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Chapter Twenty Five

Ron had arrived home just before 5 o'clock and saw that Jack's car was parked near the entrance.

Ron took the right turn and climbed the hill to the rear entry garage. Parking the Mercedes beside the Jeep, he picked up a small folder that he had brought from the office and crossed the covered bridge to the main floor of his expansive home.

He found Jack and Tim in the game room shooting pool. Tim was far ahead of Jack in the game and only had one ball left before he needed to try for the eight ball. He took both shots quickly and left Jack with 4 balls still on the table.

"Nice shooting, Tim," Ron said in greeting.

"Yeah, He's way out of my league," Jack agreed.

"Hi Ron, guess I was a bit lucky but thanks just the same, guys."

"How was your day?" Ron inquired.

"Well, the work at the house was a bit traumatic but Tim's company helped a lot. I'm ready to move home now."

"You're welcome to stay for dinner and as long as you like. No need to rush off."

"Thanks, but I'd better go on home. I have bills to pay and quite a few other things to take care of because of my absence. Half of our house plants that Ted loved so are in pretty bad shape. We watered them today but they are looking really sad.  

"We took care of the doctor's appointment too. That is done. What's the word on school?"

"First thing tomorrow Tim and I have an appointment with my attorney at 9 A.M. Technically, I could be charged with the kidnapping of Tim because of his age. We need to attend to that problem first.  Then we have an appointment at 10:30 with the school district. I hope that they will accept him on an interim basis until we get the legal stuff worked out. After that, I thought that we might meet you for lunch. Perhaps then you and Tim could spend the afternoon together while I go to the office. I got a lot done there today, but I expect I will be fairly busy for the next two or three days before we push off for our cruise on Friday morning."

"How was your day, Tim?" Ron said turning to the cute 16 year old.

" It was fine. After you left this morning we had breakfast and Parker measured me for some new clothes. You should see the stuff he bought!  I could never run away. I am not strong enough to carry all that stuff. I tried a few things on before we started playing pool. The clothes are really nice, but they are kind of  'preppy'."

"The trip to the doctor's was OK too, if you're into that kind of thing. He spent a lot of time pokin' around and listening and stuff. I did the coughing thing and then he stuck his finger with the rubber thingy on it up my ass. I right away sprouted a woody. I was kind of .embarrassed. It didn't seem to bother him at all. He said that I appeared healthy, although a bit underweight, and I still need to get a blood test tomorrow. I can't eat for 12 hours before."

"Why don't we do that at eight in the morning. Then, you won't have to go around all day hungry. We can pick up a Egg McMuffin or something afterward on the way to my attorney's office."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Oh, by the way, Jack, you are invited to dinner tomorrow night. I want to introduce you to two new guys that we hired for Turner Consulting. I hope you will take them under your wing after our cruise. I am going to ask them when they come to dinner to join us on the trip.  I hope they will accept. Anyway, come casual and bring your bathing suit which you might or might not get wet."

He winked at both of the guys.

Jack said that he had to leave. They all stood, exchanged hugs, and Jack whispered something into into Tim's ears which caused a big smile. After the long hug between the two, they backed away. Ron could swear that he detected the prominent bulges of a couple of swelling dicks.

Maybe, just maybe, he was imagining things.  

Jack said good-bye, then departed down the stairs to the entry foyer where his car was parked outside. The car soon disappeared down the drive.

Ron turned to Tim.

"Tim, I am very sorry that I haven't had more time alone with you since we met. Your arrival into my life was somewhat unanticipated but I had to do what was necessary at the moment. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that you got stuck on the back burner. I want you to know how happy I am that you decided to become a part of my family and friends."

"You don't know how glad I am to be here. I can't believe it yet  that you would take me in.  I'll admit that I was scared shitless when you first offered."

" Then you included me with all your friends. They are great and made me really feel welcome. I loved being with Rich and Brandt 'specially. They are cool guys and we had a lot of fun. If they hadn't been a couple, I would have jumped either one of 'em's bones on the spot. They are really cute and great guys too."

"When you took care of Fat Charlie, I was knocked dead! Wow! You had that scene handled like a pro. When Brucie got out of the limo, I thought Charlie was gonna shit. I guess he was too stupid to turn and run. I still don't feel comfortable though. Fat Charlie is a snake and has big fangs. When he gets out of jail, he is gonna come looking for you."

"Don't worry about Fat Charlie, Tim, I'm keeping my eye out for him. He won't find me napping."

Tim continued.

"I thought that the limo was fancy until I saw your jet. I couldn't believe how cool it is to fly in one of those things. There was music, games, snacks, drinks, even dinner. Wow, I could have stayed up there forever"

"Then we got here.  This place is a palace! You could have put that whole dump where I lived in New York into one of your closets! Man, this is the life!"

"Tim, I know that it is all a lot more than you are used to but let me remind you of a couple of things. This place and all the nice things that you see are the result of two generations of hard work. They could vanish quickly if I become complacent. You know that it's a tough world out there; you lived in it. Just don't forget that this did not come free and that there are others who need help too"

" The second thing I want to tell you is that all these things mean nothing if there is no one to share it with. Things don't make the man. Man makes the things. Things are not an end in themselves but are only rewards that we earn and should share with others."

"I didn't choose you because I needed a boy-toy, although you were way more than cute enough to tempt me. I sensed that there was an inherent goodness in you that was being crushed by your predicament. You now have the opportunity to be the best that you can be. I want to be here to help you. My friends have developed the same love that I feel toward you."

"We can't do it for you. We can help and guide but we can't, nor will we, be the ones to do it for you. It is up to you. If you insist on throwing your life away, that is your choice.  The door swings both ways. As much as I love and care for you, I am not your father. You can leave whenever you want. You will leave, if your only intention is to become a wastrel who only wants to play the irresponsible rich guy."

"You know I love having fun. I want you to have fun too. But fun is not a goal in life. It is a reward, like money and nice things. Rewards are there because you do things right with your life. One of my rewards is being able to help you. But it is only a reward to me if you take my gift and make something of yourself."  

"You don't have to be a bank president or a doctor to make me happy. You can be what you want to be. I have respect for a good garbage man. They provide a needed service. If they like their jobs and are good at it, they can get as much satisfaction as someone with a fancy job and title. You are lucky. You now have a choice that you didn't before."

"I only have one more thing to say. I know that it's difficult for you to trust people after what you've been through. I won't ask for that yet. I know that I have to earn your trust, and that won't happen over night; but you should know that I trust you, even though I run the risk of being hurt because of it."

"Love is what it's all about. Loving other people and sharing with them will give you more satisfaction than all the money that I could possibly give you. In just a few short days, I have come to love you.  Not in the romantic way, but in a caring way. It is a risk like trusting but it can hurt too if it is violated. I don't insist on you loving me though. It will either come or it won't. I will settle for respect if that is all you have to give."

"I'd like to have you think of the words of Sam Goldwyn, the great movie mogul, who said:

'From success you get lot of things,
    but not that great inside thing
          that love brings you.' "

"I'm proud of how you have handled yourself the last few days. I hope we can have a long future together as an 'almost' son and as best friends." 

"Ron, I'll try to earn your trust so that you never have to worry about being hurt. I don't know about the love part yet. I loved my parents and they hurt me. I'm not ready to expose myself to being hurt again. They made me feel that I was worse than dirt. I began to believe them. You have made me feel wanted and cared for. I am still in a daze."

Ron said reassuringly, "I want you to feel good about yourself. It is important. I know someone who could help you. I won't make you go and see her, but I wish that you would. It will help you more than you can know."

"You want me to go see a shrink? I'm not crazy!'

"No, you are not crazy. You are smarter than you even give yourself credit for. This lady is a psychologist. She can help you understand yourself better and allow you to get rid of the bad feelings you have about yourself. .... Just think about it. We can decide after our cruise."

Margaret entered the room and announced that dinner was ready.

                                    *        *        *        *

This evening passed quickly. After desert the guys played a couple of  games of pool which were close but won by Ron. The young men adjourned then to their respective rooms. Ron spent an hour on the phone with Matt before chatting on the Internet with Bryan. A quick shower and a quick wank offered insufficient relief for the longing that he felt for his lover, Matt, and for the strange vacuum that he felt when Bryan was not around.

Tim spent the evening on the Internet. He looked at some porn sites and read the four chapters of a piece on the Nifty Archives' college section called, No Choice but Love. For a fairly short story it was unusually moving.

As the hours grew late, Tim again exposed his handsome frame to the warm rain of his shower. As his hands applied the soap to his body, his young but large penis begged for his attention.

If the opening in the cap of his generous tool had been slit sideways, instead of vertically, it would have looked as if it were smiling when he later climbed into bed.

                                    *         *        *        *

The following day was hectic. Ron and Tim left before 8 o'clock to go to the lab where blood was to be drawn. They waited for nearly a half hour before Tim was called in for the procedure. Then, after that task was completed, they grabbed a quick breakfast sandwich at a Mickey D's that was on the way.  They arrived at the attorneys office right on time.

Terry Cannon was a successful man. One of the reasons that he was  successful was that he did his homework and cared about the welfare of his clients. Ron Turner was one of his very wealthy clients and one that he liked personally as well as professionally.  Terry knew that Ron was gay. Ron made no secret of it, especially to his attorney. The attorney shared with his client and friend  memories of  things that no one else even knew about.  

Terry had been Ron's legal council from before the time that Ron had inherited his father's wealth. Ron had been through some rough times often throwing caution to the wind. Terry had been there to rub salve on the legal scrapes and to square things with the law  in spite of the young man's foolishness. The past few years had been relatively quiet. Ron had a legal staff of his own for business purposes and Terry only took care of Ron's private legal matters. These matters now merely simmered, compared to the raging flames of when Ron had finished college and had acted as if self-destruction was his principal aim in life.

Ron and the very cute teen were ushered into Terry's office at the appointed hour.  Ron introduced Terry to the lad, Tim.

"What can I do to help you today?" Terry asked.

Ron preceded to explain the story of how Tim came to be with him in Las Vegas while Tim squirmed uncomfortably.

"Well, it looks like you got yourself in quite a mess this time, Ron. Transporting a minor out of state could be considered a pretty serious crime. If Tim's parents find out, they could cause an immense amount of trouble."

"That's what we're here to preclude," Ron answered.

"Tim, do you think that your parents would voluntarily consent to Ron being your guardian?"

"Yes and no."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Yes, my dad would love to be rid of me permanently; but no, he would try to get Ron to 'buy' my freedom.  If he knew that Ron had any money at all, he would try to get him to pay. If he found out that Ron was rich, he would raise the price to the sky! I hate the bastard and would run away again if I had to go back."

"Even so, I wouldn't let Ron pay anything for me. Not that Ron couldn't afford it. I know better than that. I just don't want that son-of-a-bitch father of mine to get a nickel. He hit me and beat me up more times than I can remember, then he tried to rape me. Nope, not a nickel! I would go back onto the streets first."

Terry though for a moment, then said, "Looks like we might have a fight on our hands. Ron, do we have any ammunition to use against Tim's dad?.  Does the Father have a history of abuse? What can we use to get legal custody?"

"I'm not too sure, Terry. I have a private investigating firm, Aztec Security, working in New York on a couple of  other matters for me. I guess that I could add this to their list."

"How fast can you move on this? It could get real nasty if we don't move first and Tim's father finds out that he is here." 

"I can get it started today and make sure it has top priority. Boy, with as much as I'm using those guys, I might as well own the company! .....Hmmm."

"I can get started on the legal end of it right away. Do you know a legal firm in New York? It would be faster and cheaper if I could enlist some local help there."

Ron pulled out his palm pilot and pushed a few buttons. The name and particulars of his New York attorney  appeared on the screen. He laid the device on Terry's desk, turning it so that he could copy down the pertinent information.

As Terry connected the screen to his computer so that he could download the information into Ron's 'folder'. Ron interrupted, "When you speak to them, if they do not handle these kind of cases, ask for a referral. I am getting involved in some charity work there and will need the best attorneys that I can find for family law. You are empowered to hire them at once. I will visit them the next time I am in New York. Contact Will Nuggent at my office. He will provide any retainer required. Let's touch bases on  Thursday to compare notes. We will be on vacation after then until the Monday after Thanksgiving."

"Tim and I are leaving now to go to the school district to try to get him into school. I suspect that it is going to be difficult. I may need some help."

"Call on me if that happens, Ron. I happen to be on very good terms with the Superintendent of Schools. I will be playing racquet ball with him this afternoon at 5 o'clock."

Terry stood and extended his hand to Tim.

"Tim, you have a good friend in Ron. You can trust him.... it was nice to meet you."

"Thanks, Terry. It's nice to know that there are good men on my side."

"You are welcome, my friend."

Turning to Ron he said, "We haven't seen much of each other lately. I've missed your jokes."

Ron grinned and said, "Well, now that you mention it....."

"Why does New Jersey have so many toxic waste dumps, and Washington  D.C. have so many Lawyers? ....... Give up?....... New Jersey got first choice!"

Terry laughed as he escorted  his friend and his friend's 'ward' out the door before Ron could tell another  joke. He shook hands with Ron in the lobby where his client led his young friend out the door to head for their next stop.

The School District was no piece of cake. Like most beaurocracies, there were more reasons why something couldn't happen than answers to how they could. Ron was persistent, however, and worked his way up the chain of command. At last he and Tim were escorted into the Director of Admissions' office. The woman was introduced to them as Mrs. Brown

She was a pleasant appearing lady who had a very kind face and winning smile. After the underling had verbally briefed the administrator on the background on the case, the underling was invited to leave so that they could discuss the matter privately.

Ron quickly told Mrs. Brown of Tim's background, being careful with the  verbiage used so as not to embarrass  him unnecessarily. He asked for her help to get him enrolled , even on an interim basis, until the legalities could be handled. She smiled.

"Mr. Turner, I'm sure that I can help. I have more discretion in these matters than my staff because of the potential for legal problems which could embarrass the School District. I presume Mr. Turner that you are a permanent Las Vegas resident?"

"Yes, mam. You might have heard of me. My company Turner Construction built 5 of the last eight schools that the School District has erected. Also I donated the  Special Education Building at Bush High School."

"Oh, you're that Mr. Turner.  It is a pleasure to help you. You have a wonderful reputation."

Suddenly, the wheels of bureaucracy spun on their axis. I was just a matter of filling out a few forms and receiving a packet of information. They were instructed where and what time to report for checking in, which would occur the Monday after Thanksgiving, as they had requested.

As they climbed into Ron's car, Tim said, "You are amazing, Ron. Is there anything you can't do?"

"Sure,"  Ron laughed. "I don't knit worth a damn."

                            *        *        *        *

The car occupied by Phil and Jeff climbed the hill inside the main entry gate toward the imposing mansion perched on the hillside. Ron saw them approach after being notified by Dorothy that their car had arrived at the gate that had been opened remotely from the house. Pulling up and stopping minutes later on the entry 'bridge' to the foyer level, the men left their vehicle and approached the tall entry door.

Parker opened the door and taking the handsome couple's jackets and a small bag,  placed them in an adjacent closet before escorting the men into the glass  elevator. As the doors slid back, Ron welcomed the guests to his home. Jack and Tim appeared from the game room and walked over to meet Ron's new staffers. Ron thanked Parker who then left to help Dorothy with the last minute details of dinner.

"Jeff, Phil, I'd like you to meet Jack Smith, who I'm sure you know now by reputation, at least,.... and this is my young friend Tim Harris."

Handshakes were exchanged as were the "It's a pleasure to meet you's"

Phil spoke first. "Jack, we feel honored to meet you at last. We have been reading much of the work that you and Ted Thornton have done at Turner Consulting. We feel humbled."

"Thank you. Ted was a great partner and inspired my best work. I miss him."

"Yes, we understand," Jeff offered. "You have our condolences."

"Thank you. Life goes on I suppose."

"I hope you will be our guide in our new jobs. Your experience and direction would be most appreciated," Jeff said.

"Turner Consulting is a great team. You can count on me and well as everyone there. Do not be afraid to ask for help."

"We really appreciate that," Phil said gratefully.

Ron spoke up. "Let's go into the 'Den of Iniquity'. I think we might find a little libation and some hors d'oeuvres there to tempt our appetites before dinner."

As they moved through the formal living room into the more casual den, Ron could not help but marvel at the shear beauty of the three handsome men and the gorgeous youth who graced his home. Any of the four could cause heart palpitations in men and women alike. If Ron was not so madly in love with the equally inviting Matt, he would have been more than tempted to get it on with any one or all of them. Just the thought made Ron's penis harden.

He stepped behind the small, but fully equipped bar, which fortunately was high enough to hide the evidence of his desires. Tim was not so lucky. His large dick was outlined as a tubular lump down his leg as he looked at the older men, any one of which would easily fit the description of "eye candy." Ron took orders and soon the guests and hosts had their drinks in hand, then moved to a seating area where the appetizers awaited to tickle their palates.

No sooner had they relaxed than Margaret entered the room and announced to Ron, "Mr. Cantwell has arrived."

Ron thanked Margaret and introduced her to the new guests who rose from their chairs in respect. Then inviting Tim to accompany him and asking the other to remain, Ron moved back toward the living room with his young friend trailing behind. The three remaining men looked at each other all thinking the same thing. "Mr. Cantwell?"

A young man stepped out of the elevator. He was as even more gorgeous than the earlier arrivals and somewhat younger. Robert Cantwell, was not yet 19. The 6'-1" frame was well filled out but was still rather slim. His dark hair and eyebrows created a frame for his handsome face and was blessed with alluring eyes that could melt ice. If the other men at the gathering were handsome, Robert was a dream and a wet one at that.

"Robert, I'd like you to meet my foster son, Tim."  "Tim, this is Robert Cantwell."

"Uh, ...It's a real pleasure," Tim offered, grinning at the cute visitor.

"The pleasure is mine." Robert answered with a returned smile as they shook hands.

Ron had been more than a little impressed by the young man from the moment that Jan had first brought him into his office and introduced him as the new "gopher" assigned to the office operation as support for the various Turner companies. Later after he was through with his initial "tour", Jan had returned alone to Ron's office and told the story about the striking youth.

Robert was the oldest child of a woman who had lost her husband three years before and was struggling to support her 5 children. He was exceptionally bright and had done well in High School, graduating at the top of his class as well as being a respected athlete. He had been offered an academic scholarship for college, but had declined to continue on in school so that he could help his mother with expenses.  

Jan had heard of Robert through a mutual friend of his mother who had told Jan of the sad case. Jan made inquiries about the young man and was impressed. She had hired him at his first interview and had never been sorry. He was the delight of the office. Everyone loved him.

After a month on the job, Ron had talked to the young man and offered a more lucrative work/study option so that he could work and still pursue his college career. Robert would be starting at the nearby community college in the spring semester taking most of his classes three nights a week so that he could work part-time during the day. The company would made up more than the difference in his pay in the form of a scholarship so that he could go to school and still help his mother.

Ron had decided at the last minute to invite Robert to dinner. He was closer to Tim's age than any of the others and might relate to the 16 year old better than the older men of the group that night. It might have been a mistake to ask him since kids change so much in their later teens, but Ron asked him anyway. Robert was such a good example of a young man who had his head on straight; Tim's exposure to him might be a blessing in disguise.

It was no surprise to Ron that Tim was impressed by the very appearance of the newest member of their group for the evening. When Ron introduced Robert to Tim, Tim had stammered a bit in his greeting. Ron smiled and thanked the stars when Robert's response was animated and very friendly toward Tim.

The trio moved to the den where the surprised men who waited, welcomed the young man that was such a delight at the office. Ron poured him a soft drink and Tim dragged him away to give him a tour of the house, which if Ron knew Tim , would end in the game room at the pool table. 

At least Ron hoped that they would end up there.   "It was a little early for bone jumping," he snickered to himself. 

The dinner was a great success. Mary hand done herself proud. The guests insisted that she come into the dining room at the end of the meal and applauded her artistry as she blushed beet red.  Secretly she was thrilled.

After the dinner the men returned to the den and resumed their conversations while the younger ones tried out another game of pool.

Thirty minutes later Ron suggested that they try out the hot tub which had been uncovered and warmed to operational temperature earlier in the evening. Those who had brought bathing suits got them from the closets where their jackets were hung. The others were furnished suits through the ever thoughtfulness of  Parker who always kept a ready supply. The visitors were shown where they could change and they departed to do so.

Armed with beach towels, the men braved the cool evening air and hurried to the steamy cauldron that would warm their bodies, making them as hot as their looks. Ron regretted the fast dash and the dim lights. He knew though that it was for the best. It would be unseemly for the host to sprout a woody in front of all these handsome guys.

Laughing and joking, the men entered the bubbly liquid and took their places around the perimeter.

Jeff and Phil sat close together which was no surprise; that Tim and Robert did also, was!  Jack and Ron sat a discrete distance apart  from each other and the two pairs who were not. There was a lot of joking and moving around. Ron was compelled to tell a couple of jokes just as a courtesy. After 20 minutes, the older guys decided to move back inside.  

The two younger ones said they wanted to remain there a little longer.  After the older men had left the new friends touched hands but ventured no further. After another 10 minutes,  the pair in the hot tub knew it was time to get out or risk overheating. After agreeing to go inside, Tim leaned over and gave Robert a light and tender kiss.

 Robert was surprised, but didn't resist.

There was evidence in the front of the suits that were quickly covered by beach towels which revealed that  both of the participants had enjoyed the extra time alone.

After dressing, all the guests expressed their thanks and said their good-byes before departing. Robert was the last to leave. Ron saw the young intern to the closet where his coat waited and thanked the handsome youth for joining them for the evening. Robert was more than gracious as he said good-bye to Ron who then left the young ones to say their personal farewells.

Tim joined Ron in the Den after their youngest guest had departed.

"Uh, Ron?"

"What Tim?"

"Uh, .... I don't quite know how to ask this...... could I ask a favor?"

"Ask away."

"Uh, .... Uh..... Could Robert come on our cruise with us?"

Ron grinned.

"Sure, if he can get away that long. But there one problem."

"What kind of problem," Tim asked, alarmed.

"Well, were kinda full-up this trip. You two will have to share a stateroom."

The grin on Tim's face could have lighted the western hemisphere.

                            *    *    *    *    *    *

Happy dreams and  HUGs.       John Tucker