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Chapter Thirty-six

Saturday noon, UMC, the room of Ronnie Turner

Ron smiled as he looked at the injured boy.

“No Ronnie, you haven’t died and gone to heaven. You’re in a hospital where they’re takin’ real good care of you.

“How did I get here?” Ronnie asked.

“A couple of young guys that work for us found you by the road near our house. They brought you here last night and called us.”

“I gotta get out of here,” Ronnie said, struggling to get up.

“No. Lie still,” Ron commanded.

“I ain’t got money to stay here, and my dad won’t pay,” Ronnie responded. “When they find out they’re gonna be mad.”

“That’s all taken care of son,” Ron said smiling. “I’d like you to meet Matt,” he continued as he pulled his lover to his side. “He’s my life partner.”

“Hi Ronnie,” Matt said with a sympathetic grin.

“Hi. What’s a life partner?” Ronnie asked.

“It’s kinda like we’re married,” Ron said simply.

Ronnie paused with a curious look on his face.

“But you’re two guys,” Ronnie observed.

“I’m glad you noticed,” Matt said smiling.

“You see Ronnie,” Ron explained, “Matt and I have decided to spend our lives together. We’re partners. We love each other.”

“Wow!” Ronnie said with a painful smile. “You better not say that around my dad! He hates us quee…uh, uh…..”

“…Gays,” Matt finished for Ronnie.

“Uh, …yeah,”

“Don’t worry about it, Ronnie,” Matt continued. “He won’t be bothering you or us.”

Ronnie looked downcast.

“Uh, but I got no place to go when I get outta here,” Ronnie revealed in a sad voice. “He threw me out.”

“We know son,” Ron said gently. “That’s why you’re gonna come home with us.”

“You’re gonna take care of me?” the youngster said unbelieving.

“Yes,” Matt said. “All you have to do is get well.”

“Better get me out of here quick,” Ronnie advised. “A friend told me that hospitals are real expensive. I could get well at your place. I’ll have to work real hard to pay you back.”

“It’s more important that you get well first,” Matt replied. “We know the guys in the hospital here. They won’t charge us too much.”

“That’s pretty nice of ‘em,” Ronnie said.

For a moment, the youth was lost in thought. He looked at the two lovers with a glimmer of hope, hope that had been exhausted in his struggle to survive. He knew he had to make them like him. He knew he’d die on the streets if the guys who had molested him found him again.

“If you take me home with you, like you said,” he pleaded, “I’ll be real good, and work hard. I won’t be no bother. I can sleep anywhere, even on the floor. I can help cook and clean too and even do yard work. You won’t be sorry, I promise.”

Seeing the desperation in the face of the youngster, Ron said with soft assurance, “We’ll take care of you son, you’ll never have to be afraid or hungry again.”

The door to the room opened and a nurse entered.

“Gentlemen,” she said firmly. “It’s time for you to go. The doctor said he could have visitors for just a few minutes.”

“Just one more minute, Nurse,” Ron responded. Then turning back to Ronnie he said, “We’ll be back tonight. There will be a policeman who will come to see you today. Don’t be frightened. Nothing bad will happen to you. We’ll make sure of that. Just answer the policeman’s questions honestly.”

“I’m afraid,” Ronnie said. “I’m afraid you won’t want me when you find out about me!” Tears leaked from both his good eye and the one that was injured.

“Ronnie. Listen to me,” Ron commanded. “Whatever you’ve done is behind you. Believe me. We won’t let you down.”

“Promise you’ll come back?” he pleaded

“We’ll be back at 7 o’clock tonight,” Ron promised. “I’m gonna give the nurse my phone number, so that if you need anything she can let me know.”

“I don’t want you to leave,” the youth whined.

“I know son,” Ron said sadly. “But you need to rest and get well. We’ll be back. Matt and I both promise.”

“Well…ok…I guess.”

Ron leaned over the bed and placed a gentle kiss on the forehead of the youngster.

“We’ll see you tonight.” Ron reassured the youth.

“We’ll both come,” Matt assured him to reinforce Ron’s promise to the boy as he too brushed the boy’s forehead with a kiss.

“Goodbye,” they both said as they turned toward the door.

“You won’t forget?” Ronnie asked one more time.

“We won’t forget,” they both replied.

The boy watched as the two men rounded the doorway and disappeared from view.

                                    *                      *                      *

Ron and Matt’s estate, 1 PM, Saturday

Ron, Matt, Tyler and Dan sat on sofas in Ron’s large library. Facing them was a large screen resembling an old movie screen for 8 mm movies. In front of them on a coffee table sat a projector, aimed at the screen and attached to a laptop computer operated by a stunning young man. John Peters from Taliesin stood before them with a laser pointer.

“Gentlemen,” Peters began, “This has been a dream project for us. The site is beautiful yet relatively barren compared to the deserts of central Arizona.  The views from the site are beautiful as are the views from this masterpiece that we’re in now. Thanks to modern digital photographic technology, we are able to superimpose our design over the actual existing terrain, giving you near perfect images of how the residence will appear.”

He nodded at the cutie operating the computer. The lights of the room dimmed and on the screen an image of the site appeared.

“On this site plan, which is a very small scale, we have superimposed not only the site of the new residence, but of Ron and Matt’s where we are now. You see here,” he said pointing with his red laser pointer, “the new site, the new entrance drive and the new drive connecting Ron and Matt’s house with Tyler and Dan’s. Off of the connecting drive, which will be not far from the main gate, is a concealed parking lot where parking for up to 80 cars can be accommodated. The wall separating the properties has been removed in this rendition, however that is one feature that is totally optional. Staff housing has been added for Tyler and Dan’s staff as well as support buildings for expanded security and maintenance facilities. Fortunately, the original placement of this complex allows for the screening of the buildings from both of the principal residences and the road, yet giving them their own views of the city.”

A larger scale site plan appeared.

“Here you can view the expanded support facilities, which are done in the style of the original residence for continuity. Now we’ll look at the new residence.”

The picture changed and a large floor plan appeared. “Unlike Ron and Matt’s house, which is principally one large building with a detached guest cottage of matching design, the concept of Tyler and Dan’s, is of five buildings semi-detached.”

“Here you will see what we’ll refer to as the Grand Hall. This is the reception structure. In it are formal and informal areas for both entertaining and dining. The large formal reception and entertaining area tie into the grand ballroom, where gatherings of up to 700 people can be accommodated between the two rooms, yet by closing off the ballroom, small groups can be entertained without being lost in the enormity of the combined volume. The informal entertaining areas are here,” he said pointing, “where smaller intimate gatherings of friends can be comfortable in a relaxed setting. Finally, there is the library equipped with two desks as well as a large conference table for meetings with two smaller tables tucked away for individual use. In this area is also a comfortable grouping of casual furniture around the central fireplace.”

“Here,” he said pointing to a second structure, “is the Owners’ Retreat. It is like a small house in itself with a very large sleeping room, it’s own fireplace, and smaller dining/kitchenette space. This building is equipped with a huge bath with all the modern amenities, and a large dressing area attached to twin walk in closets of very generous proportions. There are two adjacent offices that can be opened or closed off from the main spaces. There is also a smaller exercise room, and a private hot tub/spa near the bathing area.”

“You mentioned that the Owner’s retreat is smaller,” Tyler interjected. “How large is it?”

“The Retreat is approximately 3400 square feet of inside space. There is another 1200 square feet of private deck, spa and covered patio. As I mentioned, the Owner’s retreat is virtually it’s own small house where two people can be comfortable without ever leaving, if they so chose.”

Dan grinned at Tyler, then winked.

“The third building is the guest wing. It contains its own smaller ‘living room’ and informal snack/dining area looking out over the valley. It has eight suites, each with its own bedroom/lounge areas, private baths with both showers and over-sized Jacuzzi tubs as well as the normal walk-in closets. Each suite has its own smaller relaxation area with TV, computer and concealed kitchenette/bar. Each suite is approximately 600 square feet and each has it’s own private patio with views of either the mountains to the west or the city to the east. This building has it’s own laundry/linen facilities, as does each of the other buildings. These facilities may be used either by the staff or by the guests if they so choose”.

“The fourth building located higher and behind the central plaza is the main recreation building. In this building are a full-scale gym and an indoor lap pool and hot tub with full dressing/shower/locker room facilities. There is also a movie theater/entertainment center which will accommodate 20 persons, and by the way, is envisioned with it’s own computer game setups built into each of the reclining chairs. There is a large game room with two pool tables, a ping-pong table and a card room. Naturally there is a small kitchen/snack area that serves this building, as well as a laundry facility. This building, were it of smaller scale might be called a Pool Building, as it opens into and serves the main pool area.”

“In the outside pool area is the main pool, and another large hot tub. There are facilities for outside dining as well as a barbeque cooking area, which is a fully equipped kitchen with enough barbeque fixtures for large informal gatherings.”

“Finally, there is the garage building. It is partially hidden from the main buildings but is connected to the other buildings. It contains spaces for eight regular sized vehicles, one large Class A Motor home or good-sized boat and an apartment for a chauffer. It also contains a workshop, as well as maintenance and storage areas for the main building complex.”

“How large is this whole combined facility?” Tyler asked.

“All told, there is approximately 20,000 square feet of living space, 8000 square feet of developed outside living space and 3500 square feet of garage/maintenance area. Each of the main spaces is connected with loggia and outside walks as well as short tunnels where appropriate.”

“Now here are views of how the residence will appear.”

To the ‘oohs and aahs’ of the four young men, views of the buildings, both inside and out, as well as views from within the buildings looking out from the main spaces, flashed on the screen like a slow moving slide show. In the last segment of the presentation was rendered sections, showing ‘slices through the buildings’ to further describe the interior volumes of the various spaces. There were few, if any, of the main spaces, both inside and out that were not displayed.

“That concludes our presentation,” Peters said to the enthusiastic applause of the four men.

“That was most impressive, almost overwhelming,” Tyler said with enthusiasm. “What’s next?”

“We have prepared and brought with us hard drawings of what you’ve just seen. I suggest that you take the week to review them and make any suggestions or revisions you desire. We can then come back for another visit or, better yet, you can come back to Scottsdale. At that time we can make any final changes, then prepare discs and drawings for your architect to begin the working drawings. We will assign Sean, who has been operating the computer, to Las Vegas during this period as part of our fee to coordinate the design with the working drawings. He may also stay for the construction, at your option, for an additional fee.”

Sean smiled temptingly. Ron felt sure he was a member of “the club.”

“I can’t speak for anyone but me at the moment,” Tyler said, “but I love what I’ve seen. It must have taken an army to produce all this beautiful work.”

“I must admit,” Peters responded, “that we were able to give it our almost undivided attention and resources. We had four full-time designers at work for all of the last 2 weeks, as well as 12 drafters. It was a major effort, one that we loved doing.”

“The attention and talent shows,” Ron interjected. “The whole thing is very beautiful.”

“Thank you Ron,” Peters said smiling. “You guys have become our favorite clients.”

“It’s our pleasure for certain,” Ron said smiling. “By the way, now that his project is nearly finished, how would you like to design an opera house?”

He grinned.

*            *            *            *            *

Sunday morning, 10 A.M., University Medical Center

Ron knocked on the frame of the open doorway, peeked in, then stood in the opening.

“Hi, Ronnie,” he said smiling. “Remember me?”

“Sure, you’re the guy with my name,” the youngster said with a painful smile.

“That’s me,” Ron said beaming. “Feel up to having a visitor?”

“Yeah, that would be nice, if ya have the time,” came the reply.

Ron walked over to the bed and pulled up a chair.

“You were sound asleep when we were here last night, and we didn’t wake you ‘cause we knew you needed rest. Feeling any better today?” he asked.

“A little,” Ronnie responded. “I’m really sore but it doesn’t hurt if I don’t move around too much.”

“Most of the soreness will go away in a day or two,” Ron said encouragingly. “It will be a bit clumsy with the cast for awhile, but it shouldn’t hurt. Did the Metro officer come and talk to you?”

“Yeah, he just left. The doctor wouldn’t let him see me yesterday. I’m glad, ‘cause I was really sleepy then. I could hardly keep awake. When he came a while ago he just asked a bunch of questions. He seemed real nice, but it was scary anyway. I wish you had been here.”

“If I thought that there was a chance you could have gotten into trouble, I would have been,” Ron said. “Since you were the victim, I doubted that they would be hard on you.”

“It was alright, I guess.”

“Did you tell them the truth?”

“Well, …. Yeah.”

“Did you tell them everything?”

“Uh, …. well …… mostly.” Ronnie said hesitantly.

“Ronnie,” Ron said looking at the youth, “Why didn’t you tell them everything?”

“Those guys that beat me up said they’d kill me if I ratted on them!” Ronnie said beginning to panic, fear showing in his eyes.

“That won’t be a problem if Metro can catch them,” Ron said in assurance, “but the police need your help.”

Ron pulled out his cell phone and punched in Tyler’s number.

“Tyler,” Ron said when he answered the phone, “I’d like an around-the-clock security detail on Ronnie here at UMC. His assailants threatened him with death and I think it would be wise, at least until Metro has them in custody. I think one guy should be enough and I’ll get permission from Paul to have them here at night.”

Ron paused as he listened to Tyler’s response. Ronnie’s eyes were wide with interest.

“Ok,” Ron responded. “I’ll stay here until after lunch when he arrives. Thanks brother. ‘Bye.”

Ron disconnected the call.

“Ronnie, I’m going to have a security guard posted here, night and day, until they catch the guys that hurt you. You’ll be safe. Now, can I have the Metro investigator back so that you can tell him everything?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Ronnie replied hesitantly. “Will you be here with me when he comes back?”

“If you want me to, I will,” Ron answered.

“Ok, then I’ll do it. Just make sure you come at the same time.”

“I will,” Ron agreed. “You can count on it.”

“What’s gonna happen to me?” Ronnie asked. “Are they gonna put me in a home?”

“Most likely,” Ron replied with a smile. “I think you’re gonna be put in my home.”

“Gosh! That would be neat,” grinned Ronnie.

“I haven’t received the final ok yet, but when I talked to the child welfare lady today, she seemed to think that it would be approved.”

“I sure hope I can live with you, even if it’s only for a while. Of course I can’t expect you to keep me for long. You may not like me.”

“You seem like a nice enough boy to me,” Ron commented. “I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t like you. Do you leave your clothes on the floor and your room a mess?”

“He, he, he,” Ronnie giggled, “of course!” His grin suddenly disappeared and a worried look came back to his face. “I really didn’t mean anything like that. I meant… well ... you know …… I mean… uh, my dad threw me out,” he said quickly, then added. “You might too.”

“One thing we won’t do, is throw you out on the street. That I promise. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the long run, but both Matt and I would like you to come and live with us, at least until you’re all well. After that? Well, we’ll see. It’s too early to even think about that now. You just need to get well. You’ll be safe with us.”

“Thanks Ron. I don’t know why you’re being so nice. I mean, uh …. Since I left home, everybody else that was nice to me wanted something from me. I mean ….”, he said haltingly as tears appeared again, “I guess you gotta pay with whatever you’ve got.”

His face told a story that Ron was not ready to hear.

“Ronnie,” Ron said with heartfelt sincerity, “When you come to live with us, nobody is going to make you do anything you don’t want to, if I’m reading right what you’re saying. We just want you to get well, be happy, and grow up without any more bad times.”

“Why are you helping me?” Ronnie asked with bold directness.

“I told you that Matt and I are a couple. We like to help young people that need help. Honestly, even though we just met you, we like you very much.”

“Are there any other boys at your house?”

“Not any of your age that live with us.” Ron replied. “The two older boys that rescued you work for us and live at our house in their own apartment. We also have lots of young guys that visit often from the Thornton Center.”

“What’s the Thornton Center?” Ronnie asked.

“It’s a home for gay boys that we helped start. It’s very nice and there are nice people there. Later after you’re well, we’ll take you there and see if you like it. That’s one possibility.”

“If you say so,” Ronnie said doubtfully.

“As I said earlier, it’s way too early to decide on that now. You just need to know that whatever happens you’ll be safe and cared for. You don’t need to worry.”

A young orderly came into the room, and seeing that Ronnie had company asked, “Are you ready for your lunch now?”

“Yeah,” said Ronnie smiling. “I’m really hungry.”

“I’ll just step down to the cafeteria and grab a sandwich then,” Ron offered. “I’ll be back in about 20 minutes.”

Ron stood, winked at Ronnie and said, “I’ll be right back, kiddo.”

“K,” Ronnie agreed. “Hurry back.”

Ron stepped into the hallway, as the orderly arrived again at the door with Ronnie’s tray.

15 minutes later.

“You look damned good, pretty boy,” the tall youth said as he entered the room.

Ronnie looked up and saw the leader of the three older youths that had attacked him.

“Uh, …hi Frankie,” Ronnie replied in fear.

Two heavier youths joined their taller friend.

“Hi, Ronnie Baby,” the one on the right said. “Did you enjoy my dick up your ass the other night?”

“Please, go away,” Ronnie pleaded as his eyes filled with tears. “My friend will be here soon.”

“You ain’t got no friends, except us,” Frankie said with an evil grin. “We didn’t really mean to hurt ya the other night. We was just playin’.”

“Please, please go away! I didn’t tell ‘em anything!” Ronnie begged.

“Maybe the sight of this will remind you to keep your mouth shut,” Frankie said as he pulled out a switchblade knife.

“I’d like to see that,” a voice said from behind them.

The three youths whirled around in surprise. Ron stood in the doorway.

“What’s it to ya?” Frankie snarled, pressing the button flipping open the knife.

“I’d put that away if I were you,” Ron said stalling for time.

“You ain’t me, asshole. You wanna take this away from me?” Frankie asked menacingly.

“I’d suggest that you depart quietly,” Ron replied calmly in a soft voice. His eyes didn’t leave the knife, which Frankie brandished like a familiar tool.

“We’ll leave when we’re ready fuck face!” the one who had taunted Ronnie said knowing they outnumbered the older man three to one.

“I think you’ll leave now,” Ron replied calmly. He stepped back through the doorway to avoid being attacked from the side by Frankie’s companions.

“Let’s get him boys,” Frankie ordered. Thinking Ron’s retreat was out of fear, he stepped to the opening and thrust his knife forward toward Ron’s torso. Suddenly his wrist suffered a stinging blow from the side and the knife fell useless to the floor. Recoiling from the blow Frankie retreated, holding his wrist. “Get him!” He ordered.

The two youths pulled out their own knives and began to move toward the door when another, more muscular man in a suit filled the opening.

“Drop your weapons,” Tyler ordered.

“Get him too!” Frankie screamed.

“Try it and chew lead,” Tyler said pulling out a 9 mm Beretta.

The two youths stopped in their tracks as Tyler moved the automatic from side to side.

“Don’t make a move,” Tyler ordered.

Frankie grabbed a knife from one of the halted attackers, turned and rushed toward the bed where a terrified Ronnie trembled. Tyler took quick aim, and loosed a booming shot into the thigh of the assailant. Frankie dropped like a rock to the floor, clutching his thigh that was spurting blood from the bullet wound.

The youth with the remaining knife had seen enough, and dropped his weapon, raising his hands.

“I give up!” he pleaded.

His companion, now without a weapon, also raised his hands.

“SPREAD EAGLE, UP AGAINST THE WALL!” Tyler ordered with a roar that left no doubt that he was in command.

The two standing youths turned, walked to a side wall and leaned forward, their hands and feet spread apart.

“Take the pistol,” Tyler said handing it to Ron. “Cover these guys while I frisk ‘em for weapons.”

“Help me! I’m bleeding to death!” begged the fallen leader who only moments before was full of threats.

“Shut up!” Tyler ordered. “We’ll get to you in a minute.”

Quickly he ran his hands over the body and legs of the two leaning youths and finding another folding knife on one, and a pistol on the other, retrieved the weapons and slid them across the floor and into the hall.

“Watch them,” Tyler ordered Ron as he turned toward the bleeding youth. Suddenly, a gun appeared in Frankie’s hand. It quickly swung toward the approaching Tyler. Before Frankie could take aim, a large CRACK filled the room as the Beretta in Ron’s hand spoke. A hole appeared in the chest of the gang leader whose eyes flared open in shock as he fell backward, a dead man.

A security officer from the hospital rushed into the room, joined a moment later by a doctor in scrubs and a uniformed Metro officer, gun drawn and ready.

Ron lowered the weapon with a look of shock and grief upon his face.

“I didn’t have a choice,” Ron said, his eyes misting with tears.

“You saved my life, brother,” Tyler said removing the gun from Ron’s hand. “You saved my life.”

He held his sibling in his arms, as Ron let the tears cascade from his eyes.

“I didn’t want to do it,” Ron said blubbering his grief.

“If you hadn’t, I’d be dead now,” Tyler said consoling his savior. “You did what you had to do.”

Ronnie’s eyes were glazed over after witnessing the horror of the attack. As Tyler held Ron, he could see the horror on the face of the youth and recognized the effect that the trauma had caused him.

“Ronnie needs us now,” Tyler said to his brother. “That’s what’s important.”

Ron looked at the boy huddled on the bed. The youth’s eyes were wide with shock. Getting his emotions instantly under control, he and Tyler moved to the bed and wrapped their arms around their new charge.

“It’s alright, Ronnie,” Ron said consoling the youth with words of comfort. “I told you I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you again. I’m sorry it had to happen here like it did, but they’ll never bother you again.”

“You rescued me Ron,” the 13 year-old cried. “Thank you for saving me from those bad guys… I love you, I love you!”

“And I love you too son,” Ron answered.

                                    *            *            *            *            *