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Chapter Forty-eight

Thursday night, Ron and Matt’s bedroom

The phone rang on the bedside table as Matt stepped out of the shower.

“I’ll get it,” Ron called out as he entered the bedroom from the hallway.

“Ron Turner,” he said into the receiver.

Ron listened and made a few non-descript comments as the party on the other end spoke.

“Well, thank you for calling. I guess that’s that,” Ron concluded. “Goodbye detective.”

“Who was that?” Matt asked as he stepped into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his shapely waist.

“It was Metro. It appears that Abe was hired by Christine to keep her informed about our movements. Looks like she planned a big time hit, since she also was told about Tyler and Dan’s whereabouts if there was any information that Abe could glean from either Tyler’s or Dan’s offices. When Mabel caught him in the act of digging through the files, he panicked and hit her in order to escape. That’s the long and short of it.”

“What are they going to do with him?” Matt asked.

“He’s charged with simple battery and will be prosecuted unless Mabel decides not to press charges.”

“Do you think she’ll let him off?”

“No, I talked to Mabel today. She was pissed, and I think she’ll let the charges ride. I don’t think there will be a big sentence, but nonetheless he’ll be out of circulation for awhile.”

“Speaking of circulation,” Matt said slyly, “I feel something circulating below this towel. I think I have an appendage that could use a bit of slippy friction.”

The towel dropped from his hips onto the floor leaving him standing there, a picture of manly beauty.

“You’ve got my attention, my Apollo,” Ron said with a sly grin, unbuttoning his shirt as he moved toward his partner. He quickly shed the shirt and was working on the buckle of his trousers, when Matt wrapped his arms around Ron’s shoulders and drew him into a kiss.

                                    *                      *                      *

Friday morning, in the breakfast room of Ron and Matt’s house.

Ronnie appeared in the doorway of the breakfast room where Ron and Matt were drinking cups of coffee while they waited for their future son to join them. He had no sooner joined them at the table, than Mary arrived with a glass of orange juice.

“Thanks Mary,” smiled Ronnie.

The older lady smiled back and replied, “You’re welcome Ronnie.”

Tyler appeared next, sitting down with the trio after getting a cup of coffee on the way.

“Well, today’s the big day,” Ron commented. “With luck we’ll get the Senator out of our hair, and Dan and Jerry will be returning. “

“Neither can happen fast enough for me,” Tyler stated firmly.

“Me neither,” Ronnie added with a blush.

It was obvious that he was not thinking about Senator Young.

“I’ve got another surprise too,” Ron announced. “It’s a good one.”

“You’ve been holding out on me?” Matt asked.

“Yep,” Ron said with a smile. “I wasn’t sure how it would all turn out, so only Tyler has been aware of it. I didn’t want either of you to be disappointed if we weren’t successful.”

“I don’t understand,” Matt said. “Why would you tell Tyler and not me?”

“I needed his help and that of Aztec-Turner Security,” Ron explained. “The paperwork is all finished and we’ll receive it this morning at the office.”

“Ok then, spill the beans,” Ronnie demanded.

“I’ve been in contact with your father, Ronnie.”

Ronnie frowned. “Yeah? What does that bastard want?”

“It’s not what he wants that’s important. It’s what Matt and I want.”

“What do you want that’s worth talking to that son-of-a-bitch?” Ronnie asked with hostility.

“We want you to legally be our son,” Ron answered simply.

A look of disbelief crossed Ronnie’s face. “You still do? You mean like adoption?”

“Yes, with all our hearts,” Ron said looking at Matt whose smile was a mile wide.

“Ronnie’s dad said ‘yes’?” Matt asked with surprise.

“He said ‘yes,” Ron replied. “It took a little doing, but we have the papers in our possession, signed, sealed, and notarized.”

“Wahoo!” Ronnie shrieked and leaped from his chair knocking over his half-full glass of juice in his excitement.  He rushed to Ron and hugged him in excitement. Matt rose from his chair and joined the pair in a three-way hug.

“Looks like we’re going to have a double adoption ceremony,” Tyler commented. “We decided to go ahead with our plans.”

“You and Dan are gonna adopt me too?” asked a confused Ronnie.

“No silly,” Matt explained, “Tyler and Dan are going to adopt Jerry.”

“Oh, man! That’s so neat!” Ronnie said excitedly.

“Yes, he’ll be your cousin.” Tyler confirmed.

Ronnie paused, thinking.

“Uh, does that mean that we can’t be boyfriends?” he asked with a blush.

“No,” Matt replied. “You’re going to be cousins, but not related by blood, only legally. It doesn’t much matter anyway,” he continued. “The social prohibition against cousins being married was intended to discourage inbreeding within families so that regressive genes were not reinforced.”

“Huh?” Ronnie asked.

“It’s like if you had a gene in your body that caused you to have a weak heart and you married your sister who also had that gene, you’re children would likely have that same gene, except perhaps reinforced enough that it could be life threatening. Since gay people are not going to have children with their same-sex mate, it wouldn’t matter genetically if your partner was your brother.”

“Oh, now I understand,” said Ronnie.

“That doesn’t mean that it would be accepted socially, even among other gay people. Some of the social taboos we’ve grown up with are so deeply rooted that people believe they are immutable rules, even though the real reason for the taboo doesn’t apply. It’s one reason that many straight people have such difficulty accepting gays. They were brought up to believe that being gay was just plain wrong. The feeling is just as prevalent with the non-religious as the religious, though the religious use their religion as justification for their prejudice. It’s that same kind of taboo though that makes partnering with someone you’re related too, in some people’s eyes, unacceptable.”

“But it’s okay with you if Jerry and I are boyfriends, even if we’re cousins?” Ronnie asked.

“Yes Ronnie,” Ron replied. “Who you choose as your friends and your partner is up to you alone. If we think you’re making a bad choice we might advise against it, but the real decision is up to you.”

“Cool. When are Jerry and me gonna get adopted?”

Matt looked at Ron and Tyler for the answer.

“We are planning on adopting Jerry at the end of next week,” Tyler said. “I started the paperwork yesterday. It’s nice that Ron has such good connections with the judiciary. I was amazed at how the name Turner helps to grease the wheels of government.”

“What wheels?” Ronnie asked, confused again.

The three men laughed.

“It’s just an expression, Ronnie,” Matt explained. “It means that it makes the administrative processes of government move faster.”

“You guys sure talk funny,” Ronnie mumbled.

“Anyway,” Tyler continued, “Now all we need to do is to add Ronnie’s adoption to the proceedings I’ve already started.”

“I’ll handle that,” Ron offered. “I’m sure we can arrange it.”

“If not,” Tyler responded, “We’ll move Jerry’s adoption further away. I think it would mean more if the boys were adopted together.”

“Ok,” Ron said. “I’ll take care of it this morning.”

“What time are Dan and Jerry arriving from Houston?”

“They should be in by noon,” Tyler replied. “They will pick up two hours in time zone changes, so they can leave fairly late and still be here reasonably early.”

“Can I skip school and be here when Jerry gets here?” Ronnie asked hopefully.

“No!” was the reply from three voices in unison.

“Great minds think alike,” Ron observed with a grin.

                                    *                      *                      

Friday Morning, 10:30 AM, Senator Young’s study

The phone rang once and Ben Young snatched it from its cradle. He had just returned from collecting the cash necessary for the pay off.

“Ben Young,” he answered into the receiver.

“This is Charlie, Senator. Do you have the money?”

“Yes,” Ben answered. “Most if it is in hundreds, but I do have $5000 in smaller bills.”

“Good,” the majority leader answered. “Here are the instructions.”

“I’m listening,” Ben replied as he prepared to write down the instructions.

“Place the money in a brown paper-wrapped box. Put your name and address on it as the return address and address the package to ‘Denver Trust, Attention, Frank Jones, 6969 Argyle, that’s A-R-G-Y-L-E Street, Phoenix Arizona, 85757’.  Read that back”

Ben Young read back the address.

“Make the package easy to open, as the recipient will open it in your presence. Go to Meadows Mall at 1 PM. When you get to the Mall, go in the Southeast entrance. Inside the entrance, you will see a store for ‘Big Dogs’, the local store for Bratwurst sandwiches. Go to the counter and present the package to the attendant there wearing a carnation pinned to his uniform and announce that it is a delivery. He will take you in the back and open the box and count the money. Then you are to leave. We will take care of all the rest.”

“How will I know that everything is handled?” Ben asked.

“You won’t right away. Within the next week you will find out through your lawyer that the Judge assigned to the case has been replaced by another. That will be your confirmation.”

“I understand,” Ben responded.

“You won’t hear any more from me. And listen, you bastard, you’d better be at my side in the next legislative session.”

“You have my promise,” Ben assured the Majority Leader.

“Fine. Goodbye Ben.”

“Goodbye Senator.”

Ben hung up the phone, and muttered under his breath, “You son-of-a-bitch! You’ll be suckin’ my dick before I’m through.”

He picked up his keys and headed for the door. He needed to buy some brown wrapping paper.

                                    *                      *                      *

9 AM Houston Texas, MD Anderson Hospital

“As I’ve told you before,” the doctor said to Dan and Jerry, “Jerry’s condition is nothing but amazing! Since the results of Jerry’s treatment showed such incredible results, we have tried the same combination of drugs on other patients. The treatment is showing signs of being a major breakthrough. Several of our patients who were terminal, have recovered sufficiently to be out of immediate danger. There’s so much we don’t know yet, that there’s a long way to go. We’re not sure, for instance, why the treatment works or if the treatment is a permanent cure. Once we know those things, we’ll have a much better chance of licking the disease. We’re asking that you bring Jerry back once a month for testing. Perhaps in a short while we’ll have enough other success stories that we can make those trips less frequent, and just be able to monitor his condition from tests taken in Las Vegas.”

“You’ll have our complete cooperation,” Dan promised. “Tyler and I will be adopting Jerry as soon as possible and you have the information to contact us at any time.”

“We certainly appreciate that,” the doctor continued. “For the time being, we’re taking him off of all medication. It is a bit risky, but for the next two months we’d like weekly blood tests taken in Nevada to monitor his condition as well as the trips here where more thorough testing will be done. If he even begins to show signs of going out of remission, we’ll resume treatment. It will tell us a great deal about the long term expectations from the treatment.”

The doctor turned his full attention to Jerry.

“Son,” he said earnestly, “I know that all this sounds kinda scary and a lot of trouble considering how well you’re doing, but I can only assure you that it is really important. A lot of people are going to live because of what we’re learning. You’ve been very brave and we’re still asking a lot of you. Dan and Tyler have been wonderful and have shown over and over again that they really love you. You’re a lucky boy. Their foundation is also providing money to help others like you, which will save many lives. We had a meeting of the Board of Directors of MD Anderson yesterday. Normally when a new treatment or procedure is discovered, the name for the treatment is that of the doctor or team that discovers it. Yesterday, we voted to name the new procedure after your Grandmother. From now on it will be known as the ‘Emma Thorsruud Procedure’.”

“That’s wonderful!” Dan responded. “You can’t imagine how happy that makes us.”

“Yeah,” Jerry said with his eyes full of tears. “Now she can be remembered by more than just me and her friends.”

“She’ll be known to the world,” the doctor stated. “Next month, we’re going to publish our discoveries in medical journals and in the news media. We’re rushing it a bit, but it’s important that lives are saved. You’ll be famous, too.”

“I don’t want to be famous,” Jerry replied. “I just want to be well, and to live with Dan and Tyler.”

“Getting you’re first wish looks more than promising,” the doctor replied.

“And your second is a ‘for sure,” Dan added giving his young future son a hug.

“I guess that’s all we need to talk about for now,” the physician said smiling. “We’ll see you in a month.”

“Thanks for everything doctor,” Dan said, extending his hand, then looking at Jerry he said, “Come on son, we’ve a plane to catch.”

                                    *                      *                      *

11 AM, Ron’s office

Tyler walked into Ron’s office to find that Matt was there too.

“Hi guys,” Tyler said smiling at the pair seated at Ron’s desk.

“Hi Tyler,” Matt said first, followed by his partner’s echo.

“How’s the sting progressing?” Ron asked.

“We just finished the surveillance camera installation at Meadows. We wanted to be done early, in case the Senator decided to scope out the place way ahead of schedule. All the agents and Metro plainclothes officers are in place. We are watching the Senator too, just in case he decides to do something unexpected.”

“Is the security team still with Ronnie?” Matt asked.

“Yes, we decided to keep them in place until this operation is over, just as a precaution,” Tyler replied, “You never know what the Senator is going to do. He might try something as a diversion.”

“Have you heard anything on the arrival of Dan and Jerry? “ Tyler asked.

“Yes,” Ron answered. “Jan Bounett just called saying that the G-V is expected to land at 11:45.  Matt will be leaving shortly for the airport to pick them up, ‘cause you and I should stay here and monitor the situation with the Senator until it’s over. Once he’s in custody I think we should take a long weekend and go out on the houseboat on Lake Mead.  School will be out next week, so after the adoption ceremony on Friday, perhaps we can go to the condo in San Diego for an entire week.”

“I take it you got the adoption arrangements all worked out?” Tyler inquired.

“Yes, it’s set for Friday at 3:30 in the afternoon. Since it’s also the last day of school, I didn’t want either Ronnie or Jerry to miss anything there. We’ll take some nice clothes and they can change at the courthouse. I thought we’d have a nice dinner with our friends to celebrate, then on Saturday morning, go to California.”

“It sounds good to me,” Tyler responded. “The PT-I arrived there two days ago, so we can take a cruise too if we’d like. Anyway, we can talk some more about it tonight with Dan and Jerry. There’s been so much going on and such uncertainty with Jerry’s condition, it’s been hard to plan ahead.”

“That’s for sure,” Ron agreed. “There are a number of other things we need to discuss too. For example, how is the purchase of the Atlanta office going, and what’s the timing for concluding the deal. Also, you guys need to get the plans for your house going if you intend to be under construction by fall.

“There’s the issue of who’s going to run the Atlanta office too,” continued Ron. “I hope we can resolve that, and also make sure the plans for Parker and Mary’s wedding are on track. I’d like to have all that done before we take a week off.”

“Yes,” Tyler agreed. “We need to talk about some longer-range plans too. For instance, if we’re going to go to Europe on the PT-II this summer, we’d better start planning. I don’t even know who has a passport. Then we need to talk about plans for your island. Are you going to develop it or leave it undisturbed?  I know that none of it is pressing, but if we don’t keep nibbling at all these things, nothing will get done.”

“Very true brother,” Ron agreed. “Now that Jerry and Dan are coming home, there are a lot of plans to make.

“Well, first things first,” Tyler said. “Let’s hope the thing with the Senator goes as planned, then with Dan and Jerry home tonight, we can relax and talk about the future.” 

“Well, I’ve got to get moving if I’m going to make it to the airport on time,” Matt declared. 

He moved to Ron and after giving him a quick kiss, said, “Bye lover. See ya at home. Bye Tyler.”

“Bye Matt,” Ron and Tyler both said as the handsome man exited the room.

At the same time, Gary Franklin’s office, Aztec-Turner Security

Gary picked up the phone in his office and dialed Jessie’s number at the Thornton Center.

“Hello, this is Jessie.” 

“Hi Babe,” Gary said. “I’m sorry but I’ve got to cancel our lunch date. Something big has come up and I’ve got to be here for it.

“Not a problem, big guy,” Jessie responded. “Want to make it for dinner?”

“I’d love it,” Gary answered.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” the recreation director replied as his disappointment turned into anticipation. “How ‘bout my place? I have a small grill that does Filet Mignon just right.”

“How can I refuse? I love a good piece of meat. What time would be convenient?”

“6:30 would be good,” Jessie suggested with a smile, not missing the innuendo. “We could have a couple of drinks first to wind down.”

“I’ll be there,” Gary promised. “Love ya.”

“I’m counting on it,” Jessie answered with his own lightly veiled response. “Love you too, Babe.”

11:30 AM, Senator Young’s study

Senator Young picked up the phone and punched in the number for Ronnie’s school. When Lorraine answered, he began, “Hi Sweet. I need a favor.”

“Sure Ben, you know I’d do anything you ask of me,” she replied.

“Can you meet me outside the school in 20 minutes?”

“Sure,” she replied. “Pull into the teacher’s parking lot. I’ll meet you there.”

“Good, I’ll be in my silver Cadillac,” Ben replied. “Have Orville standing by to go somewhere, I need for him to run an errand for me.”

“Ok lover,” Lorraine agreed, then continued in a hushed voice. “When are you coming over to see me again?” she asked in a complaining tone. “It’s been over a month!”

“Listen, sweet, if today goes off without a hitch, I’ll come over tomorrow night and we can fuck until the sun rises.”

Lorraine smiled in anticipation as she responded in words barely louder than a whisper, “Okay Ben.  You know how I love your big dick.”

“Yes, I know,” replied Ben rubbing the large tool between his legs and feeling it start to swell. “I’m rubbing it now just thinking of your wet pussy. I have to go now. We don’t have much time.”

“Alright. Bye,” she replied, her mind focused on the coming evening.

Five minutes later, Tyler’s office.

Tyler, sitting at his desk, picked up the phone on the first ring.

“Tyler Turner,” he said into the receiver.

“Tyler, this is Wes. I just got a call from our wiretap guys, and also from our surveillance team. The Senator just called the school and is headed there. We don’t know what he’s planning but we need to keep everyone alert. We think he’s up to something.”

“Make sure that John stays near Ronnie at school. I don’t want to take any chances. Maybe I should go there or to the Mall.”

“No,” Wes reasoned, “He might recognize you or even Ron or Matt. It’s important that you stay at the office.”

“You’re right, Wes. Look, I’m going to ask Ron and Matt to join me in our communication room. If you need to get in touch, I’ll be there.”

“That’s a good plan,” Wes responded. “I’m there now with Gary Franklin. We’ll see you in a few.”

“Right! I’ll call Ron and Matt and we’ll meet there.”

“Fine. Bye,” Wes agreed as he hung up the phone.

                                   *                      *                      *

15 minutes later, the teacher’s parking lot at Ronnie’s school.

Ben Young’s silver Cadillac pulled to the curb where Lorraine stood waiting. He rolled down the window, and picking up the box on the seat beside him, he handed it to the woman.

“Give this box to Orville. I need him to deliver it at Meadows Mall precisely at one o’clock. The instructions are taped to the wrapping. I will be nearby. If he is refused delivery, he’s to walk toward the east through the Mall. I will see him and contact him with further instructions. He is not to be late. It is VERY important.”

“Next, if there is an accident at school later today, he will come and see you. You are to give him this key,” he continued. “If nothing happens, I’ll get the key back from you tomorrow night.”

“Okay Ben,” I’ll follow your instructions to the letter,” she replied. “I’m looking forward to tomorrow night,” she continued as she touched his shoulder through the open window.

“I’m looking forward to it too, sweet,” he responded as he rubbed the tube that lay partially swollen in his trousers, clearly outlined for her to see.

Reluctantly she stepped away from the car after hesitating, taking in the view that the Senator had used so tauntingly to get his way.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” he said. “Make sure you do your part today. I’ll do mine tomorrow night.”

“You can depend on me,” she promised stepping back.

“I know,” Ben said as he forced a smile at the woman, pressed the ‘up’ switch on the car’s window, and released his foot from the brake.

The car moved away from the curb, left the parking lot, and turned on the street in the direction of Meadows Mall.

                                    *                      *                      *

12:55 PM, Meadows Mall  

The Mall was unusually crowded as shoppers availed themselves of the pre-Memorial Day sales that were every retailer’s hope for a good month’s ending. Ben Young was seated at the food court entrance to the main mall space, sipping a soft drink. From his vantage point he could see the counter of the “Big Dog” specialty store a hundred feet away where a server was dressed in the store uniform, distinguished from the other workers there by a carnation pinned to his shirt. He adjusted his lightly tinted sunglasses and raised the newspaper in front of him, hiding his face from casual onlookers. He looked over the top of his paper, trying to ascertain if any of the shoppers looked suspicious. He noted three men in suits nearby that were talking in an animated way, waving their arms and gesturing at an empty storefront space near the fast food establishment he was watching. He saw that one of the men wore a Meadow Mall badge and they appeared to be discussing rental of the empty space. He decided that his paranoia was getting the best of him and picked up the plastic soft drink cup and took a sip.

At that moment, he saw the exterior doors from the outside parking lot swing open, and Orville walked in carrying the box that Ben had previously given to Lorraine. Looking around, Orville spotted the “Big Dog” store and began walking toward it. In his concentration on Orville’s movement, Ben failed to see the three men in front of the empty store make barely discernable sideways glances at the husky janitor. Behind the Senator at another table two men sat, dressed in casual clothes, enjoying tacos as they kept him in their vision. 

Orville looked again at the instructions, then stepped to the counter in front of the man with the carnation.

“I have a delivery,” Orville stated.

The man who had been informed of the switch looked at the box and the address.

“Nope, this doesn’t belong to us,” the guy stated.

“But I was told specifically to bring it here and give it to a man with a carnation on his uniform.”

“Look buddy,” the counterman replied, “I’m the Manager here and there’s no one here this box could belong to. I’ll be glad to take your name and phone number in case we have a customer come in here who’s looking for it.”

“No thanks,” Orville replied remembering the final instructions. “Sorry to bother ya.”

He stepped away from the counter after picking up the box and turned to walk eastward down the mall. He had only gone about 50 feet when he saw Ben Young sitting at a food court table. When the Senator made eye contact with Orville he motioned him over to the table where the newspaper was now folded flat.

“Sit down, Orville,” the Senator ordered in a low voice. “I’ll take the box.”

Orville placed the box on top of the newspaper, and sat.

“Thanks for following instructions. It looks like I’m going to have to make the delivery myself. First I’d like to ask you if you’d do something for me.”

“Sure Ben,” Orville replied. “I’ll do anything you want.”

Ben looked Orville in the eyes, and asked with grim sincerity, “How’d you like to make a lot of money?”

                        *                      *                      *                      *