does that feel good?

Mmmm, yes indeed. That's exactly what Clayton wants. Now Rob, you take over. Do whatever you want inside my ass while your boyfriend finishes waking up. Okay? Yeah, kiss my ear all you want too. And keep on rubbing your face against mine. Your morning whiskers feel good against mine, all manly and rugged.

"You feel really good this morning."

So do you.

"This is a lot better than jacking off, isn't it?"

You're damned right about that, buster. Yep, Clayton, your hard on has gone away now that Rob's dick is in you. You're gonna get to have two orgasms this morning; first Rob's, then one of yours. That's right. Keep screwing that dick around in me all you want to. And kissing. And licking. Mmmm! That feels great when you stick your tongue in my ear. Do it again. Yes! Here, let me turn my head so you can do the other ear too. Yeah, that's great. Let me turn my head back so you can rub my face some more with yours. That's cool; I can actually hear our morning whiskers scratching together. Sure, go ahead, lick and kiss my neck and shoulders all you want.

"Okay, Clayton, let me take care of you now."

Ohhhh, yesssss. Lover mode has kicked in. Long, full cock strokes now. Nice and regular. Mmmmm. To hell with school. So what if I'm late or just stay here all day like this, rocking in bed together with Rob. What are they gonna do? Suspend me with only two days left to go? Just keep going, Rob, as long as you want. Make my ass hum.

"Clayton, this feels so very good. You are so warm and soft inside. I love feeling your chest like this with my dick in you. Your ass fits my cock like a glove. You are such a special guy. You are so incredibly wonderful. Every time I see you, I want to kiss you and run my fingers through your hair and whisper in your ear like this, telling you how much I love you."

Man oh man does it ever feel good to get love fucked like this first thing in the morning. Rob is a fantastic lover. Whispering in my ear. Slowly massaging my chest. Gently sliding his dick in and out to give me all those wonderful feelings that go all over my body. Don't worry about why it feels so good, Clayton, just enjoy it. Be a good husband to Rob and accept everything he's giving you. Let those whimpers and moans out so you can really enjoy this.

"I've wanted to make love to you like this in the morning right after I wake up for so long. I always jacked off thinking about this in the morning. And your chest feels so good. Your butt is so firm and soft. Mmmmmmm. That's right, Clayton, just lie there and let me give you what you need. After we take a shower, I'll get down on my knees and suck you off so you can have your morning nut too. Or you can fuck me if you want. I'll give you anything, anything you want. This feels sooooooo daaaaaamn goooooood. Clayton, don't ever hold back when you want me. I could never get tired of having sex with you. Even after I get off I still want you."

Yeah, shove the pillow down a little more to hike your butt up a little more for Rob; make it feel as good as you can for him. And hold his hands. Rub your face against his. Let him know you love him. Let loose with your moans so he'll know.

"I don't know how I've been able to go without you. I want you so much, so very much. I can't believe we're really married. Yesterday in the Woods was so wonderful. Seeing you naked, in the trees, wanting me."

This is unbelievable, your lover giving his husband what he wants and you're taking it all in. If there were only more you could be doing for him right now. Lick some of the tears from his face. Accept him. Don't hold back on your tears, either, Clayton; enjoy them as well.

"Clayton, sometimes when I see you I just can't help it. I see you and I suddenly want to rip your clothes off and suck you off or butt fuck you in the middle of the floor. What you do to me. Not only do you let me fuck you, you want me to fuck you. You are so damned wonderful. I can't believe we're married and can now have sex whenever we want to. Whatever you want, whenever you want it, I'll let you. God, I really need to fuck you now."

Ugh! That was a power fuck stroke. Rob's going into high gear now. Yeah, speed up, buddy. Go for it.

"Yeah. Give me what I want. Here! Like that, little queer high school boy? I need you. I really need you. Don't ever leave me. You're so beautiful. I want you so much I can't help it."

Yeah. Clayton, don't hold back; let him fuck the noises out of you so he'll know.

"Want more of that?"

Ugh! Yeah, slam me. Ram me good, you horny fucker! God, how I love you. And I need you. You're so gentle. But I want more. Raise up on your knees, Clayton, so Rob can dog fuck you good and hard.

"You really do want it, don't you, hairy muscle boy? Well, here it is."

Oh, yes. Get up on your hands too so he can really get after your ass. Take your whore in bed, Rob. Ahhh. That's right; start pulling your dick all the way out of my ass and slamming it back in. Slap my butt with your groin.

"God it feels good to fuck your ass like it needs to be fucked. And you can really take it. You just love having me butt fuck you like this, don't you? Your muscles. Your hairy chest. I'd like to fuck you on the school steps so everybody could see how queer you are. I want your ass buzzing all day long. Sitting in class. Guys sitting around you not knowing how you got it in the ass this morning. I want you to be feeling my dick all day long. Getting dog fucked like this."

Yeah, Rob, keep pumping me as hard as you can.

"That's right. Be my hunky muscle stud. Take your fucking, Donkey Boy. Letting me make hamburger out of your ass. I want you, hunky boy. God, do I ever want you."

Clayton, there's the dick surges. Rob's cock head is swelling and shrinking back really fast telling you he's ready to reach his orgasm. Lie back down and spread your legs so you'll be in Rob's favorite position.

"You want me to finish us off, don't you? Yeah. Just let me grab your chest and fuck your butt. Keep letting those moans out of you, Clayton. Please, let me fuck them out of you. I need you, Clayton. I really need you."

Here it comes. Rob's stopped the pumping and is raising up on his hands and arms pushing his dick way up in you.

"I'm sorry but I really gotta give it to you now."

Rob's crying again. Give it too me as hard and fast as you need to, Rob. Go for it. Clayton, hold your butt still and clench your ass a little to make it good and tight so Rob can reach his climax.

"Yeah. Keep your legs spread open for me. Yeah. I'm nearly there, honey. I love you. But I'm sorry. I just have to fuck you this way. I can't help it. Keep your ass tight for me, Clayton. That's it. Yes."

Okay, Clayton, Rob's stopped the pumping and his cock is swelling and the head is staying flared out just inside your hole.

"I'm there."

Quick, relax your ass so he can have that last, slow, deep slide into you to finish the fuck and you can enjoy his orgasm. Ah! That flared out cock head feels so damned good sliding down deep inside me. Yes! There went the first ejaculation squirt. Rob's collapsed down on top of you to finish having this orgasm. Yeah, put your arms around me, Rob, and hold me as tightly as you want. Let your noises out. There goes the flash of body heat. Now come the big squirts. That's right, Rob, press your face against mine and let your moans out. Yeahhh. Yeah. Now the little squirts. Yes. Yesss. Yeeesss. Ohhhh, yeeeesssss. That last little squirt feels sooooo gooood.

Okay, Rob, you can relax your bear hug on me now as your heat rush fades. You know you can now just lie on top and hold me as long as you want with your dick still in me. Yes. Unclench your teeth now and let the whimpers loose. Let those last spasms go right through you into me through your dick. Take your time. Just keep holding me while your breathing gets back to normal. Enjoy the feeling of your dick softening. That's right, take a deep breath, clench your groin muscles and swell your softened dick that last time to squeeze out the last of your cum. Wipe your face against mine and relax. You're not the only one laying here enjoying the orgasm we just had together. You may have done all the squirting, but I feel just like I shot a load myself.

Just lie here, Clayton, and let Rob hold you. Let the quiet come back. Share the warmth, peace and contentment with Rob. You're awake now, so say your first words of the day. "I love you."

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