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Chapter Seven

The large executive jet descended to the concrete, tires smoking on impact, as Ron exited his Mercedes and walked into the Executive Terminal at McCarran Airport. He had just reached the large window wall glass facing the runways, when he noted the aircraft with a RET logo on its tail, roll toward the large adjacent building containing the hanger space and its spot for rest. Ron exited the waiting area, leaving thorough the side door to greet his friends and crew as the completed their journey from New York.

The din of the jet engines died as the aircraft came to a halt, and the powerful thrusters shut down.  The stairway extended and dropped to the pavement, shortly after the plane's door had opened. The steward's body appeared in the doorway, making certain that everything was secure, before allowing the passengers to descend. Bryan appeared first, followed by Rich.  Alan brought up the rear.  The ground crew mechanic, who was responsible for the careful maintenance of the aircraft, popped the hatch of the luggage storage compartment, and pulled a small ladder from its moorings and climbed into the space.  The steward stood on the ground to receive the luggage of the passengers, and placing the articles on a small cart, moved to the parking area where Ron had left his vehicle.  

Ron greeted each of the visitors with a hand shake and a hug, assuring them that they were most welcome to his town.  Smiles on the faces of his guests reciprocated the pleasure that Ron displayed.  

"How was the flight?"

"Wow, It was super!" Rich gushed, before anyone else could open their mouths. "We watched a movie, then listened to some cool tunes.  We had lunch on the way too.  I got to play some games on the lap-top after we ate, but Dad and Bryan just sat on the couch, holding hands."

Ron laughed at the 19 year old's enthusiasm. He loved young guys. They had such a fascination and joyful reaction to the discoveries of life's new adventures.  

"It's sad to know that  life is sure to provide the sorrows and trials that will dampen that youthful fire," he thought.

Happy to be in each others' company again, Ron led his guests to the lot containing his  silver sedan, for the trip to his home.

Ron took the new loop road toward the eastern edge of town where his estate was perched, high above the sprawling valley below. Ron's father had purchased the 400 acre site, next to the forest service land of Mt. Charleston but had never developed it, leaving that task to his son as a legacy. Ron had spend two years after his father had passed on, building the principal building and outbuildings providing  more that 20,000 square feet of living space in the residence, as well as a 6 car garage guest cottage of 2000 square feet, and vast landscaped gardens surrounding the home, complete with a large swimming  pool with a detached jacuzzi hot tub located at the rear of the house.. Completing the exterior were  tennis and  basket ball court as well as a heliport.

 Situated in a hidden corner of the property, was a small security office, complete with all the amenities for that task and controls for the gate of the small compound, near the main residence but disguised from view,  where two guard dogs were housed, eager to greet unwanted intruders at the push of a button.   Nearby to the security building were three small residential buildings which provided housing for his residential staff and head gardener.  Completing the cluster of buildings  was a maintenance building attached to a greenhouse, where new plantings were nurtured to keep the main building's gardens accented with fresh flowers, and where cut flowers could be grown to provide freshness to the interior of Ron's home. The small two acre area, was nicely landscaped, and the architecture was similar, but simpler that that of the main house, offering his staff pleasant living conditions,commensurate with Ron's appreciation for their loyal service.

The sight of the main house, separated from the main gate by a mile long driveway, unfolded in beauty as the luxury sedan approached.  Nestled among large outcroppings of huge red rocks, the concrete and stone residence, patterned after Wright's Falling Waters house in Pennsylvania, clung to the hillside with decks and walkways cantilevered from the enclosed structure offering spectacular views of the valley. Water poured from waterfalls  amonst the dense foliage surrounding the house. Pools of water as they neared the structures, added the the illusion of an oasis in the desert. The detached garage structure was reached by a side drive which veered off to the right, climbing and circling to its hidden  location above and behind the  lowest  level. The lower entry level contained only the entrance lobby with a large coat room, an elevator, and a monumental staircase leading to the upper main level.

Ron pulled his car unto the vehicular bridge spanning a sizable man-made lake whose arms encapsulated the base of the main structure.  Exiting the vehicle, the men were greeted by four members of the household staff including the Valet/butler, who was introduced as Parker, and the director of housekeeping , a matronly lady named Dorothy. The other two staffers, gathered the luggage of their guests.  Parker led the way across a pedestrian bridge  which connected the vehicle bridge to the main entry. He opened the ten foot tall entry doors and ushered the group inside to the glass enclosed elevator.  

Exiting the lift, the young men from New York were astounded at the huge open spaces within the main living area. The spaces were made to seem even larger by the glassed walls visually incorporating the decked areas outside on the balconies.  Beyond the balcony pony walls, the sweeping vistas of the Las Vegas  valley was spread out before them.  The simple  opulence of the residence was clearly evident.  Priceless art work and sculpture, carefully chosen, accented rather that detracted from the rooms.  Beautiful hand crafted wood furniture gave a warmth, and color to the sandstone flooring. Vertical exterior walls, those, which were not clad in glassed, horizontal steel frames, were also covered in sandstone laid in thin horizontal courses. Rich thick rugs, matching in color to the reddish-brown window frames, added colors complementary to the native rock, around which the structure clasped.

Ron led the men on a tour through the house, so that their surroundings would be familiar, if he happened to be elsewhere momentarily. As a last stop, he showed them to their two suites, where they would rest for the next two days.  After suggesting that they meet in the living room in 20 minutes, Ron left the three guests, to settle in.

As the door closed to the room they would share together. Alan and Bryan moved toward each other and kissed. For the first time since the previous night, they were alone.

Alan held Bryan close, and looked into his eyes.

 "Bry, as beautiful as is all ,that we have seen together, it is nothing  compared to the sight of  you. I love you with all my heart, my best friend, my partner, my soulmate!."

"And I you, my love!

They embraced then separated, realizing that there was no time to go further. Holding each others hands, they left the suite to return to the living room.

                                     *       *       *       *

The New York visitors had been nearly as impressed with the RET offices, as with Ron's home. They had been taken on the grand sweep and introduced to many of the staff and later were served refreshments in Ron's office.  They saw a happy atmosphere where energetic people worked together to achieve common goals.  It was such a different atmosphere than the streets of New York, where Alan served the poor and needy.  Ron recognized that the contrast between the high and low ends of society, must have come as somewhat of a  incongruity in their minds.  Knowing that all this luxury might be causing inner conflict with his guests, he spoke softly.  

"I know what you are thinking," he began.  "That all the money spent on this place and on my home and on the aircraft you traveled on today, could have been put to better use. You are right and you are wrong.  The things that you have seen today are simply things used to provide an atmosphere and as a reward for those of us for doing what we do best, the generation on capital!  That goal is not an end in itself.  We don't steal money from others, but earn it by providing needed resources to our customers. We do the job very well, and are rewarded for our efforts, handsomely.  Yet in this group of people you see, are many who have a sense of community and an old fashioned outlook of caring for others. The put that outlook to work, making that outlook more that just words.  Most of our staff are committed to working with and supporting organizations who's goals are making lives better for those less fortunate. Last year our company not only received an award for being the best place to work in Nevada, but another as the most civic minded organization in Las Vegas, with our employees not only supporting monetarily these efforts to make this valley a better place for all, but also donating around 8000 man hours of personal time to charitable and civic causes.  That's around 100 hours per person!  At $50 per hour, and believe me, our customers would be delighted to pay at that rate for the use of their talents, it equates to around $800,000 in donated time.  Not as personal, but just as important, the staff here, not including me, have donated, out of their earnings, nearly a half million dollars to support their preferred charities. I don't force them to do any of it, but we try here to provide rewards for their work, where they can be comfortable and prosper  personally, allowing them to pursue nobler, equally rewarding, tasks to help others. Even though I control a great deal of money through my charitable trusts and give it freely, I am more proud of these people than I am of myself and the gifts of all my millions.  We make a difference, and we are excited in your joining our team toward toward those ends.  End of lecture!"

"I had no idea," Alan said, almost apologetically.

"Alan, you know the satisfaction that they feel. You do it every working day! It's just a bit uncommon to find so many good hearts in one place!"  

It was now past 3:00 in the afternoon.  Ron informed Bryan and Rick that he needed to spend some business time with Alan, so that the rest of the weekend would be free.  He told them that a young staffer had volunteered to take he and Rich on a quick tour of the glitter, and would return them to his home around 6:00, unless they got tired and wanted to return earlier. When they agreed with the plan, he buzzed Margaret, and asked her to inform Robert that his guests were ready to go.

After they left, Ron and Alan spent an hour in relaxed conversation in the lounge area of Rons office.  They exchanged ideas for the formation and focus of their New York charity efforts.  Alan exhibited a thorough knowledge of conditions there, and the deficiencies of current efforts.  He suggested a number of areas, where the organization that he wanted to build, could concentrate, to provide needed help. One broad area would be the support for people willing to help themselves, but without the education or resources to improve their lives.  Another ongoing effort would be to help those unable to help themselves, through age or infirmity, to retain at least minimal dignity in their lives. Part of that program might be where volunteers and staff would act as "little brother or sister" to the elderly persons in need of companionship  Finally, funds would also be used to support organizations, already in the fray, who were effective, and could be more productive with additional support.  Ron was satisfied that Alan had a good grip on the directions he wanted to go.

Ron called in Mr. Peterson and after introductions were made, left the two to discuss their common interests.  

At 5:00 Ron reentered his office, and joined the end of their discussions.  They explained to him how they wished to interact and to provide support for each other.  Ron was pleased, and after a short time, suggested that they call it a night.

On the way back to Ron's hillside retreat. Alan commented on how Mr. Peterson, who displayed such a formal exterior, was really a softy at heart. He really cared about those that the funds helped and was determined to see that the money was given to those organizations whose employees and volunteers made a big impact on the personal lives of those in  need of help.

"You need to know," Alan added, "That man thinks the world of you, and is delighted in your personal interest in his work. He would break his back to please you!"

Ron smiled, then a big grin crossed his face.

"I'm almost sorry, I told Matt that Mr. Peterson was an old grump," Ron said laughing.

"Whose Matt?

"I'll tell you all about it another time," Ron replied, as the car climbed the foothills approaching the outer gates of the place he called  home.

                                *       *       *       *

The dinner, served on the terrace overlooking the light's of  the city, was informal and well prepared.  Everyone ate hungrily after a busy day.  It was still reasonably early, Las Vegas time, as the leisurely dinner ended, but the New York couple that had started very early in their preparation for the trip, decided to retire to their suite for the evening.

Rich, on the other hand was still lively, and not ready to call it quits.  Ron suggested that they take a swim.  The pool was heated, but even if it turned out to be a bit chilly, they could use the hot tub.

Ron and Rich said goodnight to Alan and Bryan, exchanging hugs and setting a breakfast time for 8:30 in the morning. They all left for their rooms.

The two swimmers met on the deck.  Ron brought large fluffy beach towels and white terry cloth robes for them both, in the event that the evening turned too cool. Ron had arrived first, and was just checking the water temperature in the two pools when the 19 year old arrived.  Ron was knocked flat!  Rich was gorgeous, appearing in a red speedo, which left nothing to the imagination! His slim youthful body was fully developed, with a hairless torso showing a defined but not too muscular body, kept trim by the frenzied activities of young people on the constant move. .

Ron whistled in admiration, and winked at the approaching young man.  He was taken aback when the whistle was returned. The pouch of his own speedos got suddenly tighter, as he reacted to the sight of the handsome lad. He turned and dove in the pool.  He needed to regain his composure.  His young friend followed and soon they were wrestling, and splashing around, foiling Ron's attempt to get his dick under control.  

After 30 minutes, they both tired of the frolicking, and decided to relax in the hot tub. Ron's cock was still swollen and during the playing around, he had released it upward and it was slanted toward his left hip, barely staying within the confines of his skimpy bathing suit.

"Oh, what the hell," he thought, "The kid has certainly seen a swollen dick before."

He got out of the pool and was soon overtaken by his young guest.

 The youth rushed ahead to the hot tub area, and stripping off his suit, exclaimed, "I don't think I'll need these in here."  He dropped the suit on the deck, and sporting wood, at least 8 inches long, he stepped gingerly into the hot water.  

Ron's eyes bugged out of his head!  His dick pulsed at the sight of the young man's body, and he had to fight the feeling of sheer lust that was surfacing.  He told himself that Rich was just too young, and that he couldn't take advantage of his new friend's son. He got into the pool, but unlike his young guest, he left his suit on and sat opposite the cute young man, and tried to calm his thoughts. He was not succeeding and his hardening dick poked its head outside the confines of the tight suit.

Within minutes, he felt young legs touching his.  He withdrew his legs away from the touch, cursing himself for the tempting dilemma.  After as few minutes of quiet, Rich slid off of the seat, immersing himself up to his neck in the hot water of the deeper center of the tub. Sinking low in the water, the youth moved toward Ron and placed his hands on the inside of Ron's thighs.

 Ron moaned, "I don't think we should be doing this?"

"Doing what? You're not doing anything!  It's just me, and I'm horny as hell!

He slid his hands up the inside of Ron's legs and soon had his hands exploring the confined shape of  the older man's sexual equipment.  Finding the dickhead outside of the slippery cloth, Rich wrapped his hands around the man's hips, and, lifting up, raised his host's hips up, off of the smooth underwater ledge, and peeled  the man's suit off , throwing it out of the tub next to his own.

Ron lost all resistance and groaned with pleasure as the youngster grabbed Ron's smaller but still generous cock and then Rich moved in, placing his warm lips on top of those of his friend. Rich's hot tongue forced its way between the closed lips of his man friend, and Ron quickly gave in completely, pulling the young body into his arms and explored, with his hands and tongue, the smooth torso he held in his embrace.

Minutes passed and Rich indicated that Ron should rise and sit on the edge of the small pool.  Ron knew what was coming, but was too overtaken with lust to resist.  Moving in response to the request, he perched his round buns on the pool's edge, his hard cock standing exposed to the night air. His dick did not have time to cool. Warm lips slipped over the head and quickly Rick was expertly bobbing up and down on the engorged shaft. Ron's nerves were aflame. Supporting his torso on arms extended backward, he humped the young face in time with the plunging of his head.  Ron could feel his balls retract as they became ready to the respond to the ultimate stimulation that was quickly arriving.

"A g g g g g r r r r r r r !!!! " Ron growled loudly as his dick spewed forth it's nectar, forced down the devouring throat of  furiously sucking youth.

 As his load diminished and his cockhead became unbelievably tender, he sat up, and placing his arms under the arms of the younger man, drew the incredibly cute face to his.  He kissed with tenderness,  the lips that had given him such pleasure. Then rotating his body and sinking into the water, he prepared to return the favor.

Rich's large dick was going to be an incredible challenge.  Ron had never take such a large one all the way to its base, but he was determined to try. He licked up and down the outside of the cock, then tongued the sizable balls that hung below, unmindful of  the clinging smell of chlorine from the water. Moving again up the large shaft and taking the tip in his mouth, he moved slowly downward , swallowing and fighting the urge to heave until the entire tool was devoured.  Slowly retreating up the invading inches, he began the long and slow pumping that he knew would bring  inexpressible pleasure to his young partner. Increasing the pace, he sucked down his throat, the swollen rod with an ever increasing intensity. Minutes passed and Ron reveled in the feeling of so much pleasure in his mouth. As the young cock became rock hard and the handsome youth was beginning to breath heavily with passion,  Ron increased his oral stroking to a fever pitch.  Rich's hips writhed in ecstasy, then began to jab his hips frantically at the orifice as his young body erupted its hot plasma. Ron backed off after the third large discharge at the back of his throat. The fourth and fifth were far enough forward that he could savor the taste of the young cum. Collapsing on the deck, Rick lay unmoving, savoring the wild pleasure he had just experienced.  

Ron rose out of the water and grabbing the towels and robes, knelt beside his friend and removed any remaining remnants of their love making, then wiped dry his body. He covered the cooling torso of his friend with the terry robe, and gently kissed him, thanking the young man, gratefully, for sharing their evening's passion.  Rich, raising up,  then stood and put on his robe which Ron had already done for himself..  Holding hands,  they kissed one last time and silently moved into the house, and to their rooms.

                            *        *        *         *

It was warmer in the suite of Alan and Bryan than the temperature outside. They removed their clothing and lay on the bed in close body contact.  Knowing from experience those little things which they had discovered over time which would give their partner greatest pleasure, they tenderly kissed and explored, sending thrills through the sensors of the partner they loved.  It began not with a sense of urgency, but of relishing the joy of being together, of being one. They were in no hurry, but as their ministrations to each other began to have the desired effect on the receiver, their passions rose toward a fever pitch.  Bryan pulled his partner toward him, rolling on his back, and raising his legs in invitation.  Alan's sizable cock was hard in anticipation of the joy of release that would climax  in their union.

Bryan felt the penetration begin that he knew would culminate in the feeling off fulfillment that only the presence of his lover, within his body, could satisfy.  They both knew that joy which the next moments would bring ,and began slowly, but soon were torn by the desire for the pinnacle of their lovemaking, reacting with increasing ardor toward that peak. Too soon, driven by their torrid body contacts, that consummate zenith was achieved, and too soon passed.  They lay together kissing with limbs entwined, unmindful of the drying discharges their passions had left on and within their bodies. They fell asleep, happy in each other's arms.

                                            *   *   *   *    *    *    *   *

Another chapter bites the dust!  Please excuse the small typos and context errors that I have missed in my editing.I spell check and reread the chapters at least 4 times and still the errors occur.  Yikes! As Bryan would say.  Thanks for reading my work.  JET