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Young Toby placed the small bag on the back seat and shut the door.

"And be a nice boy, no late nights and no wild parties..." said his father as he bent down and looked at his dad.

"Yeth daddie," said Toby in his baby-talk imitation, as they both laughed.

"And no fighting with her..."

"I never," he replied, indignant, "it's Janice who's always picking up a fight..."

"Ok, ok, now where is your mother?" he said, giving the horn another blast.

"I'm here... I'm here..." she said, running down the steps, giving Toby a hug and a peck before getting into the car.

Both parent waved and his mother shouted out her last bit of advice as his father started the car and pulled away. Toby stood back and waved as he watched them drive away.

"Ah..." he let out a sigh and slowly walked back up and into the house. Now for the next three days he was alone, oh well, almost alone... since Janice wouldn't be bothering with him. She'd be too busy with Shawn, screwing her ass off!

Well, what he was supposed to do, he wondered as he closed the front door... His best buddy, Mark, wasn't in town either. And Nate was grounded for the weekend... Jeez, suddenly he realized that being alone for three days wasn't going to be all that fun... 'Better get busy' he told himself... There was that long overdue project to complete... and of course there was that report he had to finish for school... Maybe he'd spend the next two days doing them... and then Sunday he'd go out with Nick, go fishing... Maybe he'd even ask Daryl to come along... "Hah!" he let out another sigh... But now he was thirsty, he'd get a coke and then he'd go up to his bedroom... and then decide where to begin.

As he entered the kitchen, she was there, on her toes, one leg wrapped around the solid butt of Shawn, arms desperately clinging on to his broad shoulders, her crotch shoved right into his, her mouth sucking on his inserted tongue... She was moaning as his hands petted her ass through the form-fitting jeans, pushing her flaming snatch further into him.

Taken aback for a moment, though he had seen them 'make-out' on several occasion, Toby quickly went to the fridge and got out a coke can before withdrawing, watching the pair through the corner of his eyes... catching Shawn's eyes observing him.

Ok, consolation... he'd get to see a lot more of Shawn... That guy really made him horny. A real hot jock, and he sure had his ways with the girls... ah, if only... 'Shit,' he reprimanded himself... he shouldn't be having such thoughts... And as he entered his bedroom he realized that he was hard!

Sitting down at his table, he felt himself, rubbing the almost painful bulge, as he tried to picture Shawn in the nude... picture that cock in all its rigid glory. He had seen the unmistakable bulge many a time... and had wondered if it was for real... and now knowing that his sister and her stud boyfriend would be making out in the room right next to his, he felt unbearably hot.

And as he rubbed himself, he felt his cock twitch and move, leaking sticky pre-cum into his boxer-brief... making it wet...


The loud bang of the front door woke him up and as he blinked his eyes open he realized that he had fallen asleep at his desk... the lights were still blazing and the remnant of the pizza, that he had ordered, lay on the table, cold.

Slowly getting up he stripped his slim, well toned, sixteen year old frame of the clothes and then switching off the light, climbed in bed as he heard Janice and Shawn walk up the stairs and enter her bedroom.

But he couldn't sleep... the giggles and the grunts... the sound of running feet... the brief moments of silence followed by the happy laughter kept him awake. He knew that the shameless bitch, his sister, was getting the stud hot... preparing him for the fuck she wanted... till finally there was silence... but only for a moment, as a sharp gasp came floating in, soon replaced by deep sighs and that unmistakable squeaking of the bed.

Toby rolled over on his side and smiled, she was at it, having her cunt filled!

And as he closed his eyes, he began to think of Shawn... trying to picture him naked... visualize the shape and size of the bulge that he carried in his jeans, that Toby had seen, so markedly displayed, on various occasions... And as the sounds got louder and the moans more desperate, he reached down and slid his hand through the elastic band, reaching for his erection...


The room was dark and house silent...

Toby lay for a while, and then felt the pressure... he needed to go to the loo. Slowly sitting up he got out of bed and opened his bedroom door. The hallway stood silent and dark as he walked down to the bathroom at the end... and then he paused. The door was open a crack... and there was light shining through...

'Hmh,' he grunted mentally, someone had left the lights on.

Pushing the door open he entered the bathroom and paused... through bleary eyes he saw the naked figure in front, back towards him, standing over the commode, the water hitting the porcelain bowl with a loud splash...

His brain told him to scoot... but his feet remained rooted... the sleep gone from his eyes as the dew evaporates on a summer morning... He stared, drinking in the sight... the broad shoulders, the perfect V... that incredible slim waist... and those pert, firm globes topping the solid thighs... strong and sinewy... tapering down...

Toby stood, his mouth gaping... his eyes wondrous, staring... and suddenly realized that his bladder had gone bone dry, as his dick twitched rigidly in his boxer briefs... painfully so, throbbing hotly.

Shawn slowly turned around and smiled at the staring boy...

Toby was in a daze... and distantly conscious of being slightly afraid... and timid. A frisson of shock shot through him... and he could just gape, wide-eyed... his throat suddenly patched as his jaws dropped open... slowly, his face red with embarrassment... and shame.

"Like it, huh, fascinating..." asked Shawn, as he gripped the fat shaft, turning it this way and that, showing off... displaying himself. "Does the sight of my big ol' fella make you hot, pussyboi?"

Toby held his breath scarcely believing what his eyes were seeing... staring, unblinking, at the magnificent piece of meat, unable to move or speak.

Caressing the quickly hardening shaft, Shawn moved towards Toby, observing him keenly. "Hey, want some of it?" Shawn asked.

Toby was all aquiver, unable to tear his eyes away, as he watched it sway and jerk, coming closer and closer... gulping hard, he heard a guttural whine, an incomprehensible gurgle, and realized that it was coming from him...

"Wh... what will you do..." he finally managed in a tiny voice, as Shawn came and stood before him.

"You want it, don't you?" Shawn asked with a chuckle.

Toby could just nod and then leaning forward rested his forehead on the firm chest... his lips grazing lightly against rigid nipple of the older boy... "You'll... you, ah, you'll... do me what you did to her?" he asked in a timid voice.

"If you want it..." said Shawn, wrapping his strong arm around the trembling boy. "Go ahead, grab it..." he added in a low, husky whisper, moving in closer, his hot breath washing over Toby's crimson face, "he loves it... take it Toby!"

And even before he could react he felt Shawn take his hand and place it over the humongous hard-on... The heat nearly singed his palm as he felt it twitch and jerk... his own fingers unconsciously wrapping around the thickness.

He gasped and felt a shiver run down his spine... as his own cock fought for space in the tight boxer-brief, wiggling to get free... breathe some fresh air.

"You as good as your sister, pussyboi?" Shawn asked in his burning ear... the moist tongue tip licking the edge.

Toby felt a shiver pass through him and almost unconsciously squeezed the rigid shaft... running his wrapped finger down the length... gasping for air.

"Yea, squeeze it hard," murmured Shawn, nibbling at his ear, "isn't he a beauty?"

Running his strong hands down the teen shoulders, Shawn reached down and passing his hands around the slim waist tugged the boy closer, into his crotch... his tongue licking its way down the jaw line and moving up to the parted lips. He ground his mouth and heard the boy whine, the fingers tighter around his shaft.

Slipping his fingers past the waist band, he sought out the melon-peach mounds, soft and smooth... two full globes of boy flesh, and dug his fingers in... kneading them... one finger reaching out, running along the crack. Toby could only moan into the mouth covering his and grind his pubes harder... He was hot, he was horny... filled with a sexual energy that he never knew existed.

Shawn petted the tender flesh, the single finger now working its way into the crack... moving up and down... touching areas that made Toby cry out with hunger... swaying his hips... pushing back at the strong digit...

"You're hot for it, eh..." said Shawn with a lop-sided grin, pulling his mouth away and looking down into Toby glazed eyes.

"Nnngh..." was all Toby could say as he felt one hand withdraw from his butt and grab his bloated crotch, the large hand covering the area, squeezing it lovingly. And as he stood, silent, he felt Shawn move back, the throbbing phallus withdraw from his reluctant grip.

Shawn's hands were back on his shoulders, pushing him down, "Suck it Toby, get it ready for your boi-pussy..." he commanded softly as Toby fell on his knees.

His eyes widened as he saw it close up... catching his breath, totally fascinated... And with a hungry moan, he opened his mouth wide and lunged forward, feeling the moist tip brush past his lips and then bore into his virgin oral cavity... stretching his lips, lowering his jaws... It smelled of sex... of the residue of dried cum and pussy juice... but for Toby it was intoxicating... and placing his hands, palm open, on the broad thighs, he dove deeper, gagging and spluttering as he took the immense pole deeper into his salivating mouth.

His ears buzzed and his head swam... the cold tile hurt his knees, but he didn't care... he had Shawn's cock in his mouth... and though he could only take about a quarter of that lengthy battering ram, he was happy... gurgling with joy as he sucked on the giant pacifier.

"Come, let's go to your room so that you may quench your thirst..." whispered Shawn, tugging at the teen's shoulders, pulling him up before passing his hands around his shoulder and butt to lift him up and carry him out of the bathroom... going down the hallway, and into Toby's bedroom.

"You're as pretty as your sister and I always had an eye for you," he said as he lay the boy down on the bed and smiled at him, "and it seems you're as hot..." he added, tugging the tented boxer-brief off, throwing it across the room.

Lifting the legs high, he parted them, "Hold them, and keep it open," he commanded, as Toby dutifully grabbed his knees and kept his thighs open, his eyes glassy, staring back at the twenty-one year old stud, glued on that huge phallus, watching it twitch and jerk and pulse... feeling his own, just released cock, twitch and throb in response, leaking copious pre-cum.

Shawn was soon sliding fingers along the parted butt cheeks... talking in a low whisper... commenting on the smooth skin, appreciative of the awesome rise of the twin mounds, "Must be tight..." he finally said looking into Toby's eyes, "been fucked before?" he asked.

Toby could just gurgle... shaking his head slightly.

"Good," said Shawn with a happy smile, "so, let's see if your boi-pussy is as tight as your sis' or even tighter..." he added looking around. "Have any gel, or cream or lube around, huh?"

"In that drawer..." came a croaky reply, a voice that even Toby found difficult to recognize...

Shawn got the jar out and taking scoop-full of the transparent gel slapped it into the open crack... massaging it along the cleft... paying special attention to the tiny mouth. And soon he was prodding at the hole... marveling at the touch and feel of that wrinkled orifice as it cringed shut... pulsating wildly as the thumb nudged it. "A perfect quiver for my quant..." he said as he shoved a determined middle finger deep into the convulsing bottom. "But it needs to be readied for this," he added, gripping his penis with his free hand and slapping Toby's ass with it.

Toby gasped and rotated his butt, lifting it off the bed and into the probing hand, feeling the exploring digit dig deeper... And soon it was joined by a second... and a third... the trio stretching him, opening him up... fucking his tight, virgin ass hole!

He whimpered, and he cried out in unbridled lust... his hands pulling his legs higher, spreading them wider... He was in heat... a bitch in heat... desperate to mate, dying to be impregnated with the hot seed of a stud.

"My, that's tight..." cooed Shawn in a happy voice, probing the tender linings and turning his fingers around, nudging the swollen lump that he could feel inside the sizzling colon.

Toby felt the fingers withdraw, snap out of his gripping hole and he cried out in disappointment, his ass lifting higher to grab at the retreating finger. He felt empty; he felt lost... he wanted it back in... But he also knew why they had left... what was now about to happen and the very thought of that thick, long cock boring into him made his insides convulse... the stomach muscles tightening and flexing violently... the ass opening up wide...

Planting his knees on either side of the parted buns, Shawn climbed in, holding his cock in a firm grip as he swiped it along the deep, lubricated cleft... pausing at the tiny mouth each time he passed it... This was a perfect sheath for his lance... a perfect scabbard for his manly sword, he thought as he watched the tight ass ring pout out like a pair of lip... reaching out, reaching up... as if to kiss the cock tip... gulp it in.

"C'mon pussyboi, open up and take my cock..." Shawn grinned down at the gasping boy as he lined up his rigid shaft, "Let's see that tight pussy swallow my dick!"

His entire body trembled as Toby felt the heated tip press against his virgin opening... and willing his ass to open wide, he closed his eyes shut, his heart slamming like crazy... his legs spasming as they pointed heavenwards. He was yearning for that mighty cock to rip into him, tear his ass wide... and yet he was scared, even terrified, of the unknown...

Shawn applied pressure and felt the hole tighten... "Relax," he commanded in a hoarse voice, now caught up in a maddening lust, determined to satisfy the flame that raged in his loins. He shifted and he moved... he paused, summoning up all his stud-boy strength... and then gripping his cock harder, rammed in... pushing the protesting ring wide to drive the head right into the seething inferno of Toby's teen ass.

Toby would never forget that first moment of entry... what it felt like to take a huge, throbbing cock in his tender boi-pussy... Feel it go in... awakening new feelings inside of him... His little pussy hole was stretched beyond all comprehensible limits and for a brief, breathless moment he thought that he would split in two... right down the middle... and grabbing his pillow, he groaned, trying to relax the tight muscle, desperately ordering it to open up...

Shawn pulled back and then shoved right in... feeding more and more of the hulking hard-on into the convulsing butt hole...

With his ass burning and his heart gone crazy, the boy wailed and he hollered, his head thrashing on the pillow as his arms flailed, lifting up to grip the broad shoulders of his fucker one moment and then grabbing fistful of the bed sheet... tears of pain rolling down the corners of his tightly clenched eyes.

"Quiet, you'll wake up your sister..." hissed Shawn into his ears, "take it like a big boy..."

He tried, but nothing seemed to work... he pushed out... he ordered his ass to relax... and as Shawn grunted over him, unyielding in his effort at impaling his girlfriend's brother on his dick... something snapped... and with a groan Toby felt the cock breach the last ring of defense and sink in, completely!

Holding still for a few seconds, letting the convulsing innards to adjust to the invading massive girth, Shawn finally pulled out, slowly... completely. And as the large, swollen head popped out, he rammed in immediately... right down to his pelvic arch, mashing his pubes to the boy's smooth bottom.

"Ow... ow.... ow..." Toby moaned, audibly sucking in air, as Shawn repeated the motion a half dozen times... He tried to move, but just couldn't, he was impaled on the thick rod, Shawn's massive battering ram... and his thighs were still splayed wide, legs pointing up. Gritting his teeth and eyes screwed shut at the impossible discomfort... and amazing arousal, Toby lay there, letting Shawn have his way... And as Shawn pulled back once more, Toby quickly slid his legs lower, wrapping them around the pumping ass, pulling him back inside.

He didn't like the feeling of emptiness now that he had tasted that huge, powerful cock filling him, he wanted it in, deep inside his belly, filling him completely. Passing his arms around the broad shoulders he pulled him closer, and with his ankles locked, he trapped Shawn, ensuring that the cock remained in him... "Fuck me..." he grunted, "fuck me, Shawn..."

And then began the slow, almost magical fuck-fest...

Shawn was moving again, pulling back till the broad flange of the bloated cock-head was trapped in by the constricted ass ring... and then shoving in again, sending the hulking mass of man-flesh deep into the dancing bottom. It was huge and overpowering, totally unlike anything that Toby had ever experienced. It felt like he was being emptied and refilled continuously, at a greater speed... as Shawn slammed in, giving it to Toby like he'd never had it before...

Toby convulsed with the wonderful, mind-blowing feeling of being totally, thoroughly fucked. Sharp jolts of pleasure wracked his tender body... He never knew that sex could be this good, this incredible... and lost in lust he groaned... suddenly realizing that his balls were rolling up to the base of his cock. And with shocked surprise realized that he was hard again, on the verge of cumming!

He could hardly breathe, and the room spun as the glow expanded and then engulfed him totally... blinding him in a flash of explosion... and as the spasm stopped he felt the thick, sticky goo coating his belly and chest start to cool... But the cock in his ass was still moving and it was tearing away at his innards... jamming in with a ferocity that was unbelievable... making him cry out for more.

And then he felt the tightening and the stiffening... Shawn arched high and then slammed in, holding still as that massive cock, now deep in Toby's ravaged bottom, pulsed and quaked... flooding the barren furrow with his wild oats... unleashing a torrent that could have drowned any man!


Slowly raising his head Shawn grinned down at Toby, "Liked it?" he asked in a soft whisper.

Blushing furiously Toby could just nod, not trusting his voice, his arms and legs still tightly wrapped around the jock, reluctant to let go.

"Well, you're hot," Shawn said, his tongue licking Toby's nose tip, "and with a real tight pussy. Guess I'll need to come back for more..." he added with a grin.

The words thrilled Toby and he felt happy, and even proud. His powerful rectal muscle flexed, squeezing the softening shaft in gratitude as he lifted his head and kissed Shawn, on the mouth.

Shawn pulled out with a loud plop... and sticky cum started pouring out, rolling down the crack to puddle on the sheet under him.

"Uhhhh..." Toby whined pitiably, as he looked up at Shawn, his eyes pleading.

Shawn grinned down at him, "Relax, you'll have more of this, I promise," he said gripping his flaccid shaft, wagging it at Toby, "but tonight you'll have to bear with me, " he added, wiping the messy phallus with the corner of the sheet. "I did your sister twice already, and she'll wake up hungry, so not now," he said and then seeing the disappointment on Toby's face quickly added, "but I'll do you later."

"Get the sheets cleaned before your folks return," he added as he walked out of the room, closing the door silently behind him.

Toby lay still... savoring the afterglow, enjoying the soothing feel of the cum oozing out of his well used hole, rolling down as it cooled... his cock already hard at the promise of another visit from Shawn.

The End

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