I had decided that I needed to take the day off.  I needed to be with Jonathan.  I knew he had the day off so I figured I should stay with him.   I got up and called into the office.  They were not happy but I just said there was an emergency.   I went back into the room to check on Jonathan he was sleeping still.  I was happy to see that he hadn’t slept very much that night and the beginning of the morning when he told me what happened.  I stood there and watched him sleep for a little bit.  I then took a shower and got dressed and then went to the patio to think about what needed to be done about Thomas. I hadn’t the faintest idea about that.  I knew he needed to pay for what he did, but I didn't know how. I could call the police cause it was assault but I don't think Jonathan would press the charges, and even if he did Thomas would only get a short amount of time in Jail for what he did, and would probably come after Jonathan.  I had to make him scared so he would stay away from Jonathan.  I just didn't know how to do that at this point.  I sat on the patio for a few hours just thinking.  After a while I heard the phone ring I got up to go get it but Jonathan must have gotten it first.   I went back to the patio and then I heard a scream and the phone dropped.  I ran into the house to see what the matter was I was scared at the point.

When I got to the bedroom Jonathan was curled in the fetal position on the bed shaking and crying.  I didn't know why this happened who had called him, and made him this way.  I sat on the bed next to him and tried to hold him but he wouldn't let me.   He just lay there crying.    I was scared for him I love him why wont he let me comfort him.  I kept trying to hold him and finally he let me.  He sat up and held me so tight.  I just held him back, and rubbed his back.  

"Jonathan baby please what happened?  Who called?  Please baby its okay"

"It It was Thomas.  He called to tell me that he was going to get me at some point that he would find a way.   I told him I told you and you were not going to let that happened.  He just laughed at me and said he would find away.  He would hurt you and then come after me.  I was so scared."

I held him tight and just loved him,

"That fucking son of bitch thinks he can hurt you then he can come after me to get you.  He has another thing coming.  I will not let him touch you. You will be safe.  If he wants to fight we will fight this is fucking war."

Jonathan started to tremble more.  I held him.

"Baby it will be okay he will not get you I promise you that.  You have to believe me on that one.  There is no way he can get you.  I will fight for you till the end.  Please believe that/"

"I do Ben I do. I just don't want you to get hurt.  I love you and could not live with out you. Please be careful with him please.

For the rest of the day we basically just sat around the house and talked, and lay together.  Everytime the phone rang Jonathan would jump and start to tremble.   He was so scared the Thomas was going to call again.  I was starting to worry for him.  Would he ever be okay after this?  After a while I decided I needed to turn the phone off and let the voice mail get it.  I don’t think Jonathan could take it anymore.    I finally put Jonathan back in bed so he could rest.  I wasn’t sure if he would actually do it but he needed to try.   He did eventually got to sleep but he wouldn’t let me leave him.  Whenever I tried to get up to do something he would hold me tight.  I was not beginning to get scared.  Thomas must have really done a number on him for him to be this scared.  I was finally able to get away from Jonathan so I could change and get some house stuff done that I couldn’t do during the day.  I knew it was late and I needed to sleep so I could get to work tomorrow, but everytime I slept I would see Jonathan scared and crying.  I had to do something but I still didn’t know what to do.    I love him and he should not be hurting like this.   When I finally wore my self out enough I went back the bedroom.  Jonathan was still asleep which was good. I crawled into bed, and instantly Jonathan was cuddle up against me.  I could tell he was still hurting so I held him and eventually I feel asleep too.

The Next morning when I woke Jonathan was still sleeping.  I got up and went to the shower and shaved and got dressed.   When I was done I went over to Jonathan to kiss him.  He woke up right away. He looked scared, and sad.  

“I love you Jonathan I need to go to work.”

“Ben do you have to.  Please stay here with me.”  He just kept holding me tight he really didn’t want to let me go.   

“John I really have to go.  You need to get up soon and go to work too.”

“No I am not going right now.  I wont be much use anyways. I am just going to call in.  I have vacation time.  I think I need to take it.  But do you really have to go.  I need you here with me.”

I knew he was scared to be alone.   He was scared that Thomas would come for him.  I had to go to work though I did have a big case to help with and I already missed yesterday.   He was giving me the puppy dogface and it was breaking my heart.  I needed to go through.  

“John I really need to go.  I promise Thomas will not get you at all.   I will call you every so often to make sure you are okay.  You don’t need to answer the phone.  I will let the phone ring once then hang up and then call back then you can answer the phone.  But I need to go.  I love you though. Please believe if I didn’t have to go I wouldn’t.  But I need to.”

“I know you need to go I am just so scared right now. Scared for me, and scared for you. I don’t want you to get hurt at all.  But I know you need to go so go and call me please.   Have a good day.   I love you. “

I kissed him again and then left.  I don’t know how well I was going to work today but I needed to try.  I was going to worry all day about Jonathan but I went anyways.  

I got to work and started my day.  I went throught the morning pretty well.  Kept myself pretty busy so I wouldn’t think about Jonathan and how he was doing.  I know that may sound selfish but I really needed to concentrate on work.  When lunch came I went to the park to sit and think about things.  When I got there I called Jonathan.  I did what I told him to do.  But the second time I called back he didn’t pick up.  Maybe he was sleeping and didn’t here the phone.  I was not worried yet, but was soon to be worried.    When I got  back to the office after the lunch I did some more work then I decided to call John again. He still did not answer.  I left a message for him on voice mail just in case he was screening calls.    I waited for him to call back he never did.  I was starting to get worried but tried to tell myself maybe he went out or is still asleep.  I worked a couple of more hours before I tried again.   There was still no answer and I was now really worried . He would not have gone out for that the long, and I knew he wouldn’t be asleep still.   I decided I needed to leave work earlier to find him.   

On my way back the apartment I tried him again but yet again no answer now I was scared.  Where could he be.    I finally got to the apartment and the door was opened slightly.  Now I was really scared.  I walked in cautiously.  There were a few things thrown every ware. I walked through the apartment looked in every room but there was no Jonathan.  Something happened to him I know it where is he.   I started yelling his name.  I heard a muffled cry when I got near the patio.  I walked out and there was Jonathan with his shirt ripped and blood all over him.

I started to cry.  But I had to stopped I needed to be strong for him.   I looked him over.  I took my cell phone out a called for help.   I then went back to talk to Jonathan.  

“Baby Baby.  Tell me what happened?”

He was crying and trembling. I went and got a blanket for him I didn’t want to move him too much just in case he was hurt more than I thought he was.   He finally started to speak but it was in a whisper.

“Ben it was Thomas.  He came here right after you left and when I went to the door to answer it he barged in and hit me.  I tried to get away but he got me. He hit me and kicked me and threw me all over the place.  He then brought me out here and hit me more and punched me and slammed my head into the chair.  He told me that he was going to come back later and finish what he started.  I couldn’t move after he left so I just laid here.   He did come back just to yell at me this time.  I started to scream and I think he got scared that someone would here me so he ran.  I passed out after that.  I just barely woke up when you called my name.  I was so scared honey.”

“Oh John I am sorry I left you here.  I should not have gone to work.  I should have known this would happen. I should have come back when you didn’t answer the phone the first time.  I let this happened to you.  I am so sorry.”

I started to cry I couldn’t be strong any more.  I realized after a few minutes that I needed to stop.  I looked at Jonathan but he had lost consciousness again.  I was scared.  The ambulance arrived shortly after and took him away.  I drove to the hospital.  I was met with the Police who asked questions of me.  I told them what Jonathan had told me.  They took my statement and said they would be back to talk to Jonathan again.    I went to find the doctors.  I needed to see what was going on.

They told me to wait and they would be back with me shortly.    I paced and paced till they finally came out.   I stopped and waited them to speak.  

“Well first of all he has some major bruises, he has a couple of cracked ribs, and and large gash to the head.  He will be okay.  We want to keep him here for a while to make sure he will be okay.  He keeps losing consciousness but that is probably from the shocked of it all. If he is better by tomorrow we will let him leave. Right now though he is sleeping.”

“Can I see him.  I need to make sure he is okay.”

“Umm well only family is allowed to see him right now.  Are you family?”

I didn’t know what to say. I could lie and say he was my brother, or I could tell the truth and say he was my boyfriend and I planned on asking him to marry me.  I decided to tell the truth.   

“Well He is my boyfriend.  I am the closest thing he has to family here.   I plan on marry him. I know this may be a problem but I love him and I needed to be with him Please.”

“Well I guess I can let you in there.  You can sit with him and talk to him.  Just to warn you there are some tube he is attached to so don’t be to shocked.”

The doctor led me into the room. I was startled when I first saw him.  He looked so bad.  I almost cried but I held it together.  The doctor left me in the room with him. I sat down in the chair next to the bed, and held his hand.  I massage it.  I told him I loved him and I was sorry it was all my fault.    I laid my head down next to his hip. I fell asleep.  

The next morning I felt someone touching my head.  I looked up and it was Jonathan.  He had a slight smile on his face.    He looked horrible but I couldn’t cry for him I needed to be strong for him.   I smiled back.  And Held his hand. I started to speak and he stopped me.  

“Ben I love you.  This isn’t your fault.  You had to go to work.  How did you know that he would come to the apartment and do this?  You didn’t so please stop worrying that it is your fault. You got there as soon as you figured something were wrong, and that is all that matters.   

“I love you to John. I know you say it isn’t my fault but I believe it is.  I promise you that I wouldn’t let him hurt you, that he wouldn’t come to the apartment.  I broke that promise he hurt, I let it happen maybe not directly but indirectly by not staying and protecting you.  I love you and I don’t want you to be hurt. I hope that you can forgive me.”

“Oh Ben please it isn’t your fault.  There is nothing to forgive.    You didn’t know this is going to happen.   You didn’t know he would actually come for me.  I love you and I know you would never let me get hurt on purpose or if you could stop it.  Please just don’t blame yourself.  

I knew he was right but I still had some feeling in my heart that I could have stopped this but I didn’t want him to know that. I needed to be strong.  So I squeezed his hand.   

“Okay John I will stop blaming myself but I love you and this is not going to happen again.  I told the police what you told me, they are coming back to ask you questions.  Please tell them the truth. Thomas needs to be charged.”

: I know honey I will tell them.  I am just scared that he will get out and come back and actually kill me this time.”

“He will never touch you again, if he tries I will hurt him I promise you that.”

I hugged him and kissed him and sat back in the chair.

Jonathan was in the hospital for a couple of days after that the beating.   He was starting to look a lot better.  He had a lot of bruises though and he was still in a lot of pain, but he knew that would go away with time.    I decided I needed to take time off of work to be with him, to take care of him.  I didn’t know if I should bring him to the apartment or find some other place for us to go.  I didn’t know if he could take looking at the place after what had happened, or if he would be scared that Thomas would find him.   He told me he wasn’t going to be run out of the house, and besides Thomas was still in Jail waiting to go to trial.  He wanted to face the place. The place that we had so many memories in.  So it was decided we were going to go back to our home.  

“Jonathan baby are you sure you want to go in there?  We don’t have to stay here we can go to a friends, or a hotel or whatever.  I just don’t want you to breakdown.   I love you and I don’t want you to hurt anymore.”

“Ben I need to go in there.  This is our home and I can handle it.  Thank you for trying to protect me from this but I need to do this, and I want you right there with me.

He took a deep breath and slowly walked up the stairs with me holding him.  He was still in a lot of pain when he walked from the cracked ribs.  We got to the door and he stopped.  I just held him letting him make the first move.  He finally unlocked the door and opened it.   He walked in and looked around.  He seemed to be taking everything okay.  The mess had all been cleaned up so there really wasn’t any physical evidence left there, but he still had some memories.   He walked out to the porch and saw new chairs there.  I had to buy new ones for him and my sake.  He started to tremble a little but I just held him.  We left the patio and I went to put him in bed.  He needed to rest and stay off his feet right now.  I got him into bed and handed him some pain pills.    I kissed him and then went to do some work in the living room.    When I was finished I went back to bed.  I lay down next to him.  I was afraid to hold him to tight so I just took is hand and held it.   Some time in the middle of the night I woke up to him crying and shaking.  I thought he must have had a dream.   

“Baby are you okay?”

“Oh Im sorry Ben I didn’t mean to wake you.  Yeah I think I am okay.  Just finally really sank in what happened now that I am back here.”

“Do you want to go some where else. I am sure Marshall will let us stay in his guest bed.”

“No Ben I want to stay here.  I know I am safe as long as you are here, and as long as you love me.   It was just all to much at once I will be okay.”

He just laid there and cried for a while.   I leaned into him and kissed his cheeks.

“John I love you more than words can say.  I promise you I will not let that man hurt you again.  So it will be okay.  Just hold me if you need to.”

“Oh Ben thank you. “

He tried to hold me but the pain hurt him a little he just held my hand tight and he fell back to sleep.

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