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Chapter Five

Bryan awoke with Alan's spooned body snuggled against his back and his arms wrapped around his younger lover's torso.  It was not unusual lately, for Bryan to wake up first since he had  recently reentered college and often had early classes. That was not too bad but he hated to have to go to class on Alan's day off.  Knowing that he had to leave within the hour, Bryan wiggled his cute little ass against the partner's  impressive morning wood.  

Alan stirred, then breaking into a smile, gave his mate a hug, pressing his large organ against the backside of the warm body he faced.  

"Mmmmm," he said in a suggestive voice.

"Morning' lover," Bryan said softly.  

"Yes, I am!" Alan responded sleepily.

"If you want to prove it, meet me in the shower in about 3 minutes. I gotta pee like you wouldn't believe!"

" O.K., love, you go first  then I'll go....  I'd go with ya but I'd never get this thing down enough to empty  my bladder! ... While I'm goin', you can get in the shower and get yourself ready for my grand entrance! ... Yum, I can't wait to get all wet and slippery with you!"  With the a lusty gleam in his eye, Alan gave his partner's bare bun a playful caress as Bryan pulled back the covers and rolled out of bed.

Minutes later, Bryan was spread-eagle against the wall of the enclosure, receiving proof of his partner's claims.

                                *       *       *       *

In the City, Ron sat in the lobby cafe reading the Tuesday Wall Street Journal and waiting for his breakfast to be served.  He had taken his coffee in his room, but since Matt was not working today he decided to have breakfast in the lobby coffee shop. The waiter had brought coffee and had taken Ron's order. Ron opted not to read the paper, as was his normal routine, but rather thought back over the events of the previous day.

The early  part of the Monday had been productive but unspectacular. He had seen Matt momentarily, as his room service breakfast was delivered but they had had no time to do anything except to exchange a quick kiss and make plans for gettting together the following day.

Ron had dressed and began his business work. He had called his broker and had purchased some options that he hoped would jump as he predicted.

A later visit to the offices of his New York attorney resulted in Ron giving direction to file the necessary papers for the creation of a New York based charity  and a Corporate Resolution authorizing Ron to open a bank account for that charity with the Bank of America in New York City.

Ron had called his office in Las Vegas from the attorney's office speaking to Margaret, his secretary, and later to Mr. Peterson,  who took care of his charity funds. Writing down messages from Margaret, he then told her of his delayed travel plans and gave instructions as how to handle several other matters that could not wait for his return. He spoke to Mr. Peterson briefly about the new charity and informed him of the intended money transfer from his Las Vegas account.

The opening of the account at the Bank of America, Manhattan Branch, went smoothly after the manager checked the balances of his accounts in Las Vegas. Ron provided the Corporate Resolution, and signed all the necessary paperwork, retaining an extra signature card for the account. He then called Mr. Peterson and, giving him the proper account number, asked that he initiate the wire transfer of the funds.

Arriving back at the Waldorf, Ron had stopped by for a light lunch at the intimate cafe off of the main lobby's side corridor, then took an elevator to his room where he made business calls and began his preparations for an evening with Bryan.

                            *        *         *         *

It was early evening on Monday when the long black Cadillac pulled into the driveway.  Ron was dressed in a trendy sport coat and trouser combination with an open necked shirt, giving an aura of elegance without ostentation. His black Italian loafers glistened and the watch and jewelry he wore were decidedly expensive. He stepped out of the vehicle after the driver opened the passenger door and approached the front portal of the nice, but modest house on Long Island.

Shortly after the doorbell rang, Rich answered the chime and after a warm greeting, invited the guest inside. As Alan's son relayed the message that Bryan would be with him shortly, he indicated that the visitor could wait in the living room and asked their guest if he would care for a beverage.

Ron had barely started to decline the drink offer when Bryan appeared on the landing at the top of the stairs leading to the bedrooms.  

"Hi, handsome!" he said to his friend below.

"Hi, yourself! Ron replied, smiling.

He gazed at the young man and marveled at how great he looked. Bryan was "dressed to kill" Clad in dark grey slacks and a peach colored shirt surrounded by a charcoal sweater, he looked good enough to eat! His only adornment was a locket suspended from a chain around his neck. Ron know about the locket, given by Alan to his lover, and of the great value that was placed on it by his young friend.

Bryan came down the stairs and arriving there, gave his friend a warm hug.

"Lonnie is gonna meet us at the restaurant," he explained.

As Bryan finished his final preparations for leaving, Ron expressed to Rich,  his real pleasure in seeing the cute youth again. Bryan opened the front door and they both said good bye to the twink as they departed toward the waiting limousine.

                    *        *        *        *

Lonnie waited outside of the dining establishment for his friend Bryan to arrive. His friend was bringing a guy who was somewhat of a mystery. Bryan had not said much about this out-of-state visitor, except that he was a friend who he had met and chatted with often on the Internet. Lonnie know that his handsome buddy spent a lot of evenings chatting there while Alan was at work. It would be wierd dining with someone you had never met except in cyberspace. He hoped that Bryan had not invited him along for protection. Probably not. Bryan had a knack for extracting himself from goofy situations that he had a penchant for creating. The friendship of Bryan and Lonnie was proof of that.

Lonnie had fallen for Bryan immediately when they had first met at this very restaurant. Bryan was dining alone and Lonnie was his server. Their eyes continued to meet during Lonnie's frequent visits to the table. The attraction culminated in them coming on to each other as Lonnie, with just a bit more than subtlelty, offered the dessert tray for Bryan's selection. Bryan had returned the following evening for another sparing match with their eyes.

Then it was over before it began, when Bryan told Alan about the experience. Alan suggested that Bryan tell Lonnie the truth. Although it created an embarrasing situation, Bryan agreed and returned to the restaurant the third evening and entered the dining establishment alone while Alan waited in the car.

 Bryan told Lonnie that he had a partner that he was committed to. After an apology for leading Lonnie on, he left the room and reentered with Alan.

Lonnie could understand Bryan's comittment to the handsome man even though he was a little surprised at the age difference between the pair. Yet Alan had a certand maturity and sense of direction that was really appealing. One thing for sure, Bryan was totally in love with his partner.

Bryan and Lonnie thereafter became good friends.

Lonnie watched as a long black limo pulled under the canvas covered canopy of the dining establishment. The curbside passenger door was opened by the driver and two handsome and well dressed men emerged. Lonnie quickly recognized his friend, then checked out the attractive man accompanying him. He moved to the approaching couple and smiled. Opening his arms he gave Bryan a customary hug and turned toward  Bryan's companion.

"Ron," Bryan said, looking at his escort, then looking toward his buddy. "I'd like you to meet my friend Lonnie. ...... Lonnie, this is Ron.  In saying so, he returned his eyes to his Internet friend.

Extending his hand, Ron spoke. "Hi Lonnie." An invisible spark zapped as they touched. "It's such a pleasure to meet you, " he continued, meaning every word. "Bryan has told me so much about you that I'm glad that you could join us for dinner so I could find out if it's true. .... I just wanted to meet perfection!" He grinned sheepishly, and continued, "Is your friend Kerry going to join us tonight?"

"It's a pleasure to meet you too," Lonnie said as a blush became visible. "I must admit that Bryan, the dog, has kept you a secret from me!... Now, I know why. He's trying to keep you in his private stable of good looking studs and out of the clutches of other horney guys,... like me. As to your question, the answer is no. Kerry had something planned."

"Hey guys, give me a break," Bryan interjected. " I introduce two of the cutest guys I know and I get the beating! Let's go inside before your red faces get you guys recruited to lead Santa's sleigh."

The threesome entered the building, where Lonnie was immediately recognized and was greeted warmly by the host. They were quickly shown to a good table and were presented with menus by a cute waiter.

"This is a nice place," Ron commented. "How long have you worked here?"

"About 6 months. As Bryan might have told you, I almost quit after being here a month. The place was new and it took a while for business to pick up and ya know service people live on tips." Ron smiled understandingly as the handsome young man continued. "I had lost my job at a bank due to the turndown in the economy. Then I got work here. My degree is in finance but there doesn't seem to be too many opportunities for college graduates these days."

"Hmmm," Ron murmered. "Things might improve quicker than you expect!"  

He was obviously impressed with his new friend's candor. Hell, he was impressed with Lonnie, Period!

Dropping the subject, Ron asked, "What's the house specialty?"

"The help." Bryan snickered, referring to his friend. "But the best server is off tonight, I'm afraid."

"Keep that up and I'm gonna get a big head!"

Kerry told me that that particular detail, was more than adequately endowed, "Bryan kidded, slipping in a double entendre' that Ron immediately recognized as a trademark of his friend.

Blushing again, Lonnie struck quickly back with, "Yeah, and from what I'v been told, you aren';t exactly a slouch in that department either!"

"Alright. Enough braggin' on each other," Ron interjected. " I feel a joke coming on."

"I hope those drinks get here fast," Bryan quipped. "I forgot to warn you about Ron's jokes! Guess we should order som anti-acids too!"

"Guess I'll have to start off easy with a couple of elephant jokes."

"Oh, Man, I hope that they are better than the ones you told before!"

"Now, Now --- Just fasten your seatbelts."

"How do you get two elephants into a Volkswagen?"

After a pause Ron answered, " One in front, one in the back."

Grinning at Bryan's attempt to appear wounded, Ron continued on quickly.

"Now I'll let you off the hook with one final teaser."----- "Why do elephants paint their toenails red?"  

"I have no idea," responded Bryan.

"For camouflage when they hide in Cherry trees!"

Lonnie laughed, but Bryan said testily, but grinning, "I don't know about you, but I've never seen any elephants in cherry trees."

"See, It works!"

Bryan had fallen for the joke perfectly and they all laughed as the waiter approached to take their order.....

The dinner was excellent. The food was very well prepared and garnished with those touches that make a meal a delight to see and smell, as well as taste.  The wine was great and the service outstanding.

Ron enjoyed the company more than the great dining.  Both of the younger guys were jovial and animated in their light hearted commentary.  The official joking had ended with the placement of their orders, but that didn't stop an occasional jibe or wink as the friends displayed their humor with funny stories and sometimes embarrassing anecdotes.  Ron felt that he was favored by sharing the lives of the friends in their tales and he offered a few of his own in return, much to their delight.

The dessert tray arrived and  glancing at his two companions, Bryan broke into a laugh, soon followed by his friends.  The startled waiter, who had know idea what sparked the laughter, smiled dutifully and waited for calmness to return. The trio accepted the waiter's recommendation for Bananas Foster and soon the flaming concoction was served along with coffee.

As the portions were place before each of the young men, Ron felt a hand on his knee that was closest to Lonnie.  Ron looked in that direction, and saw the young man grinning at him. The hand was removed as they began to devour the wonderful dessert. Once they hand finished and were drinking their coffee, the hand again found its way to Ron's leg, this time further up on his thigh and was not withdrawn until the waiter returned with the guest check.

Ron slid his no-limit credit card on the check tray after adding a generous tip for the service and the wonderfully prepared and presented meal. Too soon came the time for their departure. No one really wanted to leave, but the demands of the following day prevailed.

The young men left the restaurant pleasantly stuffed and content. Bryan and Ron both hugged Lonnie. The hug shared with Ron was a full body press. Both men exchanged the sensation of swelling bulges as their torsos came together. Ron's newest friend winked at the his host for the evening  suggestively, then saying, "later," smiled, turned and walked toward his car waiting in the parking lot.

The ride back to Bryan's was one of reflecting on the wonderful evening that the three of them had enjoyed together. As they traveled, the two young men sat closely together savoring the company of each other.  Almost as if by accident, Bryan's hand found Ron's thigh and bolt of lightning shot up Ron's leg! Uncertain that the touch was anything but casual, Ron grinned as his cock responded to the sensation caused by Bryan's hand. Ron was experiencing a little bit of heaven.

Ron didn't want to break the spell he was under, but none-the-less, revealed to Bryan that he had a surprise for his friend and his partner which he was going to present the following night at their barbecue.  He added that the surprise might include Lonnie too.  

Of course, Bryan tried to get him to tell him the secret, but Ron laughingly resisted Bryan's boyish charms.

"Sticking his lip out, feigning a pout, Bryan said in one final attempt, "Well, alright then, you are gonna have to wait for your surprise, that I was gonna give you tonight."

Ron's mind went ballistic, thinking of the hand still on his leg.

His  hopes were throughly scrambled, when Bryan triumphantly said, "But I will tell you now what it is!  Then you will have to wait until tomorrrow night to get it!"

"OK, Tell me then. Make me suffer."

"I still have your watch. I forgot to leave it when we went to the opera. ..... Boy, did that thing cause raised eyebrows when Alan saw it on my wrist."

CRASH AND BURN!  Then embarrassed by his own horniness, Ron laughed heartily.

Bryan wasn't sure that his revelation was that funny but grinned as his thoughts turned inward, remembering privately, Alan's blotting out of Bryan's embarrassment at having the watch. Comforting Bryan with a tender kiss, Alan lead his lover to their bed and filled his soulmate's inner being with his compassionate and energetic lovemaking.

After returning to Bryan's, the friends parted with a hug and a light, friendly kiss.

On the trip back to the city, Ron was bewildered by the events of the evening. His feelings were awash in confusion.  He was gratified and sexually excited with his beautiful Matt. He was tempted beyond belief with Lonnie, yet Ron still could not help thinking how much he wanted Bryan, in spite of himself and of all reason. Frustration pervaded Ron's being, as he longed for the unattainable. The longing to be more than a friend to Bryan.

                                    *         *        *        *

 His cellular phone beeped. Ron mind returned to the present. He sat in the cafe where he had just finished his breakfast, trying to quickly clear his mind from the events of the night before. 

On the third ring he answered the portable telephone..  It was his broker who told him that his futures purchases had met their target price.  Ron ordered the sale of the securities then thanking his caller, disconnected.   Mentally he made a note to check his cash account at his broker's.... He might wish to make some other investments. Ron folded the paper to take it back to his room as he signed the bill with a signature and his room number.

Returning to his room,  Ron observed that the maid had been to the room and also the valet service, which came as part of the suite's amenities. Even though he was checking out later in the afternoon, the bed had been made and  straightened.  His hang-up clothing was also enclosed in their carry bag. The articles  from the dresser drawers had been folded neatly and placed in his luggage which was left  laying open on the luggage stand.

He stepped to the room's small safe, and removed the jewelry box and two watch cases.  He set aside a watch case in a cloth bag and after placing the remaining articles in his luggage, closed the lid and clicked shut the locking latch.  

Ron reflected again on the previous evening, then thought of all of the happenings since he had arrived in the City on Friday.  The dilemma of his reaction to the events of the trip so far wouldn't totally leave his mind. He thought of the guys that he had come to know. .... Matt was really cute, a great lover,  was intellectually interesting, and freely demonstrated his caring.... Lonny was a knock-out!  He had revealed  his interest in Ron, but had a boyfriend. .... Then there was Bryan.  Though handsome and cute in a different way than the other two,  Bryan had a personality that had stolen his Internet friend's heart. Ron knew that, given a choice, he would pick Bryan but that choice was not to be given.  Bryan loved and was devoted solely to his partner and lover, Alan. ....Alan himself was awesome, and equally committed to his mate.... Finally, there was Alan's son Rich and his cute friend Brandt.  Ron wondered if there was more than friendship between the two. They were darlings, but so young. ...

"Oh well, I guess I'd just have to get by. It won't matter too much now what I want to do. Tomorrow I'll be back in Las Vegas away from all these New York temptations."

Ron looked at his watch. It was 10:30. In 20 minutes he was to meet Matt at the Guggenheim Museum for a tour through the building designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright and to view it's modern art treasures. Then it was to be off to lunch before visiting the Metropolitan Art Museum to round-out the day.  

Ron was glad that Matt shared his interest in art and was happy to spend the day doing that with him, rather the take their second but close choice, which was to go to Matt's small apartment and fuck like rabbits all afternoon!  He didn't want to leave Matt thinking that Ron's only interest in his young student friend was limited to his hot, enticing body.  Never-the-less, Ron admitted to himself, that the attraction to Matt's body  was real. He hoped that he wouldn't have to walk around all afternoon covering up the evidence of a boner tenting his trousers.  

It was late afternoon when the limousine  pulled up for the second time in a day to Matt's apartment complex.  The tour had been a great experience, one enjoyed thoroughly by both of the tired young men.  There had been too little time to see all that their destinations offered and the time together was terrific but also too brief. .... Matt asked Ron to come to his apartment just for a minute.  There was something that he wanted to give his friend.  

As they entered the small apartment, Matt closed the door and moving to Ron, wrapped his arms around his friend and placed a warm kiss on his lips.

"That's to thank you for the wonderful time and consideration you've shown me," he said gratefully as he gazed into the eyes of his companion. ...."I've been wanting to do that all day!"

"So have I. When you brought me breakfast that first day, I never dreamed of the unbelievable times we'd share together! ... I am one, who is thanking you, too.  I hope we can meet again soon, on my next trip here."

Matt picked up a small red box with a red velvet bow, and pressed it into the hands of his visitor. Sadly, he looked into Ron's eyes.

"It's not much compared to the joy that you have given me, but I wanted to give you something to remember me by. You can open it later.  I know that you have to leave now."

Then kissing again the warm lips of his friend, he watched as Ron smiled, turned, and left the small home of the young man who had warmed his heart.  There were tears leaking from the eyes of both young men as they parted.

                                   *       *       *       *

The limo's trunk was open as the driver lifted out Ron's luggage.  Thanking the man, he rewarded him with a generous tip. Ron then picked up the bags and walked the approach path toward the porch of the house he had first visited the night before.

Brian answered the door chimes.  Seeing his friend  through the glass, he opened the door and offered his welcome.  Ron again, picked up his bags which he had placed on the porch when he rang the bell. He carried them in and again sat them down, this time in the entry hall.  The friends exchanged a warm hug.

"Can I put these somewhere out of the way?" he asked, indicating the luggage. "I brought all my gear, thinking I'd just call a cab for my trip to the airport from here rather than to go all the way back into the City."  

Brian opened a coat closet door in answer to the request and offered,"You can forget the taxi. We'll be happy to take you to your plane."  

"I'd like to protest out of politeness, but I won't.  I enjoy your company too much and want all of it I can wangle! Thanks for the offer that really I was hoping for!'

"Blush, blush---wink,"  Bryan said, again playing their Internet Instant Message game. "You're  welcome!"

Leading Ron toward the rear of the house, he said, "Come on back and say hi to Alan and the boys. They're in the back stoking charcoal into the barbecue thingy. ...You're just in time to cook!"

"Good luck! Hope there's a lot of nourishment in boiled water!" Ron joked.

"Yeah sure, you're probably a gourmet chef!"

"Really, I don't do too bad, and I've got the pot, to prove it!" Ron quipped

"Yikes" Bryan said, then announcing the new arrival to the guys in the back yard, he exclaimed, "The funny man is here."

"You'll pay for that remark," Ron promised, grinning.

Alan wiped his hands on a towel and extended his right one to their guest in welcome.

 "Hope you're hungry," he offered, " Bryan's spent all afternoon  smashing hamburger patties,  shucking corn and stirrin the beans."

"Don't worry about that," Ron laughed. "I'm suffering from reverse bulimia!"

Everyone laughed, and Bryan disappeared into house. He reappeared minutes later with a tray holding  two cans of beer, a diet pepsi, two cokes and a bowl containing beer nuts.

"I know it's not Dom Perignon and caviar, but hell, what do you expect? This am a barbecue!"

Laughing, Ron took the offered beer and taking a few beer nuts, asked, "What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts?"

"Oh no!" Bryan said, pretending to choke himself. "Another joke! ------ O.K. ---- O.K. ---- I don't know. What's the difference?"

"Beer nuts are $2.69 and deer nuts are under a buck!"

Even the boy's fell down laughing.  

"Stop, stop! You keep that up, I'm gonna wet my pants and you'll have to leave! It'll be all your fault!" Bryan said pleadingly.

"Speaking of stopping, did you hear about the pirate that was causing a ruckus in the pub? ----- They threw him out on his buccaneer!"

Bryan turned and ran into the house.  Alan broke down completely with laughter and the boys rolled in the grass!  

"Boy, you guys act strange!" Ron said dryly.

The laughter subsided and the sound of the door chimes could be heard from within the house.  The sound of Bryan's voice followed.

 "I'll get it!"

Three people appeared at the back door with Bryan.  Ron knew one of them already.  Ron moved toward the newcomers and gave a big hug and a welcoming  smile to Lonnie!  Then, turning to a man/woman couple standing next to Brian he waited for an introduction!

"Ron, I'd like you to meet Ben and Jerri, our friends and neighbors from next door!"  A light bulb went off in his head!  "No, no, no!  I mean  this is Jerri and Ben! And no jokes! ----- Guys, this is Ron!  I wanna warn ya!"

Ben and Jerri looked strangely at their young neighbor, then smiled and greeted Ron.  

"That kid was getting more curious by the day," they thought at the same time.

Alan retrieved the burgers and hot dogs from the kitchen and soon had them cooking happily away. The visitors got acquainted with small talk.  As the meat was getting nearly finished, Ron excused himself to find the "facilities."  He had only stepped through the door  and taken a few steps when he heard the screen door bang again in closing.   He turned and saw Lonnie.  

"I had to got too.  Thought I could show you the way."

"Sure! I'd appreciate that." was the grinning reply.

Following Lonnie, Ron was soon directed into a small bathroom on the ground floor.  Lonnie stepped into the room behind Ron then closed and locked the door.  They stepped to the toilet and both me pulled out their cocks after Lonnie had raised the toilet lid.  As they checked each other out, warm yellow streams found their ways into the bowl.  

"Boy, I'd like to take a taste of that hot dog!" Lonnie commented, gazing at Ron's more than respectable equipment.

"Yeah, sounds like a plan!" Ron replied suddenly filled with lust. " The proof of the pudding is in the eating!"

As they finished and shook their tools, Lonnie reached over, grasping Ron's dick which was already starting to elongate.  Sinking to his knees, he took the head of the swelling dick into his mouth.

" Lonnie gives great head," Ron thought, as he stifled a groan. In short minutes, he raised on his toes thrusting a hot load of cum down Lonnie's throat.

After receiving and recovering from the ministrations of his friend, Ron lifted the young man up then dropping down to the level of the man's stiffened cock, Ron returned the favor.

Thouroughly satisfied, the young men carefully removed from their bodies all evidence of their exchange, except their smiles.

As they exited the small enclosure, they heard noises coming from the dining room.  Walking through the living room toward the sounds, they saw that Alan was placing the platter of burgers and hot dogs onto the table beside all the other treats that he and Bryan had prepared.

The whole group was soon seated and engaged in devouring the tasty offerings that Alan and Brian had served. Ron and Lonny were seated across from the two youngest guys and made sure to include them in the conversation that flowed freely around the table. The meal was great and as casual of the conversation.  

As they were all finishing large helpings of the desert of apple pie a la mode, Ron spoke toward Ben and Jerri  loud enough for everyone to hear, "I feel like this is the Last Supper, and you know what was said there!"

"Nope," Ben replied. "What was said""

"All right, everyone who wants in the picture get on one side of the table!"

Bryan spewed ice cream all over his part of the table.... Everyone roared, laughing more at their red-faced host than at the joke.  

Bryan glared at his guest, who was mouthing an apology in exchange. Ron jumped out of his chair and helped the hosts clean up the mess. The dinner ended prematurely on that note.  Busy hands soon were removing dishes from the table and sticking rinsed dishes and silver into the dishwasher. The leftovers found their way into containers and were stored away for future snacks. 

Once the table was cleared, Alan removed the soiled tablecloth and stuck it into the clothes washer.  Within 10 minutes, everything was cleaned up and the group entered the living room to enjoy cups of after-dinner coffee.  Their animated conversation as they sipped, showed the compatibility that this company of friends had discovered in each other during the evening.

 Twenty minutes later, Ben and Jerri excused themselves and bade everyone goodnight, departing for their home next door. As they left, Lonny as well said that he had to leave. With a hug for all the adults and younger guys alike, he thanked his hosts,  giving parting winks to Brian and Ron as he began his contented walk toward his car.

After the other guests had departed, Ron retrieved  his thin valise and a velvet bag from the luggage stored in the closet. He asked Bryan and Alan to join him again in  the living room. Laying the objects on the coffee table, he opened the carry case and extracted an large envelope.

 "I'd like some help," he began. " I have a charity fund organization in Las Vegas and I'd like to  start one here, but I need  your assistance."

"What can we do to help you?" Alan asked.

"Help me get it started, then run it for me! Ron explained. " Alan, I know that you have a lot of experience here, and I know that you care deeply for the people you help.  I also am certain that you know what kind of  help is effective and what the scams are to avoid.

These things money can't buy. I want this organization to help people in need of a hand up, from people who care about them!"  

"I'm deeply touched by your trust and your good intentions, but I really enjoy what I'm doing now."

"I know that from Bryan. What I'm suggesting is that you call the shots. Hire a Director if you want, and he can hire a small staff to carry out the administrative duties....  By the way, I think that Lonny would make a good financial officer, to handle the disbursements and accounting. ..Anyway, you can handle it as you want. You can stay in the field. It's up to you!"

"I'm offering  you a $180,000 a year to start, with a $20,000 sign-up bonus!  I've already put the wheels in motion by instructing my attorneys in the City to file all the necessary paper work. My bank has deposited the initial funds in the Bank of America here.  We can work together and I can call in extra help, but a lot of the initial leg-work and all of the organization  will be your responsibility."

"I'm astounded," Alan said, his face exposing the truth of the statement.  He sat back in his chair and thought for a few moments before speaking again.

"Bry and I will have to discuss this before I give you an answer," he explained to his guest. "We don't do anything which would effect the other without talking about it first!  Just please know that I am overwhelmed and flattered by your offer!"  

Ron picked up an envelope filled with papers and handed it to Alan.  

"I'll wait for you to discuss the offer. I can't expect anything more," Ron replied in response. "In this envelope is an employment contract for you to review. I think you will find the conditions quite convincing and to your liking. Also there is a signature card for the bank account I have opened with an initial deposit of $20 million dollars and some temporary checks for your use.  There is a business card for my New York attorney whom you are welcome to contact."

"Also there are two business cards. One is the card for Mr. Peterson, who operates my  charity organization and family trust accounts in Las Vegas. You will get to know him well.  The other is my personal card, with all the numbers by which you may reach me at any time. Finally, you will find a check made out to you in the amount of your sign-up bonus, that you may cash if you choose to accept my offer. I sincerely hope that you will!"

Alan had difficulty taking in the enormity of Ron's offer.  He looked at Bryan knowing that accepting the job could have a real, positive impact on their life together and that the struggles to put Bryan and Rich through college would be made much easier. It would also give him a vehicle to help those to whom he had devoted his professional life. 

Tears accompanied a smile as he replied, "Thank you Ron. I mean it sincerely!  Just knowing that you trust me this much is a great compliment.  Bryan and I will talk about it and call you tomorrow."

"Oh, two last things.  I almost forgot!" Ron said. "I'm sure we could work out an internship for Bryan while he is in school. You can figure out the pay, but I think that anything less than $30,000 a year would be stingy!  ....Also,...I brought you a little personal gift which has nothing to do with my offer, but just an intended 'thank you' for making this trip so wonderful."

He picked up a velvet bag that he had placed on the table and removed a walnut box  that was about 4 inches high, 6 inches long, and  4 inches deep.

"Inside this box, is a watch identical to the one that I loaned to Bryan. Both watches are my gift for the joy of you sharing your lives with me for the last year and a half and on this trip.  The box is a dual winder for the two watches.  You know those Swiss can't seem to make a good watch that will wind itself when not moving in a stationary jewelry box"  

He smiled and waved off firmly their attempt to protest the expensive gifts.

Accepting their thanks and checking the time, Ron announced that he should leave soon as it was getting late. He still had a long night ahead on his trip to Las Vegas.  Alan offered that they could leave for the airport any time that he was ready.  

Ron borrowed their phone and called the cell number of his pilot. After a quick exchange on the telephone, he replaced the handset onto the cradle and announced that his plane would be ready to leave by the time they got there.

The boys carried Ron's luggage to the van and the whole troupe climbed in, with Alan taking the driver's seat.  They laughed and joked all the way to the airport. The younger guys sat on either side of their passenger in the middle seat and were happy to be included in the adult antics.

Ron had had an unforgettable time on the trip.  He again let his hosts know in no uncertain terms, of his appreciation for their part in it.  The van pulled into the private aircraft terminal parking lot and the now more somber  group exited the vehicle.  The boys again grabbed Ron's bags and carried them into the building.  Ron gave them all a hug, with two hugs for Bryan his friend who had started it all.  Ron shook their hands, thanked them and offered his sad good-byes.  

Taking the luggage from the boys with tears in his eyes but a smile on his lips, he said a final  farewell and disappeared through the doors leading to the waiting plane.  

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.  The story isn't over.  Thanks for reading. I love hearing your comments.