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Chapter Twenty Seven

Ron and Matt traveled down the passageway to the second deck lounge. As they moved toward the stern they passed the VIP suite which contained the rooms of Alan and Bryan.  These special friends were in the lounge when Ron and Matt arrived.  Alan and Bryan were talking to a good looking older couple as Ron and his lover approached.

Turning toward Ron and Matt, Alan began the introductions of Sam  and Tom, Alan's social worker friends, to their hosts.

"Ron, Matt, I'd like you to meet my friends, Sam Bjornson and Tom Cordero. Sam and Tom, this is our friend, Ron Turner and his partner, Matt Davidson."

"We're most happy to meet you at last," Sam said. "Alan has had nothing but praise for you."

"Aw shucks," Ron replied grinning. "Has he told you about my jokes?"

"Did I hear something about jokes?" said a young man, who with his partner, approached the foursome.

Ron introduced the new Whiz kids, Jeff Davis and Phil Thompson, to the assembled group.

It was Jeff who then said, " A patient walks up to his doctor and says, 'Doc, I have a problem. Every time I sneeze, I have an orgasm.'    'Hmmmm, ' said the doctor, ' what have you been taking for it?'  The patient replied, 'Black pepper!' "

Ron broke up laughing with the group and said, "I knew there was a reason I like you so much, Jeff!"

The four youngest  guys showed up and were introduced to all  guests from Nevada. No sooner had the greetings been exchanged than Jack and Lonnie walked into the room and were likewise introduced.

A cute crew member, who appear to be in his late 20's appeared in the companionway and announced, "Hello, My name is Tony, I'm your steward on this vessel. My primary job is to see to your comfort. If you need anything at all, please feel free to ask me or one of the crew. We are here to make this trip enjoyable for you.  Captain Larson will be joining us shortly to take you on a tour of this beautiful ship.  In the meantime, cocktails will be served. I will act as your bartender and two crewmen will serve you. Please enjoy yourself."

With that, two very attractive youths appeared with appetizers on large platters. One carried a tray with small  sandwiches and other finger food. The other carried a tray heaped with shrimp, oysters and clams. Small plates and seafood forks and well as appropriate sauces were nestled in the corners of the tray. The trays were placed on a coffee table, and the servers began to take drink orders.

Everyone mingled and chatted getting to know one another. Ron and Matt cornered Sam and Tom, the only guests that Ron had not met before. The guests spoke of their work with Alan and how much they had cherished working with Alan on the streets of New York. They revealed that Alan had spoken to them about working for the Friendships' Trust, but that the talks had not been finalized.

Ron liked the older men immediately. They were handsome, self assured and friendly. He was pleased with Alan's selection.

"I hope that your acceptance will happen during this trip," Ron said. "Alan will need all the competent help that he can get. The initial funding will soon be in place. When we return from this trip and the real work can begin."

"Thank you," Tom said, "Alan invited us on this trip to see if  we liked the company that would be involved, especially you. I think that I can speak for the both of us that our answer to that question is 'yes'.  If this is any early indication of the friendly atmosphere that is possible in the Friendships' Trust work, then I think that when Alan brings up the subject again we will gladly accept his offer."

"Here's a toast to that!" Ron said smiling as glasses clinked together and the beautiful containers tipped toward opened lips.

Captain Larson entered the lounge and everyone turned to the uniformed man.

"On behalf of the owner of this yacht, Ron Turner; of myself and of the 11- member crew of the Pancake Turner II, I'd like to welcome you.  We have a wonderful itinerary planned for this trip which we are sure that you will enjoy.  I believe that you have already met our Chief Steward, Tony Cruz. Should you have any desires or needs, please inform any of the crew and Tony will make every effort to handle it expeditiously.  Also if you have any dietary needs or preferences or dislikes, please let any steward know and it will be likewise handled".

"We will be starting our tour in a moment and will be getting underway within the hour.  You will see all the public areas of the yacht. Any facilities here that you are shown are for your use unless I indicate otherwise. Ron has given permission to also view the owner's suite, which like your own staterooms, is private. The crew quarters are not part of our tour nor is my cabin which is located behind the bridge.  There are raised seats behind the bridge controls where you may, at any time, watch the work of the crew in the navigation and operation of this vessel. You will also be shown the engine room, an area not accessible to the guests during operation.  Another area we will not be seeing now is the hold where all of the water toys and tenders are located. That hold will be shown to you when we make our first stop during our emergency drill."

"Once underway we will conduct this emergency drill. In your staterooms are life jackets. We ask that you bring them and assemble on the rear main deck where crew members will assist you and give you directions This vessel is equipped with the latest in safety equipment and has a trained crew to handle almost any emergency."  

"During our stop for the emergency drill, our helicopter will arrive and land on the rear upper deck. It will be used to ferry small groups on sight seeing tours at our stops. In your cabin is a complete itinerary of our stops. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have of any steward, or make any requests for service or information. We will do our very best to accommodate your every desire."

"Now, I'd like to ask Ron to say a few words."

"Thank you Captain. You have done an excellent job, as always, providing for a wonderful trip.

To you, my friends, I'd like to also say 'welcome'. I hope you will enjoy this new vessel and the fun that is planned. This is going to be a great adventure, but I'd like to speak to you on one subject."

"We are all gay men here. Most of the crew are also gay. We are also free men. The restraints that we put on our sexual activities are those that we choose as individuals and, as it applies, as couples. The crew here are individuals too and have free choice with whom they spend their time and other activities. They also work on this yacht. We ask only that they be allowed to work during their watches. When they are in uniform they are on duty. If you see them not in uniform, they are off duty." 

"They have amenities in their own quarters area and are asked not to disturb the guests, unless invited to do so. They are not restricted to quarters in a formal sense. If you would like to socialize with them when they are off duty and they wish it too, then feel free to ask them. Please do not be offended if they choose not to. That is their right."

"I am sure that we will all enjoy this trip. The yacht is well equipped with stabilizers to avoid pitching of the vessel, but if you do not feel well, please let one of us know. Now as we start our tour I'd like to say, 'Have fun on the cruise'. "

The Captain concluded, " Thanks, Ron. Tonight at dinner, I will formally introduce the crew, as well as my son Hans, whom Ron allowed to join us on this adventure. I will answer all your questions about the yacht as we travel through the ship. Please feel free to ask if I do not anticipate your questions first."

The guests applauded and upon a signal from the Captain, began their tour of the vessel.

                                *        *        *        *

40 minutes later. The engines started. The sound was very muted and only a slight vibration could be felt as the engines idled.  The passengers exited the interior spaces and gathered around the rails next to the pier. The boarding ladder had been stowed inside by the crew and workers from the dock unfastened the mooring lines from the dock stanchions. The P-T II  crew pulled the lines aboard. When all lines were secure, bow and stern thrusters forced mighty blasts of water toward the pier.

The large vessel moved sideways away from the dock.  Once the ship was over 200 feet away from the dock, the stern thrusters stopped and thrusters on the opposite side of the stern were turned on. The sleek ship made a slow 180 degree turn on its axis, until the bow was pointed at the bay. The thrusters' work done, the pleasure craft began moving in a forward direction.

The ship moved slowly until the dock area was passed, then slipped only slightly faster through the water while still  within the confined bay area. Wakes from large vessels could be very dangerous to small craft and the docks of the private estates that ringed the estuary. The bay widened and marker buoys were passed that marked the slow movement area.

The ship slowly picked up speed as the passengers enjoyed the beautiful day and the gorgeous view. The ship nosed toward deep water as it's speed increased to its planned cruising speed of 12 knots. Although the ship could cruise at a higher speed and could attain an even higher top speed of nearly 20 knots, the time available allowed a more comfortable and quieter cruise at the slower pace.

                                    *        *        *

The sea was calm as the alarms rang.  The Captain's voice rang out over the public address system.

"Please man your evacuation stations. Please man your evacuations stations. All passengers will bring their life jackets to the stern main deck. All passengers will bring their life jackets to the stern main deck.  This is a drill. This is a drill."

The guests left from where ever they happened to be and proceeded to their cabins. There they gathered the orange life jackets that had been provided for their safety and walked to the main deck. They were met there by three young cute crew members.

The steward, Tony, spoke with a raised voice. "If you would please assemble near the lounge doors and face me, we will make this drill short. First, I'd like to introduce my assistants who you met earlier in the Lounge. On my right is Jeffery King and next to him is Peter Taylor. The three of us are here to assist in this drill. Please put on your life jackets if you have not already done so."

The guests complied with the request, helping  each other until each passenger was properly attired in the bulky orange vests. The crew members circulated among the men to assist as needed.. Each of the guests, including Ron, seemed to be having trouble with their vest  requiring the help of the cute crewmen. The process took a little longer than would seem normal on a cruise of sexually mixed passengers. Each of the passengers winked at their closest companion, smiled and rolled their eyes as the steward 'helped' them.

Tony again began speaking. "Next I will call out each of your names. Please answer 'here'. This is necessary to make sure that all guests are present and would occur in a real emergency. We want no one left behind."

The steward began reading from a list he had attached to a clip board. He called out the names in order of cabin assignments, starting with Ron and Matt. After receiving the response, he continued with Alan and Bryan, then Brandt and Rich. The older couple Sam and Tom were called next, followed by the new Whiz Kids, Jeff Davis and Phil Thompson.  Lonnie, Bryan's friend from Long Island was called along with his cabin mate Jack Smith, who was recovering from the loss of his lover. The roll was completed as the name of Tim Harris, Ron's new charge was called along with that of Tim's new acquaintance, Robert Catwell, Ron's cute young staffer from Las Vegas.

The yacht had come to a halt, sitting dead in the water. Large doors opened in the lower stern of the vessel and two tenders were soon hoisted out  as life boats. Both boats were manned by crew members and floated near the rear swimming  platform located just about the waterline at the rear of the ship.

Tony again spoke. "If this were a real emergency, you would now be asked to board the skiffs which are constructed to float even if filled with water. They are also equipped with emergency water, food and signaling and navigation devices, in addition to first aid supplies. This vessel is also equipped with one powered raft and three inflatable rafts located in lockers on upper decks in case the stern storage area is inaccessible. Any three of these boats are capable of carrying the entire guest and passenger loads. There are also several water toys that could be used if necessary but are not considered to be emergency craft. Now, as soon as the Captain sounds the 'all clear' signal, you may remove your vests. Then for those of you interested, we will descend to the swim platform and I will show you the assortment of water toys available for your pleasure on this trip."

The young steward reported to the Captain by handheld radio, that the passenger portion of the drill was completed. Unknown to the passengers, watertight fire doors within the ship had been actuated, sealing  various sections of the yacht into isolated compartments.  Test signals had been beamed out  from the electronic emergency system notifying their location and condition over both the radio and  global positioning satellite systems. After checking the emergency board to verify the ready status of the fire control devices and receiving radio reports from the crew located  tthroughouthe yacht, the Captain was  satisfied that all emergency systems were operational. Captain Larson  pressed a button and the ship's horn sounded the all clear signal.

 The youngest of the passengers took off their vests and moved quickly to the rear steps which wound down to the swim platform. Following Tony, the entire group of passengers descended to the platform which was made larger by the opened doors exposing the water toy storage hold. Inside that hold, they saw the toys that were to be used for their pleasure. In addition to the space normally occupied by the motorized skiffs, there were two surfboards, two wind surfers, four skeedo jet water craft, and an assortment of foam swim rafts, scuba and snorkeling gear and even fishing tackle. There were also four small motorbikes used for land travel.  Lockers and wall and ceiling clips held this equipment as well as equipment for parasailing, water skiing and wave boarding.  Brandt, Rich, Tim and Robert were excitedly exploring this cavern of toys in eager anticipation of their use. The older couples were also impressed with the assemblage of the equipment, but were slightly less animated in their enthusiasm.

10 minutes later, the Captain radioed the steward that the guests were to return to the passenger areas so that the skiffs could be restowed aboard. Upon receiving the request, all the guests began to leave the hold and ascended to the main rear deck. Arriving there, Tony announced that the cocktail hour would be occur in an hour at the second deck lounge at 5 P.M.  The evening festivities would begin then as they traveled toward their first stop in Bermuda.

He had raised his voice as he announced the cocktail hour to be heard above the engine and blade sounds off a helicopter which was descending for a landing on the yacht.  The younger boys dashed up a ladder way to the upper decks to watch the aircraft land on the upper stern helipad.

Continuing as the sound of the rotor's rotation diminished, Tony concluded by  asking  the remaining  passengers to return their life jackets to their cabins. The guests scattered to their rooms to finish putting their clothes away and to return the vests to their proper places .

                                        *            *            *

Brandt closed the cabin door and turned the lock as Rich flopped down on the queen size bed. As he stood there, he looked with longing eyes at the blond boy he desired. Kicking off his shoes, he moved to the bedside and knelt beside his lover, throwing his arm over the young man's back and drawing him near.  Rich rolled on his side and faced his lover. Brandt leaned in close and kissed the smiling lips that welcomed the touch. Tongues met as the boys opened their mouths as if to hungrily devour the taste of the invading probes. Brandt moved his arm up the back of his lover and pulled himself onto the soft surface until his body was parallel and touching that of his young love.

Hard organs strained at their confines, begging release. Rich's hand pulled at Brandt's shirt at the waist while Brandt pulled at his belt buckle to release the constriction at his waist. As the buckle was loosened and the top button of his jeans came out of its place, his shirt was at last tugged free. Rich's warm hand explored up Brandt's back feeling the youthful contours that he treasured.

"I want you so bad, Rich," he murmured softly as he slid his hand under the waistband and felt the contours of his lover's rounded ass cheeks. "You have no idea how much you mean to me." 

"I want to you too, babe. I want no one but you." Rich responded with an impassioned voice. "You make me feel whole."

Rich rose up to a sitting position on the bed and the boys quickly shed what remained of their clothing.

Two naked bodies pressed into each other and rigid tubes of hard flesh ground into the bodies of the partners. Lips again kissed before Brandt began tracing a wet trail with his tongue down the neck and onto the chest of his lover. Circling a brown button on Rich's chest with his tongue, he heard his mate gasp with passion. He give the small projection a nibble with his teeth and Rich's hips responded, pressing his hard tool onto the stomach of the youth who was giving him so much pleasure. Brandt attacked the other nickel sized nip, sucking and nibbling the brown circle with his mouth.

"ARRGGGGGG", Rich suddenly gasped as his hard weapon gushed forth its first load of hot sticky fluid. He thrush his hips again and again toward the midsection of his lover as his dick pumped it contents in thick creamy streams onto the tight belly of his lover.

"ARRGGGGG!!! ....  Oh, yes !!"

Collapsing from the tension that had boiled from within, Rich rolled on his back and closed his eyes. Brandt held his lover, as Rich bathed in the nirvana of spent passion. Moments later Brandt stirred. He began with a sweet kiss to the lips that he cherished, then moved down the body of his best friend, licking up the tasty offering which had pooled and smeared on his abs. Taking Rich's still hard cock into his mouth he tasted the firm flesh as his lips removed all traces of their lovemaking. Attending to Rich's nearly still hard shaft, he worked his tongue down the outer flesh over each ridge and bump, finally descending to the ball sac. He took the egg shaped orbs into his mouth, feeling the surfaces with his tongue.

Rich raised his legs as Brandt moved between them. Pulling his legs toward his chest, he exposed the small button that became Brandt's next objective.

Brandt's tongue continued as an instrument of pleasure. It circled the depression between Rich's ass cheeks and moistened the closed aperture that was between.  Brandt's own cock was rock hard in anticipation. He grasped it, then reached into his bag at the foot of the bed and retrieved a container of lube. He applied a generous amount on his fingers which then found their way to the place from which his tongue has just retreated.

Inserting first one finger, then another into Rich's waiting hole, he rotated his wrist and loosened up the opening. Rich moan in pleasure as his dick, so recently spent, came to life with a new vengeance. Brandt added the third finger to the probe.

"Oh, I love it, Babe," Rich groaned, "Take me! Oh, Take me!"

"Oh, yeah!" Brand answered, as he applied the lube to his large 8 inch shaft and crawled to the uplifted ass that begged his attention.  

Placing the head of his shaft at the well prepared opening, Brandt thrust his hips toward the target. The large head slid effortlessly thorough the tight opening and was soon followed by the impressive shaft. When he had penetrated to the maximum depth that his organ would allow, he slowly withdrew until only the head of his penis remained inside.

"Now, babe. Do me now!" Rich pleaded.

Brandt plunged again into the waiting opening and began a slow and pulsating thrusting movement, like a piston in an engine.

Rich was in heaven. He reach for the lube that Brandt had place beside him and applied  copious amounts on his fingers and palm. Grasping his own generous 7" dick he began a sliding motion up and down the shaft in time with the thrusts of his partner.

Brandt picked up the pace and his dick head began to tingle as a result of its travels. He could feel the building of the sensation, and his cock filled with blood  swelling the massive tool to it's maximum size.

"Oh, god, I love you," Brandt exclaimed as his hips began a mighty pounding of Rich's ass.

Faster and faster he thrust, as the sensation drove him to a point devoid of all reason except for the goal of release.

He could feel Rich pounding his own dick which had also become incredibly rigid.

Feeling nearly ready to climax, Brandt's hips thrashed with abandon as this balls readied to release their offering.

Rich, too, was at the cusp of cumming. As he felt Brandt muscles tighten as a final prelude to his discharge, Rich's own dick again spewed forth its contents.  

"AAAHHHHH! AAAHHHH," he groaned as his muscles responded to the discharge of his organ.

His tightened ass muscles grasped the pounding rod of his lover sending Brandt over the edge.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh!   Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! was the sound made as Brandt emptied his balls into the sweet ass of his Lover. Mighty torrents of cum were ejected into the waiting receptacle that he worshiped. He writhed in  ecstasyas the hot fluid gushed forth.  

When the boys were both spent, Brandt collapsed on top of Rich. After a moment he expressed his gratitude and love for his partner with a warm sensual kiss. With Rich still impaled on his cock Brandt closed his eyes and savored the boy flesh on which he rested.

"You are the best; my only love," he said a with tenderness belying his youth.

"And you are mine," Rich replied. I will love you forever."

Stretching out side by side, they held each other close, savoring the warm afterglow of their spent passion.

                                            *        *        *        *        *

Hope you enjoyed this Chapter.  HUGs, John Tucker