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Dedication: This Chapter is dedicated to Don Hanratty. I had the privilege, during the Christmas holiday, of visiting with him in New Orleans. He is a wonderful guy and his story, Working It Out, is a fitting tribute to a fine man and good friend. It is a great sadness that his story is ending. Thanks my friend for the good read.

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Chapter Twenty-Five

Sunday night, I-15 north from Las Vegas to Utah

The roadblock was in place and the Nevada Highway Patrol cars had passed Ron’s Mercedes, moving up behind the speeding SUV sending instructions via cell phone that Tyler was to stay back, and could follow but not interfere. The roadblock was set up at the Valley of Fire exit 35 miles north of Las Vegas. Four highway patrol cars were parked along the highway in front of the exit ready to provide a solid barricade when the fleeing vehicle was reported close. 500 yards before the roadblock, two officers had a supply of tire-deflating spike strips that they were ready to scatter across the road when given the signal from the duty commander.

The patrolmen heard the Sheriff’s Metro helicopter first. Then the radio crackled from the pursuing patrol cars informing the roadblock that they were nearing. The helicopter reported the absence of cars between an 18-wheeler that was approaching the spike area and the SUV.  As the large truck roared past, then began to slow at the sight of the patrol cars alongside the road ahead, the officers with the spikes carried them across the roadbed scattering them in a pattern which would make it impossible for a vehicle to pass without its tires being punctured. The officers then retreated to the safety of the off-shoulder desert alongside the roadway as the four vehicles parked further down were pulled across the highway lanes.

The SUV was now pushing 100 miles per hour, with the driver well aware of the Highway Patrol cars on his tail. Suddenly the following patrol cars dropped back, knowing that the spikes would deflate even their own special “no-flat” tires. The SUV driver noticed the lights behind him fading, looking into the rear view mirror just as his vehicle crossed the spikes. All four tires lost air simultaneously and the driver fought for control as he gently applied the brakes. Suddenly he was faced with four pairs of bright lights from patrol cars blocking the travel lanes. Jerking the wheel to the left, the SUV left the pavement and careened down the embankment between the north and southbound travel lanes. The spike officers quickly cleared a lane for the following patrol cars to pass through, and then they split up. One was working to clear the entire roadbed of the pronged devices while the other began setting up flares to stop additional cars from passing. After allowing both the following patrol cars and Ron’s Mercedes to pass, the flares were ignited. Ahead, Tyler and Matt saw the SUV leave the road, shooting down an embankment at more than 50 miles an hour. As the SUV climbed the bank of the oncoming lane the flattened tires came apart, flapping and spinning the steering wheel out of the driver’s grasp. The front wheels crabbed completely to their left-turn stops and the SUV began to roll. After three complete revolutions, the vehicle came to rest on its side, its headlights still lighting the night air.

                                    *                      *                      *

University Medical Center, 20 minutes earlier.

Within 5 minutes of being stunned by the news of Barry’s death, Ron’s mind began to clear. He reminded himself that his first responsibility was now to Benny Young.  He pulled out his cell phone and speed dialed Butch Jones, his chopper pilot.

“Butch. Ron Turner. Is your MedEvac equipment still on board?”

Butch answered, “Sure is Ron. I just heard about the passenger we just left. I’m awfully sorry.”

“I am too Butch,” replied Ron, “But there’s still one job to do.”

“Just say the word Boss. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Thanks.  Matt and Tyler are following the kidnappers and murderers that shot Barry, our last passenger. The Sheriff and Highway Patrol are planning a roadblock on I-15 on the way to Utah. There is a high probability of death or injury. I want you and David, along with a MedEvac team on the way as soon as possible.”

“That’s no problem Ron. We’re on the roof and were just preparing to return to McCarran. We still have plenty of fuel, so we can be in the air in two minutes.”

“Ok. Get cracking,” Ron ordered, adding, “There’s a Metro chopper in the air above the fleeing SUV, so you should be able to make contact. If you’re not needed, I’ll pay for all the costs for the MedEvac team. There’s a young boy that was kidnapped in the get-away car. I want him to get the very best treatment and first priority. Those other guys can die for all I care.”

“Gotcha Boss. We’re on our way.”

“Thanks Butch.”

“Don’t mention it, Ron.”

Ron found Dr. Clark and asked to use an office where he could use a phone and speak privately. As he followed the doctor, he heard the faint sounds of a helicopter taking off.

                                   *                      *                      *
Scene of the SUV wreck

Metro and NHP officers ran to the resting place of the overturned vehicle. Two of the officers carried fire extinguishers, knowing that overturned vehicle fires are not uncommon.  Peering through the shattered windshield the policemen saw the bodies of the driver and other front seat passenger; a mangle of bloody arms and legs. One officer wielding a crowbar smashed out the driver’s window, while another climbed on top of the vehicle to open the side doors. A third officer tried the rear hatch and found it opened easily. Climbing inside he quickly checked the pulse of the two rear seat passengers, one just a young boy.

“These two are both alive,” he announced loudly.

“These two are dead,” the policeman who had reached through the broken windshield reported.

“Any word on the emergency response team?” the one in the rear asked.

“Yes,” the operation commander who stood nearby replied. “Somebody was thinking ahead for a change. There’s a MedEvac chopper not 5 minutes away.  Let’s set him down by the patrol cars where there’s plenty of light. We can remove the bodies of the dead guys, and check for obstructions that would hinder removal of the other two, but I don’t want them moved until the EMT guys get here. They’ll have the equipment to do it right.”

Moving to Tyler and Matt who were standing 20 feet away, the operation commander extended his hand to the two men.

“I’m Lieutenant Stringer,” the officer said. “Thanks for your help. Without you we would have had a lot of difficulty apprehending these guys.”

“Thanks Lieutenant,” Tyler said shaking the officer’s hand. “I’m Tyler Turner of Aztec-Turner Security, and this is Matt Davidson, the Counselor from the home where the young back-seat passenger was abducted.”

Matt extended his hand and the officer shook it after releasing Tyler’s.

“What’s the condition of Benny, the younger passenger?” he asked.

“Both back seat passengers are alive. From what I could see, the youngster is in far better shape than the man. For some reason the boy was the only one wearing seatbelts. Oh, here comes the chopper. We’ll know a lot more in a few minutes. I’m sure glad someone downtown had the foresight to send the chopper. Usually the victims of these wrecks have to wait as much as an hour for real medical help. We know some first aid, of course, but are poorly equipped or trained to handle severe trauma.”

The helicopter descended into the lighted area in front of the four patrol cars. Matt recognized the helicopter at once. The RET on the side was a dead giveaway.

“Thank God for Ron,” Matt said to Tyler and the officer.

“Who’s Ron?” Lieutenant Stringer asked as the engines of their chopper were cut and began their wind down.

“He’s the owner of that helicopter, Tyler’s brother, and my partner,” Matt replied. “I’m sure he took it upon himself to send the chopper.”

“He doesn’t need a job does he?” the Lieutenant asked. “It would be nice to have someone around who thinks and anticipates.”

Matt and Tyler laughed in spite of the grizzly scene before them.

“I doubt it,” Tyler replied. “It’s a great compliment, but I think Ron has all he can handle for right now.”

“Well, tell him thanks for me,” the officer responded.

“Sure thing,” Matt promised.

The two pilots, the two paramedics and two police officers were busy extricating the limp bodies of the back seat victims and putting them on stretchers. Once on the ground and bathed in light, the two battered passengers were examined, with the EMTs in constant contact with UMC’s Emergency Medical Trauma doctor. Quickly splinted and immobilized, and with drips of medication being administered, the larger of the two passengers was placed in the chopper. The lead EMT yelled for Butch to take off.  Matt could see his head shaking ‘no’ and an animated conversation between the two ensued. Butch kept shaking his head ‘no’ and pointing at Benny, until finally the EMT jumped from the chopper and signaled his partner to join him, grabbing the stretcher of the younger, less seriously injured victim and hoisting him into the chopper in a special double-deck rack built specifically for that purpose.”

“I wonder what that was all about?” Lieutenant Stringer mused.

“I’d be willing to bet that he had ‘orders’ from Ron, that the young kid was to be brought back even if it meant leaving one more seriously injured.”  Matt offered. “I’m afraid Ron has little sympathy for the perpetrators of crime.”

“I don’t either,” Lieutenant Stringer agreed. “Unfortunately, officers of the law don’t get to make that choice.”

Matt smiled in understanding. As the helicopter lifted, Matt’s cell phone began to ring.’

“Just a minute!” He yelled over the roar of the helicopter engines and rotor blades.

In a moment the helicopter had moved off and quiet began to return.

“Hello Ron,” Matt said with a raised voice over the rapidly diminishing noise of the retreating aircraft. “How’s Barry?”

Tyler saw Matt’s face go pale and his mouth open, but words didn’t escape past his lips. Matt’s eyes closed and tears poured down his cheeks. Tyler knew the news was bad when Matt thrust the phone into his hands and turned away, bent over in grief.

“Ron? This is Tyler. Matt can’t talk right now. I guess the news is the worst, right?”

After listening for a moment he said, “I’m so sorry Ron. We’ll get back to town as soon as we can.  We do have some good news, we think. Benny is on his way back to Vegas in the chopper. The SUV driver decided to try the opposite lanes of the freeway and rolled the thing several times in the median. He and the other front seat passenger are dead. Benny and the adult passenger in the back are in the helicopter. We are told that Benny’s injuries were ‘serious’ but not critical. The other guy looks like chopped liver and they wanted to take him back on the helicopter alone. Your pilot wouldn’t hear of it, so they’re now both in the chopper and on their way.”

Tyler then listened to what Ron had to report on Tom Anderson’s condition, and responded, “I’m glad he’ll be alright. We should be out of here in 5 or 10 minutes. They’re opening the lanes now and letting cars through. We’ll meet you at the hospital in 45 minutes-to-an-hour. We’ll be on our way as quickly as they’ll let us go.”

He listened again then said, “Sure, I’ll take care of him brother. Bye,” before closing the cover of Matt’s flip-top phone.

                                    *                      *                      *

UMC, Las Vegas

Ron hung up the receiver. Then, after blowing his nose, picked up the receiver again, dialing the number for Leonard’s cell phone.

“Leonard Johnson,” the voice on the other end answered.

“Leonard, this is Ron. Are you where you can talk?”

“Yes Ron. I’m back in the office. Everything is under control here. What’s the news?”

“Some good, some tragic I’m afraid,” Ron answered. “Benny has been rescued, but was injured in the crash at the roadblock. The preliminary report is that he’ll be ok, and is now on his way by helicopter to UMC where I am now. Tom Anderson arrived by ambulance a while ago. They did some X-rays and patched up his scalp where the pistol hit him, but he’ll be fine. They’re keeping him overnight for observation. The tragic news is that Barry didn’t make it. I can’t say much more now without breaking down myself, so if you don’t mind I’ll talk to you in the morning. If the news of Benny’s condition is worse than I told you, I’ll call. Otherwise that’s it for now. I guess you and the house parents had better tell the kids. You know best how to do that, so I’ll leave that to you. I’m really, really sorry about Barry. I’m sick with grief myself and Tyler tells me that Matt is even worse. I know he had begun to love the guy like a brother. Well I’d better go now. Goodnight and good luck with your difficult task.”

He pressed down the button on the phone, and looking at a card in his wallet, dialed the number written in pen.

When the phone was answered, he said into the mouthpiece that was wet with tears, “Hello Gary, it’s Ron Turner. I need to see you. ….a personal matter…could I come and meet you now, anywhere it’s convenient for you?”

Ron grabbed a pen, and began writing.

“Thanks,” Ron responded. “I should be at your place in 15 minutes. See you then. Goodbye.”

                                    *                      *                      *

Monday morning, Ron and Matt’s estate

 Ron reached for the alarm clock that was buzzing its annoying racket, shutting it off before he snuggled back against Matt. His entire being wanted nothing more than to be swallowed up in the love he felt for the beautiful creature he was spooning, but his mind strayed to the unpleasantness he faced for the day. Even though he was exhausted from the trauma and late hours of the previous night, he knew that both he and Matt had things that had to be done, however distasteful or difficult. Releasing Matt, who was just beginning to stir, he threw back the sheet that had covered their naked bodies, and rolled away from his lover swinging his feet to the floor as he sat up.

“Mornin’ Love,” Matt mumbled.

“G’mornin’ Matt,” Ron replied. “Guess we’ll have to get going. I’m gonna hate this day, but duty calls.” He stood up and walked toward the bathroom.

“Yeah, I know,’ Matt replied to himself, his mind now starting to churn with the realization of what the day would bring.

Ron was in the shower by the time Matt entered the bathroom, stepping to the toilet to relieve his aching bladder.

“What do we do today?” he asked as Ron opened the shower door reaching for a bath towel.

Ron left the door ajar as he retreated back inside the large glass stall and delayed answering until he was nearly dry.

“I’ve got to get to the office where I’ll call the hospital and check on the condition of Benny and Tom Anderson. Then I’ll finish the funeral arrangements for Barry and we’ll take care of the notification of his family. At 10:00 Senator Young is supposed to arrive, though I’m not sure he’ll have the guts to show up. If I can I’ll go to the hospital to visit Benny when he leaves. If that’s not doable I’ll go there after lunch. I have invited Gary for lunch, although I’d be surprised if either of us are very hungry. He’s taking Barry’s death very hard.”

Ron stepped out of the shower and moving behind his lover, wrapped his arms around Matt who had just finished shaving and was still standing at the lavatory.

“This is so difficult for me,” Matt said as tears came to his eyes.

“I know Love,” Ron answered as Matt turned around wrapping his own arms around Ron’s body, burying his head on Ron’s shoulder as the tears flowed from the eyes of both men.

“We’ve got to get dressed,” Ron said gently after they had recovered a bit from their emotions. “You need to get to Thornton. The boys will need you today. I’m sure that Leonard will excuse them all from classes, and you’ve got to make sure they’re handling Barry’s loss ok.”

“I hope I’m up to it,” Matt said doubtfully.

“Matt, when things go bad, sometimes the only thing to do is just to put one foot in front of the other. By that I mean that we just have to put ourselves on autopilot and do the things that have to be done. Inactivity is the worst thing for us and others. I know this whole thing is horribly tragic, and the rage inside me at such insanity screams for vengeance, but I also know with all my heart that we have to force ourselves to cope with life’s inequities, trusting God for our strength and for justice.”

“But he was so young, …and so nice and … had so much to live for,” Matt blubbered, pulling himself back into the comfort of Ron’s arms.

“I know Baby, I know,” Ron said softy. “We have to be strong sweet man. There are others that depend on us.”

“I know that too Ron,” sniffled Matt, then releasing his tight grasp on Ron pulled reluctantly back and, taking a new grip on his emotions said, “I know.”

“I love you Matt,” Ron said, with that love reflecting in his eyes. “We’ll get through this together.”

“Yes, together,” Matt responded in agreement as they kissed.

                                   *                      *                      *

10:00 A.M., Ron’s office

“Senator Young is here for his appointment,” Margaret’s voice said over the intercom.

“Show him in,” Ron replied somewhat surprised.

A moment later the door to the office opened and a man in his early 40’s entered. Ron had walked toward the door and, as the man stepped inside, waved his hand toward the conference table.

“Please have a seat, Senator. I appreciate your coming. I’d like you to meet my brother, Tyler.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both,” Ben Young said with his phony political smile.

Tyler just nodded and resumed his seat.

“May I offer you refreshment Senator?” Ron asked, his distaste for the man overridden by the need for manners.

“Coffee would be fine,” the handsome man replied.

Ron’s eyebrows lifted.

Senator Young saw the surprised expression on Ron’s face and smiled.

“It’s one of my few vices I’m afraid,” he replied.

Ron coughed as Tyler arose, stepping to the bar and picking up a tray that Margaret had prepared. Returning to the table he distributed the coffee cups, poured three cups, poured some cream into Ron’s, then offered ‘decorations’ to their guest.

“A little cream please,” he requested.

Once everyone had his beverage, Tyler returned to his chair.

“To what do I owe the great honor of your invitation?” Senator Young asked with coolness and a sense of bravado that would have surprised Ron had he no knowledge of the slickness of the man.

“I think we can cut out the bull-shit, Senator,” Ron responded opening a folder in front of him. “We’re here to talk about the Thornton Center for Boys, and your son Ben.”

The Senator squirmed in his seat before he responded.

“I’m sure we can come to some accommodation about the Thornton Center,” he replied. “After all, politics is a game of compromise. As for the other matter, I have no son named Ben.”

“I’m glad you feel that way about Ben,” Ron said, controlling his anger. “He no longer wants you for a father either.”

“I hope you understand, I just can’t have a queer for a son. It’s not permitted in my religion, and my public reputation would be severely damaged.”

It was all Ron could do to keep from jumping out of his chair and punching the man.

“You’re aware I hope,” Ron said as he gripped the arms of his chair, “That I am gay, as is my brother Tyler here.”

“I won’t hold that against you,” the Senator said, “after all this is a business meeting, not personal. Sometimes it’s necessary to negotiate with those you would prefer not to. Now let’s get on with our business. I think that I could agree to ‘call off the wolves’ as it were, on the Thornton Center, say with a contribution to my upcoming re-election campaign.”

Ron was astonished at the audacity of the man facing him, but was careful not to let it show.

“Would you stand up and drop your pants Senator?” Ron asked.

“Wha…What?” the Senator stammered.

“I just want to see the biggest balls in Las Vegas!” Ron challenged.

Ron thought Tyler was going to burst out laughing his grin was so wide.

“I might have expected such a remark from ‘your kind’,” their adversary responded, scooting his chair back. “I can see this meeting will not accomplish anything.”

“Sit down!” Ron ordered. The Senator sat but didn’t move back to the table.

“What do you want?” Ben Young asked.

“I had originally intended to let you off the hook easy,” Ron replied. “I’ve changed my mind after yesterday.”

“Uh… let me off the hook easy?”  Fear was beginning to show in the face of the slimy politician.

“Yes,” Ron replied. “Originally, I was going to accept your resignation from the State Senate, and your promise to leave Benny alone. That’s not enough any more.”

The Senator’s eyes grew big, and his pride and anger at this young upstart forced a defiant outburst.

“You can’t do that! I’ll never resign! You and your queer buddies can go to hell. I intend to see that the Thornton Center is closed for good. We don’t need the nurturing of a bunch of young fags in my town! You’re infecting all the good people here.”

The Senator’s face was red with anger and spit was running out of the corners of his mouth as he waved his fist at Ron and Tyler.

“I intend to do a lot more than that, you sorry sack of shit!” Ron responded forcefully.

“I’m leaving!” the politician shouted.

His calm returning, Ron leaned back in his chair and asked passively, “Don’t you want to know how I’m going to ruin you?” 

“You can’t ruin me! I have more power than you can imagine!”

“You can judge for yourself, either now or in pieces as I take you down,” Ron said with a calm voice and icy stare. 

The man looked at the truth in Ron’s eyes, and had second thoughts. He remained in his chair.

“Why are you doing this to me?” He asked pitifully.

“You shit in your own bed. Now its time for the stink,” Ron responded with a steely coldness that left even Tyler astonished.

“You don’t have anything on me. I didn’t do anything wrong!” Ben said in a half pleading voice.

“Let me count the ways,” Ron replied sarcastically. “First you beat and abused your own son. That in itself is enough for me to take you on. The only reason I hesitated was for your son’s sake. Second, your attack on the Thornton Center threw down the gauntlet. Hate is a terrible thing. Acting on it is unforgivable. For those two things, I was ready to let you off the hook easy, as I said. Then came last weekend. Besides kidnapping your son from Thornton, your thugs killed a completely innocent young man who was trying to protect Benny. For that you go to jail! You see MISTER Young, that young man was our friend.”

“You can’t prove anything!” Young challenged in a last ditch attempt at escape from the box that was closing in around him.

“You’re wrong about that MISTER Young. I’m a terrible poker player. I don’t know how to bluff! In this folder are several documents. First are photographs and signed affidavits by attending physicians and a police officer, plus a notarized statement from a minor named Ben Young, detailing the circumstances leading to, and the person responsible for, those wounds. Next are two marriage licenses, and other assorted documents proving your bigamy with your two wives: Benny’s mother and a Mrs. Ben Young, also know as Myrna, from Utah. Third, is a confession by one of your thugs, a Mr. Brigham Serrine regarding the details of the paid kidnapping attempt of your son Benny, from the Thornton Center yesterday. It might interest you to know that he and your son are in the hospital after a crash of the get-away vehicle. The other two accomplices are dead from the same crash. Finally, there are many documents from your political career in Carson City that by themselves would send you to jail. Aztec-Turner Security, the FBI and the Sheriff’s Metropolitan Police Department do a very thorough job.”

“Ok! Ok! I did it! What do you want?” the stricken politician asked with open hands. “I’ll give you anything you want; everything I have!”

“It’s too late for that, asshole,” Ron said with a grim smile. “You’re going to jail.”

Ben Young slumped in his chair.

Ron pressed a button on the intercom and said two words, “Come in!”

The door opened and Gary Franklin and Perry Chestnut entered.

“Ben, I’d like you to meet Gary Franklin from the FBI and Officer Perry Chestnut from the Metropolitan Police Department.  Guys, he’s all yours. I hope you got all that on tape.”

“Stand up and put your hands behind your back,” Perry ordered.

Ben Young rose from his chair and quickly was handcuffed.

“Let’s get out of here,” Ron said to Tyler, as Ben was read ‘his rights’. “This place stinks!”

The two brothers left the room in a hurry. Ron’s statement was true. The place reeked. Senator Ben Young had shit his pants!