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Chapter Eleven

"Boy am I glad you're back, Rich exclaimed  as Ron walked into the room.

"Gee, I don't know what I've done to get such an enthusiastic welcome. . What's up?"

"Er... uh...", Rich stammered, his face turning red.   "I ...uh... don't know how to ask this of you."

"Hey, I hope you know by now that I'm here for you.  You don't need to be embarrassed."

"Well,.. I kinda thought so, or I wouldn't ask. Uh.... I gotta take a dump and the bedpan thingy is way weird. I used it yesterday with the nurse, and I 'bout shit."

Realizing what he had just said, Rich's nearly choked, then laughed, his face an even deeper shade of crimson.

" Ya know what I meant," he said.

"Yeah,  don't worry about it. I guess those arm casts make doing anything pretty tough."

"For sure, and the leg cast make it impossible for me to get there by myself, even if I was willing to leave a brown streak on my arm cast afterward!"

Ron erupted in a hearty guffaw, imagining a 'decorated' cast as Rich had described, and stepped to the bedside. Pulling back the sheet, the beautiful but injured body was exposed, except those parts covered by the hospital gown which had ridden up around Rich's hips. Ron admired the private equipment revealed, and pulled the gown down to cover the boy's generous parts. He bent over placing the young man's right arm cast over his shoulder. Slipping an arm under his thighs, and the other hooked around his back, Ron lifted the slim body, turned, and made his way to the bathroom, with the young man cradled in his arms.

He stood Rich on his one good leg, and lowered the young man to the stool, making sure that the gown was not underneath. Rich's large dick pointed downward and released a powerful stream into the bowl. His face reflected the relief that he was experiencing.

Ron stood before the young guy and decided to lighten the atmosphere a bit.

"Two guys were captured by cannibals," he began the joke.

Rich looked up attentively.

"They're stuck naked in a big pot of water over a roaring fire, and the water gets hotter and hotter.  All of a sudden, one guy starts laughing, and the other guy asks, "What's so funny?"

The first guy looks at his friend and says smugly, "I just peed in their soup!"

Rich about fell off the pot laughing, while Ron grinned.

The part of their bathroom journey that Rich dreaded was approaching. Ron unrolled  a sizable length of toilet paper, folding the tissue into a neat square, then as Rich leaned forward and to the side, he did the deed, making sure that the boy's ass was totally clean.

After he pushed down the flush lever, he scooped the young man up in his arms and took him back to his bed.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" Ron asked.

"I guess not, not that there was much of a choice. I hope you weren't grossed out, but thanks, I feel lots better.!

Knowing that Rich had earlier expressed boredom at the offerings of the T.V., Ron had printed the first three chapters of Don Hanratty's great story, Working It Out, from the Nifty Archives.  He settled down in a chair next to Rich's bed and began to read aloud.

"The university had pushed up it's start date...."  An hour and a half later, Ron finished with the all of the story he had with him.

"Wow, that's a great story," Rich said. "I can't wait to read more!"

"Well, you can read it at home this week when I'm at work. I'll show you how to get 'Nifty' up, and you can use one finger to operate the computer.  It's a long story, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it."


The door opened to the room and an orderly came in with Rich's dinner. After depositing the tray on his bed table, Ron told the young man, that he would handle the feeding assistance. The aide departed.  Ron moved to the bedside table, to do the final preparation, cutting up the cutlet and the potato, into bite sized chunks. He proceeded to spoon the fare,including the ever present Jell-O,  between the cute lips, until the containers which had held the meal and drink, were empty.

Rich complained about the quality of the food, but thanked Ron for his help.

"Another job for the 'whiz kids', Ron thought, as he made a mental note.

"Uh ... Ron.... now I need to take a leak."

"Sure, it that time I guess."

Ron picked up the male urinal and lifting the sheet and the gown covering the young man, took his generous penis and inserted it into the neck. A satisfying  stream of liquid was released and the warm stream flowed into the appliance.

Ron said seriously. "I know the accommodations here are less than the Hilton, but you shouldn't complain. I took a trip about a month ago, and my company put me up in a really cheap, low class hotel. I called the front desk and said, "I've got a leak in my sink!" the clerk said ,"go ahead!"

Rich convulsed with laughter, and he gasped, "Stop, your gonna make me pee on the bed!"

When the flowing finally stopped, Ron grasped Rich's dick, and retracting it from the neck of the container, until only the head of his cock remained inside, and gave it a few shakes, to remove any drips.  

"I'll give you an hour to stop that!" Rich said grinning.

"Now, now, that'll have to wait, ya never know who might walk in."

"Damn," Rich laughed, "I thought that you were hot for my body, and had a sense of adventure."

"Getting caught with my hand, or whatever, on your hard dick, is not the kind of notoriety that I need, thank you!"

"O.K. if you're gonna be that way!" Rich pretended to pout. Then his face lost its pucker,  and he  continued.  "Hey, you've been down here or running Alan and Bryan around for the last 12 hours.  Why don't you go home and get some rest. I'll be fine.  I'll just watch some T.V. until I go to sleep. What time will you be able to get me out of here tomorrow?"

"Probably after lunch," Ron said.

"Well try to make it before lunch. The food around here sucks.... Tell Mary I miss her cooking!"

"Sure stud," I'll call the doctor in the morning and see what we can arrange. I won't be back 'till I pick you up, though. I gotta work sometime.!

Standing and moving to the bedside, he gave Rich a hug and a quick kiss on the lips.

Rich smiled, as Ron left the room.

                                        *       *        *        *

Ron got up from his chair as Will and Jan entered his office.  He invited them to sit in the lounge area, and asked if they would like some coffee. They nodded and said "Thanks"  He moved to the bar, where a fresh carafe of coffee awaited, and poured three cups. After 'doctoring' up the beverages the way they liked, he placed the cups on a small tray, and carried them to the coffee table. Setting them down, they each picked up their cups, and sat back in the comfortable sofa and Ron began.  He told them of the weekend experiences, and the conditions at the hospital and of his conversations with the Administrator and Chief of Staff. He informed them of the upcoming meeting, and asked Will to outline the information for Charlie Parker, the President of Turner Consulting about the use of the 'whiz kids'. He then asked Jan to make sure that the guys had all the resources necessary to to their job.

"Speaking of Charlie," Jan said, "He requested that we recruit two new Management Specialists for his operation."  We have narrowed it down to the top 4 with preferences for two. They are all good," Jan continued, "But Charlie asked if you would interview them for your imput."  

"Sure set it up for tomorrow morning." Don't tell me who the top picks are. Just give me their applications.  I wanna see if  great minds really do think alike! Since the 'whiz kids' are going to be working on the hospital project, maybe we could use the new guys on our transportation analysis. It's up to Charlie, of course. By the way, I'll only be in the office until noon this week.  I have a house guest, so I'll spend the afternoons with him.  Also I will be gone on Friday to travel to New York for the Board Meeting of Construction Leasing, Inc.  As you know, our stock purchases gave us the largest block of stock in the company, and I want to protect our investment. Well, unless you guys have something else,  I guess we all have other things to do."

Nodding in agreement, the two executives excused themselves.

Ron returned to his desk and reviewed his daily summaries, which had changed little since Friday.  Scanning the report of portfolio investments, which was always prepared minutes before his arrival, he noticed some activity on one of his investments.  He picked up the phone and punched his broker's direct number.

"Hi Paul," he greeted the man who had made a small fortune handling his account. "What do you make of the dip in the price of Construction Leasing?"

"I'd guess that one of the major stockholders, or maybe more than one, are liquidating."

"If the stock drops below $20, buy!"

"How much do you want to purchase?"

"All of it! Stop if the price gets above $20"

"You've got it Mr. Turner. Anything else?"

"No, thank you."

Ron called Will to discuss his decision.  

Will agreed that it was a smart move. "Hell, if we buy controlling interest at that price, we could take it private.  Then we could either integrate it into Turner Construction Materials, or sell it off.  Either way we could make a pile of money. The net assets are worth a lot more than the stock price!"

Ron returned to his desk work while waiting for the men from the hospital. Besides his normal routine, he called Rich's doctor to arrange for his release.

At  10 minutes before the hour, Ted Thornton and Jack Smith arrived.  Ted was 25, and Jack was 26.  They were lovers and cute as hell! They both had earned M.B.A.s and already, were proving to be astounding performers in Turner Consulting.  Ted was a great 'numbers' man having a total grasp of balance sheets, profit and loss statements and finance. Jack was the 'operations' man.  He could analyze production and once he received answers to the 'whys' of the operations, quickly assembled a list of 'what ifs'. He could turn a conventional but lack-luster operation into an unconventional top performer. New customers in meeting the couple, were at first taken aback by their youth.  Ten minutes later the customers were at their feet, after being asked adroit questions that they could not believe were possible at a first meeting.  Ron knew one of the reasons why.  They did their homework, even before they met the  customers. He was sure that, over Sunday, they had researched E.R. operations and already knew more than Ron would ever know, or want to know.

Ron welcomed the team and quickly briefed them about the situation and the customers. By the time that Paul McInerny and Davis Clark walked in the door, they were ready.  Ron made the introductions, and the group all settled around the conference table. In minutes, the medical men's chins were on the table.

"These guys could sell condoms to a dying man," Ron thought, thoroughly enjoying the performance.

Within 30 minutes, the boys had outlined the plans for their analysis and gave estimates for the time it would take, and the results they hoped would surface.  The administrators were more than impressed, they were flabbergasted!

"When can you start?" Paul McInerny asked.

"We started yesterday," Ted answered. "We're ready to leave now for UMC!"

"I'm not sure that we are ready for you, yet,"  Davis replied.

"There is nothing to be ready for", Jack answered. "Today is casual observation day." We will let you know what we need to look at in detail, by late afternoon, and we would appreciate it if you would have it ready by the next morning. Before the end of the week, we will have our report, and your new financial and operation plans ready. Let's get cracking!"

The boys hustled the administrators off, after brief good-byes to Ron.

Ron watched them leave in amusement.

"I bet the hospital staff will be working all night to get the information compiled for the guys in the morning,"  Ron chuckled.

Ron picked up the phone and asked Margaret to come in.  After reviewing several business details that he had worked on. He also asked her to get the names of all the large stockholders at Construction Leasing, and their backgrounds. He told her that he was going to the hospital to pick up Rich, and would not be returning that day, but could be reached by cell phone.

"Have a nice day, Ron." she said, instead of good-bye. "I'll have the information you have requested by first thing tomorrow."

Ron walked down the stairs to the basement garage to retrieve his car for the trip to the hospital.

                                    *       *       *       *

The temporary leg cast had been removed, and Ron found Rich dressed in street clothes, attempting a limping hobble around the room , assisted by an orderly, and witnessed by the doctor.

"I think he'll be fine," the doctor reported." We probably could have done without the leg cast, but it was a good way to keep him in bed for a day or two, if nothing else. A little more rest, and some time for the bones to heal, and he'll be like new.! I'd like to see him Thursday though, before he goes home.  In the meantime, if he has any problems, call me."

He handed Ron his business card.

Speaking to the orderly, he said, "Get a wheelchair, I think this guy wants to leave."

"You got that in spades, brother," Rich chirped, then added softly, "as they say in Las Vegas!"

Saying good-bye to the doctor and thanking the nursing staff on the way out, the youth was wheeled out of the hospital to Ron's waiting car, for the trip home.

                                    *        *       *       *

Before Ron and Rich could get out of the car, Dorothy and Parker were there to welcome the young man home. Dorothy gave Rich a hug, as he stood, and Parker said formally, "Welcome home, Sir."  Rich grinned. He was glad to be there, for sure!

As they crossed the bridge to the main entry, Dorothy asked when the men would like lunch served. Rich told Ron that he wanted to go to his room to change into some shorts, so he was not in a hurry.  Ron was surprised Rich didn't rush to the dining table, as he knew the young guy's appetite. Ron responded that lunch in 30 minutes would be fine.

Parker offered to help Rich change, but Rich declined, saying, "I'm sure that Ron's help will be enough." An evil grin crossed his face.

Ron thought, "Uh oh," then grinning himself, he spoke to Dorothy, "I guess you'd better hold lunch, 'till an hour from now."

Dorothy smiled warmly, acknowledging the change in plan and pretended that she had not picked up the implications of Rich's request. Inside her calm exterior, she was giggling to herself at the antics of the young guys she considered, 'her kids.'

Ron  held Rich's left arm as they climbed the stairway to the bedrooms. The young man's legs still felt weak for the inactivity of his hospital stay.  The elevator would have taken them up, but Ron knew that the exercise would be therapeutic. They proceeded down wide  the gallery hall and entered Rich's room. Rich walked over to the dresser, where Parker had placed his clothes, and, hooking the pull with his finger, slid a drawer open.

"Hey, I only brought two pair of shorts. There are six pair here now. Who's are these others?"

"Yours. I'm sure that once Parker found out that you were staying, he went shopping. He doesn't ask, he just does. I rarely buy anything for myself unless I'm out of town. He just replaces things I never wear, or are starting to show wear. If fashions change so does my wardrobe, unless I tell him, no! Life's tough in the fast lane! A simple thank you, now and then, makes his day!"

Selecting a pair of shorts and a pair of Calvin Kleins from the drawer, Rich walked into the bathroom, indicating that Ron should follow.  

"I really would like to shower, before I change.  Those hospital sponge baths just don't do the job".

Having discussed the problem with Parker the evening before, Ron found the plastic bags and rubber bands that Ron had asked him to stock, to keep the arm casts dry. The tape on his ribs would just have to get wet.  Ron knelt before the handsome lad who leaned back against the vanity, while Ron removed his shoes and socks.  Then Ron, unbuttoned the jeans of the young man, then his shirt. Slipping the shirt sleeves over the casts,  The older man exposed the youthful chest.  Even banged up, it was a feast for the eyes.  Laying the shirt aside, he finished unzipping the fly of the jeans and slipped them down to the floor. Rich stepped out of the jeans, which joined his shirt on the counter top.

Ron looked at the crotch of his young guest.  His large tool had started to swell, and was straining the material of his shorts. Grabbing the waistband on both sides, the shorts slid down the slim legs, which were only lightly covered with hair. As the elastic cleared his rising cock, it sprang free, upward, climbing until it was fully erect.  

Ron rose, and turned on the shower,  even thought he wanted to stay on his knees and devour that beautiful piece of meat.  He turned, grabbed the plastic bags, and slipped them over Rick's arms, then slipped the rubber bands over the bags, securing them like a garter, above the casts.  Ron opened the door, checked the water temperature, and Rich stepped into the large compartment.  

Ron quickly removed his own clothing and stepped into the now humid shower stall.  Grabbing a plastic bottle of liquid soap, he squirted a sizable quantity into one hand, replaced the bottle into its recessed nitch in the shower wall. Spreading the soap to both hands Ron began on Rich's neck and shoulders and worked his way down the young mans back.  More soap in his hands Ron pulled back on one ankle, while Rich bent his knee and shifted his weight to the other foot, so that the exposed foot could be washed. Repeating the process both feet not had more attention than they had ever known.

"You got something goin' for feet?" Rich asked.

 " Not really. I got something goin' for your whole body. You turn me on somethin' awful! Ron said truthfully.

'Don't stop now! I got other parts too!"

Ron wrapped his hands completely around the handsome youths legs as the covered the surfaces with soap. He got dangerously close to Rich's treasures, but didn't touch his package. Standing up, Ron turned his friend around, and moving close, wrapped his arms around the handsome body and kissed the willing man.

Again with soap in hand he washed the gorgeous face, the neck he longed to sink his teeth into, and the manly chest. He ran his slippery hands across Rich's lower abdomen and was in heaven with the sensory delights his hands had traversed.

Rich's cock jumped with anticipation. It was leaking pre cum and he was afraid that he would shoot his full load, if Ron didn't hurry.

Ron could not hold back from the temptation. He buried his hands in the delight of exploring the youthful manflesh, kneeling before the live phalus that he was worshiping with his hands. The mighty shaft, which had stayed at full mast, waiting impatiently for this moment, became engorged with the blood of passion. Unable to hold back, the huge cock ejected hot sperm on Ron's chest in shooting streams. Rich staggered in ecstasy against Ron's frame , unable to stand unsupported in the weakness of ejaculation.  

Ron, overcome with the excitement, shot a huge load on the ankles and feet, that he had so thoroughly caressed, only moments before.  

"Oh man," Rich exclaimed, "You're better than these two hands could ever be." He waved the two black bags enveloping his arms in demonstration of his point.

Ron stood up and and again kissed tenderly, but with an exploring tongue,  the youthful mouth of his guest.

"You're so wonderful," Ron sighed.

"You're pretty good yourself, for an older man."

Ron cracked up laughing.

"Hey, if you think I'm good, you oughta try Brandt!  He's awesome!"

"God, what have I been missing!" Ron thought.

The young men rinsed off the evidence of their love making, and stepped out of the shower to dry, dress and head for their noon meal.

As he was drying down the terrific fresh smelling frame of his companion, Ron wondered to himself, " If this is lunch, I wonder what dinner is going to be like!"

                                    *     *      *      *      *      *

Is Ron gonna get addicted to twinks?  You'll just have to read on to find out. ... Thanks for reading my story. Hope you have enjoyed it so far.  John Tucker