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Chapter Thirty Two

Matt woke to the sound of laughter.  He opened his eyes to the predawn glow of early morning. Turning over toward his lover, he saw that Ron was asleep but his eyelids, though shut, were moving. He had a big grin on his face and occasionally would snicker or even let loose with a quiet laugh. It was obvious that Ron was having a funny dream. It was not so funny however, that it prevented Ron's usual morning wood.  Matt decided to try to go back to sleep, hoping that Ron would remember the dream when he woke up.

Matt closed his eyes, but every time he would get close to nodding off, Ron would laugh or move. After 20 minutes Matt gave up. He opened his eyes and watched his beautiful lover who was certainly enjoying the dream.  Another 15 minutes passed and Matt decided to get up and prepare himself for the day.  He slowly climbed out of bed, being careful to not wake his mate. Stepping into the bathroom he closed the door and began his morning routine.

20 minutes later, Matt opened the bathroom door, clad only in a towel wrapped around his waist.

Ron's eyes fluttered as he began to waken.  He saw Matt's handsome frame and a sleepy smile appeared on Ron's face.  

"Hi, babe," Ron said as he yawned and stretched.

" Mornin', lover." Matt replied as he sat down on the edge of the bed and leaned over to kiss Ron.

"Mmmmm, you taste good," Ron commented, smiling.

"Wish I could say the same about you, love," Matt responded with a grimace.

"Must be dried cum, " Ron joked.

"Nah, doesn't smell like that. Must be that brown ring around your mouth."

"Ewww!" Ron laughed at Matt's response. "You are cruel this morning."

"Nope, just awake enough to beat the master at his own game for a change. You must be worn out from laughing."

"Laughing?" Ron asked with a puzzled look.

"Yeah, that must have been some dream. You woke me up twice this morning when you laughed."

Ron closed his eyes for a moment as he searched his memor, then he chuckled..

"Oh, yeah.  That was the craziest dream.  I dreamed that I was awarded a football franchise and that I decided to develop a gay football team, the San Francisco 69'ers."

Matt's eyes rose to the ceiling, knowing that Ron was about to tell all.

"Word spread around the league and there was panic;  not so much with the other teams' management, but with the players.  With every news release of the progress in assembling the team, frantic rumors were passed on  in every locker room. The first rumor was that the uniforms were going to be pink! Then one circulated that the helmets were going to be painted like a big corona."

"When we announced the all male teen cheerleading squad, the Miner-Minors, the press went wild. We got more coverage in the entertainment section, than on the sports pages. Our cheerleaders were all 18 and 19 and were cute as hell, They were smooth and muscular and had big baskets. I won't tell you who they were, but with the crowd of younger guys we know, you can probably guess.  Their costumes were gold lame' tight shorts and black muscle tops. They had some cute cheers too: 'You can't help it, cause you're straight, Hey there cutie, wanna date?' "

"Oh man," Matt said laughing. "Where do you come up with this stuff?"

"Beats me," Ron laughed. "You should have seen our team.  They were the biggest, meanest and ugliest guys you ever saw! The other teams, when they lined up against us were terrified. Not only of getting hit, but of getting groped. It was so funny!  I can't even remember all the stuff in the dream, except I remember that our team loved it and our seats were sold out before we even played our first game."

"You are just plain nuts!" Matt said with a giggle. When he stopped, he looked at his watch, then at Ron and said, "Hey, you'd better get in the shower, it's getting late."

"Yeah, you're right.  Wanna come in and play?"

"It would be fun," Matt answered, " but after your story, I'm afraid of 'illegal use of hands'! "

"Spoil sport!" Ron said with a grin and rolling out of bed.

                    *        *        *

The yacht had travelled all night and was only just entering the harbor of Road Bay.  Anguilla was probably the least likely island for them to visit. While there were plenty of first class hotels and good places to eat, the atmosphere was much more laid-back than the Bahamas. Anguilla was not a large island. It only consisted of  35 square miles of area and a population of less than 12,000 people, about 800 of which were expatriats from various countries.  Many well-to-do people had homes on the island where they could retire and/or get away from the bustle of everyday life on the U.S. mainland.

One of the reasons that Ron was pleased that Captain Larson had chosen to come  to Anguilla was that it gave Ron the chance to see Scott Telford again.  Scott was an old family friend, an accountant who had worked for many years with Ron's father, and who had retired on the island. Scott was also the first gay adult that Ron had ever known. When Ron came out to himself, it was Scott that Ron had confided in.  Even though Ron's father was homophobic, he accepted Scott out of sheer necessity.  Scott's knowledge of business, financing and taxation had saved the businesses that Ron inherited great sums, amounting to millions of dollars.  

Scott was a very large man, physically.  Although not particularly tall, Scott's large body bespoke of the enjoyment of fine food. At well over two and a half hundred pounds, he had the appearance of a jolly softie.  Ron knew that the man was a lot more than that.  Under that soft exterior was a cunning and shrewd businessman, who still kept up with the technical issues of his profession, even though he much preferred his regular bridge games with his island cronies.

Ron's island friend was also the person who was most responsible for Ron not being disinherited by his father. Scott had been the one link between the father and son during the period after Ron's father had broken up the relationship between Ron and his college lover, Stan. This breakup had resulted in Stan's suicide, which separating Ron from the young man he loved. During this period, Ron's father succumbed to pancreatic cancer with only Scott by his side.  Ron's bitterness toward his father prevented him from being with his father when he died..

At the time Ron felt that he would never forgive his father.  Only in the past year had Ron been able to feel regret over their separation at the close of his father's life. Two factors had altered his thinking. First was the love of Matt and the friendship of Bryan. Bryan's story had shown Ron that even though a love was lost, love could be found again. Matt had proved the point. Second, Bryan's story demonstrated a forgiveness that Ron had never been able to understand. Bryan had forgiven his first lover for almost killing him in a jealous rage. Bryan was a living example of forgiveness, even for a past love gone wrong, as being more important than retribution.

Ron and Matt stepped out on the rear deck of the yacht finding Bryan, Alan, Sam and Tom eating breakfast.  After greeting their friends, Ron and Matt filled their plates and joined the foursome. They had just begun to eat when Lonnie and Jack appeared. They were smiling broadly.

'Hmm,' Ron  wondered to himself, 'Those guys look pretty happy. Something or someone must be the cause.' He kept his suspicions to himself.

"Hi guys, " Jack said. "What's on the agenda for today?"

"Grab something to eat, then sit down and we'll talk about it.  

While they were serving themselves at the buffet table, Ron asked their steward to call each of the boys' staterooms, plus the new whiz kids, asking them all to join the group when they were dressed.

Jack and Lonnie pulled up their chairs to the table.

"Today is kind of a multiple choice day," Ron commented.  "There is a deep sea fishing boat reserved for anyone who would like to try that. There are four motorbikes on board for anyone who wants to take a self-guided tour of the island. There are also horses to rent if desired. In town there are some wonderful art galleries to see too, if that is of interest.  The crew would also be glad to take anyone who wishes,s on a tour around the island in one of the skiffs, or snorkeling  at Shoal Bay. There are also 33 beaches on the island for anyone who just wants to kick back. Of course, no one has to do anything if they want to stay on board."

"I have a date for lunch here on the P-T II with an old family friend who lives here on Anguilla and I plan to spend the afternoon with him too.  We would both be delighted to have any of you join us, but even though the company will be great, I suspect that any of the other activities would be more fun for you. For those of you who want it, lunch will be served on board. My friend Scott will be joining me here for lunch, then we are going to his place sometime afterward.  I suggest that we all meet for dinner though.  I have reservations for dinner at Blanchard's on the island at 7.  We can meet here and all go together, or if you are already in town you can go there directly. 

"Be thinking of your choices. You can let me know your preferences when the boys arrive. They can decide then too. Matt, you have your choice too. If you want to go with any of the groups, it's OK with me. You, of course, are welcome to spend the day with Scott and me."

'Thanks a lot!' Matt thought in surprise. 'Glad we talked about this ahead of time!'

"Well, I sure want to meet your friend," Matt answered with a slightly sarcastic tone, "but I'd really like to spend the day with one of the groups." Then ashamed of his own anger he asked, " Why don't we see if Scott cab have dinner with us, then we can all meet him?"

"Good idea, Matt. I'll ask him."

The boys and whiz kids arrived and after Tim called Hans, he came down from the captain's suite in a hurry. Jeff, the steward, was allowed off duty too, so the group was all there. Ron once again went over the options and everyone discussed their preferences while the boys inhaled their morning meal.

When the jury was in, the "boys and whiz kids", Brandt, Rich, Tim, Hans, Robert, Jeffery, Jeff Davis and Phil Thompson, decided to go deep sea fishing. Bryan, Alan, Matt, Lonnie and Jack, decided on a water tour around the island with a stop at a beach near Shoal Bay, then doing a little snorkeling if there was time.  Sam and Tom were going to stay on board and have lunch with Ron and Scott, then visit the town of Sandy Ground and do a little art sightseeing, unless Scott gave them a better idea.  Ron and Scott would then have the afternoon alone to renew their friendship.

Everyone except for Sam and Tom left for their staterooms.  Ron went along with Matt to their room, even though he himself was not leaving soon.  

When Matt was preparing to leave, Ron called his office in Las Vegas and Margaret answered the phone call. She reported that the investigation into Tim's dad would be complete by they time they returned from the trip. She also reported that in spite of their efforts Fat Charlie had been released from jail two days ago, after posting a half million dollar bond. His henchmen were also released on two, three hundred thousand dollar bonds. Aztec Security was keeping Fat Charlie under surveillance. She also reported that the extradition process was complete for the gang who had killed Ted Thornton and almost killed Jack, and that the gang members were being transported back to Las Vegas.

Margaret reported on some other less critical matters, then switched Ron to Will Nuggent, the Executive Vice President of Turner Holdings. Will  told  Ron they had found that Aztec Security might be for sale. Ron authorized him to begin negotiations to see if the deal would make sense. He suggested that Jack, Jeff Davis and Phil Thompson review the purchase when they returned to Las Vegas after the cruise. Ron finished his conversation with Will and returned the handset to its cradle.

'What a mixture of news,' Ron thought to himself. 'I don't know whether to say anything to anyone or not.' 

The news would cause apprehension in both Tim and Jack. Ron decided only to tell Matt, and maybe Bryan and Alan, if the opportunity presented itself.

Ron relayed the news to Matt who agreed with his decision not to tell the others except for, perhaps, Bryan and Alan. There was nothing the news would do but create apprehension, especially for Jack and Tim. It would be better just to let them enjoy the trip.

In the following half hour both groups left for their excursions, leaving Ron with Sam and Tom who he rejoined on the rear deck lounge. The three men enjoyed a warm conversation, getting to know each other better as the morning pressed on toward noon.

As the noon hour drew near, Ron saw a large man on a bicycle approach the pier.  Ron called Captain Larson on the ship's intercom, and a skiff was quickly dispatched to transport the guest to the yacht. As the boat approached the ship with its passenger, Ron saw Scott wave to him and he returned the salute. Ron stepped to the swim platform as the small boat pulled alongside.

"Hi, Scott! Welcome aboard." Ron said, offering his hand as the portly man stepped carefully from the launch. "Hi Ron," the stout man answered smiling, then muttered, "God, I hate small boats!"

"Ha ha!" Ron laughed, "It's just because they sink so much lower in the water when you get in."

"Are you referring to me, the fairy prince?" Scott responded with a grin.

"Come up on deck," Ron said changing the subject from Scott's girth. "There's a couple of guys I'd like you to meet."

The two men ascended the stairs to the main deck and introductions were made. Thirty minutes of friendly chatting amongst the foursome took place before a light lunch was served. They discovered that warm friendships could be nearly instant. As they enjoyed the tasty repast, the conversation got around to Scott's favorite pastime, bridge. Discovering that Tom and Sam also played, Scott suggested a quick rubber. Two more hours passed as Scott and Tom kicked butt.

"I hope we didn't cause any problems between you guys, having you on opposing teams," Ron said as he salved his own wounds at being trounced.

"Nah," Sam replied, " Even though they beat our asses, I know that Tom will make it up to me later. He loves my ass."

"Yep, sure do,"  Tom replied with a lusty gleam in his eyes.

"Hey, guys. Cut it out!" Ron said laughing. " Remember you have two guys without partners here. You're gonna wound our delicate sensibilites."

The comment brought a roar of laughter from the three others.

"I've really missed you Ron," Scott snickered as the laughter died down. " I haven't  heard one of your jokes, in far too long."  

"That sound like an invitation to me, " Ron said appearing to think. " I've got just the one."

"Two male partners were lying in bed when the first said to his mate, 'If I died, would you find another partner?'  
'Yes, I would,' came the reply,
'And would you let him come into my house?'
'Would you let him sleep in my bed?'
'Probably, yes,' the second guy answered.
'Would you let him use my golf clubs?'  
'No, definitely not!' the guy answered after thinking for a minute.
'Oh? Why not?'
'Cause he's left handed!"

The guys on deck broke up laughing.

"I see you haven't lost your touch," Scott said with a smirk.

"Of course not. I practice a lot." Ron answered.

"You can say that again," Sam said with a little 'gotcha'.

Ron smiled in acknowledgement and asked," So, Sam, Tom? Are you going to join Scott and me ashore at his place, or are you going to take in a little sightseeing this afternoon?"

The men looked at each other, then Sam spoke.

"As much as we like the company, we should probably do the sightseeing thing. You guys probably have a lot of  catching up to do. Besides, we'll all be together again at dinner."

"We will?" Scott asked, looking at Ron.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot to ask you, Scott," Ron said with an embarrassed look on his face.

"It's ok," Scott grinned, "I see that there are other ways you haven't changed," he kidded.

"Yah, well...."

"Don't worry about it my young friend." Scott smiled at Ron, winking.

"Well, I guess we'd better get our 'mad money' and get on with it then," Tom said, pushing back his chair from the table and rising. "I can't tell you how much we've enjoyed the company."

"The pleasure, has been entirely mine," Scott replied politely. "I really enjoyed our beating these guys in Bridge. It's pretty hard to get a jump on ole Ron."

"Yeah, sure," Ron replied. "Words out of the mouth of the 'fox' himself. I feel complimented."

"Don't let it swell your head none." Scott said with a grin.

Tom and Sam again thanked both of their new friends, and left for their stateroom.  Minutes later they  rejoined the men on deck for their trip ashore.

                            *        *        *

The day had been fun for all as they gathered at the restaurant for dinner.  Everyone except for the guys who had remained on the yacht for lunch, showed signs of a day in the sun.  Ron and Scott had relived a few old times and caught up on their current events.  It wasn't all new to Scott however, as he and Ron exchanged infrequent e-mails, where they would exchange news.

The fishing group had a great time, and each had caught a fish. A couple of really nice tuna had been turned over to the crew. One was destined for a dinner aboard the yacht, and the other was frozen to take home after the cruise. The boys and the whiz kids were all full of details about their adventure.  

The beach tour bunch had enjoyed the day too. After taking their tour around the island, they found a secluded beach where their scanty attire was discarded and they played and swam 'au naturale' through a good part of the day. Even though they took sunscreen,  Lonnie and Jack were both visibly uncomfortable with reddened parts of their bodies that normally saw little sun. Bryan and Alan were sunburned too, but managed to hide their discomfort. It might make for an interesting evening later on.   

Sam and Tom had only spent two hours shopping. They had found a painting that they liked and purchased it along with a hand carved figurine of a youth crafted from a piece of driftwood. They had returned early to the ship and and had taken a helicopter flight over the island.  

More tales of the day were excitedly exchanged among the friends, as the dinner was served and hungrily consumed.  As the desserts were served, a waiter approached the table.

"Mr. Turner," the waiter said. "There's a call for you."

Ron looked quizzically at the waiter, then pushing back his chair and standing, followed the waiter.

Returning after being gone only minutes, Ron's face was ashen.

"What's the matter, Ron? Matt asked. "What's wrong?"

"It was Margaret, my secretary, on the phone. Parker called her from the hospital. Dorothy has had a heart attack!  The plane is on its way to get me!"

                                *        *        *        *        *