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Chapter Thirty-Nine

Cancun had been a wonderful place to visit. The day had been one of fun and laugher. Everyone knew that it was their last day on the cruise and decided to make the most of it. The day at the beach had been most enjoyable. There was plenty of eye candy to satisfy the most jaded appetites, including a surprising number of European men who didn’t mind showing off their wares in skimpy bikinis. The younger guys were up and down the beach, playing volleyball, playing in the surf and just having a good time. By two-thirty in the afternoon all the guests of the P-T II had returned to the ship. The water toys were broken out and the more athletic took again to the water.

Instead of playing with the toys Sam, Tom and Matt decided to take a helicopter tour flying first over the nearby jungles for an aerial view of Cancun and Cancun Island, then flying over the ocean to the island of Cozumel for a circular flight along it’s coast. Turning westward the small craft crossed the sea and flew over the jungle for a view of the Coba Mayan ruins, before returning to the ship. They were so enthusiastic about the excursion that soon everyone was waiting their turn. Dinner was delayed until after dark when the last flight landed and everyone had time to clean up and dress for dinner aboard.

Since the trip had been shortened, the last dinner on the ship had been moved up a day and was again formal. Captain Larson and Hans had been invited by Alan and Bryan to join the party for the last banquet. When everyone was seated, Matt rose and after asking for God’s blessing for the meal and the friendship shared, raised his wine glass for a toast.

“Friends, I know that if Ron were here he would offer a toast to the wonderful friendships that have been made and strengthened on this trip. Everyone here has been great, and even with the trauma that has occurred we’ve become closer to each other. The next couple of days are going to be a bit hectic with all the traveling, so before it all begins, I’d like to express Ron’s and my gratitude for being such wonderful friends. I’d like to ask you to join me in a toast to that friendship. I know that Ron in Las Vegas joins with us here in spirit.”

With that he raised his glass as everyone rose from his chair, goblets in hand. Clinking sounds filled the room as glasses touched and were raised to the lips of the guests.

“Now,” Matt continued. “I’d like to offer a toast to Captain Larson and the crew of the
P-T II for a wonderful trip, great service and terrific food.”

“Hear, hear!” echoed the guests as the glasses were again raised.

“Thank you all,” Captain Larson said smiling. “On behalf of myself, my son Hans, and the entire crew, I’d like to express our gratitude, and say that it has been our pleasure.”

The guests returned to their seats and began the beautifully prepared and presented meal. The conversation was lively and lighthearted, but there was an overcast of regret that hung over the room since trip was about to end. When the courses were all enjoyably consumed, the men adjourned to the upper lounge where after dinner drinks were again served.

At 10:30 the group all assembled on the lower rear deck to disembark for their night out bar hopping. Even though the bars they attended were primarily straight, they drank and partied until 1 A.M, leaving only because they needed to return to the ship so that the trip to Miami could begin. They were all more than a little drunk as they returned and gathered on the after-decks to watch as the ship moved slowly out of the harbor.

Matt went immediately to the Master Stateroom upon their return and called Ron.

“Hello,” said the voice into the receiver in Las Vegas.

“Ron?” Matt said upon hearing a strange voice.

“No, this is Tyler, Ron’s security agent,” came the reply.

“Is Ron there?” Matt asked.

Tyler looked at the handsome man lying on the bed, and started to say that he was asleep when Ron opened his eyes, and reached out his hand for the receiver. Tyler then left the room to give Ron some privacy.

“Hi, this is Ron.”

“Hi, sweetheart, this is Matt.”

“Matt who?” Ron joked.

“Matt the cutie,” Matt answered back quickly.

“Oh, that Matt!”

“Yeah, and it better be the only Matt too, if you know what’s good for ya!”

Ron laughed; he’d joked enough.

“Hi lover,” Ron said relenting.

“What’s with the security guy?” Matt asked.

“Well, I was going to wait until you got here to tell you, but Fat Charlie escaped. As a precaution, I have cops and security guards all over the place.”

“That’s awful! How did he get away?”

“The prison bus that he was on wrecked and all the guards and other prisoners were either unconscious or dead. He got a key and escaped. They didn’t discover he was missing for a couple of hours because of all the other accidents and injuries at the scene. They’re lookin’ for him all over town, but so far they’ve been unsuccessful. We have stepped up security around me, at home and at the office too. No point in taking any chances.”

“Well, that’s good anyway. I’m glad you’re not going to try to play hero. I just wish I was there.”

“I wish you were too, but you will be tomorrow, so that’ll have to do. I talked to the doctor a while ago and they’re gonna let me go home early tomorrow. The security is better at home, and it’s a hell of a lot less disruptive to the hospital. The doctor said I could be at home, but I had to promise that I’d be good and do nothing energetic for another week or so. I’ll need to come in at the end of next week to have all the stitches removed and for a check up. After that I can do just about anything not too strenuous.”

“I’m really worried about Fat Charlie,” Matt said. I hope you have the best security guys around you.”

“You don’t need to worry about that,” Ron replied. “I have the best. My personal guard that’s with me constantly is just like my brother. In fact, he is my brother!”

“What? You don’t have a brother!”

“That’s what I thought too. It seems that after I was born my mother didn’t want to have any more children and curtailed having sex with my father. I guess, he decided to get his pleasure elsewhere. I found some evidence of it through some personal letters and money unaccounted for in his stuff when he died, but I figured that it was just a passing fancy. Nobody ever showed up when he died so I had no clue. I had the name of his lover, but that was all. When Tyler, my Aztec security guy showed up, I was stunned by his familiar looks, but didn’t put two-and-two together. It was only when he told me his mother’s name and I looked at us both in the bathroom mirror that I knew!  He looks just like the pictures of my father when my father was younger. His mother never told him who his father was, even though he knew that they were getting support until my father died.

“Wow! What a shock that must have been for both of you!”

“Yeah, It sure was. We talked about it all afternoon. He was more shocked than I was. Nothing is settled yet, but I plan to give him half of what my father left to me, once the facts are verified. We both gave tissue samples today to have a DNA test run. I have no doubt that it will prove we are brothers. He’s really a great guy, and you will love him. Right now he knows that I have a lot of money, but he has no real concept of how much. We should have the test results back in a couple of days. I talked to Will about it today and he’s having a background check made on Tyler also. I’m not suspicious, but it’s necessary to do.

“What about his mother?” Matt asked.

“She died not long ago, so he is alone.”

“Does he know that you’re gay and have a lover?”

“Sure, I told him that right away. He told me that he was gay before I even realized that he was my brother. I told him that I was too. Something strange clicked between us the minute I met him. I was attracted to him like a magnet. It wasn’t sexual attraction, even though he is way cute and at first I thought that it might be. No, it was something else that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Now I know what it was and I can’t tell you how certain I feel. It’s great in so many ways. I now have a family again.”

“Do you think there is going to be a problem with your money?”

“No, not really. He’s gonna be shocked when he finds out how much he’s worth, but I’ve made so much in the last few years, that my own fortune won’t be heavily effected. I think, if I recall correctly that he will only get 25 or 30 million dollars.”

“Oh, is that all! No big deal!” Matt said half in jest.

“Well it isn’t considering that I’m worth almost a billion not counting the charitable trusts. Part of the trusts belongs to him too. I really got a good feeling from him though. Money doesn’t seem to be a big thing; he’s worked hard to get where he is and has his head screwed on straight. I think he’ll handle it all well.”

“I hope so, sweetheart. You have enough challenges on your hands without a troublesome brother showing up. You know that you can count on me though, whatever the outcome.”

“Thanks Matt, I never doubted it. I love you so much. None of this will affect my love for you. Besides, I just know that you will love him too. He needs the kind of love and support that we both can offer. I’m really pleased.  Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. The Aztec purchase is a done deal. We notified them this afternoon. Guess who would make a great President of Aztec/Turner Security?”

“You mean Tyler?”

“Yep, in a nutshell. I perceive great things coming out of that purchase. I’m gonna offer him the opportunity to buy half of the ownership if he wants it. It’s a marriage made in heaven. He’s got the brains to do it I’m certain, and he knows the business. I think we’ll make more money in the long run than our outright ownership.”

“That sounds like a great plan Ron and I’m glad. I was afraid that the Aztec purchase was going to be demanding of your time. Now I can see there’s at least a good possibility that it won’t.”

“You’re right, it could have been a challenge, but I think that between Will’s involvement and the help from the whiz kids, Jeff and Phil, with maybe a little guidance from Jack, he will have that place humming in no time, and without much interference from me.”

“Uh…. Ron. I’m sorry to change the subject, but I’ve been thinking. I don’t want to be away from you anymore. Just the few days that we’ve been apart have driven me crazy.  I don’t want to be possessive, but I miss you whenever you’re away from me. I want to make your life happy, and to share your life and bed with you all I can. When I get to Las Vegas, I don’t want to go back with the other guys. I want to stay with you. Can we talk about it when I get there?”

“Oh Matt, that would make me so happy! I’ve not wanted to push, but I’ve wanted you with me so much. I didn’t really realize how happy you’ve made me until the cruise when we had our real first time to be together. I’m glad you brought it up because I was going to if you didn’t. We need to talk about money too. I’ve been talking to Will and he agrees that you need your own money. It’s not necessary to talk details now, but I never want you to have to ask me for money. I want to set aside enough for you so that money never becomes an issue. I don’t mean just a measly million bucks either. I want you to have enough that we can talk investment strategies if you’re interested. I’d be glad to teach you all I know, and we can have fun in business as well as in our personal relationship. If you’re not interested, you won’t have to worry since I can take care of it along with my own stuff.”

“Gosh Ron, I don’t know what to say. I really don’t want your money, but on the other hand I understand what you’re saying. If we really are going to be partners forever, it would really take away the ‘have and have not’ problem.  Let me think about it though and we’ll talk about it next week after the guys leave for New York. I really do thank you though, no matter what we decide to do.  I just want you to know that whatever we decide, I’ll only agree if I think it will help our relationship. I love you so much. That’s all that’s important to me: loving you, Ron the man. I wouldn’t care if we were poor.”

“I agree, my sweet man,” Ron said happily. “We’re what’s important. I want the money just to add to our joy, not be the cause of it. We can do so many good things with it to help others. It’s really exciting.”

“Yes, I can’t thing of a better way to live. …Wow Ron, look at the time! I gotta get to bed or I’m gonna to look and feel like a wet rag tomorrow. I can’t wait to be with you again. I hope you get better quickly ‘cause I’m overdue for a romp in the rack with my roughrider.”

“You’re not any more ready than me, my love. Yikes! This hospital bed is not my idea of being bedridden. Ha!  Hurry back. I can’t wait to kiss your sweet lips and snuggle up to your handsome bod!”

“G’nite Ron my dearest man.”

“Night Matt. I love you.”

“And I love you Ron. Bye.”


Two receivers reluctantly found their way to their cradles.

        *        *        *
Tom Cordero and Sam Bjornson sat on the upper rear deck as the P-T II sliced through the water on its hurried trip to Miami. There would not be a problem making landfall by early morning but the late start meant that they would have to move at regular cruising speed rather than the leisurely pace they had enjoyed for most of the trip.

The older men had marveled at the wonderful sights and experiences during the trip. Nothing they had seen, not even the cute bodies of the younger men on the ship had detracted from their affection for each other. Both men were trim and fit. Their work with the disadvantaged in New York left no opportunity to get fat. They both worked hard and spent many hours a week on their feet. Those demands plus a membership in a neighborhood gym insured that their bodies were equal to those of younger men.  Only their skin, exposed to the weather had begun to show the signs of their true ages.

Sam spoke first as they held hands and looked over the moonlit sea.

“Tom, I don’t know if you feel the way I do, but this trip has given me a whole new perspective about life, and how we should live it.  Oh I know that we have friends, but I never really appreciated how much friends could mean to each other until this trip. You and I have always been so close, that in many ways we have shut out others. Not that we have shunned anybody, it’s just that we have not invited them into our hearts.”

“I hear what you’re saying Sam, “ Tom replied. “Ron, Matt, Alan and Bryan are amazing people. You know where it came from though don’t you?”

“Not really, I just see it in all those guys.”

“Look carefully at Bryan. I’ve never met a guy that was so outgoing, just wrapping his arms around all he meets. Alan is much more guarded, and Matt is not naturally that gregarious. Even Ron, who really displays a caring for others doesn’t have Bryan’s natural gift for loving that really shines. The only thing Bryan is guarded about is if someone heads into the territory that he and Alan share. It would be easier to get into Fort Knox than to come between those two”

“Now that you point it out, I’m sure you’re right.” Sam said thoughtfully. “Bryan and Alan have a very unique relationship. Alan and I talked about it one day. Alan accepts Bryan’s gregariousness and holds no strings. He truly believes that the only way to keep Bryan is to let him be free. Bryan’s heart is big and he really loves other people, but Alan knows where Bryan’s real devotion rests. It’s scary how much he trusts Bryan. If I had someone that young and cute, I’d keep him under lock and key!”

“I hope you’re not thinking of trading me in for a couple of 25 year-olds,” Tom said grinning.

“Honey man, I wouldn’t trade you in for a whole bag full of ‘em. We’re still plenty young enough to keep up with the kids if we choose to, but it won’t be long before we’re just a couple of crusty old farts. I’d rather grow old with you than start over with anyone else.”

“You’re just as sweet as you’ve always been, oh handsome one.” Tom said looking into Sam’s eyes. “I think back on the years, and thank God for every one.”

“I do too, love. Just think, soon we’ll have been together 28 years. That’s gotta be some kind of record.”

“Well I doubt that it’s a record in longevity, but it has to be up there in the happiness column.  Remember how we got together?”

Sam smiled as he remembered. “Yeah, how could I forget? I had to be the dumbest student that ever took philosophy. The best thing I ever did was to find a tutor.”

“Yeah, I was pretty desperate myself.  My grades were good but my wallet was empty.”

“There was another part of your pants that wasn’t empty,” Sam said with a smile. “I noticed that right away. I took one look and my chin hit the floor. I would have paid you to teach me to play pick-up-sticks, you turned me on so bad.”

“You weren’t the only one that felt that way, chum. I had to keep a book on my lap most of the time to keep you from seeing my constant hard-on whenever we sat close.”

“It’s a good thing that coke fell on your lap that night. Remember Tom? You grabbed that book to keep it from getting more soaked and there you were in all your glory. That’s when I knew that I had a chance with you.”

“Yeah, not that it took you long to capitalize on that accident. You sure gave my crotch a good rub when you dried off my lap with that towel. Sneaky, sneaky!”

“You loved it, admit it!” Sam said.

“Yep and I still do, and from the looks of things, so do you.”

Sam leaned toward Tom and deposited a passionate kiss to the waiting lips of his partner.

“Let’s go find us a flat soft spot in our cabin, honey man. I’ve got something to show ya,” Sam said winking.

“I can’t wait,” Tom responded as he stood and took Sam’s hand. “I hope it’s something I love.”

“It might be, you devil,” Sam said as he followed Tom. “I can only promise you that it’s something I love with.”

Tom looked back smiling at the man he loved as they disappeared inside.

            *        *        *

Fat Charlie stood in the large shower stall in his luxury suite at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. Charlie had chosen the upscale resort as a good hiding place when coming to Las Vegas. Who would think of looking for him in such fancy digs? Besides the hotel had 3000 rooms and was in the busiest part of the Strip surrounded by 100 thousand more. Charlie made sure that the size and quality of his suite was just below that of the “high roller” ones that might attract attention to the occupant. The $1000-a-night suite was one which Charlie felt he was due. He was one of New York City’s most successful pimps of young men willing to give pleasure for cash.

 A white youth was standing naked behind him carefully rubbing his soapy hands over the chest, shoulders and back of the large black man who was paying for his services. After completing his work on Charlie’s upper torso the young man, Tony, worked his way down the large muscular ass of the giant, soaping up huge legs that supported the huge bulk of a man. It wasn’t that Charlie was really sloppy fat; he was just huge. His giant torso gleamed in the light from the dressing area as the warm water cascaded over his bulk. He turned his back to the spray and looked at the youth kneeling at his feet.

“ ‘bout time y’all earned some o’ dis trip, Tone.. Ah got me a part dat need lossa  ‘ttention, baby boy. Take dat big dick in yo mouf cocksucker! Y’all gib da bes’ head dis guy evah had. Now git wid it!”

With that he slapped Tony on the side of the head. Tony quickly moved to the huge dick confronting him.  Clasping the large tool at its base, he began to run his tongue over the giant appendage as he cupped the large ball sac in his other hand.

“Mmmm, dat sho feel good pussy boy,” Charlie squealed in delight. “Git dat suckah ready, ah jis’ cain’ wait fo’ ya ta git it nice ‘n’ hard so’s I kin fuck yo white ass ‘til muh cum runs outcha nose.”

Tony was beginning to panic. Charlie’s goons had only “recruited” the desperate Tony off the streets of the City two days before they had climbed into Charlie’s black Cadillac for the cross-country trip to Las Vegas. Tony had been forced to give each of the fellow travelers oral sex regularly during the journey but Charlie had insisted on saving “dat cute white ass” for the celebration Charlie planned after they killed some guy named Ron who lived in that city.

Charlie’s car still sat in the valet parking garage of the Mirage. The van that he and his henchmen had used for the hit on Ron the had stolen. Charlie was not about to use his own $60,000 car and rental cars were too easy to trace. When the men had left for their attempt on Ron, they had left Tony chained to the toilet with a tray of food from room service on his lap. They hung a “do not disturb” sign on the door as they left. The food and toilet had become necessities for Tony as his ‘providers” had disappeared for nearly three days before the bedraggled Charlie had re-appeared.  Tony had managed to stretch out on the toilet compartment floor with a bath mat as a mattress during their absence.

On Charlie’s return he had ordered a huge dinner brought up and then changed from the ill-fitting clothes he had stolen after his escape. When the food was delivered he handed the young attendant a $20 tip and took the tray from his hands, saying goodbye, before closing the door in the young man’s face. Tony was famished, gobbling down the offered food down after Charlie had released him from his toilet room bonds. When both had eaten their fill from the huge order, Charlie pointed to the bathroom and began taking off the clothes he had donned only moments before. Tony was afraid that Charlie had changed his plan for having sex with him later and with a feeling of terror welling up, he
began to strip.

Tony was relieved when Charlie told the youth to begin washing him in the shower. His relief was short lived when Charlie turned around while the young man was on his knees. He was eye-to-eye with a nearly hard cock that was far bigger than he had ever sucked, much less had shoved up his ass. His eyes widened with fear and he stared dumb-founded before Charlie slapped his head. Stunned out of his stupor and with resignation he quickly took to the ordered task, only to be further shocked by Charlie’s intentions, intentions that left him panic-stricken. Tony continued to lick the monster organ as it rose to full length. It was more than 10 inches in length and he only knew that it looked like a beer can in diameter.

Impatient, Charlie grabbed Tony by his long hair with one hand and brushing away Tony’s hand away from his cock, grabbed the huge weapon and pointed the head toward Tony’s mouth. Tony’s lips remained closed as the huge head poked his lips. Charlie let go of Tony’s hair and slapped him again much harder on the side of his head. Tony nearly fell sideways from the blow.

“Now ya listen up, honey boy,” Charlie said menacingly, “Ya bettah do wot ah tells ya, o’ ya gonna end up jis’ a piece o daid meat!  Ya heah me?”

Defeated before any battle could begin, Tony knew that Charlie meant what he said. He looked down at the floor with tears in his eyes knowing he had to respond.

 “Yes I hear ya.”

Charlie again grabbed Tony’s dark curly hair and as he again pointed his huge cock at the opening lips of the tearful youth. Charlie thrust his hips toward the hole and the large head disappeared into the wet orifice. Tony had never had such a huge dick in his mouth before. His jaws stretched to prevent his teeth from raking across the tool. He knew that such contact would result in retribution from the giant man. Charlie shoved his hard dick to the back of Tony’s throat causing the youth’s stomach to react with a retch. Charlie didn’t pull back and the deep penetration cut off Tony’s air supply. Holding tight to Tony’s hair to prevent him from pulling away, Charlie watched as Tony began to struggle to escape the obstruction of life giving air. In desperation he was ready to bite down on his captor’s cock as he suddenly became dizzy and lost consciousness.

Tony awoke minutes later to find himself draped over the back of a large overstuffed chair in the living room of the large suite, his arms and legs firmly tied with ropes to the legs of the piece of furniture. He saw Charlie approach, then disappear behind him. He next felt rough hands fondling his ass-cheeks  then a large stubby finger inserted roughly into his rectum. The finger jabbed in and out as he squirmed at the intrusion. He wanted to cry out, but only then realized that his mouth had been sealed with duct tape. Another finger was added to the stretching hole and a third as Tony groaned in pain.

The fingers were pulled out and Tony heard the voice behind him say, “Ya gonna enjoy dis honey boy, now ya gonna git it from a real man!”

Tony screamed in pain as the huge cock-head penetrated the tearing sphincter of his ass. He begged God to kill him quickly as his mind screamed into a point beyond its capacity to withstand pain. He fell again into unconsciousness.

        *        *        *

Three hours later he awoke. The fiery pain from his rectum made every movement one of agony. One hand had pulled loose from its bonds. Reaching painfully toward the other he struggled with the knot until it too gave way. With every move one of misery, he lowered himself to the floor and began to attack the knots binding his feet. Twenty minutes later he was free.  He heard Charlie’s loud snoring as he quietly approached the bedroom. Finding the object for which he was searching, he crept silently toward the bed. Suddenly Fat Charlie opened his eyes….

        *        *        *

Maria knocked loudly at the door of Suite 2500. She knew the room must be dirty as every attempt to clean it for the past three days had been met with the “do not disturb” sign. The sign was now gone and there was no response from within. She slipped the magnetic card master key into the slot, and seeing the green light come on, pushed down and in on the lever. The door swung inward.

“Maid Service,” she called as she stepped into the dimly lit room.  The place was a mess, but she had seen worse. She decided to start with the bathroom and work her way out. Stepping into the bedroom, she saw a large figure on the floor, stopped then started to back out of the room. Suddenly, her eyes opened wide in shock and fear as she saw the blood and the large switchblade knife sticking out of the chest of Fat Charlie.  Letting out a blood-curdling scream, she fell to the floor in a faint.

        *    *    *    *    *