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Chapter Thirty-three

Saturday noon, Nassau in the Bahamas

Sojourn, the large cruise ship, had docked early in the morning, and many of its passengers, all wedding party guests, had taken the opportunity afforded by the balmy weather to explore ashore. The PT I and II were docked at a nearby yacht harbor. Ron, Matt, Tyler and Dan had lunch together aboard the PT II before leaving for the Sojourn to await the arrival of Ethan, Rick, and their son, Adam who were flying in on Ethan’s jet the A-1.

The political discussion of early in the day was shelved in the spirit of the celebration, with Ron and Matt both agreeing that its volatile nature was inappropriate on this day of happiness. Tyler and Dan were full of praise for the service and luxury of the PT I. Both yachts were made ready to sail after the evening’s reception celebration before the crews were given leave to enjoy the city before the commitment ceremony scheduled to take place in the late afternoon.

The four men gathered in the VIP suite of the big ship where their tuxedos had been delivered and declared ready by Parker, Ron and Matt’s valet. At one o’clock the phone in the suite rang. Ron picked up the receiver to find the Captain of the Sojourn on the line.

“Sir,” the Captain announced, “the West party has left the airport and will be arriving in 15 minutes. Would you like us to direct them to your stateroom?”

“No thank you Captain Cardone, we’ll come down to the boarding area to greet them in person,” Ron answered.

“Very well, sir. Good day.”

“Thank you again, Captain.” Ron said before hanging up the receiver.

“Guess it’s time to come out of hibernation guys,” Ron said to the other three. You’ll like Ethan, he’s just like me,” Ron said grinning.

“I hope he has better jokes,” Matt said nudging his partner.

“Not likely, Lover,” Ron said with a wink.

“Wonder if he needs a brother?” Tyler joked.

“Come on Dan,” Ron said throwing his arm around Tyler’s partner. “You’re the only one who doesn’t pick on me.”

“I really don’t know you that well yet,” Dan answered. “I’m workin’ up to it.”

Ron feigned being wounded as the foursome exited the room. Ten minutes later the group was with the captain at the boarding station. Within minutes a party of two men and a boy were seen approaching.

“There they are now,” Ron said pointing out their hosts, and giving a welcoming wave.

As the trio reached the side of the ship Ron rushed forward, throwing his arms around Ethan and then repeating the hug with his partner, before turning to Adam.

“Adam, do you remember Mr. Turner?” Rick asked.

Adam shook his head and replied, “Nope, but he sure looks like your friend Ron.”

Everyone laughed as Ron gave him a hug, then said in his ear, “Everyone says that!”

Ron stood, and made the introductions of Matt, Tyler and Dan. Handshakes were followed by hugs all around.

“We’ve got a lot of catching up to do my friend,” Ethan replied. “After I say hello to the Captain, let’s find a cozy spot where we can have a drink and chew the fat for a while. I know just the spot: Rick’s lounge.”

“You’ve got your own lounge?” Matt asked Rick as Ethan stepped away to greet the vessel’s master.

“Yeah, well Ethan went kinda crazy. There’s a Rick’s Lounge on every one of the Compass cruise liners.”

‘That is more than cool,” Matt responded. Ethan returned so Matt and Rick followed Ethan and Ron, who was holding Adam’s hand, with Tyler and Dan trailing behind them.

Entering the lounge they found a large corner booth that was big enough for the entire party of 6 men and a boy. A waiter quickly came to take their order, and returned to the bar to fill it. Ethan insisted that Ron bring him up to date on his expanded family. Even though it was complicated, Ron had only finished an abridged version of his meeting Matt when the drinks were served. Ron continued on, intermixed with occasional answers to questions that Ethan or Rick asked when something needed clarification.

“That’s it in a nutshell,” Ron concluded. “Now we need updating too. I know the story of how you and Rick met, but the others don’t so why don’t you start there?”

Ethan told of his desire for anonymity and of his work aboard the Sojourn where he had met Rick. He continued on with the highlights of their adventures of becoming partners and the events in their lives since that time. Thirty minutes later he too finished his story.

“Thanks Ethan,” Matt said. “It’s great to hear such a romantic beginning to what obviously is a great relationship.”

“You’re most welcome Matt,” Ethan responded. “It looks like we’ve all found the man of our dreams.”

“Hey! What about me?” Adam asked as he pulled on the lapel of Ethan’s suit.

“You’re the dream guy for all of us,” Ron said smiling.

“Yes,” Matt said with a far-off look in his eyes.

“You’re lucky to have two such good Dads,” Ron added. “And now you have four new Uncles.”

“Thanks guys,” Rick said, entering the conversation. “Adam is our pride and joy.”

“That’s understandable,” Tyler said. “I’m thinking we all envy you.”

Ethan and Rick looked at each other with pride and shared a quick kiss in agreement.

“How did you guys meet?” Dan asked, looking at Ron and Ethan.

Ron and Ethan both laughed.

“It’s kinda embarrassing to say, under the present circumstances,” Ron admitted.

Nothing could have sparked the attention of the other four men more than Ron’s introduction.

“I’ll begin, but Ethan, feel free to interject or take over at any time,” Ron started. “I was on a trip back to Las Vegas by car from Miami where I had just taken delivery of the PT-I. This was about a year after I had taken active control of the company, and I thought that a short shakedown cruise was in order, followed by a long sightseeing trip back to Las Vegas. I had just purchased a new Mercedes in Florida so I decided to drive it back myself. My first stop was in Sarasota. I had gotten in very late and had checked in to the hotel, then decided to go to the bar for a nightcap. The bar was crowded and noisy and there were no available seats.”

Ethan continued, picking up the storytelling. “I was in the bar myself sitting alone at a small table near the door when I saw this handsome guy come in, looking around but obviously not seeing a place to sit. I mean, what else was I to do? I invited him to join me. A quick look in his eyes as he scoped me out, told me immediately we belonged to the same club. He accepted my invitation and sat down.”

“I had just been asked to sit down by the best lookin’ guy in the place,” Ron said in mock defense. “Of course, I accepted. I sat down and after a long wait ordered a drink. To put this in perspective, this was about a year after I left New York and all the problems I’d had there with drinking and with Jessie. I had not seriously looked at another guy in a year, and here was this gorgeous guy asking me to sit down. So I sat.”

“Ethan asked me where I was from and I said Las Vegas,” Ron continued, “He asked me what I was doing in Florida, so I told him about the PT-I and he was full of questions. It was obvious that he knew a lot about ships. He finally admitted that he owned one too.”

Ron laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Matt asked.

“He said that it was docked there in Sarasota and asked if I’d like to see it,” Ron answered. “I hoped that maybe he was hittin’ on me, so I said ‘of course’. The next thing I knew we were at the pier where we were yesterday. I was thoroughly confused. I was looking for a small boat or maybe a small yacht. Then he pointed up at the Sojourn, and said, ‘there she is!’”

“I thought Ron was gonna faint,” Ethan said chuckling. “It’s unusual to have the Sojourn overnight in port here,” Ethan said, ”but she was in for upgrading of some engine gear, so I took Ron aboard and gave him the grand tour.”

“Yeah, It was really exciting. I enjoyed the evening so much, that I forgot to get laid.” Ron said hooting. “I mean, what a dummy! The cutest guy around invites me aboard his damned ship and I’m so impressed by it and our conversation about business which carried on half the night, that I completely forgot my social duties.”

“The next day,” Ethan said, taking over again, “I took him to our offices and introduced him to Sarah, and they hit it off like gangbusters. The three of us spent the whole day and long past dinner talking about ships, planes and business. We became great friends that day, and have kept in touch ever since.”

“Have you seen each other since that time?” Matt asked.

“Sure, about once a year we get together, somehow, and somewhere,” Ethan responded. “That’s how he met my Rick and ultimately Adam.”

“When did you last see him?” Tyler enquired.

“Let’s see,” Ethan said thinking. “I think it was late last summer or early fall when he was going to New York. He had an Internet friend that he was going to have lunch with, and then take care of some business. What ever happened on that trip, Ron?”

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you the complete story in detail. Let’s just say that Bryan and his partner Alan became the best of my friends, and too, I met Matt on that trip and started a whole new chapter in my life.”

“Wow!” Matt exclaimed. “It’s all coming together for me now. What an amazing story!”

“Yes,” Ron said, “When I last saw Ethan and Rick, I had no idea that my life was just beginning.”

“And here we all are together, to close the circle,” Ethan said, ending the story. “I’d like to propose a toast to friendship and love.”

“To friendship and love,” they all repeated as they raised their glasses.

“And to little boys,” Adam added with a grin.

“And to little boys,” they all added in agreement.

                                    *                      *                      *

The theater was packed to overflowing with guests. The large stage had been converted into an altar with a thin white gauzy curtain behind the elaborate centerpiece, constructed on land for the ceremony, which itself was framed on each side by the large red curtains drawn back into huge swags. Large stands of white and red roses stood in front of the red curtains and smaller stands were at each end of the two central isle rows, white gladiolus stood in vases on the central altar flanked by silver candelabras. A large white cross was suspended above the altar. Flowers of different varieties lined the walls along the side isles giving a softness and sweet fragrance to the huge room. Even the upper balcony was decorated to match the main floor.

The boys from Thornton in tuxedos, acted as ushers, seating guest at random, since the ‘bride and groom sides’ were somewhat meaningless under the present circumstances. Beautiful music played over the state of the art PA system, including some rather nontraditional Bach and Vivaldi of which Ron was particularly fond, but which somehow fit with the mood of the celebration.

In a small room off the hallway ‘lobby’ of the theater, four men waited for their cue. They had been visited in their stateroom earlier for a mock rehearsal of the ceremony. In addition to the wedding planner, they met a priest by the name of Jerry from the nearby town of Emerald Beach. Even though none of the participants were Catholic, Jerry was requested by Tyler to ‘officiate’. Tyler had worked with a gay friend of his and Jerry’s on an assignment in Florida before Ron had acquired Aztec Security. After briefly meeting Jerry, and out of curiosity, Tyler had attended Jerry’s church services and had met the priest after the service, inviting him to lunch. After a long discussion during which Tyler revealed that he was gay, Jerry admitted that he too was homosexual, but was celibate. The conversation had finally gotten around to gay marriage. Jerry told Tyler that while his church did not accept gay marriage as part of their beliefs, that he had blessed the union of two men in a ceremony and had been badly ‘roughed up’ by the homophobic brother of one of the celebrants. After lunch Jerry and Tyler had parted as good friends.

In making the plans for the commitment ceremony, Tyler had suggested that Jerry officiate and all were in agreement. Tyler called Jerry renewing their friendship, then asked the question. Jerry’s response was affirmative, but subject to scheduling which as time passed was worked out.

In the meeting before the ceremony, Jerry, after talking privately to each of the four partners, was reassured about each man’s devotion to his partner. Afterward he reminded them as a group, that his officiating had little legal meaning or ecclesiastical sanction by his church, just the blessings of a lone priest who understood the union of two hearts and the commitment that would bind two people together. Seeing their nods of understanding, he then offered a short prayer, and leaving the small room made his way offstage to wait for the ceremony to begin.

When the time arrived for the ceremony to start, the music changed to the ‘Processional March From the Queen of Sheba’, which Ron loved, but the title of which he still found amusing as their wedding processional. As the witnesses stood, Ron and Matt, arm in arm, walked down one of the central aisles, while Matt and Dan, similarly entwined entered down the other. As they reached the area in front of the stage they turned toward the other couple and mounted a double stairway to the stage surface. There on a raised platform with the altar in the background stood Father Jerry.

They stopped below the front of the carpeted platform facing the priest. Father Jerry began to speak.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of God and of this assembly to witness the commitment of these two couples to their partners.”

Stepping in front of Ron he said, “Who gives this man Ron Turner to his partner Matthew?”

Tyler spoke. “I do.”

And who gives this man Matthew Davidson to his partner, Ron?”

Dan spoke saying, “I do.”

Then stepping to Tyler, the priest asked, “And who gives this man Tyler Turner to his partner, Daniel?”

Ron said, “I do.”

Turning to Dan he asked, “Who gives this man Daniel Barnes to his partner Tyler?”

Matt answered, “I do.”

The priest signaled each pair to step up on the platform and kneel on kneelers that had been borrowed from a church in Pensacola for the occasion.

“Let us pray,” Father Jerry said to the congregation.

“Heavenly Father, we come before You to witness the commitment of these men to their partners. Bestow Your blessings on their union. Look into their hearts as they proclaim their permanent devotion to their partners. Join their minds and spirits in a promise to place their partner’s needs and desires above their own, knowing as you have taught us, that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Bind their hearts and minds in a single purpose to do thy will. We ask these things of You in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Sprit. Amen.”

A chorus of “Amen” came from the congregation, as Father Jerry made the sign of the cross.

The four men then stood, still facing the priest.

“May I have the rings?” Father Jerry asked.

Adam, who was seated between Ethan and Rick in the front row, stood and climbed the steps carrying a white velvet covered tray on which four small black jewelry boxes were attached. He approached the priest between the two couples holding the tray chest high.

Father Jerry placed his hands on the boxes, saying, “Lord, bless these rings as symbols of the commitment of these two couples to their partners. May the wearing of these rings demonstrate to the world their love for the man beside them now; the lasting love which they pledge today. Amen.”

“Now,” Jerry said opening the first box and handing the ring inside to Ron, “Ron you may make your pledge.”

Ron took the ring, and holding it to Matt’s outstretched hand slipped it on his finger, as he said, “Matt, it is you that I love and it is to you that I give my heart and make my promise. All that I am and all that I have are yours. Take my love, knowing that it will never go away. This I pledge.”

Father Jerry took the second ring and handed it to Matt who then placed it on Ron’s finger. Holding Ron’s hand as he looked into the eyes of his partner, he offered, “Ron, it is you that I love and it is to you that I give my heart and make my promise. All that I am and all that I have are yours. Take my love knowing that it will never go away. This I pledge.”

Turning then to Tyler, Jerry placed the third ring in his palm. Tyler took Dan’s left hand in his and put the ring on his finger.

“Dan, I pledge my love to you. You make my heart glad with your presence. In good times and bad I will be your true and faithful partner, loving you and placing you before all others. Take my love knowing it will never go away.

Jerry took the last ring, giving it to Dan, who then placed it on the finger of his partner, Tyler, repeating the vow that Tyler had just spoken.

Closing the four boxes, Jerry nodded to Adam who turned and left the stage for his seat.

Jerry raised both hands in blessing over the couples. “Now in the sight of God and in the sight of Man, I pronounce the joining of these two couples as life partners in mind, body and spirit. May the blessings of our Lord be upon them. Amen”

“Amen,” the congregation repeated.

“You may now kiss the groom,” Jerry said smiling.

Ron took Matt into his arms, knowing that the man he held was a part of his every being.

Matt looked at the man he loved, thanking God in his mind for his blessings in making them one.

Tyler and Dan too were locked in an embrace. Their world was now complete.

Turning toward the congregation, both couples held hands, grinning in happiness.

Father Jerry, then spoke the benediction, “Go forth from this place with the blessings of the Lord, facing the world and it’s challenges united as one. Lord, bless this congregation who have witnessed the power of Love, your greatest gift to mankind. May love fill the hearts of all who are here, and of all peoples in the world. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.”

The music rose again, and the two couples left the stage walking up the aisles to the thunderous applause of the congregation.

It was done.

                                    *                      *                      *

Thirty minutes later, in the dining room of the Sojourn

The huge dining room had been rearranged as a combination dining room/ dance floor. A bandstand had been erected and a wood dance floor placed over the carpeting in front of it. After thanking Father Jerry, and a photo taking session in the theater and on deck, the couples moved to the ship’s main dining room where their friends had gathered for the reception gala. Since the reception would include a full dinner for all guests, most of the gatherers had taken places at their tables as tuxedoed waiters hurried around to pour before-dinner drinks. On each of the large tables centered by flowers, were silver champagne buckets with iced bottles of the bubbly liquid. The table settings were exquisite with multiple sizes and shapes of china and silver utensils for eating and four crystal goblets at each place.

The four couples circulated around the tables, thanking their guests for attending and accepting the congratulations of their friends. Before they could make it all the way around the room, the appetizers began to be served, and the foursome returned to the head table. There they found Ethan, Rick and Adam, along with the captain, joined in conversation with Bryan, Alan and Bryan’s parents Richard and Ann. The head table was shaped like a “U” with the four celebrants at the head and the two groups facing each other across the small space between the two arms. Exchanging congratulatory hugs and handshakes with their party of closest friends, the four men at last were seated and began tasting the savory fare that awaited them.

Shrimp cocktail appetizers had been placed on the plates in front of them. An excellent white wine had also been served. The meal progressed through 7 full courses of the ship’s best offerings of foods and wines, highlighted by the main entrée of filet mignon and lobster. The final course of desert was a molded chocolate mousse in a bed of white chocolate and raspberry sauce. Once that delicacy was consumed and cleared from the tables, Grand Marnier cognac and coffees were served.

During the serving of the after-dinner beverages, Adam, finally worn out by the activities of the day, laid his head on the table and was soon asleep.

“Ah, poor little guy,” Ron said to Ethan and Rick, as he smiled sympathetically at the youngster.

Ethan raised his hand for attention, and immediately their waiter responded. “Please have the ship’s sitter meet me at our suite,” he ordered.

“Yes sir,” the young man replied. “I’ll see to it immediately.

Ethan stood and with Rick helping, lifted the youth, draping his small body around the billionaire father. Ethan excused himself, asking Rick to stay with their guests, after placing a kiss on the cheek of their young son.

In ten minutes he had returned and rejoined the others at the table. Giving a signal to the headwaiter, the staff of waiters descended on the room, going to each table, opening the bottles of champagne and filling the tall slender glasses. Quickly they completed their task and left the room. The headwaiter then signaled Ethan. The owner of Compass cruise line used a knife to tap his nearly empty water goblet, with the ‘ding-ding’ echoing to the table of nearby diners. Others soon repeated the action and in a minute the room began to quiet down. When the last voices had been stilled, Ethan stood, champagne glass in hand.

“Friends,” He began, “Tonight we’re here to celebrate the union of two couples. Ron with Matt, and Tyler with Dan. It is normally the best man that proposes the first toast, but since there are two best men, the job fell to me. They can take over when I’m done.”

Ethan looked at Ron and began. “I asked Ron how he knew he was in love? He answered, ‘That’s easy, you ask yourself one question. Would you mind being financially destroyed by this person?’”

The room roared in laughter.

“Then I asked Tyler, if he could remember the night he lost his innocence. He said, ‘Yes it was in the back seat of the family car’. He went on to explain that it would have been more memorable if he hadn’t been alone.”

Laugher again rocked the room.

“Later I asked Dan if he had been lonely before he met Tyler. He said, ‘Yes I was, I was so lonely I couldn’t eat jello without fondling it first.’”

The crowd giggled and laughed at Ethan’s flawless joke delivery.

“I understand,” he went on, “that when Ron met Matt, Matt told Ron that he was troubled. Ron replied that he was so good at solving problems that he had his own consulting company. Ron then asked what the problem was? Matt replied that he was a nymphomaniac! Ron said, ‘I see. I can help you, but I must advise you that my fee will be $80!’ Matt responded, ‘That’s not bad. How much for all night?”

Tears of laughter poured out of many eyes as the sound of enjoyment echoed from the walls of the huge room.

“I’m so happy that Father Jerry was able to be with us to perform the commitment ceremony this afternoon,” Ethan went on, “He was telling us how difficult life was for Catholic priests. I asked him what could be so difficult about being a priest that was different from being a protestant minister. He said that for one thing he had to hear confession, not only of his parishioners but also the nuns. Well I said, that couldn’t be too difficult, I mean, since nuns don’t have much opportunity for sin. I asked for an example. He told me of a sister who had come in and confessed that she had played golf the previous day and had used the ‘F” word. He said, ‘Oh sister, what made you say the ‘F’ word?’ She began explaining, ‘Well, I teed off on the fifth hole, and sliced it into the woods.’ ‘Sister, for that you said the ‘F’ word?’ ‘Oh no, I got out of that mess okay, only to land in the sand trap.’ ‘For that you said the ‘F’ word?’ ‘Oh no! I got a good hit out of the trap, it bounced on the green, and rolled into the trap on the other side.’ ‘Sister, for that you said the ‘F’ word?’ ‘Oh no, I hit it out of the trap, and came up six inches from the hole.’ ‘Oh, sister, for that you said the ‘F’ word?’ ‘Oh heavens no, Father.’ Then Father Jerry said in amazement, ‘Sister, don’t tell me you missed a fucking six-inch putt!”

Father Jerry led the crowd as it erupted in laughter.

When the room was again still, Ethan raised his glass.

“Please stand with your glasses,” Ethan requested. When everyone was standing, he continued, “I’d like now to toast our friends, the four grooms: Ron, Matt, Tyler and Dan. May their lives be filled with happiness and fulfillment.”

The crowd clinked glasses together, to the sounds of “Hear, hear!” Then champagne sips found their way into the grinning mouths of the guests.

Ron then said, “I’d like to toast my brother Tyler and his partner Dan. May they live a long and joyous life together.”

The crowd joined in executing the toast.

Tyler responded,” From Dan and I come our thanks for your best wishes. Now I’ll toast my brother Ron, and the love of his life, Matt. For them I wish the best of everything life has to offer.”

Again the crowd of friends responded.

The final rounds of toasts were complete and the guests again sat.

Ron remained standing then began to speak as the assembly of friends noticed him.

“I’d like to thank you all for being here today for our commitment celebration. Matt, Tyler, Dan and I love you all. We hope that you will enjoy the rest of the holiday. I’d like to give you a word of advice from one who has done a lot of traveling: Never miss an opportunity to pee.”

The crowd roared in laughter.

Ron continued when again he could be heard, “After we do the cake thing, and dance for a while, we’ll be leaving. We’ll return day after tomorrow before the Sojourn goes back to Ft. Lauderdale, but until then, we thank you.”

Ron sat down as two huge cakes were brought in. The traditional silliness of the wedding cake ritual, recorded by photographs, was soon past. The cakes were cut and delivered to each table. During the serving of cake, a large dance band mounted the platform and was soon ready to begin.

As a slow number began the last part of the evening’s festivities, the two newly united couples danced the first dance, which ended in applause for their ‘performance’. The couples then left the floor and spent the next hour circulating among the guests. Alan and Bryan were beaming as they congratulated the couples on their union. Moving on the foursome completed their rounds, then decided to go back to their ships for their night, each alone with his partner.

Once the toast had been made, the crews and officers of the yachts had returned to their posts to prepare for casting off. When the limo delivering the two pairs of men arrived at the yacht basin, all crewmembers, still dressed in their most formal uniforms stood at the railings of each the two vessels to welcome their honeymoon couple. When the foursome arrived at the first yacht’s boarding ramp, they exchanged hugs and cheek kisses before Tyler and Dan stepped up onto the ramp leading to the PT-I. Three hundred feet down the dock, the PT-II waited with her crew to welcome Ron and Matt.

The engines were at idle, as the yacht’s owners boarded to the applause of the crew. Ron and Matt were all smiles as they greeted Captain Larson and the assembled crewmen. After returning the greeting and excusing themselves, Ron took Matt’s arm and they began the short walk to the owner’s stateroom. The captain ordered the crew to prepare for casting off, then turned and headed for the bridge. Within five minutes the large yacht began to move away from the pier. Behind it the PT-I had shed it’s mooring lines and pulled in the boarding ramp. It would soon follow the ‘II’ out of the harbor bound for it’s own destination, a cove where privacy for its couple could be assured.

Ron and Matt arrived, hand in hand, at the doorway to the owner’s stateroom. They had decided to forego the ‘carrying over the threshold’ tradition in deference to the masculinity that they felt for each other. Instead they stepped over the threshold together as equal partners, entering a room prepared with vases of flowers and candles which had been lighted just before they boarded. Ron closed the door and took Matt into his arms.

“Welcome home, my love,” he said as he placed a warm kiss on the lips of his mate.

“It’s a dream come true,” Matt responded when the kiss was completed. “I love you with all my heart, my darling man.”

Within minutes, they were sharing a large shower, both wishing to start their lovemaking that would follow, as fresh as possible. The two nude, muscular men were in full anticipation of the joys the night promised, both sporting full erections as the water cascaded over their bodies. Each washed their partner, running soapy hands over the firm valleys and hills that constituted the form of their lover, barely able to perform the task without ejaculating from the feelings of excitement and love they were experiencing. Only self-control and the wish to please each other in bed, allowed the containment of heightened emotion on this special night.

After drying each other, they finished the preparation of their body for their partner, then stepped together to the bed where their deep love for each other would be expressed in its fullness.

The lovemaking was all each had dreamed of. Moments of tenderness developed into heightened desires and the hunger for the raw satisfaction of physical release. As the night passed, every inch of each other’s body knew the touch and caress of their partner’s ministrations. Bodies glistened with moisture from frenzied passion as they repeatedly fulfilled the inner needs of their mate to love and be loved. After each climax of energy, came moments of peaceful rest, followed shortly by kisses, exploration, and more excitement. At last, as the bedside clock showed 4 AM, they fell asleep exhausted, but fully content in each other’s arms.