Party Boy David
By Joe Camp
Copyright 2001

Warning: The following story is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy. It never happened, except in the author's imagination. This story contains sex between an older man and an 18 year old.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, you already know what your supposed to do. If this kind of story turns you off, find something else. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is only a story. Real life doesn't always work out like a story.

Fiction and Real Life: This story is all fiction. The characters in this story engage in unprotected sex. That's not real life if you want to live to old age. The characters are a product of my imagination, and can't catch anything unless I want them to. Any resemblance of characters to an actual person is purely coincidental.

The author retains the copyright of this story. Placing this story on a web site without the authors permission is a violation of that copyright.

Party Boy David

    I got on my hands and knees in the center of the bed. David got behind me and aimed his hard cock at my slick ready love channel. He whimpered a little as the head of his dick touched my puckered opening. I trembled a little in anticipation. It has been so long since I have had a cock inside me. I relaxed and started pushing out as I leaned back against his hard rod. David sobbed as the head of his dick pierced my entrance and slipped inside.

    You would have to exaggerate to say David's dick is big. His is slender and about 6 inches long. He bottomed out and we stayed still taking in the wonder of it. We were motionless as we stayed hooked together by my young 18 year old lover's cock. Yes, David knew the gift I was giving him. We have talked about it often. He knows he is only the third person in my life I have let make anal love to me. I rested as I took in the wonder of becoming one with David.

"Oh, Jim," David whispered.

    I slowly started working my ass onto David's cock as he gently fucked in and out. His hand reached under me and fondled my nuts a moment before wrapping around my hard-on. I let him play a while before I pulled away from him and his dick slipped out. He gave a whimper of disappointment. I rolled to my side before lifting my legs around him and lying flat on my back. My legs were hardly up before David was scooting up against me as he shoved his cock back into it's new home. I had to caress his cheek as he gave a contented sigh.

    Our breathing became little pants as David worked his cock back and forth. His hand once again found my dick and he started jacking up and down as he fucked into me. He thrust into my ass and his hand would give a downward stroke on my cock. He pulled his dick outward, and his hand would give an upward stroke. His clear blue eyes were staring into mine and I knew in my heart he is my lover.

    David's thrusts became harder and faster as I humped my ass against him in time with his strokes. He shoved in tight and tensed. A sobbing groan came from him as his cum splattered deep into me. I couldn't hold back any longer and my nuts pumped out my sperm. We stayed that way quite a while as we recovered. It took David several minutes to recover from the intensity of his first fuck.

"Oh, Jim, I love you," he told me as he withdrew. "Thank you," he whispered as he snuggled beside me and gave me a kiss.

"Thank you for loving me, David. I hope you know how much I love you."

    He nodded and David reached for the towel beside the bed. He cleansed the cum from my chest and ass. David placed little kisses down my chest as he worked lower and lower wiping up the evidence of our love making. I am still amazed at how this hot young stud came to be in my bed.

    I guess it really goes all the way back to when I was a young man. I grew up knowing I was gay. I wasn't really very experienced as a teen. I had given a few blow jobs and had gotten a few. I had early on decided that anal love was something to be reserved for my lover. I was in the Army before I fell in love the first time.

    Arnie and I took our training together. He was a draftee, and I was Regular Army. He would have to spend two years on active duty, but I would be in for three years. We spent every free minute we had together. When we could get a pass, we would head to the nearest motel and spend every moment making love. Yes, it was Arnie that popped my cherry. Looking back now, we took ridiculous chances at getting caught in the barracks. My mouth would be wrapped around his cock or his around mine if we thought we would have 5 minutes without anyone walking in on us.

    When our training was finished, we spent our leave together at his parent's home. Then we were sent different directions. We vowed to write each other every day, and to meet wherever I was as soon as his two years were up and he was discharged. I was sent to a post in South Carolina. Arnie was sent to Vietnam. His letters started arriving like clockwork and every day there was one from me dropped into the mail. It was four months before he was due to join me that his letters just stopped. I got a letter from his mother. Arnie had been killed while on a patrol in Vietnam.

    I couldn't let myself get close to anyone after that. When I would get too horny I would find a guy that would exchange blow jobs. It was always just sex. Just a fast get off and get relief sex. Any mouth would do as I didn't love anyone. That lasted 9 years until the mid 1970's. Then I met Joe.

    Joe was 12 years older than me. He had spent his time in Vietnam too, but unlike Arnie, he came home. He helped me get past a lot of things, and I really loved him. We made our lives together. Yes, we had a good life together. We had friends that would sometimes come over to our house for a little orgy. Joe really enjoyed those and I admit I did too. The one rule we made between us and never broke was that we would never have anal sex with anyone but each other. No, I'm sure Joe never cheated on me, and I never cheated on him. We never did anything more than a blow job with anyone else.

    It was in the year before Joe retired that we started having a party every month at which 12 to 15 guys would show up. Most of the guys that came to the parties were gay. There would always be a few that were married to women and just wanted some man on man sex once in a while. Every once in a while, one of the married guys would bring a teenage son or nephew along. Some of them were pretty young. I think some were barely teens. Joe and I weren't into kids, and we stayed away from them.

    It was only about a year after he retired at age 65 that Joe had a massive heart attack as we lay in bed sleeping one night. He managed to wake me and I dialed 911. He died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. That was two years ago, and without our friends, I don't know how I would have gotten through it.

    I continued the monthly parties after Joe was gone. At first, there were a lot of reasons why. Mainly, the guys all expected it. I knew that at least for one night a month, I wouldn't be alone. They wouldn't let me withdraw into a shell that one night a month. Then later I wanted to have the parties. Yeah, I know how hard it can be for a guy to find someone to have sex with once they get past 50. Oh, and am I past 50. So, the parties continued.

    I don't know who brought Rusty his first time. I don't even know how often he had come before I noticed him. We had 69'ed at a couple of the parties, but I didn't really pay him much attention. Then one night he walked through the door followed by the most beautiful young man I have ever seen. There was enough  resemblance in his features that I was sure he was Rusty's son.

    The youth didn't look old enough to be ready for this kind of raw get it off sex, but half the men in the room were all but panting at the thought of getting him out of his clothes. I admit I found him very attractive too, but I didn't feel right about his age. He was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, with a slim but not skinny build. He had dirty blond hair worn long. The grin on his face let everyone know he was very happy to be at the party. His clothes were of that style so popular with teens. His bearing was confident and it showed he knew how he effected everyone. Yet, there was something about him that made me know he was a virgin. Rusty led him over to where I was sitting.

"This is my son David," he announced. "He thinks he is ready to get his pipes cleaned. Would you do it, Jim? I don't trust any of these other fuckers to back off if he changes his mind."

"I told you I ain't changing my mind," David stated with force. "Quit being an old wet hen."

"Would you like for me to give you a blow job," I asked David.

"I don't care who does it," he responded. "I just want to get sucked."

"How old are you," I questioned.

"18," was his response.

"That is pretty young," I told him. "Are you sure you are ready for man sex?"

"Yeah," he retorted. "I'm ready."

I looked at Rusty. David is his son and Rusty should know him the best. Rusty saw the question in my eyes.

"Maybe he is ready," he said. "Hell, he hasn't stopped bugging me to bring him for a month. 'Sides, I was his age the first time I got man fucked. I was ready."

"Okay," I told David. "Do you want to go to my bedroom for your first time, or do you want to let everyone watch?"

David was bashfully hanging his head as he questioned, "Can we go to the bedroom?"

    The other guys started pairing off and getting ready for sex as they decided none of them was going to get David. At least not that night. I held out my hand to David, and he took it as I led the way to the bedroom.

    I folded down the spread, and had to just sit and watch David undress. He stood in front of me grinning as he lifted his tee shirt over his head. The smoothness of his skin had my heart beating a little fast.

    He slipped out of his shoes without untying them. He lifted his leg to remove his sock, and the outline of his hard dick was clear inside his pants. Why do I find the idea of having sex with him so exciting? He is just a kid to me!

    As he started opening his pants, I thought I might have a heart attack. I had to have been panting. Slowly he undid the top button. He could see the effect he was having on me. He raised his arms about half way up. The palms of his hands were upward as if to say, "here I am, do you want more?"

    I reached for his zipper, and slowly pulled it down, being careful not to catch his meat. His pants fell to the floor, and he stepped out of them. He was standing there in just his electric blue boxers. I have never seen anyone that looked sexier or hotter!

There was a knowing grin on his face, telling me, "I knew you wanted me!"

    There wasn't a hair on his chest. The skin was pinkish and smooth. There was only a little hair under his arms. The thin hair on his legs was almost unnoticeable, it was so blond.

    I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of his boxers, and started pulling them down. His hard 6 inch cut dick appeared. It looked so clean. So fresh. So young. It took my breath away for some reason. I've never been a size queen, and David has enough to do the job. The pubic hair framing his dick was sparse and a light blond. It didn't look as if there were more then a couple of dozen curly hairs.

    His nuts were plump and looked heavy. They weren't hanging too low from his body, and they looked full. I couldn't help it. My mouth started watering as I gazed at David, thinking about what he would taste like, and I had to swallow over and over.

    David stepped out of his boxers, and knelt in front of me untying my shoes. With slow and deliberate movements, David slipped off first one shoe and sock, then the other.

    As his hands caressed my chest he unbuttoned my shirt. I thought I might cream my pants. David opened my shirt and sighed. He bent down and sucked my nipple into his mouth. I was ready to die.

    David took my hands and lifted me to my feet. My pants and underwear were soon around my ankles. David was running his fingers through my full thick pubic bush, and it was plain he liked what he saw.

    I opened my arms to him, and he moved into my hug. How can I describe the feelings I was having as I hugged him? I don't know how. I only knew I desired him. I wanted to protect him. I wanted to please him. As we hugged I could tell we were soon both as hard as steel. I ran my hand over his butt cheeks, and they were as smooth as silk.

I kissed the top of his head as I gently maneuvered David onto the bed. His hands were playing with my chest hairs as I hovered over him.

    I nuzzled his neck and he whimpered as he stroked the back of my head. I was spacing my kisses with gentle love nips as I crossed his shoulder.

    My tongue was lapping at his nipple. He shoved his chest up and pressed down on the back of my head, letting me know he wanted it sucked. He groaned as I slurped it into my mouth. It was soon standing tall at attention. It didn't take much on his other titty before he had a matched set.

    I kissed down his tummy. It felt so much different then the men I had been with. You could feel the smooth layer of baby fat just under the skin.

    I reached his pubic mound, and he gave a groan of disappointment as I bypassed it and nudged open his legs. I got between them, and started licking and kissing his thighs. David was panting by the time I got near his nuts.

    The smell of his pubic area was more intoxicating then the strongest liquor. I lapped his nuts with my tongue, and David was whimpering. I gently sucked one into my mouth, and he gasped. Oh yeah, he was loving it. I let his egg slip from my mouth, giving it one final lick as I started upward.

    My tongue followed the path of a large blood vessel. I could feel every beat of his heart with my tongue. David was begging, no, demanding, "Finish me off! Damn it, finish me off! I can't take any more! It's going to kill me!"

    I opened my mouth wide as David pressed my head down over his throbbing dick. I took it all in before tightening my lips around his meat. David was grunting and whining as he thrust into my mouth. I applied a gentle suction, and David tensed. He shoved his body upward, to where only his lower legs and the top of his head were on the bed. His shoulders and butt were raised a good two inches off the mattress.

    David moaned, "Ohmigod," before letting out a long wobbly scream. The juice he was pumping into my mouth was the sweetest tasting cum I had ever had. As he collapsed back onto the bed, I followed him down, keeping his dick in my mouth. I gently sucked, trying to get every drop of that good tasting treat.

    I kept gently sucking as he relaxed and his dick went soft. I was rewarded with a few more dribbles of his sweet nectar. David pulled me up into his arms, and we lay with him kissing my chest.

He finally recovered enough to mutter, "So that's want sex fells like? I've never cum like that by jacking off!"

I just lay stroking his hair as I told him, "It was really special to me too."

David snuggled into my arms. I guess that was when I started falling in love with David. We didn't rest too long before his hand was groping my nuts.

Yeah, he was hot and wanted to experience giving a blow job.

    His mouth found mine, as he gave me a deep kiss. His kisses traveled lower, as he kissed my neck. His mouth found my nipple, and what he was doing to my body, was almost enough to make me cum.

    He copied everything I had done to him. My nuts received a tongue bath like none they had every received before. He was driving me crazy. His tongue worked my nuts and David seemed to be humming to himself. His tongue worked up the shaft of my throbbing cock. I was so hard the glans of my cock was strained to bursting.

    David's tongue lapped at my sensitive dick head and I had to groan. He teased me as his tongue would dart from his mouth. A very light touch of his tongue, and then a few moments later, a hard lap. His mouth was suddenly around my hard dick. I glanced down at his young grinning face filled with my cock. It was so thrilling to see.

    He sucked once or twice and I started screaming, as I was shooting my cum into his wonderful mouth. I never knew a climax could feel like that. I felt as if I was falling off the edge of the world. I guess I shocked David for a moment. He froze with my dick stuffed into his mouth. I was emptying my nuts and my cum was flowing out of his mouth around my dick. It didn't take him long to recover and start swallowing my seed. I must have blacked out.

    I don't know how long it took for me to recover. When I came back to earth, David was still gently sucking on my hard dick. I pulled him up to me, so I could kiss that extraordinary mouth. His mouth had the taste of my cum that was bitter-sweet, and salty. There was a hint of bleach in the taste of his mouth. We lay holding each other and rested while before getting up to rejoin the party.

    We didn't bother getting dressed as we made our way back to the living room. I was behind David in the hallway, and his bouncing bubble butt was a joy to see. He was almost prancing as we went in search of Rusty. His dad wasn't in the living room. There were several guys there fucking and sucking but not Rusty. We moved into the den.

    Rusty was on the floor getting his ass fucked by Wayne. As they were busy, I sit down in the recliner and David perched on my lap. I think David was torn between watching the gay porn movie someone had stuck in the VCR, or watching his dad getting fucked. His dad won out. David's hand seemed to be slowly working his dick as he watched some of the action going on around him. His glance was drawn back to Rusty in time to see his dad climax.

    David jumped up and spin around. His hard cock was sticking up and all I had to do was lower my head. I don't guess I had too much choice with his hands locked behind my head drawing it towards his dick. I didn't mind at all. I slurped it in and he started humping fast. It didn't take him long at all to once again be shooting. David kept my face crushed against him as he recovered and didn't let go until his dad spoke.

"Well, stud, I guess you were ready after all. Come on, we had better get dressed and get home. It's almost 11:30 and we want to be in before your mom gets home."

    David ran to the bedroom and got his clothes. He brought them back to the den and started dressing. David was giggling uncontrollably as Tom was trying to stick his tongue up David's butt crack as David was trying to get into his pants. He finally got dressed and came over to me.

"Thanks for having me, Jim. I hope I can come back the next time you have a party."

"Your welcome anytime, David. Rusty knows I have a party the last Saturday of every month."

"Thanks, Jim."

I was a little surprised when he gave me a tender kiss on the cheek.

"Come on, Party Boy," Rusty exclaimed. "We're going to be late if you don't start moving it."

It was only the next day when David showed up at my front door after school.

"Hi Jim, can we have our own party," he asked.

    Do you think I said no? Well, after that it became a regular thing. David would be at my house by 4:15. Wonderful sex and then relaxing together until 5:30 when he had to leave for home. No, it isn't just about sex.

    We enjoyed each other's company. We found we liked the same sports and teams. I was soon attending every one of David's practice sessions and baseball games. It brought tears to my eyes when he read "Romeo and Juliet" aloud to me for his English Class. Yes, we talked about everything.

    When David had asked me for anal sex, I had explained to him how I feel about it. He seemed satisfied and accepted my answer. I was proud of him when I heard him giving the same answer to someone else at the next party. No he would only have oral sex at the parties. It wasn't until yesterday that I had made up my mind.

    It was Friday afternoon and we were laying together relaxing after having had some wonderful sex. David was idly playing with my butt. I was sure of the answer but I asked anyway.

"You really want that, don't you."

"Yeah," he sighed.

"Okay," I told him, "it's yours tomorrow."

    I thought I would be crushed as I was hugged and kissed. Saturdays David is able to spend most of the afternoon with me, so we would have plenty of time. His squirming all over me was making me horny again, and we would have done it then, but he only had time to dress before having to leave for home.

    This morning, David had shown up early. Yes, he was just as eager as I was. As David had reached his climax, my hands had flown to his butt pulling him in tight against me. As his cum had started splashing into me, my mind saw my lovers. Arnie.......... Joe........... David.

The End
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