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Chapter Thirteen

The early flight ended with the plane rolling to a stop at the executive terminal at 1l o'clock, Eastern Standard Time. Ron and Rich grabbed their bags which had been stowed in the cabin to save a few minutes at arrival. Ron had less than an hour to make it to Construction Leasing's Board of Directors meeting, which would start with a get acquainted luncheon in their Board Room.

Ron took Rich to the terminal curb where two limousines were waiting.  After giving Rich's luggage and address to one driver, he handed him a tip, and turned to the youth waiting by the open passenger door. Ron moved to the younger man and the hugged each other.

Ron was stunned when Rich kissed him on the lips, and said, "Thank you. You can't imagine how much you've come to mean to me!"

With faces inches apart, Ron replied tenderly, "I think I can. I feel the same way about you. Please, let's stay the closest of friends."

Nodding in agreement, Rich entered the automobile, and rolled down the window.

Ron leaned over and touching Rich's hand on the window sill, said, "I'll see you tonight. I'm taking the four of us to dinner."

"The four of us? Dad has to work."

"You and I, Brandt and Bryan."

" 'K, see ya then."

The window rolled up as the limo pulled from the curb.  Ron turned, and got into the other black shining limousine, whose destination was the building which housed the home office of Construction Leasing, Inc.

                                      *       *     *       *

The car carrying the younger of the men, arrived home 20 minutes later.  Rich exited the door, retrieved his bags, which had grown to three,  and walked up to the front porch.  The door swung opened and Brandt stood before the traveler, his face aglow.

"What are you doing here" Rich asked as he dropped his bags and rushed into Brandt's arms. "You're supposed to be at work!

"There was a big wedding for today.  I worked very late last night to get the flower arrangements ready, and got the day off as my reward."

"I'm so happy to see you," Rich gushed. "Let's get inside, quick!"

The young  men grabbed the bags, went thorough the still open door way, with Brandt entering last, kicking the door closed.  Both youths quickly dropped the bags in the entry, and moving quickly to the living room, met in a powerful embrace. They tore at each other's clothes, and were soon naked and rolling on the floor locked together, in spite of Rich's cast.  Rich was very well endowed, but Brandt was huge! Rich and Brandt ground their stiff instruments of pleasure into the lower torso of their partner. Their passions reached a new pitch, and they could wait no longer. They threw themselves into bouts of glorious lovemaking, barely recovering from the consumations of one, before beginning again. It was how the unbelievable afternoon was spent.

                                      *       *     *       *

The large car arrived to deposit it's passenger at the granite faced edifice, where the meeting was to be held. Ron instructed the driver to deliver his luggage to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, pending his arrival. Handing the man a generous gratuity, Ron grabbed the handle of the slim briefcase, which had traveled beside him on his trip from the airport.  A doorman pulled open the door of the automobile, and Ron stepped out, into the gloom of an overcast day.

The door of the elevator opened to a beautiful lobby located on the 83'd floor. A well dressed and handsome couple waited, then approached, as Ron stepped into the room. Ron was startled by the male's appearance. Something was familiar about the face that Ron couldn't place. It was the eyes that drew his attention. Gorgeous eyes, topped with dark brows that he knew from somewhere, and a nose that he should  recognize.

"Mr. Turner?" said the smiling woman said as she approached. "I'm Gloria Vanderhorn, the Executive Secretary to our Chairman, Mr. Tillingham. I've very pleased to meet you at last! May I present our Vice President of Operations, Richard Adams. "

Ron was struck by lightning as he numbly shook the proffered hands. It was Bryan's Father! Now he knew why the face seemed so familiar. Even the nose was the same as Bryan's old pictures that he had sent to Ron over the Internet! Ron was dumbfounded and his instant reaction was one of rejection  toward the man who had thrown his son away, the son who was now Ron's best friend.

Quickly composing himself, and ignoring his initial shock, they walked down the hallway leading  toward the Boardroom, where the other members waited his arrival, Ron looked pleasantly at the handsome man and said, "I've been wanting to meet you.  I've heard so much about you."

"Oh," Richard asked, "From whom?"

"Your son, I'm having dinner with him tonight."

"Oh Dick, you mean. Bright young man." Richard beamed proudly."

"No, Bryan," Ron responded, as he stepped through the opened doorway and entered the Boardroom!

 For the first time in his life, Ron truly reveled in thought of the great power that immense wealth could wield!

After setting down his briefcase at the lone empty chair, Ron was escorted around the large table by Gloria Vanderhorn and he shook hands after being introduced to all twelve  Board Members and the Chairman, Robert Tillingham

Lunch was immediately served and the members chatted with each other amiably.  When the remnants were removed. Robert Tillingham started the meeting.

"Before we begin, I'd like to offer a welcome to the Board of Directors, from myself, the remaining Board Members, and Gerald Presswood, our President and Board Member, to Mr.Turner, Mr. Vance and Mr. Apple.  I'm sure your expertise will be a real asset to the Company. Mr. Turner, as many of you know, owns Turner Consulting, whose work with our firm resulted in astronomical returns for the first two quarters. We trust that the inclusion of you gentlemen to our Board will aid in the return to our recent glory, before the unfortunate, but unforeseeable incidents of the past three months. This debacle has  dropped our profits by three quarters and our stock price by nearly one half from its high. You are here to provide guidance for action! ...   Now let us, begin...". He rapped a gavel on a small block of wood sitting on the table.

The meeting started slowly, with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, and the assorted reports from various committees covering the financial and operations associated with the company. Ron listened attentively to the reports of how huge amounts of equipment and profits from the leasing of that equipment, which had shown on the previous books, had been misreported, and the subsequent misstated profits, deducted from earlier reported  quarterly earnings. Ron listened attentively but didn't speak.

"The next item is new business," Mr. Tillingham continued.

Several items were discussed regarding recommended action to counter the blow of the accounting nightmare. During the discussion, a staff member entered the large room and a small folded slip of paper was placed in front of Ron.  He opened the paper and looked at the number written there, and smiled.

"Is there any other new business?" Mr. Tillingham asked the room.

"Yes, Mr. Chairman."

"Mr. Turner has the floor."

"Mr. Chairman, I'd like to reopen the discussion on the missing equipment."

"Mr. Turner, I know it is a painful subject, but you have heard and read all the reports, and further, have participated in action to deal with the catastrophe. I don't see what can be added by further discussion of the matter, ...however, may continue."

Ron spoke. "As some of you might know, I purchased a large block of stock after my company did it's analysis of this company, and I saw the huge potential. The potential was being reached, and I had a huge paper profit, as I'm sure, did many of you. Suddenly, the stock started the nosedive to it's current level. I was startled, because I had not received any bad news about the substandard performance of the company.  My advisors surmised that huge quantities of stock was being sold off. Private investigation soon revealed that the stock which was being sold, was owned by four members of the departing Board and two of its current members! Mr. Chairman, I know where the equipment is! I also know where the money is that was removed from the Company's profits!"

Ron walked around the table, handing out a small binder, with a Turner Consulting logo emblazoned on the front page and the words, "A Report on the Missing Assets of Construction Leasing, Inc." and the previous day's date following, in bold print. The silence of the room was broken as the Members, looked through the pages.

Ron returned to to his place and spoke again.

"Mr. Chairman, the next item I have, is a call for the election of new officers and members of this Board!" I so move."

"You're out of order," Mr. Tillingham said.

"Not so. According to the Bylaws, a call for an election may occur without notice, and irrespective of order."

"You don't have a second,"  Mr. Tillingam snapped.

"O.K." Ron replied. "We'll do this the hard way. I remove my motion and move for suspension of Robert's Rules of Order, which by the way, is also covered in the Bylaws and the motion doesn't require a second.

"You need a three quarter majority, to pass,"  Tillingham warned. "O.K. then, ...All in favor of Mr. Turner's motion to suspend the rules, please signify by raising your hand."

The vote was counted as Ron looked and wrote names and numbers on his note pad. Taking a calculator from his pocket, he began punching buttons.

Mr. Tillinghan announced.  "The vote is tied, 5 to 4, with the chair voting 'no'. The motion fails. due to the lack of a 3/4 majority."

"Point of order Mr. Chairman," Ron said.


Robert Tillingham was furious.

"According to the bylaws, the vote is to be by shares represented.  On the "yes" side, Mr.Cyrus Vance represents 7.8% of the stock, Mr.Gary Apple represents 4.9% , Frank Donahue represents 6.7% and Mr. Ted Zumwald has 6%. I am the largest stockholder in the company with 51.2 %.  Adding that together I come up with a "yes" vote of  75.6%."

"You don't own 51.2 percent of the stock!" Tillingham challenged.

Ron smiled. " I just received a note from my office 10 minutes ago."  A FAX confirmation has already be sent and received here in this building."

After a 15 minute recess to obtain the FAX, the Board reconvened and the vote was recorded as "yes."  It was a downhill fight from then on. Ron's motion for a new election was made, and this time seconded. A new Board of Directors was elected with Misters William Nuggent and Richard Adams replacing Mr. Tillingham and Mr. Presswood.  Ron was elected Chairman, Nuggent, Vice Chairman, Mr. Vance Secretary, and Mr. Apple , Treasurer.  Mr. Donahue was elected chairman of the Finance Committee, and Mr. Adams, appointed President.

Robert Tillingham and Gerald Presswood remained for the voting, then the rose, and walked toward the door.

"Uh, Mr. Tillingham, Mr. Presswood," Ron said, calling their names.

They stopped and turned toward the new Chairman.

"About your ranch in Arizona, Mr. Tillingham. I'm afraid it's surrounded by Federal Agents.

And gentlemen, about your banking accounts, they're frozen. You see, I gave the Justice Department, and the SEC a copy of the report you received earlier.  I think there are a couple of guys, with FBI on their badges, waiting for you just outside those doors.  Have a nice life gentlemen, I hope you look good in striped pajamas."

Ron ignored their shocked looks and their looking around, searching for another way out, which, of course, there was none.

"You son of a bitch!" Tillingham screamed as the Agents entered through the double doors and dragged the cursing bodies from the room.

"Tsk, Tsk! Such rudeness!" Ron commented. Then turning to the men at the table, he noted that Richard Adams had entered the room.

"Ah, Mr. Adams, welcome. Please have a seat.  Congratulations on your election to this Board and to the Presidency of Construction Leasing, Incorporated.  Now gentlemen, I would like to conclude my interruption to 'New Business" by reporting, that my people estimate that at  least 90% of the equipment is recoverable, and around 75 % of the stolen profits in cash. I think that when the press gets wind of this, you will see our stock skyrocket again. Gentlemen, I think we have all made a lot of money this day!  Now, for Old Business......"

 An hour later the business was concluded, but Ron added one last item to the agenda.

"Gentlemen, I'd like to meet again tomorrow at 9 AM  for an emergency Board Meeting to discuss the possibility of taking Construction Leasing  private!....  Seeing that there is no other business to bring before the Board at this time, this Meeting is adjourned."

The men gathered their things, and stood, talking among themselves, stupefied in wonderment at the turn of events  They filed past Ron, shaking his hand and shaking their heads, as they left the room.

As Richard Adams approached the Chairman, he saw a knowing smile which turned into the words,  "I'd like to meet with you in the Chairman's office at 8 AM. tommorrow. I'd like to discuss your future, and what I expect."

The older man turned pale, but agreed with the new Chairman.  Saying "Thank You, of course, I'll be there," he began walking toward the exit and left the room.

                                      *       *       *       *        *

An hour and a half later, a limousine carrying, as its passenger, the newly elected Chairman, pulled up to the curb in front the home of Bryan and Alan  The man exited the vehicle and walked to the door. The limo had been ordered to wait, so it remained where it was.

Ron knocked.  Rich answered the door and invited him in with a hug.   He said, after they separated,  that Bryan was in the living room, and was waiting his arrival.

"Where's Brandt?" Ron asked.

"Uh.. he is in our.. uh.,. my room, getting dressed."

"Cool, " Ron said grinning.   Come down when you're ready. ... No hurry. "

Ron walked into the living room and greeted warmly his friend.

Inviting Ron to be seated, Bryan asked politely, "How was the meeting?"

"Rather exciting actually.  We voted out of office, the Chairman of the Board and the President, and are probably going to get them sent to jail.  I got elected Chairman, and Will was elected to the Board, and will be here tomorrow, for another meeting.  I sent the RET- mobile to get him. Oh, by the way Bryan, I met someone very interesting today. Someone you know."

"Who?" Bryan asked, full of curiosity.

"A guy named Richard Adams!"

"What.... what ...  does he have to do with you?" Bryan stammered.

"Well, I seems like he was the Vice President of Operations for Construction Leasing"

"Was?" Bryan asked, still loving the man who had turned him out, and fearing the worst.

"Yeah, was", Ron responded. " I had him elected President of the Company."

 Bryan was amazed and befuddled.  Ron had made the man who had completely rejected Bryan, the President of his company!

"Of course," Ron continued smiling, " I have to meet with him in the morning to discuss his future with the Company!"

The light bulbs were flashing on in the head of his friend Bryan, which could have lighted the Las Vegas Strip"

"I,.... I.... I don't know what to say," Bryan exclaimed.

"Don't say nothin' yet.  As you know, it ain't over 'till the Fat Lady sings!" and as Scarlet O'Hara said in, Gone with the Wind, "Tomorrow is another day!", which as great as that movie was, are the stupidest words of dialogue in motion picture history!  I much prefer Mammy's lines, "It ain't fittin', It ain't fittin', ..... It just ain't fittin'."

Ron had diffused the tension in his friend by his ramblings.  Bryan became suddenly silent, as he thought about the implications of Ron's tale of the day.  Then, the boys entered the room. Brandt rushed up to Ron, who rose off the sofa, just in time to be surrounded by a bear hug, and a kiss planted squarely on his lips.

"Welcome back," he exuded in his enthusiasm. Then, he lean close to Ron and in a voice barely louder than a whisper,  he said, "Thanks!"

Ron said gratefully, "Thanks, glad to be back." Then guessing why he had been quietly thanked, he paused, then responded in the same quiet tone, and with a twinkle in his eye, "You're welcome."

The men donned their rain coats, and entered the Limo.  Ron gave directions to the restaurant where Lonny worked.

They requested that Lonny be their waiter, since he was working that night.  After a few minutes wait, they were seated and the handsome young man approached their table.

The food and service were again excellent, and the friendly waiter saw that the group of four handsome men wanted for nothing. Bryan picked at his meal, still in a quandry about Ron's news.  Ron insisted on taking the check, and left a huge tip for the cute guy who looked often at him during the meal.

"Hmmm," Ron thought wistfully, as they exited the restaurant.

Returning to the home of his friends, Ron regrettably refused their offer to come in as the hour had become late.  He hugged Rich, and Bryan, as they exited the vehicle.

"What did you do to him", Brandt asked about his lover, when it was his turn to say good-bye. "He has become so incredibly wonderful to me!  I love him so!"

"It's a Turner trade secret," Ron replied with a smile on his lips. "If you really want to know, you'll have to come to Las Vegas , instead of working, on their next trip!"

Then giving the gorgeous guy a hug, he patted the twink on the ass, as he exited the car.

Saying a last good-bye with a silent wave of his hand, Ron ordered the driver to return to the hotel.

                           *   *     *     *     *     *    *     *

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