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Chapter Twenty

Matt was waiting for them inside the  Executive Terminal at La Guardia as the two men exited the plane at 9:35 P.M., Eastern Standard Time. The young men had not been able to leave early due to the funeral activities. A few friends and office workers had left from the cemetery and had gathered with Ron and Jack at Ron's home.  A light lunch was served and many loving words and warm hugs were exchanged. The guests stayed only briefly, then departed. 

Parker had seen to the packing for the two men's pending trip and of course, had made sure that Jack had plenty of clothes for any occasion. This had been the accomplished by the valet with a quick trip to the Men's Wear department of his favorite store. The bags had been placed in the trunk of Ron's car before the last of the guests had departed.

After changing into casual clothing that Parker had laid out for their journey, the two friends climbed into the Mercedes and headed for the office before continuing on to the airport. The stop had yielded a folder of reports and messages which Ron intended to review on the plane.

The trip had been uneventful except that Ron had discovered in his schedule for the next day an 11 o'clock meeting which had be arranged between Ron, Bryan and Richard Adams  at Construction Leasing's office. Margaret had, as usual, confirmed that Bryan would be able to be there. Ron saw that an appointment had also been scheduled prior to that meeting between himself and Richard.  Ron also noted a phone number next to the name of "Tim" and a location, "Central Park". Pleased, Ron continued his work while Jack dozed on the comfortable sofa of the luxurious jet.

                                 *        *        *        *

Matt stepped through the terminal doors toward the plane as the stairs descended for the departure of the jet's passengers. He could hardly wait to hold his lover again and meet their guest for the weekend. As Ron's shape appeared in the open doorway, Matt rushed toward the aircraft. Ron descended followed by another man. The two lovers met at the bottom of the boarding device and hugged each other as if they had been separated for years, not days. After a short but tender kiss, they separated and turned toward Jack who waited patiently on the third step.  

Reaching out to his friend, Jack stepped onto the asphalt and was introduced to Ron's lover. They shook hands then broke into a warm hug. Matt expressed his condolences at Jack's loss.  Jack's composure stayed strong as he said the words he had repeated so often that day.

"Ted's not really gone, a large part of him remains in my heart."

Matt wanted to cry and comfort his new friend, but he realized that he needed to be strong for Jack who had suffered so greatly.  Instead, he just smiled warmly and the three men turned with Ron to pick up the luggage which had been left by the crew nearby. They headed through the terminal to the waiting limo from the Plaza that was parked on the other side of the building.

                                    *        *        *        *

After leaving Jack at his nearby suite, the lovers entered their room, where the bell boy had already left their belongings and that the valet had already unpacked. Alone in their room at last, the two lovers fell at once into each other's arms.  The suite in which they were standing was beautiful beyond belief and had gorgeous vistas of the City; But each lover only cared to look at the beautiful man that filled his eyes and heart.

Ron lead his mate to the bedroom where a night of togetherness was to reach its zenith. They arrived at the large bed. Ron indicated with a pat of his hand on the covers that his  lover should sit on the edge. Kneeling at his feet, Ron untied his lover's shoe strings.

Matt looked at Ron lovingly smiling at the man who served him and smiled back as he said softly, "another 'nuit blanche'."

"Meaning what?" Ron inquired.

"Literally, 'another white night', but that is just the French expression for a night without sleep."

They both grinned as their shoes and socks were tossed to the floor. Their outer garments were soon joined together in a heap beside the footwear and quickly the skimpy pieces of inner coverings were added to the growing pile.

The two nude forms were drawn together as if forged by the power of their passions. Lips touched and tongues entwined. The men's need for each others' bodies was not only demonstrated by torsos locked in embrace, but also by their large penises which pointed chinward, hard  and pressed between their bodies.

Each moment was so precious that had their lovemaking been halted, they would have had grateful thoughts for the sharing that had in reality, only begun.

"I love you, my wonderful man." Ron said tenderly.

"And I you, my sweet; I've missed you so much. I dream of you every night and have thought of no one else since the morning we first met."

Ron offered, "You have my body now at your command and my heart forever. What is mine to give is yours to have. I have wished in my inner soul that such joy would return to my life. It has through your love for me. All my wealth is you here beside me. Nothing else really matters"

They lay side by side, bodies woven together. The tenderness they were feeling toward each other began to be supplanted by an urgency signaled by their bodies. They ground their hips sensually in the confined space between them causing their throbbing rods to stiffen even further.

Ron rolled his partner over on his back then lifted this own body, placing it on top of his lover's. The mass of Ron's form was pressed by gravity against that of his lover below.  They both felt this heightened contact which drove them toward the desire to be as one.

Matt spread his legs and raised his knees as Ron's moved downward, his lips and tongue making a trail from the younger man's neck to his pectoral muscles. The warm and wet oral instrument traced the outline of the protruding muscles, and orbited around Matt's chest , finally stopping on a small brow orb that had been targeted. The tongue did a dance around the object, resulting in heightening signals of erotic bliss being sent to the youth's brain. Lips kissed and teeth nibbled the dark spot of affection as a moan escaped Matt's lips.

Lifting his head, Ron moved to the matching small nipple on the other side of his lover's chest and his mouth continued its work of pleasure. Matt was in heaven. The man he loved soon traced the depression between Matt's pecs with his tongue slowly tasting the sweet skin as it traveled down and to his lover's naval. The exploring tasting organ dug into the small crevice feeling each small bump of the tiny cavity.

Moving his mouth around the abdomen of his lover, Ron relished the feel of the rounded humps and valleys of the abs which showed the results of his lover's efforts to improve his body.

Matt's hard cock stood straight and proud, begging for attention. Ron moved to satisfy its plea.  

Running his tongue down the large 8 inch shaft, Ron washed the outer surfaces of the stiff organ with a thoroughness that it had never experienced. Matt's hand on Ron's head pushed downward to forestall a premature release of hot cum which was nearing fruition from the younger man's balls. Those orbs next became the center of Ron's attention.  He licked the sack containing the soft jewels, and then took them one by one into his warm mouth. Rolling them around in that wet cave with his tongue, he savored the makers of the seeds that Ron longed to extract from his lover into his own body.

Ron returned to the hot shaft that would deliver the fluid containing the seeds. Starting at the heart shaped tip he drew the cap into his mouth and moved down the large organ. As the cap hit the back of his mouth Ron opened his throat. Repressing the gag  reflex, he slid the large member down his throat until his lips encountered the patch of  his lover's pubic hair.

Matt writhed in ecstatic agony as his love juices flowed, depositing a small amount of precum in the back of Ron's throat. The older of the two young men  retracted his head, took a breath of air and repeated the plunge of the entire length of straight tube until it was entirely within him.  

Again and again the men repeated the piston-like action, and Matt's hard cock grew to its maximum length and girth. Blood gorged thorough the large organ and signals of ecstasy flowed like a flood to the young man's brain. Responding to those flashes of raw rapture, Matt's hips began to thrust over and over toward the orifice that was providing such pleasure.

Matt's excitement reached its peak as he thrust his hips uncontrollably at his lover, spewing shot after shot of hot cum down his lover's throat.

As the explosions neared their end, Ron's head retracted to the head of his lover's organ, receiving the last full creamy ejection from it across his waiting tongue. He tasted the love that had emanated from the body of his mate, fully enjoying the flavor that was his lover's donation to their union.

Matt's body fell limp after the cusp of his ejaculation. Ron kissed the slowly deflating organ that had given so much pleasure to them both. Then he moved up this lover's frame, finally kissing the mouth that had intensely groaned with released joy during the pinnacle of their lovemaking just a moment before.

Ron rolled to the side of his lover and drew the lovely body to him. He placed kisses of love on the lips and neck of the man he adored, pleased to bring him the pleasure of fulfillment. They lay holding each other as moments stretched into a half hour of shared togetherness.

Matt then looked at his smiling lover and said in a soft voice," Now, I have something to give too."

Raising his legs, Matt exposed  the hairless button that was his offering. Ron rose to the challenge quickly, and moved his head to the globes surrounding the willing opening. He licked the most sensitive area and applied with his tongue the fluid of his mouth around the target of his desire.

Picking up the container that he had brought to the bed, he applied lube generously to his now fully erect cock and to its small receptor. A single finger entered the dark cave to prepare the small aperture for a much larger invasion. Working the second and then third fingers into the opening, he slipped the digits in as far as they would reach.

Ron's hard tool was ready. Removing his fingers from Matt's hole, he moved his hips into position and placed the head of his cock at the opening. With a single smooth push the head disappeared into the hot abyss of Matt's offering. Applying pressure, the steaming rod sank deep within Matt's opening until it was buried to the hilt.

Ron did not pause. He began the slow pumping motion that he knew would lead to their heightened  enjoyment. As his sizable tool brushed Matt's prostate, the younger man's own tool swelled to full size. Matt moaned in pleasure.

Ron poured lube on Matt's swollen penis and began to slide his grasp along it's impressive length in coordination with the movement of his own hips.

In moments, Ron increased the tempo of his thrusts. His hips moved like a race horse pacing itself for the final dash to the finish line. Faster and faster he moved as his dick sent signals of its lust  to the hips providing the motive power. Both Matt and Ron groaned in the growing excitement. 

Reaching a point of no return, Ron pounded the ass of his lover as he sank his love rod madly into the upturned hole. With corresponding movements, he whipped his lover's dick with a frenzy that bespoke of  unstoppable release. Mighty grunts of pleasure escaped their throats as both men shot their loads at the same time. Ropey streams of sticky cum stripped Matt's chest as he dumped the products of his excitement.  Ron's contribution to their bliss was buried deep with the dark recess of his lover's beautiful ass.

                            *        *        *        *

Out of the City on Long Island, the walls of a small house absorbed sounds similar to those of the Hotel in Manhattan. Two couples separated by the thin walls in that cozy home were feeling similar joys. The sounds, from the oldest couple, were a torrid expression of the love that the two participants had found in the fulfillment of  each other's bodies. The others, more frenzied, were for the younger boys a culmination of the exuberance of youth and of another notch cut in their journey toward a deeper, more permanent love

Half an hour later, all three couples were asleep in the arms of the men they loved.

                                    *         *        *        *

Friday was a big day for the friends.

Ron and Matt rose before the dawn, as the younger of the two had to be at his job that started very early.  They kissed and held each other briefly before showering together and decorating each other with their thick creamy expressions of the renewed desire. After finishing his morning ablutions,Matt retrieved his clothing for the day from the dresser and closet where it had been unpacked before they had entered the suite the night before. After a warm, but hasty kiss, he was quickly gone, to return in mid afternoon when his shift ended.

Jack answered a 7 o'clock wake up call, and phoned Ron's room, knowing that his friend would be awake after Matt's early departure. The two young men made plans to meet at the elevator stop on their floor at 7:30 to travel to the lobby restaurant for their breakfast together. Jack had decided to return to his room that morning to rest while Ron went to the offices of Construction Leasing for his 9 and 10 o'clock meetings. Jack would later take a cab to a restaurant near that building for lunch with Ron.

In their household only Bryan woke early.  He had a class to attend before joining Alan in Manhattan at 10 in the offices managed by his father. The other three men of the house remained asleep. Alan would awake later to begin the preparations for the dinner that Bryan and the boys would serve that evening to their visitors from Las Vegas and Ron's new lover.

                            *        *        *        *

Ron greeted Richard Adams as the President of Construction Leasing, Inc. entered the lavish office of the Chairman of the Board.  Rising and offering the older man a seat in a comfortable armchair in the lounge area of the office, Ron poured cups of coffee for their enjoyment as they chatted.

Richard handed Ron a folder containing several pages of documents, and opened an identical one that he retained for his use.  Ron opened his folder and looked within at the first page of documents. Richard began to to explain the reports arranged for their study. .

"As you can see from page one, around $26 million dollars has been recovered from the men involved on our scandal. $17 1/2 million still remains impounded by the Justice Department until a full accounting of assets of the perpetrators can be made and their investigations completed. There remains about $3 million unaccounted for. We can file civil actions against the perpetrators of this theft, at your direction, to recover the balance. Your early decision on the possibility is very important.

Ron looked at the listings and saw among the details that $500,000 had been recovered from an unspecified source. Both men knew the source. Ron smiled.

"No, Richard. I don't want to file a civil action. First, it would drag this fiasco out into the public spotlight. Second, it could drag you into the fray. We don't need our new President's reputation besmirched."  Ron continued. "I am assuming that in an hour your Presidency will be cemented into a permanent position," he said still smiling. "I intend to replace the deficiency with my private funds so that this portion on the problem can be closed. Now, what about the equipment?"

"Look on page two.  Of  346 pieces of missing equipment, all but 11 have been recovered thanks to your fast action in Arizona. The items still missing are gone permanently, I'm afraid, into Mexico."

"I think you have done an excellent job with this, Richard. You are to be congratulated."

"Thank you, Sir. I have tried to live up to the responsibility that you have given me."

Richard then guided Ron through the balance of the pages. The third sheet was a written summary of what they knew about the Justice Department's progress in the investigation. Most of remainder of the report was made up of  a weekly operational sheets explaining actions taken and progress made in the company under Richard's tutelage

The last page was a graph of the Company's stock value over the last six months. Ron was pleased in looking at the document that the stock had in the past week taken a drastic turn for the better. Ron was sure that it was a result of the small news stories that had surfaced after the takeover that had been read by astute investors. It might make "going private" more expensive if they didn't work fast. He would discuss that matter with the Board at the meeting scheduled for after lunch. Nevertheless, it was good news.

Nearly an hour had passed and there were only about seven or eight minutes before Bryan and Alan's appointment

 Ron looked at Richard and asked the $64 dollar question. "Are you ready for our next meeting?"

"Yes," Richard said thoughtfully, "But I'm nervous as hell!"

"Don't be worried," Ron responded with a reassuring smile, "Bryan is the most forgiving man I know."

Ron stood, and indicating that Richard should remain, walked out of the room into the reception area. Bryan and Alan were seated and waiting. Ron approached his friends, who rose, and gave them both a hug in greeting.

"I think we're ready,." Ron said. "I believe that it might be better if Bryan met his dad first without you, Alan. You will be called when they are both ready."

Alan gave Bryan a hug and silently wished that his love might find today the end of his sorrow. The older of the couple returned to his seat.

Ron lead Bryan to the door behind which Bryan's father waited.

Passing through the doorway and moving toward the man standing in anticipation, Ron said, "Richard, I'd like you to meet my best friend, Bryan."

Richard looked at the handsome youth, and tears poured from his eyes. He looked pleadingly at the youth, opened his arms wide, and said only one word, .... "Son?"

Bryan rushed to his father's embrace.

Ron stepped out of the room to sit with Alan. He needed to see no more.

Ron smiled as he approached his seated friend. Everything was going to be fine.

                            *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Smiles, and HUGs,   John