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Chapter Thirty-four

The same evening, aboard the PT-I

Tyler held Dan in his arms in the Master Suite of the large luxury yacht.

“It’s good to be alone at last,” Dan said as he kissed the cheek of his life-partner.

“I agree with that,” Tyler responded smiling. “I’d rather be alone with you than anywhere else I know.”

“Our life together really begins now,” Dan said, placing another kiss, this time a quick one on the lips of his lover.

“Yes it does. It seems that our whole relationship has been a few days together, then we had to part,” Tyler agreed, “I’m so glad that’s over. Did you see all those presents we got? Unbelievable! We have enough stuff to start two households.”

“What did we get from Ron and Matt?” Dan asked.

“I don’t know…. Wait! Ron said it was in our suite on this yacht. Have you seen anything out of place?”

“No, there are so many flowers and of course now, with just candles burning it’s kinda hard to make out anything.”

“I’m really curious Babe,” Tyler admitted. “Do you mind if I turn up the lights?”

“No, I’m curious too,” answered Dan.

Tyler got up from the sofa where he had been sitting with Dan, walked to the entry to the room and clicked on the rheostat to nearly full brightness.

“Do you see anything?” Tyler asked.

Dan looked around, and said, “No, nothing seems out of place. There are some tags and cards on the flowers and some envelopes. Maybe it’s in one of them.”

“Yeah. Hey! Look at this envelope. It’s a business envelope, not one for a greeting card,” Tyler said as he tore open the flap.

“Wow!” he exclaimed as he began reading the contents. “This is unbelievable!”

“What is it?” Dan was becoming excited too.

“It’s the title to the PT I! This loveboat is ours!

Dan sat back in shock. “This thing must be worth millions!” he exclaimed.

“Tens of millions,” Tyler responded still in a daze.

“What are we going to do with it?” Dan asked.

“Ron and I had talked about sailing it to San Diego and berthing it there, leaving the PT II in the Caribbean. It would be a lot handier there, and we could sail on it more often since San Diego is only an hour’s flight from Las Vegas. We could also explore the west coast of Mexico in the winter, Alaska in the summer and maybe even go to Hawaii! We hadn’t decided whether or not to put it out for charter. It’s kinda expensive to own one of these and just let it sit.”

“I like that idea of moving it to the west coast. You’re right, it would be a lot more convenient,” Dan agreed.

“There’s a note in here from Ron and Matt,” Tyler said pulling the message from the envelope. “ I’ll read it: ‘Tyler and Dan, We hope you like this gift. I know we all will spend many happy hours on her. The suite you’re in now, the Owners’ Stateroom is now your private get-away! Best wishes on your happiest night of love. Ron and Matt’.”

“How sweet of those guys,” Dan responded. “I hope they’re as happy tonight as we are.”

“I’m sure they are, though it’s hard to believe they could be as happy as I feel right now,” Tyler said pulling Dan into his arms.

“I love you more than life itself,” Dan mumbled as his lips touched those of his mate.

“Mmmmm,” Tyler groaned as his passion rose.

“Think it’s time to try out our new bed and see what comes up?” Dan asked as he slid his hand over the bulging outline of Tyler’s generous manhood.

“Yeah. It’s been hours and hours,” Tyler grinned as they began to shed their clothing, moving toward the nuptial bed. Clothing was dropped and left wherever it fell, as their excitement mounted. In a blink of an eye, two naked forms were entwined on the soft platform that would be the stage for their night of bliss.

                                    *                      *                      *

The next morning, Saturday, aboard the PT II

Ron’s eyes opened. In his arms he beheld the beautiful man to whom he had committed his life. Now, as never before, he thanked the Lord for the wonder of this loving man whose heart was joined with his own. The night before had been the perfection of lovemaking, full of passion, yet with a tenderness that bespoke the giving of their bodies as a symbol of the love they felt for each other. Ron thought of how little his great wealth meant compared to the person who lay sleeping beside him. In his love for Matt it was as if part of him, which had been missing, now was in place making him whole. ‘Life is good,’ he thought, ‘and being loved by this beautiful creature is the fulfillment of my every dream.’

Matt stirred as if knowing that he was being watched. His eyes flickered and a smile formed on his lips as his conscious mind told him where he was.

“Morning my love,” Ron said softly.

“Morning Babe,” Matt replied, still smiling. “You were wonderful last night.”

“I’m still wonderful this morning,” Ron leered slyly. “I can see that you are too,” he continued as he pressed his morning wood against that of his partner’s. He placed his lips against Matt’s, then suggested, “How ‘bout our taking a short trip to the bathroom and then spending the morning being wonderful again?”

“Sounds like honeymoon talk to me,” Matt agreed with a grin. “I can’t think of anything I’d love more.”

                                    *                      *                      *

Four hours later

Ron stepped out of the shower and picked up two towels, handing the second one to Matt who
was following him from the steamy granite-lined enclosure.

“I wonder what time it is?” Ron mused aloud as he began to rub the oversized fluffy white bath towel over his muscular frame.

“I think it’s a bit after noon,” Matt replied. “We didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“We’ll take a nap later, “ Ron said with a hint of seduction in his voice.

“To sleep?” Matt asked, responding to the not too subtle hint from his lover.

“Heh heh heh,” Ron replied with a wink. “Maybe that too.”

“You’re BAD!” Matt giggled as he folded the towel and stepped to the sink to finish his morning preparations for the day.

“You love it,” Ron said joining him at the other gold washbasin in the countertop.”

“You’re right about that,” Matt responded with a grin. “I just hope I can still walk,” he laughed.

Fifteen minutes later, the men were dressed in shorts, deck shoes and tees, ready to face the new day. Ron picked up the phone and called the purser’s office, announcing that they would be ready for lunch as soon as it was prepared. Then taking Matt’s hand they left the suite and headed for the upper deck. Stepping off the elevator, they saw that the day was bright and sunny with few clouds to mar the blue of the sky. The PT-II was at anchor off a private cove fronted by a breakwater of projecting coral, providing a lagoon of quiet azure blue water rimmed by a beach of pristine white sand. The background of palm trees and flowering plants gave a lush hue of beauty that completed the picture of nature unspoiled by human hand.

“This is so beautiful,” Matt remarked. “I hope Tyler and Dan’s location is as gorgeous.”

“I’m sure it is,” Ron replied. “After all they picked this island.”

“What do you mean, they picked it?” Matt wondered aloud.

“This island has two lagoons, this one and another a couple of miles away. It also has a deep-water lagoon that is perfect for the protection of yachts from the ocean’s force. The island is about 12 miles long and three miles wide, and has a freshwater lake in the middle.”

“What’s the name of it?” Matt asked.

“Mattron,” Ron answered.

“That’s a strange name,” Matt remarked. “How did it get a name like that?”

“It was renamed by the buyers of this island. It was then given to one’s brother and his mate for a wedding present.”

“You mean……?” Matt began with sudden understanding.

“Yep Poopie.” Ron said with a huge grin. “It’s ours!”

“I can’t believe it!” Matt gasped. “It’s ours? I love it!”

“I do too,” Ron agreed. “Right now the whole island is uninhabited by humans. We can decide whether we want to develop it with a house or whatever, or just leave it unspoiled. After lunch, we’ll crank up the helicopter and take an aerial tour. I’ve only seen maps and photographs, so I’m anxious to see it too.”

“I can’t wait,” Matt was in awe of the gift. “Let’s get on with it.”

“Yeah, we can stop and pick up Tyler and Dan if you’d like. They’re anchored in the other cove like this one.”

“Let’s call ‘em and invite ‘em for lunch. Then we can all go together from here.”

“Sounds like a plan, my love. I’ll call the chef and delay lunch.”

                                    *                      *                      *

Captain Henri Larson watched as the helicopter from the PT-II returned to his ship with its passengers from the PT-I. He smiled as he saw the beaming faces of the passengers through the side windows of the aircraft. His son Hans and his ‘crewmate/ boyfriend’ Tim, standing beside Ron and Matt in the upper observation lounge, watched the chopper approach the landing pad on the stern of the large yacht.

“I hope we get to know Tyler, and ‘specially Dan while you’re on board,” Tim said in a raised voice to Ron as the aircraft settled noisily on the pad.”

“I’m sure there will be plenty of time for that,” Ron replied as the rotors of the chopper began to slow when the power was shut down. “We’ll be on board for a week or so.”

“Yeah,” Hans said pouting, “but we won’t be here after tomorrow. Dad is making us fly back to Palm Beach for school. Couldn’t you talk him into letting us stay all week?”

“I’m afraid not,” Ron replied. “Your schooling is your job. You have all summer free. Maybe we’ll take the PT-II to Europe.”

“Wow! That would be cool!” the boys both exclaimed excitedly.

“That’s still a ‘maybe’ right now, but we’ll talk it over,” Ron promised.

“Please! Please!” they pleaded.

“See what you started Babe?” Matt laughed. “That’ll learn ya.”

“Yeah,” Ron said, wondering if he should have kept his mouth closed. Then looking at Matt, he said, “It would be fun though. You’ve never been there, have you?”

“Yeah sure,” Matt replied grimacing. “My dad who hates me sent me on an all-expense-paid trip to Europe!”

“Sorry Babe, I didn’t mean to cause you pain,” Ron apologized.

“It’s not your fault. I’m sorry I’m such a baby about it.”

“Let’s go welcome Tyler and Dan,” Ron suggested, changing the subject. “The chopper doors are opening.”

“Give me a kiss big guy, then we’ll go,” Matt said winking at the two boys.

Ron quickly responded to the request, giving the boys a lesson in ‘how the big boys do it.’ As they parted they stole a glance at the two boys, whose faces were ear-to-ear grins.

“Guess we did alright,” Ron said softly to a smiling Matt, and nodding toward the boys. The boys, who had overheard, shook their heads in agreement as the older men opened the glass doors to the rear upper deck and stepped through the opening. Standing outside the perimeter of the still moving rotor blades, Matt and Ron waited as the two passengers disembarked from the craft and ducking low, crossed the distance between the craft and their waiting hosts.

After embracing each of their ‘family’ in warm hugs, the foursome stepped into the upper deck lounge and closed the door against the still whirring sound of the rotor blades slicing through the air.

“You sure look happy,” Ron commented with a grin.

“You don’t look like Swiss cheese yourself,” Tyler responded, with his hand holding Dan’s.

“I’ve never been happier,” Ron acknowledged. “We both love the island too. Thank you both so much.”

“If I were any happier, I’d bust!” Matt said in agreement.

“I feel the same way too,” Dan agreed. “I guess we’re just the two best boys for the two best brothers.” He grinned.

“Let’s take our tour of the Mattron Island,” Matt suggested. “ I can’t wait to see it all. Call the kitchen; lunch can wait.”

“It’s beautiful, all right,” Ron said approvingly. “I’m ready!”

“Before we leave, we might want to take your advice,” Tyler suggested.

“What advice?” Ron said.

“You know, about peeing.”

“Oh,” Ron said sheepishly.

                        *                      *                      *

The helicopter flew 500 feet above the beach as it crossed the white crescent separating water from land. Behind the beach the land rose to a higher plateau with a range of small craggy mountains forming most of the eastern shoreline, rising to their greatest heights and covering the smaller southern end of the island. Toward the north but still in the center of the island was a sizeable fresh-water lake, giving verification of the rain that often showered its life-giving properties across the lush landscape. North of the lake was a large grassy plain, which was relatively flat.

“If you decide to build on the island,” Tyler said pointing at the open area, “a landing field for jets could be constructed there.”

“It’s all too beautiful to believe,” Matt remarked. “Thank you both so much.”

“Hey, it’s in the family,” Tyler said playing down the generous gift. “I’m sure we’ll all get a chance to enjoy it.

Thirty minutes later the helicopter returned to the ship. Ron had mentioned that lunch was waiting for their return, and then reminded them that they would be back with their full accompaniment of friends and business associates the following day. Sadly they agreed after Matt made Ron promise that they could explore the island on the ground on their return trip.

Lunch aboard the yacht PT-II was everything that could be expected from a crew whose job was to provide the best in food and service to the owners whom they not only respected, but held with great fondness in their hearts.

All too soon Tyler and Dan returned to their own yacht to spend a quiet afternoon and have dinner together, after which the ships would make the 8-hour return trip to Nassau. There was yet a final party day left with their friends aboard the Sojourn, before it sailed at 1 A.M. Monday morning, for Fort Lauderdale.

After the helicopter disappeared from sight, Ron looked at Matt, yawned, then winked.

                                    *                      *                      *

Sunday Morning, Nassau

At 8 AM, Ron and Matt joined Tyler and Dan for coffee and a light breakfast aboard the PT-I, which was anchored in the bay near the PT-II. After the pleasant morning meal, made even more pleasant by the company, the four men boarded a launch from Tyler and Dan’s yacht and went to where the huge ship, Sojourn, was docked at the main pier.

Boarding the cruise vessel, they were met and greeted by Margaret and Sarah, the perpetrators of the change in wedding plans.

After welcoming hugs were exchanged, Sarah took Matt aside as the others went into the main atrium salon.

“Matt, I’d like to apologize,” Sarah said with sincerity. “I was so excited when I got your invitation and talked to Margaret, I got carried away. Margaret told me that our changing your plans caused you hurt and I’m terribly sorry. Please forgive me.”

“It’s nothing,” Matt said smiling. “I admit that at first I was a bit angry, but that soon passed. What you ladies and Ethan have done for us is beyond our wildest dreams. We’ve loved every minute. Please don’t let it bother you another second. Also know that you’re totally forgiven and, better than that, you have my most sincere thanks for all that you’ve done to make this such a wonderful experience.”

“Thank you, Matt,” Sarah said with relief. “I know how much Ethan and Rick love you all. I’ve become instantly fond of you myself.”

“When you return to your office you’ll find a little gift from the four of us, in appreciation for all that you two ladies have done out of love for us.”

“Can you give me a hint?” Sarah asked. “I know it’s rude, but I don’t want to wait.”

“Sure, I guess it’s alright,” Matt said. “In the envelope you will find a ‘certificate’ for a week aboard the PT-II in the Caribbean or the PT-I which will be berthed in San Diego. Either yacht is yours for a week, to take you and your friends to any destination of your choice.”

“That is so wonderful and thoughtful,” Sarah said gratefully. “They are beautiful ships. Thank you.”

“Yes they are,” Matt agreed. “You’ll find that you are pampered beyond belief. Whatever you want is yours; including being left alone if that’s what you want. The crews are very perceptive and their only job is fulfilling your every want.”

“I hope that leaves someone to drive the boat,” Sarah laughed.

“Consider it handled,” laughed Matt as he took Sarah’s arm leading her to rejoin their friends.

Moments later they swept into the party room for a day of enjoyment with their guests. Going ashore, Matt insisted on showing Tyler and Dan the casino where his luck had been so good on their previous trip. Tyler and Ron were fortunate to leave even, but both Matt and Dan were elated to have a repeat of Matt’s luck, with each winning over $10,000. As they left the gaming hall, Ron just looked at Tyler and smiled.

The evening was one continuous party. Every amenity of the ship was open for the enjoyment of the guests, including a stage show in the theater after dinner. The lounges were all open, as well as the ship’s casino. The four celebrants spent most of the evening chatting with all their friends, and in some cases, new acquaintances. As the hour grew late, the two couples took to the dance floor enjoying the public display of their affection for their partner. The acceptance of them by their friends, as couples united in love, was a far greater gift than the mountain of wedding gifts awaiting them in Las Vegas. This was what life should be like. The love that was shared amongst friends that night set a standard far above that found in the real world. They intended to enjoy every minute.

At 11:00 PM, the crew of the Sojourn began moving the luggage of the guests who were spending the following days on either the PT-I or PT-II. By midnight that move had been accomplished, and the crew began shuttling the guests to the yachts at their convenience.

By 1:00 AM, the move was complete except for Tyler and Ron who had remained aboard the Sojourn, while Matt and Dan acted as hosts aboard the yachts. Saying a last farewell to their friends and thanking the Captain and crew for their wonderful hospitality, Ron and his brother left the huge vessel, boarding the yacht’s tenders for their journeys out into the bay.

When they arrived aboard their yachts, the party was winding down. Matt greeted Ron as if he’d not seen him in days, rather than the long hour that had passed since parting. Aboard the PT-I Dan welcomed Tyler similarly. It was not long before each couple had excused themselves from their guests and returned to their cabins. It had been hours since they had made love, and the fatigue from the day did little to thwart their ardor. As they made ready for bed Ron looked out the windows of the Owner’s Stateroom, and saw the huge cruise vessel where they had been united, slowly move out of the harbor. “Goodbye, friends,” he said in a soft whisper. “Thank you and we love you.”

                                    *                      *                      *

Monday Morning aboard the PT-II in the Bahamas

At 8 AM Ron and Matt’s guests aboard the PT-II gathered on the main rear deck where breakfast was being served buffet style. Before they began Ron asked the entire party to remain nearby when they finished their meal, as he had a few words to say. The group then stood and served themselves at the buffet line with three crewmen attending to their needs. Ron and Matt sat at a table where Alan, Bryan, Bryan’s father Richard, and several others from Construction Leasing and the Friendship trust were seated. The conversation was lively, with Ron and Matt catching up a bit on several developments in New York. 30 minutes later, when the last plates were gone, Ron stood amongst his friends, colleagues and their partners and spouses.

“Friends,” he began. “Welcome aboard the PT-II. This outing for the next few days is a combination of business and pleasure. Mostly it’s for fun, but Matt, Tyler, Dan and I expect that a good bit of information passing will occur. We’d like to get to know you better, and hear about your work and interests. We hope the information goes more than up and down between you and us. We’d also like the information to go sideways among all of you. It is amazing what can happen when motivated people talk about their work. Of course there are frustrations, and occasional failures. That is to be expected. Feel free to talk about your difficulties as well as your triumphs. There is a multitude of talent on this ship and aboard the PT-I. This is a good opportunity to learn and to share. If any of you wish, you can have impromptu gatherings with or without us. This get-together is a think-tank so that we can come together as a team. Yes, I know many of you work in different fields from others, but you will be surprised how much you have in common, and how much you can gain respect for each other’s work when you talk.”

“We have no formal agenda, nor any speakers planned. Our destination, you see, is called Mattron Island. There is a beautiful beach, and on board we have a lot of manufactured shade including some open-air tents that we brought especially for this trip. Lunches will be served aboard both yachts, or you may take a brown bag and refreshments ashore. There are plenty of water toys, or if that’s not your bag, there are game rooms and computers, music and movies aboard each vessel. There will be helicopter tours of the island too for those who are interested. Just ask any crewmember. You may also visit the PT-I at your own convenience. I’d recommend it as the people there can give you a broader view of all the things in which we’re currently involved. I will only give you one question to discuss and to think about: “Where do we want to be a year, two years and five years from now?” The last couple of days, we intend to ask you for an answer. If you wish you can write your answer down. Other than that, my friends, have a wonderful time. Are there any questions?”

A hand was raised. Recognizing the young man as one of Alan’s social workers, Ron acknowledged him.

“Uh, Mr. Turner,” my name is Jeremy Hunt and I work for the Friendship Trust.”

“Sure Jeremy, I remember you. What’s on your mind?”

“Uh, Sir, when you asked ‘where do we want to be…?’ Do you want to know about us personally, our operation or the company overall?”

“First I’d like to say that my name is Ron, not Mr. Turner or Sir. My saying this now is not a put-down for you, Jeremy. Demonstrated respect is a valuable tool to be used in many situations, but on this occasion it is far too formal since this is a gathering of friends and colleagues. Titles and positions mean nothing here. If you didn’t deserve to be here, you wouldn’t be. Every opinion and idea is worth hearing. …. As for your question…. it is open ended. I want to know what you think personally, as a member of a working group and as a member of the greater group that makes up RET, its subsidiaries, charities and interests. If we are not doing something you think we should be doing, let that idea see the light of day here. And yes, if you would like to let us know your personal goals for these time periods, feel free to share that as well. Thanks so much, Jeremy, for asking. Just remember folks, there are no dumb questions, just dumb mistakes.”

Another hand rose. It was a manager from Construction Leasing.

“Uh, Ron. I’m Peter Downs with Construction Leasing. How long do you want the answer to your question to be?”

“Well Peter I like things short and concise. If you have ten pages of things to say, and you can condense it to a page, I’ll probably remember it, because it will say everything important that you want to say and convey your most important ideas and arguments.

I have a one-page memory. For instance did you know that you only need two tools? Yep, WD-40 and duct tape. If it doesn’t move and it should, use the WD-40. If it moves and it shouldn’t, use the duct tape!”

The gathering of employees and friends laughed.

“Ya see,” Ron concluded, “I can remember the WD-40 and duct tape, but I’ll be damned if I can remember a cabinet full of tools.”

Ron smiled, and looking around and seeing no other hands said, “Have a nice day, folks.”

He sat down, smiling at his friend Bryan.

“You’re little story reminded me of when we used to IM every night,” Bryan said wistfully.

“It was a special time for me, my friend.” Ron said with a smile. “It helped bring me back from oblivion where I had buried my life.”

“It was special to me too,” Bryan countered. “Look what’s come from simple conversations: love, great friendships and good works! What more can you ask?”

“Not anything I can think of,” Ron admitted as he took Matt’s hand and smiled at his best friend.

                                    *                      *                      *

Three days later aboard the PT-II, 20 miles (as the seagull flies) from Fort Lauderdale

The door of the Master Stateroom clicked shut as the steward departed with Ron and Matt’s bags. Ron looked at Matt who was seated at the computer, and smiled at his handsome mate.

“Whatcha doin’, Poopie?” Ron asked.

“Just lookin’ at some dirty pix,” Matt replied. “Kinda boring though. There’s not one guy here that compares with you.”

“Thanks Babe,” Ron replied with a laugh. “I’m not too sure of that though. Yikes! Have you seen the equipment on some of those guys? Impressive!”

“Only if you’re a size freak,” Matt replied. “You’ve got all I want, and more.”

“And I wouldn’t care if you had a two-inch dick, my love. Even though you’re gorgeous beyond compare, it’s the guy inside that I really fell in love with.”

“I love the Ron Turner that’s inside you too,” Matt responded in agreement. “It’s funny, that at first all I could see was the handsome exterior. Then I got to know you. That’s when I fell for you. Oh I knew that you were well off and handsome, funny and generous, but it took a while to see that inside that glamour and fun was a real man. A man I could respect and admire. A man I came to love.”

“That’s true for me too Babe. Speaking of exteriors, it’s been great to get to know well some new people in our organization. I’m glad, for instance, that Alan and Bryan brought some new faces from the Friendship Trust organization. It’s amazing the diversity we saw on this trip. There are some very interesting people aboard the two yachts.”

“Yeah, as you always say,” Matt repeated, “Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.”

“Yeah, and I’m sure that’s true.” Ron laughed. “Sometimes people who appear strong are very insecure. Others, who are quiet, are very intelligent. Then there are those who hide the pain they are feeling.”

“I only know that I’m a lucky man. I have the man I want, the man of my dreams.”

“He is the lucky one,” Ron said. “And he knows it.”

Ron pulled Matt close. “I love you with all my heart, my dear Matthew,” he said with all the sincerity in his being.

“And I love you Ron, you are my very life, Matt responded looking into Ron’s eyes.”

As the luxurious yacht came within sight of land, in the Owner’s suite two men stood, drawing themselves to each other. As they each wrapped their arms around their mate, the two lovers’ torsos touched at the same instant as their lips. Both their bodies and their lips told the story as they exchanged a kiss meant for eternity.

                                    *            *            *            *            *