Michael Part 2

By -- Angyl


Well Michael and I did not get another chance for fun that tri. Damn frustrating is all I can say. For a week after our little bit of fun, all I could do was thinking of another round with Michael. Damn I hated this feeling. This has not ever happened before. I loved (not as in I wanted to date him, but well you know) a guy for all intense purposes, was straight, even if he was not really. I knew deep down that there would not be anything more between us.

A chance for more fun came a couple days after returning from the trip. I was checking my schedule, and imagine my surprise and happiness when I saw we would be on another road trip together, and as we would be the only two guys on it, we would have to share a room. I almost creamed myself. I had to send him an email and let him know, but did not want to sound to overtly eager about it.



From: Angyl

To Michael

Subject: Road Trip

Hey Michael,

I see we are on another trip together. We will have to be roomies again as you and I will be the only two guys on it.



I knew it would take a couple days for Michael to get back to me. At least I had not sounded too eager in the email. I was surprised when Michael messaged me about an hour later.



From: Michael

To: Angyl

Subject: RE: Road Trip

Hey dude...sup

Yeah cool shit would love to share with you again ;)

Maybe we can do some more if you know what I mean ;)




I definitely knew what he was talking about, and he seemed all excited about it. I guess we would see when we got to the hotel. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted him to suck my cock. I wonder if he was into that or not. I had see his cute hole, and wondered if he would let me stick my cock in him and not just my finger. My hand had found its way to my crotch and I began to absentmindly rub it. I was so hard thinking about it. I took my cock out, and stroked myself, long and fast. Bring myself to a quick orgasm. I know is back, but I had been horny all day since thinking about the prospect of more fun with Michael. I sat there and cleaned up. I still had another week before the trip. I admit I thought about inviting him over but our work schedule is the shits most of the time. I resigned myself to having to wait.

When the day finally arrived, I could not believe how the week went by damn slow. I packed some special stuff for the trip up, and some other special stuff for the hotel room. I had it all planned in my head as to what was gonna go down. I hoped nothing would fuck it up. I almost ran out the door to get to the meeting point, arriving early. This trip I was the manager in charge. I waited for the driver and crew to show. As crew showed up I became dejected as more had been added. Another guy would be on the trip. As luck would have it his mom was coming too, and they shared a room. Damn this was not bad. Then I noticed Michael was not there and we were all ready to go. The drive pulled up, and we all climbed in. We were about to pulled away, with me feeling dejected, when my phone rang. Michael was on his way. I breathed a sigh of relief. Oh good I was going to get my fun. Once he arrived we were gone.

It was an uneventful trip; I slept most of the way like I normally do. When we arrived and checked in I got another pleasant surprise. We did not have to work as the shift for that night and the next morning were cancelled. So we had the afternoon and next morning free. This was news I was not expecting, but it was great none the less. I spent the afternoon on my computer, and then I took the crew out for supper. After eating, I headed back up and went back on the computer. Michael had stayed to hang out for a bit. He did not come back til almost nine. He immediately turned on the TV. It took another hour before me stripped down to his boxers. The like a cock tease he sat so I could see his cock hanging out.

"Man you need to put that thing away." I chided him.

"More like you need to come service it." He retorted, as he began stroking it.

I moved towards his bed, he was grinning figuring I was going to service him. I decide now was as good a time as any to put my plan into action. I shut down my computer and walked over to his bed. I took his cock in hand and slowly began to stroke it. Then I leaned in a licked the tip. I was teasing the fuck out of him. I would not go down on him. He was getting all moody

"Aww come on man...suck me already!!" He whined.

I had other ideas in mind for this boy. Now was the time to set my plan in motion. I only hoped he would go for it.

"You know I think you should give my cock some attention."

"Forget that...I am not a cock sucker!!"

"Fine then...whatever suits you."

I was not going to do all the work. I got off the bed and stormed off to the bathroom, and locked myself in. I had been in the same position before and I was not going to go through it again. I guess my plans were a bust and I was left in a bad way. I could hear Michael cursing quietly to himself. I crawled into the tub and must have dosed off. I awoke a couple hours later, and decide to go sleep in my bed. It was a bit dark, but I saw Michaels bed empty, and I really did not give a shit. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Sometime during the night Michael had returned. I must have been right dead asleep. When I awoke he was in his bed. I got dressed and left. I was still pissed off, well more like hurt. I know it seems childish to act this way, but shit I am the one always getting the bad end of the deal. So after eating and wandering I headed back to the room. I quietly sat on my bed when I got back to the room. I looked over at Michael and he was still fast asleep, his cock hanging out and semi hard. Honestly that was the last thing I wanted to see. I got up and went to my computer and turned it on. I kept looking over at Michael and his cock. I finally gave into my desire. I got up and went to his bed with the intentions of covering him up. Well that did not happen, I took his cock in hand and began stroking him til he was hard. Then I knelt down and was gonna take him in my mouth. I felt his hand on my arm.

"No wait." He said.

He motioned for me to get on the bed. So I got up and sat beside him. He sat and moved so he could be in front of me. He reached out and began rubbing my crotch, making me even harder.

"I can't believe I am gonna do this...take you pants off." He said.

"You don't have to."

"Since you left is all I could think about...so lets do it before I change my mind."

I lifted up and with his help got out of my pants. He looked down at my cock, and took it in his hand. Okay I would be satisfied with just a hand job from him. I leaned against the headboard to enjoy it. When he went down on me I almost jumped. He was going to suck my cock.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked.

He leaned in and began working my cock with his mouth. He was a little unsure, but not bad for a beginner. He accidentally scraped his teeth the first couple bobs. I would be damned but he was deep throating my cock. Shit I could not believe it. He was beginning to get a stead rhythm going, as well as massaging my balls. Shit this was too much, I knew I was close.

"Man I am gonna shot my load!!"

I though Michael would pull off, but he just kept sucking and massaging. Oh man I could not hold back.

"Here it comes...I warned you."

I was filling his mouth before I even finished the sentence. He did not pull off but kept suck and swallowing my load. Holy fuck. I have to say that was a damn fine blow job from him. He kept sucking until I went limp.

"Shit I should have done this sooner...fuck I love it." He exclaimed.

"You did awesome." I replied.

"Damn that is the shit."

He had a huge grin on his face. I did not bother getting dressed, and he shucked his boxers before crawling in bed next to me. I was tired and I know he was. He curled up next to me, and soon had drifted off to sleep. I only hope that he did not decide it had been a bad idea. I guess only time would tell the answer to that one. I drifted off. I awoke a couple hours later, and began getting ready for work. I know I still had about four hours but I wanted it done and over with. It maybe took me five minutes to finish, and then I just sat there absently thinking about how nice it would be to fuck Michael. Couple times I looked over and saw his smooth ass hang out from under the covers. I got up and wandered over to the bed, and began massaging his ass. I let my finger wander into his crack and around his hole. Amazingly he moved to allow me better access. I wet my finger and pushed into him. He got a smile on his face.

"Mmm...don't stop that feels good." He sighed.

"You know what feels even better? Letting me put my cock in your ass." I replied.

"Doesn't that hurt?"

"Only for a bit but it gets better."

"I don't know man."

"You won't know til you try though."

Michael looked like he was pondering it over. I just kept fingering his hole. He kind of rolled over and looked at me.

"Okay I guess you can, but you got to stop if I tell you to, oh and go slow."

I moved off the bed and grabbed the lube out of my bag. I moved back to the bed. I put a generous amount of lube on my finger, and I rolled him on his back. Lifting his legs, I worked the lube into his hole. Then I used my finger to gentle open his ass muscles. I slowly worked in a second finger. Michael began to quietly moan. I got into position.

"You ready?"

He nodded his consent. I lined up my cock with his hole and gently pushed in. There was a bit of resistance, but soon my cockhead popped right in.

"Oh shit that hurts man!!"

I stopped pushing and let his ass get used to my cock. He was tight. I looked down at his face. I could see he was relaxing.

"Want me to keep going?"

"It fucking hurt...don't know if I can take it."

"I will stop if you want me to."

"Naw just get it in me."

I began to slowly push in again. His face cringed from pain, so I would stop, let him get used to me, and then start pushing in again. It took time but soon I had my cock buried deep inside him. I waited and then began to slowly pull out.

"Shit that fucking hurts!!"

I stopped and was ready to pull out. I saw the look Michael had and the tears. I got ready to take my cock out of him.

"No don't stop, It kind of feels good too."

I began to pull out of him til only my cock head was in him, and then slowly back inside him.

"Shit...goddamn...yeah...fuck me hard."

I began to move in and out of him faster. Judging from the reactions and the moaning, he was enjoying my cock inside him. I was leaning over and I leaned down and began to kiss him, as I plowed his ass. Michael wrapped his arms around my neck and began kissing me deeply, probing my lips with his tongue. I opened up and allow our tongues to mingle. I had also reached down and stroked his cock. I had to break the kiss to get better balance.

I was really ramming his ass now. He had taken over and was stroking his cock.

"Fuck me hard you stud!!"

I rammed my cock deep into him, and as quickly pulled it out of him. He was pumping his cock as hard and as quickly as I was pounding him. I looked down in time to see his cock pump out his spunk. He reached down and rubbed it around his chest. I was hammering away at his hole, and felt myself getting close.

"I am gonna blow man, should I pull out?"

"Fuck no fill me up!!"

I gave a couple more thrust in and out, and then slammed deep into him. I filled his hole with my spunk. I stayed in him until I had gone soft. I pulled out of him and collapsed on him.

"Shit we may have to do that again later." He said with enthusiasm.

"I take it you liked it then?"

"Fucking rights I did!!"

That was good news for me. I would definitely have to have another go at his tight ass. I leaned in and kissed him. He returned the kiss. After a little rest we headed into the shower together and got cleaned up. This was going to be a good trip. As we cleaned up, I got a thought. I should let him have a go at my ass one of these days. After all it was only fair. We headed for work. I guess fucking him again would wait another day.

The End

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