An Adventure with Rick

Hey bud. Just wanted to let you know I was in today, home from the road finally. Come by and see me if you get a chance.

This was an E-mail message my friend left me at work. We had a good, close friendship going and our tastes in many things were mutual. He liked one thing I didn't particularly care for, sexually that is, but who can fault the guy for being straight?

Rick was about 5'8" tall, had short blond hair and green eyes, a trim cycler's body, and a real pleasant smile. He was 27, to my 31. I was often out with him and his girlfriend for dinner or local doings. He'd also asked me if I wanted to ride in the upcoming 150-mile charity event. I ran more than I cycled, but I was game.

We met up Saturday morning. We had decided to cycle through the local neighborhoods in a 20-mile circle. As we sweat together through the hills and straight-aways, I thought of only one thing . . . a nice long hot shower for my tired muscles. When we arrived back at my apartment, I got us some cold water. I had two bathrooms so Rick took the spare and stayed in the shower at length like I did. I got hard a couple of times thinking about him, but I didn't pay my dick much attention. Now was not the time to be walking around with an erection pointed to the ceiling.

Rick was almost dressed by the time I came out of my bedroom. I'd put on a pair of running shorts. He'd put on bluejeans and socks, but no shirt yet, like me. I took every chance I could to look at him on the sly. We sat outside on my balcony for awhile, enjoying the warm summer breeze. My cock wouldn't stay down. Rick noticed but didn't say anything. When he left an hour later, I went into my bedroom and jacked off two loads. Damn he made me hot.

Sunday brought us back to cycling again, and extending our distance by five miles. And a cold shower for me later. Geez. . .

At work we had morning coffee together, one meeting together for two hours, a couple hours spent at my desk thinking more about him than work, a run together at lunch, spending all afternoon thinking about him, and then going home to work out on my Nordic Track. I got a voicemail message during my workout from him, saying he'd like to come over and watch the ball game with me if I wanted company. Funny he didn't mention his girlfriend. And I didn't ask.

He sat on the sofa and I sat on the floor in front of it. He was dressed just the way I like -- a polo shirt, form-hugging bluejeans, white socks, and Nikes. And an erection sticking down the leg of his jeans. Wait, did I really see that? I did, and it took all my effort to ignore it. He rubbed his knee against my back unconsciously. I pushed against his knee, not unconsciously. When I turned to talk to him, he put his hand on the hardening bulge, and touched my shoulder.

"I want you," is all he said.

And all he had to. I turned my head to look at him as I touched his hand. He bent forward and kissed me, deeply, with his tongue exploring my mouth. I licked and kissed his mouth, thoroughly enjoying the feeling. I stood and removed my shorts, exposing my lean body and hard cock. He lay back on the sofa and I lay on top of him, holding him in my arms and kissing him forever. He sure knew how to kiss.

"You're amazing," I said to him. "This feels so good. I didn't expect it."

"I know. But you and your hard-on have been driving me crazy lately. It took all my willpower not to jump you on Saturday or Sunday. Today I finally decided I couldn't take any more."

"I'm glad you did," I said as we continued to kiss.

I moved from his lips and into his ears, licking and sucking both of them, down his neck, to his Adam's apple, up to his chin, and back to his lips, from one ear to the other and back. He obviously liked what I was doing.

"Is this new to you?"

"Yeah, since high school anyway. My best friend and I used to fool around, but it was mostly jacking off. This isn't just jacking off."

I sat back on my knees, unzipped and opened his jeans so I could see his dick. I wrapped it in my fist, playing with the purple knob and licking at the precum. It had grown to eight hard inches, perfect in thickness, and beautiful. We kissed for the better part of an hour and played with each other's cocks.

"Let's save some good stuff for later in the week," he whispered in my ear. "We've got a long time to enjoy each other."

"Are you reading my mind, or what? I'm having fun just as we are. And I don't want to rush anything, not with the way you kiss me you fucker."

"Fucking is Friday's lesson. For now, just kiss me cocksucker."

"Cock sucking is Wednesday's lesson. Kiss me back."

His breathing changed awhile later, which got me hotter, and we jacked each other's cocks into two simultaneous loads. We both shot on his stomach, in one large, wet puddle of cum. I leaned over and licked it up, mingling both of our juices in my mouth. I saved a bit for him and fed it to him in a kiss.

"Mmm. Not what I expected. But not bad. Got any more?" he smiled.

"Only if you got another load."

"Nope. Not now anyway. Let's go to bed. Uh, if it's okay if I stay over."

I stood naked in front of him, playing with my dick. Then I took his hand, pulled him off the sofa, and took him to my bedroom. I slowly took off his clothes, licking at his body as I went. We slept, finally, after kissing for long hours.

Wednesday. Cock sucking day. I waited all day and thought about nothing else. We went for our weekly short cycle of 10 miles. Along the way, he pulled off the road, down an abandoned path. My dick wasn't already hard enough, of course. I almost creamed in my shorts knowing where he was leading us.

We took our shorts off, leaving just our socks and sneakers on. I knelt in front of him, pushed my face into his shorts, and then pulled them down. I hadn't had cock in my mouth for almost two months, since my buddy in college went home for the summer. And it'd been as long without dick up my ass, but Friday would be here soon enough.

I took Rick's eight inches into my hungry mouth. I licked his knob, making his head more purple than when we jacked off Monday night. I was guessing he'd never had as eager a blowjob. Too bad, because his cock was perfect. Length, thickness, taste nothing could have been better about his meat. I sucked it. I licked it. I ate his balls, one at a time and then both together. Even my friend from college wasn't quite the match that Rick was. Straight cock tasted better. Knowing it was in a forbidden place this time just made it better.

Rick lay on the ground and spread his legs. I licked underneath his balls in that wonderfully sensitive spot. He moaned and begged me to keep at it. No problem. I even hit his asshole a few times, just to give him a prelude to Friday. Then I bugged his hole while I went back on his cock. I worked him over for ten minutes more. He moaned and suddenly shot a streaming load of hot manjuice in my throat. I swallowed most of it and then lay on top of him and gave some back to him in a kiss. We kissed for almost as long as I'd sucked him. I wanted more of his cock, but he wanted mine too.

He needed little coaching. Being sucked by a straight guy felt great. He was a little clumsy at first, but he knew he wanted to do good by me so he sucked and licked and followed my lead. I fought off the temptation to 69 with him, at least for now. He seemed to be enjoying being between my legs, giving my seven uncut inches a good tongue-lashing. I was obviously enjoying it. He even got brave and licked my asshole too. Wow, did that ever feel nice. He must have liked it too because he lingered in my ass, and planted his face as far in as he could. His tongue licked everywhere it could reach, leaving my ass wet and tingling.

"Do you wanna taste my load?" I asked, as I felt close. He nodded and went back on my cock, sucking with a passion, eagerly pleasing me for the reward I'd give him.

With a groan, I started shooting into his mouth. He swallowed eagerly, moaning as he kept up the mouth action on my dick. Once I was spent, he lay on top of me and shared some of my hot cum in a kiss.

When we were both hard again, we got into a long awaited 69 and sucked for all we were worth. I knew all the things he liked and he seemed to know all the things I liked. I'm not hard to please. Everything I did to him, he did to me. He realized that giving and getting head was more than just sucking a dick. It was about tasting, licking, munching balls, and asshole eating.

As the sun set, we both filled each other's mouths with another juicy load. Then we lay in the long twilight shadows and kissed until we decided to go back to my place for the night. Man, was he ever horny. He made me feel like a teenager, although at 31 I was far from being past my prime. We woke in the morning early. We had eaten yet more cum for breakfast.

Thursday found me exercising at home alone again. I enjoyed my time alone at least one day a week, usually two when I could say no to offers to go out. My dick was insistently hard, but I left it alone. I wanted to save my juice for Rick tomorrow. I slept from 11:30 p.m. until 7:00 a.m., uninterrupted, if somewhat alone. I needed the rest.

On Friday I had a planned half-day off. Rick couldn't join me because of an appointment an hour away. We'd agreed to meet at my place at 4:00 instead. Early enough. I was changed and ready to ride when he got to my place. It took us a half-hour to get out to door because all we could do is kiss. He finally pulled himself off my lips and said, "Let's go before I rape you right here". What, me complain?

At the 30-mile mark, we pulled off the road again into a secluded area near a pond. Nobody was around. We stripped and I feel to my knees to get him hard. I wanted him inside me, raw and hot. When he was fully hard, I put lube on his cock and got down on all fours. He got behind me and slid into me in one trust. Eight hard unbelievable inches of joy up my asshole. And belonging to Rick no less. Man, I was in heaven.

He gave me a nice slow fuck, just the way I liked it. I pushed back onto his hardness, letting him pull most of the way out and then slide slowly back into me. I lay on my stomach and he humped me with a slow, steady rhythm. I turned my head so we could kiss and he kept up the rhythm. When he was getting too close, he pulled out to kiss me some more, letting the fire back off a little. He helped me turn onto my back and then reentered my hot hungry hole. He loved this the best, putting my legs up over his strong shoulders, and plunging deep into my ass. He was on the balls of his feet, drilling the length of his cock into my tight asshole, in and out, steadily and with great skill. I shivered and shot a load between us, letting him rub it into his stomach as he reentered my asshole. When he was ready to cum, he pulled out and quickly slid into my mouth. I swallowed as he shot a thick hot load down my throat. When he was spent, he slid back into my asshole, fucking me a second time. Now that he'd cum once, he was able to fuck me for a solid half-hour before firing off again. The second load when right into my ass. He lay on top of me as we kissed, until his dick slipped out of my well-fucked asshole.

"My turn," he said with a sly grin. "Fuck my virgin ass. My cherry is yours, bud."

He put my dick in his mouth and sucked me until I was hot and hard. He got on all fours like I had done, holding onto the fabric of the blanket, not sure what to expect. I used a little extra lube and went in slowly and steadily. It took him four seconds to accept my seven-inch length. My cock was not very thick, but thick enough. I left it deep inside his asshole until he let me know I could pull out and push back in again. I took my time, having no desire to do anything but give him the same pleasure back as he had given me.

For a virgin fuck, he took me in and made me feel extraordinary. I fucked him for ten minutes on his knees and then for fifteen more on his back. His hole was wet and eager, swallowing my hardness quickly and with as much skill as he had fucked. We grunted and moaned together.

I told him I wanted to plant my first seed inside his asshole and he nodded. A couple minutes later, I shot deep inside him, shooting endlessly, draining my cum-filled balls of my hot jism. I smiled as I felt the spurting come to and end. When I pulled out, I was still hard as a teenager. I pulled him to his feet, turned him around, bent him forward, and got back inside his ass. With my hands on his slim hips, I rode him until I was ready to cum again. He'd already told me he wanted this one down his throat, so I pulled out and he dropped quickly to his knees.

We lay at the edge of the pond, holding each other close, and kissing deeply. I could taste my load on his breath. When I reached down to play with his cock, it was hard as ever. I took it in my mouth and sucked him until he shot in my mouth again. Then I rolled him onto his stomach and pushed my hard dick inside his no longer virgin asshole, pumping it as if this was our first fuck together. It took twenty minutes to cum in his sweet hot hole, and I enjoyed it as much as he did.

We got dressed and cycled back to my place. He brought his duffel in from the car. We stood in the middle of my living room and kissed for fifteen minutes before deciding to shower. He dropped the soap. I fucked him yet again. I didn't drop the soap, but he fucked me anyway. It seemed like we'd never get enough of each other, which was fine by both of us.

We lay in bed in each other's arms. "I don't know if you want to hear this", he said shyly, "but I love you."

"Yes I do want to hear it. I love you too. I want you with me. Will you stay?"

"Yes. I'll stay. Now kiss me fucker."