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Chapter Thirty-Eight

It was just after 5 AM when the G-V touched down at the airport in Cancun. On board, Matt and Tim had finished cups of coffee and sweet rolls after being awakened by the cabin attendant a half hour before. They had stripped down and stretched out on the unfolded sofa bed and had gotten nearly 4 hours sleep since leaving Las Vegas. Both the older and younger man had been aroused by the thought of sleeping with their sexy bed partner for the night but had engaged in nothing more active than the comfort and security of spooning.

Now dressed, they descended the boarding stairs carrying the small bags they had taken on their brief trip. Parker had made sure that all of their clothing items were washed and carefully repacked before their departure. It was still dark as they crossed the aircraft-parking ramp to the small executive terminal to go through customs.

They were greeted by the sleepy-eyed customs agent and were waved through with only a cursory glance at their small luggage bags. In the lobby of the terminal a driver with a sign reading “Matt and Tim” waited by the doors to the parking lot. It seemed rather strange to both of the young travelers that the guy would have bothered to make a sign. They were the only travelers in the terminal at that hour. In spite of that fact, the driver refused to acknowledge their presence until they approached him and identified themselves.

They were surprised to find a limo belonging to one of the large beach hotels waiting. Climbing in, still carrying their small bag, they were soon enroute to the harbor. The dock area was bustling as two large cruise ships were disembarking their passengers for their day ashore.  The limo pulled up to a dockside curb, indicating that the ride was over.

Paying the driver, Matt stepped out onto the sidewalk and looked around. Tim joined him there after closing the limo door and seeing it pull away. The P-T II was not in sight, so the young men walked to a nearby dockside restaurant. Taking seats near a window overlooking the bay, they took menus from the waiter after he poured their coffee.

“Are you nervous about seeing Hans again?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, a bunch,” Tim replied. “ I have missed him so much, I just hope I don’t let my frustrations show and blow it.”

“Half of the battle Tim, is just knowing how the other guy is feeling and putting yourself in his shoes. I’m sure that Hans regrets the whole thing and especially how it might effect your new relationship.”

“Blaming someone never solves anything. In fact, it can put up a barrier that is impossible to get through. What has happened is never as important as what may happen in the future. I’m sure that you are not completely innocent, but has Ron ever accused you or blamed you for anything? Nope, and you’ll likely never see it from him. He likes to know how and why things happened so that bad history won’t repeat itself, but he’s not interested in placing blame. He’s only focused on today and tomorrow. Yesterday is past.”

“Yeah Matt, I can see that. It makes a lot of sense. I sure am glad you and Ron are my friends. It’s so easy for me to screw things up. Sometimes I feel guilty about my past, but Ron never mentions it. He just helps me get over the problems my past has caused. I’m so thankful that he found me.  Picking up Brandt’s wallet in that restroom and calling Bryan is the best thing I ever did!”

“I know what you mean, Tim. Sometimes small kindnesses have huge rewards.”

The waiter returned and the young men ordered breakfast. They continued their conversation until their order was placed on the table.

As they picked up their utensils to begin attacking the eggs, hash brown potatoes and toast, Matt looked out over bay.

“Hey!  Look Tim! I think that’s the P-T II entering the harbor. We’d better dig in and get down to the dock pretty soon. It will take them probably a half hour so we have time, but we’d better not dawdle.”  

Both guys began eating in earnest and in 15 minutes had cleaned their plates.  Matt handed the server his credit card and the young Hispanic soon returned with the bill and receipt.  Matt signed for the breakfast; they grabbed their bags and were headed for the dock as the P-T II came to rest alongside the large dock. Matt noticed that no matter how large the yacht had appeared before, it appeared a dwarf when docked near the much larger cruise ships.

The boarding ramp was being extended from the stern of the ship as Matt and Tim approached the bow.  Most of the guests were assembled and ready to greet their friends as they returned from Las Vegas.

Bryan and Alan stepped onto the dock and approached the pair. Smiles were in abundance as they closed the gap between them and warmly hugged each other in the warm reunion.

“Hope your trip back was good,” Alan commented. “We missed you.”

“Yeah, it was fine and thanks, we missed you too. We’re both kinda tired from the trip and lack of sleep, but we’re glad to be back.  How were the Caymans?”

“It was beautiful and everyone enjoyed themselves,” Bryan said smiling. “We can tell you all about it when you get settled. Let’s go aboard and you can say ‘hi’ to everyone. We’ve all missed you guys.”

As the foursome stepped back across the boarding ramp leading to the stern deck a steward stepped forward and relieved them of their bags. The newcomers were quickly greeted with smiles and hugs from their friends. Matt joined several of the adult guests at a large table and they began to exchange news. Tim made a special point of greeting Rich, Brandt and Robert, and winked at Jeffery who was working and then walked over to a serving table where the cute steward was pouring a cup of coffee.

“Uh… Hi Jeff.  Have you seen Hans around?”

“Yeah, he was on the bridge a little while ago. I’m not sure he’s still there,” Jeff responded. Then in a low voice he said, “I kinda think he’s a little afraid to see you. He thinks you’re mad at him.”

“Well he’s not gonna think that for long,” Tim said with a grin. “I was kinda upset, but that’s all past. No use getting upset over spilt milk!”

“Wow, that’s a really great attitude. Well go get him! He’s been suffering long enough.”

Jeffery grinned as Tim headed for the elevator leading to the bridge.

Captain Larson was alone on the bridge as Tim entered the lavishly equipped nerve center of the yacht.

“Hi Captain Larson,” Tim said. “Uh… have you seen Hans?”

“Yes, he just went into our cabin. It’s just around the corner behind you. I think he’s a bit nervous about seeing you again.”

“Well he doesn’t have to be. All he’s gonna get from me is a big kiss!  …Ooops!” Tim blushed as he realized that he was speaking to Hans’ father.

Henri broke out into a wide grin and said, “I’m sure he’ll like that Tim. Now go!”

Tim grinned in spite of his embarrassment, turned and headed toward the Captain’s cabin. Reaching the paneled cherry wood door, he rapped four times.”

“Coming,” said a youthful voice from within.

The door swung open and the beautiful face and body of Hans appeared, wearing a surprised look.

“Aren’t ya glad to see me?” Tim said grinning.

“Yeah. You don’t know how glad! Come in,” Hans responded in spite of his nerves.

Tim moved inside as Hans stepped back, closing the door after Tim entered.

As Hans turned toward Tim, he was caught in Tim’s embrace and a sweet kiss on the lips.

“Wow!” Hans gasped when they parted. “Now I know I’m happy you’re back. I was so worried you’d be mad at me.”

“Well at first I was kinda upset ‘cause I was thinking that we had something special going. I talked to Matt and Ron, and they both thought I was making too much out of it. I’m mostly over it now, but I was thinking that we were getting to be kinda like boyfriends, so it hurt.”

“I’m so sorry Tim. I wouldn’t want to hurt you for anything. Do you really want to be boyfriends?” Hans said hopefully.

“Yeah I do,” Tim said directly into Hans’ beautiful blue eyes. “Do you?”

“More than anything! Oh Tim, I’m so happy.”

Tim’s lips turned into a huge grin as he held Hans close and put a lip-lock on his new boyfriend that sealed their pact.

When they at last pulled apart, Hans walked over to the cabin door and twisted the handle that engaged the lock.

            *        *        *

“What’s on the agenda today guy?” Matt asked after the questions had all been answered about Dorothy’s health, Ron’s recovery and the events leading up to the shooting.

“We thought we’d take a trip to one of the big beach hotels and hang out on the beach; maybe do a little boy watching,” Bryan said. “It’s still early though, so there’s no hurry. Maybe you’d like to take a nap first.”

“The beach sounds fun. I think I’d rather come back early for the nap though. I think we should go out club hopping tonight.  I’d like to shower now before we go. I’m feeling a little stinky.”

“Yeah, I noticed that!” Bryan said trying to pull Matt’s chain. “I’m glad at least your nose is working, since everything else is in dry dock.”  

“You turkey!  Just because my mind isn’t ruled by my dick like yours you think I’m abnormal.”

“Moi?” Bryan asked looking shocked. Alan’s head bobbed up and down in answer as he grinned and laughed inwardly at the exchange.

“Yep you, smartass. It’s a good thing Alan is here to keep you in line.

“Good luck,” Alan said in contrast. “Bryan has no line to keep him in. He’s as squirmy as they get.”

“Hey sweetie, you didn’t mind all that squirmin’ last night.”

“For sure, “ Alan said grinning in agreement.

“Well, I’d better go grab a shower, then as soon as I’m cleaned up, I’ll call Ron. It might be a little while before I get back.”

“Take your time, Matt. We’ll be here.”

Matt stood and told everybody he’ return soon and then headed for the Master Stateroom.

            *        *        *

The phone rang at Ron’s bedside in the hospital. It was 7:30 A.M. as Ron awoke from his sleep and reached over to pick up the receiver.

“Hello,” Ron said sleepily into the mouthpiece.

“Mr. Turner?”

“This is he.”

“Sir, this is Lieutenant Sagerbloom from the Metropolitan Police Department.  Sheriff Stone asked me to call you.  I’m afraid I have some bad news.”

“Go on,” Ron said, suddenly wide awake.

“I’m afraid that Charles Fullerton has escaped.  There was a vehicle accident on I-15 when he was being transported to the prison at Jean. All the guards were either killed or unconscious. The prisoners were all accounted for except for him. We have started a search, but in the confusion of the multiple car accident, I’m afraid that several hours passed before we realized that he was missing. Sir, the Sheriff has ordered an all points bulletin for him and an armed officer is on the way to stand guard outside your hospital room door.”  

“Thank you for informing me of this occurrence Lieutenant and thank the Sheriff. Would you inform the duty commander that I will also have my own security guard, from Aztec Security inside the room? Fat Charlie is very cagey so I’m not taking any chances until he is apprehended. I underestimated him once before.”

“Yes sir. I’ll see to your messages. The officer should arrive within a few minutes.”

“Thank you again, officer. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye sir.”

Ron hung up the phone and pushed the nurse call button. Moments later a nurse arrived.  

“I’d like you to call for an armed security guard.” Ron requested. “The dangerous criminal who shot me has escaped. The Sheriff is sending an armed officer to stand guard while I’m here, but it may take him a short while to arrive. The criminal is a large black man and weighs nearly 300 pounds. He shouldn’t be too hard to spot.”

“I’ll call security immediately sir.”

“Thank you,” Ron responded.

The nurse left the room and Ron reached for the telephone and punched the numbers for his office. The phone rang twice, before Margaret answered.

“Ron Turner’s office. This is Margaret. How may I help you?”

“Hi Margaret, this is Ron.”

“Hi Boss. How are you doing? What’s up?”

“Margaret, now don’t get excited, but Fat Charlie has escaped. Metro is sending a guard for my room, but I want an Aztec Security guard inside my room and one at the front and back of the hospital. I’m not overly concerned for my safety, but I want Charlie recaptured. He’s very clever, and I’m convinced that he won’t leave until he at least tries finishing the job with me. With these many guys around if he tries he’ll find himself in a trap.”  

“I’ll get on it right away, Ron,” Margaret answered. “If Aztec doesn’t have enough personnel in town, we’ll supplement their force with our own security people until they do.”

“Good! May I speak to Will?”

“Sure, I’ll transfer your call now.  Bye.”

When Will answered, Ron informed him of the events with Fat Charlie and his security plans.

“I need you to do something for me Will.”

“Sure Ron, just name it.”

“Would you go to my house and see Parker? Have him give you my 9-millimeter Baretta. I want you to bring it and a clip of ammunition to me at the hospital. There’s no way I’m gonna give Fat Charlie another chance to ventilate my poor body. If he shows up he’s gonna find that this guy is just not gonna stand by while he shoots at me.”

“OK Ron. I’m not sure this is a good idea, but you’re the boss.”

“While you’re at my house, let Parker know what’s going on. I want security beefed up at my house and he can see to that. I hope to be leaving here tomorrow if I can con the doctor into it. Bye the way; how goes the negotiations to buy Aztec?”

“I think we have a deal if you want it. I was planning on coming to the hospital this afternoon to show you the figures and go over the details.”

“That’s great Will.  What time are you going to be here?”

“Would 10:30 this morning be alright? Since I need to go to your house, I’ll do that right away and come directly to the hospital.”

“That would be fine. See ya

“Bye Ron.”

Ron had just hung up the phone when it rang.

“Ron Turner,” Ron answered.

Ron heard Matt’s welcome voice say, “Hi my sweet,”

“Matt!  I’m so glad to hear your voice my love.”

“Sorry to call so early, but everyone wants to leave soon, and I wanted to call before we left.”

“No problem, love. I was awake. How was the trip?”  

“Tiring,” Matt answered, “but we did get a little sleep on the plane. How are you feeling?”

“Stronger by the minute. I hope that by the time you get back here tomorrow night, I’ll be ready to show you a good time. Heh, heh.”

“In your dreams, Babe. We’re gonna take it easy ‘til the doctor says that you are up to doing sexual gymnastics.”

As the light patter continued, Ron’s mind was churning. ‘Should I tell Matt about Fat Charlie?” He couldn’t decide, so instead put it off, telling himself that he would tell Matt later.

“What are you guys doing today?” Ron asked, putting the subject of Fat Charlie out of his mind.   

“Well the guys wanna go to a couple of the luxury resorts, play on the beach and check out the male eye candy.”

“Mmmm, sounds wonderful. If you find any particularly enchanting vision bring him back with ya. We need a little fresh blood around this place.”

“Not on your life, you horny man! You got me Babe and that better be enough.”

“Just pullin’ your chain, Hon,” Ron said grinning. “You’re more than enough for me. I’m waiting for you. I’m raising a tent in your honor as we speak.”

“Well, just keep strangers outta that tent Babe. Matty’s comin’ home to raise the pole himself, and give the occupant lots of attention.”

“I can’t wait!  Go now, and have a really good day. Call me this afternoon or evening. I love to hear your voice. Tell the guys ‘hi’ for me and give ‘em all a hug.”

“I will Ron. I’ve only been away for a few hours and already I miss you. I can’t stand the thought of going back to New York next week. Maybe we need to talk some more about me moving to Las Vegas. For now, I just want you to know how much I love you.”

“I love you too Matt. You’ve made me the happiest guy in the world.”

“Bye Ron, I’ll call you later. Love you.”

“Love you more, Matt. Bye.”

Again Ron hung up the receiver, and leaning his head back against the pillows, closed his eyes and visualized the young man that he had given his heart.

            *        *        *

The door opened to the hospital suite. Stepping through the doorway was a young, handsome man dressed in a suit.  

“Mr. Turner?” the man inquired.

“That’s me,” Ron said as he stared at the younger man. There was something familiar about his face.

“I’m Tyler Jacobs. I’m you’re personal security guard from Aztec Security. I’ve just arrived from the west coast and came straight from the airport. The two agents that were here when you were shot are stationed outside per instructions from your office.”

“Good, are we covered for 24 hour security?”

“Not yet.  We have two more security guards that are arriving this afternoon, but that’s all we have currently available. Your office said that they could supplement our staffing, if necessary. My plans were to stay here all night with you, and put the new guys outside while the guys out there now get some sleep.”

“That will probably work out alright. I hope to get out of here tomorrow. Security at my house is easier, since I’m already set up for it.”

“Our orders are to stay here until you release us. We can give you advice on your security situation, but the final decision is yours.”

“I appreciate that,” Ron said smiling at the security guard who remained a mystery.

“I want you to know that I am personally responsible for your protection. I have been specially trained as a body guard, unlike some of our guys who are principally investigators.”

“Well, I won’t mind the company. I refuse to turn on the babble box since daytime programming is terrible, and I can’t read indefinitely. I am expecting visitors later though, so any conversations you might hear need to be considered private.”

“You have no worry about that from me, sir. I have heard and seen things that would curl your hair but it’s not my place to let them go any further.”

“Like what?” Ron asked.

“Sorry sir. Weren’t you listening?  I hope you know, I won’t tell.”

“How do I know if I can trust you if you won’t tell me?”

“You can be sure that you can’t if I do!”

“Good answer, Tyler. You pass! Welcome. Pull up a chair and we can talk. Oh, you can forget the ‘sir’ stuff. If we’re gonna be roommates let’s use first names. Mine is Ron.”

“Thanks Ron.” Tyler said has he shook Ron’s hand and then sat in a chair near the bed.

“Tell me a little about yourself,” Ron asked.

“Sure. There’s nothing too exciting to tell, I guess. I’m 24 years old, I have a bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement from USC, and took special bodyguard training from the Turnbury School outside of London. I’ve been working for Aztec for just over a year.”

“Do you like it there?” Ron asked.

“Yes. It’s a fine company with lots of potential. Gary the owner is getting older though, and could be more progressive. From what I can tell, we have many clients and our income is good, but Gary doesn’t leave too much in the company for expansion. I’m a little afraid that he’s thinking about retiring. He’s a great guy though. Everyone thinks highly of him.”

“Yes I agree Tyler,” Ron said in agreement. “The reputation of Aztec is very good. How do the other managers strike you?”

“They’re good. They are excellent at the logistics of operations. I’m not so sure about their ability to innovate and keep up with the times though. 20 years ago Gary had to be the best in the business. I love the guy, but his heart and attention are just not in it the way it must have been back then. Why do you ask?”

“Can we keep this confidential?” Ron asked. “I mean really confidential?”

“Yes, of course. But if you have reservations about my word, please don’t tell me.”

“No, it’s OK. In a few days it may be out anyway. My interest is in buying Aztec Security.”

“Wow! I had no idea?  That’s got to take a lot of money.”

Ron just smiled and said, “Well, we’ll know more this morning. My Executive Vice President is going to brief me on the negotiations. Now I won’t have to ask you to leave. I’m assuming that our conversation will be held in the strictest confidence.”

“Yes sir! You can depend on me. I guess I shouldn’t have said so much before. I really am proud of the company, but sometimes I get a bit frustrated.”

“I understand, Tyler. I won’t use anything you’ve said to take advantage of Gary. When we make a deal it’s a good deal for all concerned.”

“Thanks Ron. I’m liking what I hear and I hope you have success. I get good feelings about working with you already, and it’s no wonder that the managers in L.A. are jumping all over themselves to take care of your needs.”  

Ron laughed, and decided to change the subject. “Tell me, how did you get interested in the security and investigation business?  

“It’s a bit personal, but I’m not embarrassed about it. I feel I can trust you.”

“Whatever you want to tell me will remain with me unless you tell me otherwise,” Ron said reassuringly.

“Well, I grew up without a dad.  I never knew who my father was, although we were always taken care of. We weren’t rich and my mother never worked but we always seemed to have enough money to live a good but not lavish life. I never knew my father, and my mother would never tell me who he was. She just said that he was very respected, and was married to another woman. He cared for her, although as far as I knew he never saw either of us all the time I was growing up.”

“My curiosity got the better of me, and I started looking into finding him. I became fascinated with the process, even though my own efforts were not successful. I decided to study in the field. After I had been in college a year or so, my mother told me that my father had died. She said not to worry though, that he had left enough money for me to finish my education with some left for her later.”

“I was terribly disappointed never to have met the man, but I was more concerned about how my mother took it, than how it affected me. My mother’s health seemed to go downhill from there. It was like she always had some glimmer of hope that he would come to her. She even told me later that his wife had died and that he was taking it hard. She hoped that they could be reunited but it was never to be. She took his death very hard and when I was in England in training, she had a stroke and died.”

“Anyway, that’s how I came to be in the business. I was left with no mother and no father, but with a career that I really love. It’s not a pretty story, but I know that my mother was proud of me and loved my dad.”

“Do you have any family left?” Ron asked.

“Not that I know of. My mother was an only child and her parents have been gone for years. I never really knew them either. I think they were ashamed that I was born out of wedlock. I guess that meant a lot in days past. It’s never been too much of a problem for me though. Single parent families are not that unusual these days.”

“Yeah, I agree with that assessment,” Ron responded. “You should know that I don’t put too much credence in bloodlines. I mean, I think the importance of the family is not to be underrated, but a man is ultimately responsible for his own values and character. What I can see of yours, I can respect and admire.”

“Thanks, Ron. Even though you are not that much older than me, I somehow feel close to you.”

“I get that same feeling too, Tyler. Something is there that I can’t quite put my finger on. So are you married or have a someone special in your life?”

“Well, I’m not married for sure. I guess I should tell you the rest. God! I don’t know why I’m doing this! I’ve never been this open before in my life!”

“Hey, if it makes you nervous or you don’t want to, don’t say anything. Please be assured though that whatever you tell me is confidential, and will not affect how I see you as a person. I know and value many people as friends that some would judge as ‘not normal.’ It’s unlikely that you will shock me, although I’m not sure that the same would be true, conversely.”

Tyler hesitated before continuing. The inner struggle was obvious. Ron was about to tell him to forget it, when Tyler spoke softly.

“I’m gay,” he said looking at the floor.

“I am too,” Ron responded in a reassuring voice.

“You are?” Tyler said in surprise.

“Yep,” Ron said smiling. “Just disguised in a macho exterior, like you!”

“Wow! I’ve never even told anybody about myself, much less done anything about it!”

“Hey, don’t worry about it!  It all comes naturally.  We’ll have plenty of time to talk about it over the next few days. Just know that you aren’t alone.”

“That’s so great. I don’t know what to say. I have been petrified to be outed.  Even though I know it’s not true I always was afraid of the stereotyped gay image. I mean, I like doing manly things, and it all didn’t seem to fit with my mind dreaming about guys as partners.”

“There are all kinds of gay guys. Most you couldn’t distinguish as different from the guy next door. In fact, you can be sure that some are the guy next door. Lets drop the subject for a moment. I’m sure you want to think about it a bit anyway. As I said, just know that you aren’t alone.”

“I’m still curious,” Ron continued. “Did you ever find out about your father?”

“Well, yes and no,” Tyler answered. “My mother told me a little before she died. I’m getting close, but I haven’t uncovered that little piece of information that will end my quest. I’m not too anxious though, I’m pretty happy with the way my life is going, and I’m sure it won’t make any difference in the long run.”

“I hate to interrupt this conversation,” Ron said squirming, “but I gotta pee. Do ya mind giving me a hand to get up to go into the bathroom? It hurts a little when I put much strain on my stomach.”

“Sure Ron, no problem,” Tyler said as he stood and extended his arm toward Ron.

Ron pulled the sheets back from his legs, and taking Tyler’s hand sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed.  Sliding toward his helper, Ron’s feet hit the floor and he  put his full weight on his legs.  His head started swimming as his body adjusted to his position. Tyler could see that Ron was wobbling on his feet, so he wrapped his muscular arm around the back of his new friend.

“Here, let me steady you a little until you get your ‘sea legs,” Tyler offered.

“Thanks Tyler, I guess I do need a little help. I’m better, but hang on to me, just in case. OK, let’s go.”

Ron began walking slowly toward the bathroom with Tyler grasping one arm.

“Now where were we?” Ron asked. “Oh yeah we were talking about your father. What did you say your mother’s name was?”

“She kept her maiden name,” Tyler said as they entered the small room. “Her name was Sara Jacobs.”

Ron stopped suddenly and looked at their faces in the mirror over the sink. He knew now where he had seen the face. It was the face of his father when he was younger. Tyler Jacobs was his brother!