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Chapter Seventeen

Matt was at work when he received Ron's page.  Because he started early, working the breakfast and lunch room service shift, he took his own lunch  between 10 and 11  o'clock, the slowest time during the hours that he worked. He had just sat down to eat when his cell phone beeped. Recognizing the number as Ron's from the card he'd been given, he answered immediately.

"Hi," Matt started off, "I miss you."

"And I miss you. You don't know how much."

"I'm glad, cause I'm still in a daze."

"I am too, but for more than one reason.  I'm thankful that I have your sweet image in my mind to help me today."

"Is something wrong?" Matt asked.

"Yes, there is."

Ron proceeded to bring Matt up to date on the events of the previous evening.

"I'm so sorry, my love." Matt responded to the hurt he could hear in his lover's voice. "I wish I were there to help you. How is Jack today?"

"When I called the hospital this morning they told me that his vital signs were much better, and he had slept well through the night under sedation.  I plan on leaving soon to go there. If he is strong enough, someone has to tell him of Ted's death. I'm afraid that it's going to have to be me. It needs to be done, although I dread it. This job is one I just can't palm off on anyone else."

"I know, my love, and I respect you for that."

"Believe me, I'm fighting within to have the courage to do it, and the wisdom to be able to soften the cruel blow. They were so in love!  It breaks my heart."

"Are you going to stay in Las Vegas next weekend?'"

"I don't think so, but I'm not sure.  I may come to New York a little later than planned. Only if Jack needs me will I stay here, but I suspect that he may need me more next week. I'll just have to play it by ear. There are things I need to do in New York, and I have someone I really want to be with again. I may need a little kind attention myself."

"I'll be here for you, but if you need to stay there, just know that I will miss you. Do Bryan and Alan know?"

"I sent Bryan an E-mail. He'll probably get it when he checks his mail today. You can call him if you wish."

"Yeah, I'll probably do that when I get home."

"Matt, I love you so much, but I really need to get going."

"O.K. Ron, I understand. Know that I am with you in my thoughts whereever you are."

"Thanks, sweet man. I love you."

"I love you too, my handsome lover.  Good bye, call me later if you can".

"I will, Bye."

Ron hung up the phone and sat for a moment in silence thinking. Summoning up the strength to move toward the task he was dreading, he rose, put on his coat, and headed to get Margaret who wanted to accompany him to the hospital.

                                    *        *        *        *

Ron walked into the room alone.  Upon arrival at the hospital, he had talked to the attending physician about Jack's physical state. He was pleased to learn that the young man's condition had been changed to "guarded," and his wounds were mostly to his extremities, and that he had sustained no internal injuries. He had suffered a large loss of blood due to a severed artery, but rapid  action from a bystander and the quick response of the paramedics had saved his life. His body had many bruises too, but they were superficial, and while they would be uncomfortable and unsightly for a while, they were not serious.

Jack had been awake about three hours and appeared to be recovering better than expected. Ron asked if the news about Ted had been broached. He was informed that it had not, and that Jack had not asked.

Ron approached the bedside and sat in a chair facing the sleeping man.  He looked at the handsome face that had received obvious blows, and remembered that he had never seen that face without a smile. The eyelids flickered, then opened to expose the beautiful blue eyes that looked directly at Ron.

Ron smiled a warm smile for the benefit of the patient and said softly, "Welcome back. How are you doing?"

"I'm not sure," came the faint reply. "All right, I guess. I'm feeling a lot stronger physically than I did three hours ago when I first woke up."

Ron felt in his heart that the dreaded question would be asked next and decided to break the bad news first.

Tenderly Ron said, "Jack, I need to tell you about Ted."

"You don't really need to, Ron, ...I know already?"

"Who told you?" Ron asked, surprised, but relieved.

"He did."


"Ted did; he came to me last night in a dream."

"What did he say? If you can tell me."

Almost in a trance Jack replied, "Yes I can.... I remember the words which are carved into my mind, as if in granite."... His lips moved and he recited the words, ..."Jack, my love, I must  leave you.... Know that you have made me the happiest man in the world, and that our love will never die. Don't grieve for me for I remain in your heart and will stay there 'till we can be together again. ... Recover your wounds and face the world boldly, for you are destined for great things. ... Take love when it is offered. It will not diminish the love we have for each other but enrich our spirits. I have come to comfort you and to tell you again that we are eternally as one.... I love you now and forever."

Ron sat spellbound. Tears fell from his eyes. He could see that his friend was feeling the loss, but believed the words he had just spoken. Ron took Jack's hands into his own and smiled through his own tears.

"Jack, we love you , and are here for you.... I am here for you. You are not alone."

"I know, and I thank you with all my heart, but please don't worry for me. I know that Ted has not left me but merely waits for me to join him."

Jack's eyes closed, and he slipped back into his dream asleep.

After waiting a few minutes, Ron removed his hand from Jack's, and looked upon his friend whose body and mind lay healing. Smiling, he stood, turned, and silently left the room.

                                        *        *        *        *

Brandt had made the delivery in the City.  The flower arrangement was one that he had done himself for the valued Long Island customer . It was a striking arrangement of Iris and Orchids standing tall in a thin crystal vase interspersed with long thin grass like foliage. At the bottom of the flaring narrow holder the base spread out providing a platform. Common field flowers rose from this ring of glass. They climbed the narrow neck of the vase as if reaching for a place with the delicate flowers above. Dark  fern like greenery filled in between the common flowers giving the impression of a solid carpet of  green.

 The older lady recipient had been delighted and gave Brandt a big kiss as he blushed before the whole office staff.

The florist van was parked in a  loading area of the beautiful building next to Central Park. It was 5 o'clock, and streets were jammed from block to block.  Brian was told to keep the van overnight because of the late delivery, so he was in no hurry to contend with the heavy traffic.  He left the van and crossed the street into the park.

 Central Park was huge.  It  occupied an area covering 51 blocks in length along the narrow side of adjacent blocks by 3 blocks along the long-block side which equaled about 12 of the narrow blocks. It was heavily wooded and had trails for both foot traffic and horse drawn carriages. Several small  lakes were within the park. It would be a mistake to call them ponds because of their size.  

Wanting to kill an hour before braving the traffic to Long Island, Brandt began his walk through the lovely woods, knowing that there could be hazards because of the lateness of the hour and the lowering sun. There were both young, desperate guys looking to sell their bodies to satisfy their pimps' insatiable appetite for money, and predators who might pounce on the unsuspecting.  Brandt knew the game as he and Rich had safely traversed the park after being warned by Alan of its dangers.  Brandt felt sure that if he were careful not to give any hint of any interest, that the dangers were minimal. He also felt sure that his savvy of the streets would hold him in good stead if he should be approached. He didn't count on having to take a leak after 20 minutes into the park.

Brandt entered a rest room building that held facilities for the park visitors. As he entered the men's room he noticed the starkness of the space which housed only the most spartan of fixtures, designed to discourage vandalism.  He saw too, the graffiti scrawled colorfully across the walls in such  plenitude that it was difficult to make out the details.  Stepping up to the empty urinal trough, he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his large penis. When the stream of yellow piss released, a nicely dressed man entered and stepped up to the urinal beside him.  The man opened his own fly,  pulled a nice size tool out, and began to relieve himself as he checked out the young twink beside him.  The man finished quickly and began to shake his protruding organ causing it to stiffen.

"You interested in some of this?" the man asked.

"No, thanks anyway."

"Well, how about if I give you some head?"

"Sorry, not interested."

"Could I interest you if I told you that if you don't cooperate, I'll arrest you? I'm a police officer!"

Brandt thought that the man was bluffing. Even if it were true, he might be arrested either way.

"Sir, I have a friend waiting who will come to find me if I don't return soon."

Brandt silently prayed that the lie would work.

"Then I guess my only choice is to take you in!" the officer replied.

The man produced a badge, and Brandt could see the butt end of a pistol in a shoulder holster. He ordered Brandt to spread eagle against a nearby wall. The search by the man's hands were not for contraband or weapons. He was only interested in the large penis which stuck out of Brandt's pants exposed. The officer had not allowed Brandt to put it back into the safety of his own trousers.

Standing between Brandt's outstretched  legs, the officer ran his hands across the young man's chest, then began to lustfully run his fingers in circles around Brand's nips. He continued by running his hands down the young man's chest and lower to his belt buckle which he loosened. Unbuttoning Brandt's waist button the pants hung loosely on his hips and ass. A hand grasped  Brandts huge organ that had stayed limp due to the stress of the situation rather than responding to his assailant's good looks. The man's left hand pulled out the younger man's shirt from the back of his trousers and slid his left hand next to the fair skin of his waist beneath the elastic of Brand's white jockey shorts. His middle finger slid down the ass crack of his victim as his other hand pumped Brandt's huge organ.  

Tears fell from Brandt's eyes in shame as his cock responded to the thrashing of the older man's hand.  He could feel the finger of the cop's middle finger enter his ass, the place that he had never allowed anyone except for Rich. As the finger found his prostate, the giant cock swelled to full size. Brand felt helpless, but he reasoned that if he allowed the man to finish him off, without protest,  that he might let him go. His dick reached rock hardness as his assailant pounded the mighty shaft. Seconds later the wall was bathed in sticky cum which shot from the twink's pulsing rod. With weak knees, the young man was spent, although the man did not want to stop. His dick head was hurting now from the unceasing jacking.

Brandt pleaded, "Stop, please."

The hand slowed down, then finally released the deflating organ.

"Stand up and pull up your pants!"

Brandt did as he was ordered.

"Now put your hands behind your back."

Brandt complied, fearing the worst. He knew the worst was happening when he felt the cold steel of handcuffs being snapped on his wrists.

"Couldn't you just let me go?" Brandt pleaded. " You got what you wanted."  

"Nope, I gotta teach you twinks that you can't go cruisin' on my beat! If I had time, I'd fuck ya and let ya go, but you were such an asshole for turning me down, I'm pissed. An evening in a cold cell with some real friendly guys will teach ya some manners that's gotta be used when an officer talks to you."

"But I wasn't doing anything, sir," said Brandt, protesting his innocence.

"Shut your trap; you're going to jail!"

"With that, the cop grabbed the youth's arm tightly, and dragged the silenced prisoner out through the doorway.

A minute later a door swung open from the last toilet stall.  A 16 year old youth stepped cautiously out.  In heading for the door, he spotted a wallet lying along a wall near the urinal trough.  He quickly picked it up and tucked it into his front pocket before hurriedly leaving the small building.

                                *        *        *        *

Ten minutes later, the phone rang while Bryan was on the Internet, with Ron.  His Las Vegas friend had been bringing him up to date on the tragedy of his friends, Ted and Jack. Moments before, Bryan had logged on and checked his E-mail after getting the call from Matt that happened to be at the time in the evening that he usually chatted with Ron. After checking his mail and the quick note that had been sent by his friend, he looked at his buddy list and saw that Ron was logged on. Ron was just finishing the amazing story of Jack's dream when the phone rang for the third time.  

"brb" he typed and pressed 'send', as he jumped up to grab the phone.

"Hi. You don't know me but I discovered this number in a wallet that I just found.  Do you know a guy named Brandt Houseman?"

"Yes, he lives here. Do you still have the wallet? Do you know where Brandt is?"

"Yeah, I have it.  A cop dragged the guy who dropped this wallet off to jail after giving him a hand job in a toilet room in Central Park. I was hiding in the toilet compartment and heard it all."

"Brandt was soliciting?  I can't believe it!"

"Nah, it wasn't like that at all. He was just takin' a piss."

The youth told Bryan about what he had heard while he had stood on the toilet to avoid being discovered.  Bryan was shocked, but kept a cool head.

"Do you know where the cop might have taken Brandt?"'

"Yeah, I think so. That dumb fuck cop dragged me down to the 52 street precinct one time. What a hell hole! I felt sorry for the poor guy cause he's probably taking him there too. So, I decided to call."

"Here's what I want you to do. There is a social worker down town named Alan. Meet him tomorrow on the North West corner of Central Park at 11 A.M. You can keep any cash that is in the wallet, and Alan will give you a reward for the wallet and the other contents. He will probably also reward you for calling."

"The guy that was pinched knows Alan?  I know him too.  He is a cool guy that tried to help me once, but I was too dumb to listen.  Now I'm stuck in a life that I can't get out of. Sure, I'll meet him.' Til then the wallet is safe with me."

"Thanks, so much ....  what did you say your name was?"

"I didn't say, but it's Tim. That's my real name."

"Thanks, Tim, we owe ya one.  Bye."

"Bye, glad to help. Hope that cop gets his!"

The line went dead and Bryan returned to the computer.  Dashing off a hurried message to Ron, he was about to log off when he saw Ron's reply.  

"Have Alan call me if he has any problem springing Brandt tonight. HUGs Ron"

Bryan typed, "HUGs and thanks, "before he logged off and grabbed the phone to call his partner.

Alan's cellular phone rang. He saw his own phone number on the caller I.D. that appeared as he was getting ready to answer. Bryan and Rich knew not to call him at work unless it was important.

"Hello, what's up?"

"Alan, Brandt got arrested for soliciting in a rest room in Central Park.  It is a lie. A kid called who was hiding in a booth and heard it all.  The cop arrested Brandt because he wouldn't have sex with him and beat him off in the rest room anyway, before handcuffing him and taking him to jail.  The kid had been arrested before by the same cop and was taken to the 52nd Precinct station. The kid, whose is Tim, found Brandt's wallet that had fallen out of his pants when the cop jerked him off.. Oh, I almost forgot. I was chatting with Ron when I got the call, and he said to call him if you had any trouble getting Brandt out of there tonight.  Please, do it if you can't get him out.  Tim said it was a real hell hole."

"I'm on the way! Does Rich know any of this?"

"No I called you first."

"Good, don't tell him yet. I'll call as soon as Brandt's free. Then you can tell him. Otherwise, you won't be able to keep him home. He'll be down here just screwing up my efforts."

"You got it, my man!  I love you more each minute were together.  Go get em! "

The line went dead.

                                        *        *        *        *

Ron's phone rang 40 minutes later.  Answering the phone for the second time in the last 10 minutes, he saw a New York area code appear followed by Alan's cell number.

"Ron, Bryan said to call you if I had trouble getting Brandt out of here tonight.  I usually have a good rapport with the police in the City, but I've been stonewalled.  They won't even consider releasing him to my custody at least until morning.  I don't know what you can do from Las Vegas; these guys are pretty stubborn."

"I have been chatting with Bryan on the internet since his phone call to you. He told me the whole story. Give me about 10 minutes then I'll call you back."

"O.K. I'll wait!"

He hung up.

Ron reached for the pad with the phone number that Jan's call just minutes before had provided.  He punched the private home phone number of  New York's Senior U.S. Senator who he had met at a $1000 a plate fund raiser when the Senator had had accompanied the President to Las Vegas. Even though Ron abhorred politics and felt that most politicians were just a bunch of crooks, he realized that political connections were important in big business. He had contributed $5000 to the President's campaign, (and also his opponent's.), and after meeting the Senator and liking him, had also contributed a like amount toward his recent mid-term victory for re-election. On the fourth ring a sleepy voice answered.  He reintroduced himself, and congratulating the Senator on his victory, stated that he was glad that his "meager" offering of $5000 had helped bring it about. - Ron got right to the point, telling the Senator the tale of the false arrest. The Senator assured him that he would see to a solution immediately and looked forward to meeting Ron personally again.

Ron called Alan and reported that the cavalry was coming and to sit tight. He also asked him to call if it didn't happen within the next 30 minutes or when Brandt was released, if sooner.. 15 minutes later Brandt was brought  into the room with a look of relieved terror on his face. He rushed to Alan sobbing with spent emotions.

 The desk sergeant asked them both to sign the release papers, then and asked how he knew Judge Hildebrand, the Presiding Judge of the District Court system for New York?  

"Oh, we're old friends," Alan said, smiling triumphantly, while lying through his teeth.

The  man and the youth wheeled around, and with Alan's arm around the youth's waist, moved together toward the door leading to Alan's car. Starting the passenger sedan, Alan drove to where Brandt told him that he had left the delivery van. Arriving there, Brandt got out of the car, unlocked the van and climbed into the driver's seat. In moments, they were heading to the haven they called home in the two vehicles.

Ron's phone rang for the final time that evening. Answering it on the first ring, he heard the voice of his friend Alan reporting on the successful snatch of his son's cute lover.  He was thanked profusely for the help which he simply acknowledged with "What are friends for?" Ron said goodnight and offered that they would talk again the next day.  

Ron lay relaxed on his bed. He felt good. His mind wandered to a quotation from Rabbi  Harold Kushner:

       When you carry out
          acts of kindness
               you get
        a wonderful feeling
          It is as though
 something inside your body
          and says, Yes
            this is how
         I ought to feel.

                                    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

 I hope you enjoyed this chapter. HUGs, John Tucker