Partying with James. (MM)

By Big Brother (Drake DragonsTale)

This story is a work of fiction. This is an adult oriented work, legally limiting it's access from minors in many areas of the world. If you should not be reading this, don't. This is a HomoErotic piece. In other words, if you don't want to read about sexual interactions between two grown men, then do not read this.

The characters/events in this story draw from real-life events in my own life, but are elaborated on/adjusted for the sake of the story. If a fan of my writing wants to discuss parts of my real life, I am willing to open a dialog with interested people. I'm easy to talk to. I'd like to hear about some of your experiences too. All emails are welcome. If you want to send a personal image showing me how I turned you on with this story, that's welcome too. [This story was developed in my head after getting an image from a very hot fan. So responses definatly encourage me to write more. :) ] Let me know in the email if you want me to respond. I have no problem responding to emails, but I don't want to annoy ppl by replying when they just wanted to say "thanks/hi" :)

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--David/Big Brother/Drake DragonsTale (the one and the same)

I party alot. I mean alot. I party at friends' houses several days a week. I end up at a bar one or two nights a week too. When you hang out and party as much as me and my friends do, you end up with several groups of friends and friends of friends that you hang out with. This wouldn't be important if it weren't for the fact that the constant changing of people creates some really interesting situations. I still remember one of the most amazing experiences that ever happened to me. Nothing about it was too extraordinary, but the way things came about made for a night I'll treasure forever. Here's the story.

My closest friends know I'm gay. I don't really come off that way though. Actually, I'm not really ashamed of being gay, I just get tired of hearing, "You can't be gay, you're just putting me on." So, I just don't bring it up. Sometimes I wish I was more out going with it though. There's this guy we hang out with. He's the roommate of my sister's best friend. I'll call him James for short though. :) James is really laid back. He's the last guy you'd see starting a fight. He's also the last guy you'd want to fight with. He's got some build to him. He's fast too. I think he studies Karate or something. I never really asked.

I was at a friends place, and we were talking about where we were going friday night. We all decided to try this new bar that had just reopened downtown. James pointed out that he wouldn't be able to go unless someone came by and picked him up. His girlfriend was out of town, and she took their car with her. He'd been getting rides to and from work. Since their roommate (my sister's friend) was going to have to work that night, I offered to pick him up. I'd like to think that it was just out of the kindness of my heart, but face it, I like to know that he's gonna be at the bar so I have someone very hot to look at and talk to.

Friday night came. I got off work, went home, showered, changed, and headed to James' apartment. James answered the door and told me to come inside as he wasn't quite ready yet. I wanted to glare at him and tell him that I wasn't really in the mood to wait forever, but I looked into his eyes and could only say, "Cool..."

I went in and sat on the couch. He went into his room. A minute later he came out of his room saying, "I'm going to hop in the shower real quick, is that OK?"

I turned to him. I was going to complain about not wanting to take forever to get to the club. That was until I turned around and saw him standing there. He was naked with only a towel on. That probably wouldn't have got to me soo much, but the towel was over his shoulder, not around his waist. My eyes locked in on his naked cock, just hanging there. It was about average. Nothing too special. But, when a guy that hot, with abs that cut, is standing there naked, it's definitely an attention getter.

I realized that I was looking at his crotch, while he was standing there looking at me. I looked up, and he was smiling at me. He just said, "I won't be long, I promise."

He walked into the bathroom. I watched his butt disappear around the corner. I really thought that as much partying as James and I had done together, he should have known not to walk around naked in front of me.

I heard the water running, and James showering. I was still going over in my head, the memory of him standing there naked. A short time later I heard the shower turn off. I heard him yell out to me, "Hey bro, could you get a towel out of my room? I forgot to put one in here after I did laundry."

By this point, I figured out that he must not know that I'm gay. He's pretty much just hanging out with "one of the guys." I found a towel in the clean laundry in his room. I went to the bathroom with it.

I entered the bathroom, noticing that he hadn't closed the door when he showered. Then I noticed that he was standing there waiting for the towel with the shower curtain opened already. I got to see him naked again.

This time I could see that his dick was a little thicker and longer than when I first saw it. I guess rubbing your cock while cleaning it will do that. His nuts hung below, the water dripped off of them, into the tub below.

"Hey, bro,:" he startled me from where my mind was wondering, "are you going to hand me the towel, or just look at my dick all evening?"

Fuck! What the hell was I doing? I'm like in front of a straight guy, just staring at his privates. I think I'm loosing some serious cool points there.

I stammered a response to him. I was trying to look him in the eye as I handed him the towel. I really didn't want to look at him though, I was more than a little embarrassed.

He took the towel, chuckling a little at me. "It's OK, bud. I know everyone likes to look at me. Even guys."

I'm not sure if his comments were supposed to make me feel better about the situation or not. He had started to dry himself off. I turned to leave him in the bathroom.

"Hey," he said, "you can stay in here, bro. It's alright."

I stayed in the room at his prompting. I'm not sure why though. Then again, I know that I liked looking at every inch of his well-defined body. I felt a need to start talking about anything other than that.

"So, " I started, "I guess it's gotta suck having your girlfriend gone all week."

"Actually, " he grinned at me, "It doesn't suck. No suck, no fuck, no nothing. I think Sir Roddy is starting to think I forgot about him." With that last comment, James reached down and grabbed his flaccid cock, shaking it to emphasize his point.

"I guess there's not much you can do about that, huh?" I was yet again looking at his dick. It was growing a little more under his manipulation. It was probably about 6 inches, but still pretty soft.

"Other than finding a really cool bud to suck it for you, there's nothing you can do."

What did he just say? I was still trying to figure out what he was getting at. I know it's obvious now, but when you think you are a "straight" friend of a straight man, standing in front of him when he's naked, it takes a minute to know for sure what he means.

"So," He said, "are you a really cool bud?"

"What do you mean?" I was watching his hand make his dick grow. It was starting to stand on it's own. It was more getting thicker than it was longer.

"I know you like looking at my cock. I just want to know if you want to touch it." He hung his towel up, stepping closer to me as he climbed out of the shower. His stiff dick pointed at me.

"Are you sure you really want me to?" 'Cause I know I sure the hell wanted to.

"I'm not gay. I'm not going to blow you, or leave my girl for you. But, if you can be cool about the whole thing, I could really use a good blow from you."

He took my hand. I didn't resist. He moved my hand to his growing cock. It was 7 inches now. It was the fattest cock I'd ever seen though.

I felt the velvet smooth skin of his thick member in the palm of my hand. My fingers felt odd wrapping around the warm shaft. I moved my hand up and down. James groaned. I knew he needed the contact of my mouth as much as I needed his cock.

His hands moved to my shoulders, pushing me down. Who was I to protest?

His dick pointed at my face. I reached my tongue out and tentatively tasted the head. I teased him with a slow circular lick. More moaning and stuff. Yea he wanted it bad. I'm glad he chose me.

I opened my mouth, guiding the torpedo into me. His thick cock meant I really had to work at keeping my teeth out of the way. I could feel the needing warmth of his rod penetrating my mouth. It moved into me as he was pushing his hips forward.

I moved my tongue around under his shaft, trying to give more stimulation to his swollen dickhead. I made swallowing movements with my mouth to relax my mouth and to pleasure this total stud like he'd never forget.

I was sucking up and down on his cock, giving it my best effort. I was totally lost in the feeling. Next thing I know, my nose has buried itself into his public hair. I got that whole monster into my mouth. Woot!

My hands were teasing his nuts and the area right underneath when they weren't enjoying the feeling of his well-developed buttcheeks.

I looked up at his face. He was watching me blow his fat cock. He smiled at me, saying, "That's the best. You are incredible, buddy. Keep it up. You're gonna make me blow my load, dude."

I felt his legs shake as he tensed up. I knew he was close. My fingers pressed hard under his nuts. My mouth pushed deep onto his cock. My tongue danced under his hard shaft. I just gave James a one-way ticket to ecstasy.

James grunted loudly, shooting his cum deep into my mouth. His cock pulsed as he pulled back. He kept cumming and cumming. I tasted his manliness. His hands caressed my head. He was sighing "Thank You" while his softening cock was still dibbling into my mouth.

"That was the most incredible blow job I'd ever gotten." He obviously was impressed with the way I handled his member.

"I guess that's fair, James. You're the most incredibly hot guy I've ever had the chance to blow."

"I'm sorry I can't return the favor, guy. I just know that I couldn't do that with a guy."

"It's OK," I said. I was happy to even get to see his cock. I would have liked some personal relief about that time, but you can't get blood from a turnip.

"Do you still want to go to the club, bro?"

"Sure. But you probably want to get dressed first. You hang out with me naked too long, and I'll probably try to do an encore performance."

We went to his room. He got dressed for the club. We started talking about normal friend stuff. The only thing different was a few knowing glances. It wasn't my last encounter with James. It wasn't the start of a relationship either. Sometimes the best things in life are those things that stay in the moment they were destined for.