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Chapter Thirty-Five

The day in Jamaica was calm and warm. The ship had anchored in Montego Bay on the northwest coast. The island was the largest that they had visited so far, with over 2 ½ million residents. Montego Bay was beautiful. In fact, the entire trip had been filled with such visual splendor that it seemed like all the beauty in the world had been deposited in their path.

All remaining guests on the ship gathered on the rear deck for their customary breakfast together.  With the absence of Ron and Matt, Alan and Bryan had taken over their role as hosts, and tried to divert everyone’s attention away from the one thought that plagued all their minds: Ron’s condition.  Alan knew that the diversion was only partially effective at best. Matt had called just an hour before, after the doctor had reported on Ron’s surgery. At breakfast Alan had made the hopeful announcement of Ron’s apparently successful operation and the fear of losing their friend abated. There was still tension in the air, but not the overpowering sadness that had permeated the prior night.  Everyone looked unusually tired since most of Ron’s friends on the ship had a short and restless sleep.

No one seemed very anxious to stray too far from the yacht, since it was hoped that more news would be forthcoming from Matt.  The group decided to visit the town of Montego Bay, wandering around taking in a few local sights, then meeting back on board for lunch. It was hoped that Matt would call by then and that the report would be good. Once that plan had received agreement, the men finished their morning meal and made ready for their on-shore excursions.

The guys all headed by ship’s launch to the dock area where they started out on foot after a short stop at customs. Stops at the bustling crafts markets resulted in the purchase of small reminders of their visit and a few gifts for friends at home. Alan bought some rum that Ron had mentioned earlier in the cruise he wanted to buy. The Appleton Estate rum that Alan purchased was for sipping and the Myers’s Dark was for mixing. Both were brands that Ron admired.

Later in the morning, tired of shopping the men and boys wandered to Doctor’s Cove Beach, which was the most popular beach in the area. This beach was the most crowded one they had visited on the trip.  The older guys, Bryan, Alan, Sam, Tom, Lonnie, Jack, Jeff Davis and Phil sat together on the beach while the younger group splashed and played in the surf. When Rich, Brandt, Hans, and Robert tired of the wet fun, they found a beach volleyball game a hundred yards down the beach and joined a bunch of young guys from one of the cruise ships playing there.

After an hour in the sun, Sam and Tom were starting to redden. Alan and Bryan had enough sun too. Even though their recent overexposure to sunlight was in more private places than were currently exposed, they were reluctant to tempt fate further, at least for now.

Sam noticed a large plantation house high on a hill, which had a veranda overlooking the beach where they lay. He saw several people being served drinks, fully shaded from the late morning sun’s rays by the deep overhang of the porch. Mentioning his discovery to the other friends sprawled nearby, they all decided to walk there and get out of the sun. Jack offered to detour by way of the volley ball game, to inform the boys of their new location.

Twenty minutes later, all the older men were sitting comfortably on padded wicker chairs imbibing one of the rum drinks that were specialties of the house. Bryan kept glancing at his watch, keeping track of the time. He felt nervous; concerned about the news they hoped to receive from Matt about Ron’s condition when they returned to the ship at lunchtime. To allay Bryan’s fears, Alan had promised to call Margaret, who had left her cell phone number with them, if Matt didn’t call before they were finished with their midday meal.

At 11:20 Brandt and Rich were seen climbing the hill to the plantation restaurant. Clambering onto the veranda, they pulled chairs up to the large table where the older men were enjoying each other’s company.

“Dad,” Rich said to Alan. “We’ve met some really cool guys from the cruise ship that let us join in their volley ball game. Do you think we could invite ‘em to have lunch with us on Ron’s boat?”

“How many are there?” Alan asked.

“About 6, I think. We want to spend the afternoon hanging with them, too.”
Alan knew at once how Ron would have answered and agreed, promising to call the ship’s steward, Tony, to inform him of the unexpected visitors.

“Make sure it’s alright with their parents, and be sure to find out when they have to be back on their ship,” Alan said as an afterthought. “I’m not sure what we’ll be doing this afternoon.”

“Thanks dad!” Rich said as the boys both grinned.

“You go invite the guys, then come back here as soon as you can,” Bryan interjected. “We need to be leaving soon to go back to the ship.”

“Sure Dad,” Brandt joked, as the pair jumped off the broad porch and began running down the hill toward their friends.

Twenty minutes later as Alan was signing the bill for the drinks, the group of younger guys appeared climbing the hill. The ‘adults’ decided to meet them off of the veranda rather than having the ten younger guys disturb the other patrons who were enjoying the warm breeze and their libations.  

The entire bunch was soon headed down the road on foot toward the ship. As they approached the pier they saw both of the ship’s launches waiting. Clambering aboard, they were quickly on their way to the beautiful yacht that waited at rest in the harbor.

When the passengers from both small boats had been discharged and then climbed from the swim platform to the main deck platform, Alan spoke up.  

“Welcome guys, I’m Alan” he said addressing the new visitors. “I’m kinda the host for now since Ron, the owner, isn’t here.  Since we have a good-sized crowd, perhaps it would be a good idea if we do a group introduction. If each of us would say their name and where they’re from, we could get this over with quickly and get on with eating and having fun. Brandt and Rich, when we are done would you take your friends for a quick tour of the ship? When you’re finished come back here. Lunch should be ready by then. Now, Let’s start the introductions. As I said, my name is Alan and I’m from New York City, and this is my partner, Bryan.”

‘Well, that let the cat out of the bag,’ Bryan thought. Looking around he saw grins on the faces of the new guests. ‘I guess those grins mean that we can all relax and have fun,’ he thought. At least he wouldn’t have the gay issue to worry about.

Each of the passengers and new guests spoke their name and hometown. After a lot of smiles and a few handshakes, Brandt and Rich along with Hans, herded the newcomers into the main lounge and began the tour of the P T II, leaving the other men on the rear deck. All the remaining men soon left for their cabins to clean up before lunch.

Alan had just stepped into the shower and Bryan was pulling off the last of his clothing to join him when the phone rang. Bryan answered.


“Bryan this is Matt.”

“How’s Ron?” Bryan asked quickly.

“He’s doing as well as can be expected. Tim and I just got back to Ron’s house from the hospital. We got to see him and he was conscious, but kinda groggy.”

“How bad was he hurt?” Bryan continued.

“He took two bullets; one in his head and one in his belly. The one in his head they don’t think is serious and there doesn’t appear to be any brain damage. It almost missed him completely. The one to his stomach was pretty bad; no major organs were damaged but they spent half the night sewing up the tears in his intestines. Fortunately the bullets were small caliber so there wasn’t too much damage. If he heals well there shouldn’t be any permanent damage.

“I’m so happy that he’s OK,” Bryan said with a sigh of relief.

“Yeah we are too, for sure.  He wants Tim and me to come back to the ship, but I told him ‘no’.  He said ‘OK’, but if I know Ron he’s gonna try to talk me into it when we go back to see him this afternoon. One thing for certain; we’re not coming back today.”

“We miss all of you guys a lot,” Bryan said. “I hope you can come back, but you need to do what you think best.”

“I’ve been thinking about it because I know that’s what Ron wants me to do. I have an idea though that might work. I’ll talk to Ron about it this afternoon.”

“Oh? What’s the plan?”

“Well tomorrow the cruise is supposed to go to the Cayman Islands, then the next day to Cancun. The following day is scheduled for Key West.  I was thinking that you guys could do the Caymans by yourself, and then if Ron is OK, Tim and I will join you in Cancun. The day after that instead of going to Key West we’ll all go to Miami and have the jet pick us up there and bring everyone to Las Vegas to see Ron on Saturday. On Sunday you can all go home. I’m not sure whether I’m gonna go home with you then. I’ll probably stay here. Anyway, if we follow that plan, I’ll only be gone from Ron a little over one day.”

“Cool!  I think everyone would rather see Ron than go to Key West anyway. By the way, how do you like his house?”

“This place is fabulous. Parker put me in Ron’s room. Wow! That room is a lot bigger than my whole apartment in New York. This place is no house, it’s a palace!”

Matt laughed, agreeing. “Hey, call tonight again after you see Ron will ya? I know it will make everyone feel better knowing that he’s getting well. I don’t care how late it is. This place last night was like a tomb. Everyone was so worried about Ron.”

“Yeah Bryan, I’ll call for sure. Don’t worry though; he is getting better by the minute and will be pissed if you guys don’t enjoy yourselves. By the way where’s Alan?”

“Oh, he’s in the shower probably wondering where I am. Hehe. Woops, did I just say that?”

“Well you’d better get in there in a hurry. Don’t want him to get any wrong ideas. I gotta go now anyway. Give everybody the good news, and hugs from Ron, Tim and me.”

“Thanks a ton for calling Matt. I feel a whole lot better. I’ll give everybody the news and the hugs. Talk with you tonight.”

“OK bye, “ Matt said.

“Bye ‘till tonight,” Bryan answered.

            *        *        *

As the shipmates and new guests were helping themselves to the sumptuous luncheon set out by the crew, Rich caught Alan alone.

“Uh, dad? The new guys and us were talkin’ about maybe finding a deserted beach somewhere, and maybe doin’ some skinnydipping. Would you ask Tony, or the captain if they know where we could go?”

Alan smiled, as he looked over the cute guys that had joined the group.

“Sure Rich, let me give the captain a call.”

Ten minutes later the helicopter rose from the ship heading down the coastline. It had not returned 15 minutes later, when the sounds of anchor chains being pulled up were heard.

“What’s going on?” Bryan asked Alan as they sat eating at a large table with most of the older guys.

“The boys wanted to do a little nude swimming this afternoon,” Alan answered. “I guess Captain Larson has found a place. I figured that if anybody wants to see anymore of the local sights, the chopper could take ‘em wherever they want to go.”

“Haha!” Bryan laughed. “If I know the guys on this ship, there will be plenty of ‘local sights’ the minute those kids drop their drawers.”

“10-4 on that good buddy,” Sam said grinning in agreement. “Tom and I haven’t see this much eye-candy since we went to Mardi-Gras last year in New Orleans.”

>From the other large table where the younger guys were eating, Rich and Brandt looked over at Alan and grinned as the ship started moving out of the harbor and the helicopter was spotted in the distance returning to the yacht.

In less than an hour the ship dropped anchor at the mouth of a small bay inlet. The place was gorgeous, and more importantly, deserted.  Tall cliffs surrounded the small but pristine beach and a little waterfall cascaded down the west cliff face, splashing into the ocean.

As the crew began opening the large doors to the ‘toy storage room’ and the skiffs and water toys were unloaded into the water, the younger passengers started peeling off their few clothes.  Alan laughed to himself. He couldn’t decide whose eyes were the biggest; the new guys gawking at all the fun water toys, or the older guys enjoying the twink strip show.

Young dicks were soon hanging out in the breeze. Bryan was sure that all the excitement of the young guys wasn’t just anticipation of the fun the toys would provide. More than one dick seemed to get larger as the twinks’ dicks flopped around for all to see. He knew that his own was beginning to become a bit uncomfortable.

“Come on guys,” Brandt said grinning as he approached the table surrounded by the older group. “Off with your clothes! We ain’t gonna be the only ones with bare asses showing.” All the guys at the table were suddenly envious of Rich, at having such a well -endowed guy as Brandt for a boyfriend.

To the surprise of everyone at the table, Jeffery, the steward who was serving drinks began to strip. Robert was spellbound. He had stripped with the younger guys and now his own generous organ began to noticeably swell. He covered his privates with his hands and looked for some inconspicuous way to hide his blossoming erection. Jack and Lonnie both saw his futile attempt and chuckled between themselves.

“Well I don’t know about you guys,” Sam said, “but Brandt’s invitation sounds pretty good to me.”

With that said he stood up and began to remove shirt, shorts and boxers.  Bryan admired the older man’s trim torso as the shirt came off. He looked at the other guys and thought, ‘Oh what the hell,’ and began to remove his own shirt.

Now both Jeffery and Sam were totally nude and Bryan was headed in that direction, too. Alan and Tom both looked at their partners and began to undress. Jeff Davis and Phil Thompson, the cute whiz kids, didn’t wait any longer either. In mere seconds the whole group on deck was either bare or getting that way quickly.

The younger contingent displayed lots of young ass as the guys bent over to grasp the handrail leading down to the swim platform. The guys still at the table smiled at each other and shook their heads.

All ten of the young guys headed for the beach, the still bare Jeffery piloting one of the skiffs with the six new guests, and Robert, Hans, Brandt and Rich driving the Skidoo wave runners. The youths had taken an assortment of swim masks and snorkels too. All of the guys on the Skidoos were wearing small backpacks reportedly loaded with towels, drinks and snacks for their shore excursion.

“Hmmm,” Bryan commented. “I wonder what’s really in those back-packs? There’s a cooler in the boat and a bunch of beach towels there too.”

“Don’t ask,” Alan advised smiling. “What would you take?”

“Heh, heh,” Bryan said grinning. “ That beach is starting to look pretty inviting.”

“Well guys,” Alan said addressing the others around the table, “What do you want to do?”

“I’m for the beach,” Lonnie said. There’s plenty of beach for us all, and there is a nice grove of trees up against the cliffs if anyone wants to get out of the sun.”

“Or out of sight,” Jeff Davis said grinning at his partner.

“I’m sure that Jeffery would be glad to take us ashore,” Bryan said smiling at Alan. “We could probably even convince him to stay, in case anyone wanted to come back early.” The smile became a leering grin.

“You cute devil,” Alan said grinning. “You’re helping someone else. I’m sure that Jeffery being on the beach would please Robert a lot.”

“What are fiends for?” Bryan asked grinning.

As the skiff pulled back alongside, Bryan descended to the swim platform to help Jeffery tie-up and let him know of their plans. Jeffery climbed up on deck and went to the galley to prepare another cooler with snacks and drinks. The group on deck went to their staterooms to deposit their unnecessary clothing and pick up a few things, including sun tan lotion, to take to the beach. Jeffery took the loaded cooler to the boat and went into the ship’s storeroom, retrieving four beach umbrellas and putting them in the small boat as well.

On the beach, the boys had hit the surf and were taking turns driving the wave-runners. When Hans’ turn came to drive one of the crafts, he invited Bill, one of the newcomers from the ship to hop on behind. Bill, who had been eyeing the captain’s young son, grinned and climbed on. The small machine bounced over the incoming waves as it made its way out to calmer water. The bouncing caused Bill to hang on tight to Hans’ waist and created a stirring in his loins due to the stimulation of their motion and the close contact of their seating position. As the small watercraft rounded the cliff defining one side of the bay and blocking them from sight of either the beach or the yacht, Hans could feel something different poking him in the back. His own cock, which had started to grow, now sprung into full glory. Soon Bill’s right hand was on Hans’ stiff organ, moving up and down as the vehicle bounded over the waves.

Hans steered the speeding machine into a small cove, which surprisingly had a tiny beach at the end of a narrow curved channel. He slowed the wave-runner, riding the surf to the shore. Before the nose of their small water cycle could slide onto the beach, Hans killed the engine and the machine quietly crunched into the sand. Hans dismounted the machine and taking Bill’s hand, led him to the beach where they sank to their knees embracing.

On the other beach, Jeff Davis and Phil Thompson in addition to Robert and Jeffery had disappeared into opposite ends of the small grove of trees. They carried beach towels and a few supplies, which they wrapped up in the rolled up towels. Of the older group only Sam, Tom, Bryan, Alan, Lonnie and Jack were visible. They lay stretched out on their towels next to their partners shaded by beach umbrellas. The younger guys not on wave runners were cavorting in the shallow water playing grab ass.  Their aims were obviously not very accurate, as other appendages seemed to be getting more attention and were stimulated into either full or half-mast.

Bryan had closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the stillness and the warmth of the sun. Opening his eyes and looking down the beach at the younger guys, he spotted two of the cruise ship boys lying on the beach. One hovered over the other, and was turned upside down from the position of his companion. Bryan blinked in surprise as he quickly recognized that there was some 69 action going on in plain sight of the other boys. He was even more surprised moments later, when three of the wave runners slid onto the beach and their riders joined in the beach spectacle. It was a bit hard to tell from where he was sitting who was doing what to whom, but it appeared that everyone was happily engaged in some form of sexual activity.  

Bryan, turned on by the view, kissed Alan who was lying next to him. Alan responded with enthusiasm, as they had never been so overtly passionate except behind closed doors. Their bodies came together in full contact and Bryan began to pant in earnest.

Sam and Tom, though older, were swept into the spirit of lovemaking along with their younger friends. What they might have lacked in youthful exuberance they made up for with the tender but passionate kisses and private touches perfected by years of experience as partners.

Lonnie and Jack had created their own semi-private enclave with the two remaining beach umbrellas.  Bryan could see from the corner of his eye only that they were lying face-to-face, very close to each other, their nude bodies touching.

Even on the yacht the crew was enjoying themselves with all of the crew naked. Several pairs of young men had retired to their berths where wild lust was released in frenzied lovemaking.

Only Captain Larson in his cabin was alone as he napped on and off, aware but unconcerned about the activity that was taking place not only on his ship, but also on-shore. He had been Ron’s captain for several years, and had almost been surprised at the restraint shown by both the passengers and the crew thus far into their journey. He just assumed now they were making up for lost time.

It would be difficult to describe the scene that afternoon as an orgy. Most of the couples were seemingly unaware of others around them. As the afternoon progressed every man or boy who had traveled to the secluded bay had engaged in one or more sexual acts. For some, such as the boys from the cruise ship, it was simply a matter of youthful gratification of raging hormones. For others like Robert and Jeffery, and for Jack and Lonnie, it was finding a new soul mate. Jeff Davis and Phil demonstrated their love screened by low plants found in the palm grove. Alan and Bryan discovered an openness to their intimate relationship that had always been very, very private. Tom and Sam simply enjoyed the company not only of each other, but also of the others who brought a feeling of youth and vitality to their lovemaking.

As the shadows grew long from the surrounding cliffs, the beach group was stirred out of their reverie by the sound of the ship’s horn.  Checking his watch, Bryan saw that the hour was getting late if they had any hope of getting the cruise liner boys back by their 5 o’clock boarding time. He shouted to the boys to get ready to re-board the PT II. The older men gathered their things and climbed into the skiff after it had been pushed off of the sand. The skiff was soon underway and the four Skidoos were racing to the ship with two boys on each machine. The two remaining boys, Hans and Robert were left on the beach to be picked up by Brandt and Rich after they let off their passengers on the yacht’s swim platform.

As the young pairs were heading back to the ship on their second run, they noticed the rotors of the helicopter start to turn and the whine of its jet engine begin to pierce the air. The captain had obviously decided to shuttle the cruise ship boys back to Montego Bay by air rather than chance their missing their check-in time. When the Skidoos were pulled alongside the yacht’s stern and the boys had climbed onto the deck, they saw the first three boys to depart hugging the others, both men and boys, before they ascended to the helipad and their trip back to their ship.  Scant minutes later the helicopter lifted off the pad and turned as it rose, heading for Montego Bay.

Twenty-five minutes later the chopper returned for its last passengers. The hugging scene was repeated and a few kisses were also sneaked in. All of the PT II guests rode or walked to the top deck to see the last of the visitors depart. Smiles and waves were in abundance as the small aircraft again lifted off, turning on its axis, and nose down began its last ferry run.

When the noise of the chopper could only be dimly heard, Alan turned to the other guests.

“I spoke with Captain Larson and he suggested that we remain here in this bay for dinner. I thought it was a good idea, but I wanted to ask you all before making a commitment. If any of you would like to go back to Montego Bay for dinner, we could do that, but the chef could have dinner ready by around 6:30 if that’s agreeable. That should give us plenty of time for more playing around in the water, for showers and even time for a nice cocktail hour.”

“I’m for that,” Tom offered. “It is so beautiful and peaceful here. I’d be happy to stay here for the next two days.”  

“I’m in favor of staying too,” Jack said in agreement. “I’m ready for a shower and a refreshing cocktail.”

Several heads nodded, agreeing and so with no one dissenting, Alan stepped over to a phone in the observation lounge to call the captain with their decision.  Minutes later when he stepped back through the lounge door only Bryan remained.

“Everyone went to their rooms to clean up,” Bryan said. “Even the boys have decided that they’ve had enough sun for one day.”

“That sounds like a good plan to me. I feel like I have a pound of sand up my asshole,” Alan said laughing. “Let’s go to our suite. I’m beginning to get horny just thinking about washing your back.”

“I’ve got some better parts to wash,” Bryan said smiling at his lover. “And I’ve got some other ideas too.” He grinned as his eyes sparkled in anticipation.  

The lovers closed the door to the upper deck tightly as they headed for the elevator and their room.

        *    *    *    *    *

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