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Chapter Thirty

The night was not lost on Tim and Hans. A friendship had come together earlier as the youngest of the travelers trounced their slightly older competition at the pool table.  Tim and Hans returned to the game room where Rich and Brandt quickly became tired of trying to beat this pair and offered to split up their partnership, with one each of  the ringer team as a  new partner. Thus, Brandt and Tim paired off against Rich and Hans. Flipping for the break, Hans and Rich won.  Hans did the honors. It was soon obvious where the strength of each partnership lay.  After Hans and Rich narrowly won two out of three games,  Brandt and Rich decided to head for their cabin.  Hans and Tim stayed to play against each other for another match.

Tim won the match, but somehow, Hans did not seem as competitive as he had in the earlier games. Tim wondered if Hans was throwing the games on purpose.  He hoped not, but if he had, maybe it was because there was an attraction that Hans felt for Tim.  Tim knew that it would mean a lot to him if Hans really like him. Hans was super cute and a really nice guy, too. He knew that he had an attraction for the captain's son, one that he tried not to let linger in his mind because of the resulting evidence that would display in his crotch. It was not that Tim was horny, it was that Tim was super horny!

After the games, Hans suggested that they get some drinks and try out the hot tub located on the top deck.  Tim thought that was a great idea, one that he wished he had thought of. Following Hans into the salon, Tim went behind the bar with his friend.  They grabbed a couple of cokes from the small below-counter refrigerator and began filling large plastic glasses with ice.

Hans looked at Tim and asked, "Would you like a little something in your drink?"

"Like what?"

"Oh, maybe some vodka, or whiskey, or something. I like vodka 'cause it doesn't stink up your breath."

"Sure," Tim said. "Vodka would be fine."

Hans opened a vodka bottle and filled  the glasses to the halfway mark.

"Wow," Tim said, " That should be enough to get a real 'buzz on'.

"Yep," Tim agreed smiling.

 Climbing to the top deck  Hans opened a locker and pulled out two fluffy beach towels. They moved outside and Hans moved to the hot tub finding the latch for the cover and unfastening it after he placed their drinks on a small nearby table.  With a boy on each side, they lifted off the cover and set it aside.  

They placed the drinks on the small cupholder built into the tub, checked the water temperature, then started peeling off their clothing. Neither questioned whether or not suits would be appropriate. The dimly lit deck provide all the privacy that they wanted.

Hans wished that there was more light.  He could see the clear outline of his companion, with the details of his body only barely visible. Hans was not at all body conscious, at least not of his own. . His Norwegian background had provided  a lack of modesty that most Americans with their puritanical backgrounds found puzzling at the very least.  In spite of his background, Tim was more conscious of his body than his friend. It was one thing to strip for a customer than to be naked in front of a friend who he was attracted to. Not that it bothered him that much; Tim was certainly of a 'mind over modesty' mindset. He knew what he wanted and at the moment, it was his very very cute companion.

There was no mad embarrassed dash to the water when they were both naked. They had undressed near to each other and  now stood 'bare assed to the wind' facing each other. Tim offered his hand to Hans. The blond youth took the hand of his friend, and they moved toward each other. Young bodies touched, then came into full contact; and, the handclasps were dropped as  young arms wrapped around young bodies. At first they didn't kiss. Then Hans turned his face toward that of his friend and lightly kissed the handsome cheek.. His tongue tasted the same spot as his kiss, then it made a trail toward Tim's ear. Hans' lips nibbled Tim's ear, and his tongue explored its inner folds.

The effect of the ministrations on Tim were electric. His cock which had started to rise at the first touch of their hands, had then swollen to its full length on body  contact, and now became rock-hard. Tim knew that he had sensitive ears, but  he had never thought of them as erogenous zones.  His dick knew otherwise and before he could do more than groan, his large organ spewed forth a load of hot cum onto the abs of his friend.

"Oh, man," Tim  exclaimed. " I've never had that happen before. I just couldn't help it!"

Hans ground his hips against Tim's body, and his own organ gushed it contents to join Tim's.

The sound of "Uuuuuhhh!" escaped from betweeen Hans' clenched teeth. "Oh, Yeah. Oh yeah"

The youths looked at each other and smiled. Then their lips touched and they kissed. At first the kiss was gentle, then it became erotic as their tongues began their work. At last they parted, picked up their towels and wiped the sticky residue from their abdomens. Holding hands, they walked to the hot tub and stepped into the warmed water. Though water was being shot out of the tubs nozzles, no air was being injected into the blasts. The remote pumping equipment for the tub was unheard, leaving only a remote sound transmitted through the water reminding of its presence.  The slowly moving ship created only the slightest breeze, and the clear skies created a magic moment that was not unnoticed as the youths embraced and kissed. Their organs had never softened after the first emissions and remained at full length.  Eager hands explored youthful bodies as their pleasure mounted. Tongues in turn explored necks and chests.

Tim could wait no longer.  He knelt in the deeper water at the center of the hot tub, scooped the legs of his partner up with one arm and circled his back with the other. Hans lay back in the water and his generous tool broke the surface.  Supporting Han's body in its floating position, Tim took the large uncut cock of his friend into his mouth. He had much experience with giving head to men, but  had never given pleasure with a guy that he really cared for. He loved what he was doing with Hans. He loved the thrill that it gave his friend.  It was a new sensation.  He was happy because he was able to give his love to his friend. He didn't care if Hans reciprocated; he only wanted to make his young lover pleased.

Hans was more than pleased.  He was ecstatic. The excitement toward orgasm built quickly in his loins and too quickly he convulsed, pumping hot fluid into the devouring hot mouth of his friend.

Tim savored the offering of his friend's body and swallowed it to become part of himself.  He was overcome with his desire for his companion and maneuvered their torsos into a position where grateful kisses could be exchanged. Long moments passed as they held each other.

Finally, Hans, pulled away, sat up and indicating the rim of the hot tub, looked into Tim's eyes and said " Please?"  Tim hoisted himself onto the edge, knowing that he was about to experience an offering of love with someone who he truly wanted, someone he thought could finally mean much more to him as a person than just a sex object..

                                *        *        *        *

The yacht sat quietly in the harbor of Freeport at Grand Bahama Island. The crew was active after a night of sailing from Palm Beach to the Bahamas.  The trip was not long, with the ship averaging only about 12 knots. Still there was plenty to do because the ship was new, and the only time it had really sailed before was from  Miami, where it had been offloaded from the containership that had  been it's transport from Europe.

The passengers got up at their leisure, but none except the boys slept in. By 8 A.M. Jack and Lonnie, the last of the adult contingent, walked onto the main deck's rear surface.  A buffet table had been set up with warming trays for scramble eggs, waffles, sausage and bacon. There was cold cereal, too, for those who preferred it. A toaster sat beside stacks of breads and English muffins. The crew was aware the Ron hated pre-made toast that always seemed to get soggy, cold or rubbery.

Coffee was served by a steward as the young men took a seat at a table with Ron, Matt, Bryan and Alan. At a nearby table  Jeff Davis and Phil Thompson were eating with Sam and Phil. Moments later, Robert joined the second group. He seemed to be almost more comfortable with the adults than with the younger guys. The three new arrivals soon got up to serve themselves from the buffet.

"Did you sleep well?" Ron asked Jack and Lonnie.

Jack answered, "I did, but I'm not sure about Lonnie"

Ron looked at Lonnie with the question on his face.

"Well," Lonnie said, "I slept OK.  It just took me awhile to get to sleep. I was so excited about the trip and, of course, the ship was moving, too. I guess though, I was mainly thinking about the cute butt of my roommate."

Ron broke out on a raucus laugh, as Jack blushed.  Alan, Matt and Bryan were grinning like  cheshire cats.

"Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, Lonnie. Matt and I didn't get to sleep too early either."

"Yeah, but it wasn't because of just thinkin", Bryan said.

Ron grinned and said in response, " Well, yeah, sure, but that smile on your face didn't come from just kidding me. Boy! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black."

"Who, me?" Bryan responded.  

Everyone laughed.

"OK. Ryan. You deserve punishment for being mean to me.! It's time for a joke."

"I hope it's not another of those dumb 'Ole' jokes like you told last night," Bryan taunted.

"Hey, watch it!" Ron warned, pretending indignation. "Nope, this one I saved for breakfast."

"A guy went into a country restaurant and sat down. The waitress arrived with water, coffee and a menu.  'What do you recommend?'  the stranger asked without opening the menu. 'Well,' she replied, 'How about some tongue?'   'Ewwww, I wouldn't eat anything out an animal's mouth,' the guy said in disgust.  'Well, then,' the waitress offered, 'How 'bout some eggs?' "

Bryan coughed and the scrambled eggs in his mouth erupted from his lips as he convulsed in laughter and embarrassment, much to the delight of the others, who thought that his reaction was funnier than the joke.

Gasping and finally getting his composure back after a drink of water, he looked at Ron and said, "That's twice!  I'm gonna get you for that one!"  

Everyone laughed at the exchange, and Ron responded, "In your dreams, babe."

Twenty minutes later, after having been joined by the rest of the boys, Ron said, "Some of us had better get with it. The taxis will be here in about 10 minutes to take most of us golfing. We have tee times starting at ten o'clock on the Ruby course at the Old Country Club at Bahamia.  Alan, Bryan? Are you sure you wouldn't rather go with us than to 'ride herd ' on the boys?  

"Nah," Bryan answered. "Alan promised to take me shopping. The boys won't be any trouble."

"OK," Ron said shrugging, "Just remember tonight that I asked." He smiled, then his expression changed. " Oh, I forgot to give these out last night at dinner."

With that he reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of plastic cards. He read the names as he passed them out. Each man and boy on deck received a visa card with their name imprinted on it.

"What's this for?" Alan asked.

"It's for whatever you want." Ron replied. Looking at the boys, he said. " The boys' cards have a five hundred dollar limit. The adults' have no limit.  It's time to play like you're rich for a few days."

"Wow!" the boys exclaimed.

The adults were grateful, but reluctant and started a protest. Ron cut off the arguments.

"Some of you know that I get what I want. What I want is for you to have a good time without  dreading the time you will have to 'pay the piper' when you get your credit card bill. If you really want something, buy it. It doesn't matter if its fifty cents, or a thousand dollars. I want this trip to be something you will always remember and not one where you look back and say, 'darn, I wish I could have bought one of those'. Consider it laziness in my part. I don't want to have to hang around you all the time just to make sure that you get what catches your eye. If you buy what you want, I won't have to. If you don't use the cards, then that's what I will have to do. Just have fun, and shut up about the credit cards.

Ron smiled at his friends who knew that they had just lost the argument.

The eight golfers left for their cabins, leaving Bryan and Alan with the boys.  Alan spoke up.

"Guys, the plan is for us to go shopping at the Lucayan marketplace.  If you guys get bored, you can come back to the ship and either stay here, or check out the motorbikes.  I hear there are some nice beaches not too far away or you can just see the countryside. Don't get sunburned though and be back here by three o'clock. The itinerary says that we are going to do some skin diving and play with the water toys later this afternoon."

"Cool," Brandt  said. "When are we leaving for shopping?"

"Let's go about nine. We'll meet at the boarding ramp."

The youngest guys were finishing their breakfast as Alan and Bryan returned to their rooms.

"What do you think of the credit card thing?" Bryan asked Alan.  

"Well, If I know Ron, he meant just what he said. I guess that we'll have to use 'em or he'll spend the whole trip shopping for us. We don't have to be extravagant though. Ron knows that I already have what I want."

He looked into Bryan's eyes. Bryan moved into the arms of the man that he cherished more than any other gift he could ever receive. They kissed the kiss of  a love that would last forever.

                            *        *         *        *

At three o'clock, four motorbikes roared down the pier toward the P-T II. On them were the four youngest guys, laughing and shouting their expressions of a fun excursion.  Two crew members stepped onto the pier to relieve the guys of their transportation.

Robert spoke up. " Tim, Rich. Why don't you take the stuff we bought to the rooms. Brandt and I will help these guys put away the bikes."

"K," Tim responded. "Why don't we meet in the game room."

"Good plan," Robert agreed.

The guys got busy with their tasks.

                        *        *        *        *

Twenty minutes later, all passengers were aboard as the large yacht pulled away from the pier. The guests all gathered on the upper deck's afterdeck to witness the departure. Peter Taylor and Jeff King served  snacks and drinks for those desiring them. Once underway,  Hans joined Tim, Brandt and Rich in the game room, with Robert remaining among the older guests.

With his friends gathered on the deck, Ron announced that the helicopter was available to any who would like a fly-over tour of the Grand Bahama Island. The tours would be limited to three passengers per flight.  The older couple, Sam and Tom both showed interest.  Robert  indicated that he would like to go too.  They were escorted by Peter to the fourth level bridge deck where the aircraft awaited their arrival. The remaining guests either stood at the rail of the afterdeck enjoying the view or were seated in animated conversation, resting from their earlier shore excursion.

Stepping  inside the salon Ron saw Jeff at the bar polishing recently cleaned glassware. Ron walked to the bar and took a seat on a barstool.

"May I get you anything, sir?"Jeff asked. "Sure Jeff, and can the 'sir' stuff. I'll have a coke."

As Jeff took a can from the bar refrigerator, Ron asked as the drink was poured into a glass, "How's the job going, Jeff; and, more to the point, how are you doing?"

"Oh, it's all great, ... Ron.  Captain Larson is really a great man to work for and  Tony and the other crew have treated me like part of the family.  I am so happy.  And now I've met Rober..uh.. uh ... I mean, ... uh... And your guests are so nice too."  

Ron smiled as Jeff blushed in embarrassment.

"Hey, if you find Robert attractive, and by the way you'd be blind if you didn't, it's fine with me. I'll even try to arrange for the Captain to allow you an on-shore excursion or two with him and the guys, if you'd like."

"Gosh, Ron, that would be great!  I already don't know how to thank you for all that you've done for me, and now this! You are my patron saint."

Ron roared with laughter.  

Ron, still chuckling after his laugher died down, exclaimed. "Well, this is a first! I've been called a lot of things in my life, but never a saint."   

Still snickering, he walked into the game room were Brandt and Rich were sharpening their skill at pool, with  Tim and Han's fighting a duel at ping pong.

"Hey guys," Ron greeted. " Having a good time?"  

"Yes, sir." Hans responded as they stopped playing, " The guys said that they had a super time shopping and zipping around on the motor bikes today, but I was sure glad to see them  come back on board."

Ron grinned at the blonde boy. "Well Hans, be sure you stick with them this afternoon when we get out the water toys. I'm sure you're pretty good with all of them."

"Yes, Sir! Hans responded happily.

Tim winked at Ron, mouthing a silent 'thank you.'

"And how are you guys doing?" Ron said, turning his attention to Brandt and Rich."

"We're having a great time, Ron, " Rich answered.

"Yeah, it's been super," Brandt agreed. Suddenly becoming serious, Brandt added. "Uh, Alan told me about what you did about getting me out of jail and about going after that cop. I really want to thank you .... for everything."

"Yeah, thanks, Ron," Rich added as he put an arm around his boyfriend. "You sure take care of your friends."

"Thanks, boys. That's what friends are for; to care for each other. Have fun guys."

Smiling and with a warmed heart, Ron turned, leaving the boys to their games.

A half hour later the large yacht slowly approached the mouth of a large sheltered cove.  Soon the ship was dead in the water and anchors noisily dropped. The chains played out noisily as the ship anchors approached the sandy bottom. The stewards clad now in speedos, jumped to their tasks of opening the stern hold and removing  the skiffs and the personal water craft.

The passengers had retired to their staterooms to change into swimwear after the captain had announced  on the pubic address system that the arrival at their destinations was imminent. The boys emerged first, anxious to get their hands on the personal water craft. After the skiffs were launched, the personal watercraft were next. After a few moments of instructions, the watercraft were started and the boys took off with each of the boys on one of their own.  Robert had taken a seat next to Jeff in one of the skiffs, playing "life guards."

"I got you a little something, Jeff,"  Robert said as he handed his friend a small  wrapped box.  

Removing the paper, Jeff lifted the hinged lid of a small jewelry box. Inside he found a black waterproof sports watch. His eyes got big then started to leak.

"Oh, Robert. How very very nice.  I love it. How can I thank you?"

Robert just smiled at his friend's happiness, then at his own as Jeff kissed him on the lips.

Sam and Tom, who had returned from the chopper trip, asked if they could go to the small pristine beach that was a feature of the inlet. Bryan, Alan, Lonnie and Jack wanted to try parasailing. Pete Taylor, the other service steward, radioed  Tony Cruz, and in moments John Maples appeared in a bathing suit to act as "starter" on the beach for the parasailers. Soon all eight men were in the second launch headed for the beach.

Jeff Davis and Phil Thompson had chosen to try out the sailboards. They were both experienced, and in minutes were sailing away from the ship under a light but steady breeeze.

Ron looked at Matt as their guests sped off to partake in their chosen sport.  Seeing that all the guests were occupied, they returned to Master's Cabin for a little happy sport of their own.

"Have you ever seen such happy people?" Matt asked Ron as the entered the Master Stateroom.

"No, but none of them are as happy as were are about to be," he said smiling.

                    *        *        *       *

Three hours later a mighty blast from the ship's horn signaled the end of the afternoon's activities.

After another half hour, as the sun began to set behind the island's hills, the three swim suit clad crew members climbed the steps from the swim platform after securing the water toys in their hold.

Tony Cruz was tending bar in the main deck salon, and  Mike Cary was manning the bar in the upper salon. None of the frolicking  sun worshipers had as yet appeared from their rooms. Ron and Matt,  whose visible skin showed no increase in redness, sat in the Main Salon awaiting their guests and sipping Tony's famous rum punch. Happiness beamed from their faces.

Over the public address system came the voice of Captain Larson. "Gentlemen, this is the Captain.

Cocktails are now being served in both the main and upper salons. Please feel free to enjoy the special Rum Punch prepared by Tony, our Chief Steward, or the 'drunk' of your choice.  The seafood buffet dinner will be served at 7:30  in the main dining room. Actually, it won't be served. If you want some ya gotta get it yourself.  After Dinner, in the upper salon, will be our Talent Review Show by the boys on our crew.  This is an adults only show. No minors will be permitted to enter, except Tim and Hans. All other's below the age of 18 will be sent home to their Mamas.  We hope you have some clap left in ya.  Enjoy your evening.

Ron grinned. It was going to be a fun evening.

                            *        *        *        *       

The dinner was wonderful.  It seemed that every seafood dish known to man was present. Serving trays filled with lobster, shrimp, oysters, clams and crab were in abundance as well as several varieties of fish such as tuna, halibut and mahi-mahi. There were seafood salads and even deserts with a nautical flare.  Everyone ate until sated.

After dinner, everyone moved to the large upper salon.  The furniture had been rearranged with the larger pieces relocated  out on the exterior deck to make room for folding chairs that were arranged facing the bow end of the room.  At that end, a makeshift stage had been erected  with the baby grand piano located off to one side.  A few chairs were arranged near the piano facing the audience. All the guests took their seats with cups of coffee or dinner drinks in hand. Once seated, the conversation became hushed as the 'house lights' dimmed.

Captain Larson appeared from behind the curtains.  A spotlight shone as he began to speak.

"Laddies and Gentlemen." (a few snickers surfaced from the small crowd.)  "Welcome to the first ever P-T Review. Like on most of the ships in these waters, there is a lot of cruising going on here. Actually, the crew is enjoying it alot. But being ogled by the captain is not their idea of exhibitionism, so that have decided to show all their talents here tonight."

The guys in the audience clapped, whistled and made loud, funny suggestive catcalls.

"And now I'd like to present our Master of Ceremonies, Jeff King."

The guys clapped and whistled as the captain exited and Jeff appeared.

"Thank you, thank you. I hope you enjoy our little offering," Jeff started.  Then looking serious he said with a dead pan expression," A guy gets a physical from his doctor. The doctor looks at the guy and shakes his head. 'What's wrong doc?' the guy asks. 'I've got some good news and some bad news, the doctor says. 'The bad news is that you show signs of being gay."  --- "God, that's terrible, ' the man says, his eyes filling with tears. 'what's the good news then, doctor?'------------- I think your cute!'"

The audience laughed and clapped, with Ron in the lead.

'The residents of a small town in the West urge the sherrif to arrest the local gay guy. It seems like he's been propositioning every teenage boy in town.  The sheriff goes to the guy's house and arrests him. 'OK, gay boy. You've got 15 minutes, to blow this town!'  'Get real, sweetie,' the guy replies,    'It's gonna take at least three hours!' "

More laughter erupted, and Jeff took a bow.

"And now for a sweet dittie courtesy of that cutie who lavishes such attention to you guys, John Nipples ---- uh, uh, --- Maples.  My, what am I thinking about?  Jeff said in a swishy voice as he flounced 'off stage'."

John appeared onstage and walking behind the piano, picked up a stool and placed it in the center of the spotlight. Hoisting the guitar that hung on a strap around his neck, he began to sing in a 'country' voice.

"They passed an ordinance in the town,
they said we'd have to tear it down.
That little ole shack out back to dear to me.
Tho' the health department said,
its days were over and dead.
It will live forever, in my memory.

Don't let 'em tear that little brown buildin' down.
Don't let 'em tear that little brown buildin' down.
Don't let 'em tear that little brown buildin' down.
Fer there's not another like it in the country or the town.

It wasn't fancy build at all,
It had newspapers on the wall.
It was air conditioned in the winter-time.
It was just a humble hut,
but it door was never shut.
and and a man could get inside without a dime.

(another chorus was repeated, then the final verse was sung

It was not a castle fair,
but I could plan my future there.
Plan my future to the yellow-jacket's drone.
I could orbit 'round the sun,
fight with Gen'ral Washington,
Or be a King upon a golden thone.

Don't let 'em tear that little brown buildin' down.
Don't let 'em tear that little brown buildin' down.
Don't let 'em tear that little brown buildin' down.
Fer there's not another like it in the country or the town.
Fer there's not another like it in the country or the town.

The song ended and the audience when wild with laughter and clapping, with more than one 'Yahoo!' mixed in.  

Gary Franklin, the first mate then appeared on stage with Fred Parks. They looked at each other and started.

"Fred," Gary said, "How's yo Fat Mama?"

"My Moma ain't fat!'

"She sho is!  You Mama is so fat that when she goes into a restaurant and gets the menu, she hands it back and just says, "OK!"

"Well, she may be fat, but at least she ain't dumb, old and ugly. Like yours."

"My Mama ain't dumb, old and ugly!"

"She sho is, why yo mama is so dumb, she stole a car and kept up the payments!"

"and yo mama is so old, she knew Burger King when he was a Prince!"

"and yo mama is so ugly, she'd scare a buzzard off a gut wagon!"

"Well, yo Mama is so fat, when her beeper goes off, people think she's backing up!"

"Yo Mama is so fat, the elephants at the zoo, throw her peanuts!

"Yo Mama is so fat, that when she sat on a quarter, a booger popped out of George Washinton's       nose!

"Yo Mama is so dumb, she got locked in a grocery store and starved to death!"
"Yo Mama is so dumb, when she went to the movies, and saw the sign that said, "Under 17 not     admitted, she went home and got 16 friends!

"Yo Mama is so dumb, when she saw the sign that said, 'Airport Left', she turned around and went      home!

The boy's bowed, and the guys in the audience clapped and cheered.

The evening went on with skits, songs and jokes. By 10:30 everyone was exhausted from laughing and cheering.  The show ended with the "cast" of crewmen on stage singing together, "So long it's been good to know ya."

They received a standing ovation and cheers from the whole audience. It had been a fun show, and everyone enjoyed it fully, including the crew who had staged it.

The lights rose and the passengers stood.  They congratulated Ron on the great show, but he would have none of it.

"It was the crazy captain and crew," he said.

Internally, he was delighted. The guys had done a wonderful job.

The evening broke up with most of the guests returning to their stateroom.  The younger guys, headed for the game room. They started a pool tournament, with the ones not playing at the time, playing darts, or video games.

45 minutes later, Jeff appeared.  The guys congratulated him on the fun show. He had been the star attraction. Robert noticed a black watch on Jeff's left wrist.

Now that Robert's 'partner' had showed up, the tournament started in earnest. By midnight, even the boys were exhausted and decided to turn-in for the night.

Robert and Jeff stepped out onto the dimly lit rear deck. They looked in each others eyes and saw there the partner of their dreams. Moving toward each other they wrapped their arms around each other.  They kissed and started the beginnings of that dream. The dream of a life together.

                            *        *        *        *        *

The adventure continues in our next chapter. JET