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Chapter Forty-nine

Friday 1:15 PM, Meadows Mall, Las Vegas

Senator Ben Young nervously picked up the box as he watched Orville disappear through the doors at the end of the Mall. Although he had failed in his attempt to have Orville deliver the money, it was not a devastating setback. His face was well known, and it was obvious that the payoff would not be accepted unless he took care of it personally. He realized that even if there was a risk, it was his best chance to escape punishment for the attempted kidnapping of his son and still maintain his political career. In spite of the fact that he would be a political hostage for the next term by carrying out his instructions, it was far better than losing that career and all that went with it, not to mention the possibility of losing his freedom by a jail term. If the attempt to clear himself failed, he still had an ace in the hole. It would not free him, but it would invoke the revenge against Ron Turner that he was willing to trade for exoneration. The thought gave him courage, as he headed for the “Big Dog” counter.

Stepping up to the window he saw the man with the carnation pinned to his uniform. The man smiled as he stepped up to the stainless steel surface opposite the Senator.

“May I help you?” he asked.

“Yes,” Ben replied as he placed the box on the counter with the address facing the employee. “I have this delivery.”

The man looked at the address on the box, then looked at Ben. As if not sure, he pulled a picture of the Senator that had appeared in the newspaper from his uniform shirt pocket.

“Please come around the counter,” he requested. “I’ll need to check the contents.”

Ben again picked up the box, and stepping around the end of the counter, he followed the man through a pair of swinging doors into the kitchen area, then into a small office tucked away in the corner of the bigger room. Ben placed the box on the small desk inside the office and stood while the employee removed the top of the box. Inside lay stacks of bills, mostly hundreds, bound in their paper bank wraps.

“Please take a seat, if you’d like,” the man offered as he began to count the money. “This may take a few minutes.”

Impatient to be gone, Ben sat on a hard folding chair and watched while the man counted.
When he was finished, the man nodded in satisfaction.

“The package is as agreed,” the man commented. “You’re under arrest.”

At that moment two officers stepped into the kitchen through the swinging doors. Ben saw them as he twisted in his chair hoping to escape. He immediately knew that any attempt to escape was useless, and that he’d been set up.

“May I ask the charge?” Ben asked in sullen resignation.

“Attempted bribery, for one thing,” the man answered. “I’m Officer Swarthmore, and now I’ll read you your Miranda Rights.”

The officer recited from memory the statement that had become standard law enforcement rote as the two other officers stood outside the still open office door.

“Do you wish to make a statement?” the officer asked.

“No, I wish to call my attorney,” Ben answered.

“You may call after you’ve been booked,” Swarthmore stated. “Now if you’ll stand and place your hands behind your back, I’m afraid we’ll have to handcuff you.”

“I protest being treated this way,” Ben complained. “I’m a Nevada State Senator!”

“We know who you are Senator Young, but for now you’re the guest of the County.”

“You can’t arrest me for delivering a box for a friend,” Ben protested.

“I’m afraid you’re wrong, sir,” the officer said politely, but with firmness. “It’s up to the Judge to decide if you can be released. Now please do as I ask,” he said raising his voice, “or we’ll have to do this the hard way.”

Ben knew that it was useless to resist, and so stood up from his chair, placing his arms behind him as an officer from outside the office entered the small room with a pair of handcuffs in his hands.

‘At least Ron Turner will pay too,’ Ben thought as he focused his thoughts on the revenge that would take place unless he stopped it with a phone call.

                                    *                      *                      *

Moments later, Aztec-Turner Security’s communication room

The radio blared out a call from the agent at Meadows Mall: “Agent Timmons to base. We’ve got him. He’s coming out now in handcuffs.”

"Wahoo!” Tyler yelped.

“Yes! Yes!” Ron added as hugs and congratulations were traded between Ron, Tyler, Dan and Matt, who’d arrived from the airport, Wes and Gary. “Good work! Give our thanks to all your crew Wes.”

“Thanks Ron,” Wes responded. “Now all we have to do is gather the evidence together, and deliver it to Metro and the FBI.”

“That has first priority,” Tyler ordered. “That man is going to jail, and with any luck will not even be released on bail again after the evidence is reviewed by the judge.

“We’ll get out of your way,” Ron offered. “Again many, many thanks.”

The men exchanged handshakes with the crew in the communication room, after which Ron, Matt, Dan and Tyler adjourned to Ron’s office. There they saw that Jerry was taking a nap on Ron’s sofa after the long flight.

“Anyone for a drink?” Ron offered quietly as the door closed behind them.

“I will,” Matt answered in a hushed voice, followed by an agreeing nod from Tyler and from Dan.

“We’ll make that four,” Ron said as he stepped to the bar and quietly began the task of making the drinks. Two minutes later he carried the drinks to his partner and brother and brother-in-law, before returning to the bar and then coming back to the desk area of his office with his own.

“I’m glad that’s over,” Ron said quietly but with obvious relief. “This time I hope he stays locked up for good.”

Ron’s phone began to ring.

“Damn!” he exclaimed, “It better be important, I told Margaret we didn’t want to be disturbed! Now Jerry’s awake too.”

Reaching to the nearby desk phone, he pushed the speaker button before connecting the call.

“Yes?” he said into the remote mike.

“Ron, Gary needs to speak to Tyler, he said it’s important.”

“Put him through,” Ron answered as Tyler stood and moved beside Ron at the phone.

“Tyler,” the voice of Gary said clearly from the speaker. “I just got the report on Orville Haysacker from our agent working on the investigation. It seems that he was a prime suspect of the murder and rape of a girl in Utah a couple of years ago. It’s the same town that Senator Young kept his ‘second family.’ As with the Senator, the case was dropped due to lack of evidence, and was never solved. I thought you’d want to know.”

“Did we put a tail on him when he left the Mall?” Tyler asked.

“Yes,” Gary replied. “Our agent reported that he returned to the school.”

“Call John our inside agent at the school,” Tyler ordered, “Tell him to not let Ronnie out of his sight! We’re on our way to pick him up!”

“Yes sir,” Gary answered before hanging up.

“I’ll take Jerry home,” Dan quickly announced.

“Come on,” Tyler said to Ron and Matt while nodding his agreement with Dan. “It’s time to get Ronnie out of there.”

“We’re right behind you, brother,” Ron responded as he and Matt headed for the door.

                                    *                      *                      *

At the same time, Ronnie’s school.

Ronnie had to pee really bad. He had been in class only minutes and he realized that he’d never make it through the end of the class. Raising his hand he asked for permission to go the restroom. His teacher, after a short admonition to plan better for class, gave his permission. Ronnie stood, and quickly exited the room, heading down the wide hallway to the boys’ restroom. Nearby, standing by a mop bucket in the opposite direction from Ronnie’s path, Orville saw that the opportunity he was looking for had presented itself sooner than expected. He set the mop down beside the bucket quietly and reached into his pocket to make sure his knife was still there. Finding that the 5-inch switchblade knife that he normally carried was in its place, he hurried down the hallway toward the closing restroom door.

                                    *                      *                      *

In an adjacent building, John’s cell phone began vibrating in his pocket. He pulled the communication device from his pocket, flipped open the cover and pressed ‘send’, before saying, “John,” into the small speaker.

“John, this is Wes. Go find Ronnie. Don’t let him out of your sight until Ron gets there to pick him up. We just discovered that Orville was a suspect in a Utah murder. Once Ronnie is gone, keep your eye on Orville. We suspect that he’s up to no good.”

“Yes sir. I’m on my way,” the athletic security man responded as he set his tools aside and rushed toward Ronnie’s classroom.

                                    *                      *                      *

The door opened to the restroom with a tiny squeak alerting Ronnie that he was not alone. While not alarmed, he glanced back over his shoulder. The stream of yellow urine that had been shooting out of his now half-empty bladder stopped abruptly as he recognized the janitor who had threatened him. He half turned to get a better look, as he began to stuff his adolescent penis back into his pants.

“Well, look who we have here,” Orville said reaching into his pocket and pulling out the knife. He pressed the button and the blade flipped out of its folded position. “If it ain’t the little faggot.”

He had gotten a glance at young Ronnie’s attempt to put his replace his penis into his pants.

“Freeze!” Orville ordered before Ronnie could finish the task.

Ronnie obeyed with his dick still visible.

“Get into the last toilet stall, ya little queer. I’ve got something for ya,” Orville demanded, waving the knife menacingly.

“Please mister,” Ronnie pleaded. “Don’t hurt me. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Get into that stall then,” Orville insisted.

“Ok, I’m going,” Ronnie obeyed. He started again to replace his exposed penis into his pants. “

“I said leave it out!” Orville ordered, his loins beginning to stir at the sight of the youth’s smaller dick.

Ronnie’s face was white with fear as he moved into the last stall.

“Drop your pants,” Orville said with glints of lust shining in his eyes.

Ronnie began to slowly comply.

“Hurry up,” Orville said impatiently.

Ronnie began to unfasten the button on his shorts, and grasping the pocket containing the panic button, squeezed it for all he was worth. He continued to push the small electronic device as he lowered his shorts and underwear to the tops of his cross-trainer shoes.

“Now step out of ‘em and turn around.”

                                    *                      *                      *

John arrived in a trot at the door of Ronnie’s classroom. He peered through the 12-inch-square observation window and spotted the empty desk that Ronnie normally occupied. Looking around the room in case Ronnie had moved, he saw no one that even resembled the boy he was looking for. Grabbing the door handle he pulled open the door.

“Mr. Franklin,” he said, interrupting the teacher, “I need to see Ronnie Turner. Could you tell me where he is?”

“Yes, he went to the boys’ restroom,” the teacher said pointing in the direction of the facility.

The panic alarm went off on John’s belt.

The teacher blinked his eyes only to see that the doorway was now devoid of the security man’s form.

John ran like a man possessed toward the restroom. It was a short run but one executed in the urgency of a sprint race.

                                    *                      *                      *

“Now bend over the toilet!” Orville demanded as he dropped his own pants and pulled out his now erect penis from his shorts. “It’s time for a little piece of young ass,” he said with an evil grin.

Orville wrapped his wrist holding the knife around the young bare waist and pulled the youth toward the large cock that was aimed with his other hand at the small pink hole in Ronnie’s bottom.

The door to the restroom flew open, crashing into the doorstop with a thud. John was in the room before he was able to fully scope out the situation. He stopped, staring at an empty room, then saw two pair of feet below the closed door of the last toilet stall. Turning toward the occupied stall, he saw the door suddenly open and the flash of a knife as it sailed toward him, sinking itself to the handle in his left breast. He stood still in shock, looking at the knife buried in his chest before sinking to his knees, then pitching over on his side.

Orville stepped quickly to the downed man and pulled his knife from John’s chest.

“This will learn ya,” he said as he raised the knife to strike again.

Before he could start the downward thrust he was catapulted forward, being struck from behind by a smaller body. Dropping the knife while trying to break his fall, he quickly recovered it and saw the back of his intended victim disappear through the door of the restroom into the hall.

Grabbing the bloody knife, he charged after Ronnie who was shrieking his cry for help as he tore down the hallway. From the corner of his eye as he turned slightly to look over his shoulder, Ronnie saw Orville close behind and knew he needed evasive action to avoid being caught. Ronnie started around a corner into a perpendicular hall just as the huge man’s hand grasped his shirt and pulled him to a halt. Orville raised the knife to finish the main task he’d been assigned.

A shot rang out down the hallway and a large red spot appeared instantly on Orville’s shirt. His eyes opened wide in disbelief as his hold on the boy and the knife were released. Ronnie pitched forward as his legs had not ceased trying to escape.

Grasping his chest, Orville’s eyes began to blur as he staggered, then fell, his legs buckling and his large body responding to the force of gravity.

Footsteps pounded down the hallway as fearful faces appeared in the doorways of classrooms. Two Aztec-Turner men were running full speed toward the large body sprawled on the floor.

Sliding to a stop, one rushed to Ronnie and the other checked out the bleeding body of Orville, before Ronnie cried out, “I’m okay! Help the other janitor guy! He’s been stabbed in the boys’ bathroom!”

“Which way?” The one closest to Ronnie questioned as he jumped to his feet.

“Down there!” the boy yelled, pointing in the proper direction.

The man took off running, grabbing his communication phone and squeezing the button. “Man down, man down! Garfield School! Request EMS”, he shouted into the device.

He shoved the phone back into his belt, as he saw his teammate sprawled in the doorway, with a gun in his hand. Opening the door that had half-closed on the now unconscious John, the agent turned the injured man on his back, and looked at his wound that was oozing a steady stream of blood. Keeping his back to the door to hold it open, he tore open the victim’s shirt exposing the knife wound. Pulling a clean handkerchief from his shirt pocket, the agent pressed firmly on the wound to staunch the flow of blood and again grabbed his phone to report.

Ronnie watched as the remaining agent examined the prostrate body of the large man with the bullet wound. He took his wrist and felt for a pulse. He could detect a weak beat and pulled out his own communication device to report. In the classrooms nearby, the teachers were calming their students trying to maintain order and refusing to allow any students out into the hallway. Mr. Bargnesi, the Principal, came running down the hall, perusing both the janitor’s form being partially covered by the security agent who was examining him, and further down the hallway, the open door of the boy’s bathroom where another man held a white cloth over the chest of John the undercover security man laying flat on his back. As he approached the first men he saw Ronnie huddled in a ball five feet from where Orville’s body lay in a heap. He rushed to the boy and scooped him up in a hug.

“Come with me, my boy,” he said trying to comfort the wide-eyed youth. “Come with me to the office and we’ll call your dad. Everything will be alright now.”

He led the boy away from the carnage.

“We’ll go into the nurse’s office, where you can lie down,” he offered.

At that moment, three men appeared running through the main entry doors.

Mister Bargnesi, not immediately recognizing the men, shielded Ronnie from their sight with his body. As they approached, he recognized Ron, Matt and Tyler from his visit to their house earlier in the week, and pulled Ronnie from behind him.

“He’s okay,” Bargnesi announced loudly as the men closed the distance.

Ronnie too recognized the approaching men and pulled away from the principal’s grasp, throwing himself into the waiting arms of Ron and Matt.

“Are you alright Ronnie?” Ron asked smothering the boy with kisses and hugs along with those from Matt.

“Yeah, I am now,” replied Ronnie. “Those guys came to help me, just like Tyler promised,” he said as his eyes filled with tears.

“Let’s go into the office,” Matt suggested. “This hall is going to get busy in a few minutes.”

“Yes, let’s,” Ron agreed picking Ronnie up into his arms. “Would you lead the way Mr. Bargnesi?”

The principal turned toward the school’s office, responding to the request.

Meanwhile, as Tyler continued racing down the hall toward his injured agent, he heard the sirens of the emergency ambulances announcing their arrival outside.

“How is he?” Tyler asked the agent administering first aid to John.

“I think the knife punctured his lung,” the agent reported. “He’s coughed up a little blood. I don’t think he’s critical, but we need to get him to the hospital, ASAP. He doesn’t seem to be bleeding too bad so I think the knife missed any large blood vessels.”

“The EMT’s will be here in a minute, just stay with him,” Tyler ordered.

“Yes sir,” the agent agreed.

Tyler then turned to go to the agent watching Orville.

On reaching the man, he asked again the same question.

“He’s in bad shape, I’m guessing,” the agent replied. “Bullet wounds are messy.”

“The EMT’s are here, give them every assistance,” Tyler declared. “What happened?”

“We got the panic button alarm and immediately raced to the doors at the end of the hallway. We were a long way away, but we saw this man chasing Ronnie down the hallway. We were too far away for a clear shot. Ronnie was just turning into a cross hall, when the man grabbed Ronnie’s shirt jerking him to a stop. He raised a knife to stab the boy when John’s shot came from the bathroom doorway. This man dropped the knife and his hold on Ronnie, who was still trying to get away and leaped forward, losing his balance, ending up on the floor. The assailant fell to his knees before crumpling up in the heap he’s in now. My partner and I split up, to see if we could tend to the wounded.”

Two teams of two EMTs suddenly appeared, running down the hall with collapsible gurneys and equipment bags. The agent next to Tyler stepped away from Orville’s body to allow the EMTs access. One team quickly knelt by the injured man and, turning him on his back, examined the wound, then began taking his vital signs and administering aid.

The second team quickly crowded into the bathroom door opening and began their emergency procedures. After a quick examination, they moved John, the injured agent, onto a backboard and pulled it out into the hallway to get better access.

Additional sirens were heard approaching as Mr. Bargnesi’s voice came over the school’s PA system.

“Attention Students and Teachers. Attention Students and Teachers,” He began. “There has been a shooting incident in the main hallway. Both men involved are alive and under emergency care. The final bell for the period has been cancelled. Do not leave the classroom until escorted. We will evacuate the school in an orderly manner. Students may not go to their lockers, but will directly leave the building and not return. Miss Jones will be at the doors at the north end of the main building to assist any students who need it. Students WILL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, be allowed to roam the hallways, nor to reenter the building. Please stay away from all emergency vehicles, and leave the campus as quickly as possible. All after school activities planned for today are cancelled. Thank you for your cooperation.”

The sirens outside were shut off and their ‘woop, woop, woop’ and wails stopped.

“I’m glad he was thinking,” Tyler said to the agent as they stood near Orville and his EMT team. “I hate to think of the bedlam if all the kids had been released out into the halls.”

Two uniformed policemen and two men who appeared to be plain-clothes policemen entered the building and proceeded toward Tyler and his agent.

“Who can tell me what happened here?” one of the plain-clothes policemen asked flashing a wallet badge.

“I can officer,” The Aztec-Turner agent next to Tyler said.

“I’ll be in the Principal’s office, in case you need me,” Tyler said.

“Who said you could go?” the officer said gruffly.

“May I go to the Principal’s office, officer?” Tyler asked with a tinge of sarcasm.

“Yeah, I guess so,” the man replied. “Just don’t leave without permission.”

Tyler began walking toward the office, mumbling under his breath, “Bureaucrats!”

Tyler entered the office area and found Ron talking to Mr. Bargnesi, and Matt with Ronnie on his lap. The man’s and boy’s arms were around each other in a reassuring hug.

Stepping to Ron and the principal, Tyler complimented the administrator on his quick thinking, for which the principal thanked Ron’s brother.

“You’ll excuse me now,” Bargnesi ‘semi-requested’. “Our ‘evacuation team’ is here. Duty calls.”

“Thanks Daniel,” Ron said. “We may see you again before we go. I’m sure the police will want to question us at least to some degree before we’re released. If we don’t see you, thanks so much for your help and cooperation. If there is ever anything I can do to help you, please ask.”

“Thanks for the offer Ron,” Bargnesi replied. “I would like to talk to you about our music program funding some time.”

“Anytime,” Ron replied smiling at the administrator. He respected the man that never completely took his mind off the whole picture of his job. “We owe ya,” Ron concluded.

“We owe you,” Daniel said correcting Ron’s language with a wink.

                                    *                      *                      *

Three hours later, Ron and Matt’s estate

Ron pulled his Mercedes into its space in the 8-car garage of their palatial home. Matt’s German sports car, with it’s top stowed in the trunk, followed to the adjacent space, with him and Ronnie grinning inside, their hair tossed and blown from the ride. Tyler’s BMW 750i followed, pulled into it’s own space next to Dan’s more modest, but fast Beemer sports car still parked in it’s spot from before he had left for Houston.

Before the men could alight from the car, Jerry came running through the door leading from the kitchen. Spotting Ronnie, he ran to Dan’s car, giving Ronnie a big hug as he stood up and climbed out.

“Hey! Where’s mine?” Ron complained, climbing out of his car behind the jubilant youngsters.

“Mine too?” Matt asked from across the open cockpit of his sports car.

“Hey! Don’t forget ole Dad,” Tyler added.

Jerry rushed around bestowing hugs and kisses to each of the older men, saving his best for Tyler.

“Glad you’re looking so well Jerry,” Ron said, as he took his turn in the hug-o-rama.

“I feel great,” Jerry said with a smile. “I was a bit tired after the trip, but a quick nap took care of that!”

Ronnie again claimed his prize, putting his arm around Jerry’s shoulder.

“You look great, my buddy,” Ronnie said.

“The doctor said I’m all well,” Jerry explained. “I gotta keep takin’ blood tests and go back now and then to be sure, but I’m almost as strong as I was before I got sick.”

“How come some of your hair is comin’ out?” Ronnie asked with concern.

“The doctor said it was because of the medicine, but that it will start growin’ back soon.”

“I got an idea!” Ronnie suggested. “Why don’t we both get close buzz cuts, then neither one of us will have much hair.”

Both boys looked at Tyler now joined in a kiss with Dan who had followed Jerry from the house.

Dan and Tyler broke their embrace and turned to the boys nearby.

“Sounds good to me,” Tyler said approvingly.

“Me too boys,” Dan agreed. “Let’s go into the house. We can finish our celebration there.”

The men led the way, as the boys trailed behind.

“Man, you won’t believe what happened to me at school!” Ronnie said excitedly.

“Tell me,” Jerry requested.

“Well, I was in class and I had to pee really bad. I raised my hand and got permission to go, after the teacher gave me a little lecture on planning ahead…”

                                    *                      *                      *

Later, Ron and Matt’s bedroom.

The phone on the bedside table rang as Ron and Matt lay naked, wrapped in each other’s embrace.

Ron cursed under his breath, answering it, knowing that only important calls would get past Parker.

“Yes?” Ron answered.

“Sorry to bother you Ron. This is Wes.”

“No problem Wes. What’s up?”

“I’m just leaving the hospital where John and that bastard Orville were taken. They’re both going to recover. They were able to repair John pretty easily, and he was under just a short time. He’s fully recovered now and in a regular room. Orville’s surgery was a bit more extensive as bullet wounds are harder to repair. That sucker is strong I have to admit. I thought he was a goner, but he’s already out of danger, though still in the intensive care unit. He’s been awake for about a half hour and is singing his heart out to the Metro detectives right now. From what I’ve already been told he’s put the finger on the Senator, big time! I’d say that political SOB is up the river for good!”

“That’s great news!” Ron said, obviously pleased. “Maybe we can get back to a normal life.”

“I wouldn’t count on it,” Wes responded with a laugh. “Next week you guys are adopting Ronnie and Jerry.”

“Yeah, there is that!” Ron responded. “Have you told Tyler?”

“Yes sir, I just talked to him. He’s the boss, ya know.”

Ron laughed. “I’ll tell Matt. Thanks again Wes.”

“Welcome, Ron. Night.”


“You’ll tell Matt what?” Matt asked as soon as the receiver was back in its cradle.

“Lets get back to what we were doin’,” Ron suggested. “I’ll tell you afterward.”

“No! I want to know now!” Matt insisted.

“Nag. Nag. Nag.” Ron said grinning as he took Matt back into his arms.

                                    *            *            *            *            *