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Chapter Four

The small pickup exited through the open gates of Ron and Matt’s foothills estate, heading east toward the carpet of lights surrounding the blaze of high-rise illumination known as the Las Vegas Strip. Pete occupied the driver’s seat while Cody rode shotgun.

“The view from up here is unbelievable.” Cody commented. “I can’t believe that house where Ron and Matt live either. Wow! I feel like we just came from a different world.”

“Yeah,” Pete agreed. “I know what you mean. I’ve been working with Matt for a couple of months now and he does all the menial tasks of a regular laborer. If I had his money, you wouldn’t catch me doing clean up and other manual labor! I’d be sitting on that hill sippin’ margaritas. It really gets me though that he and Ron are such regular guys. I bet they even take out the trash, if they’re headed that way.”

“ I can really imagine them doing that too,” Cody said. “I don’t know if I could handle being that rich without becoming completely decadent. It’s hard to imagine being able to buy whatever you want. And with money comes power. It must be great to have people fear your displeasure.”

“Boy that sure doesn’t sound like Ron and Matt to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve not seen either of them angry.” Pete said, “But from what I can see from the people around the two of them, no one seems intimidated at all. I mean, Tony and Jeff talk with Ron and Matt like they’re friends or brothers rather than hired hands. I don’t mean that they don’t show respect, but they don’t mind kidding Ron or being a little unruly if they feel like it. I’ve only been around a couple of rich people in my life, but both of them had the attitude that their money made them better than everybody else. I’m sure that Ron, Matt and Tyler each have more money than either of those jerks, yet they act so normal. It’s even hard to believe that they’re gay.”

“I thought that too. I was led to believe that all gay people were supposed to be swishy and stuff like that. At least that’s what all my straight friends back home seemed to think. They’d change their minds in a hurry if they met Ron, Matt and Tyler. Speaking of Tyler, all I can say is  ‘Wow!’  You can’t hide a body like that! I bet he’s unbelievably built under those clothes.”

“Yeah, but it’s nothing either of us is likely to find out.” Pete said. “He’s got his eyes only on Dan. Boy is that Dan guy lucky.”

“I’m feeling pretty lucky myself. Yesterday I was starving, not knowing where I was going or what I was gonna do. Then I met you. Nothing but good has happened to me since. You’ve been nothing but great to me. I’m so thankful.”

“I hope you’re not gonna start that ‘thank you’ stuff again. It makes me feel weird.”

“Ok,” Cody said. “I’ll knock that off if you want me too, but I hope you don’t mind me saying that I think that you’re a great guy, and to me very good looking.”

“Well, that makes one person that thinks so, then.” Pete answered smiling grimly. “The guys I was telling you about at work seem to think I’m a complete fag. They treat me like shit.  They call me names, pick on me, trip me, and all that shit. When I’m around them I’m miserable. I really like my job, but they go out of their way to make it hard for me.”

“Have you talked to anybody about it?” Cody asked.

“Nah. Who cares about me? Besides I’ve learned to take care of myself. The harassment is not worth getting pounded to a pulp over. It does piss me off though.”

“I bet that Matt would take care of those guys, if you’d tell him. He’d get ‘em fired.”

“He might, but I’m sure that he’s aware of the situation.  Now that I know he’s Ron’s partner, my guess is that he wants to see how well I handle the situation. I don’t go runnin’ to mamma just because I get a scrape.  I never have and I’m not likely to start now. Besides, I have my own way of handling things.”

“Yeah, me too,” Cody said softly.

“Pardon?” Pete asked.

“Oh nothin’, just thinking out loud,” Cody said grinning.

        *        *        *

“Well, what did you think after getting to know Cody?” Matt asked as he climbed into bed beside his handsome mate.

“I liked both of the guys,” Ron answered. “It’s hard to believe that Cody is only 13 though. He seems awfully mature for that age. He’s very well mannered too. I suspect that he’s going to be a natural leader at Thornton. I’m glad he decide to stay there.”

“It’s gonna be hard not to become attached to the guys living there, especially if they’re all like Cody.” Matt said thoughtfully. “I don’t know how Alan can stay properly detached.”

“Yeah, I can agree with you on that. I want to warn you though, that if you become too involved personally, with any of the boys, you risk a world of hurt. I know young guys sufficiently to know that some of them will break your heart. I think you’ll find that in social work, some people you just can’t help. It’s gut wrenching to watch guys self-destruct, and you’re helpless to stop it. I can understand that path because I traveled it myself. It was only luck and two really good guys that prevented me from completely trashing my life.”

“What ever happened to those guys?” Matt asked. “Have you ever tried to find them again?”

“Yes, I tried two years ago,” Ron answered. “It’s really sad. They both died of AIDS. They must have had it when I lived with them. I didn’t even know it and I’m not sure that they did either. All I can say is that it really hurt when I learned that they were gone. They picked me up from the gutter and gave me a new life. It’s funny in an ironic way; I was in a position to really help them. Maybe not save ‘em, but at least they would have died well cared for.  But they never asked or even let me know they were sick. If you ever wondered why I’m so interested in helping people who are down, now you know. I owe it to their memory.”

‘Wow, Babe!” I had no idea.”

“Well in all honesty I don’t like to think of it. I got started in the Friendship Trust because my father started it and I helped it grow, but with Mr. Peterson’s help, and now with Alan, Bryan and you involved, we’ll really make a difference.”

“I must admit that I’ve never really looked at the Trust’s giving. Do we support AIDS research and care for the victims? After what you just told me I’m pretty sure of the answer.”

“Yes Matt, last year we placed over $10 million in research and care grants. The needs are so great though, that it’s a drop in the bucket. And we, in this country are lucky. At least we have the availability of medication and the general wealth to deal with it. That is certainly not true in many parts of the world. The epidemic in Africa is beyond comprehension. It’s the bubonic plague of our time. Half of our giving for this cause was for education and prevention abroad. The costs of medication and care could wipe out our entire fortunes in nothing flat. It’s staggering! Nevertheless, I hope that we can double our giving this year. I still have hopes for a cure, or even better, a vaccine.”

“You know, my sweet man,” Matt said, touching Ron’s face,  “there’s so much about you I don’t even know. You continue to surprise me. Every time I think I’ve got you pegged, I get a new and wonderful glimpse of the guy I love.

“We’re in this together, Matt. Life is exciting, fun and rewarding, but it would be empty without you. I hope you know how much I love you.”

“No more than I love you, my dearest one. I never realized how fulfilling life could be and it’s all because of you. I love our work and our friends, but most of all I’m overboard in love with you. You’re rich, intelligent, funny, caring and physically gorgeous, how could anyone not be attracted? I thank God every night that you picked me to be your partner.”

“And I thank Him for you, my sweet. You truly make my life complete.

Ron pulled Matt to him and ran his hands over the beautiful back of his partner. Kissing the warm lips of his handsome mate, his heart began to pound in anticipation of the loving that was becoming inevitable. Ron reached for a switch on the nightstand and the lights dimmed to a soft glow as their bodies became as one, instruments of pleasure, fused in the heat of passion.

        *        *        *

Cody followed Pete into the bedroom. It was after midnight. The older youth and his guest had spent the latter part of the evening watching a movie they had rented on the way home from Ron and Matt’s. The movie, Titanic, starred Leonardo de Caprio who they both agreed was terribly sexy. It seemed a terrible waste of such a good-looking guy to be hooked on a girl, but even more tragic that he died in the movie. The image of the handsome young man remained in their thoughts as they prepared for their night’s rest.

“Ya wanna shower first?” Pete asked. “I washed your things so you have some clean undies to wear to bed if you want.”

“Yeah, I’ll go first, if it’s alright,” Cody answered as he sat down on the bed and began to pull off his shoes and socks.

Pete turned on a boom box on the dresser and a song of romance filled the room.  He listened to the words as the notes from a musical created a magic atmosphere. It was not a musical that he had heard before, but the words caught him. He looked at his young friend who was slowly peeling off his clothes exposing his youthful body, so vulnerable, and so beautiful. The song from Sweeney Todd, by Stephen Sondheim told of protective feelings just like he had come to attach to Cody:

Nothing’s going to harm you
Not while I’m around
Nothing’s going to harm you
No sir, not while I’m around.
Demons are prowling everywhere
I’ll send ‘em howling, I don’t care
I’ve got ways

No one’s going to hurt you
No one’s gonna dare
Other’s can desert you
Not to worry. I’ll be there.

Pete found that the sight of his guest’s naked body and the words of the song drew his body and mind together in longing for the youth. His cock had stiffened painfully as Cody walked naked across the room toward the bathroom. Pete could hardly restrain himself from grabbing the beautiful boy and smothering him with kisses. Cody stepped through the bathroom door and, leaving the door open, turned on the shower and waited for the water to warm. Pete could see that the young man’s organ had lengthened and was now standing out from his body at 45 degrees. He watched the youth who turned and looked at himself in the mirror.

‘I wonder if he knows how beautiful he is?’ Pete thought as he watched the slim body capped by a long neck and classically striking head. Cody ran his fingers through his hair.

“Pete, do you have a wash cloth?” Cody called out.

“Sure I’ll get you one,” Pete called back.

Pete walked to the short hallway connecting the living area from the bedroom, opened a small linen cabinet and extracted the requested cloth. Moving back into the room, Pete stood only partway in the bathroom doorway to block the view of the large bulge in his trousers from his guest. As he looked inside he saw Cody with his back to him, bending over and scratching his calf. The view of Cody’s ass caused an immediate reaction in Pete’s groin. He grimaced, as there was no more room for his huge dick to expand in his trousers.

“Here ya go.” He said to Cody, offering the cloth.

Cody stood upright and turned, exposing his fully erect 7-1/2 inch cock to Pete’s view.

The youth completed his turn and stepped toward the cloth, taking it, but continuing on as he grasped Pete’s hand, drawing his own nude body toward his startled host. He took the astonished Pete in his arms and closed the gap between them, pressing his own bare flesh against the clothed body of his friend. As he kissed the older youth, he placed the hand that he still grasped over his own exposed swollen member. Pete gasped as he realized his desire. Cody released the hand to its exploration, and attacked Pete’s belt buckle, releasing it quickly and pulling down his zipper. Pete’s huge 9 inch dick was exposed to Cody’s grasp.  Cody’s breath was labored as he comprehended the size of the immense cock that he had released from its confines.

Both youths were panting like bitches in heat as they tore the clothes quickly from Pete’s body. They moved from the bathroom to the bed as his clothes fell away onto the floor.  They fell embracing onto the bed, their passion boiling. There was no stopping now as they devoured each other’s bodies with their mouths and tongues, tasting the male form that drove them with desire. Pete moved down Cody’s body toward the large pole that stood stiff in anticipation. Barely had Pete taken the impressive organ into his mouth when Cody’s body stiffened and he grabbed Pete’s head and thrust it down on his shaft as it erupted torrents of hot nectar into the back of Pete’s oral cavity. Pete gulped and sucked, swallowing the gift of his friend’s passion as Cody’s body writhed in ecstasy.

When at last Cody was spent, Pete held him closely, kissing the tender lips of his young lover and murmuring words of tenderness. Only moments had passed, when Cody opened his eyes and looked into the eyes of the one who had taken him to such heights of ecstasy. He pulled the head of his lover toward his own and again took sweet kisses from the older youth, invading the mouth that had given him such wild pleasure.  He could taste the thick residue from his own emission as his tongue explored the orifice that had delivered him to nirvana.

He now felt a new desire. The desire to give back to his lover the pleasure he had just experienced. Moving down the torso of his partner, his tongue traced a trail of wetness, as he first tasted, then nibbled the small brown nipples that peaked the shapely pecs of the body whose very sight now caused his deflated cock to again begin to swell. Pete moaned as Cody took one, then the other of the brown discs as the object of attention.   

Pete’s dick was rock hard and he began to feel the forces approaching that threatened to deliver a hot load of cum onto his belly.

“Hurry baby,” he pleaded. “I’m gonna shoot any second!”

Cody moved quickly down to the monster tool that throbbed in readiness. Pete’s hips started to move as he face fucked his hard dick in and out of the willing mouth of his companion. His hips began to move faster and faster as the mammoth dick was thrust with wild urgency toward the climax that was only seconds away. With a wild shudder and a loud groan, cum poured from the pounding piston, dumping sweet sticky fluid between the stretched lips that enveloped his erupting organ. Cody swallowed as load after load of pleasure shot into his mouth. At last Pete too was spent. He lay in a trance, his nerves recovering from the jolts of pleasure that ravaged his body.

Cody returned to kiss the young man who had shared his first experience with such passion. He wrapped his arm over the body of his lover and laid his head on the pillow beside that of the older youth. He closed his eyes and thought of the feelings they had both experienced together.

The sunrise found them unmoved, still engulfed in each other’s embrace.

        *        *        *

Two boys huddled under the freeway bridge and shivered in the breeze of a morning where cold rain threatened. One was only 12 and at slightly under 5 feet tall made a small bundle as he clutched the small back pack that contained his only possessions: one pair of pants, a toothbrush, a couple of pictures, and a half eaten apple. He wore both of his shirts under a light jacket. He had a name too:  Jason Cummings. He had been traveling with his friend by bus on a very long night’s ride, arriving Saturday morning from Denver where he’d lived with his uncle Jake.

Jason thought again of the life he’d led with his parents before they were killed along with his younger sister in a car accident. They lived modestly, but happily in a small house that they managed to buy with the minimum incomes they earned as teachers. Both were only in their late thirties when the 18-wheeler lost control and crossed the median of the freeway, snuffing out their lives in an instant. It was only because Jason was at Little League practice, that he didn’t share their fates. Their estate was small, with their debts and the cost of their funerals consuming most of their small life insurance proceeds. The little that was left was put into the keeping of his father’s only brother, Jake, for Jason’s upbringing.

Uncle Jake was a big man. Unlike Jason’s father who was gentle and caring, Jake was loud, drank heavily, and resented the responsibility for raising the boy thrust onto him by his brother’s death. To make matters worse Jason was gay, a fact known and accepted by his parents, but intolerable to his uncle. In his grief the youngster stayed out of the way of his uncle, spending hours in his small room, filling what productive time he had the energy for with studies and his drawings. To make up for the burden of his care, Jason worked tirelessly, keeping his uncle’s home clean, the dishes done, the clothing washed and the meals prepared. In return, he got only insults and criticism. It remained that way until the money from his parents ran out. Jake spent little on Jason, but there was never a shortage of beer or hard liquor around. Nor did his uncle mind leaving the nephew to his own devices when he went out drinking with his buddies.  From his excursions, he also frequently brought women home to spend the night, often leaving the place a wreck, which he expected Jason to clean afterward. When his parent’s money was gone, Jake became physically abusive often hitting or kicking Jason when he displeased the man, who made it a habit of being drunk as much as possible.

The young boy was thoroughly miserable and was even forbidden to have friends. He did have a secret friend though. At school, he had made friends with a boy named Darryl.

Darryl, like Jason, had an unhappy home life. Darryl’s mother was heavily into drugs and alcohol, often leaving the young boy alone for days when she would mysteriously disappear. She went through many jobs, most of them menial in order for them to survive, but seemed to have money to go out to the bars, even when the cupboards were empty. Darryl was about the same height as Jason, but much thinner. He would rarely remove his shirt as it exposed his thin frame. Had it not been for school lunches he received with vouchers from the social welfare people, he would have been in danger of starving. His clothing reflected their poverty. It was threadbare, but normally clean as he would hand wash his few pieces of clothing twice a week in order to be minimally respectable. Many of the kids at school made fun of his obvious plight; that is except for one. Darryl and Jason found in each other comfort, spawned by their mutual desperation.

When Jason started appearing at school with bruises from the beatings by his uncle, the boys started talking about running away. Neither had any idea where to go, but they talked about going somewhere warm, where they could survive with their sparse clothing. It was only talk at first, but each week the beatings seemed to get more frequent, and Jason began having difficulty hiding his wounds from his teachers.

One afternoon school was let out early due to a teachers’ conference. The boys decided to go to Darryl’s until the normal time for school to be out. On entering the rundown apartment, they immediately saw the bloody form of Darryl’s mom sprawled on the sofa. They hurried to her side and saw her labored breathing, when they heard a crash from the bedroom. Looking up they saw Jason’s Uncle Jake stagger into the living room. Even in his stupor he recognized his nephew and lunged toward the frightened boys. They jumped away and Jake stumbled over an empty liquor bottle on the floor, crashing into the coffee table and striking the edge with his head. He was knocked unconscious and lay on the floor in a heap.

“Now’s the time,” Jason said breathlessly. “Grab some clothes and any food you have. We’ve got to leave now or my uncle will kill me when he wakes up.”

“Ok,” Darryl said in agreement. “But what are we gonna do about my mother and your uncle? They might be dying.”

“We’ll go to my house and get my stuff, then call 911 so that paramedics can come for them. Hurry, we gotta go now!”

Darryl rushed to his room quickly dumping his schoolbooks from his backpack and stuffing a few belongings in the bag.  He rushed to the kitchen only to find the shelves were bare except for one half-eaten box of cereal.  Darryl pulled the plastic liner out of the box and stuffed the cereal into his pack. While Darryl was getting ready to leave, Jason pulled the wallet out of his uncle’s back pocket. There was $45 dollars in the wallet, which he quickly pocketed before folding the wallet and carefully returning it to his uncle’s back pocket.

The boys hurriedly left the apartment, running as fast as they could toward Jason’s. On their arrival, Jason sped into the tiny bedroom where he kept his few clothes and stuffing his only other pair of pants and a shirt into his bag, he grabbed two pictures of his parents from the nightstand, placing them on top of his clothing. He grabbed his toothbrush and a comb from the bathroom, and went to the kitchen where he found two apples that he had received at school and brought home. As Darryl sat on the sofa, Jason dialed 911.

“Ma’am,” Jason said when the dispatcher answered. “ I think somebody’s been killed. I saw a woman’s body all bloody, sprawled out on a sofa at 7853 Dubai Court, Apartment 217. There was a man laying on the floor too. No, I saw it through the window when I was going by. Yeah, hurry!  My name is Jerry. I’ll be there. Bye.”  He hung up the phone.

“Let’s get out of here.” Jason said.

“Where are we gonna go?” Darryl asked.

“To the bus station, we’re gonna go as far toward California as $45 will take us.”

It cost them $5 to persuade a wino to purchase two tickets to Las Vegas, the distance that their money would take them. At least on the bus they were warm. Las Vegas was a different matter. It would be much warmer than Denver, but they had no prospects and no money. They huddled together on the bus and tried to get some sleep before they had to face the reality of the next day.

Parker had finished his shopping with Pete and Cody at the new outlet mall that opened on the old Union Pacific property that was part of a large urban renewal project near downtown Las Vegas. Once he had outfitted Cody and had managed to ‘sneak in’ several additional purchases for Pete, the boys departed for home leaving the older man to complete his ‘research’. There weren’t any great shopping needs for Ron’s home, but the older gentleman made it his business to know what was available, where. Neither Ron, Matt nor Tyler were label conscious which allowed Parker to exercise his knack for picking up bargains that looked as good as any designer label at a fraction of the cost. His eye was expert at judging good quality clothing that was stylish, and which would grace the handsome men that he served. His shopping ‘itch’ fully scratched he braved his way to his car through the wind and threatening weather.

The traffic on the major streets connecting the discount mall to the freeway was bumper to bumper. Being a student of the Las Vegas streets, Parker continued down Grand Central Parkway, instead of turning toward the clogged street to the freeway. He knew another way that, even though longer, would save him several minutes. He turned north; taking a small street that jutted off from the parkway and connected the redevelopment area to a rather unsavory part of town after passing under the 95 freeway. The streets here reflected the run-down look of the neighborhood as Parker’s Buick sedan approached the underpass. From the corner of his eye he noticed two small bundles huddled together, apparently for warmth, under the bridge structure. They were too small to be adults, but there was no doubt that they were human. Parker could see the outline of slim legs and arms entwined to shield the small bodies form the wind and to conserve body heat. He pulled to the curb next to the bundles and stopped. He saw a white face look up as he rolled down the window on the passenger side.

“Do you boys need help?” he called out.

The combination of hunger, cold and desperation prevented the boys from answering the way they knew was prudent, with a ‘no’.

“Who wants to know?” Jason asked.

“My name is Parker. I was shopping at that Mall over there. I saw you huddled against the cold and wind. I just thought you might need some help. You know, a lift or something.”

“Thanks, but we don’t have anywhere to go. You don’t know if there’s a shelter around where we could stay do ya, or maybe a place where we could get something to eat?”

“Do you have any money?” Parker asked.

His question was answered with a negative shake of Jason’s head.

“I don’t know myself where any shelters are,” Parker said with a friendly smile, “but I have two friends who would. I’d be glad to call them and get the locations. Would you like to sit in the car while I call? It’s warm, and I’ll take you there when I find out where to go”

“Why are you helping us, Mister?” Darryl asked nervously as they approached the idling car.

“I work for two gentlemen who are wealthy and spend much of their time and efforts helping others. They would be very upset with me if they found out that I had passed by someone that needed help.”

“How do we know that you aren’t a bad guy who molests kids?” Jason asked.

“I’m an old man. How do I know you young guys won’t try to beat me up and rob me?” Parker answered. “I guess we just have to trust each other a little.”
“Well ok, I guess that makes sense,” Jason said. “Just don’t go anywhere until you talk to your friend.”

“You have my word on it,” Parker said as he hit the button unlocking the car’s doors. The boys climbed into the passenger side and closing the door, huddled as close to it as possible, keeping a hand on the latch.

Parker picked up his cell phone and dialed the number to the residence.

“Hello Dorothy,” he said when the phone was answered. “Is Ron there?”

There was a pause before he spoke again. ….

“Ron, this is Parker. I have two homeless boys with me who need a place to stay. Do you have the address of a shelter where I could take them?”….

“They appear to be around 11 or 12 years old, sir. No, I don’t think an adult shelter would be a good idea either.”….

“Should I head that way while you call?”….

“Okay. We’ll wait here for 5 minutes, then if I haven’t heard from you by then, I’ll head toward Flamingo.”

“We’re downtown, sir. Near the new outlet mall.”

“It was in the interest of research, sir, except for outfitting Cody and, well, maybe a few things for Pete. I hardly bought anything!” he said grinning. He wasn’t worried. He knew that Ron loved to indulge Parker in his love of shopping.

“Okay, thanks for your help, sir.”  Parker pressed the off button on the phone.

“Mr. Turner is going to call the Center for Homeless Youth. He’ll call back as soon as he’s spoken to them. It’s 6 or 7 miles away, but I’ll take you there once it’s confirmed that there’s room.”

“Thanks Mr. Parker,” Jason said. “This is very nice of you.”

“Yeah. Thanks” Darryl echoed.

“There’s no ‘mister’ it’s just ’ Parker’, but you are most welcome. I’m glad to be of service.”

“What kinda work do you do M…uh… Parker?” Jason asked.

“I guess my principal occupation is as valet. I also butle when it’s needed.”

“What’s a val…. What you said?” Jason asked.

“It’s a person who takes care of his employer’s clothing. I buy the clothes, and make sure they are always ready to wear. I pick out the outfits for the various activities of my employers. I replace them when they become worn or out of style. That sort of thing.”

“You mean that all you do is take care of clothes?” Darryl said in amazement. “You don’t work?”

“I assure you, young sir, that taking proper care of clothing is work. As I said, I also butle.”

“What do you do when you butle?” Jason asked suppressing a giggle. “It sounds nasty.”

Both he and Darryl looked at each other and broke out in a fit of giggling.

Parker smiled at the youths and their mirth. “Butling is the work that butlers do,” he replied.

“Oh!  Sorry,” Jason said. “I thought it had something to do with butts.”  Both boys broke out again in high-pitched laughter.

Parker enjoyed their giggles, even though it was at his expense. He was about to explain the duties of a butler, when his cell phone rang.

“Hello Ron,” he said recognizing the number that appeared on his phone.

“Yes sir. ….Oh, that’s too bad. …. Yes sir. I’ll ask them.”  “Thank you,” he said as he ended the call.

“Boys, Mr. Turner called the Center. They are full to overflowing. They have even used up their emergency cots. They will take you anyway, of course, But Anna Rice, the director, asked Mr. Turner if you could stay at Mr. Turner’s estate for a night or two, until there is room at the center. It is your choice. You can go to the center, stay at Mr. Turner’s, or you can get out and try your own luck on the streets. I’d suggest Mr. Turner’s. He and his partner Matt are very nice men. You would be comfortable and in no danger.  There are also younger guys around often too.”

“Mr. Turner lives with a partner?” Jason asked. “A man?”

“Yes, Mr. Turner and his partner are gay. He wanted you to know that when I invited you to stay. Of course, it makes no difference. You won’t be molested or anything of the sort. You’ll just be houseguests and have your own rooms that you can lock if you wish. Mr. Turner and Mr. Davidson are very honorable men.”

“They’re probably pretty old then, huh?” Jason inquired.

“Mr. Turner is 29, Mr. Davidson is 26 and Mr. Turner’s brother, Tyler is 27.”
“Yeah, that’s pretty old,” Jason said thoughtfully. “I guess we can stay there.”

Parker broke out in laughter and was still snickering as he put the Buick into gear and headed for the western foothills of Las Vegas.

        *    *    *    *    *

Hope you enjoyed the chapter. HUGs. JET