The story below is a work of fiction. None of the events described happened, nor do any of the characters exist.  The story contains erotic and/or sexually explicit behavior between consenting males. If you find this type of work offensive, or if you are underage and it is illegal for you to view this, do not read it, and please exit now.

Dedication:  This story is dedicated to my special friend, Ry, who provided the inspiration for this, my first effort, and to Don Hanratty, the author of Working it out, a beautiful piece of work (Nifty, college section), who encouraged me to post it here.

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Chapter One

 Ron entered the restaurant.  Being seated, after giving his name and the name of his expected guest, he found himself in a secluded booth, with a distant view of the entry. Ron had flown into New York City, to meet with his brokerage firm and his attorneys, but that was really just a trumped up excuse.  He really came to New York to have dinner! He had flown in, arriving that afternoon, Friday, and had his business appointments set for Monday.  He had no other fixed plans, except for this dinner and some sight seeing over the weekend.

 Ron was 29 years old.  He was extremely good looking, with sandy blond hair, blue eyes that twinkled, and a somewhat angular facial structure giving his face a hint of strength, without being hard.  A great smile showing white straight teeth and sensuous lips completed the picture.  His body was lithe.  At 5'-10" and 155 pounds, his smooth torso and shapely limbs gave an impression of definition without being particularly muscular. Usually unseen, but not to be ignored was a 4" soft, 7" hard, tool, and two nice sized, but unremarkable balls, hanging temptingly, all giving the front of his trousers a nice bulge without being vulgar.

 When a handsome waiter approached with the menus, he ordered a glass of iced tea, and announced that he was waiting for another party.  That person was Bryan.  As was his habit, Ron arrived early, considering it rude to be late.  Approaching the hour of his meeting, he squirmed a bit in his seat in anticipation.  He had been chatting with Bryan for nearly a year and a half on the Internet and they had become close friends. The pictures that he received from his 26 year-old correspondent, indicated a younger man with a drop-dead enchanting face, wonderful smile and killer, dark eyes.  His body was smaller than Ron's, but was compact and lean.

 There was no ulterior motive in the meeting of the friends, but there would be a surprise. Bryan was happily "attached" to his somewhat older, but handsome partner, Alan.  Ron knew, well, of Bryan's love for Alan, so he accepted that this dinner would only result in the binding of a friendship, achieved only after many, many hours of Internet communication. The surprise was for Bryan.  He thought Ron was 62 years old! Ron had woven a careful web of fabrication, of the fictitious older man, for three reasons.  It resulted in Bryan's trust, since there was no likelihood of his being attracted to his friend due to the great age difference. Second, Ron was not "on the prowl" and wanted, normally, to discourage guys on the Internet from making personal contact. Finally, Ron was extremely wealthy, and fastidiously kept up his Internet image of being just a regular, but intelligent guy, working like everybody else. He was immediately suspicious of "friends" who thought he was loaded!  Ron had sent Bryan a picture of his father taken several years ago, at Ron's graduation from college, to complete the ruse.

 Ron hoped he would recognize Bryan.  He knew that Bryan had been badly beaten by a former lover, and that his face had received serious injury, particularly his nose, which had been reconstructed considerably smaller than the proud nose displayed in the pictures that  Ron had received.  He had recovered completely, but chose not to reveal his current looks to his internet friends.  Ron did not care if Bryan was now unattractive, although, for his friend's sake, he hoped it wasn't so.  He knew the younger man inside, and he was great! That's what counted.  Bryan was a blast, with a great sense of humor, and a wonderful attitude.  He shared his love of living with everyone, and all his Internet friends believed that he "walked on water!" They loved the guy!

 What appeared to be a younger man, entered the foyer of the dining establishment, and approached the podium where the mater de received the restaurant's patrons.  Ron could not clearly make out the features of the customer, but his height and size were about right.  As the diner was led into the main dining room Ron got a glimpse of his face.  "My god," he gasped, "he is beautiful! I hope,...I hope that he is Bryan!"  The two men crossed the large room and approached the table where Ron sat waiting.

 "There must be some mistake," Bryan explained to his guide, "I am meeting an older gentleman!"

 Ron rose from his seat, and said, "Hi, I'm Ron Turner, also known in Internet circles, as `RET'!"

Bryan's mouth dropped open, as a look of astonishment crossed his face.  "You told me you were older," Bryan exclaimed.  Then with a look of displeasure, he asked, "What gives?"

 Ron responded quickly, "I know you detest lying, but for the sake of our friendship, please give me five minutes to explain.  Then if you are dissatisfied and can't forgive me, you are free to leave. You will have no protest from me!" He pleaded,   "Please give me that five minutes, and have a seat."  After a minute of thought, Bryan slid into the booth.

Ron explained his reasons for the deception and further stated, "Once, I got to know you, I knew I could be honest about the "real me", but then I was afraid you would never trust me ever again.  You have a history of trusting and being "rejected", or "hurt."  Even though you are one of the most forgiving persons I have ever met, you are, understandably, not `long' on trust." He continued, "You only trust two people, your brother Dick, and your love, Alan! You would never give me your last name or address, so I felt especially honored that you would even have dinner with me!" He concluded his argument with, "I hope you will stay, but if you feel betrayed, you are free to leave, and I won't bother you again."

Bryan looked into Ron's pleading eyes, grinned, and said, "How much money did you say you had?"  The two young men broke up with laughter, resulting in a couple of stares from across the room.

When he laughter died down, Ron said with a straight face,"800 million, you know that I trust you!"

Bryan's jaw dropped, but after a minute, the smirk came back.  "Guess that means that you get the check!" he quipped. They both broke up again!

 They had only just regained their dignity, when the waiter appeared and asked if they had had a chance to make their selection. Shaking their head negatively, the handsome youth offered to bring Bryan something to drink.  Bryan ordered a diet Pepsi and the waiter left. The young men took a few moments to study the menu and were ready to order when the attractive attendant returned with the beverage.

 The food was great and the company even better. Sharing many laughs and a few more serious thoughts, Ron hoped that they had not become a nuisance, in the now crowded restaurant, not that he really cared. It had been a truly terrific evening!

As Ron paid the check, leaving a generous tip for the good service, Bryan asked his older friend where he was staying and when he was planning to leave, to return to Las Vegas. "I have a suite at the Waldorf," was the reply. Then he continued, "I only have a couple of business appointments on Monday, during the morning, and will probably leave Tuesday afternoon, sometime.  The rest of my time is open.  I'll probably just see a few sights of the City over the weekend. You wouldn't be interested in the job of `tour guide' would you?" he asked, invitingly. They snickered, remembering the private joke they had laughed about on the Internet, for Bryan's phony but ridiculous charge for such a service.

 "I'll have to give you a call," Bryan finally responded, "I don't know our plans. I'll talk to Alan, and give you a call in the morning. Would 9 o'clock be O.K.?"

"Sure," Ron replied, "I'll be in my room waiting.  I'm in suite 2800.  Did you drive here tonight?"

Ron inquired. "No," Bryan answered, "I came by train.  Driving in the City is practically impossible!"  Ron insisted that his younger friend return home by taxi and, after rejecting the expected resistance, forced his companion to accept three, twenties, to cover the expense. They exchanged hugs at the curb, and Bryan stepped into the waiting cab, just as a limo from Ron's hotel pulled up. They waved goodnight, as the taxi pulled into the traffic.

                                    *      *      *     *

 Ron awoke early the next morning and prepared for what he hoped, would be an interesting day.  He ordered a light breakfast from room service, and waited patiently, for Bryan's call.  Minutes later, a knock on the door announced the arrival of his meal.  The room service attendant was a knockout! Ron was escorted to the small dining table located in the `living area' of his suite, and after having the linen napkin placed on his lap by the cute waiter, was served. He hoped that the alluring young man had not noticed the growing bulge in the front of his trousers! Reaching into his pocket, Ron extracted a twenty- dollar bill to show his appreciation. Pressing it into the warm hand of the attentive worker with a wink and a smile, offered his thanks.  The young man returned the smile, graciously accepted the tip, and rolled the serving cart into the hall, after wishing Ron a pleasant day.

 After finishing his repast, Ron sat in a comfortable chair near the phone.  He was reading the copy of the New York Times, that he had found outside his door earlier upon waking, when the phone began to ring.  Glancing at his watch, he eagerly picked up the receiver. It was Bryan, as he expected.

The younger man's voice greeted his friend with enthusiasm. "We had an idea.  See if you like it!  Alan and I will come into the City and pick you up.  We'll, play tourist, have lunch someplace in our travels, and Alan will leave us at 2:30 to go to work.  We can continue on, just the two of us, for the afternoon, and also the evening if you want.  If we do something in the evening, Alan can pick me up around midnight, when he goes home."

Ron replied, "That sounds really great!"  When will you get here?" "Would 10 o'clock be too early?" Bryan asked.

"That would be just fine," he then asked, " What do you want to do this evening?"

 "Surprise me," the young man taunted.

"That may take some doing!" Ron kidded back.  Bryan knew from their many hours on the Internet, that a (grin) would have been inserted at that point, if they were to have had the conversation in cyberspace. Ron offered to be waiting just outside the lobby doors at 10, and they said goodbye.

 Ron immediately called the Concierge and inquired as to the current entertainment available that day. Choosing the Metropolitan Opera's opening of Mozart's, The Marriage of Figaro," Ron asked for the best seats available, regardless of the price.  He requested that a limo be put at their disposal for the later afternoon and all evening.  He also required a reservation for 10:30 at "21", for a late dinner. Finally, he asked that the Concierge make an appointment with a tuxedo rental business for a 3 o'clock appointment for Bryan's tux fitting, with it to be delivered to his suite by 6. Thanking the hotel staffer, he asked the young man to be sure to add a $100 gratuity to the bill, for his service.  "It's going to be a good day!" the young employee thought, as he set about his tasks.  Ron was thinking the same thoughts.  Having made all the appropriate arrangements, he put on some comfortable walking shoes, made himself ready and, locking the door after he exited the room, pushed the elevator button, to descend to the lobby.

     *     *     *     *

 It was a cool, but nearly cloudless day, Ron noted as he passed through the great bronze-framed doors leading to the hotel's porte-cochere. Even though it was Saturday, the street was busy, particularly with taxicabs, whose yellow paint added splotches of bright color to the streetscape. Ron marveled at the feeling of being in a deep canyon, teeming with creatures crawling excitedly at the base of the cliffs. He wondered what the early settlers of this jungle of concrete and steel would think now of this island which had been purchased from the Indians for a pittance.  The older doorman inquired, as he noticed the handsome young man standing, if he could be of help, or order a cab.  Ron thanked him, but said "no", that he was waiting to be picked-up by friends.

 Moments later, a silver mini-van pulled to the curb, where Ron saw Bryan's smiling face greeting him through the opened window of the passenger seat.  "Hop in," the youth directed.  Ron grabbed the handle of the sliding side door, opened it, and, taking a seat behind the two front passengers, pushed the door closed.  He had noticed, as he stepped into the van, the presence of two younger, and startling cute males in the far rear seat. Bryan began with the introductions, " Ron, this is Alan, my partner in crime," he joked, indicating the handsome, more mature looking driver.  Alan lifted his arm over the front seat, and shook Ron's hand.

"It is such a pleasure to meet you at last," he offered. "Bryan's told me so much about you, and of course, it was fun chatting with you myself, the one time, I could get `goof ball' here off of the computer, for an evening," he exclaimed, with a friendly smile and a wink at his mate.

 Bryan continued the introductions, " The two clowns in the back seat are Alan's son, Rich and his friend, Brandt.  Ron turned, and offered his hand to the two gorgeous twinks.  They looked at each other, let out a giggle, at what must have been a private joke, and shook Ron's hand. "I hope you don't mind that we invited these two along," Bryan said, almost as an apology. Then he continued with a kidding wink,    " We knew that we better keep an eye on them, or the house might be destroyed, when we returned! ... No really, we thought it might be fun for them to be with us, it's been a long time since we took them to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty."

 "It's great with me," Ron agreed, "I know the feeling. I live close to the Grand Canyon, and yet I haven't visited there since the 7th grade.  I guess we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses!"

 Alan had pulled into the traffic lanes, and wound his way through the city maze to the dock where the tours of the islands started. As they traveled toward their destination, Ron spoke up, " I want you to understand, that today is `on me'. I won't take `no' for an answer!  It's my vacation and I'll do what I want!  "I want to treat you guys to a nice day, since you been so nice to show me around." Stopping any hint of protest before it could begin, he said with a kick-ass grin, "You know, I can really be a bitch to be around, when I don't get my way."  Ron knew that the little family was struggling financially, with both Bryan and Rich in college, and neither of the younger men working.  He certainly was not going to allow them to `extend' themselves after they had been so kind as to give up an entire day of their time, for a man they had never met before today.

  Brian warned, "You don't know what your getting yourself into," he kidded, " you haven't seen the `rug rats' eat!" He indicated the two young guys in the back seat!  "How much money did you say you had?" The two friends broke out laughing, at their private joke.

 Alan parked the van at the terminal lot, and the group piled out of the doors, after which, Alan asked that they check the doors, to make sure they were locked.  Entering the building, Ron paid for their tickets and they began their sight seeing adventure for the day. The boys lead the pack, holding hands and eager to explore. Ron felt a little like the `third man out', as he observed the clear signs of two young couples, happy to the in the presence of their partner, not that he was neglected. He was treated as a most welcome guest.  The temperature was cooler than expected, with the slight breeze coming off the water. Ron was glad that he thought to bring a sweater.  They all had a great time reliving a part of the country's past at Ellis Island and admiring the beautiful statue that had become the symbol of U.S. freedom.  The day was passing too quickly, and the group had barely enough time to grab a quick bite of lunch at a delicatessen recommended by Alan, before it was time to drop the kids off at the train station for their trip home, and Ron and Bryan to be returned to the hotel.  Alan offered Ron a firm handshake, thanking him for being with his family and for his generosity, and then sneaked a quick kiss with his love, before leaving for his work.

 Ron, with Bryan in tow, entered the building and proceeded to the concierge's desk.  They were given directions to the nearby tux rental shop, and were handed an envelope, which contained their itinerary and tickets for the evening festivities.  Deciding to walk to the shop, they were still five minutes early as they opened the door to the rather small, but elegant establishment.  They were quickly welcomed, by the proprietor, who escorted the men to a display case.  There, Bryan, with Ron's advice, picked out the proper combination of attire for the evening.  Ron chose diamond studs and cufflinks for Bryan's shirt, before the younger man was shown to a back room, where he was expertly fitted for a ruffled shirt, and black trousers with satin side stripes, and matching coat.  Being assured that the garments would be delivered, without fail, to the hotel by six, Ron paid for the clothing with his credit card, and they returned to the Waldorf.

 Since it was still early when they arrived, Ron ordered a limo, which transported them to the Empire State Building, where, from the observation deck, they viewed the City in which Bryan was raised.  An hour later, using the cell phone, which had been provided for that purpose, Ron called their driver, who was just pulling up to the curb when they exited the world famous structure. Ron felt that a trip to New York would be incomplete without a trip to `ground zero', the site of the World Trade Center disaster.Their trip there was hushed, as they arrived and viewed the large hole, where so many innocent people had died.  Climbing into their waiting car, Ron almost wished that they had not visited the site, as it seemed to put a somber cast on an otherwise carefree day.

 It was still early when they returned to their hotel, so Ron suggested that they  take a detour on their trip to the suite, to visit the lounge, located just off the exquisite lobby, for a drink.  After they were seated, Ron, recognizing a need for a little levitation in the atmosphere, and knowing that Brian was well-read, grinned at Bryan and asked, "What's big and grey, and wrote gloomy poetry?"

 Bryan remembering Ron's penchant for telling jokes, look up at the ceiling, with a look of `well, here it comes,' before responding properly, with the required answer of "I don't know."

 Ron snickered and answered, "T.S. Elephant!" Bryan laughed and the cloud of their earlier seriousness evaporated.  "Another?" Ron asked.

 "Well, if you insist, you joker!"

 Ron asked the question, "Can an elephant jump higher that a lamppost?" Not waiting for a reply, he continued, "Of course!  Lampposts, can't jump!"

 "No more, no more," Bryan laughed.  "I spilled my drink!"

  On entering Ron's suite, Bryan was impressed with the posh, elegant surroundings.  Everything was perfectly color coordinated and every detail was well thought out.  "It wouldn't take to long to get used to this!" he commented.  "It's gorgeous!"

 "Well, yes, it's complete" Ron agreed, "now that you're here to brighten up the joint!"  Bryan blushed, not being sure how to take the complement.  Changing the subject quickly, to relieve Bryan's discomfort, Ron suggested that they check in the bedroom, to see if the tux ensemble had arrived.  On a stand, near the bathroom door, they found the shoes, shirt and tux, complete with packages containing black dress socks, a pair of black silk boxer shorts and a white undershirt. The shop had forgotten nothing.

 "If you'd like to shower first," Ron offered, "you could figure out the way to climb into this `monkey suit', while I take mine second. ...  I'll be in the living room... Call me when you're done."  Turning, he departed the room.  Bryan picked up the package containing the shorts, and headed for the shower.

 Entering the bathroom, he noted that, in addition to Ron's shaving gear which was neatly arranged on the right end of the marble vanity, another set had been provided on the left, with a new toothbrush, tooth paste, disposable razor, shaving cream, and a comb, next to a small vile of Pierre Cardin aftershave, for his use. "Gosh," he mused, "They think of everything!"

After taking a luxurious, warm shower and attending to his other hygienic
needs, Bryan donned the silk boxers, and returned to the bedroom.  He went to the bedroom door, opened it, and announced that he was finished with his shower.

Ron arose from his chair and approached the bedroom.  With an eye of appreciation for young male flesh, Ron admired the nearly naked form of his friend, who was opening the undershirt package as he entered the room. "Too bad that's guy's taken," he thought, "I could really stand a dose of that every night!"  He entered the bathroom, closed the door, and began his ablutions to get ready for their night out.

 Finished with his bathroom preparations, Ron reentered the bedroom in his own silk boxers.  Bryan was struggling to attach the diamond studs to his shirt, so Ron stepped over and began to help him.  "I thought you would be the last person in New York to have a `stud problem'!" He quipped.

Bryan laughed and noticed that the close contact of the two men had cause a stirring in the front of Ron's underwear.  "Is that a mouse in your boxers, or are you just glad to see me!" he taunted.  They both broke up laughing.

Ron completed dressing with his own similar formal wear, and stepped to a small safe located in the corner of the room.  Opening it, he extracted a small African rosewood box.  Tipping back the hinged lid, he looked at the contents, before extracting one of the objects contained within, and approaching Brian. Drawing the slim hand of his friend toward himself, Ron fastened a diamond-accented Patek Philippe wristwatch onto Brian's arm, and looking into the eyes of his astonished comrade, commented quietly, "You can wear this tonight to complement the brilliance of the studs ... and the one who's wearing it."  Bryan again blushed, as Ron returned to the box, and placed another rare timepiece, on his own wrist.  Ron, gazed at his fully attired friend as he tied he own bow tie, after having done the same for the younger man, and felt the satisfaction  of a Michelangelo having completed the superb statue of `David'. Bryan was perfection!  The look on his face, and a soft `wow' expressed his admiration for stunning companion. Now fully dressed, Ron notified the desk that they were ready to leave. The limo was waiting at the door by the time that they approached the portal.

 Entering the Metropolitan Opera House, they were dazzled by the sparkling scene set before them. The lobby was opulent, and was filled with opera lovers, beautifully dressed, and sipping their pre-function cocktails. "Pretty fancy `tailgate' party!" Bryan laughed, as Ron presented their tickets and they were escorted to their private box.

 Not to be outdone, Ron looked at Bryan and spoke, as he showed him to his seat in the resplendent box fully equipped with it's own private bar and bartender, "Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"  Bryan snickered, as the attendant arrived to take their order.

 Minutes later, the house lights dipped signaling to the revelers that the Opera would begin in 5 minutes.  The audience took their seats in anticipation. After applause when the conductor approached his station in the orchestra pit, and raised his arms, the familiar strains of Mozart's famous overture began.  The curtain rose after the last dying notes of the familiar piece, and, the scene appeared of the half finished room in the castle of Count Almaviva, where Figaro, the hero of the opera, measures the wedding bedroom with his intended bride, Susanna.  He began the little duet, sung in Italian.  "Cinque...dieci...venti...," he started as he measured the floor.  The opera unfolded and the couple began the humorous and intricate story of the Count who tries to bed Susanna, under the very noses of his wife, the Countess, and Susanna's fiancé, Figaro! He, of course, is foiled at every attempt, and the opera finally concluded, with each happily in the arms of their own partner.

 To the roar of thunderous applause, which continue undiminished for 15 minutes as each of the cast took their bows, the house lights rose, and the appreciative audience began their leave-taking of the delightful theater.  Ron lifted the cell phone and spoke briefly, as they departed their box.  The car was waiting for them by the time they crossed the broad plaza to the street.   Whisking them away, the large vehicle, headed for the "21" Club. Immediately upon arrival, they were quickly seated.  The men chatted about the plot of the opera and the performance of the cast as they enjoyed the beautifully presented meal.  As the hour passed 11:30, the young male couple departed the restaurant, and returned to the hotel, to change and await Alan's arrival.

 "I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed today and the unusual evening," Bryan began as they spoke their parting words, prior to Alan's appearance. " I wish we could continue this tomorrow, but I really have to study for classes on Monday."  Ron accepted the thanks graciously, expressing his own pleasure of his company. He suggested that perhaps they could meet for a drink or late lunch, near La Guardia Airport, mid-afternoon on Monday, when he had planned to return to Las Vegas. In response, the smiling Bryan indicated that he would call Ron's hotel the next day, and either speak to Ron or leave a message at the desk.  As he saw the familiar van approaching, the handsome younger man leaned in and gave his host for the evening, a quick, light, kiss on the lips, and a hug. Ron was stunned as he felt the charge of electricity from his younger friend's kiss, then the warmth of his hug.  He was almost too astounded, to say goodnight, and to wave to his companion's lover, before Bryan turned, and was gone.

"Wow!" he thought, "Is Alan the ultimate lucky man!"