The following story is gay fiction. If the subject matter is offensive to you or you are too young to read it, please exit now. See Chapter One for Copyright information.


Chapter Sixteen

3:00 PM, Ron and Matt’s estate

“Oh my aching butt,” Dan said as he stepped into the family room where Ron and Matt sat deep in conversation. “And the inside of my thighs!! There must not be any skin left!”

Ron laughed. “Just be glad it wasn’t an all day horseback ride. You feel like you’ll never walk or sit again.”

“If we ever plan one of those,” Dan replied with an expression of pain at just the thought, “promise me you’ll slap some sense into me. PLEASE!”

“Yeah, we’ll have to try that one of these days,” Matt interjected.

“What? Slap Dan silly?” Ron asked his partner with a wink.

“Nah, it’s too late for that,” Matt continued with his kidding of Dan. “We knew he had no sense when he left that cushy job in New York to come here.”

“Cushy!” Dan responded as if struck a fatal blow, “I’ll have you know that working for Bryan’s dad is a tough assignment for anyone, and almost impossible for someone of my refined sensitivities!”

Ron and Matt both laughed at Dan’s charade

“Where’s Tyler, ‘Tip’? Ron asked.

“Tip?” Dan asked. “Where did that come from?”

“It’s a new nickname for you, and short for Tippecanoe.”

“Tippecanoe?” Dan asked as he scratched his head in wonder.

“Yes,” Ron answered. “Tippecanoe was a battle fought by General Tyler before he became President. His campaign slogan was ‘Tippecanoe and Tyler too’. Since you guys are joined at the hip, I thought the nickname was appropriate.”

“I like it!” agreed Matt.

“You would!” Dan said. “I’m not so sure. I’ll have to talk to Tyler about it.”

“Talk to me about what?” questioned Tyler entering the room

“Ron has given me a nickname, Babe,’ Tip’ for ‘Tippecanoe and Tyler too.’

“Right on!” Tyler said. “I’m not sure what Tippecanoe is but it’s catchy.”

“I’ll tell ya later,” responded ‘Tip’.

"Where are the boys?” Matt asked.

“They went to their rooms via the balconies. I suspect they are showering. Did you guys get some private time together?”

“You’re so smooth with words,” observed Matt. “Why don’t you ask right out?”

“I’d never ask about your sex life,” Tyler responded with a sly smirk.

“The answer is ‘yes’, brother dear,” Ron admitted without reluctance, then boldly asked. “How’s your ass?”

“Chafed and chastened,” his brother responded. “Damn, those horses could use a new set of shock absorbers!”

“Are you guys up to a trip to the new house? Matt and I haven’t been over there for quite a while.”

“As long as we can ride one of the new carts over there,” Tip replied. “I’m not up for a good walk. The inside of my thighs will start bleeding.”

“Carts will work,” Ron replied.

“I’d like to shower first,” expressed Tyler.

“Me too. I want to examine the damage to my body too,” Dan reported.

“I’ll do it for you babe,” Tyler kidded. “I always liked the inside of your thighs.”

“I hate to tell you this Ty,” Dan (aka Tip) responded. “If they don’t recover fast, you might not get to see them up close and personal until you get back from the East.”

“Yikes!” Tyler said with a frown. “I might just have to kiss them and make them well.”

“We’ll see,” Dan said noncommittally.

“We’ll be back in a half-hour,” Tyler announced. “Then we’ll be ready to go look at the new place.”

“We’ll be here,” replied Ron as his brother and his mate headed for the door leading outside and to the guesthouse.

                         *                      *                      *

In Carl and Nathan’s room

“Damn!” Nathan swore as he stepped under the showerhead. “That stings!”

“What’s the matter, Nate?” Carl asked.

“The inside of my legs are raw from riding,” he answered. “Would you mind looking in the medicine cabinet to see if there’s any ointment. I’m sure going to need some when I get out of here.”

“I’ll take a look.”

Carl opened the hidden compartments on each end of the vanity mirror and seeing nothing that seemed appropriate left the doors open as he began his search under the sinks and in the drawers.

“Here’s some stuff called Ben Gay and some stuff called Vicks Vaporub,” he announced.

“Neither of those, for damned sure!” Nathan replied. “They both are pretty ‘hot’, the last thing that’s needed for chafed skin. What else did you find?”

“There’s some stuff called KY, and some suntan lotion. That’s all underneath.”

“What about in the drawers?”

“Hmmm, Well there’s some tooth paste and…. What about some stuff called Neosporin?”

“Yeah, that will do the trick,” Nathan replied.

“It’s not a very big tube, see? ” offered Carl holding it above the shower door so that Nathan could look at it.

“I’ll put it on while I’m still damp to make it go as far as it can,” Nathan replied. “That way there will be some left for you.”

“Thanks, but use all you want. I’m used to riding and wore Levis. I told you not to wear cut-offs.”

“You were right,” admitted Nathan with regret. “I’ll never do that again!”

“Yeah, I love riding. There nothing like having a huge mound of flesh between your legs,” Carl said.

“I agree with that!” Nathan responded. “Speaking of that, I’ve got a growing mound of flesh between mine that could use a little training.”

“Ha!” Carl responded with a blush. “If that thing needs training, I’m Betty Crocker!”

“Well… maybe not training. Maybe just a little exercise.”

“That I’m good at,” Carl agreed as he opened the shower door and stepped in.

                         *                      *                      *
Twenty minutes later, Tyler and Dan’s guesthouse bathroom.

“Man! I feel much better!” Tyler exclaimed as he pulled on some loose shorts over the boxer briefs he’d taken from the drawer. “If I were you, ‘Tip’, I’d wear some silk boxers and loose shorts. It will minimize the discomfort to your thighs.”

“Thanks Babe, I’ll do that,” replied Dan. “Thanks for the ointment too. Even though the skin is still tender it feels much better.”

“By tomorrow you won’t even notice the soreness,” Tyler promised.

“That’s a comfort to know, but a small one,” Dan responded. “By tomorrow night you’ll be in D.C. and I’ll have no one to appreciate the healing on the inside of my thighs.”

“I should hope not!” Tyler said with faked alarm “I promise, I’ll give them my personal attention when I return on Friday night.”

“I knew there was something I liked about Friday nights,” Dan said with a wink.

                        *                      *                      *

 Meanwhile, in the family room

“What time is Eric coming back,” Ron asked Matt who had gone to the wet bar for a soft drink.

“He’ll be back at 6,” answered Matt. “I asked him to come for dinner. I hope it’s alright.”

“Babe, I’ve told you a million times that you never have to ask. Whatever you want, I want too.”

“He seems like such a nice guy,” Matt said in justification.

“I’m sure he is, and good looking too,” Ron observed.

“Yeah, that never hurts,” Matt replied with a grin.

“I know you too well, Matty. What else do you have in mind?”

“Mmmmm, I’m thinking of something,” admitted Matt.

“It better not have anything to do with your body,” Ron teased. “He gets to touch enough of it already. Your body belongs to me.”

“You’ve got that right,” Matt assured his lover. “Besides, I like your therapy, a lot better than Eric’s.”

“Are you gonna tell me?” Ron asked.

“Not yet,” Matt responded, “but I think you’ll like the idea.”

“No group sex!”

“Hey, I hadn’t thought of that. Hmmmmm!”

“NOT!” Ron declared.

Matt laughed. “I’m just pullin’ your chain Babe.”

“I know that. I just wanted to remind you how much you mean to me Babe. I want you, and you alone.”

“You know I feel the same way, lover man.”

“Yeah, I believe you. Boopchin. By the way, did you talk to Douglas after his therapy session?” Ron asked.

“Sure did,” responded Matt. “He agreed with me that Eric has great hands!”

“Ooooo! You’re gonna get it from me, if you don’t quit teasing,” Ron warned.

“I sure hope so Baby,” Matt said with a wink.

“So what did Douglas really say?”

“He just said that Eric was very gentle, and wasn’t pushing him too hard, and that he thought Eric was the best therapist he’d ever had.”

“Well, if anybody should be able to judge, it’s Douglas. He must have spent half of his young life in physical therapy,” Ron guessed.

“Yes, Doug and I talked with Eric about when we should have our therapy sessions too.
We decided that it would be best, first thing in the morning, then after dinner in the evenings. That way it won’t interfere with Doug’s schoolwork or my work at the office.”

“It makes a long day for Eric, but if he’s willing, it sounds great,” offered Ron.

“Yes. It leaves plenty of time for the other thing I have in mind too,” Matt said, leading Ron on.

“Hey! If you’re not gonna tell me, then you better not mention your thing until you do. Otherwise you’re gonna see a side of Ronnie that you’ve never seen before: the jealous side,” Ron warned with a menacing look on his face, but a twinkle in his eyes that told Matt he was only teasing.

“I’ll tell you later tonight before we go to bed,” Matt promised. “I wanna feel Eric out.”

“Just as long as it’s out and not up,” Ron said half joking.

Not to be outdone, Matt responded with a feigned pout, “Darn, I don’t get to have any fun!”

                         *                      *                      *
A half hour later, Tyler and Dan’s new house

 “Oh Tyler and Dan, I just love this place,” Matt gushed.

“Thanks, we’re getting anxious to move here too.”

“We’ll miss having you so close by,” Matt said sadly.

“We’ll miss being so close too, but it’s not like we’re moving to Siberia,” responded Tyler. “Besides, with the golf carts, we can be over to your place in not much more time than strolling from the guesthouse.”

Looking around Matt was in every nook and cranny. What had a month ago been a rough shell, now was taking on the polish of a finished piece of artwork, one that could be lived in and enjoyed.

“How’s the search for the household staff going?” Ron asked Tyler and Dan while Matt poked around looking at the rooms and views from every angle.

“Pretty good,” Dan answered. “We’ve got the first half done. We’ve hired our equivalent to your Dorothy and Parker. They came as a package, since they’re married to each other.”

“Anybody we know?” Matt, who was within earshot asked.

“Maybe.” It’s Dorothy’s daughter and her husband. Their names are Dotty and Harold Jones. Now all we need is a gardener, and a cook.”

“Hmm,” Matt mused aloud. “I’ve got an idea for the cook.”

“Oh? Someone you know?” Tyler asked.

“Yes, there was a great young chef that worked at the Waldorf when I was there. We became friends, and he often said how he’d like to leave the big city, and move south to somewhere warmer.”

“What’s his name?” Ron asked. “Maybe Tyler could meet him when we’re in New York this week.”

“His name is Francois Delacroix,” Matt replied.

“I’m not particularly fond of the French,” Tyler reported.

“I’m rather surprised at you Tyler,” Matt said. You’re always agreeing with Ron that we shouldn’t label and judge folks by the groups they’re in that we’ve stereotyped. Not that it really matters with Frank. He’s French-Canadian and from Quebec.”

“You’re right, Matt. I apologize. Especially since he’s from Canada. That may well make a difference,” Tyler said with a feeling of mirth that his little tease of Matt was being accomplished. I guess we’ll have to meet the guy and evaluate the impression he makes on us. Is he gay?”

“Beats the hell out of me Tyler,” Matt responded, sounding somewhat irritated. “What difference does it make?”

“None really, but I’m sure enjoying pulling your chain,” Tyler said with a grin. “Turnabout is fair play and it really doesn’t make any difference except that we’ll have to provide accommodations for him. Also we have to consider how he gets along with Dotty and Harold.”

“Why don’t you invite him here for a visit if you think you might like him,” suggested Ron. That way Dan, Dotty and Harold could meet him and all aid in the decision to make him an offer.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Tyler quickly jumped on the bandwagon. “If he passes muster, he can return to New York, give notice, and still move here by the time we move in.

“Who’s taking care of the outside and the landscaping?” Ron continued.

“I talked to the company that maintains the grounds at your place,” responded Dan. “They’ll be working now at our place too. It will be a different crew, but the same company. So now we have a gardener and the cook lined up.”

“It sounds like you have everything well in-hand Dan,” Ron said as a compliment.

“Thanks, I think it will all be fine,” Dan replied. The furniture we’ve picked out is mostly in town by now. We should be able to have the stuff delivered by the time Turner Construction is finished with the construction.”

After touring the initial two buildings that housed the main reception/ living room, and the building that housed the “family” sleeping rooms, Ron suggested that the group tour the guest wing and the exercise/game building. Once those buildings were assessed, the group decided to return to Ron and Matt’s, and prepare for the evening.

That evening at Ron and Matt’s

 Dinner came off well. Even with all the kids at the table, Eric was at ease and seemed to enjoy himself, and the kids were attracted to him like a magnet.

Afterwards Ron played host to the boys in the game room while Matt and Eric repeated the PT program that Matt had worked on earlier in the day. Dan and Tyler had retreated to the guesthouse to be alone while the boys were occupied. The only ones of the younger set missing from the game room were Douglas and Eddie Burroughs who were upstairs in Douglas’ room until it was time for Doug’s own PT session.

After doing stretching exercises, Matt and Eric took a break. Earlier, both had brought plastic bottles of Gatorade from the bar for their refreshment. Matt sat on the padded seat of the weight-bench sipping the green colored liquid, while Eric was seated nearby on one of the exercise machines in the well-equipped room.

“Tell me a little about yourself,” requested Matt. “I’m not asking for anything too personal, unless you want to offer it. I’d just like to know a bit about Eric the man, instead of Eric the Physical Therapist.”

“Not too much to tell,” Eric replied. “I was raised in the Midwest by two loving parents. It’s almost boring to listen to how mundane my early life was. I mean, I did well in school, played sports, dated a few girls, stayed out of trouble, and all that. Then I went to college in a small college in a small town in Michigan. I was in my second year there when my mother died of cancer. It was pretty traumatic for me but not nearly as much as for my father. He was never the same and a year later had a heart attack and also passed away. It was at the end of the fall semester, so with all the business to take care of with his death, I decided not to continue with the spring semester and got a job to save up some money. My parents had left a very small estate, so there wasn’t enough money to complete my education without working.”

“When I returned to school the following fall, I got a part-time job working as a trainer in the athletic department. I was always a good athlete, but not good enough for an athletic scholarship. Anyway, that’s how I came to be interested in physical therapy. I finished my undergraduate work, then took my graduate work at the Ohio State University medical school. Because of working part time, it took me an extra year, but I finally made it through, and got certified. After getting a job in Columbus, I took a vacation last winter with a friend, coming here to Las Vegas. When we left Ohio it was blizzard weather. Here, the weather was wonderful. I knew right away that I’d lived in all the snow I’d ever care to, and decided to move here. I moved with just a small amount of savings and have been trying to get into business here as a physical therapist. It’s been slow, and I’ve had to work side jobs to make ends meet. This job with you and Douglas has been a godsend.”

“I’m glad we could help,” Matt said with a smile.

“What about you?” Eric asked.

Matt began his tale of his early youth, his difficult father, his discovering that he was gay, and his meeting and life with Ron. After 20 minutes of the abbreviated tale, Matt concluded, “And Ron and I are very happy.”

“I can see that you are. I enjoyed all of the boys around at dinner too,” Eric related. “Obviously they are not all yours, at least not naturally,” he said, then thinking about what he’d just blurted out, blushed.

Matt laughed at Eric’s obvious discomfort. “It’s okay Eric. No harm done,” he assured his new friend. “As I intimated before, Ron grew up in a pretty affluent home. His father made a substantial fortune before he died, leaving the entire estate to their only child, Ron. Subsequently, Ron has done very well, increasing the holdings to over three times the value of what his father left. Also included in his inheritance was a charitable trust that his father had begun. Around the time that Ron and I decided that our relationship was permanent, we chose to help build a facility for homeless gay youths. One of the boys with us today as a guest lives in that facility. It’s called The Thornton Center. The other boys are either adopted or are permanent guests here, except for Jerry who was adopted by Tyler and Dan. Each boy has a story that would make a good book. However during the listening, most of their stories would make you weep.”

“They all appear to be happy and well adjusted,” Eric commented.

“All is not as it appears,” Matt replied, “though all of them are much happier than they’d been before coming here. We’re hoping that they’ll all grow up to be fine men.”

“Uh, maybe I shouldn’t ask, but are they all gay?”

Matt thought for a minute before answering.

“I’m not sure that I should answer that,” Matt admitted. “In our society, since gays are looked down on by the heterosexual majority, it is not considered good form to ‘out’, gay individuals to strangers, particularly when you don’t know their attitude about gays.”

“Oh. I guess that makes sense.”

“I don’t mind telling you that Ron and I are gay, and that Tyler and Dan are too. We’re all adults and can take care of ourselves.”

“I’m sure of that,” Eric agreed. “It’s nice to know that you feel so protective of the feelings of the boys though. One question entered my mind as you were telling me your story and that of the boys. You said that Ron was his parent’s only son, but I was introduced to Tyler as his brother. Did I misunderstand?”

“No, you didn’t, and I must say you’re most observant. Tyler is really Ron’s half-brother. They share the same father, but not the same mother. Tyler’s mother and their father never married.”

“Oh. That’s why Ron got the fortune.”

“Yes, but Ron has rectified that faux pas of his father. When Ron discovered that he had a brother, Ron and Tyler went to court and got declared legally brothers and Ron gave Tyler his proper portion of their father’s estate.”

“Wow! That’s pretty generous of Ron,” responded Eric in surprise.

“Perhaps,” Matt agreed, “but I can assure you that Ron loves his brother, as a brother, far more than he cares about his father’s fortune.”

“I can certainly see why you have such love and admiration for your partner. There are not many men who would do what he’s done.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Matt said smiling. “Ron is one of the most generous, loving men you’ll ever meet. In spite of his wealth, he’s probably the most, down-to-earth man you’ll ever be privileged to know. My love for him would not change if he was dead broke and I’m convinced that not one of his friends would feel differently.”

“He sounds like Superman,” Eric observed.

“Hardly, and don’t ever let him hear you characterize him that way. He wouldn’t be mad, but you’d have a hard time stopping his laughter.”

“Do you have anyone you’re interested in?” Matt continued.

“Mmmm… no,” Eric answered hesitantly as his face turned red.

“Hey, that’s cool,” Matt said comfortingly. “I was certainly older than you when I met Ron.”

“Uh… maybe so…” responded Eric quietly, “but I bet you weren’t a virgin.”

The surprise on Matt’s face confirmed Eric’s suspicion of what would be Matt’s reaction.

“Please, I’m not being judgmental,” Matt declared, “but do I understand you to say that you’ve never had sex with anyone?”

“Yes, … that’s what I’m saying!” Eric revealed in a quite embarrassed voice.

“I’m amazed. You’re so good looking and have such a great personality, that I’m astonished that some girl hasn’t snagged you big-time!”

“Uhh…I guess it’s because … I’m not …interested in …girls,” Eric responded haltingly.

“Does anyone else know?” Matt asked.

“No, you’re the first person I’ve ever told.”

“I’m truly honored,” Matt said warmly. “I guess we’ll have plenty to talk about during our physical therapy work.”

“Yes, I’m sure that’s true,” Eric conceded. “You won’t tell anyone will you?’

“Not even Ron, unless you tell me it’s okay,” promised Matt.

“Thanks, Matt. It’s too bad you’re taken. I’ve never known anyone as nice as you.”

“Well you know several now,” Matt said deflecting the comment. “Besides, your guy will come along. You can depend on it.”

“I hope so,” Eric said somewhat dejectedly. “I guess we’d better get back to our workout.”

“Yes, you’re right,” Matt agreed, “but before we do, I’d like to ask you one final question, if it’s alright.”

“I guess so. Ask away.”

Matt looked into Eric’s anticipating face and asked, “Do you like children?”

                        *                      *                      *

Ten minutes later, the game room.

The sound of the phone ringing caused Ron to pause his demonstration of one of the finer points of shot making at the pool table.  Excusing himself, he walked to the wall-mounted phone and lifted the receiver to his ear.

“Ron Turner,” he announced.

“Ron, this is Wes Harper. Sorry to bother you at home on the weekend.”

“No problem Wes. You needn’t apologize; I know you wouldn’t call unless it was important,” Ron assured the manager of the Las Vegas office of Aztec-Turner Security.

“Can you talk?” Wes asked.

“Of course Wes. I’m in the game room with the kids, so let me go to another room where it’s quieter. Hang on.”

“Sure Ron I’ll hold.”

Ron turned to the nearest boy, who happened to be Ronnie.

“Ronnie, would you hold this for a minute, while I catch the phone in the kitchen?”

“Why Dad?” Ronnie asked, “is it running away? Hehehehe.”

“Very funny goofball,” as responded with a grin as he extended his hand toward Ronnie.”

 “We’ll just start a game while you’re gone. Take your time.”

"Thanks son,” Ron responded with a grateful wink as he placed the handset in the handsome boy’s outstretched fingers.”

Ron moved quickly from the game room to the kitchen, and picked up the ‘walk-around’ phone from its charger.

“Okay son,” he said into the receiver. The background noise disappeared as he heard a satisfying click.

“What’s up Wes?” Ron asked.

“I tried to call Tyler, but all I could do was leave a message on the answering machine,” Wes explained.

“Yes, he’s busy and doesn’t want to be disturbed right now, unless it’s an emergency,” Ron countered.

“It’s not that big of an emergency, but I thought you’d like to know. We just got a call from Metro that the plane bringing Tom Stanley, alias Stanley Toms, back to Las Vegas from Denver is missing.”

Shocked, Ron sat down on a chair in the breakfast room before he replied.

“How much do you know about the circumstances?”

“Only that the radar transponder signal was lost over the mountains near Vail and the plane never reappeared or arrived in Las Vegas. The FAA and FBI are working on it, but from all appearances, it looks like the aircraft may have crashed. No one is sure why, but it was flying pretty low for an executive jet. Right now all else is speculation.”

“All right Wes,” Ron replied still stunned by the news. “Do you want Tyler to call you?”

“It’s not necessary unless he wants to,” Wes answered. “We’re monitoring the situation, and that’s about all we can do at this time.”

“Thanks Wes. We’ll be here tonight and tomorrow morning. Keep us informed of any activity or news, please. I’ll let Tyler know what’s happened.”

“Yes sir,” Wes agreed. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Wes.”

Hanging up the phone, Ron pondered his next move. Should he disturb Tyler and Dan? More importantly, should he let Matt know that the whereabouts of the man who had attacked him was again unknown? After pondering the questions for a moment, he decided that the answer to both, at least for the moment, was no. He stood, returned the phone to its charger base, and left the kitchen, heading for the game room and the boys.

                                     *            *            *            *            *