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Chapter Eight

The sun poured through the open living room windows from the east, announcing another beautiful  early fall day in Las Vegas.

 In the silence of the guest suite, Alan woke early, partly, he was sure, due to the time differences, and partly due to the excitement he felt toward his new endeavor.  He climbed carefully out the the arms of his lover, knowing that Bryan was a sound sleeper, rose, and moved in the direction of the bathroom to take care of his bladder which had filled during his rest.  He glanced at his trim body and it's impressive appendage still sticking up, as he passed the large dressing mirror. He smiled, being thankful that his partner seemed to get a satisfaction, matching his, from the jutting love instrument.  

"I better stop thinking about that, or I'll be standing here until breakfast," he observed. Willing his penis to deflate by switching his thoughts to something less arousing,  he approached the toilet. After taking care of his most immediate problem, he stepped to the vanity to attack his morning mouth with his toothbrush, and then to "scrape his face" as he was wont to call his morning shave.  He decided to wait for his shower, until Bryan got up.

" Company makes it a lot more enjoyable, though, most often, much more time consuming."  He grinned at the thought.  

Stepping back into the bedroom, his gaze fell on the beautiful sleeping form of his mate.  "God, I love you," he thought, silently sending a message to the young man he loved more that life itself.  He remembered the pain he had felt for Bryan, when Bryan's former boyfriend had called that night four years before, frantically crying and pleading, for his help to save his partner, who he had savagely beaten in a fit of jealousy, and left to die in a cold New York City alley.  He remembered finding the crumpled, bleeding body crouched in a fetal position for what little protection it had offered. Even with all his experience on the street of the often violent City, he was shocked to see the beautiful young face swollen and smashed  from the impact of booted kicks, as the paramedics turned the boy over, and expertly prepared the unconscious form for transportation to the hospital. In that hospital, Bryan had barely cheated death as the emergency staff used all their skills to save his life. Twice his heart had stopped and been started.  Alan's eyes filled with tears as thought of Bryan's long agonizing recovery, and the painful operations it had required to restore his face. He remembered the long convalescence that Bryan had endured, both in the hospital and his home where he taken the recovering youth after his release.  Alan found a strange joy in that time while tending to the needs, both physical and psychological, of the young patient. That joy had cracked the shell around his heart, one that he had so carefully constructed to shield his emotions from the deprivation found on the streets, where Bryan had lived for two years with his boyfriend, Jon.  He found, to his own surprises, as the weeks passed, that he was in love with the young man.

Bryan had recovered after his three months stay, and knew he could remain no longer if he wished to maintain the dignity of has manhood and his self respect, by imposing on the support and care of the man he so deeply admired. On the day that Bryan was to leave, Alan had confessed his love, and offered to devote his life to the young man, that he desired and loved, with all his heart. He left Brian alone to make the decision that would change their lives forever. Thirty minutes later, he heard the footsteps of  young man ascending the stairway to his room where he waited for the answer to his inner plea. The feet making the sounds carried his love to his arms and to his bed, that had been empty so long.

Alan's heart still swelled with the rapture that their bonding had released. This happiness was lived each day, as an unconditional commitment of the two men for each other.

                                *       *       *       *

Alan glanced around the spacious suite. It was beautifully appointed and offered the amenities of a small apartment. A comfortable seating area was provided, separated from the sleeping space, by a screen constructed of wood, detailed in pattern similar to those that had brought fame to Wright, the architect who had inspired the design.  A small rectangular dining/card table with two chairs were standing near the glass exterior wall and a 54 inch, flat screen T.V. was suspended, invisibly, in one corner opposite the sofa. The screen was connected to the surround sound audio components, which drove not only the T.V. offerings, but was complete with all the video and audio amenities available, for the enjoyment of the suite's occupants. A small, well stocked bar was hidden behind panels similar to the divider screen  except that these panels were designed to slide into the wall, exposing  a wet bar and sink, replete with a small refrigerator and microwave to heat the snacks stocked in the matching wood upper cupboard.  There was also a generous desk with a comfortable matching office chair, to furnish a place where personal or private business could be conducted. Under the writing surface on a sliding wooden tray, was found a keyboard connected to a concealed C.P.U., a desk top, flat screen monitor and a printer/FAX machine hidden from normal view by a slide out rolling stand, whose face matched the desk's  woodwork. Generous closets completed the picture, providing copious space for guests' storage, should their stay be extended.

The observant man had overlooked something that he had missed at first glance. The deck mounted monitor was blinking with an unobtrusive dot, and the words-" Message-- Press 'enter' on the keyboard."   Stepping to the desk, and responding to the request, a note appeared on the screen. "Gentlemen, A fresh carafe of coffee, sweet rolls and fruit, can be found behind the small door located in the hallway door recess.  We, the staff, look forward to serving you at breakfast which will be ready by 8:30 in the breakfast salon, adjacent to the kitchen.  Should you prefer, we would be pleased to serve you in your room.  If you wish for that to occur, please press 'next' to find the menu selection and a field to indicate the time you wish the meal to arrive. Any service you desire, at any time, can be easily requested, by pressing the 'service' icon on the household screen which will appear automatically when touching any key. You may make any request by typing it in the appropriate field, or you may press "call" and we will ring your room to take your request by phone. You may also connect to the outside world from the household screen by pressing the "outside" icon or use the computer for your needs by pressing "my computer."  Please let us make your stay pleasant.--  Dorothy and the household staff."

Ron retrieved the coffee tray from its concealed compartment, and was just pouring himself his first cup, when his glance indicated the movement of a waking Bryan. He poured a second cup, adding the ingredients that Bryan preferred and taking it to his lover who was now sitting up. Placing the cup and saucer on the night stand next to the bed, and taking his lover into his arms, they greeted the day with a morning hug and kiss.

                                *       *       *       *

Refreshed by the early snack, and  later a shower, in which they lost a considerable amount of time, the pair of lovers left their room and made their way to the breakfast salon, where they found Ron and Rich, engaged in stuffing themselves.

"Hi guys," they spoke, "Sorry we're late!  We were detained by some pressing matters!"

"Yeah, sure," Rich replied, grinning with an knowing nod.

Faces beamed, as the innuendo was exchanged and acknowledged.. The newcomers stepped to the sideboard credenza, where the covered selections of the morning were found. Taking plates they helped themselves to their choices and then returned for glasses of milk and juice. Observing their arrival by a hidden closed circuit TV, Mary the cook, quickly arrived with two small silver trays upon which were found slices of toast, fresh from the toaster.  Offering thanks to the woman, Alan asked her if she had prepared the previous evening's meal. Receiving a nod in the affirmative and a quiet, "Yes, I hope every thing was satisfactory," Alan heaped praise on the woman for the lovely meal they had enjoyed. Blushing, she thanked him and exited quickly to the safety of her pots and pans.

Settling down to enjoy the company and the tasty morning offerings, Alan looked at Ron and asked, "Well, did you 'get any' last night?"

Ron choked on his coffee, and turned bright red, as the visitors all had a hearty laugh at his expense.  

Taking Ron 'off the hook' Alan explained that Rich had revealed his plan to seduce the attractive man, as they had flown in from New York.  They had laughed, but not discouraged the youth, and had even placed bets with each other, as to the success of Rich's scheme.

The grinning face of the teenager, in addition to the blushing face of their host, settled the answer to the question.  

Looking at Bryan, Alan said, "O.K. mister, pay up!"

"Yeah, and what are ya gonna do to make me? Bryan responded tauntingly.

"After breakfast, I'm gonna tickle your cute little body, 'till you pee your pants."  

"Ya gotta catch me first!"

"You better not mess with 'Too Loose, de Track star' "  Alan warned, " 'cause when I catch ya you're gonna be "Too Goosed, ta hold back!"  

"O.K., O.K. I know when I'm licked! ... It's easy to tell....  I'm all wet!"

Laughing at his on joke, he reached into his pocket and placed a nickel into Alan's outstretched hand.

Ron laughed at the exchange, and especially at the size of the bet. He knew Bryan's parsimonious betting from an exchange on the Net.  His friend had once lost a friendly wager with his slightly older friend, and had E-mailed the picture of a nickel, to settle up.

Wishing to get even with his guests, Ron announced the punishment for causing his own embarrassment, a new joke!  

"Let's see," Ron began over the protests of his guests, "I haven't exhausted my supply of elephant jokes."

Over the groans emanating from his visitors, Ron began, " How do you get an elephant out of the theater? ...  You can't, it's in their blood!"  

Eyes were laughingly  looking at the ceiling as Ron continued, " What do you get when you cross a fly with an elephant? ...  A zipper that doesn't forget!"  

Looking toward his laughing guests, he asked, "Had enough punishment?"

"Yes, thanks for nothing!" Brian kidded as he laughed.

The men quieted down and finished their breakfast. They were relaxing around the table sipping a final cup of coffee when Rich asked what they were going to do that day.

"In about 10 minutes, my helicopter will land on the helipad up behind the house.  We're going to take a trip to see the Grand Canyon!  I suggest that everyone makes sure that they are wearing comfortable shoes and don't need to pee soon. Take along a light jacket or a sweater too, if you brought one. If not, I have plenty that would  do."

With new enthusiasm, and rising from the table, they all left for their rooms to prepare for the excursion.

                                    *      *      *       *

The white and silver chopper, emblazoned with the Company initials, rose from the concrete pad, creating  a small dust cloud in its wash. Belted securely into their black leather seats, the passengers peered out the large windows at the unfolding panorama of the city in the desert.  The Sikorski executive helicopter had been outfitted with all the state of the art avionics for the use of it's pilots, and with all the amenities available for the comfort of its passengers. Ron appreciated the  most important of these passenger features,  which was the extensive use of sound insulation providing a remarkable degree of deadening for the roar produced by the large jet engines, and whirring rotors. Ron had traveled many times on more utilitarian choppers not so equipped, and he remembered  that communication between occupants was only possible over the microphone equipped headsets. Not so, in this marvel of engineering.  Normal conversations could he held in the spacious passenger compartment. Although the sound of the the aircraft's sounds were impossible to mask completely, they were sufficiently hushed to be merely background noise.

The craft lifted like a dragonfly from the pad and the visitors peered out the large side windows as the size of the estate was revealed.

"What's that up there?" Rich asked pointing up the slop toward the western mountain."

 Oh, that's my stables. I keep there my six horses.  I don't get to ride enough to keep them properly exercised, so I allow small groups from Child Haven, a local home for abused children to ride every week. Maybe while you are here we can take a trip up the mountain. It is very beautiful".

"I'd love that!" Rich exclaimed.

The helicopter  sailed swiftly and resolutely through the sky toward it's destination, and crossed the Las Vegas Strip where dozens of  casino/hotels contained a total of over 110,000 rooms.  Guests and visitors were entertained in the fabulous  casinos, withgambling, world class shows and restaurants of all descriptions, whose creation and existence was for the achievement of the goal of removing in the process of the experiences, all of the vacation savings of their patrons before they departed. It was the rule, rather than the exception that fueled the economy of 'sin city'.

Surprisingly, to the visiting passengers in the helicopter, the machine flew quite low over McCarran airport.  Ron explained, when Bryan commented on the flyover, that the space at a 2000 foot elevation above the ground, and directly over the runways, was some of the least used airspace in the vicinity. The aircraft turned east after crossing the airport and headed toward Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.  Seeing the imposing structure and the vast lake behind it, the picture left the indelible image in the visitors' minds, of man's struggle to harness the forces of nature for it own use and for survival in the hostile desert.

The helicopter gained altitude and as it climbed stayed well above the towering mountains projecting up from the desert floor.  Flying on eastward, they crossed a vast escarpment separating the lower desert from a higher, plateau. The sparse desert foliage began to be replaced with dots of penon pines, scrubby trees that yielded the small, but tasty nuts. As the ground elevation continued to climb, these small trees were replaced by towering ponderosa pines, indigenous to the west. Off to the left of the aircraft, the Grand Canyon opened up from its beginning as a giant crack in the desert, to a many mile wide expanse of cliffs and towers of eroded stone.  Turning  toward the beautiful natural wonder, the chopper soon was winding directly over the canyon, with beautiful views from both sides of the craft.  The unique flying machine, stayed well above the canyon rim, as flying below that elevation had been prohibited by the F.A.A. for ecological reasons. Only specially licensed operators were allowed to fly helicopters to the the lodge located on the floor of the canyon next to the Colorado river, from the South Rim airport.

 Ron's helicopter had only been once, below the rim. That had occurred the previous year, when the company chopper, which was equipped for emergency search and rescue operations, was flying over Lake Mead and was requested to conduct an emergency evacuation from the lower reaches of the river, before it entered the Lake. A rafter had become dangerously ill on an expedition down the dangerous river.  Although they normally carried two paramedics in similar operations from Las Vegas, the nature of the illness and the special training the pilots had received in first aid, were all that was needed when they made the rescue and subsequent flight to the hospital in Las Vegas, without incident.

Flying past  the widest and largest part of the canyon, the helicopter continued east for another 10 minutes then turned north and flew for another 15 minutes, giving the passengers a view of parts of  Marble Canyon which was narrow and contained the waters of the Colorado on its trip southward from Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell. The lake, a gorgeous, deep and ribbon like water container with over a thousand miles of scenic shoreline, had beautifully colored rock cliffs and spires, but was devoid of vegetation. The added treat of this flight was to this area, rarely visited by the commercial helicopter companies flying from Las Vegas and the South Rim.  Circling in a wide open arch to the left, the helicopter crossed the vast northern woods of the Kiabab National Forest which surrounded the Grand Canyon from the north and south. Flying higher now, the visitors could see the vermilion cliffs in Utah in the near distance and  glimpse of Zion National Park in the far distance, to the west.  

The helicopter crossed the North Rim, exposing from the air, the equally spectacular, but  somewhat less accessible location, than it's more visited counterpart on the South Rim, which was less that 30 minutes, by car, from Interstate 40 as it crossed northern Arizona. Descending from its higher flight elevation, the helicopter circled and landed at the less crowded North Rim so that the passenger could get out, take a rest stop, and view the fantastic canyon from ground level.  

The rotors were nearly stopped in their spinning, as the passengers unbuckled their seat belts, and unlocking and unlatching the doors, disembarked from the craft which had landed close to the canyon edge. Finding the nearest facilities, the men relieved themselves of  their morning drinks and wandered over to the guardrails embedded on top of a short stone wall which followed the canyon edge.  Alan pulled out his camera, that he had used throughout the trip to record the beautiful views, and began taking pictures of the scenery. He asked Ron to take pictures of he and Bryan standing next to the rail, then another with all three New Yorkers.  Ron gave up the camera to its owner, who requested that he and Rich pose together for a picture.  Ron stepped to the rail next to the handsome young man and made an effort to get the young guy to stand still long enough to get it over with.  Rich goofed around making faces, and lewd hand gestures, which resulted in Alan taking three pictures before he could get one with which he was satisfied .

Ron stepped away so that Alan could get a picture of his son, alone.  Rich climbed on top of the railing and was waving his arms in mock bravery, when the railing pulled from its anchors, and the young body pitched backward with a scream, over the canyon edge.

The men rushed to the precipice edge and saw the sprawled body of the youth on a rock outcropping, 25 feet below the canyon's edge.  

Sorry (not really) for the cliff hanger, just wanted to see if you're awake. Think I might take a few weeks off for a vacation!  Ha, Ha. (Just kidding)  HUGs,  JET