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Chapter Twelve

After a delicious lunch, which Rich devoured like he was starving, he rose from the table and walked into the kitchen. Giving the surprised Mary a big hug, he thanked her for saving his life. She blushed and laughed at the silly boy, and loved the praise. Ron observed the special thanks, and said, "Enough of this spoiling the help. When you leave, she's gonna want me to hug her after every meal. .... Well, O.K., but once is all she's gonna get!" He walked over to Mary and gave her a hug too! She blushed again and backed away.

"Get out of my kitchen," Mary laughed. "You guys are nuts!"

"Let's go up to my suite," Ron suggested. "I'll show you the best view of the valley, from the 'eagles nest'. Then later today, or another day, we can go sight seeing.  Some of the Casinos here are fabulous!"

They  walked  toward the entry and pushed the button to call the "upstairs" elevator. This elevator was different that the entry elevator in that it was not glass, but simply was furnished with mirrored walls.  Stepping in, Ron pushed the button marked "Eagle's Nest" and the elevator ascended to the fourth stop. The men got out and found themselves  in a 20 foot square room with windows all around .One clustering of casual furniture was placed looking toward the city to the East, and another grouping was facing Mt. Charleston to the West.  Along the north wall was a wet bar, backed by windows. Near the south was the elevator and beside it, a circular stairway that wound down to Ron's suite.

"This is beautiful," Rich remarked. "I could stay up here for hours."

"I often do, I have a plug connection up here for my laptop, and often come here when I chat with Bryan."  

Ron looked out over the valley and pointed out the downtown casino area and the 'strip', south along Las Vegas Boulevard. He indicated the stratosphere tower, Caesar's palace, the Venetian and the Paris casino's where the Eiffel tower replica rose into the air.

"Just left of the Paris and closer to us, is New York, New York. You might recognize a lot of the buildings. We should probably go there before you leave, so you don't get homesick. And they have a killer roller coaster!"

"Sure that would be fun." then pausing, he said, "I'm kinda tired. Could we go down to your room?"

"Anything you would like is fine with me."

Rich led his host down the circular stairway and toward Ron's large bed, which was in its own area of the 2000 square foot suite.  

"Would you lie down with me, I'm really tired."

"Of course."

Ron knelt at the feet of the youth who had set himself on the edge of the bed.  Removing the cross trainer shoes from the young feet, Ron helped his friend by lifting his legs as the young man rotated around, laying his head on the pillows at the headboard.  Ron circled the bed and also took off his shoes, then reclined next to the Rich's beautiful, but slowly healing body.


"Yes, Rich."

" I think you are probably the greatest guy I've ever met. You're mature, handsome, a great lover, and did I mention rich as king Midas. I have loved our times together, but I think it's only fair to tell you, that I love Brandt."

"I never doubted it for a minute, my sweet young prince.  Let me tell you a story, I've never told anyone, not even Bryan.  ....

 When I was in college, I fell in love which a beautiful young student, whose name was Stan. Stan was from a very humble background and was only able to go to college because of an ROTC scholarship. We fell in love with each other at the beginning of our Senior year and moved into an apartment together. My father didn't know I was gay, but found out about us, in the spring and had us watched, and had Stan and his family investigated by a private detective agency. One week before graduation, he arrived at our University and came unexpectedly to our apartment. It was a scene from hell. He demanded that we break up and never see each other again. We refused. He threatened to disown and disinherit me, but I didn't care. Then, he threatened to destroy Stan's career, and destroy Stan's family economically. Poor Stan's parents were struggling and had three smaller children to raise, and Stan's mother was very ill.  I knew that my father could do it! He was very wealthy and never threatened anything that he was not fully prepared to back up. I knew him that well........ I caved in and agreed to his demands. We were destroyed!"

Ron's eyes were filled with tears, but he continued, "Stan left right after graduation  to go into the military. I had always worked for my father, from my early high school years, but I could not stand to be in his presence.  I went to work for our construction company, working on jobs as far away as I could get from the man who had crushed our dreams.  That was our compromise.  I never saw my father alive again.

When he died of cancer two years later, and I inherited my father's wealth, I tried to find Stan.  I hired the best private investigators money could buy.  Two weeks later it was reported that he had taken his own life three weeks after graduation. I hated my father.  All my hopes for happiness, were gone.  I drank heavily and whored my way for over a year, trying to forget.  I slept with every kind of guy. It's only a miracle that I survived. I was determined to destroy myself by excess.

One day, I woke up after having slept on the sidewalk of New York City suffering from a drunken binge the night before.  A young social worker, much like your dad, took me in to his home. He was gay and had a partner. They loved each other completely. They inadvertently reminded me of what I was missing and I initially sank into a deeper depression.  I then learned that they had love for me too.  That their love was not all inclusive, shutting out the world. They showed me that caring for others was more important than our own pain. I began my recovery. It took several months, and professional help, but I regained my life.

I envy the love your dad has for Bryan. I respect your love for Brandt. Love expresses itself many ways. Love, even romantic love, can occur without sex. When you are young, you may sleep around.  With maturity and commitment to one you love, you don't. I treasure the time we have had together, and it was tender and warm, but, honestly, it was mostly for self gratification. As you know I have no one to really love and who loves me back. I'm looking, for that love, but I would never try, or be able to, separate two true lovers.

I am sorry, if you think I might have had that motive.  I was simply taken away by your great appeal,  and succumbed to my lust, in a vain attempt to fill my loneliness. I would have sex with you again in a second! You are wonderful and beautiful. But it has to be your choice. You have to decide about how you feel toward Brandt, and what having sex with me might do to that relationship. Know that I love you, but I'm not in love with you. The choice is yours.

Rich held out his plaster encumbered arms to Ron and offered a great hug.  Still embracing, the men fell asleep, holding each other.  

Waking after an hours nap, Ron suggested that they take a ride, horseback, on the mountain, which was beginning to be in shadow from the afternoon sun. Rich was hesitant, with his arms in casts, but Ron assured him that it would be no problem.

Decked out in Jeans and boots (Parker had prepared for every eventuality), the guys got into Ron's jeep, and drove the bumpy dirt road to the stables.  Gerry, the groom awaited with saddled horses, ready for their ride. He had rigged a sling from the ridge hoist of the stable, that he normally used for hauling hay to the upper level of the structure used to house Ron's horses. Rich was fastened into the sling and hoisted into the air. His horse was led underneath and and he was lowered into the saddle.  The sling was unfastened and Rich was asked to wiggle his butt, so that the strap he was sitting on could be removed. Once that was accomplished,  Ron who had been holding the reins, while Gerry played with Rich's ass (ha),  handed the leather guides to Gerry who knotted the two reigns together and hooked the loop over Rich's fingers.  The groom then attached a tether to the bridle of Rich's horse Jennifer. After handing the lead rope to Ron, who had mounted  his stallion, Dick, Gerry wished the two guys a good ride.  Jennifer followed Dick as the horses began their climb up the mountain.

Two hours later, as the afternoon's mountain shadow swept across the Las Vegas valley floor, the horses returned to the stable, after carrying the men on their breathtaking tour of the desert mountain. After dismounting, which was accomplished by Rich falling into Ron's outstretched arms, Ron lead the youth around the barn where they added to the scant moisture of the desert with their offerings.  Ron, of course, helped Rich with the 'buttons' (yeah, sure!) of his jeans.

Tired but happy, the men returned to the mansion, and after another great meal prepared by Mary, and a half hour phone call by Rich to Brandt, and a similar call to Matt from Ron, they met on the deck overlooking the city, where a delicious ice cream  dessert concoction was served. Consumming the tasty treat, they began to relax. Finishing, they  sat back in the comfortable deck chairs to enjoy the soothing atmosphere offered by the comfort of their mutual company, the sparkling lights from the city below, and the soft music wafting from the outside speakers.

As the hours grew later, they retired for a shower in Ron's suite and washed the dust from their bodies, together in Ron's large shower stall. They resisted the temptation for sexual gratification, remembering Ron's revelation from the afternoon.  Naked  but  unembarrassed by the nudity,  they retired to the huge bed.  Holding each other in the comfort of their new companionship, they fell asleep, each thinking wistfully of another man, whose love was missed that night.

                                    *       *       *       *

The week passed quickly for the two friends. In the mornings, Rich read Don Haggarty's story of love, and  Ron attacked the demons of the business world. In the afternoon, Ron and Rich, saw the sights of Las Vegas, and toured  HooverDam and  had an afternoon  of sun on Ron's small Yacht, on Lake Mead. Rich called Brandt every night, yet remained in Ron's bed for sleeping, but that was all there was, warm hugs, sleep and the comfort of each other's bodies together.

The interview with the four candidates for Turner Consulting  went well.  All the men were impressive, but Ron had a feeling that could not be catagorized or quantified.  Two seemed to fit in with his image of what the Company should be. He called Jan with his 'recommendations' and she laughed.  

"Bullseye! You guys made the same choices. I guess that settles, that!"

"Yep, say, I'd like to have both of them over for dinner when I get back. Would you see if they are amenable?"

"Sure, Boss man!  Jan said grinning.

Ron prepared himself for his meeting in New York. His investigators turned in their report on Thursday, right before he left to take Rich for his doctors appointment.  Rich was delighted when the doctor decided to cut the cast off of his left wrist, and he could care for himself again.

On the way home from the doctor's, Ron stopped off again, for a few moments at his office building.  He picked up all the latest  company reports and updates on his financial investments. He called Will and Jan to say that he was leaving, and gave Margaret a peck on the cheek and a grateful good-bye, as he and Rich departed from his office. Rich thanked Margaret for her hospitality  and help with his crisis,  then the friends turned and left the building.

After a meal especially prepared for Rich by Mary, the young men retired to Ron's room, where Rich's clothes had been moved by Parker, to get ready for their evening out. Ron planned to take his guest to the fabulous 'Cirque du Soleil' show at the  Treasure Island Casino/hotel. He was sure that Rich would enjoy the great show where the troupe of skilled performers  plied their skills, strength and daring to entertain  their audience with feats of dazzling excitement and beauty.

Hours later, and holding each other for their last night together, Ron thought sadly of how much he would miss the handsome youth who had filled his life with joy, for the short time of Rich's stay.  Tears of remembrance for lost love, escaped from his eyes as they drank in the splendor of the gorgeous nude body beside him, glistening in the dim light of the room.  Emotions spent at last, Ron joined his young friend in peaceful slumber.

                                               *       *       *      *

As dawn was beginning to break, Ron carefully extricated himself from the newly freed left arm of his temporary partner, after gazing longingly at the sleeping youth for long minutes after waking. Pulling his thoughts away from his beautiful friend, his mind shifted to the tasks at hand and he arose to face the day of travel, business, and reunion with his 'family' in New York.

After a leisurely shower taken alone, to avoid the temptation of losing his resolve for the protection from his lust for his sleeping partner, Ron dressed and woke his friend.

Making certain that Rich was fully awake, he tore himself away from the aching pleasure of watching the youth's beautiful body and smile, and took the elevator to the main floor for a cup of morning coffee.

His mood lightened when Rich, fully dressed and ready to go, grinned at him when he entered the breakfast room to share their last morning together.

"I've got a couple of old jokes, I don't think they've heard,  for ya to spring on the guys at home." Rich snickered, as he piled his plate with delicacies that Mary had prepared for their breakfast.

"Shoot, sport!" Ron said smiling, but at the same  thinking, "They can't be that old, considering Rich's age."

Rich began with the first, joke,  "Ya know, President Clinton never told Monica Lewinsky to lie, he told her to lie down!"  

Ron laughed, as Rich quickly continued with another, " Bill Clinton liked Monica's dress from the first time he spotted it!"  

Ron stopped eating for fear spewing his breakfast on his friend, as he laughed harder.

"Monica walked into her dry cleaning store and said to clerk, who was hard of  hearing, "I've got another dress for you to clean."  The clerk replied, "I'm sorry, come again?" "No," said Monica, "this time it's mustard."  

Ron roared, and his tears came to his eyes, he laughed so hard.

"No more, No more," Ron pleaded, "I give!"

Rich was happy that he was able to lighten the mood from the darker one that his leaving had caused his older friend. The men finished their breakfast and made a final 'pit stop' to relieve their bladders, before returning to the living room where, Dorothy, Mary and Parker had gathered.

"Your luggage is in your car, Sir," Parker reported.

"Thank you Parker."

Dorothy moved to the young guest , giving him a generous hug. "Good bye Rich, we loved having you here, come back soon."  

Mary stepped up when Dorothy moved away, and extended her hand, her eyes flowing. Rich pulled her to him and wrapping his arms clumsily around her, gave her a squeeze and an warm kiss on the cheek.

"I'm gonna miss your cooking most of all." Rich said gratefully.

Releasing her, he stepped back and extended his good left hand to Parker said, "Thanks for taking such good care of me."

Saying their last words of good-bye, the young duo headed to Ron's Mercedes for the trip to the McCarran Airport.

50 minutes later, a white and silver executive jet streaked down the runway, carrying it's two passengers on their journey to New York. The younger  man looked out the window as it climbed, and gazed at the city where he had found a new maturity and a greater appreciation for another handsome youth, who waited for his return.

                                    *      *      *      *      *      *

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I loved writing it for you.  John Tucker