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Chapter Forty-One

“Hi my lady friend,” Ron said cheerfully as Tyler pushed the wheelchair through the doorway into Dorothy’s room. “When are you gonna be ready to blow this pop stand?”

“Hey Ron.” Dorothy said smiling. “The doctor said I could leave in about an hour. Say”, she said with a feigned scowl, “how come you get the cute orderlies all dressed up in business suits, and I get these kids who can’t find a bedpan without sniffin’?”

Tyler blushed and Ron let out a laugh.

“I guess Tyler was out of the room when you visited last. Dorothy, I’d like you to meet the new President of Aztec-Turner Security, Tyler Jacobs. Tyler, this is Dorothy Simms. Dorothy runs my house and is a member of the family. I call her Mom.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Jacobs,” Dorothy said, extending her hand.

Tyler took her hand and gave it a warm grasp.

“The pleasure is mine,” Tyler said smiling, “but please call me Tyler. Any mom of Ron’s is a mom of mine.”

Dorothy grinned at the handsome young man as Ron added, “Dorothy, you don’t know how true that is!”

“What do you mean, Ron?”

“Dorothy, I hope you will be as happy as I feel now, when I tell you. Tyler is my brother.”

“Your brother?” Dorothy asked in astonishment.

“Well, technically we’re half-brothers. Our dads were the same man. “

Dorothy quickly got over her shock and looked closely at Tyler.

“I should have known. I can see the resemblance now.  Welcome to the family Tyler. You’ve got a great brother.”

“Thanks.  Yeah, he’s an amazing guy, I can see that already.”

“You have any romantic attachments? Dorothy asked.

“Nope, I’m just a single guy.”

“That’s fine,” Dorothy said brightly. “Don’t worry, we’ll have you fixed up in no-time.
Are we lookin’ for a girlfriend or a boyfriend?”

Ron burst out laughing at Dorothy’s audacity, as Tyler turned a bright shade of pink.

“Let’s just say that he’s a member of ‘the club’, Mom, and let it go at that.”

“Gotcha, Ron, “ she said winking. “One boyfriend, comin’ right up!”

Ron couldn’t help but laugh again at Tyler’s obvious embarrassment.

“I’m gonna take him somewhere safe, Dorothy. We’ve got to go see a prisoner,” Ron said. “We’ll see you in the lobby in a little less than an hour. We’ll have lots of time to talk later while we’re recuperating at home.”

“You’re going to leave me here with all these questions running through my mind?” Dorothy asked.

“Yep, we’ll catch up with you in the lobby. We’ve got something that we have to do now.
Ok Tyler, let’s roll.”

“Nice to meet you Dorothy,” Tyler said as he grabbed the handles of Ron’s wheelchair and turned the conveyance toward the door.”

“Yes, nice to meet you too Tyler. Bye Ron.”

“Bye Dorothy,” Ron said with a wave as the wheelchair rolled through the doorway.

            *        *        *

The well-proportioned security man pushed Ron’s wheelchair toward the uniformed police officer stationed outside a private patient room.

“Officer,” Ron said, “I’m Ron Turner. Sheriff Stone has given me permission to see the prisoner.”

“Oh yes, Mr. Turner.” The young officers said, “We’ve been expecting you.”

“Thank you, “ Ron replied.  “Has the prisoner given any details about the death of the victim?”

“Not yet, he’s kept his mouth tightly closed. We read him his Miranda Rights, but so far he hasn’t made a statement or called a lawyer.”

“Was he badly injured?”

“No, just some lacerations which appear to have been made by a knife and some bruises. There is also evidence of rape. We’ll probably move him to the jail tomorrow. I’ll be glad of that. This is boring duty.”

“Good,” Ron said. “I’d like to see him now, please. I’d like to have my Chief of Security, Tyler Jacobs accompany me, if I may?” Ron requested, nodding toward Tyler.

“Er… Mr. Turner, the Sheriff said that Detective Phillips was supposed to go in with you. Would you mind if I called in to make sure that it’s ok for you to go in without him?”

“Sure, I could call the Sheriff myself, if you’d like.  I have his private number.”

“I’d like to call my superior first if you don’t mind Mr. Turner. I don’t want to get Detective Phillips in trouble because he’s not here right now.”

“Not a problem, officer.”

The policeman went to the nurses’ station where he could get a landline to call his superior. Returning moments later, he smiled.

“I was sure that would be alright, Mr. Turner, but I had to follow procedures. The Sheriff ordered that we extend every courtesy to you. Now, may I see both of your IDs? I have to fill out my paperwork.”

“Sure,” Ron said in agreement as he and Tyler retrieved their driver’s licenses from their wallets and handed them to the policeman.

“What’s the prisoner’s name, Officer Thornberg?” Ron asked, reading his name off of the guard’s picture I.D.

“It’s Tony. Tony Matussa,” the officer said as he copied down the information from the licenses onto a form. “OK, I guess that does it. You can go in now. I’ll stay here. The prisoner is cuffed to the bed so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Thanks again. I’ll remember your courtesy to Sheriff Stone,” Ron said in a sincere voice as Tyler pushed open the door so that Ron could wheel the chair into the room.

The young man in the bed opened his eyes as he heard the door bump against the stops as it closed. He looked at the two handsome men who approached. The one who appeared to be slightly older was in a wheel chair.

“Who are you?” the young prisoner asked, speaking to Ron with a sneer, “Perry Mason?”

Ron just smiled, while Tyler scowled at the punk. Tyler had no respect for smart-mouth kids.

“Nope, ‘fraid not,” Ron replied. “Just a friend.”

“I ain’t got no friends,” Tony said scowling.

“You do now.” Ron declared.

“What’s in it fer you?” Tony asked with derision.

“Have you ever heard the expression, ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’?” Ron asked.

“No,” Tony said with a curious look. “What’s it mean?”

“Let me put it in terms you will understand. My name is Ron Turner. I’m the man that Fat Charlie came to Las Vegas to kill.”

“Wow,” Tony said with sudden understanding. “Guess it didn’t work out like he planned, huh?”

“No it didn’t. The police seem to think that you might have had something to do with Charlie’s murder. I’d like to help you if I can.”

“Nobody’s ever helped me. Why should you want to?”

“Let’s just say that there’s no love lost with me because of Fat Charlie’s death, plus I’d hate to see your life wasted because of it.”

“That’s a good enough reason, I guess. I ain’t sure you’re gettin’ any bargain helpin’ me though,” Tony said dejectedly, “ I think the word ‘loser’ was invented jus’ fer me.”

“Well, you’re in the winners camp now, my friend. I’d like to have you tell me about Charlie’s death, but I won’t do that. I’ll have you save that for your attorney. I don’t want to be called as a witness against you, based on what you might tell me.”

“I ain’t got no ’torney, Mr. Turner. Guess I’m gonna be stuck with one of them public defenders.”

“Not a chance, Tony. You’ll have the finest criminal attorney that we can find. For now, keep your mouth shut. I’ll have an attorney for you by tomorrow. Whether I’m with him or not he will introduce himself as coming from me. You can trust him. You have to be truthful though, we don’t need any surprises in court. Oh, and by the way, my name is Ron and this is my brother Tyler.”

“Thanks Ron. Nice ta meet ya Tyler.”

“Nice to meet you too, Tony,” Tyler said.

“Tony,” Ron said seriously, “they’ll probably transfer you to the jail tomorrow sometime. Don’t get discouraged; we’ll get you out on bail if we can. We’ll start working for you right away. I’ll try to come and see you on Monday, if the doctor will let me.”

“I guess all those bandages and stuff are because of Fat Charlie, huh?”

“Yeah they are, but fortunately there’s no permanent damage. Charlie was a good shot, but not that good. We won’t have to worry about him any more though, thanks to you.”

“Well, I don’t care if they lock me away ferever, Ron. It‘s worth it t’git even with that bastard.”

“Tony, we’ll do the best we can to help you out of this. I have high hopes. The Sheriff was no fan of Charlie either.”

“You know the Sheriff? You can git in the fix?”

“There won’t be any fix, Tony. I don’t work that way. You just have to have faith that we’ll do all that’s humanly possible for you. If we can get you out of this scrape your life can get back to normal.”

“Yeah,” Tony said grimly, “back to the streets. I’d almost rather be in jail. At least in jail you eat reg’lar.”

“When this is over Tony, there won’t be any ‘back to the streets’. It will be time to build yourself a good life.”

“You’d still help me?” Tony asked in surprise. “I wouldn’t have ta go back ta my old shitty life?”

“Not if you’re willing to help yourself. You’ll have to work to get your life in shape so that you can be what you want to be, but we’ll be there to help you. Life can be good Tony. There are wonderful people in it who have lots of love and caring. You might not have seen much of it yet, but you will.”

“I’ll trust you guys, Ron. Not that I got a lota choice. I do feel better though. I just hope this ain’t leadin’ to another of my life’s disasters.”

“I can only promise you this Tony; we won’t give up trying.”

“That’s more’n anybody else has ever done fer me. Thanks, Ron. I hope it ain’t a waste o’ your time tryin’ to help trash.”

“You’re not trash in my eyes my young friend, just tarnished.  Well we’ve got to go. We’ll see you on Monday, and you’ll see your attorney before then.”

Wet drops began pouring from Tony’s eyes, his tough-guy image shattered. Ron thought of how helpless he looked. Rising from his wheelchair Ron stood and walked up to the bedside of the young man. Painfully leaning over, he took Tony into his arms as the youth released the pain he was feeling with a torrent of tears.

“Have faith my young friend,” Ron said softly. “We’ll be there for you.”

“Come back soon, will ya?” Tony said pleadingly. “You’re th’only good thing that’s ever happened ta me.”

Ron stood up, and looking Tony directly in the eyes said, “You can count on it.”

Stepping back to his wheelchair, Ron sat down. “We’re going now Tony.  Hang in there.”

“Thanks Ron. Thanks Tyler.”

“You’re welcome Tony,” Ron said with an encouraging smile.

“Bye Tony,” Tyler echoed as he wheeled the chair around and the men began their short trip to the lobby.

When they had checked out with the guard, Tyler pushed the chair toward the elevator and asked, “Ron, did you really mean all you said in there?”

“Yes, Tyler I did. That kid’s been dealt a lot of bad cards. We’re gonna help him if we can.”

With that Ron picked up his cell phone and dialed the number of his attorney, Terry Cannon.

            *        *        *

It was 1:45 in the afternoon when the large Gulfstream jet rolled to a stop in front of the hangar in Las Vegas. Within twenty minutes, the passengers and luggage were all loaded in two white limousines and had begun their trip to Ron’s huge home in the foothills of Mount Charleston on the west edge of the city. In the front car were Matt, Bryan, Alan, Lonnie and Jack, as well as the older couple Sam and Tom. Bringing up the rear in the other limo were Rich, Brandt, Tim, Hans, Robert and their barely older chaperones, Phil Thompson and Jeff Davis. Of the couples that had been on the yacht, only Jeffery King and Ron were missing. Their absence was felt by their partners, Robert and Matt, but only one would soon be reunited with his lover. Matt was smiling in anticipation.

The large iron gates to the huge estate swung open as the cars approached. Turning into the drive the vehicles began their climb to the higher reaches toward the ‘palace’, not yet visible. As the last car motored over the curving road and cleared the last hill the huge house became visible.

“Wow! Is that the hotel where we’re staying?” Brandt asked Rich.

“No silly, “ his young lover answered, “that’s Ron’s house.”

“Damn!” Brandt muttered in amazement as the cars rolled to a stop on the bridge in front of the formal entrance.

Ron, Parker and two newly hired young houseboys were waiting as the men began exiting the limos. Matt was out first and rushed to Ron who was again seated in a wheelchair. Matt leaned over and placing a quick but tender kiss on the lips of his lover said, “Hiya, Babe, you’re looking great to these eyes.”

“You’re a welcome sight to these eyes too,” Ron answered. “Welcome home.”

Matt rose up, smiled and turned to the men climbing out of the cars. When they were all out of the vehicles and were approaching, Ron said, “Welcome, friends. I’d like you to meet Parker, who will take care of your every need.”

Parker smiled and bowed slightly, as Ron continued. “ Let’s go inside. Parker and the boys will take care of your things. Uh, Robert and Jack, will you be staying the night?”

“Well, if it’s all right with you Ron,” Jack said, “Lonnie and I would like to stay at my place tonight. We can go there later.”  

Ron smiled saying, “Sure, that’s great. “You can use the sedan then and come back in the morning.  Robert?”

“I’d like to Ron, but I’m sure my mom is gonna want me home. I’ll call her in a few minutes. I’m sure she could pick me up tonight.”  

“Well, if you have to leave, you can take the jeep,” Ron suggested, “That way your mother won’t be bothered and you’ll have a way back here in the morning. We can drop you off at home after we’ve taken the guys back to the airport for their flight to New York.”

“Sounds like a plan, Ron,” Robert said. “I sure hate to see the good times we’ve been having come to an end.”

All the men who were standing near, and who had overheard the conversation, nodded in agreement.

“Let’s go, I’ve got a surprise for you inside,” Ron said grinning.

Matt looked at Ron with a questioning look, but Ron just smiled and turned his wheelchair toward the house. “Matt you can push, ok?” Ron requested. Then he said with a laugh as Matt grabbed the handles, “Giddyup!”

Matt grabbed the handles and as he shoved the wheelchair into motion, leaned over and said softy into Ron’s ear, “Yeah, I’m gonna push somethin’ a little friendlier later on, too.”

“I can’t wait!” Ron said happily in response.

Minutes later, the men met at the top of the stairs and elevator opening into the living room. Across the room stood a handsome, smiling 26 year-old man dressed in casual clothing.

“Matt, guys.” Ron said as he stood up out of the chair, “Come with me. I’d like you to meet someone. Walking slowly with Matt at his side, Ron crossed the room to the younger man. “Tyler, I’d like to introduce you to Matt, the love of my life, and to my friends. Guys, I’d like you to meet Tyler Jacobs, my brother!”

Matt had guessed the identity of the handsome man. He had a striking resemblance to Ron. He understood now why Ron was so certain of their relationship. Releasing Ron’s arm and stepping forward, he opened his arms to the offered hand of the cutie, giving instead of a handshake a warm hug. Taking their turn, each of the new arrivals introduced themselves to Tyler and repeated Matt’s greeting.

Ron grinned seeing the expression on Tyler’s face as each man, older and younger, hugged their friend’s new brother. Ron noticed too that when the introductions were finished, more than one guy, including Tyler, had obvious bulges in the crotch area of their pants. Tyler’s face was a bit flushed, being a bit overwhelmed by the intimate greetings he had received and embarrassed by his own reaction. Matt looked at Ron and giggled. Their looks confirmed that they were enjoying Tyler’s discomfort.  Matt had to admit to himself that Tyler was one handsome man, just like Ron. He could see the similarity brought on by their genes. From the appearance of Tyler’s package, the family resemblance extended to their jeans, as well. ‘Tyler is gonna make some guy as happy as Ron makes me,’ Matt thought with a bit of envy of Tyler’s unknown partner.

As the introductions to Tyler concluded, Parker entered the room. “Mr. Turner,” Parker said with unusual formality, “Your guests’ belongings are placed in their rooms. The younger gentlemen’s things are all in the guest house as you instructed.” He handed Ron the letter sized drawing of the floor plan of the house with the room assignments Ron had earlier approved.

“Thanks Parker. And you can call me Ron, these guys are all family.” Parker smiled.

“Tim,” Ron said as he handed the paper to his young ward, “would you be helpful and show everyone to their rooms?”

Tim looked at the drawing, and smiling, said, “Sure Ron, I’d be glad to.”

“Guys,” Ron said to the assembled group. “ Tim will show you to your rooms. If you’d like to freshen up, relax or change, now is the time. Matt, Tyler and I will meet you at the pool, whenever you’re ready. If you want to swim or just relax at poolside, dress appropriately. Cocktails will be served, starting in about 15 minutes.”

“If all the old guys would come with me,” Tim said, “I’ll show ya to your rooms. Guys in the twink category can follow Rich, he knows how to get to the guest house.”

“I know who we are to follow,” Tom said laughing to his partner.

“He means us too, the little shit,” Bryan said laughing. “I’m insulted. We may just go stay with the twinks. That’d show him.”

“Nah, I’m sure he didn’t mean old-old,” Alan said quickly. “He just meant ‘older’.”

“That’s not much better,” Bryan said with a grin as he and Alan joined the ‘older’ group heading for the upper elevator.

        *        *        *

The afternoon was a wonderful reunion of the good friends. The younger guys splashed naked in the pool, while most of the older ones enjoyed cocktails on the deck. Matt provided a tour of their home to those who wanted to stretch, while Ron entertained those who were content to just remain with relaxing drinks and good conversation.  Around 5 o’clock Ron asked the younger guys to put on their suits, since Margaret, Jan, Will, Mr. Peterson and their partners were expected to arrive soon.

Mary, Ron’s talented cook had spent the entire day preparing a large Texas-style barbeque to be served to the guests at dinner. The wonderful smell of slowly smoked brisket, chicken, ribs, and sausages permeated the evening air as daylight waned.
Upon the arrival of the new guests, they were quickly escorted to the pool deck and plied with cocktails. Appetizers of boiled shrimp with sauce, little canapé sandwiches, plates of veggies with ranch dressing and other delicacies were served to curb the appetites of the friends as they waited in anticipation to taste the results of Mary’s dinner efforts.
After the new guests were settled, Ron brought everyone up to date on the latest happenings:  his and Dorothy’s stay at the hospital, the new challenges brought on by Fat Charlie’s demise and Tony’s upcoming legal battle for his freedom. There was engrossing conversation too about Tyler’s new position at Aztec-Turner Security, and Ron’s kinship with his newfound brother. Conversation finally turned to the work to be done in New York with the Friendship Trust.

It seemed that everyone’s lives were intertwined in one way or another with all of these events and with the other guests. A new closeness was felt as the friends came to know each other in ways that only a couple of months before could not have been imagined.

Tyler, their newest addition, looked and listened in amazement as the evening progressed.  He had difficulty comprehending the implications, dreams, and relationships of this group of loving people who had accepted him with open arms. He was overwhelmed, not only with the intelligence and business acumen of the collective group, but more than that, the love that they obviously felt for their work and for each other. He knew that he had found his home.

During the conversations that highlighted the afternoon activities, Mary and the house boys had set up tables in a large “U” on the east end of the deck, looking out over the darkening city. Once preparations were complete, candles were lighted on the table, signaling Ron that dinner preparations were complete.

Ron rose with Matt, and invited their friends to join them at the beautifully prepared table. After they were all seated, Ron stood up to address the group.

“I’d like to thank you all for joining Matt and me here tonight. I hardly know how to express the love that we have for you. Our businesses and charity efforts are only made possible by the skill and caring that you possess and demonstrate on a daily basis. Of a more personal note are our feelings for you individually. There is not a person at this table that we don’t love and cherish. We feel that love in return, and for that we’re unbelievably grateful. We want to remember too, others who for one reason or another are not here tonight. First, there are those others with whom we share our lives to accomplish our good work, both at our work places and in our homes. There are also those like Jeffery and Tony who we remember tonight and wish for their union in our group. Finally we wish to remember with thankfulness and gratitude, those who serve us at work, in our homes and for our leisure. They are friends and are loved as well. Now, if you will all join hands, I’d like you to join me in thanking our Creator for his bounty.”

“Heavenly Father, You have heard our words and know our hearts. They are hearts filled with love and friendship. We believe that this love is Your most precious gift to us, and for that we are grateful. We ask Your continued blessing on each of us here, and those we hold in our hearts. Now we thank You for these gifts and the prosperity with which You have favored us. Be with us as we go our separate ways tomorrow. Bind our hearts as one even though the miles separate us. For all of this and the meal we are about to share, we give our thanks.  Amen.”

“Amen,” was heard echoed around the table, as the friends celebrated with joy in their hearts their last meal together, the meal marking the end of the cruise.

        *    *    *    *    *