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Chapter Two

Ron woke Sunday morning, sporting a raging woody.  "Damn, that must have been some dream!" he thought lustfully, as he headed to the bathroom to relieve his now aching bladder, then afterward, to shower and while doing that, provide some attention to his need for sexual gratification.  The warm water from the showerhead coursed over his slim frame as he stepped into the enclosure. Stepping away from the flow, he squeezed some liquid soap into his hands and generously applied it to his face and body before again entering the spray for a rinse.  His penis began to rise, after being coaxed into semi-relaxation earlier, so that he could empty his bladder.  He grasped the pulsing appendage lustfully.  He stepped again out of the torrent of warm water, poured some lotion he had found among the room's guest supplies, and liberally applied it to the now throbbing tool. Feeling the nerve-shock to his system caused by his self-ministrations, his cock erupted too quickly, shooting thick ropes of thick, sweet cum across the shower stall. His knees had become weak, as he thrust his hips with each hot blast, and the head of his dick became super-tender, having played out it's role as the trigger of the young man's passionate explosion. He entered the warm stream of water, for the last time, rinsing his body, while luxuriating in the relaxing aftershock of his release. He had now become wide-awake and ready to face a new day.  Departing from the shower stall, and after drying his spent body with a fluffy towel, he wrapped the cloth around his waist, and went to the doorway of his room, where he retrieved the morning paper and a carafe of hot coffee.

With no special plans for the day, Ron thought wistfully about the fun he had enjoyed the day before.  He envied the closeness that Bryan and Alan displayed so openly. " I need some company for today," he decided, and, thinking of the gorgeous young waiter that has served him breakfast the day before, called up room service and ordered for a tray to be sent up.

 Ron was ready when the knock on the door came, and the announcement, "Room Service," was heard.  He approached the door, and opened it a crack and peered out. He smiled, and pulled the door open to allow the young man from the previous day, to enter with his cart.  Ron wore a lightweight robe that was untied, revealing his slim hairless torso, and his bulging equipment, encapsulated in sexy underwear that left nothing to the imagination.  As they entered the room he led his server past a table where he had left exposed, a copy of Freshmen magazine, opened to the centerfold page. Nonplussed, but with a twinkle in his eyes, the young man proceeded to the table area. Ron sat and made no move to cover his scantily clad genitals with his robe.  As the handsome young man removed the covers from the serving dishes, Ron's hardening cock began to strain the material confining its sausage-like shape.

 The young waiter turned and removing a napkin from the cart, shook it, and began to place it on Ron's lap.  The guest had purposely, declined to push his chair closely to the table, revealing all that he had to offer to the young man. The napkin settled over Ron's lap but not before the attendants fingers had unobtrusively brushed over the tube of protruding man-flesh. The flesh responded and Ron moaned softly, "So good!" as he bit into a piece of toast.  There was little doubt as to the source of his pleasure.  When the young man backed slowly toward his cart, Ron saw the appearance, beneath the small apron that the cute waiter wore at his waist, of a tubular bulge snaking downward along the inside of the server's thigh. The older man decided that the time for pretense had passed.  Reaching out to the delicious hunk that stood before him and, taking his hand, Ron pulled the youth toward him.  He buried his face in the younger man's stomach, and reaching down with his free hand, he slid it upward along the inside of inseam of his black trousers, until it disappeared under the small apron. Ron slowly stood up, keeping his hand on the treasure it was holding. He dropped the beckoning hand loose from his partner's, and wrapped his arm around the body of his tempter. Looking directly into his eyes, he moved in and kissed the sweet lips that drew him like a magnet.  Tongues clashed as they probed the sweet open oral caves.  Passions became heated as the young men thrust their bodies together, hot cocks at full mast.  In a frenzy, Ron unbuttoned the shirt of the hot youth, untied his apron, and worked the fasteners of his trousers.  His lover applied the same hurried attention to Ron's scant clothing and soon both were naked, and embracing with full skin contact.

 Ron pulled the willing guest, toward the bedroom, then to the bed, where their bodies were soon sprawled across the cool sheets, which Ron had exposed before his visitor had arrived.  Ron rotated 180 degrees, so that both young men could taste the offerings of the other, while receiving the same pleasures they were giving. They were building to a hot climax when the young worker, lifted his mouth from Ron's raging hard cock, and pleaded.  "Oh, fuck me, please!"  Ron withdrew from the large pulsing cock of his new friend, and then rolled him on his back, after placing two pillows under his writhing ass. Ron reached for the lube and a condom that he had placed in the nightstand drawer while planning the seduction of this beautiful body, and applied the slippery material to his fingers, which he tenderly, but swiftly inserted into the waiting receptacle. The young man moaned as he felt the preview of what was to come.  Ron didn't wait long. Tearing open the condom package, he expertly rolled it over his blood-gorged tool, and moved his eager body into position, where the head of his swollen cock could meet its small, pink target.  His partner placed his ankles on Ron's shoulders, and spread his legs widely too allow maximum penetration.  The youth wiggled his hips invitingly and humped his ass at Ron's massive tool.
 With a firm pressure on the bud of the server's ass, the head of Ron's dick parted the closed circle, gently providing the opening to accept the shaft of the hard rod, which would give them both, so much pleasure. Ron moved his body closer to the young man's ass as his large organ pushed deep into the moaning body.  When his cock was buried to its base, he slowly withdrew it, almost to the opening and then, with a thrust of his hips, sank it again to its full depth. Ron began to withdraw and thrust with an ever-increasing rhythm. Only the anesthetic remainder of his earlier masturbation, kept his load from boiling over prematurely.  He picked up the pace and pounded his beautiful friend's ass with lustful abandon.  His swollen cock began to hump the squirming ass feverously, in the final seconds before climax.  His partner began to moan loudly, as his own dick discharged hot thick cream on his torso, from his neck to his pubic hair. Ron's poker was on fire! With a mighty groan, he pumped his hips, feeling the unbridled ecstasy of his hot cum's surge, filling the receptor deep within the slippery hole of his bedmate. He continued his pounding, until the last drop had been spent, then, sinking to the chest of his lover, kissed the sweet lips, leaving his slowly deflating cock filling the youth's ass.  Finally, withdrawing, then rolling off the younger man, to lay beside him, Ron again kissed the soft lips and held the warm body of his friend against his own.

 Moments later, the younger man stirred.  Remembering that he was still on duty, he took a quick shower, profusely apologizing for rushing off, then thanked and embraced Ron as he headed hastily toward the door. He looked back at Ron who was smiling at him, and said, "I'm off at three, but I can't come back here after work.  Call me if you have time, and would like to meet again. --- Oh, by the way, my name is Matt!"  Scribbling a number on a piece of guest stationary, he grabbed the cart, noticing two, one hundred dollar bills tucked under the corner of a serving dish. He smiled gratefully, winked, and wheeled the conveyance out through the doorway.  The door to the room clicked shut.

Postscript: Sorry, I know that is chapter is short, but I have the next ready to post, so please be patient. This adventure will continue, if you like it!    JET