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Chapter Five

The boys’ eyes widened as the Buick approached Ron’s palatial home.

“Holy shit,” Jason said in amazement. “Does this Mr. Turner guy live in a hotel?”

“No young man,” Parker responded, “ but you wouldn’t be the first to think that.”

“Does he have a big family or something?” Darryl asked next.

“No boys, Mr. Turner lives here with his partner, Mr. Davidson. Mr. Turner’s brother, Tyler, occupies the guesthouse on weekends.”

“Wow!  Then why do they need such a big house? “

“They have lots of friends,” Parker said with a straight face. You’ll meet some of them tonight.

Matt met the threesome at the rear garage when they arrived. As the boys stepped out of the car Matt offered his hand to shake saying, “Welcome boys. My name is Matt. Ron is waiting for us inside. Grab your bags.” The boys picked up their backpacks and stepped away from the car.

“Uh, Mr. Davidson.” Parker called from the driver’s seat. Matt bent over and looked at the older man in understanding.

“Yes, Parker. You have time to go shopping before dinner. Do you have their sizes? Ha! I guess that’s a silly question. You probably could have given me their sizes before they ever got in your car. Have fun!”

Matt stepped away from the car grinning and joined the boys. “I guess Parker has found two more victims,” he said absentmindedly.

Stricken looks crossed the faces of the young guests. Matt suddenly realized what he had said and added quickly, “Hey guys, you have nothing to fear. I was just joking about Parker’s love of shopping.”

“What does he have to shop for?” Darryl asked.

“Some clothes for you guys,” Matt answered as he opened the rear door to the house and motioned the boys in ahead.

“He don’t have to do that!” Jason said. “We got clothes.”

“I’m sure you do,” Matt responded. “But did you remember to bring your tuxedos? You’ve got to look your best if you’re going with us to the opera.”

“The opera? Yuk!”  Jason said holding his nose. “Can we just stay home? We used to have a neighbor, an Italian guy, and he used to go around singin’ that stuff, all the time. He coulda scared away a ghost! What screechin’! He had one song he loved to sing best. He said it was called ‘Vegetable Juba,’ whatever in the heck that means.”

Matt laughed. “I was just pullin’ your legs, boys. We’re not really going to the opera, but yes, Parker has gone to get you some new clothes. We have to let him do that whenever we have guests. He just loves to shop!”

“No wonder you guys have so many friends!” Jason commented.

Matt looked at the boys strangely, thinking, ‘Obviously I missed something.’ He decided not to ask.

“Parker must be some kind of weirdo,” Darryl said. “Not that I ever got to do much shopping myself, we didn’t have hardly any money for that kind of thing.”

The new arrivals passed through the kitchen and into the family room. There Ron, Tyler and Dan were enjoying an afternoon snack. The three men rose from their seats when they saw Matt and the boys. Ron stepped forward to greet the new guests.

“Welcome boys,” Ron said smiling. “You’ve met Matt, my name is Ron, and these guys,” he said waving toward his brother and his lover, “are Tyler and Dan. We have two other guests but they’re in their room.”

“Hello sirs.” Jason said softly. “I’m Jason and this is my best buddy Darryl.”

“Come join us for a snack,” Ron said as he put his arm around Jason’s back. ”We won’t be having dinner for a couple hours. So we decided to have a snack to tide us over. Tonight is a special occasion. ”

Jason grimaced as if in pain when Ron touched his back. Matt saw the look on his face.

“Are you ok, Jason?”  Matt asked. “Are your hurt?”

“Nah, I’m ok,” Jason responded. “I must have got a crick in my back on the bus. What’s the special occasion?”

“Tyler is my brother,” Ron explained. “We have the same father, but different mothers. Our parents have all passed away. Now, Tyler has decided to take the last name of our father. On Monday the judge will make it official. Tonight we’re having a little party in Tyler’s honor.”

The boys shook their head in agreement but it was not apparent that they understood a word as they took their indicated seats. Their eyes grew big at the sight of the snacks that Mary had prepared at Ron’s direction. There were mounds of small sandwiches, deviled eggs, shrimp and vegetables as well as chips and dips.”

“Help yourself boys,” Ron offered. “Mary, our cook, will be very disappointed if these trays are not empty when she comes back to pick ‘em up. Here are plates to hold your choices.”

In spite of their hunger, the boys timidly picked a small selection of the food.

“Heck, we’ve got a chicken out back that could eat more than that!” Ron exclaimed. “You have to do better than that or Mary is going to be really upset.”

The boys began to load their plates with food. The older guys all smiled. They knew that Ron had guessed correctly when he said he was sure they would arrive hungry. When their plates were piled high, they sat back and began to devour the snacks like they hadn’t eaten in weeks.

“Mmmm, this stuff is good.” Jason said with one cheek stuffed like a chipmunk.”

“I’ll tell Mary you said so.” Matt said smiling. “It will make her day.”

“You boys are not from Las Vegas, I’d guess,” Ron said.

“No sir,” Darryl said with a mouth full of food. “We’re from Denver.”

The answer caused a sharp look to be directed at him from Jason. Darryl looked like the cat that ate the canary. Ron saw the look and pretended not to notice.

“Why did you decide to leave Denver?” he asked Jason.

“It was too fuckin’ cold. We’d have froze our ass off if we had stayed,” he responded. Then realizing his faux pas, apologized for his language.

“You’re forgiven.  We use that word occasionally. Just not normally around ladies or when we’re conducting business.” Ron said continuing. “I presume that you have no homes there now,” Ron asked.

“Nope, not any more,” Jason answered.

“You can tell us about it when you’re comfortable doing so,” Matt offered. “For now you are our guests and would probably like to see your rooms. Parker will be returning soon with some new clothes for you. You can wear them for the party.”

“Yeah, that would be great,” Jason said, nodding his cute blond covered head.

“Just follow me,” Matt said as he stood up. “I’m sure you would like to clean up and rest a bit before dinner. Grab your bags and I’ll take you up. On the way I’ll give you a bit of the ‘grand tour’ as we call it around here. That way you’ll know your way around.”

Jason and Darryl stood. Jason turned to the older men still seated, saying, “It was nice meeting you all,” he said. Looking directly at Ron he said, “It was ‘specially nice for you to give us a place to stay, sir. If we can help around here, just say so. I’m a pretty good helper in the kitchen and I’m good at cleaning up. Darryl is a hard worker too. We’d be glad to do anything you tell us to.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Ron said smiling. “For now, just enjoy yourself. There’s plenty of time to think of those kinds of things after the weekend. We have a nice pool, a hot tub, and a complete game room I think you’d enjoy. We’ll see you in a while after you’ve had a chance to clean up.”

“Come on guys,” Matt said.

The boys followed Matt for their tour and to get settled in.

As the boys disappeared from view, Ron picked up his cell phone and looking up a number he’d entered, pressed the speed dial button. After a moment’s pause, Ron spoke. “Hi Pete?” he questioned. “This is Ron Turner. Would you and Cody be available for dinner? We have a couple of guests we’d like you to meet. We’re having a little party but it’s informal. Slacks and a casual shirt will be fine if you have ‘em.”

After a pause as he listened, he continued, “Oh he did?  Sure, that would be great.  Nothing formal.  Could you be here in an hour? …. Great! See you then. Good bye.”

“You can always depend on Parker,” Ron said laughing.

“Do I detect a recruitment effort for the Thornton Center shaping up?” Tyler asked smiling.

Ron grinned back. “Ya never know,” he said in reply.

        *        *        *

An hour later Pete’s faded Nissan pick-up pulled to a stop on the entry bridge. Matt and Ron greeted them as they approached the front door.

“Good to see you guys again,” Ron said offering his hand. “You have a nice day?”

“Thanks, Ron,” Pete answered. “Hi Matt,” he added, shaking the hand of Ron’s partner. “Yeah, we had a pretty good day, nothing too exciting though. Did a little shopping with Parker this morning and got haircuts. We had lunch out too and picked up a video to watch tonight.”

“You guys look really sharp,” Matt commented. “You didn’t happen to bring it did you?” he asked. “Ron has a home theater. Maybe you guys would like to watch it here after the party?”

“Uh, yeah, but a…well…. Uh….” Pete stammered. “It’s kinda…. Adult… sorta.”

“Great,” Ron said grinning at Pete’s obvious embarrassment. “Maybe we could all watch it together. What is it?”  He said laughing.

Pete’s red face brightened another shade. “Uh…. It’s… the first episode of Queer as Folk.” Cody has never seen it.”

“Hmm.” Ron said. “Let’s think about it a bit. I mean the guys I’m anxious for you to meet are a little younger than you Cody. They’re homeless and staying here for a few days. We don’t even know if they’re gay or even very much about them. Maybe you guys could help us make them feel welcome, and get ‘em to open up a little. I’m sure they’re going to feel a bit out of place at the party.”

“They’re probably not going to be the only ones,” Cody added.

“Don’t worry about it, guys.” Matt said. “Some of our friends are bringing their kids. Maybe you could all hang out together. I think everyone is bringing their swim suits.”

“You can count on us to help, Matt,” Cody said. “You sure made me feel welcome, and if it hadn’t been for Pete, I’d have been scared shitless… Oops!”  Cody blushed.

“No prob, Cody. Guess we’re going to have to get used to a little language if we’re gonna be around boys. Right Pard?” Ron said smiling at Matt. “Just be a little careful around the ladies tonight.”

“Right,” Matt agreed. “It’s fine when it’s just us boys. Don’t worry about it. Come on in, we’d like you to meet Jason and Darryl.”

The foursome entered through the entry doors and crossed by the huge living room on their trek to the game room, where Tyler and Dan were entertaining the younger guys.

Tyler looked up from the pool table, where he was getting ready to shoot as Ron, Matt, Pete and Cody walked through the door.

“Hi Guys,” he said. The four players all turned toward the door as play was suspended.

Matt introduced the new boys to their guests from the previous evening.  They shook hands. ‘Wow, these guys are young to be homeless,’ Pete thought smiling at the new boys as they shook hands. “Nice to meet you guys,” he said. “Who’s winning?”

“Well, we’ve only played one game, and Tyler scratched the eight ball, so even though we won we didn’t earn it,” Jason said. “We just started the second game.”

“Yeah, and I’m glad you came to rescue Dan and me,” Tyler said. “These guys are tough.”

“Yeah, sure.” Darryl said. “I didn’t sink one shot.”

“How about if you guys play each other?” Tyler said. “My drink is empty, and I’m sure you guys could stand something.  Matt, do you think you might check to see how dinner is coming along?”

Matt told them, “I will do that, and the other guests should be arriving soon. You’ll enjoy Mabel and her boys.”

The four youngsters gave Tyler their order, then Matt, Ron and Dan asked for refills of what they had been drinking. The four older men slipped out of the room as Pete and Cody picked pool cues.

“I’ve never before seen you scratch on the eight ball,” Dan said to Tyler as they headed for the bar.

“Well, accidents happen,” he said winking.

Matt and Ron rejoined Ron’s brother and his lover in the family room after a quick trip to the kitchen to confirm with Mary that dinner was progressing as planned.

He had barely had time for a quick sip of his drink when Dorothy announced that Parker had returned and had taken the new boys, to their room to try on their new clothes. She told him that the other guest had come through the gate and would be at the house soon.  

“Tyler, Dan and I will be the official greeters,” Ron offered. “Matt would you go help Parker with our newest guests, then introduce them around when they come down?”

“Sure Babe, I’d be glad to.  Who all will be here tonight for the party?”

“Mabel and her brood of course. Then Robert will be coming to be with Jeffery. Will Nuggent, and his wife Janet, as well as Jan Bounett and her husband Bill. Jeff Davis and Phil Thompson will complete the office contingent. I also invited Mr. Peterson, but he sent his regrets. I’ve asked Dorothy to joins us too. She and Mabel are such good friends. With Alan and Bryan, we’ll have a pretty full house.

“Well, excuse me. I’d better go see to the boys,” Matt said as he stood. “We’ll be down in a few minutes, and I’ll knock on Bryan and Alan’s door too.”

“Ok Matt, take your time,” Ron said. “Dinner is not for an hour.

        *        *        *

Ron rounded up the younger guys who had congregated in the game room and the guests, young and old alike, went into the dining room. As they gathered around the table, Ron who was standing at his customary place at the head, spoke.  “Friends, we’re very happy to have you as part of our family tonight. As you can see, Mary has prepared a turkey for our meal. Even though it is long past Thanksgiving I felt this traditional entrée was appropriate for this occasion. It expresses my feeling in finding Tyler as my brother. Please join us in our prayer of thanks.”  He bowed his head.

“Father, You’ve given us the gift of family. For some the family is divided. We are here tonight to celebrate the reuniting of a family member we have come to love and cherish, our brother Tyler. We ask that hearts in divided families be opened and a new acceptance of each member will be found. You’ve also given us many challenges and blessings. Help us meet those challenges to Your greater glory. We thank You for the guests who have joined us tonight for this celebration. We ask for wisdom for those of us who are older and Your guidance and protection for these young men that they may grow secure in the knowledge of Your love. Now we thank You for these many blessings, the blessings of family and friends. We thank you for this meal and ask that it may nourish and strengthen our bodies so that we may do your will. Amen.”

“Do you always pray at meals?” Darryl, who was sitting next to Ron, asked after everyone had raised their heads. “My Mom never prayed for anything or took me to church, or nothin’. She said it was foolishness.”

“We try to, although we don’t always do it if we’re on the go.” Ron answered. “As for the other, I don’t ask other people to believe in God or Jesus, just because I do. I hope they can find piece with God in their own way.”

“I don’t believe in any of that stuff!” Jason said, his anger rising. “I used to but not any more. God let my Mom, Dad and sister get killed, and made me stay with my Uncle, whose a drunk and beats me ‘cause I’m gay. If I hadn’t run away, he prolly woulda killed me. You’ll probly throw me out too, now that you know.”

“Losing your loved ones is always hard, Jason.” Ron said. “We’re sorry to hear of it, but don’t blame God for your misfortunes. God loves you and cares for you. Sometimes he uses other people to act in his behalf. I can promise you though; your uncle will never touch you again. You’re safe here. As for being gay, you won’t have a problem here with that either.  Remember Parker told you that Matt and I are both gay.”

“Dan and I are too,” Tyler who was sitting on the other side of Jason, said.

A voice was heard from across the table “You can add Cody and me to that list,” Pete added.

“You’re all gay? I can’t believe it! You guys are so… so … normal!”

The men within earshot of the conversations all laughed.

“Yes, we are normal, Jason,” Ron said still smiling. “Why shouldn’t we be? We do everything that straight guys do, except that we happen to be attracted to men instead of women. When you’re very young, sex seems like everything, but it’s only a small part of who we are as people. We work, play, eat, sleep and have personal pride and values just like straight men. In short we’re not really different, we’re the same with just one variation. There are several others at this table who are gay too, but those that aren’t are our friends, and share our love and friendship.”

“Don’t people hate you or make fun of you?” Darryl asked as the food was passed around and plates were filled.

“I’m sure that some people hate us but that’s because of their ignorance, not because of us. We can only feel sorry for them, not hate them back. They don’t know how wrong they are. As for being made fun of; well maybe at one time, or behind our backs. Do you think someone is going to make fun of me? Or Tyler?”

Darryl looked at the two brothers and shook his head. “They’d better not make fun of Tyler for sure. From the looks of him, he could pound ‘em into the ground.”

“I’d never do that just because someone made fun of me,” Tyler who had overheard the conversation, said. “I only use my training and strength when there’s no other choice. Fighting to intimidate is immature and stupid.”

“I bet nobody ever picked on you,” Darryl commented as he attacked his plate.

“They did when I was young,” Tyler responded. “I stayed out of fights when I could though. I learned very early that fighting is for losers. A guy with smarts rarely fights.”

Lively conversations continued around the table, until everyone’s appetite had been more than satisfied.

“I guess we’re ready for dessert,” Ron said with sufficient volume to be heard by all the guests. “Tonight Mary has made apple pie with ice cream.”

“That’s great!” Pete said to those seated near him. “I don’t starve being a young bachelor living alone, but having apple pie is a real treat. I rarely have it because I can’t eat a whole pie by myself.”

“Well, You’ve got me now,” Cody said softly.

“You guys live together?” Jason asked when he overheard the conversation.

“Just for now.” Cody replied. “I’m gonna move into the Thornton Center for Boys, when it’s finished in a couple of weeks. Maybe you should move in there too.”

“What’s the Thornton Center for Boys?” Jason asked.

“We’ll take you there tomorrow,” Matt said. “I think you’ll like it.

“Yeah, that’s a great idea, Matt.” Ron agreed. “Now if you guys are ready for dessert, I have some joke appetizers.

“I’d hate to have these guys lose their dinner so soon.” Matt said without breaking his straight face. It didn’t keep either Tyler or Dan from breaking into a grin. Even Alan who was the most serious of the friends missed Ron’s bad jokes.”

“I’m ready for the joke,” Dan said with defiance. “I like Ron’s jokes.”

“Thank you kind sir,” Ron said with an evil grin. “What do you get when you cross a cantaloupe with a Border Collie?  … Melancholy babies.  ---- “Why can’t a woman ask her brother for help?  … ‘Cause he can’t be a brother and assist her too.”…. “What do you do with an elephant with three balls?.…. Walk him and pitch to the rhino!”

The guest all tried to keep from laughing, but couldn’t in spite of their efforts. The younger ones giggled at their funny host, without regard to whether or not they understood the jokes.

        *        *        *

“I sure fell in love with Jason and Darryl,” Dan said as he and Tyler walked the short distance to the guesthouse after the party had concluded. “Someday, I’d like to have a couple of boys like them for our own.”

“I agree, Babe, “ Tyler responded. “They’re great guys. It sounds like they’ve had their share of bad breaks. They could use a little ‘one-on-one’ fathering.”

“That thought has crossed my mind,” Tyler said. “If it’s allowed I’d kinda like to be a ‘big brother’ to ‘em if they go to Thornton. I’ll talk to Ron and Matt about it in the morning.  I’ve got something that’s coming up that I’d like to show you, right now,” Tyler said grinning as he opened the door.

“I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours,” Dan said suggestively as the door closed behind him.

“Best offer I’ve had all night,” Tyler said as he kissed his lover, pressing the large bulge in his groin into that of his partner.

“Mmmmm,” came Dan’s muffled reply.

        *        *        *

The conversation in Ron and Matt’s room was also centered on the two new boys.

Matt stepped out of the shower and was toweling off while Ron, who was already in their bed across the room was reading.
“Ron, I got a glimpse of Jason’s back when the guys got out of the hot tub.” Matt said in a raised voice, so Ron could hear.  “He had a shirt on but I could see bruises through the thin material of his tee shirt. I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of the other boys, but I think we should have him see a doctor on Monday. Also I think we should photograph it, so that if his uncle plays that custody stuff, we can nail him.”

“I was afraid of that,” Ron responded.  “We’d better have Tyler join us when we do it. He has more experience, and has great photography equipment that he uses in gathering evidence.  Maybe we can do that tomorrow.”

“I can’t understand how a grown man could abuse a boy,” Matt said sadly. “It’s one of the few things that makes my blood boil. I think if I saw it happening, I’d attack the adult and beat the shit out of him.”

“The evidence is pretty strong that beatings when the adults were children, are a root cause of much abuse,” Ron responded while nodding in support of his partner’s rage.

“Somewhere the cycle has to stop!” Matt said. “I hope we support a ‘hot line’ where troubled youth can call.”

“Yes we do.” Ron answered. “Mr. Peterson practically reads my mind when it comes to helping youth. It’s amazing how many services there are that are available, but many of them are terribly under funded, and often under staffed or lacking training. It’s rather sad that it happens, but in Las Vegas there is one man who keeps a good eye on those needs and isn’t afraid to act on his own to see that the monetary needs are met. He just tells me later. HA!  He’s really an unusual guy. He’s so formal and stiff in person, but he takes his work very seriously and really has a very soft heart. He’s a tiger on flim-flam though. There are many so-called charities that serve the leadership of the charity, not the recipient of the gifts. He’s an expert at rooting them out. Now that we have Aztec-Turner and Tyler at the helm he’s gonna have some help. I’d like to put those guys out of business, for good!”

“You’re getting all riled up babe.” Matt said. “Now that your blood pressure is up, maybe I could interest you in getting something else up?”

“All you’ve got to do is smile, Matt. You know you turn me on. Let me show you how much.”

Ron turned to his partner who had climbed into bed after drying from the shower.

“Ron, I love you more every day. You’re everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a man.”

“Even the jokes?” Ron asked as he moved in to place the first of many kisses on the warm mouth of his lover.

“Mmmmm,” was the garbled reply.
        *        *        *

Jason and Darryl had joined Pete and Cody in the hot tub with the other boys an hour after dinner. Laughing, teasing and splashing epitomized the antics for nearly a half hour. When everyone had given up and returned to the house except for the four new boys, the fun and laughter quickly died and a tentative make-out session ensued. After 10 minutes, when the heat threatened to overcome them in spite of their excitement, they showered and returned to the main house. No sooner had they entered the family room than the guests began to depart en masse.   Pete and Cody thanked their hosts for the wonderful meal and entertainment, then promised to return the following day at Ron and Matt’s insistence, for the trip to the Thornton Center. After all the guests had departed, Darryl and Jason also thanked Ron, Matt and Tyler for their hospitality, and returned to their room for the night.

“I’m sure glad that Matt let us share a room,” Darryl said as they entered the room.
“Me too,” Jason answered. “I’m ‘specially glad now that I know you’re gay too.”

“I’m kinda scared,” Darryl admitted shyly. “I never did anything with anybody before. In fact, our kissin’ in the hot tub was the first time I’ve ever been kissed by somebody I cared about. I gotta tell you that I don’t know nothin’ about being gay or doin’ stuff.”

“I don’t know much, myself,” Jason confessed. “I don’t want to do anything to scare you off though, so if I do anything ya don’t want, just tell me and I’ll stop. Deal?”

“Deal. I guess we’d better get ready for bed,” Darryl suggested.  

“Yeah, what do ya think of taking a shower together? I think it might be kinda fun.”

“We just took  a shower when we got out of the pool,” Darryl said in confusion. Then seeing the look in Jason’s eyes, said, “Heck, I think it would be lots of fun, especially together. I just hope you don’t think I’m too skinny.”

“I just hope you don’t get sick to your stomach, when you see in the light what my Uncle did to me,” Jason responded.

“Jas, I have come to really care for you. I don’t care what you look like. We’ve become more than close friends, and your problems have become mine. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think I’m fallin’ for ya. I don’t really know if it’s love ‘cause I’ve never felt this way before, but I do know that I think about you all the time, and lots of times I get a stiffy, without even touching myself.”

“I feel the same way Darr. We’ve been there for each other and I am thankful for every minute I’ve ever spent with you. Even when we were cold and hungry I wouldn’t have traded a raging fire and a steak dinner, if it had meant leaving you. I guess we can be boyfriends, if you want.”

“I never wanted anything more, Jas. Let’s shower I want to kiss you some more and feel your body against mine. That’s got to be way cool.”

“I’d say it was way hot!” Jason said as he stepped out of his underwear, the 5-1/2” evidence of his passion standing at attention.

Darryl’s eyes fell on Jason’s stiff member. “Oh…. Ohhhh…. Ohhhhhh”, He moaned. His body jumped as he gritted his teeth. Finally relaxing, tears came to his eyes. “Damn,” he said as he started to cry, “I just shot stuff in my underwear and I didn’t even touch myself.  I’m really sorry. I just go too excited.”

“Hey baby, I’m glad that I could make you feel that way.” Jason said, giving his partner a warm huh, “ I bet though that before we finish our showers that thing will be reloaded and ready to go again, so don’t worry about it. Come on.” he said with a lusty grin directed to his new boyfriend.  “The last one in the shower is a rotten egg!”

Darryl didn’t stand a chance at beating Jason to the shower, but the diversion restored his dignity, and in less than a minute both boys were locked in an embrace. Warm water splashed in a cascade over their two young bodies washing away their troubles and promising the beginning of a new life together.

        *        *        *        *

Hope you enjoyed the chapter.  J  JET