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By Lee Mariner


This ADULT fantasy depicts homosexual acts and erotic situations.  If you should not be of age in your locality to be reading this story, or should you find such reading material offensive, PLEASE LEAVE.

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Chapter #1

As far back as I can remember, becoming a United States Marine had been my single greatest ambition. My father and grandfather had served in the Corps, and I guess, I was infected with the same ambition. All I wanted was to be  a regular jar head. 

 My younger years had been much like the younger years of most boys who lived in a stable, middle income neighborhood. I went through the usual frustrations of unknown body changes, the size of my cock changing from the size of a toothpick to a respectful size for a seventeen year old teenager on the verge of being a youthful adult.  I enjoyed the look of envy that the younger boys gave me when, with a towel over my shoulder, I passed them by on my way to the showers.   My semi-flaccid uncut seven inches would swing from side to side with each stride. Some of the pre-pubescent and just entering puberty kids had respectable cocks, and every now and then, I couldn't help but  wonder what one or two of the cute thirteen or fourteen year old better endowed  boys might look like when they had grown older.

During my growth years, I experienced the frustrating pain of being aroused with my cock as hard as steel. It wasn't until later that I learned why this happened and why. One of my buddies explained what was called puberty and showed me how to relieve the pain. We jerked off together several times, and even experimented with jerking each other off.   We didn't discuss blow jobs, fucking or my attraction to other boys for a good reason.  I had learned that even though we had jerked each other off, it didn't mean we were homosexuals.  Being considered homosexual was a taboo that was to be avoided at all costs.  That deviation from what is considered normal behavior could cause great hardship in almost all phases of life if it ever became known.

My parents wanted me to go on to college but, I was adamant about joining the Corps. My mother made her objections although secretly, I think she had resigned herself to the fact that, regardless of what she said, I would follow in my grandfather's and dad's footsteps. She was right.

 A month before graduation, and two weeks before my eighteenth birthday, I  discussed the various programs and what my my options might be with the local marine corps recruiter.  After a number of tests, he advised that I consider committing to enlistment upon graduation with the provision that I would be assigned to the Gunnery and Ballistic Missile school in Huntsville, Alabama after finishing basic training at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina..  The gunnery ballistic course was twelve months long and on satisfactory completion, I would graduate as a Specialist.  

The Corps was all that I had been told it would be, and the schoolboy fat was replaced with hard muscle although I wasn't that fat when I joined. I had played sports while I was in school, and most of the fat melted away from the workouts and general physical activity.  The Corps hardened muscles that were already fairly well developed. I was five foot nine inches when I joined, and I weighed one-hundred fifty pounds. Visits to the gym, and working out with the other men improved the development of my body along with the healthy diet that was provided each day.  Drill instructors added the well-developed girth that evolved from drilling and the experience of going through the many combat courses.

Exhausted as I was and, not unlike many of the men that I served with, I masturbated frequently, whenever the opportunity presented itself. It took a lot of willpower to resist the urge to covertly attempt to discover if some of the heavy hung, lean muscled marines that I was stationed with might be amenable to being involved sexually with another equally well hung, well built, horny stud. Through many, many nights of erotic fantasies and jerking off, I managed to avoid the sexual pitfalls that were seemingly available in the form of half-clad and outright naked young studs walking the hallways of the barracks. as if saying, 'here I am, take me.'    I didn't go sexless for four years, there were many opportunities that I took full advantage of when I was off-duty.


I really didn't expect being away  from home four years would make a difference in the way it had been before I enlisted.  I found out how wrong I was pretty quickly after arriving home on leave. At first, everything was sweetness and light. There were plenty of kisses and hugs, and everyone gushing how much that I had been missed. It was much the same way when I had originally enlisted.  The difference then was, they knew when I would be leaving to return to duty.  This time though, I was out of the Marines and would be living at home and looking for a job.  My dad worked at a paper mill, and with the exception of placing my name on the list with other guys looking for jobs, there was very little that he could do for me.  At first, Mom and Dad would say, "Don't worry son, you know you are welcome to stay with us until something pops up," but the tone had the once familiar ring of "when are you going to leave."

The prophecy that dad had made came true almost a month later.  Mom answered the phone, she always did, and a man asked for me. When I answered, a smooth well modulated voice asked, "Is this Mr. Holcombe, Robert Holcombe?"

"It is," I answered. "May I ask who's calling?"

"We have never met, Mr. Holcombe but, I'm Charles Petersen, Personnel Manager with the National Finance Corporation.  You applied with us for a position a few weeks back.  Are you still interested in a position in finance?

Inhaling deeply and trying to suppress my excitement, I waited a second or two before answering, "I certainly am, Mr. Petersen."

"Good," Petersen replied. "Would you be interested in the position of Assistant Branch Manager in our office in Parkersburg, Tennessee?"

'Parkersburg, Tennessee,' I thought, mulling over in my head what I knew of Tennessee. Nothing came to mind, and I was trying to recall if I had ever heard of the place when the phone crackled and Petersen said, "Parkersburg is sixty miles southwest of Memphis Mr. Holcombe,"  "It is not a very large city, but, I think you will find it an enjoyable place.  I was there recently, and, if you are familiar with the holiday,  they were celebrating Jackson-Lee Day."

"I heard of Jackson and Lee while I was in training at Camp Lejeune, Mr. Petersen. But, I didn't know of the holiday." I replied, hesitating briefly before asking, "where could we meet and discuss it?"

"Let's see, Robert, he replied softly almost seductively. "It's eleven-thirty right now and, I usually have my lunch around one o'clock or so.  Could you meet me at one-thirty in the restaurant of the Shoreside Restaurant and Motel on Shore Drive?  We can have lunch and discuss everything then."

I felt a tense sensation of anticipation growing in the depths of my gut, as I answered, "Yes, Sir."

"Good," he replied ,"I look forward to meeting you."


The Shoreside Restaurant and Motel was one of the better places in town to stay when visiting or having a business meeting.  The restaurant Maitre d' was a handsome, middle aged man wearing a black on black tuxedo. He was well groomed, with neatly trimmed dark brown hair. His sideburns were silver and there was an abundance of silver-gray sprinkled liberally throughout his dark brown hair.   His brown eyes and disposition were calm  as he gave me a cursory examination as I approached his podium.  I gave him my name, and told him that, I was looking for Mr. Charles Petersen.  His eyes lit up as he acknowledged that he had been told by Mr. Petersen that a young man would be having lunch with him. Gathering more menu's than he needed, he asked me to follow him.

As we wove our way though a melange of various sized tables, I spotted a young to middle-aged man sitting alone at a table next to a large window. He appeared to be in his early thirties and, his hair was ash blond and very neatly trimmed. He was impeccably dressed in a charcoal gray single-breasted suit. His shirt was a pale robins-egg blue accented by a matching dark blue tie and breast pocket handkerchief. I couldn't tell  but, I would have bet he was wearing black footware that would match with his ensemble.  He stood as we approached, smiling broadly. Extending his hand, we shook as he said, "Robert, it's good to meet you."  Before I could answer, he continued,, " you don't mind if I call you Robert, do you?

"If you don't mind me calling you Charles, you may call me Robert or Robbie," I replied., hoping my handshake was as firm as his.

"I like Robbie, so Charles and Robbie it is," he exclaimed. . " Did you have any trouble finding your way here?"

"Not really,  I've stayed at the Shoreside myself." I answered, eyeing him cautiously as we broke the grip of our hands.

His eyes were a brilliant blue, warm and friendly. I was six-foot two-inches in height, and, I could see we were close to the same height. He probably weighed about the same as me, one-hundred sixty-five pounds. His suit coat was unbuttoned and hung loosely from broad shoulders, and in keeping with fashion, his tie hung loosely, dangling from an expertly tied windsor knot. While we shook hands, I could see he was wearing a black, silver buckled leather belt around a very small waist and  I detected the faint aroma of  Armani cologne.

"I was just about to order an Old Fashioned, Robbie, would you like something?"

Glancing inquiringly at the Maitre d', I said, " Sam Adams Dark in a cold pilsner."

"Yes, Sir," he replied softly, bowing ever so slightly. "I'll give your orders to your server."


Our lunch was leisurely, we ate and discussed the position in Parkersburg. The present Asst. Manager would be able to stay a week longer if I was immediately available. He was leaving to take a position in the mathematics department of  the college where he had gone to school, and he wanted to become better acquainted with the curriculum before he took up his new position. I agreed to leaving within fourty-eight hours, and after a quick cell-phone call to the person that I was replacing, Charles said that would be okay.

As we ate, Charles went into the benefits of joining National Finance. Health and Dental were furnished by the company and vacations were cumulative to forty-five days. That was much like it had been in the marine corps. We ordered coffee, and it was served without our hardly realizing it.  We both were deeply engrossed in the company operations, and the availability of housing in Parkersburg.  Charles agreed to the company paying for two-weeks in a motel while I searched.  While we were talking, we didn't notice the shadows lengthening until the Maitre d' coughed politely and asked if there would be anything more.

"Jesus, Robbie," Charles exclaimed!! "I am sorry but, we were talking so much the time flew by and we are still not quite finished. Would you like anything else?" he asked, glancing at me, his pen momentarily hovering over the check.

"Not right now," I replied.

"Good," he said with a note of finality in his voice. "My room is on the first floor opposite the swimming pool and if  you have the time, Robbie, and don't mind, we can finish up in my room. It shouldn't take that long."

"My time is your time, Charles," I replied softly, licking my lips at the thought of being alone with him in his room.


The afternoon  heat hit us in the face as Charles opened the door leading to the patio and pool area. There were several people frolicking in the pool, and there were three well developed young men probably in their late teens or early twenties lounging against the fence talking. They were wearing tight jockstrap style swimming suits, and I noticed Charles looking intently in their direction as we passed. "'Is he or is he not.," I mused.

"The motel has a pretty good sized pool,," I said just to see what his reaction would be. "Damn near olympic sized with plenty of lounges on the apron for lookers and not swimmers.".

"Its okay if you like swimming," he replied barely breaking his perusal of the young men. "I can't guarantee one as large at any of the motels in Parkersburg but, there is a YMCA that has all of the equipment you might need to keep in shape, including a swimming pool and steam rooms."

"I might have to check that out." I murmured as we passed.

"This is my room," he said without further comment..

After unlocking the sliding glass door, he slid the door back and stood back for me to enter.  As I pushed the curtain aside and passed him, I noticed him quickly glance in the direction of the pool. 'Hmmmm, it's too bad he might be my boss, it might be fun exploring for a bit,'  I mused to myself, not noticing that Charlie was giving my ass the once over as he followed me into the room.

"Whew!!!" he exclaimed as he closed the door.  "Damn glad I set the air-conditioning when I arrived this morning."

"It is always hot in the middle of the summer," I said. "Do you mind if I remove my jacket.?"

"Jesus Christ, no," he said as he tossed his attaché' case onto the queen-sized bed, his jacket following. "I guess it will be just about as hot in Parkersburg," he continued, reaching for the telephone.

"That's assuming I go to Parkersburg," I said in a slightly flippant tone.

"Touch'e, Robbie," Charles chuckled, glancing at me with a twinkle in his eyes as he dialed the phone. "How about we lay work aside for now while we have a drink and relax for a bit?"

"That's okay by me," I murmured as he spoke into the telephone receiver. "Room Service, this is Room 1121. Will you send a double Old Fashioned in a large glass and a...." he said, looking at me questioningly.

"Sam Adams Dark with a pilsner glass," I replied quickly, as I pulled one of the two chairs in the room, back from the table and sat down pushing my partially flaccid cock deeper into my crotch.

"And a Sam Adams Dark with a pilsner glass."

Glancing in my direction as he replaced the telephone receiver, he moved slowly toward the table where I was sitting as he undid his necktie, and let if hang around his neck from under his shirt collar.   "Damn," I thought while watching his impromptu strip. "If he is straight, he sure isn't acting like it."   Except for the brief moment when he had stood to shake hands, I hadn't been able to check out his package. But, as he moved across the room, I could see the outline of a substantial bulge extending down his left pant leg. The intensity of the warm sensation in my groin increased considerably as he came closer, the front of his shirt opening enough to see his thick  pectoral  muscles and a light growth of silky hair that gathered at his sternum and then descended in a thin, darkening trail between ridges of hard abdominal muscles to his inny navel before disappearing under  the waistband of his trousers.

"Christ, Robbie, are you as hot as I am?" he asked while pulling the tail of his shirt out from his trouser waistband as he veered to his left to check the air-conditioning settings for the second  time.

 The heat I was feeling was not altogether due to a lack of air-conditioning and I didn't miss the suggestive innuendo in his question of being hot.  But, as much as I would have liked to find out if Charles was gay, the fear of losing the job he was offering overcame the lust and desire that had started building in my loins. Without looking at him, I ran my finger under the collar of my shirt and said, "It does feel kind of hot," I replied, a feeling of anxiety sitting like a rock in the pit of my stomach.

 "It should cool off pretty quickly now," he said glancing in my direction and grinning as he bent over at the waist and rummaged through his attaché' case.

"Thanks," I said, trying to covertly look at the exposed flesh where his shirt was hanging open.

"What the hell, Rob, loosen up and relax. You're past the hard part of the interview," he exclaimed as he stood erect, thrusting his hips forward slightly as he did.  "Remove your tie and loosen a few buttons on your shirt like I have if you want to get comfortable."

"If you don't mind, I will, that sounds good to me,," I exclaimed, my fingers trembling as I undid my tie and started unbuttoning my shirt, my still steel hard cock aching with anticipation.

"If we had a couple of swim suits, Robbie, we could take a swim like those guys out by the pool are," he said as he kicked his loafers off and moved closer to where I was sitting.

"As hot as it is, I'd be tempted to to swim in my briefs but, I don't think the management would approve," I said, while pulling my shirttail out and shaking my shirt loose as he had done. 

"If all of the banter was leading to where I was hoping it would," I mused to myself. "It is going to be him that makes the first move."  I didn't wait long.


The aroma of Armini enveloped me as he stood beside the table. I could feel my heart beating like a trip hammer but when he placed the papers he had removed from his attaché' case on the table and ran his fingers through my hair. The muscles of my body tensed and then relaxed as Charlie moved his hands across my shoulder muscles, and spoke in almost a whisper,. "I wouldn't mind if you wern't wearing  briefs, Robbie."

My eyes were level with his crotch, and the bulge had increased in length. My cock was granite hard and I could feel pre -seminal fluid oozing from the urethra canel opening in it's blood engorged crown.  Lifting my head slightly, I looked into his eyes and said, "I wouldn't object if you removed my briefs."

Breathing in deeply, Charles slid he hands into my armpits and as he lifted, I rose up to meet his lips.  As our tongues dueled, he shifted his hands and arms under my shirt and around my chest.  My back muscles shivered as he slowly moved one hand to  my lower back  and the other just below my shoulder blades. I felt the strength in his arms as he drew our bodies together and, I gasped inhaling quickly as I felt the pressure of his pulsing, steel hard cock pressing against mine.  Moaning softly, I whispered, " Charles, make love to me, please, take me."

Removing his  lips from mine, he leaned his head back.  His indigo blue eyes glittered with excitement and his ruby red lips quivered slightly  as he slowly rotated his hips,  increasing the erotic tension that was building between us.

"All of you, Robbie?" 

"Yes," I replied. "All or as much as you want.."

"God, Robbie, are you really that horny?" he asked, an impish smile playing at the corner of his lips as he looked into my eyes.

"Oh yes!' I said softly. "Ever since I saw you."