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by: Kewl Dad


Pride week...again.  Ever since I'd came out at age 50 I'd been attending Pride in whatever city I was living in at the time. This year was no exception and though it was late June, the temps weren't stifling yet, and it actually cooled down and clouded up as the evening went on. 

It was Friday and there was a free concert at 8, with a warmup band starting at 6:30. The music wasn't bad and there was plenty of eye candy, but one boy in particular caught my eye. I guess we all have our preferences, our type of boy, and this one was very much to my liking.

He was slender, not skinny, short...maybe 5' 6" or so, probably around 110, dark hair cut short, and a face so cute it hurt. He wore skinny jeans and a shirt that he kept pulling up to reveal a flat hairless tummy and I guessed his age to be somewhere between 16 and 18. Certainly too young for me, but he was nice to look at and dream about.

He wasn't alone, not at first anyway, and the boy who was with him was pretty nice too, but certainly not in his league. I wondered if they were bf's or just friends. It was hard to tell from the way they behaved around one another, but when the other boy went off with another boy I decided their relationship must not be too serious.

I lost sight of the cute boy for a while and turned my attention to the show and the dancers down in front of the stage. I was surrounded by hundreds of people, but still alone and that made me feel a little sad. It sucked getting old, no one wanted an old guy. Heck when I was younger I'd shunned older guys and sometimes been downright rude to them. Well, I guess Karma is a bitch, because I was getting back twice what I'd handed out.

I checked my cell phone for messages, none. Logged onto FB and posted a few pics of the event then took a few more pics and in the process I noticed the cute boy was back, this time alone and leaning against the railing just a few feet from where I stood.

I looked his way and we locked eyes for just a moment and surprisingly he smiled at me. Not just a polite respectful smile, but more of a knowing smile, as if we had something in common. Well, maybe we did, I just didn't know what and I certainly wasn't about to approach this little God of a boy to find out what.

The music suddenly changed to a lively dance beat and the cute boy started swaying to the music and closed his eyes and began bobbing his head. This gave me a chance to really look him over. His dark eye lashes and eye brows looked like something you'd see on a fashion model and although he wasn't feminine looking by any means, he had a soft gentle look about him that touched me deeply.

His lips looked very kissable, his nose was small, his ears cute, so on and so on. In short he was perfect in my book, and as my eyes wandered down to his chest and then his flat stomach I began to ask myself what was beneath those skinny jeans. 

I knew I'd never know for sure, so I began to fantasize, making it up as I went. In my fantasy he was uncut and smooth with a  hairless ball sac holding two plum sized balls. His dick was ram rod straight and his balls perfectly matched and hanging just a little bit below that perfect dick. I imagined his ass to be perfect as well, two symmetrical globes of tan flesh, soft and smooth, and in the center a wrinkled starfish, yet to be ravaged by other boys...or men.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I wasn't aware he had opened his eyes and was staring at me, maybe for a few minutes. When I finally did notice I looked away quickly, no doubt blushing bright red and didn't dare look back.

Suddenly I was aware of movement to my right and when I looked, the cute boy was right beside me, so close I could smell his sexy boy fragrance mixed with sweat.

"Hi," he said simply, "Good Pride, right?'

"So far it's been great," I managed to squeak out.

"Yeah, for me too...but, sort of bummed out this year. I lost my dad and my boyfriend this year."

"Oh, what  happened?"

"Well, my dad died and I was so strung up by his death that my bf got tired of my sadness and dumped me."

"That's awful," I said frowning, "he should have tried to be more understanding. I'm sorry about your dad, but it sounds like you're better off without your bf is that's how he is."

"Thanks, I guess you're right."

"Your dad...did he know, I mean..." I sputtered blushing bright red at assuming this boy was gay.

"Yeah, he knew and he loved me anyway, my mom too. I came out to them when I was 14, 7 years ago."

"Seven you're 21?" I asked incredulously.

"Yeah, I know...I look 16. My dad was small too, he was like 40 something and he looked way younger. My mom is small too, she's from Hawaii."

So that explained a lot, but I wasn't sure why he was telling me all this.

"Well, for what it's worth, you're just about perfect in my eyes," I said before I could stop myself. Then blushing bright red I added, "I mean...I think you look good. Your dad must've been a very handsome man."

"He was, wanna see a picture of him?" he said perking up.


The pic was on his I-Phone and was a selfie of the both of them. It was easy to tell where the kid got his good looks, dad was a stunner and just my type as well.

"He was very handsome and has a great smile."

"Yeah, he was always happy. He died real suddenly, he had a stroke and a blood clot and he died before they could get him to the hospital," he said scrolling through his phone for more pics of him, his dad, and his mom who was very pretty.

"I'm so sorry," I said feeling a little teary eyed. That must've been very hard for you. I'm sorry your boyfriend wasn't there for you. That sucks."

" you said. I'm probably better off without him. He was  here earlier, then he met this hot boy named Derek and they went to the Habana to fuck."

I blushed at his use of the word fuck and he noticed.

"Oh sorry. Didn't mean to be graphic."

"I've heard the word before, no harm done."

"Bet you've done it a lot too, haven't you?" he teased.

"In my younger days I was a total top and never left the bars alone."

"I bet, you're still pretty hot. Did you come alone?"

Did he mean to Pride or was he talking about an orgasm? LOL.

"Yeah, I like to come out and support the community, spend some money and take in the sights."

"All the hot boys...right?"

"There are a  lot of them this year." I admitted.

"Like me?" he giggled.

"No, none as hot as you," I tried to make it sound like I was teasing, but I think he could tell I was being genuine.

"So you like how I look?" Why was he digging? Of course I did.

"Yeah, I'd say  you were about perfect. If I had to describe the perfect guy, it would be someone like  you."

"Thanks. Sometimes I'm self conscious about my size and weight..."

"Why? Dynamite comes in all shapes and sizes, and you're packing a ton of it." I teased.

"I like talking to you...uh..." he blushed and put his hand to his mouth, "I just realized I don't even know your name and you don't know mine. I'm Jake." he added offering his fist to bump.

"Rob, I'm Rob," I said bumping back, "Nice to meet you."

"Me too. In some ways you remind me of...him, my dad. He was always fun to talk to and he really listened to me, not like some adults. When I was a kid I could tell him anything. I guess that's why he was the first one I came out to." he said smiling fondly. "Know what he said?"

I shook my head.

"He said, Duh...I've known since you were ten years old. I've just been waiting for you to come clean. He laughed and hugged me and wiped away my tears and kissed me and took me in to tell my mom, who was just as cool about it as he was."

"You were very lucky to have such understanding parents. When I was growing up kids didn't have the opportunities that kids today do. There was no way I could have admitted I was gay to anyone. It just wasn't done. In fact I was well...pretty old before I finally came out for real."

"Yeah, I know...but even now not all parents are as understanding as mine. I help out a youth shelter that provides housing and support for kids who are kicked out of their homes because they are gay. It's sad, but we give them a place to live, food, clothing and see that they stay in school. We have a full time counselor and two part time who volunteer."

"Really, that's great. I didn't know such a place existed. If you'll give me the information I'd like to start donating some money. I'm not rich but I do like to help out when I can."

"Sure, I'll give it to you. Can I see your phone?"

"Uh, sure," I said handing it to him, "It's not locked."

He pulled up FB and did a search and then added me as a follower of Pride Kids in Crisis, the organization he belonged to.

"Thanks, I'll send them a donation when I get home tonight."


"What Jake?" I said breathlessly. I didn't know what was coming next, but I had an idea it would be life altering.

"Nothing," he said looking down at his feet like a little kid called to recite a poem in front of the class.

"No, what was it? What's up?"

"Well, I know this sounds you want to go somewhere and talk some more?"

God did I ever? I could sit and listen to Jake's sweet voice all  night.

"Sure, any place in mind?"

He swallowed hard then pointed toward the Habana. "I have a room there. I'm sharing it with a friend, but he's going to be out partying all night."

"That sounds fine, maybe we should get a drink or something to take with  us,"

I bought us large lemonades and refused to let Jake pay me back and he didn't protest too much or too long. I would have spent every penny in my pocket on him and I think he knew it, but that wasn't what he was after...not money.

Jake's room was on the back of the motel facing the parking lot, away from the pool and the clubs and you couldn't see the Pride festivities from there, although you could hear the music just fine.

The room had two beds which said the friend wasn't intimate and was clean and neat. I'd stayed there a few times myself and liked the place a lot for the simple reason that no one judged you there. It was a gay motel and everyone was there for the same need to pretend.

I sat down in a chair near the door and Jake sat down on the bed across from me and looked at me nervously. It was crazy really how tense he seemed to be, when it was me who should have been freaked out to be in the presence of such a beautiful boy. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by being there and I was surprisingly calm.

"So...what do you want to talk about?" he said looking at me wistfully.

"How about your boyfriend? How serious was it?"

He seemed to relax a little as he began talking, "Well, at first I thought it was...then he began to say mean things to me and treat me bad. When my dad died he said I should get over it and move on, that people died every day, and there was nothing we could do about it."

"I don't even know your boyfriend, but I'm starting to hate him," I chuckled, "That's so cold and mean after what you went through. I suppose he was one of those guys who was just in it for the sex?"

Jake made a face, "Yeah, and he was sort of into kink. You know, bondage and light s&m, and I never really cared that much for that stuff."

I shook my head, "'re free to find someone who will be good to you and good for you now. I know there's someone special out there just waiting for an awesome boy like you to come along."

"I dunno, maybe...but meanwhile..."

"Meanwhile...meaning you have needs?" I chuckled, "I remember when I was 21, I had needs every day. When I couldn't be with a guy I'd jerk it two or three times a day."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, but it's so much more fun when someone does it for you...or more..."

"I know that's right. I can't imagine anyone as hot as you not being able to find someone to help out with that."

"Sometimes...well, I think sometimes guys think I'm stuck up or something. They won't approach me like they're scared or something."

"In awe of you probably," I said sincerely, "but I get what you mean. I guess that means you have to be the aggressive one then."

He smiled, "Yeah, like now..."

"What?" I asked looking for some sign on his face to tell me that he was joking.

"I know you don't think anyone would want to get with you, but that's not true," he sighed, "I guess what I'm trying to say is...I want to get with you."

"Seriously, someone as hot as you wants to get with someone like me?"

"I know, I think I just have a daddy thing or something, but it's not just that."

"Oh, what is it then?"

"I just like you. We connected really quick and you made me feel good when I was hurting."

"You're a nice kid, but that's just're a kid...compared to me."

"I'm an adult. I'll be 22 in March."

"What day? My birthday is March 29."

"The 16th," he said grinning.


"So, what do you think?"

"About what?" I teased.

"About us getting together."

"We are together..."

He rolled his eyes, "In bed."

"Oh, that. Well...if you're crazy enough to want that to  happened then who am I to stop it?"

"Good, now get naked," he said pulling off his shoes.

"Wait, not so fast. Let me..." I said sliding off the chair at his feet, "I want to undress you slowly and make love to every inch of your sweet body."

"Okay, I like that idea," he cooed.

I started with his feet. Like the rest of him they were small and perfect in every way. I sniffed them then licked them and suckled his toes one by one as he moaned his approval. Once I was through with his feet I coaxed him into standing and unbuttoned and unzipped his skinny jeans and started slowly tugging them down his slender, almost  hairless legs. Despite being slender his legs were well muscled and looked as if they belonged on a runner or a swimmer.

Once I had his jean down he stepped out of them and I came face to face with his Under Armor boxer briefs and the outline of what appeared to be a substantial sized package. I didn't want to rush things too much so I asked him to sit down again and I stood and slowly removed his shirt. 

Almost shyly he reached out and touched the front of my jeans and smiled when he saw what an effect he was having on my pecker. It was as hard as it had been in a long time, but it was Jake's pecker that I was most interested in.

Once I had his shirt off I turned my attention to his hairless chest and little erect nipples. I knelt again and suckled his nipples and ran my tongue down the center of his chest to his little wad of a bubble gum-like belly button. It was as cute as a puppy and I couldn't resist tonguing it out as he sighed beneath my touch.

His briefs were fully tented now, ah to be 21 again and experiencing all this, but I had to admit it was pretty nice on my end too. From  his belly button I turned my attention to the lump in his briefs, nuzzling it and inhaling his lovely young fragrance and causing my own cock to throb in time with his. 

"Uh...that feels so good," He said running his small fingers through my hair.

"May I remove these?" I asked tugging at his undies.

"Yessss..." he hissed as he raised his cute rear to allow me to do so.

What popped up next was the most amazing cock I had ever seen on a male of any age. Not unlike my earlier fantasy, the boy was uncut, but instead of an average  sized cock, this boy was packing at least 7.5 inches of slender boy meat. It was as straight as an arrow and sprung up and slapped his flat stomach leaving a sticky string of pre-cum on his belly.

The skin was retracted just enough to reveal a healthy pink head with a flaring piss slit that was oozing more pre. Now if you've ever tasted young pre, you know what a treat it is. Sweet as honey and smooth as silk, and I was soon lapping it up like a hungry kitty at a milk dish.

As I'd envisioned, Jake's balls were sizable and hairless, but above his magnificent cock he had a little V of dark hair that was so soft and downy that I wondered if he used conditioner on it. I ran my finger through it as I moved down and began to lick his beautiful hangers and then take them into my mouth one at a time.

He was moaning loudly now and guiding my head gently with his fingers laced through my hair, but he wasn't being forceful. He tasted so good everywhere. His skin was soft and smooth and had a sweet, spicy taste to it and I couldn't get enough.

"Can I rim you?" I asked breathlessly as I came up for air.

"Yesss..." he said falling back on the bed and raising his slender legs high to expose the most beautiful butthole I had ever laid eyes on. It was pink and healthy looking, a wrinkled little starfish that was begging to be loved on, and I was soon giving it all the love it craved.

" good....ohhhhh...yesss...Rob...fuck me please," he said after about 10 minutes into the rim job.

"I don't have a condom.." I stuttered.

"I only like bareback, you're clean....I just know it."

"I get tested regularly at yeah, I'm clean. But are you sure about this?"

"Yes, please...fuck me now...anyway you want it. You can even tie me up if you want."

"No, I'm not into about on your back so I can see your sweet face?"

He smiled, "Okay, I like that way," he said pulling me up and kissing me deeply and wetly.

"'re a good kisser," I said between kisses.

"I love kissing, especially when I'm being fucked."

"I'll remember that," I said as I quickly undressed.

My cock was rock hard and though not all that long, 6",  it is kind of thick and some of my partners have complained about it being big.

"I don't want to hurt you," I said softly, "let me rim you some more and get you good and loose."

"Ummm...okay, but  hurry...I want you inside me."

God he knew just what to say. Not once did I think about how ridiculous it was for a man my age to be with a boy his age, my pecker was leading the way and it knew no boundaries. 

His ass opened up like a flower beneath my tongue and fingers and it was apparent that he was no virgin and I quit worrying about the risk of hurting him. I lubed up my cock with some spit and as he held his legs high exposing hie winking boy hole I place the tip of my cock against it and pushed. I slid in easily and grunted when I was all the way inside.

" big," he said, "feels so good inside me daddy," he said softly.

"You like daddy's cock?" I said taking up my part at his cue.

"Yes daddy, I love your big cock in me. Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard," he said lustily.

I grabbed his feet and pulled out almost all the way then shoved back in a few times to loosen him up then really went at it, thrusting fast and hard, using every technique I'd ever discovered to give him the best fuck possible.

After a while he reached up and pulled me down for a kiss as I slowly pistoned in and out of his tight warm hole, slowing things down so I could last a while longer. I must've fucked him for a good half hours before I felt my balls begin to churn and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. Leaning down I kissed him again and slowly ground my body against him rubbing against his prostate in the process.

"Oh daddy, I'm gonna come," he yelped and seconds later  he was coating our bodies with his sticky hot cum.  

As he came his ass clenched shut and that was all it took to send me over the edge. I grunted and began to unload inside his  hot tight guts and nearly passed out as the feeling of the most intense orgasm of that decade rushed over me.

When I was spent, I slowly pulled out of Jake and rolled onto my side facing him. I laid my hand on his smooth soft chest and began toying with his nipples which quickly became erect again.

"Oh daddy that was so good."

"For me too baby. I don't remember coming that  hard...ever."

"Me too and I didn't even touch myself."

"That was a first for me too," I said proudly, "I never fucked anyone and caused them to come before."

"Can I fuck you now daddy?"

"You ready to come again?"

"Uh huh, is that okay?"

"That's wonderful, but I gotta warn you, I haven't been fucked in a while and you're pretty long. So take it easy and don't try to put it all in at once.

"I won't daddy. I'll rim you first and get you loosened up like you did for me.

True to his word Jake gave me the best rim job of my life and I was so loose and excited that he slipped in almost without my knowing it. I did have some discomfort when he pushed the last two inches in but it soon passed and from there on out, it was pure pleasure.

Jake could give as good as he took and I think I enjoyed it almost as much as he did, although I didn't come from having my prostate pounded. That may have been more from the fact that I'd just came and needed time to recharge, than from his fucking skills though.

After he was sated he rolled over beside me and we kissed again. He was a cuddly little guy and pretty soon he had a leg thrown up over me and was rubbing his slick semi-hard cock against my thigh.

"Did you like it daddy?"

"No, I loved it," I sighed, "I can't believe all this is happening though. It's like some kind of wet-dream and I keep thinking I'm gonna wake up and be in my bed all alone."

"Naw, it's real all right. It was good too. Right?"

" good as it gets baby boy."

Jake smiled at that and laid his head on my chest, "Do you love me now?"

"I think I loved you the first minute I saw you," I said truthfully.

"Good, cause I want to do this again."

"Now?" I chuckled.

"Maybe, but definitely some other day. Will you give me your number so I can call you?"

"Of course." Only problem was I was almost sure I'd never hear from him again. After all he was young and gorgeous, not to mention hung, and I was sort of plain and old.

"Good. Are you hungry daddy?"

"A little, are you?"

"Starved, let's go get something to eat and then see what's up. We might want to do it all again."

I groaned, "Just remember, I'm an old man and I don't recharge as fast as you do."

"Aww...well, we'll see."

We took a shower and dressed and went to the restaurant in the motel and had club sandwiches and one beer each and while we ate we chatted. It was really weird in a way. I felt like I'd known him forever and we were very comfortable with each other. 

The waiter, a tan cute blond, kept checking Jake out but Jake seemed oblivious to his furtive glances. It was if he and I were the only two people in the restaurant and we had all the time in the world.

When we finished eating we wandered back to the street where the concert was still going on and an impromptu line dance had formed. Jake pulled me into it and before I knew what was happening I was dancing right along with him and several hundred others. It was fun actually I felt more alive than I  had in a long time.

When the dance began to wind down Jake led me back to the spot where we'd first met and we stood side by side watching the crowd and the band on the stage and talking. It's funny what you can learn just by taking the time to get to know someone.

Just looking at Jake from afar I had assumed he was well adjusted and had the world by the gonads, but after talking to him and learning more about him I began to see that he was no different than the rest of us. He'd  had his share of grief and yet he'd managed to get through it and even help others in need. He was actually a wonderful person and I felt very proud  having met him.

It was pushing ten o'clock and I didn't know what to expect or when or where this evening would end, but Jake seemed to be in charge and I certainly had no problem with that.

"Come on, let's go back to that motel room," Jake said giving me puppy dog eyes, as if I needed them. I'd have followed  him into the path of a speeding train if he said so.

We grabbed a beer on the way and by the time we got there we had most of it drank. I had to pee and by the time I got back Jake was already naked and laying on the bed with his beautiful cock at full mast.

"Well, what have we here?" I chuckled.

"Your boy needs some lovin' daddy," he pouted.

"Mmmm...okay, but this time I want that sweet boy batter in my tummy."

"Okay daddy. Come get it," he giggled.

If he hadn't shown me his driver's license earlier as proof of his age I might have doubted his it at this point from the way he was acting, but that was just how he was....young at  heart.

I started at his feet again, licking and sucking until he was clawing at the covers before making my way up his shapely legs to his center and the part that made him all male. His cock was leaking a little beneath the foreskin and I snaked my tongue beneath and lapped it up greedily.

" good. So sweet and wonderful. I could eat your pre-cum all day long and not get tired of it."

"I'm glad you like it daddy. Drink all you want, I'll make more," he giggled.

I grabbed his cock and pulled the foreskin all the way down exposing his rosy cock head and his flaring piss slit and lapped up all that was there and squeezed a bit more out before moving down to his balls and giving them some attention. 

I wasn't sure if I was ready for any sexual action of my own, but my cock was starting to stir just from the taste and feel and scent of this beautiful boy beneath me.

I lapped at his nuts and took them into my mouth as I had earlier and he went crazy, clawing at the covers and moaning loudly. If it hadn't been a gay motel I might have worried that others could hear us, but as it was I was proud I was causing him to be loud.

I gave him a minute to cool down and moved up to his belly button, then on to his erect little nipples and then gave him a deep kiss. He grabbed my head and pulled me in and  held me and we kissed for a long time as our bodies pressed together.

"Take off those clothes daddy, I want to feel your flesh against mine."

By the time I was naked my cock was fully hard again and Jake grabbed it and gave it a playful squeeze. 

"Looks like daddy's cock wants to play some more."

"How could I not get hard around a sex god like you?" I chuckled.

"Suck me daddy, make me come and drink me all down then fuck me again."

My cock throbbed at his words and I returned to his cock with renewed interest. I consider myself to be a bit of an expert when it comes to oral sex, and Jake must have thought so too from the way he was thrashing around and moaning.

When he finally came I was rewarded by a mouthful of hot tasty boy cum that was almost too delicious to believe. I rolled it around my mouth, savoring the flavor, but kept a little to share as I kissed Jake deeply once more. His tongue roamed around my mouth as we kissed, lapping up his own flavor there and then we lay snuggled up for a few minutes while he recovered.

I fucked him spooned up to his back, taking my time and reveling in the feel of his smooth young body. I lasted a good long time and when I came I was more than spent, I was wiped out. I don't remember much after that, but I did wake sometime later to darkness with Jake spooned up to my back this time.

As my eyes adjusted to the light I could see that the other bed in the room was occupied by not one, but two people, and I freaked a little. What had Jake told his roommate about me? Was he embarrassed to have him find an old man in his bed? 

I needed to pee badly and as gently as I could I unwound myself from Jake's sleeping form and padded off to the bathroom, still naked as the day I was born. I relieved myself and washed my hands and turned off the light before opening the door and damn near ran into someone else as I was exiting.

"Oh hi," a tall thin man said in an amused voice, "I'm Danny, Jake's friend. He told us what happened. Must've been a good nut, huh?"

"The best," I said blushing, "Sorry about all this..." I said lamely.

"Why, I think it's cool. Jake brought someone back and so did I," he said grinning, "We're cool with each other and any friend of Jake's is cool by me."

"Thanks, I still can't believe I passed out like that."

"No probs. Well gotta piss, enjoy the rest of the night with my man Jake."

"Thanks," I said letting him pass.

As I passed the other bed I noticed the covers were thrown back and a naked black boy who looked to be a little older than Danny was stretched out on his stomach, his cute bubble butt in plain view. My cock actually jumped at the sight of that cute butt, and I shook my  head in disbelief at my sudden horniness.

Jake was still asleep but as soon as I laid down he was on me like white on rice, snuggling into me and taking possession of me, and I loved it. There is nothing quite as wonderful as having someone to snuggle with and it didn't take long for me to fall back asleep.

I awoke as a thin shaft of morning sunlight knifed through the gap in the curtains and looked over at the other bed. My cock jumped at what I saw and I knew I should probably look away, but I couldn't take my eyes off the two hot boys next to us.

Danny had the black boy folded up like a Swiss Army knife with his legs almost touching his chest as he pounded this booty hole relentlessly. I could smell the sex and hear the smack, smack, smack of their bodies pounding together and I was rock hard now.

Suddenly Danny looked over at me and winked and I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. If he was cool with it, so was I. 

Jake stirred beside me and raised up and giggled, "Fuck that azzzz Danny."

"Oh yeah, and Freddy's got one tight ass," he hissed.

"It won't be if you keep hitting it like that," the black boy laughed.

"Hush, no talking. Just lay there and take it like a good bitch."

"I got  your bitch right here," he said shaking what looked to be 8" of fat hard black meat at him, "You're next honey and I'm gonna ruin you."

"He can't be ruined honey, he's already been ruined," Jake teased.

"I can handle it baby, but for now just keep quiet and let me do the fucking."

My cock was so hard it hurt and on top of that I needed to piss badly. I was torn between laying there and suffering or getting up and risk everyone noticing my condition, but my bladder won the fight.

As I threw back the covers Danny glanced my way and grinned, "Nice, want sloppy seconds? I bet Freddy won't mind."

"I just need to go pee," I said blushing.

"You can have some of this if you want it baby," Freddy said as I passed by. I knew I should have been flattered, but all I really wanted was more of Jake.

I peed and washed the sleep from my eyes and dried my hands taking my good slow time and by the time I got back, Danny had finished and was laying beside Freddy looking sated but tired. Freddy was stroking his chest and looking a little tired himself, but as I passed by he winked at me.

Jake hopped up and went off to pee leaving me all alone with the two almost strangers in the next bed and I was at a loss for words for a few minutes.

"So you met Jake at Pride?" Danny asked.

"Uh, yeah...we just sort of hit it off..."

"Yeah, well Jake's a cool guy and if he likes you then you must be cool too. He's an excellent judge of character. I mean after all he has me for a best friend," he chuckled.

"And I'm just the whore he met at the Copa (the dance club in the motel)." 

"You're not a whore, you're my sweet little piece of chocolate," Danny said kissing Freddy's lips sweetly.

"Oh, you're sweet, but I am a bit of a whore. I love dick, all dick..give me dick..more dick," he squealed.

"Who wants dick?" Jake laughed as he came out of the bathroom.

"I do, I do," Freddy laughed.

"Rob, gonna throw him some dick?"

"Naw, I...uh, really should be going."

Jake clouded up, "No, you can't go yet. Please stay for a while. We don't have to be out of here till noon....please."

"Well, how about if I buy you guys breakfast or something?"

"How about I feed you some dick first?" Jake said jumping me and straddling me, his dick only inches away from my face.

Of course I could have easily thrown him off me, but hell I loved having him on me, and instead I reached up and grabbed that cute ass of his and gave it a squeeze.

"Okay, feed me that cock," I groaned, "give daddy some boy cum."

Freddy and Danny were sitting up now watching us, and somehow that made it even hotter. As Jake moved closer and placed his cock on my lips I raised my head up and swallowed him to the root causing Danny to gasp.

"Oh my god, did he just do what I think he did? He did, he swallowed all of Jake's cock in one gulp."

"He's really good at sucking dick, aren't you daddy?" Jake purred.

I grunted out my reply because it's hard to talk around 7.5" of hard cock and went back to work doing what I do best, sucking cock and pleasing my partner. As I sucked Jake's cock I ran my hands up and down his back and sides and eventually reached up and began pinching his nipples. 

"Fuck my face," I said pulling off just long enough to speak.

Jake got up on his knees then and grabbed the headboard and began thrusting in and out of my mouth as I tried to keep up with him. I was able to grab a breath of air on the backstroke, but by the time he was nearing orgasm I was a drooling mess. I usually don't like getting face fucked, but with Jake it was different, hell everything was different, and I was happy for the change.

"I'm gonna come daddy," he gasped as he began thrusting faster, and moments later he buried his cock in my throat and began to unload.

I managed not to pass out from lack of air, but when he finally pulled back and I took in a deep breath of fresh air he looked at me apologetically and touched my face gently.

"Sorry daddy, I didn't mean to suffocate you with my loving. You did good daddy, that was so good. Now, I want to give you something back. Just lay back and enjoy."

At first I thought he was going to give me head, but when he reached down and lubed up my cock with his spit I knew what was next. Squatting over me he grabbed my cock and guided it to his hole and slowly but surely sat down on it till he was sitting on my lap.

He sat there a minute as his body adjusted to the intrusion than began to move, using his powerful legs to push himself up and down like he was doing deep squats.

I loved the velvety feel of his tight hole against my cock and for a while I was content to just lay there and let him do all the work . Eventually however I placed my hands around his slender hips and began to lift him and guide him as I fucked him desperately. 

When I came I cried out as my balls emptied into him and my whole body convulsed in a gut wrenching orgasm. I thrust two or three times, planting my seed as deep as I could, then collapsed on the bed with my cock still inside him.

Eventually my cock grew soft and slipped out and at that point Jake laid down on top of me, skin to skin, and kissed me deeply.

"Whoa, hot," Danny said, "that made me so horny I think I want you to fuck me now," he said to Freddy.

"On your hands and knees then," Freddy said sounding excited.

I rolled my head to one side and watched as they coupled and witnessed another animal like fuck session. Eventually everyone was fucked out and drained and smelling of sex and so we showered in pairs and got dressed. 

While Larry checked out we stood outside the lobby talking and when Larry came out we made our plans. Since Jake had ridden to Pride with Larry he didn't have a car there so he rode with me, and Freddy rode with Larry. 

We met at Denny's and ate breakfast as we laughed and cut up and got to know each other better. The most amazing things was, despite the differences in our ages, I felt like I fit in with these three hotties and they treated me as an equal.

I learned a lot about myself that night and the next morning and when we finally parted I had no regrets and no expectations. We'd had fun and even if this was all there was, it was damn well worth it.

I watched as the three drove away and I realized I had never given Jake my number. I felt a little sad that I probably wouldn't see him again, but then that was sort of what gay life was like. Guys came and went (no pun intended) and  you moved on till you were too old or too tired to do it any more.

The next day was Saturday and I didn't go back to Pride at all that day, however Sunday was the parade and there was no way I was going to miss that.

I got there early on Sunday, around four, to stake out a good spot for the parade and I hadn't been there more than twenty minutes when Jake came up behind me and pressed his hot body against mine.

"Hi daddy, did you miss me?"

"Who are you again?" I teased, "I have so many sons, I can't keep track of them."

"You better  not," he pouted, "You forgot to give me your number the hand over your phone so I can put my number in there."

I smiled as I fished out my phone. Today he was wearing cargo shorts and a button up shirt open halfway to reveal a Pride shirt beneath. He was just as lovely and sexy as I remembered him, maybe even more so since now I knew what lay beneath the layers of clothing.

He handed my phone back and insisted I text him so he'd have my number and I immediately did so. Once he was satisfied he moved up beside me and we talked while we waited for the parade to begin.

"I was so afraid I wouldn't see you again. Then I remembered you said you were coming for the parade so I got here early and I was looking for you and then there you were," he said happily.

"I have to be honest, I didn't think I'd see you again."

"Why, I told you I wanted to. I even told you I wanted your number. Did you think I was lying?"

"Not lying exactly, but sometimes in the heat of the moment promises are made..."

"I'm not like that. I meant it."

"I know that now. I'm sorry I doubted's just that it was like some wonderful dream and I kept waiting for it to end."

"What are you doing after the parade?" he said suddenly.

"Nothing, having dinner maybe...why?"

"Cause I want you to come home with me...for a while anyway. You don't have to stay all night or anything...unless you want to."

I laughed, "Okay, that sounds like fun. Maybe we can grab a pizza or something on the way."

"Okay," he said looking very happy at the moment.

The parade was great, but even  better with Jake by my side. We didn't quite wait for the last float before we began making our way to the parking lot. Since Jake had been dropped off by a friend  I drove us to this apartment as he gave me directions. On the way we picked up Chinese at Panda Express and then on to his apartment.

It was a nice place on the North side with covered parking for the tenants and two pools. His apartment was on the second floor near the backside facing a wooden fence grown up with ivy. There were trees and landscaping and it was obvious the place was well kept. His apartment was neat and clean and very well furnished, but I soon found out it wasn't him who did the decorating.

"My roommate Becca, picked out the furniture and stuff. She's so much better at that sort of thing than I am."

"Your roommate is a girl?"

"Yeah, but she's out of town for a week so don't worry. Anyway she's cool and I know she'll like you as much as I do."

"Uh, just out of curiosity, are you bi?"

"What? No....I'm totally into dudes, that's why I wanted a cool girl for a roomy. That way there's no sexual tension. It also helps that she's lesbian, that way she's not bringing home cute boys."

"That's very cool. You kids today are so open minded and tolerant."

"We're more than roommates, we're good friends. When my dad died, she was there for me the whole time. My mom loves her like a daughter."

"You know the more I know about you the more I like you," I said pulling him into a hug. 

He melted into me and I could feel his hard cock pressing against mine and it didn't take long for my cock to respond in like manner. I didn't know where the night was  headed exactly, but I was willing to do anything Jake wanted me to.

We ate and talked and eventually the food was gone and I wondered what was next. Jake excused himself to the bathroom and when he returned he was down to his underwear which was a good sign.

"I have an extra toothbrush in the drawer...if you want to brush your teeth," he said blushing.

I took him up on the offer and peed and brushed my teeth and checked myself in the mirror. I'd showered before the parade but I'd sweated a lot in the heat and wondered if I needed a shower...just in case, but I figured if Jake wanted me clean he'd tell me.

I couldn't find Jake at first then I noticed an open door at the end of the  hall, and when I peeked in  there was Jake stretched out on the bed  naked and erect. 

I slipped in and just stared at his beauty for a few minutes before I slipped off my shoes and began to undress. When I was down to my undies I slid into bed beside him and we kissed. He was so soft and warm and even though he sweated as much as I had, his aroma was heavenly. I lifted his arm and nuzzled his pit and he giggled. 

There was barely any hair their and the scent made me get hard immediately. I sniffed then licked his pits and he giggled some more.

"I never had anyone do that before," he said sounding a little excited.

"I love pits as long as they're not too hairy and yours are perfect."

"Here, have the other one," he said rolling over to give me access.

From his pits I moved down to his nipples and suckled and teased them with my tongue as he moaned lowly, then moving down I used my finger tips to stimulate them while I kissed and licked his cute flat tummy.

"You are sooo perfect," I cooed, "Michelangelo couldn't have sculpted a more perfect body."

"Oh daddy, you're making me blush. Mmmm...lick my belly button."

From his belly button to his hard cock, then down to his hairless balls, and lastly I rimmed his sweet ass till he was begging for me to fuck him. 

"Okay, but first I want to taste you and drink your sweet cum down."

"Okay," he said dreamily.

Pulling his foreskin back released a fragrant musky smell that made my own cock throb as I moaned out loud. My tongue flicked against the head and I lapped up his sweet pre-cum before plunging down on his cock until my nose was mashed into his soft downy pubes.


" good."

I sucked him for a good long time, working on his cock till he was almost ready to bust, then moved down to work on his nuts and ass till eventually he could wait no longer.

"Daddy, let me come...please..."

I smiled as I swallowed him again and this time I didn't let up till his balls emptied in my hungry mouth. I swallowed most of it down, savoring the taste and consistency of his gift, then rose up and kissed him deeply sharing his taste with him.

"Use some of my cum to fuck me with daddy."

"I managed to slather up my cock with a mixture of spit and his creamy cum and then pushing his legs up I entered him easily. This time I took my time, savoring the feel of his tight love tunnel wrapped around my hard cock, and staring into his angelic face, occasionally bending down to kiss his sweet lips.

I must've lasted at least 20 minutes before things got so intense I had to speed up, jarring the bed as I held his legs wide apart and pounded him relentlessly. As before his cock erupted spontaneously coating our chests and stomachs with yet another load of his creamy cum. How could he produce so much spunk in so short a time? I wondered. Ah the mysteries of youth.

When I came I cried out and saw stars and then fell down exhausted on Jake pressing our sweaty bodies together. I slipped out and he put his legs down and we lay there a long time kissing and cuddling and cooling down.

"Wow, that was intense," I finally said as I rolled to one side and placed my hand on his chest, "How can you do that? Come so many times in a row?"

He shrugged, "Dunno, always have been able to. When I first learned to jerk off I used to do it twice in a row all the time."

"Well, I seem to remember doing that...a long time ago."

"You came a lot this time," Jake said reaching down to wipe at his oozing hole.

"Sorry, want me to clean that up for you?"

"I have a better idea, why don't we go take a shower?"

"Okay, then I really should be going..."

" you have to?"

"I should, I have work tomorrow and so do you I guess."

"Yeah, but as long as I get 6 hours sleep I'm okay."

"Me too, but I have some things I need to do before I start the work week..."

"Okay, I won't beg. I don't want to be clingy. We can get together later in the week...right?"

I laughed, "We'll work it out. If you want more of me, I'll all yours."

"Great...let's go shower then."

After our shower we talked a little while, but eventually I pried myself away and  headed home. All the way there I couldn't help but think what a strange and wonderful weekend it had been. Who knew that going to Pride could be so much fun? I didn't know how long this would last, but it didn't matter. I'd been given a gift beyond measure,  and if this was all there was, it would be enough for a lifetime. I was humming as I pulled into the garage and looking forward to what came next.


Just a quick adult jerk story. Inspired by a boy I saw at Pride this weekend, but as always pure fiction.


    Thanks once again for your support over the years and I value your emails and your input. Please address all emails to I promise to answer all of them in a timely fashion.



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