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Chapter Twenty-three

Thursday evening, Ron and Matt’s estate

Matt’s silver Mercedes sports car climbed the winding drive leading to the beautiful home he shared with his lover, Ron. In the seat beside him a younger boy craned his neck taking in again the beauty of the surrounding rocks and desert, unrestricted by the car’s top, which had been lowered into the trunk cavity.

“I’d forgot how pretty it is up here,” Benny Young said to his host driving the car. “The first time you brought me here, I was so scared with you guys being strangers, and that great huge house, my mind wasn’t workin’ very good.”

“You were pretty banged up too,” Matt replied. “With all those pain killers they gave you in the hospital, I was surprised you could even stay awake.”

“Yeah, that was a pretty bad time, alright. I’m a lot better now. I’m all healed up and most of my bruises are gone. Some of the guys at Thornton looked at me kinda funny at first but nobody made fun of me. Darryl and Jason kinda took me under their wing right away even though they are younger and they made me feel a lot better. Darryl told me that he got beat up a bunch by his uncle before they ran away. I thought I was the only one. I found out pretty soon that a bunch of the guys there were mistreated. I’m glad we all have a place to live and somebody to take care of us.”

Matt smiled as his car approached the garage and after he pressed the remote control, the garage door began to slide upward.

“I’m glad too Benny,” Matt said in agreement. “The Thornton Center is a fine place and I know that Tom and Shirley are growing to love you.”

“Yeah, they’re really nice. They help us with our homework and talk to us and really take care of us. Some of the guys think it’s just because they get paid to do it, but I don’t. They do lots of stuff for us that they wouldn’t if they didn’t care about us. Stuff like giving us hugs, and askin’ us what’s wrong when we’re sad, and all that. It kinda scared me at first, I mean like my dad never hugged us. He thought that telling you he loved you was a sign of weakness. He was very strict and even my mom was afraid of him.”

“Well, we’re home,” Matt said as he shut off the engine. “Ron won’t be home for about an hour, so what do you say about a quick dip in the pool and hot tub?”

“That would be neat,” Benny said excitedly. “I’ll be glad when the Thornton pool is done. I can’t wait to try it out.”

“It should be done about the time it starts to get really warm outside,” Matt reported as they stepped into the house. “It will be a lot of fun this summer. I told Parker you were coming, so he put a swimming suit in the guest bath off of the game room. You can go in there and change, and I’ll go to my room and be right back. You can get yourself a soft drink in the game room refrigerator if you want.”

“Ok, Matt.” Benny said heading for the game room. “See ya in a few.”

“Yeah,” Matt said smiling. “See ya.”

                                   *                      *                      *

Ron stepped through the French doors leading to the pool deck, dressed in a pair of green Speedos.  A whistle came from between the lips of the small guy sitting in the hot tub next to Matt.”

“Hubba hubba!” Benny shouted.  Matt laughed, enjoying the show as well as the commentary.

“Hiya Benny,” Ron said grinning. “Hiya hon.”

“Hi Babe,” Matt answered. “Busy day at the office?”

“Well, you should know, you were there at least for part of it. Lots of good stuff is happening though. Aztec-Turner is considering another acquisition, so Tyler will be plenty busy for a while. He should be joining us pretty soon.” 

“Have he and Dan decided what they’re gonna do about Dan moving here?”

“Yeah, that’s a surprise I was gonna tell you about. Maybe we should wait for Tyler, so he can tell you himself.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that would make Tyler happy,” Matt commented, “but I’m anxious to hear the news. …… Speak of the devil!” he said to a figure stepping through the French doors. “Hi Tyler.”

“Hi guys,” Tyler said smiling. “Good to see ya again Benny.”

“Go get on your suit,” Ron suggested. “It will be 45 minutes before dinner is ready.”

“K. Be right back,” Tyler responded, heading for the ‘guest house.’

Minutes later he returned and was greeted with a “Hubba, Hubba, Hubba,” from their young guest.

“Hey,” Ron said complaining, “I only got two ‘hubbas’.”

“Yeah,” Benny said grinning, “have you seen Tyler’s muscles?”

“He got you there, Babe,” Matt said laughing.

Ron pretended to scowl, then broke out into a big toothy grin.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right, both ways. Now there’s a guy with a great build!”

Tyler climbed in the hot tub and sat back letting the heat relax his shapely muscles.

“I hear there’s some good news about Dan moving here,” Matt inquired. “Ron wouldn’t tell me nothin’. Said I’d have to ask you.”

“Yes, it is great news,” Tyler replied. “Dan talked to Richard Adams about leaving, and Richard instead offered to open an office of Construction Leasing here in Las Vegas, making Dan the manager.”

“Wow, that’s great!” Matt said enthusiastically. “Hope the RET office expansion will be big enough to accommodate all our growth, Ron.”

“It could be a problem in the future,” Ron said in agreement, “so today I purchased 5 more acres next to our offices.

                                    *                      *                      *

After dinner, Tyler excused himself and returned to the ‘guest house’ to call Dan in New York. Matt, Ron and Benny adjourned to the family room.

“Let’s sit down, Benny,” Ron suggested. Matt and I need to talk to you.”

“You’re not gonna make me go home are ya?” Benny asked with a first frightened, then dejected look on his face. “I knew it was too good to last.”

“No,” Matt said reassuringly. “It’s just that you’re dad has been publicly attacking the Thornton Center and wants to close it down.”

“I bet he could do that too,” Benny said. “Maybe I should leave there. Then he’d leave you alone.”

“That is not even a possibility,” Ron replied. “Thornton is your home, and you’ll always be safe there.”

“But you don’t know my dad,” Benny said with tears in his eyes. “He can be really mean when he wants to be, and he always gets his way.”

“He never ran into a Mr. Ron and a Mr. Matt,” Matt responded. “Nobody pushes Ron Turner around.  The reason that we asked you to come here tonight is that we found out some things about your father. If we make it public, it could hurt your family, and maybe even you.”

“What kind of things?” Benny asked.

“Well, did you know about your father’s other family in Utah?”

“Oh, you mean Myrna, and little Timmy?”

“Yes,” Matt responded. “What do you know about them?”

“Not too much. My dad wanted another family, so he married Myrna. She lives there so my dad won’t get into trouble. My mom knows about it. She doesn’t like it much, but I told you, she’s afraid of my dad, and would never do anything he didn’t want.”

“It’s illegal to be married to two wives at once,” Ron said. “I know that it was ok a long time ago in your church, but now even your church doesn’t allow plural marriages. If your dad keeps picking on Thornton, we may be forced to use his marriages against him.”

“What would happen to Myrna?” Benny asked.

“I suspect that your father’s marriage to Myrna would be nullified, and that he would be forced to support her and her children anyway, just not be married to her.”

“That wouldn’t be too bad,” Benny said. “I wouldn’t like to see Myrna get left without anybody to take care of her.”

“There’s not much chance of that. A man has a legal duty to support his children.”

“Then how come he could throw me out?” Benny asked.

“Legally he can’t,” Ron replied. “In your case, because of his abuse and lack of acceptance of you, we thought that the Thornton Center was better for you. There you can get the love and care you deserve. If we had chosen to, we could have gotten the courts to make your father take you back. We didn’t think that would be best for you. We were not even going to go after your father for monetary support because we thought that you would be better off if he was gone completely from your life.”

“Well, I don’t want to ever go back,” Benny said firmly. “He was mean to me even before he found out that I might be gay. I was afraid to run away because he would have found me and beat me. He ended up beating me anyway, then he threw me away. At least now I’m away from him.”

“I guess what we’re trying to say Benny, is that we may be faced with fighting your father.” Ron continued. “We’ll win but it might get ugly. We wanted you to be prepared. If it gets bad, we may have to use the photos of you after he beat you, and you might have to go to court to testify.”

You won’t throw me away, will you?” Benny said.

“Never!” Matt and Ron said together.

“Well, then if you promise not to make me go back to him, it’s okay with me. I don’t want him to close the Thornton Center. There are a lot of other guys there too that wouldn’t have a place to go.”

Ron smiled, his heart full of admiration. “Benny, I’m so proud of you son,” he said. “When people put the welfare of others before their own, they are the best kind of people. I hope you know that Matt and I love you, and will never let bad things happen to you. You will always be safe with us.”

“I know that now,” Benny replied. “When Matt first told me that in the hospital I didn’t believe him. I thought that my dad could do anything he wanted. Now, I believe Matt and you too, Mr. Ron.”

“Good for you,” Matt responded. “You can be sure that you can trust us to be on your side.”

“Is it time for dessert yet?” Benny asked.

Ron and Matt both laughed.  Nothing eases a problem for a young boy like food.    

Saturday Morning, Ron and Matt’s estate

It was 7 AM when Matt opened his eyes and looked at the clock on the nightstand. Ron was still sleeping, his arms wrapped around Matt’s naked frame, his body snuggled against Matt’s back. Matt could feel Ron’s morning wood pressing against his backside reminding Ron’s younger partner of the loving they had exchanged the night before. In many ways it all still seemed like a dream. Not only had he captured the love of a man who was sexy in all ways beyond his wildest dreams, Ron was loving, gentle and full of kindness without losing his manliness. Matt silently gave thanks to the Lord for the blessings brought on by his partnering with this wonderful man and for the good that, together, they were able to share with those less fortunate.

Matt had to pee something fierce and in spite of not wanting to leave the comfort of his lover’s arms, his bodily needs won out, as he began to carefully move the arm and leg draped over his body. 

As he silently slid to the edge of the bed he heard Ron’s sleepy voice say, “Mornin’ Love.”

“Mornin’ Babe,” Matt responded. “I’ll be right back. I need to use the facilities.”

“Don’t pee on the ceiling,” Ron said grinning as he watched Matt’s erect penis sway from side to side as he quickly vanished into the bathroom.

“Hush,” Matt commanded in a loud voice so Ron could hear in the bedroom. “I have enough trouble getting this thing to go down without comments from the peanut gallery.”

“Yeah, and I love that about it too,” Ron kidded as he rolled out of bed to take care of his own problem similar to Matt’s.

“Well, since I see you’re up, I guess we might as well shower and start the day,” Matt commented as Ron stood over the toilet while Matt loosed a yellow stream into the urinal.

A minute later Ron joined Matt at the large marble dual-sink vanity where Matt was brushing his teeth.

“Loan me some toothpaste will, ya?” Ron asked moving to Matt’s side.

“Sure Babe,” he answered, handing Ron the toothpaste tube, “but I can’t believe that Parker would ever let you run out of toothpaste.”

“Oh he didn’t. I just was feeling lazy,” Ron answered as he removed the cap. He took the toothpaste tube and grabbing Matt’s generous organ in his left had, squeezed a strip of paste down its length.”

“Just thought I’d keep my toothbrush dry this morning,” Ron quipped.

“You goofball!” Matt said in a laughing but garbled voice, his own mouth full of toothpaste. “Get in the shower. I’ll be in there in a minute, then you can try out my water pik.”

“Forget that,” Ron said laughing. “I’m not into water sports. I just want my tongue massaged.”

“I can do that!” Matt said laying down his toothbrush and turning toward the shower, following his lover who had just stepped inside.

                                   *                      *                      *

“You didn’t tell me,” Matt said as they sat at the breakfast table enjoying their morning coffee, “What did Senator Young say, when you called him yesterday?”

“I got his office. They said he was in Utah and wouldn’t return to Las Vegas until tonight. They called back later and said that he could meet me at our offices on Monday morning at 10 o’clock.”

“What do you think will happen?” Matt asked.

“Who knows? I’m not going to give him an easy out and I’m prepared to go all the way. I can’t stand what he did to Benny plus what he’s now doing against the Thornton Center. If it were just against the Center, I’d be tempted to let him off the hook easy, but what he did to Benny is unforgivable. One thing is certain; he‘s on my shit list. If I ever find him abusing any of his other children, I’ll do my best to have him put away. If he doesn’t agree to my terms, I’ll do my best to put him away now.”

“I’d sure hate to be on the wrong side of you,” Matt said smiling.

“I thought you liked both of my sides,” Ron said grinning.

“I love both of your sides Babe. You know that, but I like you like I like my eggs, sunny-side-up.”

“Since you are my sunny-side, you can always be sure I’ll be up for you.” Ron replied, planting a quick kiss on Matt’s lips.

“Don’t go butterin’ me up Babe. I’ll get all excited and before long the morning will be gone.”

“Mmmm,” Ron said. “Pass me the butter, please.”

“Behave,” Matt ordered softly, “we’ve got company coming.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot,” Ron said. “What time are the boys arriving?”

“They’ll be coming after they finish their Saturday clean-up chores. It should be around 11:30.  There will be 13 of them, as well as Barry and Tom who will drive the other van. Tom isn’t staying but will come back when they are ready to leave. You can meet the new boys too.”

“Mary has a couple dozen hamburgers and hot dogs ready for the grill, as well as potato salad, and who knows what? I’m sure that she’s ready for an attack of the hungry monsters. Gerry has the horses ready too for anyone who wants to ride. I suspect that most of the kids will want to swim and play in the game room. Some may want to use the exercise room too. We’re gonna have steaks for dinner, with baked potatoes and salad, with ice cream for dessert. Then I have a couple of movies for after dinner. I’m planning on the boys returning to Thornton around 10.”

“How are we going to get 13 or 14 guys in the home theater room?” Ron asked.

“Besides the 8 theater chairs we have in there permanently, I bought 8 bean bag chairs for $39 apiece.  If I know kids there will be a tussle over who gets the bean bags.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” Ron agreed. “I mean why should some kid want to sit in a $1000 theater seat when they can sprawl out on a $40 bean bag chair?”

“Ya know, you’re pretty smart,” Matt said laughing.

“It’s about being around young guys like you,” Ron said in retort. “I’m always learning something.”

“Oh, one thing I forgot,” Matt said. “Barry’s going to be leaving after dinner. Don Brown is gonna come back with Tom Anderson to drive the other van.”

“How’s Barry going to get around?  I mean, if he drives the van here, and Don is gonna drive it back, how is going to get home?

Matt grinned. “Well, that’s what I needed to tell ya about. Seems we’re gonna have another guest for dinner with the boys.”

“And who might that be?” Ron asked.

“Uh… Gary Franklin.”

“Our friend, the FBI agent?” Ron asked.

“The same,” Matt said smiling.

“Wow! That’s great!”

“Yeah, I guess he and Barry are getting kinda thick. They’re going out afterward. That’s why Don Brown is coming with Tom Anderson to drive the kids home.”

“Got it!”  Ron said comprehending at last.

                                 *                      *                      *

Saturday, late afternoon, Ron and Matt’s

The day had been nice, with only a few wispy clouds and no wind. The air temperature was 79 by mid-afternoon, perfect for swimming. The pool was the recreation of choice for the boys with 9 of the 13 in the pool, while the other 4 were in the game room playing a game with the same name, but without the water. The handsome Activities Director Barry Young (no relation to the Senator) sat in a Speedo suit at a poolside table with Ron, Matt and Tyler.

“Sure you don’t want to take a dip?” Matt asked Barry.

“Thanks, but I’d better not. I’ve got a sore throat and I don’t want to tempt fate by getting wet or chilled. I’ve got a cough too, but it’s not too bad. The sun feels good though. Thought I’d get some rays and keep an eye on the guys too. You never know, with the rough-housing, when someone might get into trouble in the water.”

“You look like you keep in pretty good shape,” Ron said with admiration.

“Yeah, I had a health club membership before I started at Thornton, but I haven’t been back since Thornton opened. I use the weight room there in the rec. building. It’s fully equipped. Some of the boys join me too, so I can work and work-out at the same time.”

“Sounds like a pretty good deal to me,” Matt commented. Maybe I’ll join you sometime. We have a workout room here, but we get so busy we don’t use it regularly.”

“Speak for yourself,” Tyler said. “I’ll be working out every other night. You could work out with me.”

“I might do that,” Matt said, ”if I could get Ron to join us, and of course I can only work on my lower body now because of this darn cast.”

“That’s sounds like a challenge,” Ron said grinning. “Ok you’re on. When is the next time you’re gonna work out Tyler?”

“Tomorrow afternoon, around 3,” Tyler answered.

“We’ll be there,” Ron promised with a sly grin on his face.

The door to the house opened and Parker stepped through the doorway and approached the table where the four men were seated.

“Gentlemen, Mr. Gary Franklin is just approaching the house,” he announced.

“Would you do the honors, Barry?” Ron asked. “If he’s interested in coming out to the deck and getting some sun, I’m sure that Parker can find him a suit.”

“I’ll lay one out in the guest bath by the game room,” Parker offered.

“Sure, I’ll bring him out,” Barry responded. “I’ve kinda wondered what he looked like with his clothes off. …Uh … uh ...” He finished his stammering, with a cough.

“We know what you mean,” Matt said laughing. “We’ve been kinda curious ourselves.”

                                  *                      *                      *

“Wow! I must be in heaven!” Gary exclaimed looking at his Speedo-clad date walking over the bridge from the front door toward his car.

He stepped quickly out of the car, and circling behind it, closed the distance from his car to the approaching Adonis.

“You look good enough to eat!”

“Dinner isn’t for an hour,” Barry said laughing. “and dessert may be much later. … Hi Gary. Ron, Matt and Tyler are waiting for us on the pool deck. You’re expected to come properly attired,” he said indicating his Speedo.

“Guess you’re out of luck,” Gary replied. “I seem to have left my Speedo at home.”

“Heh, heh. Never fear Ron and Matt plan for all eventualities. There’s one waiting for you in the guest bath. I’ll show you where it is.”

“Looks like I’m trapped,” Gary said giving in. “Lead the way.”

The two men entered the house, with Gary ‘rubber-necking’ at the posh surroundings.

“I just can’t get over this shack!” he said as they traveled toward the game room.

“Yeah, for Ron and Matt, only the best will do,” Barry commented. “I’ve never met anyone like them. I really think they spend more time looking after others than they do themselves. They seem so happy and unaffected by all these ‘trappings of wealth’.”

“That’s ‘cause they love each other, and love doing rewarding things together.” I’ve only met Ron personally once when we had dinner last week, but I knew immediately that he was a great guy. He’s made so much commotion at the Bureau about my “saving lives” that it embarrasses me. Hell, even the head of our office got a commendation letter from Washington. I love my work, but I’m very impressed by Aztec-Turner and Wes.”

“If you think Wes is impressive, wait ‘til you meet Ron’s brother Tyler. Woo!  What a body! He’s smart too. It’s no wonder he’s the President of Aztec-Turner. There’s the bathroom, right there,” Barry said pointing to an open door. “While you’re changing, I’ll get you something to drink. What would you like?”

“What are you drinking?” Gary asked.

“I just finished a coke, but I’m thinking about a before-dinner drink. Ya know, something with some alcohol in it.”

“Ok then, I’ll have a scotch and water,” Gary replied before he stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.

Barry walked over to the French doors leading to the pool deck and sticking his head outside said, “Can I fix anyone a drink while Gary’s changing.” 

Tyler rose and said, “I’ll help. I know what everybody drinks.”

The two men went to the bar in the family room and Tyler no sooner had drinks made and placed on a serving tray, than the door to the bathroom opened. Gary stepped out into the hallway and then into the family room.

“Hubba, Hubba, Hubba, Hubba!” Tyler said laughing at his private joke, gazing at the gorgeous body entering the room.

“Likewise I’m sure,” Gary said blushing in response.

“Yikes, I feel like the 90 pound weakling in the old comic book Charles Atlas ads, next to you guys,” Barry said.

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with your body, cute guy,” Gary responded as he approached the bar.

Barry ignored the flattery, and said, “Tyler, I’d like you to meet our friend, Agent Gary Franklin of the FBI. Gary, this is Tyler Turner, the President of Aztec-Turner Security and Ron’s brother.”

“It really is a great pleasure to meet you at last,” Tyler said smiling. “I want to add my thanks to Ron’s for your good work on the Tom Clark case. You saved a lot of lives, including ‘yours truly’.”

“Hey, I didn’t do it alone. If Wes Harper hadn’t invited me to join him and your guys at lunch, it never would have happened. He’s a true professional and was very instrumental too in preventing the whole thing from turning into a huge disaster. You must be very proud of him.”

“Yes I am,” Tyler said. “So proud in fact, that I’ve promoted him to the manager’s position for our Las Vegas office.”

“I’m very pleased for him,” Gary responded. “Your brother Ron has made so many waves on my behalf at the Bureau, that I’m surprised they haven’t invited me to Washington to be beatified. Ha!”

“I must say I’m very impressed. If you ever decide to leave the Bureau,” Tyler said, “just let me know. I’ve got a spot for you at any time.”

“Thanks Tyler. Quite honestly I have been talking to Wes about it. Maybe the three of us can talk some time.”

“Any time is fine with me,” Tyler responded. “For now, maybe we’d better get these drinks outside before Matt and Ron send in the ‘lost person’ patrol. We can chat about the job later. Just know that I meant what I said.”

“Thanks, Tyler. I’ll give you a call at your office.”

“Better yet, I’ll give you a card before you go. Call me on my cell phone. I may be traveling next week and that way you can catch me wherever I am.”

Tyler carried the tray, and Barry opened the French doors to the pool deck.

“Hi Gary,” Ron said in greeting as the trio appeared. “It’s great to see you again. I’m really glad you could join us before your night out with this cutie,” he said nodding toward Barry.

“Thanks for the invitation again Ron. As we were coming through the living room I was commenting to Barry how much I really love this house.”

“Well, a man’s home is his castle, in a manor of speaking,” Ron retorted.

“Welcome Gary,” Matt said grinning. “Don’t let Ron scare ya off with his bad jokes.  By the way, nice suit.”

Gary blushed and responded, “I must admit it’s kinda skimpy and tight.”

“Yeah,” Ron quipped, “Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.”

“How cute is that?” Cody Desmond said, looking at the skimpily clothed adults as he eavesdropped while grabbing a snack off of a nearby table.”

Matt scowled at the youngster, who just grinned. 

“Uh, wasn’t he talkin’ ‘bout you Mr. Matt?”

Matt was caught off guard by the question.

Gary grinned, saying, “I agree with you young man, Matt’s behind is way cute!”

It was Matt’s turn to blush. Barry began coughing as he grinned.

“What’s the problem Barry?” Gary asked.

“Oh nothin’, just getting a cold, I guess.”

“No ‘kissy face’ for you tonight!” Cody said dodging a carrot thrown by Barry.

“Get in the pool, ya scamp!” Barry ordered.

“Yes Sir!” Cody said, stuffing the results of his snack raid into his mouth and running off to the pool, performing a splashy ‘cannonball’ in the middle of the other swimmers.

                                    *            *            *            *            *