Chapter II

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Chapter 2

Back in my room, lying on the bed staring at the ceiling, I couldn't help but keep going over and over the last few hours. All in all I felt great. I was finally out to my parents and they had acted better than anything I had expected. Of course the thought of Mom seeing all the nude guys and the fuck and suck pictures wasn't cool at all, but there's a price to pay for everything I suppose. As for the images being on my hard drive to start with, that was really nobody's fault or anything. Mom and Dad trust and respect me, just as I trust and respect them. To them, my room and everything in it is like Fort Knox as far as my privacy is concerned and I'm the same way with them and their stuff in their personal spaces. It's just one of the many mutual, unstated understandings we have: don't go screwing around with other people's stuff without prior permission. Like I said before, my relationship with my parents is really great.

Pretty soon I started thinking about spending the evening with Rob. Of course my dick got hard immediately. I unzipped my cutoffs and reached down into my briefs to straighten the thing out so it wouldn't hurt. I thought about jacking off but decided I'd save it for Rob. The hornier you are the better the sex is. Plus, when I'm really horny I can easily manage two, sometimes three climaxes in a relatively short period of time. Hey, can I help it? After all, I am a teenager with raging hormones.

A nap was certainly in order so I stripped off my clothes, set the alarm to go off in an hour then climbed into bed. I pulled one of the pillows down under me, laying on top of it, slowly flexing my hips to rub my cock around between the pillow and the mattress. It felt good. Really good. Too good in fact. If I kept that up I'd blow a load. So I rolled over on my side just thinking about Rob as I dozed.

I met him last summer. A friend of Dad's had given me a summer job working at a moving company. Yeah, not the most exciting job in the world but the pay was pretty good and there were a lot of hours, even though I sometimes had to work nights and on weekends. Rob worked there full time.

So you can fully understand what part Rob paints in my picture you first need to know about Debbie. Debbie was the girlfriend. We started going together when I was fifteen. We were in the same grade at school and she was considered a real catch. So I caught her. Yeah, I was silently lusting after boys but decided to do the girl routine out of a mixture of curiosity, social pressure and my own ego. We did the regular stuff, kissing and an occasional grope with her squirming away. Anyway, after about a year when I had my driver's license, I went by her house one weekend to pick her up for a date. She had a surprise for me. To make a long story short, her parents were out of town, she had shipped her little brother off to a friend's house for a sleep over, her mother had let her start taking birth control pills and she wanted to have sex with me. First time for both of us. So we did. And that's when I knew for sure I was gay.

Okay, I can get an erection just looking at a brick wall so getting and maintaining a hard on was no problem. And it wasn't a bad experience. Debbie was nice and soft to hold, and the feel of my dick sliding back and forth in her was pleasant. But all in all, the whole experience was no more enjoyable for me than eating an ice cream cone. What I remember most was that after I was on top of her and started going at it, the thought suddenly flashing through my head, "This is what guys get so worked up about?" That's when I knew for sure I was queer. I wound up faking an orgasm. Since I was her first guy, I figured she wouldn't know the difference; I just wanted to end the episode.

I didn't want to hurt Debbie; she was a very nice person and I liked her a lot. So I began a conscious course of action to gradually, but graciously, pull away from her over a period of several months. Talk about weird; here's Mr. All American Boy dreading going out on a date because his foxy girlfriend might ask him to have sex with her. Just how is Mr. All American Boy going to get out of having sex with his foxy girlfriend without the shit hitting the fan? So I went through the motions, always faking my orgasms. I don't think Debbie faked hers. She had no reason too. She always got really warm and flushed, her nipples hardened and her pussy got wetter. I never could understand what it was she felt when she climaxed. I mean women don't have to have an orgasm to produce an egg the way a man has to have an orgasm to ejaculate sperm. But whatever it was that she felt, I'd always go long enough for her to have at least one climax.

Luckily she started dating other guys. We continued to go out from time to time, but these instances became fewer and further between. Finally, after about five months, the screwing stopped, which was fine with me; what little pleasure I initially got from it was replaced with nothing but a lot of guilt. To preserve my image I kinda sorta took other girls out on dates, but just as friends, maybe a little kiss, but no tonsil hockey or anything like that. Funny, but I detected that I was building a reputation for being a real gentlemen around the ladies since I never pressured them for sex. Since it was an open secret that Debbie and I knew one another carnally, my not trying to get into other girls' pants raised no suspicion in anyone's mind I was queer.

So by my seventeenth birthday I know I'm gay, well, at least ninety-nine percent sure since I'd never done anything with another guy other than participate in a few circle jerks. Rather weird. Being off someplace with some other guys, all of them drooling over pictures of naked women while beating off; me with the obligatory pictures in sight attempting to hide the fact all I was interested in staring at were the other guy's dicks. God only knows what they would have thought or done if they had known what I was really thinking. Of course in my solo sessions I could gaze and drool over dick pictures off the Internet all I wanted.

There were a couple of guys at school who were openly gay and several others suspected of being the same. I had thought about approaching them but didn't. They weren't bad guys or anything, and one of them was rather good looking. But I was concerned they would say something to other people. I figured that it would be best if I waited to satisfy my desire and curiosity with someone outside my regular group. Just how to do that was the challenge. Through an Internet chat room encounter I arranged to meet a guy. As I suspected, people do lie about themselves in their on line descriptions. Muscular build my ass, the guy looked and acted like a turkey in person.

Now Rob enters the play. I've got the summer job at the moving company and have been there for a few weeks. It was Friday payday, so after work a few of the guys were discussing which bar to go hit. I didn't have my fake ID on me so I couldn't join them. As they were leaving Rob said something like, "Have fun guys." One of them replied, "Yeah, and you have fun at yours," to which the others laughed and waved bye. That statement made no sense to me so I asked Rob what it meant. Very matter-of-factly he told me the comment referred to him going to gay bars.

Wow. Rob was gay. I would have never suspected it. He looked and acted like a regular guy and everybody treated him the same. I suddenly realized I might finally have my chance. He was pretty sexy, really sexy; in fact, I'd jacked off several times fantasizing about him. He was twenty-two, handsome face, classic swimmer's build, cute butt and truly a nice person. What was really important was that I could tell Rob was someone I could trust. So I talked to him out in the parking lot that afternoon. He confirmed he was openly gay and I told him I was pretty sure I was. And we agreed to meet at his apartment later, "just to talk about things." Yeah, right.

I raced home, showered, shaved, put on clean clothes and headed off to Rob's apartment. To hell with supper, I wasn't the least bit hungry, well, not for food that is. I called him on my cell phone on the way over to make sure he was home and that we still had a date. He was and we did. My major worry was how Rob would respond to an incredibly horny and incredibly willing teenager. Knocking on his door I reminded myself it probably would not be cool to walk in and immediately rip of his clothes. Better off to let him take the lead. Besides, it might turn him on to seduce me.

The seduction didn't take long. After he had shut his apartment door behind me he told me, "Clayton, you are an amazingly beautiful guy." Then there was the kiss. It's a real shame there aren't any other words in the English language for kissing other than the word "osculation." Well, if ever there was an osculation, Rob and I had one.

We somehow wound up on his couch. Rob asked me if I'd ever been with a guy before and, of course, I told him no. He put his arms around me, pressed his face against mine and whispered in my ear, "Just be your self. Everything will be fine."

I snuggled up to him, my face on his chest, breathing him in. God, it was finally happening. I was with a man I could be with, really be with, and who clearly wanted to be with me judging from the obvious bulge in his pants. My urge to rip off his clothes was gone, which surprised me. As it turned out, it was not my only surprise for the night.

After a few minutes of just holding and savoring him with Rob gently stroking my hair, he quietly said, "Hey, there's something I want to show you." I released him from my grasp and he left the living room apparently going into his bedroom. When he returned he had changed into a bathrobe and was holding a piece of paper, which he handed to me saying, "I thought you might want to see this. It's my test results. I just wanted you to know I don't have any STDs or anything you'd have to worry about."

I go to a private school and they require that we have a physical exam each year. The whole nine yards, including blood tests. Yeah, I'd had sex with Debbie since the last test, but she was as clean as I was so I knew I had no problems. So I told Rob that. All he said was, "I thought so," and proceeded to let his robe drop to the floor revealing himself to me with nothing on but an erection.

He was good looking with his clothes on; he was fantastic with his clothes off. Overall, Rob was slightly smaller than me, except for his dick, which was closer to seven inches in length rather than my six. I could feel the blood pounding in my ears. Sure, I'd looked at tons of pictures of naked guys and had seen quite a few in locker room showers. But here, for the first time, was a person who I knew to be gay, obviously sexually ready, clearly giving me permission to turn loose and reveal that part of me I had kept hidden from others. Rob took my hand indicating I should stand up, which I did, and he led me to his bedroom.

The room was dark; the window had a curtain over it that didn't let any light in. Rob shut the door so that no light would filter in from the living room. The only light was a small votive candle in the corner. I saw that the covers on his bed were turned down. Rob turned and faced me, gave me a small kiss, then placed his forefinger lightly on my lips before I could say anything to him. Smiling at me he told me, "Sir, tonight I am the genie; your wish is my command." Then he helped me undress and led me into his bed. The surprises started immediately.

The first one was how Rob felt to my touch. He was so soft and smooth; the hair on his chest and arms was like silk. I had expected holding a naked guy would be something like cuddling a catcher's mitt, a little on the tough or rugged side. Just the opposite.

The second surprise was how relaxing kissing could be. We just lay there in bed face to face and let our lips and tongues wander together. That first kiss Rob had given me was overwhelming. In bed, however, that intensity was replaced by a warm glow, like the candle burning in the corner of the room. I felt nothing but warm and safe and wanted where I was. The feeling was intensified by the little bursts of pleasure Rob was sending through me simply by lightly running his fingers over my chest; every hair seemed alive and responded to his touch as he caressed me.

The next surprise was how gentle we were with one another. I had this vague idea that sex with a man would be nothing but a rough and tumble affair. The desire to leap all over Rob was kept subdued by the wonder of how peaceful I felt as the guilt of being queer began to evaporate from me.

After a bit Rob rolled onto his back. I curled up next to him, my head again on his slightly hairy chest, and began to return the caresses he had given me, slowly working my hand downward, and then I had the best surprise of all.

All of my fantasies, all of the erotic stories I had read, everything I knew or thought I knew had not prepared me for the experience of touching and holding Rob's erection. Sure, I had handled my own cock a lot, but until I touched Rob's I had no idea anything could feel like that. This part of him, so intensely rigid but covered with a thin velvet of skin was awesome. Guys talk about beating off, whacking off and the like, leading us to believe that a dick is something to be accorded rough treatment. Absolute pure garbage. There's not any way you can ever truly appreciate how wonderful one is until you have the opportunity to hold another man's. I wanted to worship that thing. Without any conscious mental decision, I gently took it into my mouth.

Holding Rob's cock in my hand was joyous. Having it in my mouth, gently and slowly sucking it was pure ecstasy. Any doubts that may have been left in my mind about being gay were gone. Running my lips and tongue over and around his dick seemed the most normal and natural thing in the world. I wanted to please him and I could tell I was, and that only made my attention to him more intense and directed. I could tell Rob's entire body was reacting to me. I ran my left arm under him, rubbing the small of his back, gently grabbing and kneading his butt, pulling him into me, matching his involuntary thrusts with wet movements of my mouth and tongue, softly sucking him into me.

I've heard that pleasure is very close to pain. To listen to Rob's whimpers and moans an outsider listening in might have assumed I was hurting him. But I knew exactly the opposite was true. I was loving this and so was he. It was the best experience I had ever had in my life. I continued doing what I was doing for I don't know how long, Rob softly touching my head, shoulders and arms, running his fingers through my hair as the noises he was making gradually increased in number and in volume. Suddenly, he raised his torso and his hand came down on the back of my head, his fingers softly grabbing my skull as he uttered "Oh god, Clayton." I thought for an instant he wanted me to stop, but his dick was commanding me otherwise. It had swelled and became even harder; the head had flared outwards and was as turgid as the shaft. I could hardly believe how even more fantastic his cock felt when it did that and I did not want to stop and I didn't. I knew what Rob's dick was telling me was correct because he let go of my skull, fell back on the bed and shoved his hips upward, forcing his cock into my mouth. Ever muscle in his body was flexed. And then, as quickly and suddenly as this spasm occurred, his entire body went limp, except for his cock which remained fully rigid.

And then came the next surprise. My mouth got very warm and was getting wetter and wetter as an unfamiliar but wonderful taste and sensation came over me. Rob's dick was rapidly swelling and slightly contracting in symphony with an upwards jerking of his middle body. I then realized that Rob was having an orgasm. Before that moment, the thought of a guy cumming in my mouth turned me off. Again, I was wrong in that assumption. It was fantastic. Not only was I letting a guy cum in my mouth, I wanted him to continue cumming in my mouth.

I stopped all up and down motions with my mouth and did nothing but apply a soft suction to his organ, savoring the taste and feeling his surges. As my mouth became full, I quickly swallowed and resumed applying suction. The flow of semen and the surges stopped and the head of Rob's dick became less hard and flared, so I knew his climax was over. With my lips lightly wrapped around the shaft, I slowly pulled my mouth upwards and off his cock, maintaining the steady but gentle suction, removing every bit of cum from Rob as my lips finally passed around and over his glans the final time.

I moved back upwards in the bed to again lay down next to Rob, pulling the covers over us to our waists, but his time placing his head against my chest. The intensity that had engulfed the both of us just moments before was replaced with a gentle sensitivity as I held him while his ragged breathing become gradually softer and more rhythmic. I was then presented with another surprise. I realized I wasn't horny any more; I didn't even have an erection, nor had I ejaculated. Rob's orgasm had satisfied me just as much as, if not more than, a climax of my own.

After cuddling for quite a long while, Rob released me and rolled over on his back just looking at me. Kind of a weird look, and it made me feel a little creepy, so I asked him if something was wrong.

"God almighty, Clayton. What planet did you come from?"

I was completely confused then, and stammered some nonsensical phrase about being sorry for what I'd done. Rob sensed my confusion and put his arm back around me, stroking my face with his free hand and telling me everything was fine. He told me that was the best orgasm he had ever had. At first, I didn't believe him, but whatever all he afterwards told me (I don't remember any exact statements) convinced me that he did mean it.

Rob offered to do anything I wished so that my "first time" would be exactly what I wanted. All I wished was to hold him and gently worship him with soft kisses and caresses, so that's what we did. Rob's climax had indeed satisfied me, and it pleased him to know that.

For three hours or so, we just cuddled and talked. Actually, I did most of the talking, telling Rob about myself. It was like a therapy session; he asking me about my feelings and desires, assuring me there was nothing wrong with me. Lying there next to him, I knew my belief that Rob was someone I could trust was correct. He wanted us to spend the entire night together, and so did I, but I needed to get home to avoid suspicion. I eventually got dressed and reluctantly left.

After I got back home and went to bed it hit me. I suddenly became horny as hell. By the time morning came my bed was a mess. I couldn't help it. I just kept thinking about Rob and what we had done, jacking off, over and over again, all night long. I'd never felt such intense sexual tension in my life and I could not get it to subside. I was overwhelmed by the memory of being with a man and how it made me feel. By three in the morning I had lost count of how many climaxes I had experienced, but I kept having them. I ejaculated so many times that it got to the point nothing was coming out of my dick but all the feelings were there. I discovered that my body performed in the same way Rob's did. I was amazed that for all the jacking off I had done before, I had never realized that my cock swelled up like it did during an orgasm, or the way muscles in my body would tense and relax, twitch and jerk, or how my breathing changed before, during and after an orgasm. The result of all these discoveries completely changed the enjoyment I got out of sex.

For the rest of the summer Rob and I continued to have sex. Lots of sex. He showed me stuff he knew about and we did lots of experimenting. His apartment was our playground. I also met gay friends of his and they became my friends as well. I found out that Rob and I were probably a little different from a lot of gay guys. Some guys are tops, some are just bottoms. Some guys refuse to suck dick while others will only suck and nothing else. Neither Rob nor I had any such limitations. We enjoyed all of it, although I have to admit my favorite activity was screwing his butt off, which fortunately happened to be his favorite as well. It really is better to give than to receive. About the only thing that didn't happen was a repeat of my first time experience of not cumming. I blasted enough cum in and on Rob that summer to float a boat.

Rob taught me about practicing safe sex, but just for the practice since we didn't have to worry about anything. While we weren't lovers, we were monogamous, unprotected sex buddies and still are. However, he knew I would be presented with situations where other guys would want to play so he figured I should be prepared.

Out of curiosity, I'd long ago tried jacking off wearing a condom but I could not get off. Wearing those things like a glove on your dick kills all the sensations. Rob showed me that what you do is smear lube (a lot, not a little bit) on your dick before putting the condom on so the thing will easily slide back and forth on your cock. Then, you lube the outside of the condom, stick your dick in all the way, pull back out a little, roll the thing out some more on your cock, then have at it. The raincoat pretty much stays in the same place in your partner while your prick slips around inside. This way you get the sensations of sliding your dick in and out and it feels nearly as good as a bare butt; the guy on the bottom can't hardly feel the difference either. Now why in the hell don't they print that little tidbit of information on the instructions? I've heard quite a few guys, gay and straight, say how they hate wearing condoms; my own opinion is that they don't know about the inside/outside lube trick.

After I started back to school Rob and I had to cut back due to conflicting schedules, but we usually manage to hook up at least twice a week. And that's another thing I discovered. Going without can make getting some even better.