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Chapter Twenty-nine

Tuesday, 6:30 AM, Ron and Matt’s estate

Ron’s eyes opened to the sunlight streaming through the windows unblocked by the vertical blinds which had been retracted the previous night into their hiding niches within the walls. He looked at the sleeping form of Matt beside him. He marveled at the beauty of the man to whom he’d given his heart. Matt’s lithe but well-defined body encapsulated the man within, the man to whom Ron’s life and happiness were dedicated. The upcoming ceremony was only the public expression of the bond that already existed.

However Ron felt uneasy. He felt no different toward his partner and lover, yet the previous night he sensed that something was bothering Matt. Nothing happened that he could put his finger on, but Matt’s attitude last night had been cooler toward Ron than normal. When he had asked Matt if something was wrong, Matt shrugged off the question with a lame excuse about the tension that Barry’s death had caused at Thornton. Even their lovemaking was without it’s normal excitement and freshness. Finally, Matt had gone to sleep with Ron’s arms around him, arms that for some reason Ron felt were not entirely welcome.

‘Perhaps I’m imagining all of this or maybe it’s just pre-wedding jitters on both our parts. Of course,’ Ron continued with the thoughts coursing through his mind, ‘it could be that the Jessie Fox that Matt mentioned was the Jessie Fox. ‘No, it couldn’t be,’ Ron thought rejecting the notion. ‘I haven’t seen that Jessie in years.’

Matt rolled over, now facing Ron and his eyes opened.

“Morning sweet guy,” Ron said smiling. “I love you.”

“Ugg!” Matt groaned. “How can you love me at this time of the morning?”

“I love you all the time Babe, together, apart, awake or asleep. You’re always in my heart and on my mind,” Ron replied softly.

Matt smiled, and then suddenly as if remembering something, his smile faded.

“I guess I’d better get up and get going,” he said as he rolled off the bed away from Ron and stood. “Do you want to shower first?” he asked.

“I was kinda thinkin’ we might shower together,” Ron responded.

“Not today lover,” Matt said apologetically. “I’ve really got to get going. When we shower together we always seem to get delayed. Not that I’m complaining mind you, but today I’ve got to get to Thornton early. As soon as the boys get off to school I have to get our new Athletic Director indoctrinated in his duties.”

“What did you say his name was?” Ron asked.

Matt’s reply was garbled as he disappeared into the bathroom.

Ron’s frustration mounted. He was sure now that something was wrong. Matt had never before declined an invitation to ‘play’ in the shower, even when they were in a hurry.

Moments later, Matt emerged from the shower and began toweling off. Ron was at the sink nearby, shaving. “Did you say his name was Jessie Fox?” Ron asked.

“Yeah, that’s his name,” Matt answered. “Is it important?”

“No, not really,” Ron replied. “I once knew a guy by that name some years ago. I haven’t thought of him in ages.”

“Well, we can talk about this some other time,” Matt said evading additional conversation. “I’ll grab a bite on the way out. I’ll see you tonight,” he said as he passed Ron, giving him a peck on the cheek. He disappeared into the bedroom and Ron shrugged his shoulders. After wiping his face on a towel, he stepped into the shower.

                                    *                      *                      *

8 AM, Matt’s office, the Thornton Center

 “Come in Jessie,” Matt said to their newest staff member. “Have a cup of coffee, then grab a chair.”

“Morning Matt,” Jessie said with a knowing smile. He poured himself a cup of coffee from the carafe on Matt’s desk, and added the contents of two plastic creamers to the cup, turning the steaming liquid a light amber. “What’s first on the agenda this morning?” he asked as he sat down.

“I’d like to know about the comment you made when you left yesterday.”


“Yes, about Ron being a good lover.”

“It’s not important,” Jessie said with raised eyebrows.

“It is to me,” Matt countered. “I’d like to know what all of that was about, and secondly, why you said it?”

“I don’t have to answer your questions,” Jessie said defiantly.

“Maybe not,” Matt responded in an acquiescing tone. “It’s your choice, just like it’s my choice to decide if you’ll be working here 5 minutes from now,” he continued quietly.

“You wouldn’t do that!” Jessie reacted while beginning to look alarmed.

“In a heartbeat, Sir,” Matt rejoined.

“Ron would be very unhappy with you,” Jessie said in a last ditch attempt at bluffing.

“I’ll risk it. You should know that I’m independently wealthy. I don’t need Ron’s approval to make a decision. We’ve always agreed on that, irrespective of his wealth or mine. We’re partners because we both want to be and because we love each other. Don’t put my easy-going nature to the test.”

Jessie paused, weighing in his mind what Matt had just said. At that moment, the door opened and Leonard Johnson stepped into the office.

“Good Morning guys,” greeted Leonard smiling. “Am I interrupting anything?”

“Actually, yes,” Matt answered truthfully. “Could we come in and see you in a few minutes when we’re finished here?”

The expression on Matt’s face clearly indicated a dismissal.

“Uh, sure Matt,” responded Leonard, somewhat surprised. He had never seen Matt with such a determined look as the one he now expressed. “Sorry for the interruption.”

“No problem Leonard,” Matt said in a matter-of-fact tone. “Jessie just indicated that he might be leaving before his first day has begun, and I’m trying to convince him of the foolishness of that decision. I’ll keep you informed.”

“Sure Matt, if you say so,” Leonard said backing out of the door. “Come in whenever you’re ready.”

The door clicked shut.

“Now, where were we?” Matt asked facetiously.

Jessie had not missed Matt’s ‘muscle flexing’ with Leonard, and he recognized the subtle exercise of power when he saw it.

“I was about to answer your questions,” said Jessie.

                                    *                      *                      *

10 AM, approaching Taliesin West, Scottsdale Arizona

The trip from Las Vegas had been uneventful and totally enjoyable, as Tyler and Dan’s rental Cadillac traveled northward on Scottsdale Road.

“I’m really excited about the prospects of building our new house in Las Vegas,” Dan said to Tyler who was driving.

“I am too,” agreed Tyler. “I hope that the guys here at Frank Lloyd Wright’s school can do the job for us.”

“Didn’t they design the RET building and Ron and Matt’s house?” asked Dan.

“Yes they did,” Tyler answered. “I really like both buildings, but what I have in mind is much different.”

“I understand that Frank Lloyd Wright often had stormy relationships with his clients.”

“Yes. There is a story that when he designed the famous ‘La Miniatura’ home in Los Angeles, the owners had invited all their friends for a great formal ‘housewarming’ dinner. It began raining and as they were eating, water started dripping on the dining table. The story goes that the owner called Frank Lloyd Wright and asked him what he should do. Mr. Wright answered, ‘Get an umbrella!’”

Dan laughed. “Is that really true?”

“I actually don’t know,” Tyler responded. “I do know that the house leaked so bad at first that the owners rented a circus tent and covered the house so it wouldn’t be damaged from the weather.”

“Wow! They must have been really upset!”

“I don’t know the answer to that either,” Tyler admitted. “I do know though, that it is one of the most famous houses on the west coast and has been in several movies. Personally, I like the style that he used in the Arizona Desert, specifically Taliesin West. When you see it you’ll see what I mean.”

“It must be really gorgeous then.”

“Yes, but when you see it, you will see a much refined version from the original buildings that he built in the 30’s when they first came out to Arizona from Wisconsin.

“In what ways are they refined?” Dan asked.

“I guess you have to first understand that he operated the school here only in the wintertime. The summers were spent at Taliesin East. The winters are very mild here, and consequently there was no air conditioning of any type. Also much of the original construction work was done manually by his students. The concrete/rock walls that you will see on the original buildings were all formed by hand and are very unusual. The large beams that form the rooflines were originally used to support canvas that was utilized to enclose the spaces, yet let in light. Much of Wright’s career was spent struggling for money. Most of the students constructed their own living quarters which, though very attractive, were very Spartan.”

“It must have been an interesting life for a young person.”

“Yes, if you like camping out. Of course we’re totally spoiled today. The students had to pay tuition as well as room and board, and much of their schooling was doing design and construction drawings for Mr. Wright’s projects.”

“One of his last projects is the Grady Gammage Auditorium in Tempe at Arizona State University. The original design, much changed, was for a theater for Baghdad, Iraq. The design was adapted for a performing arts auditorium for the university. We can go by and see it on the way back to Sky Harbor airport.”

“That would be fun,” Dan said agreeably.

The car had turned east from Scottsdale Road, and soon the ornate ‘Wrightian” iron gates of Taliesin appeared. On the gate structure was a sign indicating the time and contact phone numbers for tours. Tyler turned into the drive approach to the closed gates and found a speaker that had obviously not been there when the school was started.

Pressing the button, Tyler announced their arrival, and soon the large gates swung open. Tyler pulled through the gates, which closed behind them, and drove up the drive through the unspoiled desert to the main building where they parked.

When they had come to a stop, an attractive man appeared on the low broad steps leading to the main studio, and approached their car as they climbed out. Tyler with a sizable briefcase met Dan at the front of the car. The man closed the final few feet between himself and the new arrivals.

“Hello,” he said. “I’m John Peters, grandson of Mr. Wright and principal architect.”

“I’m Tyler Turner,” Tyler replied offering his handshake. “This is my partner, Dan Barnes.”

“A pleasure to meet you both,” John responded shaking both their hands. Turning toward the large building that they faced, he started back up the stairs saying. “Please follow me.” Tyler and Dan quickly were in step with the young architect. Smiling his pleasure at their arrival, he asked, “Ron Turner is one of our favorite clients. Are you related?”

“I am,” Tyler said with a wink and a grin. “We’re brothers.”

“A double pleasure then. I trust you had a pleasant journey here.”

“Very enjoyable,” Dan answered as they approached the large double doors of the design building.

                                    *                      *                      *

1 PM, Ron’s office, RET office building

The morning had dragged on for Ron. His concentration was lethargic at best, as his mind kept wandering to Matt. Why was Matt suddenly so cool? An icy wind blew through the warm comfort and trust in his partner’s love he’d felt since the moment they’d surrendered their hearts to each other. A strange vacuum that had come between them had suddenly dampened the joy of just being together.

Ron searched his mind for something that he might have said or done to cause this void. He wondered if his lover might have been more deeply hurt than he’d let on by the change in their celebration plans? Could it be that the Jessie Fox that Ron had known had really come back into his life? Those two possibilities were all that Ron could envision as cause for the change in Matt’s affection. Perhaps he was just imagining things, or if Matt was troubled by one of those things, he wondered if it would pass without any intervention? He didn’t know and pondered what course of action or inaction he should pursue. At last he couldn’t stand it any longer.

He reached for the phone and dialed Matt’s cell phone number.

“Hi Matt,” Ron said when Matt answered.

“Hi Ron.”

“Uh, I’ve been thinking about you all morning,” Ron admitted.

“Good thoughts I hope?” inquired Matt.

“Look Matt, I’ve got to tell you. I’m worried.”


“Yeah worried. We’ve been together for 6 months now, and there’s a part of you I’ve never seen before. It’s the way you’re acting now. I don’t know what’s wrong, but something is and it’s happening now, just before we make our vows before our whole world.”

“I was hoping that it wouldn’t show,” Matt admitted.

“Babe, I know you so well, I know when you pass gas,” Ron said trying to break the tension.

Matt’s smile was unseen.

“Can we talk about it tonight?” Matt asked.

“Ok, if you’ll answer one question,” Ron said in a qualified agreement.

“Ask away,” Matt replied.

“Are you Ok? I mean physically? I’m worried sick.”

“Yes, I’m fine that way. I just had some thinking to do and I hope it’s settled in my mind.”

“You know that this mystery stuff is driving me wild,” Ron admitted.

“I’m sorry Babe, just trust me.” Matt requested.

“Alright. But we must talk tonight,” Ron insisted. “I don’t want another day like today.”

“You have my word,” Matt promised.

“That’s good enough for me,” Ron declared. “I’ll see you tonight.”

                                    *                      *                      *

4:30 PM, aboard the G-V climbing into the Arizona skies.

“The meeting was amazing,” Dan remarked. “I had no idea they needed so much information! I’m glad you were prepared.”

“I’m sure I wouldn’t have been, except for Ron. He’s been through this process with them twice now. He told me that when they did the RET building, he went unprepared and had to make another trip just to accomplish what we did today with one trip.”

“I’m really impressed. They obviously know what they’re doing. I wish we could be there when they come up for their site visit.”

“I’m afraid it would be a little difficult to be there if we’re going to get their preliminary concept drawings shortly after our return from the cruise,” Tyler said regretfully.

“I know, darn it,” Dan said. “I guess first things first.”

He winked.

“If you’ll look out your window you should see Taliesin West. I asked the pilot to fly over it on the way home.”

“Oh, there it is,” said Dan pointing. “It looks so civilized and planned compared to the developments near it.”

“Ours will be even nicer,” Tyler said. “Their facility has been developed over a long time and was started on a dime. Ours can be developed complete, as a finalized project from the beginning. I’m certainly glad we came.”

“I’ll come with you any time,” Dan said with a wink.

“Now that would be nice,” grinned Tyler.

“Would it ever,” Dan agreed as he took Tyler’s hand and they moved to the sofa.

                                    *                      *                      *

4:30 Ron’s office in Las Vegas

Ron’s intercom buzzed. He punched the speaker button.

“Yes Margaret?”

“Ron, there’s a Mr. Jessie Fox here to see you. He has no appointment, but said he’s an old friend of yours.”

Ron was more than surprised, but his suspicions of Matt’s problem were now confirmed.

“Send him in Margaret.” Ron replied. He stood slowly and began his walk toward the door, which began to open before he cleared the desk.

“Ronnie, Baby!” Margaret heard before the door closed.

Jessie rushed across the room grabbing Ron in a bear hug and planting a kiss on his astonished lips.

Pulling away, Ron said without the joy displayed by his visitor, “Hello Jessie. What brings you to Las Vegas?”

“Why you, of course. It’s been a long time, Baby.”

“Let’s sit down,” Ron said indicating the conversation area.

Jessie grabbed Ron’s hand and pulled him toward the sofa. As they approached the seating, Ron pulled loose and sat in an armchair.

Jessie frowned and sat down on the sofa. Leaning back, the sizable bulge in his crotch was plainly visible between his spread legs.

Ron couldn’t help but look and remember when that bulge had been the focus of all his interest and affection. Snapping out of his reverie, he asked, “What can I do for you Jess? I heard that you were in town.”

“Oh, did Matt tell you that I got the Activity Director’s job at the Thornton Center?”

“Yes,” Ron replied. “I must admit that I wasn’t too thrilled.”

“Now Ronnie. Let’s let bygones be bygones.”

“I would have liked that, Jessie,” Ron responded. “You are part of my past. My unpleasant past.”

“How can you say that Baby? We had some raucous good times together. You were a fantastic fuck!”

“I don’t know how to answer that, Jess, except to say that that part of my life is over. My only excuse is that I was totally fucked … in the head. My only desires were hedonistic. I’ve changed a lot from those days.”

“I can see that,” Jessie said smiling. “Look at all you have. You’re the king of your domain!”

Ron smiled a shallow smile.

“You haven’t changed, I can see,” Ron observed. “Tell me, what have you been doing with yourself?”

“Well, let’s see. As you know I left you to be with Charlie. I was with him for three years. He was a lot of fun at first, but then became a complete bore. He had quite a bit of money when I was first with him, not as much as you, of course, but between bad investments, our expensive lifestyle and gambling, he was headed for the cellar. Naturally I was not going to stick around for the end. The last I heard he had put a pistol in his mouth. What a messy way to go.”

“Yes, I had heard that,” Ron acknowledged.

“I thought about you immediately,” but I was afraid that our parting would have left a bad taste in your mouth, so I decided to try other avenues. I had quite a bit of money that I had saved from being with Charley and quite a bit of jewelry. I was not reduced to working, so I went on a hunt.

“I presume you had some success,” Ron said. “You always had great looks and a great body.”

“Oh yes,” Jessie reported. “Over the next 4 years I had three boyfriends. The first one was older and had a lot of money. He was not as exciting as Charlie, and a whole lot less exhilarating than being with you, but beggars can’t be choosers, and he loved me a lot.”

“What happened?”

“Stanley came along. He was much younger, and much more virile. He could fuck like a mink. Unfortunately, he couldn’t afford me, so I had to leave him too, after while. Then came Mikey. I fell instantly in love! He didn’t have much, but he was fantastic. We had a great time and traveled and made love until the sun rose. I was heels over head in love!”

“Sounds like he was the one for you.”

“I thought so too. I gave him everything I had. I was so much in love. Then the bastard took off with all my money and jewelry, and left me desperate. When we got together, I had over $250,000 in money and jewelry. He took it all except for $8000 I had hidden. I’ve been living on that, until I landed the job at Thornton.”

“How did you run into that job?” Ron asked.

“Honestly, I came here looking for you. When I got into town, I didn’t want to appear to be looking for a handout, so I decided to look for a job. I got a paper and searched the ‘help wanted’ section. I found the ad for the Activities Director job, and applied for it. I was amazed when I saw your name on the plaque outside the Thornton Administration building. I was even more amazed when I discovered that the same Matt that worked there was your partner.”

“What is your purpose in seeking me out this afternoon?” Ron asked.

“At first, I thought we might hook-up again, but after talking to Matt today, I can see that idea is just a dream.”

“Considering how we broke up, the whole idea of me wanting to hook-up with you again, with or without Matt is kinda cheeky,” Ron countered.

“Yeah, I’m sure it seems that way, but I couldn’t help remembering when we had a ‘thing’ going.”

“That’s in the past.” Ron said with finality. “I live in the here-and-now, and am very happy. In many ways I don’t blame you for leaving me though. I wasn’t much in those days.”

“On the contrary, I thought you were funny, exciting, very good looking, and a fantastic lay,” Jessie said with a smile.

Ron continued, “I can see now that in reality I was self-centered, totally hedonistic and only pursued what I thought would make me happy at the moment. I’ve grown up. In doing so, I’ve found more happiness in doing for others than I ever did just looking out for myself. You see, I found that money really doesn’t matter, only people matter. Most of my best friends are people of modest means. They are real people that live real lives, not arrogant, spoiled people of wealth who only care that you stroke them for their supposed success. I could buy and sell almost all of those types, but they aren’t worth the effort. My approach is not to encourage them, but to simply ignore them.”

“Well, I can see that I won’t get anywhere with you,” Jessie said. “I was hoping that you’d still find me attractive, and would want to hang-out with me.”

“Oh, I find you physically attractive enough,” Ron replied. “But I’ve found that the guy ‘inside’ is far more important than the guy on the surface. I love Matt, and would go to any extreme to protect our relationship. I hope you are ‘getting my drift’.”

“What you’re saying is that I’d better not try to come between you and Matt?”


“You don’t have any cute friends you’d introduce me to? I’m not too picky if they’re rich.”

Ron laughed.

“One thing I’ll say about you Jessie is that you have balls!” Ron remarked before becoming serious once again. “No, I don’t know anyone Jessie. You’ll have to do your own ‘hunting’. I hold no grudges against you, life’s too short for that kind of grief. You’ll get no flack from me, as far as your life or job goes, as long as you keep your distance. But I will only tell you this once, don’t mess with me. If you do I’ll make you wish you hadn’t been born.”

“All right Ron,” Jessie responded. “I guess I know where we stand. Sorry to have bothered you.”

“It was no bother Jessie,” Ron said. “I really do wish you happiness. It just won’t happen in my ballpark.”

“Well, goodbye then,” Jessie said as he stood and offered his handshake.

“Goodbye Jessie.”

                                    *                      *                      *

8:30 P.M. Ron and Matt’s estate

Ron and Matt had retreated to the master suite. Dinner had been wonderful with Tyler and Dan full of excitement, hardly able to stop with their tales about their trip to Arizona. Their enthusiasm for the quick trip and in being together at last brought back memories to both Ron and Matt as they listened to the excited babbling of the other pair. Conversation had drifted to the ceremony and cruise. It appeared that all was in readiness, though it was difficult to tell since the details had been taken over by the ladies. Following an after-dinner drink in the family room, Tyler and Dan made their excuses and said goodnight. Now Ron and Matt sat on a sofa in the lounge area of their suite with their arms around each other.

“It’s been quite a day,” Ron said.

“Without a doubt,” Matt agreed.

“I guess it’s time for our chat now,” Ron said looking into Matt’s eyes.

“Yes Ron. I’m sorry that it all happened.”

“I guess you should start at the beginning.” Ron suggested. “I’m not positive what this is all about, except I suspect it involves Jessie Fox.”

“Yes, it does,” admitted Matt somewhat sheepishly. “After he was hired, he made a comment in leaving saying essentially that you were good in bed. It set off a sudden feeling of jealousy that I never knew existed. I stewed about it all night last night.”

“Yes, I noticed,” said Ron kindly.

“I guess you did,” Matt agreed. “I’m sorry. I should have talked to you about it, but I was so embarrassed at being jealous, that I couldn’t bear to admit it.”

“How do you feel now?” Ron asked.

“Much better,” Matt said. “I ‘had it out’ with Jessie today. I’m not sure it solved anything, but I feel a lot better.”

“I guess I should tell you now that he came to see me this afternoon.” Ron announced.

“WHAT!!!! I”LL KILL HIM!” Matt fumed.

Ron laughed.

“I told him that I love you, and that nothing nor anyone would ever come between us. I essentially threatened him if he tried. Ya see, I love you Poopie and I meant every word. You are my life and my world. If you believe anything, believe that.”

Matt’s calm returned, and he leaned toward Ron and gently kissed him.

“I know, Ron. I’ve loved you from the beginning too. I don’t know why I should be jealous of your old boyfriend.”

“It’s natural Babe.” Ron said in total forgiveness. “I’d like to put this behind us tonight.”

“How do we accomplish that?” Matt asked. “You saw my reaction when you told me that Jessie had come to see you. I’m not sure I can get over this easily, even with your words of love and assurance.”

Before we go to bed tonight, you’ll know you have nothing to worry about.” Ron said, then paused before continuing with, “I’m going to tell you about me and Jessie Fox….”

                                    *            *            *            *             *