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Chapter Forty-Nine

The blue BMW 320i coupe stopped under the Indianapolis Holiday Inn covered check-in canopy. Two tired young men climbed out of the car which, like they, had left Las Vegas over twenty hours before, clean and shiny. Now it looked as tired and dirty as they felt. Robert and Tim walked though the lobby door and stepped to the check-in counter. They had decided a few hours before that this was where they would spend the night after driving nonstop south from Las Vegas, across northern Arizona, New Mexico, across the Texas panhandle, diagonally up through Oklahoma and Missouri before entering Indiana.

They had volunteered to drive Jack’s car to New York and wanted to be there for Bryan and Alan’s party. Ron had helped with the legalities of getting Tim’s Nevada driver’s license after Thanksgiving, so he and Robert took turns driving on this marathon dash to their destination. Matt had told them that both Jeffery and Hans would be at the party, and when offered $250 apiece for the task, they jumped at the chance. They decided to make the trip with only one stop and had hoped that it would be in Columbus, Ohio so that the second leg across the rest of Ohio and Pennsylvania would be far shorter, since they knew they would be tired. Their fatigue was a major factor in deciding to stop for a good rest more than 100 miles short of that goal. Their plan to arrive two days before the party would allow them to recover and be fresh before the guys from Florida arrived.

Having called ahead their reservation by cellular phone, they were quickly in their room and showering before stretching out for a long needed sleep. Tim showered first and after drying himself wrapped the towel around the slim frame that was beginning to show the results of time in Ron’s gym. When Robert emerged from his shower he found Tim propped up in bed waiting.

“You know Robert,” Tim began, “we’ve talked about a lot on this trip. But one thing we’ve never talked about is how we feel about each other.”

Robert became instantly alert as he saw the large tent that lifted the sheet covering Tim’s lower body.

“No, we haven’t,” Robert agreed as he draped his own towel across the back of a nearby chair and climbed into bed beside Tim. His generous organ was itself now swelling to its erect state.

“You know I was attracted to you the minute we met. I wanted you in the worst way, even though you were ‘older’,” Tim continued with a small giggle.

“I thought you were a cute twink too,” Robert admitted, “but you scared me a bit.”

“Really?” Tim asked. “Why? I never thought that I did anything intimidating. How did I scare you?”

“Well, maybe I shouldn’t say anything, but I asked Ron about you. He said that you were from New York and were street wise and experienced but a nice guy. It set me back a little because at the time I was totally inexperienced and sheltered, even though we were kinda poor and struggling. It made me really cautious. I wanted to get to know you well, and I thought that it might happen on the cruise.”

“Yeah, I was excited by the possibilities, myself. If I hadn’t met Hans and you hadn’t met Jeffery who knows what might have happened.” Tim said reflectively.

“Yeah, I love Jeffery more than I’ve ever dreamed possible. He’s so caring. I know you had a difficult time too, but both of you seem to have come through your experiences as really great guys. I would be lying if I said that I don’t find you very attractive.”

“I feel the same way. I love Hans so much that I just want to melt into him as one person. In spite of that I’m strongly attracted to you too, Robert.

The two young men rolled toward each other and embraced. Their bare torsos came together and their large organs were caught between them, standing side by side as their hips ground together. Their pent up desires were not to be denied and within a short minute both had pumped forth large loads of sticky cum which were smeared together in a joint offering.

Rolling on his back, spent, Robert said, “I’m sorry Tim. I loved it, but that shouldn’t have happened. Forgive me.”

“There is nothing to forgive, my dear friend. I wanted it as much you,” Tim answered.  “I think we should just think of it as a sample of something that could have been but never will be.”

“I can accept that, Tim. Thanks. I guess we’d better clean up and get some sleep.”

“Yep,” Tim said in agreement. “Lay still, I’ll be right back.” He quickly got up, went into the bathroom and returned with two hot, wet washcloths and a hand towel. Throwing one washcloth to Robert, he took the other and wiped himself clean, then with a quick rub with the hand towel, handed it to Robert who also dried himself. Tim took the terry cloth items and returned them to the bathroom. As he re-entered the sleeping room, he saw that Robert had turned on his side toward Tim’s side of the bed and had pulled back the sheet in an invitation for his cute friend to join him. Tim sat down on the bed, turned off the bed lamp and moved back against his friend, who wrapped his arm around his companion. Their eyes closed, and 10 hours later when their eyes opened their bodies had not moved and neither had their smiles.  

            *        *        *

“I wonder where Tim and Robert are now?” Matt asked as he looked out the window at the tops of the clouds below the corporate jet.

“I’d guess they are somewhere in eastern Pennsylvania only a few hours from New York,” Ron answered.

“I sure hope they are alright,” Matt said.

“They should be unless they had an accident.  Jack’s car is nearly new and is in great shape, plus they have cell phones, and each have a Turner company credit card. They probably look at this as a great adventure. I think it will be good for Tim too. Robert’s head is screwed on straight and I’m hoping that some of his drive and ambition will rub off on Tim.”

“Yes,” Matt said, “I certainly agree with that. Robert is a role model for kids his age.”

Ron looked around the plane. Tyler sat with Jack, playing bridge against Jeff Davis and Phil Thompson. In an area where two seats had been taken out were Jack’s possessions that he wanted to take to New York. Ron had suggested they take them on the plane because they had the room, and the boy’s would not be burdened with a trailer.  The passengers on the plane had all accepted Bryan’s invitation to the ring party. Jeff and Phil also wanted to go with Jack and Lonnie to see the new offices of Turner Consulting in the City. If necessary, Jeff and Phil could be called on to help the New York office from Las Vegas, with their quickly expanding client load. For now, however, the whole business world, it seemed, was slowing down in preparation for a long holiday season.

Ron wanted to take Tyler to the new offices too. If he decided to expand Aztec-Turner Security eastward, the new offices would make a perfect headquarters. Matt had never seen them either, since he was packing for his Las Vegas move only days before, when they were in the City.

Tyler, Matt and Ron also had some other business. They decided to leave for the trip a day earlier than originally planned, after Tyler had called Ron and Matt from California to report that Aztec-Turner had finished their work on the background of Tim’s father. The evidence collected, proved beyond any doubt in their minds, his abuse of Tim. The man had a history of child molestation and had narrowly escaped the clutches of the law. Aztec-Turner had been thorough and their surveillance had piled up enough evidence to send the man away for many years. Alan, with the help of Steve who had represented Tony in Las Vegas, had hired a young energetic New York family-law attorney for the Friendship Trust. This attorney, Guy Jackson, had prepared custody papers that were valid in both New York and Connecticut, as he had been admitted to the bar in both states. He had also arranged for Tim’s father and his attorney to meet with them in a conference room at the Waldorf after indicating strongly that he possessed enough evidence to convict Tim’s father, and unless the man agreed to meet, he would simply turn over the evidence to the authorities.

Alan had asked Guy to call Ron after he had been hired, and Ron arranged through Tyler a meeting between Guy and the Aztec investigators. The results of that meeting had been the preparation for the confrontation with Tim’s father. Guy had called Ron and had asked to meet with Ron, Matt and Tyler an hour before the confrontation to go over their strategy.

He also told Ron during that conversation, that Alan had asked him to confer with the Aztec-Turner investigators on the evidence against the New York City policeman who had sexually assaulted Brandt. He promised to bring Ron up to date on that investigation during their advance meeting.

“I hope everything goes well tomorrow,” Ron said to his lover.

“I’m sure it will, Ron.” Matt said in a reassuring voice, “Tyler’s men are very good and it sounds like you were mighty impressed with Alan’s new attorney, Guy.”

“That’s a ‘for sure’!”

“We’ve got a busy weekend planned. Then we have to get home and get really ready for Christmas with Mabel, the boys and some of our Las Vegas friends.”

‘I’m gonna miss Tim,” Matt said with a voice tinged with sadness. “He’s come a very long way in such a short time. I’m happy for both him and Hans, though.”

“Me too,” Ron agreed, “I hope Henri is up to the challenge.”

“I think he will be. He seemed to look forward to it, when we talked to him the other night. It will probably be no harder than living with Hans’ moping about, being separated from Tim.”

“I’m sure you are right, Hon. Tim has been the same way.”

“It sounds like Rich and Brandt have the ring party all planned from what Bryan said,” Matt commented.

“Yeah, having the PT-II up there for the party, was a great idea. I’m sure that Robert and Tim will help them put the finishing touches on the decorations tomorrow, while we’re busy.”

“It’s funny,” Matt said, “We’re losing Jack and Tim from Las Vegas, but soon we’ll have Jeffery and Tyler. And now we have Mabel with Tony, Petey and Georgey. The circle of friends just seems to grow and grow.”

“Yeah,” Ron said as he smiled. “I love all these happy people.”

“I say ‘amen’ to that. If ever there was a Mr. Santa Claus it’s the guy I love.”

The lovers looked at each other and grinned, as Ron gave Matt a wink.

        *        *        *

Ron, Matt and Tyler, were waiting in the hotel conference room when Guy Jackson arrived. Ron rose to greet him and introduced himself then the other guys around the table to the young attorney. After pouring another cup of coffee for the attorney, they settled in their chairs as Guy began to speak.

“Tyler,” he said, “I have to complement you on the Aztec-Turner team here. They are really professional, and have made resolving this problem much easier. I hope I’ll be working with them more.”

“Thanks Guy.” Tyler said in obvious pleasure. “We’re thinking about opening a permanent office here, and George Stone, our lead man here is my choice to run the show.”

“There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s capable,” Guy said. “I think we’d better get on with our strategy session now, in case our ‘visitors’ arrive early.”

“Good,” Ron said, “ How do you want to handle this?”

“I think I’d better do the talking, if you don’t mind. One of the main reasons I want you here is for a bit of ‘group intimidation’. I always like to outnumber the opposition, if I have a choice.”

“That’s a good strategy,” Ron agreed. “We’ll, act as back-up, but keep our mouths closed unless you signal us to speak.”

“Thanks. I’d hoped you’d say that. I also have some muscle here, besides Tyler I mean,” Guy said grinning at Ron’s obviously well muscled brother. “I hope you don’t mind but I’ve invited a couple of Tyler’s guys to be here in case Tim’s father becomes belligerent.”

Guy stood up and went to the conference room door. Opening it he invited the two guys standing outside to enter.

“Brucie! Max!” Ron and Matt both said with great smiles on their faces as they hurried to the giant men, giving their old bodyguards warm hugs.

“Now I really feel safe,” Ron said laughing. “We love these guys. You shoulda seen how they handled Fat Charlie.”

“Fat Charlie?” Guy questioned. “I don’t know of him.”

“Just a guy that brought Tony to us,” Ron explained simply. “I’ll tell you all about it sometime.”

“We’re glad to see you guys too,” Brucie said. “We’re even happier that Fat Charlie is not around to bother you anymore. I shoulda broken him in two while I had a chance.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ron said still smiling. “It’s all past history now.”

Guy broke in saying, “Bruce, Max, we have to get on with this. I’d like one of you inside with us and the other outside the door. You guys can chat with Ron, Matt and Tyler later.”

“Yes sir,” Max said. “I’ll stay with you and Brucie can stand guard outside.”

“Thanks men,” Guy responded.

Everyone took his place and Guy spoke again.

“Since we have a few minutes guys, Alan asked me to bring you up to date on the happenings with the cop that attacked and arrested Brandt.”

Both Matt and Ron listened with rapt attention.

“Because of the great work done by the Aztec investigating team, we were able to present to the internal affairs guys at the NYPD a pile of evidence against the cop. All charges were immediately dropped against Brandt. Of course, cops tend to protect each other, so we provided copies to the judge that ordered Brandt’s release, and your friend the Senator, Ron. We made sure that NYPD knew that we had copied them too. The action was swift. The officer was immediately suspended until the evidence was corroborated, then he was fired after the compulsory hearing. He lost the city’s contribution to his retirement too. The evidence was turned over to the District Attorney for further prosecution. It appears they will press charges once the case is studied. He could get jail time if they can get more than Brandt and Tim as witnesses. It looks promising, as Alan has intervened with a couple of the potential witnesses and gotten them off the streets into a more stable environment.”

“At least the guy is off the force, and hopefully out of the ‘legal’ sexual assault business.. I sure hope he gets labeled as a sex offender,” Ron said.

“If he is convicted, that is a certainty. It’s why it’s so important to continue with the prosecution.  He may not get a very long jail term, but he will have to live with that label and conviction hanging over his head for the rest of his life,” Guy said. “Any further arrests will put him away for a very, very long time.”

“I’m sure that you can count on Brandt and Tim,” Ron said with assurance, “I’m positive they are more interested in protecting other guys in the future than in retribution.”

A knock came at the door. On a signal from Guy, Max opened the door to the two men waiting outside.

“Come in,” Guy offered.

“I’m Guy Jackson, the attorney representing Tim. We’ve spoken; and I’d like to introduce Ron Turner, Matt Davidson, and Tyler Jacobs. They are Tony’s benefactors.”

A well-dressed man extended his hand to Guy, who shook it as the man said, “I’m Darryl Kingman, representing Mr. Harris.” He indicated with a nod his companion. Guy did not extend his hand to Tim’s father.

“Please have a seat,” Guy said, indicating where they should sit.

After they were seated, Darryl said. “We have examined the results of the investigation of my client and would like to come to a speedy accommodation.”

“Go on,” Guy said.

“You indicated that Mr. Turner would like permanent custody of Mr. Harris’ son, Tim. We will agree to that in exchange for all the copies of the investigation and all further action by your client halted.”

Guy looked at Ron.

“Never!” Ron said quietly, but firmly.

“Listen here you fucken’ fairies!” Mr. Harris screamed as he stood, “You just want my boy as your fuck toy. You can’t kid me! Ok., you can have him. Just leave me alone!”

“Shut up, you sorry sack of shit!” Ron yelled. “If you as much as open your fuckin’ mouth again, I’m gonna blink, and that very large man standing behind you is gonna wad you up into a ball of bleeding garbage and throw you out that fuckin’ window!”

Max moved into position. His huge bulk was intimidation personified.

Mr. Harris looked at Max, forcefully closed his mouth and sat down.

Ron continued. “Here’s the way it’s goin’ down, asshole! You’re gonna sign our papers, and your son is going to get on with his life without ever seeing you again. He is a fine young man and is far better than you deserve!  In exchange, we will keep the investigation report. Not only will we keep it, we will continue the investigation on a periodic basis. If you ever touch any young boy again, we will turn these papers over to the State Prosecutor, and you will spend the rest of your life in jail! You only have one chance to agree, and it is now.”

Harris looked totally humbled. He glanced at his attorney, who nodded.

“Where do I sign?” Harris asked dejectedly.

Guy pulled the papers from his attaché case and laid them before the man and his attorney.

“Do you mind if we examine these papers, before my client signs?” Darryl asked.

“Of course not,” Guy answered. “Ron, would you, Matt and Tyler meet me in a few minutes in the coffee shop? Max and I will attend to these details.”

“Thanks. We will, Guy. This room stinks!”

Ron, Matt and Tyler rose together as if they were tied to each other, and exited the room.

        *        *        *

The trip to the newly renamed Turner Building was a welcomed relief from the tension of the confrontation behind them. Matt had been surprised at Ron’s violent reaction to the scum that was Tim’s father, but he understood Ron a little better now. He knew that his lover was kind and generous, but had not truly realized his personal commitment to righting wrongs of the unprotected. His admiration of Ron reached new heights.

The new facilities were wonderful. Dan Barnes, Richard’s handsome assistant met them at the door and was introduced to Tyler. As they walked to the elevators Matt whispered to Ron, “Hey, did you see Tyler jump when he took Dan’s hand?’

“Yeah,” Ron said grinning. “I noticed.”
Ron and Matt’s adjoining offices were beautiful and magnificently appointed. The view was breathtaking. Tyler was pleased with the space set aside for Aztec-Turner Security too, and decided to begin a full time operation in New York immediately. The tour of the Friendship Trust floor showed the new occupancy, but held sufficient unused space for considerable future expansion.  All in all everyone was delighted at the stop and about the new acquisition. When the tour was completed, Dan commented that he would see them later, which judging by the smile on his face, made Tyler happy. The three men climbed into the waiting limo for their return to the hotel for check out. Tonight they would sleep aboard the P-T II assuming that they got any sleep after the party.

        *        *        *

The boys were having a blast. The main deck lounge, both inside and out was decorated ‘to the nines’ The boys had made some signs too, but had hidden them away until after the trap was sprung on Alan that the party was more than a Christmas party. To complete the ruse, the boys had used mostly Christmas décor so as to not tip off Bryan’s surprise.  Earlier that morning Tim and Robert arrived much later than originally expected. Both Hans and Jeffery greeted them exchanging longing kisses with their partners. After unloading the Beemer of their belongings, they headed for their staterooms to shower and catch up on some needed sleep before the party, so they claimed. Hans and Jeffery excused themselves from the work detail too, to accompany the newcomers. Rich and Brandt just winked at each other and kept working.   

By mid afternoon, Ron, Matt, Jack and Tyler appeared. Ron and Matt took Tyler on a tour of the ship and introduced Tyler to the crew as well as Henri, the Captain. When they arrived at the VIP suite, they notice a sign on the door that said, “Just Married.” They all laughed at the scrawled note. Opening the door to the stateroom, they saw a room festooned with flowers and candles for Alan and Bryan’s “first night.”  Ron found the room completely ready except that the silver champagne bucket was not yet occupied by its intended contents. The three men just smiled in approval. Closing the door, they continued on their tour.

Twenty minutes later the threesome finished their round with a stop at the upper deck lounge. They found it decorated to match the lower main deck lounge.

“This calls for a drink,” Ron said as he stepped up to the bar. “The cute steward, dressed in uniform took their orders and they took bench seats in front of the lounge windows since the weather outside had turned cold and there was a chance of snow. The steward served their drinks as the men relaxed from a busy day.

“Damn Ron,” Tyler said, “This yacht is fabulous. I love ships, and this one is beyond belief!”

“Yeah it’s very nice,” Ron admitted. “You know, you can use it whenever you want. Just make arrangements through Jan in our Las Vegas office. I haven’t decided whether to move it to the Mediterranean this summer or to the West Coast. We’d like to take it to Alaska, but I’d like to show Matt the old world, too. Maybe we could do both. We have a ‘double wide’ houseboat on Lake Mead, too, for shorter outings. It’s fun, but unfortunately, none of these luxury toys are overused. I hope to change that now that Matt and I are partners, and you have entered our lives.” Ron smiled at Matt, and winked.

“Wow, Ron, this is all too much.” Tyler said with genuine enthusiasm.

“None of all these trappings mean as much to me as having you for a brother,” Ron replied. “I can’t tell you how much you’ve come to mean to me.”

“I couldn’t be prouder either,” Tyler responded. “If you were dirt-poor I’d still be proud to show you off as my brother.”

“Cut it out you guys. You’re makin’ me feel bad. I don’t have a brother,” Matt said kidding.

“You do now,” Tyler said. “I may be just a brother-in-law, but I hope I’ll do.”

Tyler wrapped his arms around Matt and gave him a full hug. Ron joined the two people he loved best in the world expanding the personal hug into a family one.

        *        *        *

“Gee, I don’t know why we had to go to all this trouble just for a Christmas party,” Alan said complaining. “It seems like we could have had it here, like we always do.”

“Well, we probably could have done it that way,” Bryan said suppressing a grin, “but you had me so busy that I didn’t really have time to prepare the house. Besides when I turned it over to the boys it was their choice. They found a neat place to have it and they promised to clean the place up afterward. That way we can come back here and get ready for our trip tomorrow. I’m really glad they did it though. Between all the stuff we’ve been doing at “Friendship” and our normal Christmas caroling, it’s been a hectic time for additional work.

“I’m glad we had time for the caroling, in spite of the little time we had away from work. It’s become such an important part of our Christmas.”

“Yeah, I love our fruitcake tradition too. We had a few extras to make this year though. Ron has added quite a few people to our list of recipients.”

“Where is this shindig gonna be?” Alan asked as he slipped off his clothes in preparation for a shower.

“I think they got a room or something at the New York Yacht club. I suspect that Ron had something to do with it. I’m not really sure of all the details. Like I said they wanted it to be surprise for the both of us and I didn’t want to spoil their fun,” Bryan added.

“When are Ron and Matt getting in?” Alan inquired as he disappeared into the bathroom.

“They’re in town,” Brian said. “Ron called a little while ago. They will meet us at the party.”

“Cool,” Alan said as he stepped into the shower stall.

Bryan slipped out of his own clothing and headed for the shower that was occupied by his lover. He wanted to show Alan ‘something that had come up’.

        *        *        *

“I still don’t know why Ben and Jerri couldn’t have ridden with us.” Alan said still complaining. “They only live next door. And now we’re late too, to our own party!”

“Boy, you sure are grumpy tonight, lover.” Bryan commented. “And after all I did to cheer ya up in the shower. Geez, I guess I know how much I’m appreciated. You may be right though, we could have skipped the ‘second time’.”

“I’m sorry Babe,” Alan said apologizing. “I guess it’s just all the work we’ve had to do, the preparations for Christmas and for getting away for a few days. Am I forgiven?”

“You need no forgiveness from me, my love. You’re my protector from the storm, and I will love you forever. Besides, I needed to get what I could before you got too old and couldn’t get it up any more.”

“If I wasn’t drivin’, Alan said in mock agitation, “I’d show you right here in the car, Babe, ‘bout getting old. The day I can’t get it up for you, you sexy devil, they can throw dirt on me.”

Bryan grinned as he looked at the man he loved. The next sight to appear before them was the New York Yacht Club.

Alan pulled into a parking spot and they pulled their topcoats around them as shelter from the cool evening.

“I think it’s around back,” Bryan said.

“Yeah, it must be, there’s a sign.”

They circled the clubhouse and followed a trail of signs. When they reached the sign that pointed to the docks, Alan muttered, “What?”

Looking out onto the dock area they saw a large white yacht, with lights aglow. It had only been a few weeks since they had been aboard, and the memory of the ship was clear in their minds.

“That’s the PT-II!” Alan said in amazement! I don’t know whether to get mad at Ron or the boys.”

“What’s done is done,” Bryan said, pretending to be shocked. “Let go aboard.”

As they crossed the boarding platform, Brandt and Rich greeted them with giant smiles.

“Hi guys,” Brandt said snickering. “Like the place? Not bad arrangements for a couple of twinks, huh?”

“It’s beautiful guys, I’m amazed.” Alan said having recovered from his shock.

“Yeah, guys,” Bryan echoed, as he winked at the pair. “Thanks for everything.”

“Wait ‘til you see the entertainment,” Rich said. “You’ll enjoy it.”

The guests had apparently all arrived by the time the “hosts’ entered trough the isinglass windows that had been installed around the rear, normally open, deck. The large sliding door between the deck and the main lounge had been removed giving the effect of one large room. A small 4-piece band was playing on the rear deck and couples were dancing to a slow tune. Many of them were gay couples that the hosts quickly recognized. It appeared that the entire group from the cruise was there, plus Bryan spotted Tyler talking to Dan Barnes from Construction Leasing. Near them were Bryan’s parents and his brother Dick and his fiancée Carol. Most of their co-workers from the Friendship Trust were there including Guy Jackson with his partner. Alan spotted Ben and Jerri, their neighbors, chatting with Ron and Matt.

Brandt stood up on a small podium near the doorway separating the main lounge from the deck, and the music stopped as he began to speak.

“Our hosts, Alan and Bryan have arrived. From our family, we’d like to thank you for coming and we hope you’ll have a pleasant evening. Please help yourself to the bar and the buffet is available in the game room forward of the bar. After you’ve had a chance to drink, eat and visit there will be a small program and then dessert will be served. Enjoy yourself, and Merry Christmas.”

“This is gorgeous,” Bryan commented to Alan.

“Yeah, It’s amazing,” Alan agreed.

They were soon surrounded by their friends and thus began the next hour of friendly fellowship and dining with all the people that they cared for in the world. When everyone was filled with the elegant but tasty fare that Ron’s crew had prepared, Brandt again took the microphone on the podium.

“May I have your attention please?” he asked. The room quieted and everyone gathered around the small stage. “I’d like to thank Ron, Matt and Tyler, along with the captain and crew of the P-T II, for providing this wonderful place for our party. Without their help this great celebration would not have been so wonderful.”  

Applause broke out from the guests. When the applause died down, he continued, “For our first attraction, I’d like to welcome Bryan, who will sing a favorite song of his and Alan. Alan looked at Bryan, with an astonished expression as he watched Bryan step to the platform and take the mike from Brandt. The music came up from the ship’s stereo system. For those who were in tune with the latest songs, the introduction to “You Sang to Me,” popularized by Marc Anthony, was instantly recognized. Bryan’s sweet clear voice carried through the room:

“I just wanted you to comfort me
when I called you late last night you see
I was fallin’ in love
Oh yes, I was crashin’ into love.
Oh of all the words you sang to me
About life, the truth and bein’ free, yeah
You sang to me, oh how you sang to me
Boy I live off how you make me feel
So I question all this bein’ real
Cuz I’m not afraid to love
For the first time I’m not afraid to love.

Oh this day seems made for you and me
And you showed me what life needs to be
Yeah you sang to me, oh you sang to me.”

Bryan looked right into the eyes of his love and continued:

“All the while you were in front of me I never realized
I just can’t believe I didn’t see it in your eyes
I didn’t see it; I can’t believe it
Oh but I feel it
When you sing to me
How I long to hear you sing beneath the clear blue skies
And I promise you this time I’ll see it in your eyes
I didn’t see it; I can’t believe it
Oh but I feel it  
When you sing to me

Just to think you live inside of me
I had no idea how this could be
Now I’m crazy for your love
Can’t believe I’m crazy for your love
The words you sang to me
And you showed me where I wanna be
Yeah, you sang to me, oh you sang to me

All the while you were in front of me I never realized
I just can’t believe I didn’t see it in your eyes
I didn’t see it; I can’t believe it
Oh but I feel it
When you sing to me
How I long to hear you sing beneath the clear blue skies
And I promise you this time I’ll see it in your eyes
I didn’t see it; I can’t believe it
Oh but I feel it
When you sing to me.

The friends of the couple clapped enthusiastically with hardly a dry eye in the room.  They knew that the words came from Bryan’s heart.  As the applause died down, Bryan stepped back and Brandt again mounted the podium.

“I’d like to ask Alan, Alan’s son, Rich and Bryan’s brother, Dick to join us now on the platform.”  He then stepped aside and Bryan stepped forward. Alan reluctantly stepped onto the podium and stood next to Bryan with his son Rick on the outside. Dick stepped beside Bryan. Brandt then reached into his pocket and removed a small box. Opening the small container to reveal a gold ring inside, he handed it to Rick. Rick in turn, took the ring and gave it to Bryan. The brothers kissed and exchanged a warm embrace.

Alan’s eyes grew wide as he realized what was happening.

Turning to Alan, Bryan began:

“I love you with all my heart. Let this ring be a token of my love for you. A ma vie de coer entier, meaning, ‘You have my whole heart for my whole life’.”

Bryan took Alan’s hand and placed the ring on his finger.

The crowd erupted in applause and began talking to one another about the beauty of the event.

Brandt stepped forward and raised his arms for their attention.  In his hand he held another small box. The crowd fell silent

Rich then stepped forward and took a second ring from the small box that his lover held toward him. He turned and placed the ring in the hand of his father. Alan took the ring and kissed his son with tears in his eyes and wrapped his arms around his handsome boy like he never wanted to let go.

Brandt said in a loud stage whisper, “Not him silly. You’ve got the wrong guy!”

The crowd roared as Alan released his son and turned to his love.

“I have nothing prepared or eloquent to say, except to say that I love you Bryan. I will always love you.”

He placed the ring on Bryan’s finger and kissed his life-partner fervently on the lips.

The crowd showed their approval with applause. Music came over the sound system. It was another of their favorites, “I’ll Be Watching You.”  Bryan took Alan’s hand and led him to the dance floor as the onlookers stepped back to make room.  The music filled the room as Alan and Bryan danced together holding each other and looking into each other’s eyes so filled with love.
As the music finally ended, the crew brought out the signs the boys had made, and a commotion came from the galley, where Brandt appeared with a large cake that he carried to the front and placed on a table that had mysteriously sprung up, festooned with decorations, plates and utensils. He placed the cake on the table and handed his friends a knife. As they held the knife together and the flashes went off in numerous cameras, Alan read the writing on the cake. “A ma vie de coer entier, you have my whole heart for my whole life.”  He felt the love in his heart swell to new heights.”

An hour later Bryan and Alan slipped away to the VIP suite and entered the room. Looking around they saw the lighted candles, the flowers and the champagne. Through the dim light they could see that the bed was turned down.

Alan held Bryan in his arms. “I’m the luckiest man in the world tonight, my sweet man,” he said softly.

“No, Alan. I am,” Bryan said in return.

“Well, if we’re gonna argue about it, then fuck you, my love.” Alan said smiling.

“Please, my darling,” Bryan replied with anticipation.  

Alan picked Bryan up in his arms and carried his love to their bed of happiness.

        *        *        *

The plane was flying far above the Pennsylvania countryside as Ron sat at the small laptop computer. He entered Bryan’s e-mail address and began to type.
The Christmas Gift

There once were two guys Alan, Bryan,
At a party they set hearts aflyin’
At the gay Christmas fling,
Each presented a ring, and set the onlookers’ eyes cryin’.

One ring, it was given by Dick,
To his brother with kiss and hug quick,
There, ring in a box,
To the younger man-fox,
For a finger that Bryan would pick.

With round object in hand Bry would turn,
And a face that was smiling, not stern,
With some words, oh so sweet,
Promised his love complete,
And a torch that forever would burn.

The congrats were all halted by Brandt,
He’d M.C.’d the event, covenant,
He displayed all his charm,
As he raised up his arm,
And he looked toward his own love, gallant.

In the hand of this cute guy named Rich,
Who retrieved a small box with no glitch.
He then turned to his dad,
With a heart that was glad.
There was still one more guy left to hitch.

Ol’ Alan he thought he would cry,
Hugged his boy with a tear in his eye,
As he kept his son collared,
Heard the voice as Brandt hollered,
“Hey buddy, you’ve got the wrong guy.”

Laughing, toward his lover he faced.
Alan took the small ring from its case.
Said, “I’ve not proper words,
For the love that’s occurred,”
And the ring on Bry’s finger he placed.

“….watching you”, was then heard a sweet tune,
and they kissed and they hugged, groom and groom,
and they danced and they danced,
with their friends all entranced,
 Brandt unseen sneaked out of the room.

He returned to the room with a cake
That a talented baker did bake,
And in frosting was written,
Of a love that was smitten,
And a promise that never would break.

The great party it was a success.
When the guests left, the boys cleaned the mess.
Alan, Bry they had zoomed,
To the bed where they roomed,
What they did there you’d better not guess.

Now you may think this poem that I’ve sended,
Of two hearts that together were blended,
Is a gift sent maybe,
Out from under our tree.
Nope, it’s a prayer for love never ended.

Have a Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoyed our little gift.
It’s insignificant compared to what you’ve given each other.

Love to you both from us. Ron and Matt.

Ron pressed “send.”

        *        *        *