On My Knees in the Kitchen

My buddy Roy and I had been out to a handful of bars that Friday night. Saw some nice women, hit on them, but didn't really get anywhere except for Roy collecting a couple of phone numbers.

It was late, and we ended up at my house, hanging out in the kitchen for the last couple of drinks.

Roy was getting ready to down one last shot of Jack Daniel's when he said to me, out of the blue: "Damn I would like to have my dick sucked right now." Kinda apropos of nothing, and both of us were straight, as far as we knew.

He tossed back the shot of whiskey and set the empty glass down on the table with a clank. I could see from the outline in his jeans that he was aroused.

"Well then whip it out," I said, having had a few drinks myself.

And goddamn if he didn't. What a huge fucking surprise. I didn't know. I mean, I knew I was kinda in the nether regions, maybe even gay, but Roy was a big question mark. Six-five and full of sex, he was twenty-four and just completely hot. Which I already knew, but never in quite so much detail as I was about to learn.

"There you go," he said, a moment after suddenly undoing his belt, then sexily taking just an extra moment to undo his jeans button and then his zipper, and then a quick tug down on his underwear, and then his big thick prick emerged, long and hard and white and longing to be logged onto.

"That's quite a specimen," I said, my eyes and attention clearly devoted to the one subject before us. "You've pleased a lot of lovers with that thing, I'm guessing."

Roy just smiled. He was drunk and uninhibited.

"Yeah, I guess so. The women seem to like it. And a few men, too, I guess," he said with a smile. "You want to take a closer look?"

I couldn't help but smile back. But I was still just a bit hesitant.

"Come on. I won't tell anyone. Come on down here and investigate. You might like what you find."

I couldn't resist. I kneeled before him right there in my kitchen and acknowledged that we were going to have sex, me and Roy, a surprise but not at all a bad one. I decided to follow his advice. I took a closer look. As I drew in, his manly aroma filled my nose – a sexy smell that got my own dick rising.

I breathed in sharply as my mouth came in contact with the base of his big long shaft. I pressed my nose in right there at the base of his cock and then ran my lips over his balls and then up the side of the shaft slowly, approaching his cockhead and then sliding my opened lips back down to the base.

My lips were wrapped around the side of his big shaft at the base as I kneeled before him. I tugged down on his jeans and licked my way up to his cockhead.

Then I opened wide and took him fully into my mouth. Man he had a big fucking cock! He must have been 8 inches long. And he was hard as a fucking rock.

I wrapped my mouth around his big fucking cockhead and bobbed up and down on him.

Roy ran one hand through my hair, and he reached over to the table and picked up his beer with the other hand.

"Dude, I never expected this to happen," he said in a low, sex-filled voice while I sucked his big rock-hard erect meat. "I mean, I'm pretty much straight, for the most part. I guess I thought you were, too."

I just looked up and kept making love to his cock for a while longer. After a few moments, I pulled off and replied.

"Yeah, I'm pretty much straight, too," I said, "but man I like to suck a nice big fucking dick like this every once in a while." I took another couple of licks, and his stiff meat twitched with pleasure at the stimulation. From down on my knees, I looked up, and he smiled down at me.

"Well, I definitely like what you're doing," Roy said. "I think I'd like you to suck my dick on a regular basis."

I just said mmmm and went down on him with gusto.

"Yeah, I'd like that," I said between slurps, pausing to admire the specimen before me. "I'd definitely like to suck this big piece of meat all the fucking time. It's beautiful. Man, you have a nice cock."

"Thanks, man," he said, stepping out of his jeans. "I'm really glad you like it. This is so fucking cool, you loving my dick like this. This is, like, completely out of the blue."

I held his big shaft with my right hand and cupped his low-hanging balls with my left. I gently licked his piss slit with the tip of my tongue, and then I went down to the bottom of his nut sack and broadly tongued him from the bottom of his balls, up to the shaft, along the bottom of his shaft and then to his flaring cockhead.

What a treat. Damn. His penis was straight, cut, perfectly proportioned, standing at full attention right there before my very eyes. I opened wide and took in as much as I could, until his cockhead pushed against the back of my throat, triggering the gag reflex. Still I pressed on.

"Yeah, man, take me in," Roy said, pulling me to him.

I pushed his cockhead hard into the back of my throat. My eyes watered as he gently thrust past my throat, his big hard dick pushing deeper, my lips reaching new territory on the length of his shaft. He moaned and gently cupped my chin.

"Goddamn, you're a good cocksucker. Mmm. See if you can take this big hard dick all the way in, baby."

Turned on by his sexy encouragement, I opened wide and pushed myself onto that big hot rod of cockmeat. Damn he was large. I had never deep-throated a man that big. Suppressing the gag reflex again, I pressed on, my mouth opened wide, my lips sliding all the way down his smooth hard shaft, until finally my bottom lip reached his balls, and my nose was pressed up firm against his bush. I breathed through my nose and drank in his manly musk smell, his cock filling my mouth and throat completely. I held on to his firm ass with both hands, pulling this tall sexy big-dicked man to me, deep-throating him, tears running from my eyes from the effort.

"Oh fucking ay," Roy said, and I could feel him begin to twitch with my tongue on the bottom of his shaft. I pulled back and then just started bobbing up and down on him, deep-throating him with every downstroke.

"Yeah, take all of this big fucking hard cock, man," he said, his hands running through my hair as I made love to his erect manhood. "You fucking turn me on so much. Damn. Damn. Aaah."

With that, he put his hands on his hips and I could feel his big dick start to convulse in my mouth. His first shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I pulled back so I could taste the rest of it.

With just his cockhead in my mouth, he shot another half dozen spurts of hot salty jism into me, my tongue lapping it up, my hands caressing his ass, my lips lovingly wrapped around his big fucking meat.

"Oooh, yes," he said, his hand running gently through my hair again. I pulled off him and looked up with a smile.

"I liked that a lot," I said. "I love your big dick."

"Well, my big dick loves you," he said, stroking himself as he gradually lost his raging hard-on. "I think you and me are going to have to spend some quality time together, huh?"

I looked up at him, still on my knees, a bit of his cum on my lower lip.

"Yes, I'd like that," I said, licking my lip and relishing the last of his cum. "I'd like that a whole bunch."

That's how Roy and I got started, and man, it was just the beginning of some cock-hard good times to come.