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Chapter Twenty Four

Ron sat at in his office and surveyed the stack of notes, schedules and reports that lay on his desk before him. Before he began attacking the pile staring him in the face, he thought back to the events of the previous weekend.

First he thought of Matt. Ron smiled as the image of his beautiful lover appeared in his mind and the moments they had shared, not only alone, but with their friends and new charge. Ron wondered what he had done to deserve such a great partner. The loving that they shared so wonderfully in bed was just the tip of the iceberg of their growing love for each other. Knowing that he wanted to be with Matt all the time, Ron called Margaret and asked her to telephone UNLV and get their class catalogue for the spring. He hoped that Matt would move to Las Vegas to live with him and  continue school.

He remembered the great reunion of Richard and Bryan, culminating in the visit of Bryan's parents to Bryan and Alan's for lunch yesterday, the day of his homeward journey. The older guests had no chance. From the beginning, Bryan's mother had fallen in love with the boys, especially Rich. The teenagers had returned her attention and showered her with hugs from the minute they met. Richard's defensive exterior had been completely shattered as the boys decided that "Grandpa" was their new companion and best buddy.  Bryan was the most surprised of all.  He had never seen his Father so animated and so laid back. The change in Richard foretold of many happy years ahead for their family.

Tim was responding well to all the chaos and new surroundings. He was overwhelmed at the love and caring that he found at every turn. It was like he had fallen from the dung heap into a bed of flowers. He had been so afraid that the "smell" that he carried with him from his previous life would drive everyone away. If there was a odor, no one seemed to notice; but, still it was like he was waiting for the "other shoe to drop."  It never did. He was accepted by not only the adults but by Rich and Brandt and had been included in all their activities as one of the group.

Ron and Tim had a long conversation on the flight home during the time when Jack napped. They had talked of Tim's future and his return to school. Tim was bright but had missed most of the fall term because of the reoccurring problems with his father and finally his ejection from the household. Ron made a note to ask Margaret to set up an appointment for the two of them  with the school district.

Jack was recovering from Ted's loss better than Ron could ever have hoped. This morning while Ron was at the office, Tim was going with Jack to his new friend's home to begin the painful job of dealing with Jack's departed lover's things. Jack was "staying home" until after the Thanksgiving holiday trip. He had many details to take care of and his extra "temporary duty" as Tim's daytime mentor for the week would assure that he had no time to become lethargic.

Ron had also called his personal physician, Dr. Hazeltoff, at home the previous evening from the plane to arrange a checkup for Tim. The appointment had been confirmed for 3 o'clock this afternoon. Jack would accompany his new young friend.  Ron was concerned especially because of Bryan's warnings and had related to the doctor a bit of Tim's background and the  commitment that he had made to his young charge.

Jack and Ron had had a brief time on the plane to discuss Construction Leasing's board meeting. Jack had advised, and his employer agreed, that Construction Leasing should remain independent for the foreseeable future under the direction of Richard Adams.

                        *        *        *        *

At Ron's home, Jack had risen later than usual. He and Tim had a busy day scheduled.  Before starting  the day's activity, the man whose body had almost returned to it pre trauma condition, decided that his physical inactivity was beginning to be felt. He slipped on the borrowed  running clothes that he had worn before the trip to New York and stepped out onto the balcony outside his room heading for Ron's jogging trail. Even though he paced himself from the time he started, he began to feel the effects of his injuries after three one mile laps and 20 minutes had elapsed

Deciding to call it enough, Jack climbed a short exterior stairway at the rear of the of the house that lead to the projecting balcony walkway along the outside of the guest suites. As he approached the youth's room on the route to his own, he wondered if Tim had risen from his sleep. The vertical blinds of Tim's room had been pulled back to provide an large exposed opening at the sliding doorway through which Jack looked as he walked slowly passed.

The bed was vacant  and the covers pulled back. Jack glanced around  the room and his eyes settled on the open doorway to the bath.

Inside the clear glass shower enclosure he saw the naked form of the gorgeous teen with his hand pumping  a large 8 inch dick. Jack involuntarily stopped as his own generous organ swelled.

The youth's eyes were closed as he reveled in the sensations brought on my his ministrations. His body tensed as it neared climax.

Jack  adjusted  his swelling cock which had exceeded the capacity of the jock cup to contain; -- except in great discomfort.  The head of the stiff shaft stuck out above the elastic waistband of the shorts whose drawstring had been loosened. His balls ached from their load that had not received relief since before the loss of his lover.

The teen now approached the pinnacle of ecstasy. His muscles were at the height of tension as he thrust his hips into his pounding hand. Thick ropey shots of hot cum erupted from the fat cock creating arches of semen across the enclosed shower space.

As Tim's third and largest load ejected, Jack's own untouched dick pumped it's first of several copious quantities of hot sticky fluid against this muscular abs. A large wet circle appeared of the surface of his shirt as his sexual equipment unloaded their pent up reserves.

Moments later, their lusts released, the minds of  the two young men returned to the reality of their surroundings.  Jack moved quickly toward his own room and the shower it offered. At the same time, Tim rinsed the products of his ejaculation off of his body and the surfaces of the shower enclosure, watching as the thick cream slipped down the floor drain.

                            *        *        *        *

As Ron continued the review of his many activities, he thought again of his New York friends. Today was also Alan's last day with his current employer. He would work at home until after the cruise and begin to spend more effort in preparing for the time after his return from the Thanksgiving trip when the Friendships' Trust would begin operations in earnest.

Ron had asked Margaret, when entering the office, to arrange a meeting between herself, Will and Jan at Noon. She had already anticipated his request and had ordered  lunch to be delivered to his office so that they could have a luncheon get-together. She also had set up a meeting with Mr. Peterson at  2 P.M. in order to review Ron's Las Vegas based charity investments and operations. He also wanted to discuss the transferring of some Turner Trust investments over to the Friendships' Trust.

Finally, Ron made a note to call his Private Detective agency to check on their progress on the investigations of the New York cop who had arrested Brandt. He wanted them to follow the  proceedings with Fat Charlie too. The man was dangerous.

Having completed his reminders, Ron dug into the business tasks of the day. He quickly checked his investments report and noted that the initial public offering that he had instructed his broker Paul to buy at the end of last week was skyrocketing. The investment was in a small pharmaceutical company that had done a remarkable research job in discovering an effective treatment for Aids. He had told his broker to buy 2 million shares when the stock was first offered and added another million for the Turner Trust an hour later when the stock started to take off.  His average share price was 12 3/8ths when purchased and the stock had opened this morning much much higher, streaking past 70 by the time Ron had reached his office just a short while ago.

Ron called Paul and  directed him to begin selling off the stock, which would earn a gain of $115 million in his private account, and $57 million for the Turner Charitable Trust if the stock could be sold at $70 a share. Ron had further instructed his broker to watch the performance of the company in the next weeks as Ron expected the stock to settle. He knew that the approval for the drug by the FDA was entering its last phase of testing and review. There was a lot of political pressure for the approval; however if the results were not positive, the company might well be ruined and the stock worthless. If, however the approval was granted, the stock would again rise.

Ron knew, which few others who had not really done their homework knew, that the discovery opened up a whole field of treatment for other viruses for which the company had patents. Ron looked for the right opportunity to become again a major stockholder but chose to take his short term gains before becoming  a major player once more. 

Ron looked again at Construction Leasing's stock listing. The Company's stock had risen considerably last week. He would instruct Will Nuggent at the lunch meeting to execute the buyout plan.

Checking  his companies' weekly reports, Ron noted that most of the operations were going better than anticipated. He would discuss the reports with Will in much greater detail at the meeting during the noon hour also.

It was time to begin making and returning phone calls. All of his calls were recorded unless he wished otherwise at which time he would shut the recording machine off. The recordings allowed Margaret to listen later and to anticipate actions that might need preparation without requiring  his personal direction. He even  had a voice signal of "execute" that he would say if he wanted her to put something into motion without further action from him.

He called first the private detective/ security company, Aztec Security,  in Los Angeles for an update regarding the inquiry of the New York City policeman. He was pleased to receive the news that the investigation was proceeding well, and that they hoped to gather enough evidence to provide Ron a complete report within a couple of weeks. They concurred that Ron's initial reaction was correct and that the evidence was almost all completely in; however, they had discovered much more damaging evidence that they were still investigating. They did not elaborate and Ron did not ask for details.

Ron related his wishes about Fat Charlie and the President of the company, Jason Parry, assured him that the case would be monitored.

Ron also returned a call from Paul McInerny, the Executive Director at the University Medical Center, who reported on the overwhelming success of the changes that Ted and Jack had recommended for the Emergency Room operation. Even though some minor additional staffing was still not started, the response measurements that had been initiated by the "Whiz Kids" had shown an improvement in service of 37%. Ted's last job on earth would save lives and would be a lasting memorial.

Continuing his work Ron made several more calls. He then took a walk around the office stopping to visit each operation and his many friends. He stopped in at Turner Consulting and spoke with Charlie Parker about Jack's plans to return to work and how he had appreciated Charlie's  eulogy at Ted's funeral. He then asked the whereabouts of Jeff Davis and Phil Thornton. Charlie pointed out their office and after Ron said good bye to Charlie, walked in that direction.  

Entering the office that the two young men shared, Ron found them hard at work.

"Hi, Guys," Ron offered in greeting.

The young men rose, immediately recognizing Ron from their employment interview.

"It's nice to see you again, sir," Jeff started off as he offered his handshake.

"Thank you," Ron replied, shaking both men's hand. "Well, how are we treating you?"

"Great," Phil answered. "We just finished an aviation report for Charl... uh, I mean Mr. Parker and Ms. Bounett."

Ron smiled.

"I am anxious to read it. And by the way, we don't go by Mr., Mrs., or Ms. around here except in front of the customers. My name is Ron and it is OK to call Charlie, Charlie too. What are you working on?"

"Charlie asked us to go over some reports and recommendations that Jack Smith and Ted Thornton had done in the past. He thought that their work might guide us on our future jobs. He was right. Those guys were fantastic. We were both very sorry to hear about Ted. We hope that Jack is doing OK too. We haven't met him yet, but we hope to soon. Right now we are waiting for our next assignment. Charlie has a big client that he wants us to meet after Thanksgiving; until then we are just learning what we can."

"Well you are right about Ted and Jack,"  Ron said. "They were quite a team. Jack is doing well, but you understand  that Ted and Jack were more that just partners at work. It has made things very difficult for him, but he is handling it well.  The real reason that I came in here today was to invite you to dinner tomorrow night at my home. You will get a chance to meet Jack there. I'm sure that he would be glad to advise you when he returns to work."

Jeff looked at Phil who returned his glance with an affirmative nod of his head.

"I guess that we should tell you, Ron, that we are more than partners at work too."

Ron smiled.

"I know. We do a thorough background check of all our best candidates. Sometimes we do work in very sensitive areas. We want to know that we can rely on our people and are aware of any risks they might bring with them. You guys have been very discrete in your relationship and have been careful to surround yourselves with trustworthy friends. We have no problem with your personal lives. In fact, you will find several gays that work here,.... including me."

A shocked look appeared on the faces of the two new analysts.

"We had no idea," said Phil. "Wow! No one told us a thing."

"We are very discrete here too. We do not gossip about each others' personal  lives. If you want to out yourself to others here, you may do so. But they won't hear it from me or from another if you tell one or two more. There is much respect between the people working here. We care about  each other not only  because of the competence we display in our shared accomplishments, but also due to the great regard we hold for each other as individuals. I hope that you will share the same courtesy toward others as I know that they will show for you."

"You can count on it," Jeff said. "And in answer to your invitation to dinner; we would be more than happy to accept. ."

"Great. I have a wonderful cook named Mary.  I had a dinner party with many guests a couple of months ago. She prepared a really tasty chicken dish. One of the guests was so impressed that he went into the the kitchen to tell Mary how much he enjoyed the meal and after doing so he asked her what she did to prepare the chickens. 'Not much,' she replied. 'I just tell 'em that they're gonna die!' "

Both of the new employees broke out  in laughter.  The joke was totally unexpected. This dinner with their new boss was going to be a lot of fun.

Ron grinned and extending his hand to the young men, said," We will expect you at 6:30. Dress is casual and bring your swimming trunks. You can get a map to my home from  Margaret, my secretary.  If I don't see you before, I will see you then."

They said good bye to Ron who left their office and made one additional stop which he suddenly decided to make. Then he headed back to Charlie Parker's office. He wanted to confirm that Charlie could spare the two new employees next week.

When Ron returned to his office he found a note to call Sheriff Stone. He sat down at his desk and dialed the number left on the note.

"Sheriff Stone," the voice answered.

"Sheriff, this is Ron Turner. I'm returning your call."

"Thanks for calling Ron. I thought you'd want to know that the gang that killed Ted Thornton and injured Jack Smith has been apprehended. They are in custody in California where they fled. We are processing extradition papers now to return them to Nevada for trial. We have detectives over there now interrogating them.  One of them is singing his head off in exchange for leniency. He was the driver of the vehicle and was not physically involved in the murder. My officers tell me that it looks like a slam-dunk case."

"I really appreciate the news, Sheriff. Please keep me informed. If there is anything I can do for Metro, be sure to ask."

"Well, now that you mention it, the Association is raising funds for the abused children's facility  for Christmas. We are trying to raise money for Christmas gifts for the kids and to do some needed repairs to their facility which is in a pretty run-down condition."

"How many kids are housed there?"

"About 150 at any one time. Some of them have been waiting for nearly a year to be placed in a foster care home."

"Put me down for $15,000 for the gifts. The kids will need clothes in addition to toys and games.
Please send a billing notice in care of Mr. Peterson at my office who will provide the funds. Also, tomorrow I will have someone from Turner Construction visit the facility. Please arrange for someone to meet him. I think that the repair work can be handled expeditiously too. We'll consider that just a 'thank you' for nabbing Ted's killers. Again Sheriff, thanks for the good news.

"Your generosity speaks of a warm heart," the Sheriff said. "Thank you so much."

"You are more than welcome. Good bye."

Ron hung up the phone.

                                 *        *        *        *

Noon arrived before Ron was even aware that the clock had moved. He had worked diligently to take care of the many details that were before him. He felt a bit guilty because of his absences from the office but knew that Will and Jan were more than competent to handle the company operations. Margaret had entered his office a few minutes before and had laid the luncheon fare out on the conference table.

Promptly at 12 o'clock, Will, Jan and Margaret entered the office. Ron greeted them warmly as he got up to join them at the table. As they ate, Ron told them of his trip to New York. Matt was the first topic of conversation. They were most congratulatory and were happy that Ron had, at last,  found someone with whom he could share his personal life. They expressed a real interest in meeting the handsome young man who had stolen Ron's heart.

Ron related next the events resulting in Bryan's reunion with his parents and the Construction Leasing meeting.  During this conversation, Ron instructed Will to begin the acquisition process to buy-out the stockholders of Construction Leasing.

Giving them the background of Brandt's incarceration some of which they already knew, Ron told them of Tim and of his return with Ron to Las Vegas. He asked Margaret to arrange the school district meeting.

Ron also asked Will to get the backgrounds of Aztec Security. He asked that a report be prepared for his review after Thanksgiving.

The coming cruise was the next topic of discussion. Ron asked Jan to arrange the transportation for both the Las Vegas and New York groups. Ron then asked Will and Jan to plan a company yachting trip for the heads of his various interests for late January.

Ron spoke of Jack and the recovery of their young friend. He told of the call from U.M.C. and of the report from the Sheriff. They express relief at the Jack's progress and were pleased that the perpetrators of the crime had been apprehended.

Friends' Trust was brought up next. Ron told of Alan's plans and of Lonnie's hiring. He spoke of his desire to make the Friends' Trust self sufficient. Apologizing for his lack of attention at the home front, Ron expressed his confidence in them in pursuing  the Holding Company's goals.

By the time he had finished bringing his friends up to the present on his activities, they had completed their meal.  After clearing up  the luncheon trash the trio began to bring Ron current on the happenings in Las Vegas.

Will began by reviewing the progress in each of the Companies that Ron owned. The decision had been made to expand the drywall manufacturing operation by building a new plant at the cost of $80 million. Since three quarters of the cost would be covered by financing at a very favorable rate, little would be needed from the company's rather large reserve of cash. Additional land had been acquired for the new plant and the construction work to be performed by Turner Construction was expected to begin in April.

When Will got to the financial report,  Ron told his team about the pharmaceutical company and the large influx of cash that was expected momentarily. Ron explained his interest in becoming, at least, a major stockholder again once the frenzied buying of the I.P.O. had died down. He told of the expected approval of the new drug and of the patents that were either in place or were pending. Will expressed his great pleasure in the performance of their investments in the past weeks which had kept a favorable balance between invested money and cash. Even with the buyout of Construction Leasing, their cash position would remain strong.

Jan began the report of her operations by providing the aviation report prepared by Jeff Davis and Phil Thompson. It was well done, being concise yet providing the basic information in the executive summary. The back-up information was included too but Ron preferred not to read it since he knew that Charlie Parker, plus Will and Jan, had all checked the validity of the information before presenting it to Ron.

The report recommended the acquisition of a Cessna Citation II for shorter travel, principally by the Turner Construction staff. It also recommended that the company invest in a sharing purchase though an outside company of the use of additional aircraft as needed. The sharing program would give them flexibility, and after the initial cash outlay, the ongoing expense was principally on an "hours used" basis. A nearly new Citation II had been found on the market and Jan had secured the option to buy the aircraft while awaiting Ron's decision. Ron approved the plan and instructed Jan to proceed with the purchase and the hiring of personnel to operate it.

The balance of Jan's report was fairly routine, as expected. All support operations were in admirable shape. Jan had obviously kept  control of her responsibilities. Ron complemented all three of his executive staff on their performance.

As a last order of business, Will handed to Ron a small confidential report of his recommendations for the year-end bonus program.  Ron was pleased as he surveyed the list, that his workers were being generously compensated for their fine work. He was particularly happy to see that Jack would receive Ted's bonus. The compensation would make their young friend modestly wealthy. In the report also was Richard's recommendations for a similar program at Construction Leasing. While less generous than the bonuses in Las Vegas, the recommendation rewarded those good people who had worked hard during the turmoil of the scandal and changing of the guard. Ron approved all of the recommendations.

After discussing some additional minor items, the meeting was concluded and everyone returned to their tasks for the day.

At 2 o'clock, Mr. Peterson arrived for their meeting regarding the operation of the Turner Trusts. After reviewing his report, Ron discussed the plans of Alan for the Friendships' Trust work. Ron told Mr. Peterson that he was pleased that Mr. Peterson had himself suggested in his report the independent operation and funding of that charity work. 

Ron told his friend of the pharmaceutical company investment. Mr. Peterson suggested that the holding be transferred to Friendship's Trust. The $12 million investment from the Turner Trusts would result in $57 million in the coffers of The Friendship's operation.

Ron agreed with the suggestion and told Mr. Peterson of his plans to move another $43 million to the asset column of the Friendship's trust. With the gains that the Turner Trust investments had made during the current year, Ron expressed his confidence that the Turner Trust would start out the New Year with an increase of assets of nearly 8 % even after the transfer of the $55 million in actual assets to Friendships' Trust.

As the last item of their business for the day,  Ron looked at a singular page in Mr. Peterson's report. It listed the contributions of the new Ted Thornton Memorial trust. He was pleased to see that so many of the Turner staff had made sizable contributions to the fund that Jack planned to use for providing a facility for homeless gay youth. Nearly $2.7 million was now in the investment fund. He told Mr. Peterson that he planned to match those contributions out of his personal funds and begin an active program to invest a substantial portion of the $5.4 million so that not only could the facility be built but that it's long term funding was assured.

He asked the older man to make the appropriate contacts with those dealing with the problem currently, for assurance that an appropriate organization either existed, or could be set up. He wished that the information on the appropriate directions to take could be researched  for  review by Jack and himself after Thanksgiving.

Thanking Mr. Peterson for his excellent work, the older man left to return to his office.

Ron returned to his desk and called his broker. He wanted to find out how the sale of the drug stock was progressing and to instruct Paul regarding some stock activity he wanted to have executed the following day. These instructions  included some purchases that Ron wanted made for the Ted Thornton trust.

Ron was more than pleased. Nearly half of the pharmaceutical stock had been sold that day at an average price of  nearly $75 dollars. Ron told Paul of his plans to transfer the assets of certain Trust  stock assets, including the proceeds from the pharmaceutical sale, to Friendships' Trust. He asked his broker friend to handle the details in coordination with Will Nuggent and Mr. Peterson.

Ron was content with his day. Much had been accomplished. He could now leave to return to his home. He wanted to call Matt and send an E-mail to Bryan before spending the evening with Tim. He hoped that Jack would join them but he was not certain if he would. Jack had expressed an intention to move back to the home that he had shared with Ted. The first evening truly alone for the young man would be difficult, but ultimately unavoidable.

Ron gathered a few items that he wanted to take home, and saying good bye to Margaret as he paused in passing, he headed for the parking garage where his Mercedes awaited.

                        *     *    *    *    *

There have been many twists in our story since Ron first had lunch with Bryan. I hope you have enjoyed the story so far. There are more adventures to come. If I am unable to post again before Christmas, I'd like to wish you all a wonderful holiday with lots of HUGs,   John Tucker