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Chapter 10

Ron, Bryan and Alan entered the wide doorway of the private hospital suite, located on the eighth floor of the Turner Wing.  In a bed near the window, the form of Rich lay, seemingly asleep.  The men moved to the bedside and looked at the prostrate body lying with on leg sticking out of a light a sheet and light blanket, which covered the young body up to mid chest level.  A nylon covered, removable cast was wrapped around the projecting leg, and a large shoulder to hand plaster cast  encapsulated the right arm. A smaller plaster cast from  the left mid forearm to the fingers, wrapped around the lower left arm. A large bandage covered the entire scull, and swooped down across the right temple covering the right ear.  Bruises, small lacerations and abrasions were visible on the right side of the face, but they appeared  neither serious nor deforming.

The young body stirred, and eyes opened.

"Guess I flunked Flying 101, huh?" Rich croaked, cracking a small but painful smile. "I'm sorry Dad!"

"Not to worry, son," Alan replied with tears in his eyes. "We're just glad you're O.K. Guess you can't really know how much you love someone, 'till you think that you might lose 'em."

Bryan greeted with a smile, his younger friend, the son of his lover, and almost a son to himself. "Hi, Rich, I'd give ya a HUG, but I don't wanna get clubbed by your pitching arm! How're ya doin?"

"Truthfully, I feel like shit, and have a terrible headache. The pain killers help but make me so sleepy, I can hardly stay awake."

"Hi, Sexy guy." Ron said, grinning. " Ready to take another swim?"

"Yeah, sure! In your dreams!"

Alan knew now, that Rich was going to be fine.  He felt exhausted by the stress of the past few hours.

"Why don't you take a rest," Alan suggested. "We'll be here when you wake up in the morning."

Rich's eyes closed.  

The older men moved away from the bed and settled onto a sofa and an arm chair in the small seating area of the lounge.  Alan looked at Ron.

"I guess we should go home now.  It's nearly 10 o'clock, and we should be back here early in the morning."

In agreement, the men rose, picked up their things and exited to the nursing station.  They informed the nurse in charge, that they had decided to go home, but if there was any change in Rich's condition, that they wanted to be immediately notified and otherwise, would be back at 7 in the morning.  The nurse was about to inform them of the hospital's visiting hours as she picked up Rich's chart and noticed the "Special V.I.P " notation on the chart, which was initialed by the Chief of Staff. There was also a handwritten note on the chart's border in red ink, "All courtesies are to be extended to the patient and his family--- Paul McInerny, Administrator."  

"This kid must be somebody special," she thought.  She said simply, "Yes sir, goodnight."

                                        *       *       *       *

Calling ahead to a small favorite "eatery", Ron made the stop on the trek home.  He didn't want Dorothy to have to go to any trouble, since their earlier plans to stay all night at the hospital had changed.  Ron ran inside of the small restaurant that he frequently visited, and picked up the 'to go' order.

The food looked good, though it had started to get a bit cold, by the time that they had arrived home.  Ron gave it a quick zap in the micro and carried it outside to the terrace tables.  Alan and  Bryan were just coming down the stairs from their room where they had gone to "freshen up" before dinner.  They enjoyed the meal and the company, but they all agreed that the day had been 'a little much' !  

After they had eaten and removed the trash.  The men relaxed on the terrace overlooking the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Alan looked at Ron, "You don't know how much you've come to mean to Bry and to me. At first, when I first met you, I thought that you were just a cute guy with a lot of money and terrible jokes,"  he grinned.  "Now I know the truth. You are a wonderful, caring guy, who not only can enjoy the richness of life, but can share it with others, many of whom are desperate for a glimpse of hope. You are a man of action who touches and changes the wrongs in the world, not for your own glorification, but because they need to be changed. You proved a lot to me today. I'm proud to be associated with you, and to call you my friend."

With his eyes downcast, Ron replied to the complements, "Thanks...I don't know what to say....I try to do good, ...and have more help than I deserve by great people who have also chosen to do good.  Most of them have far bigger hearts than mine. I have to confess, though, that I have hedonistic instincts that pop up, and more often that I want to think about.  Too often,  I obey the 'call of the  wild'."

"When I met Bryan on the Internet, a year and a half ago, I had been on a wild binge of pleasure, and was only home because I was too exhausted to go out. I clicked on a gay chat room where a bunch of guys were throwing a cyber-party for Bryan's 25th birthday.  I joined in, but mostly listened to the fun and the caring that the other guys had for this great guy. I knew at once, that I wanted to get to better know this delightful nut, and if humanly possible, become friends. I was successful, and have loved his company. I'm sure that you know that I lied to him about my age, and some of the details about my life. He forgave me, for which I will be eternally grateful, What I found was a friend who was loving and forgiving,  a guy who was willing to hold out his arms to you, but at the same time, guarded jealously his love for a certain man who held the keys to his heart!

I wanted to be like him. I wanted to have what he had. ...I still do! ....  I don't want to be him, or take what he has, but I want to feel what he feels, and to have someone to love, and who loves me, the way he does you!  I  further admit to you, his soul mate, that at first I wanted him.  I wanted him so bad!  Then I realized, that the reason I loved him was the very reason that even if I could get him, our relationship would be destroyed! If he gave up his love for you, to come to  me, it would eradicate the very quality from him, that I  wanted most! Absolute, faithful  love!  

I learned to love him as a friend.  He has been more of an influence on me than you could possibly guess. The influence has been all good.  I'm a far better man than I was when I met him.  

I know that you think that I am generous toward you.  You probably think I am crazy!  Believe me, what Bryan has given me in understanding , is worth far more than money. He sees the good in me, far beyond my failings. I want to show him that I can make myself into the great guy he pretends I am, but am really not. I want to make myself into that guy that really is good, who really IS great.  I am here to thank him, for his generosity, and more than that, for showing me the man I can be!' And last, I want to thank you, Alan, for the love you have for my Bryan, the friend I value so highly."

Ron's eyes were leaking badly, as were the eyes of his friends.

Standing up and regaining his composure, Ron said with a slow smile, ..."Well, so much for 'tales of the crypt!.... Now, off to bed with you!"

The friends, saying no more, exchanged affectionate hugs, then parted.

                                *       *       *       *

After showering together, but avoiding the tempting actions that would lead to immediate satisfaction,  the lovers instead chose their bed.

Kissing and drawing his lover's naked body into a position of  intimate union, and caressing  the man that he loved, Alan said softly, "I love you more than I can express.  I love your very being.  You are everything I have ever wanted or desired. You are my very soul!"

Looking into Alan's eyes, Bryan responded tenderly," You are my love, my protector, and my ideal!  You took me in and showed me love. The love of giving, of sharing, of passion and of caring.  I see you as a gentle flower, beautiful and refreshing!  I see you as a lion, powerful and consuming!  You drive me wild with passion., wanting all of you, to be one with you!"

The bright lights of  Las Vegas, were dim, that night, in comparison to the radiance of their lovemaking.

                                        *       *       *       *

Ron had just finished filling his breakfast plate,  when Alan and Bryan entered the breakfast room.

"Boy, 5 o'clock sure comes early here! Yawn!" Bryan said, stretching.

"Well," Ron  responded, "You could have slept in another half  hour if you hadn't taken the extra time together in the shower!" He smiled and winked, while the other guys grinned  sheepishly.

Alan and Bryan sat down at the table with their plates.  

"We need to talk about something," Ron started.  "I know that you guys were planning to go back to New York tonight. It is possible, but not likely that Rich will be released today. It is more likely that it will be Monday, but it might be as late as Tuesday. We should find out this morning. I'll like to offer you some options. First, you, one or both, are welcome to stay here for as long as you like. I love the company and it is not an inconvenience to me.  Second choice, you may both go back, and leave Rich here in my tender care. It will not cause me any problem. Dorothy will be here when I have to be in the office, and she is 'taken' by Rich, and would love to have somebody around to fuss over. I have to come to New York on Friday for business anyway, and he should be fit enough for travel by then. I would love to have him as a guest for a few days."

"Those are very generous offers, Ron, and we appreciate it," Alan said. "and I really should get back. I felt bad enough taking the weekend off, after I had just given notice. Bryan has classes too and I'm sure he hasn't even done any homework yet.  Why don't we see what the Doctor says, then Bry and I will discuss it and let you know.  If we decide to leave, maybe we could just take a commercial flight, and save you the trouble of flying us home."

"A commercial flight is probably not an option.  It is very difficult to book a flight from here on Sunday, especially on short notice. My guys only need a couple of hours 'heads up' to get ready, since they had planned on flying you guys back today anyway."

"Maybe Rich will get released today, and he can go home with us. I hope so, hospitals are horribly expensive, and I don't want to put you out."

"Yeah, that would be great if it happens, but they want to be sure he is O.K. before they release him, so I wouldn't count on an early release. As for being 'put out', you don't understand, I want him to stay!  He is a real kick, and I promise to take good care of him under whatever term you want to dictate. The 'hot tub incident' would never have occurred if he hadn't come on to me, himself. I'm no predator!  Lastly, about the hospital bill. I put you on our medical coverage the minute you said 'yes'. That includes Bryan and Rich. We have the best plan available, 100% coverage for everything!  The limit is $100,000 per year, and $1 million cumulative.  I told you, we take care of our people!"

"I'm astounded!"

"Well, our folks have to have SOME compensation for putting up with me," Ron laughed. Did you read the contract you signed?"

"Well, I looked quickly through it, but not carefully.... I trusted you."

"Read it carefully sometime.  It is patterned after my RET employee contracts.  All of the top executives, have become multi-millionaires, and more than one rank-and-file employee is worth well over $1 million.  One of my goals is to make all of our people independently wealthy, so that they can tell me to go to hell, if they want.  That way, I can know they are being straight with me, cause they don't NEED the job!  I admit that is is a goofy way of looking at things, but  THEY are the ones who are making me super rich, so, what the hell! .... Yikes, look at the time!  We better get movin' or were gonna miss the opportunity to spoon feed  Rich his breakfast.!"

They got movin' and didn't miss the opportunity.

                                        *        *        *        *

Just before noon, the doctor entered the suite.  "I've got good news!  I have reviewed all the new tests we just ran, and it looks like this young man will be able to leave tomorrow! I think that his doctor at home can remove the cast on his left arm in a few days. The splint on his right leg should be gone in two or three weeks, or before, and the cast off of his right arm in a month, if he heals quickly. The head bandage, is principally to keep the wound clean. We will remove it  before he is released.  He will probably not back into full handsomeness for a couple of weeks, because of the bruises, but  it won't be painful. I would recommend a couple of days off his feet, at home, before he does a lot of moving around, but I know young people.  The more rest, the quicker he will heal. Do you have any questions?

Alan asked, "Could he travel back to New York tomorrow?"  

"Well, I wouldn't recommend it, but I'm only the doctor. I think he will still be weak, but you can do as you wish!  I had hoped that he would come back in Thursday for a post-op check up. Let me know, either way. Well if that's it, then I better get on with my rounds."

"Thanks you doctor, we appreciate it."

"You are most welcome."

                                            *       *       *       *

Bryan and Alan were just returning from the cafeteria where the had gone for a bite of lunch and to discuss their plans.  As they opened the door to the suite, they saw Ron returning from the bathroom with a male urinal container container in his hand.  

"Had the kid's dick in your hand again, huh? Alan said laughing.

Rich's face turned a bright red.

Ron joined in the laughter, and replied, "Well, somebody's gotta do it!"

The laughter and color increased....

Alan looked at Ron saying, "Bryan and I have decided that we had better go home today. Rich can come back with you on Friday."

"I'm happy that he can stay, but just sorry that you can't stay longer instead. He won't be out of your sight for long though.... I had hoped that this weekend would be fun for you but I guess it turned out to be a bust. What time to you have to leave?"

"As soon as convenient, I suppose.  With the time difference it will be late when we get there, but of course I'm used to late hours. Bryan has early classes though, so I guess we had better leave whenever the plane is ready."

"O.K., I'll call the pilot and find out."

Ron stepped into the corridor, took out his cell phone and dialed the home number of his pilot, while Alan and Bryan said their good-byes to Rich. Stepping back into the room, he informed the older men that the plane would be ready by the time they could get there.  

"Well then we'd better scoot," Bryan said. Giving Rich a hug, he joked, "Stay out of the hot tub, big guy!" Then turning away from the bed, he muttered as if to himself, "I never could teach that kid nothin'!"

Grinning, Alan added his hug to Bryan's.  "Bye Rich, try not to be a nuisance."

"Don't worry, Dad, Ron and I are gonna have a lot of fun! ......yeah, sure."

"I'll be back in about 2 hours," Ron said.  "I'll bring your knitting so that you won't be bored."

Rich looked at his arms enveloped in plaster and said, "Thanks, for nothing.... Bye."

                                    *         *         *         *

Ron's silver Mercedes whisked down the freeway loop, headed toward the airport. The men had returned to the house, picked up the departing guests' luggage and the visitors had thanked Margaret and Parker, the butler, for taking good care of them during their stay.

"Ron," Bryan said, " We'd like to invite you to stay with us next weekend on Long Island. We'd like to return your kindness, and hospitality."

"I appreciate the invitation, more than you know, but you will have your hands full with Rich.  I think I'll stay at the Waldorf. Perhaps another time.  Besides, there's someone there I want to see again."

"Matt?" Alan guessed.

Ron nodded.

"Who's Matt," Bryan asked.

Ron told his friends about the young man he had met at the hotel, and their wonderful evening  at Martha's Vineyard. He told them of the the fun of discovery that the had shared at the Guggenheim and Metropolitan museums. He didn't tell them about the more intimate times with Matt, and they didn't ask.  He believed that they knew without the telling.  Ron looked forward to seeing Matt again.  

Rich and I will call you Wednesday evening, when you're off,  to let you know our plans for arrival, and we can talk about the weekend.  Now I want to tell you something that will make your trip back to New York a bit more enjoyable.

Both men looked at Ron questioningly.

"The sofa on the plane folds out into a comfortable bed. The pillows are in the side stand, and you will find 'slippy stuff' in a box under the sink in the head, marked 'Rocket fuel'!  The crew has been instructed to not disturb you, unless you buzz them. It's time you joined the 'Mile High Club'," he grinned.

The lovers turned their heads and looked at each other, with a gleam in their eyes. They were smiling.

                                    *       *       *        *

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