Roommate's Massage

by D J

I met Barry through some mutual friends. We were both looking for friends to hang with. He was 25, I was 22; at 6', he was 2" taller than me and very masculine with reddish-brown hair and a full beard. He had an athletic build, and from his open-collared shirts, I could tell he had a hairy chest. He was very friendly, and had a great sense of humor, and we laughed together a lot. His southern accent was cool, too, and we got to be pretty good friends during our group activities. I never thought about getting physical with him--the furthest thing from my mind, actually, and at that point in my life I wasn't sure I wanted to pursue a relationship with any guy. We just got on pretty well, and enjoyed each other's company. I did find him attractive, though, and I think he felt the same way about me. I found out later that was definitely true.

At some point, after having known each other about 6 months, he told me he wanted to move out of the house he shared with 3 other guys (they were getting on his nerves), and since I happened to be looking for a roommate, we decided to move in to a two bedroom apartment. It was a move of convenience for each one of us, but it was fun "apartment shopping" with him, and I started really getting into the domestic aspect of it. We were basically living like a couple, with all our friends coming over for parties and stuff, and just being buds.

The way the apartment was set up, Barry (who had a real bedroom suite of furniture) had the master bedroom with its own bathroom, and I had the other smaller bedroom and used the hallway bathroom. Living together, of course we got to see a lot more of each other's bodies. He did have a hairy chest, with a trail down his stomach to the top of his boxers, his underwear of choice. He didn't have thick hair on his legs, though, or any other part of him I could see in shorts, which I found attractive, too. Smooth and hairy in the right places, I remember thinking. He also saw more of my body, and made comments every now and then about how much he wished his legs looked like mine. He had thin legs (though they were muscular) but wanted more powerful-looking thighs and calves like mine. I often sat outside in the warm months of May and June in nothing but shorts, so he had plenty of eye-fulls! I remember him often sitting inside on the couch watching TV when I laid outside on the patio. I found out later that TV wasn't all he was watching . . .

As one does with a roommate, I got to know his patterns and habits. He usually got home before me in the evenings from work by at least a half hour. I knew he came home and got undressed and put on some comfortable clothes, and sometimes if I came home early unexpectedly, I noticed his bedroom door would be shut. I'd go to my room and start changing, and about 10 or so minutes later, Barry would come out looking a little red in the face and out of breath. It didn't take much for me to realize what he was doing in there. And knowing that my roommate was beating off with me in the same apartment was really arousing to me.

I didn't say anything when I first realized what was happening, but eventually, I got bold enough to say something when the time came.

It was a Saturday morning, and we were both in our bedrooms, awake, but just laying around (naked, of course, since we both slept in the nude). I heard him get up to use the bathroom, then come back to bed. I shouted out a good morning, and he answered me back. We struck up a conversation this way, each in our own beds, and eventually the topic of "morning dick" came up (pun intended). He laughed a little, and made a comment about having it right now. I told him I did, too, and that I was going to have to take care of it. He said the same, and then I was surprised to hear his bedroom door close. I expected him to join me, but he wanted some privacy, so with that, I closed my own door, and started beating my meat fast and furiously, knowing that my roommate was in the next room beating off, too. What a hot feeling, and I soon blew my load all over my pillow (I was humping it like a dog!) and rolled over to lay and enjoy the orgasm. I heard him flush his toilet, and then the shower start up, and about that time came to my senses. Soon the day started, each of us showering and leaving for our own activities and we didn't say anything more about it. It wasn't uncomfortable between us, but we just didn't bring it up again.

We were both really busy dudes, each with friends and work and families, so we didn't spend much time together during the week. If we did, it was usually while watching some TV and just kicking back. I remember Barry complaining of a backache one night in June, and I offered to give him a back rub with me sitting behind him on the couch. As I touched his skin, it really was electric. I could feel my cock stirring in my shorts as I massaged his massive shoulders and back, and even working my way around front to his pecs and hairy chest. Man, did it get me hard to do that to him. But the whole time, we both just sat stoned face and looking at the TV. A few times I peeked down into his lap and realized his dick was hard, too, and was pretty huge in his pants as far as I could tell. And when it was over, we both just sat there, enjoying the feeling of being hard with a friend so close, but not doing anything to get any closer. That is, until July.

Sometime in early July, Barry and I woke up together in our own beds again, on a Saturday morning. He got up to use the bathroom again, and when he got back into his bed, I called out a good morning to him. We started chatting again, and he complained about his back hurting after sleeping on his hard mattress all night. I offered out loud that I could give him a back rub, if he was interested. Of course, he said, "Sure, come on in."

I pulled on some shorts and made my way to his bedroom. I pushed open his partially closed door to find him laying on his bed, face down, with the blankets covering him from the waist down. "Hey" I said. "Hey," he said back. I was surprised I could still talk, I was so excited. But I tried to play it cool.

I sat on the side of his bed, right next to his hip, and reached up toward his neck. His back was flawless, smooth and tanned, broad and muscular. It felt great to have my hands on his body. I moved down and up his back, massaging and rubbing. Every so often, I would move my hands down his sides and toward his chest, tickling his sides and the hairs under his arms. He was definitely enjoying this, and so was I.

I got bolder and moved my hands down to the top of the blanket, at the small of his back. "Can I move this down a little?" I asked him. "Sure," he whispered.

I moved the blanket down, exposing the top 2 or 3 inches of his ass crack, and rubbed and massaged the small of his back and the tops of his butt cheeks. As I continued to massage, I moved the blanket further and further down over his ass, exposing more and more of his firm and totally hairless butt. He didn't flinch at all as I moved my hands over his cheeks, caressing and massaging. So I kept on going. I moved the blanket down to his knees.

There he laid, naked as could be, with his beautiful ass sticking up in the air, and his hairy balls sitting on the bed between his legs. I moved my hands down in between his thighs and started lightly flicking the hairs on his upper thighs and his ballsac. He let out a light moan, and didn't tell me to stop, so I knew he was enjoying this as much as I was. By now, my cock was rock hard in my shorts, and precum was oozing down the shaft. I was trying to hide the fact that i was rubbing my cock as I massaged Barry's ass, but as I caressed the soft hair and skin of his nuts, I reached my hand into my shorts to really grip my rigid shaft. As I massaged Barry's ass, I stroked my own cock, sitting right there on the bed beside him.

I still hadn't even seen his cock, and I knew he was as hard as me, so I asked him if he wanted to roll over, to which he replied, "Sure." He got up on all fours, and flopped down on his butt, and laid down with his whole naked body exposed, with his huge cock sticking up from his crotch--Barry had a full 8 inches hard. What a monster, thick and cut, but not a drop of precum.

As he laid back down, I reached out and softly stroked his rod, now laying back against his flat stomach. I finally stood up and shucked off my shorts, letting my hard cock slap up against my stomach, spraying precum on the carpet. I was dripping wet, and it fascinated Barry, who I later found out never precums. I sat back down on the bed, and continued stroking his cock softly, with him reaching down and taking my own shaft in his hand and massaging the precum all over it. I took some of my own precum and used it to massage his hard beefy prick. He shuddered at the sensation. It was such a hot scene, my buddy rubbing my cock, I stroking his, us totally naked in front of each other, relaxing on a Saturday morning . . .

We spent a while just enjoying touching each other's bodies, and finally decided to let ourselves cum. I suggested we kneel in front of each other, with towels laid out between us, since I cum a huge amount, and didn't want to make a mess. He agreed and helped get everything set. We kneeled there facing each other, with our left hands on each other's strong shoulders, and our right hands on our own cocks. We kept fisting our meat until we were about to cum, and we talked each other into a simultaneous orgasm, both cumming together, spraying cum all over the towel and each other while we held each other around the neck. It was truly incredible. We pumped our cocks dry, slowly coming to a stop, and just hung on to each other as the last drops of semen fell from our pricks.

That was our first time, but not our last.