A Year in the Life

Case Closed Part 1

By Bix Meister


This is a story featuring gay men, and gay sex, intended for Adults, not Minors.  It is fiction, and as such is not based on any actual people or events.  It is a fantasy intended purely as a catalyst for pleasure.  No attempts have been made to portray safe sex, but the author encourages you to practice it. 


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Case Closed Part 1

"Pardon My French"

I floated out of the sauna, past the Wall of Shame, the hearth, and the snow-covered patio. The 70's time capsule which was Pete's home, looked unchanged from the first day I met him. The macramé owl still hung in the corner. I was very aware that I was in the middle of a dream. It was one I would be rewinding and playing all night if I didn't control it.

Instead I gave in and let it carry me through the tour of Pete's chalet. The dining area just off the kitchen was exactly as it was the first time I saw it. Pete's parka was draped over the back of one dining chair. Snow was coming down outside the large wall of windows. The road outside was impassable, and yet there was no sign of my car.

I floated to the upper level of Pete's home, past the front bedroom, which was missing the computer and desk I bought, and on to the second bedroom, which was almost barren. The door to the master bedroom was open, so I floated in, expecting to see Pete and I huddled together.

However, Pete wasn't there. I hovered above the bed for a split second, then went back downstairs. Pete was sacked out on his Eames lounge chair, while the TV flickered in the corner. I floated closer to the TV as the newscaster spoke. "Our top news tonight, Storm of the year takes the life of local entrepreneur."

I woke immediately. I was alone, and disoriented for a second, then I saw the morning light on the tongue and groove wood ceiling and my Father's surveying transit. The door to the deck was opened a crack, allowing a sweet breeze to come in. I got up and walked naked to the deck. I stood at the railing, checking out my friend's handiwork.

Returning inside, I saw the note from Pete.

"Mr. Hansen is downstairs Mr. Ravinka. Coffee is on, if you want to join me."


Frank was alone in the massive shower of Rolf's master bathroom. He leaned against the slate wall, allowing the water to cascade down his back. He hoped the sound of the water wouldn't waken his slumbering lover. Though Frank had an early morning scheduled at the police station, Rolf's return from vacation was a later, mid-shift in the lumberyard.

The Captain shifted his weight, and placed his chin under the showerhead. With three-days-growth, his beard would be a stubborn shave. The warmth and moisture of the shower would help the razor blade cut through the dense growth of stubble. Frank slowly turned the shower knobs, allowing the remaining trickle to hit his body. He then reached outside the shower door, and retrieved a towel.

When he was sufficiently dry, Frank strode to the sink and opened his dopp kit. Taking one last look at his three-day beard, he saw a glimpse of what he would look like with a beard. "Damn I want to grow one for you Rolf, maybe someday," he thought. He then pulled out the shaving cream and lathered his face. With a swipe of the blade, his police regulation look was coming back.


I took my time heading downstairs. Though Pete's chalet continued to look like a 70's time capsule, I saw the touches that kept it fresh, kept it modern and made it ours. The bedroom/office had a desk that fit the time frame of the home, but the computer sitting on it was Y2K state of the art. The living room, dining room and kitchen looked almost the same as the night I met Pete, but the Grace print from Derek and Justin was a recent addition.

I poured a mug of coffee, then walked downstairs. The Wall of Shame was updated with two framed newspaper clippings featuring the Y2K wrestling story, and the recent notoriety of our wedding. Then over in the corner, the macramé owl was replaced by my Hot Wheels display. Upon closer inspection, I notice that Pete had taken the time to place my first Hot Wheel, front and center in the display.

"Get that sexy ass over here. We've been neglecting our workouts."

I looked back. Pete leaned against the doorframe of the workout room wearing only a jock. There was already a sheen of sweat matting down his fur. "I'm not dressed for a workout. I thought I would get another day off before I head back into the office tomorrow. We can work out tomorrow."

"I said get your ass over here. You are gonna love this workout. I got everything we need, ready."


With one last pass of the washcloth, Frank examined himself in the mirror. His face was regulation clean. It bore no whiskers to remind him of his weekend spent with the man of his dreams. He reached into his dopp kit, and pulled out his aftershave lotion. He poured some on his hand, then smiled realizing it reminded him of the consistency of the load he left on Rolf's face the previous night.

From Sunday morning, when Frank joined the men as they drove to Charlie and Angelo's party, `til this Tuesday morning he spent preparing to head back to the precinct, Frank had spent the entire time in Rolf's company. Every moment felt natural. He felt like they had known each other for decades, rather than weeks.

Frank put on his deodorant, then returned it to the dopp kit. He carried it back into the master bedroom where he knew his uniform was laid out for the day. He started to dress by putting on a t-shirt, then his uniform hat. He sat down on a bench that was kitty corner from Rolf's bed, and pulled on his boxers then buttoned himself into his uniform shirt. His pants, belt and shoes followed in succession. He stood, aligned and tucked everything until he was regulation, then walked to the nightstand on his side of the bed where he reached for his gun.

"You can't leave without saying goodbye."

Startled, Frank dropped his gun on the floor. "You don't ever surprise a policeman when he is reaching for his gun," Francis barked at Rolf.

"Oops, sorry babe. I didn't mean to scare ya."

"Dammit Rolf, and I didn't mean to go off on you. I was trying to be quiet, get out of here and let you get some rest before your shift today."

"How can I sleep if I don't say goodbye to the man that I love? Listen Francis, when I signed up to be with you, I signed up for everything. When you have a job like yours, any goodbye could be the last. So, you owe it to me to say goodbye, and I owe it to you to be awake for it."

"No goodbyes Rolf, I'm superstitious about it. You asked me about my hat the other morning. That is another superstition." The Captain leaned in. "Give me a kiss Rolf? Then tell me see ya later? Would that work for you?"

Rolf grabbed the Captain, pulling him onto the bed. He kissed him passionately then said "See ya later Hot Stuff. By the way, there is a surprise for you by the kitchen door."

Frank stood, then straightened his clothes, ensuring he was regulation once again. "See ya later babe. I know you do happy hour tonight with the guys. Call me afterwards and maybe I can join you."

"Or you can join us at the bar. You told me Kyle made you an official member of the Pack."

"I dunno, I may see ya then." Frank leaned over and gave Rolf a kiss on his bald head. "I think someone needs his head shaved tonight. Mind if I do it for you?"

"I was hoping you'd ask that. See ya at the bar, babe?"

Frank gave Rolf a quick salute, then headed down to the kitchen. On the counter was a key, attached to a bottle opener. "Damn, everything he does is creative," Frank said to himself. "The key to the church, is on a church key."


"I said you would like this workout."

I looked at Pete from between my legs. The sling swayed slowly as he approached. He pushed his overstuffed jock pouch aside, revealing nine inches of uncut dick. His eyes locked on mine. "I lose you to your job tomorrow Kyle, today belongs to me, and my needs."

Pete grabbed the bottle of lube that was sitting on the table next to the sling. He poured a generous amount onto his palm and started to coat his dick. "My first need is that ass of yours Kyle." Pete walked around the sling, got his lubed dick inches from my face. "Are you ready for this?" he asked.

I gulped. There was a need in his eyes that I hadn't seen before.


Ashley tapped Jason on the shoulder. "Wake up, we got the appointment today. It should be my last before little Patrick is born, barring any unforeseen complications."

Jason struggled to hide his erection as he rolled over. Ashley had interrupted an early morning dream. In his dream, he was on Bub's farm, enjoying the closeness of his lover in the sauna which overlooked the lake. Bub was holding him close as they sat on the second tier. His thick dick was wedged between the two lovers as Bub whispered into Jason's ears "Gonna make up for lost time by inseminating that ass of yours."

"That damn dick of yours. You know better Jason. We can't have sex for three months at least." Ashley rolled her eyes and started out of the bedroom. "Well I guess I should at least be happy he remembered to take today off."

Jason tugged at his dick, wishing he was back in his dream. Little did she know the real reason he took today off.


Pete thrust his dick one last inch, then steadied the sling. "Nuts to butt Kyle. I hope your ass is ready for this workout. I didn't rehang this sling for nothing."

"I'm ready for anything you have in store Pete. I was born ready. Bring it."

"You asked for it Mr. Ravinka." Pete held the sling and slammed my ass with five quick strokes. He then pushed the sling back, leaving only about an inch of his dick imbedded. I could feel his pulse as he slowly fucked me with his big knob. He then hocked up some spit, and let it fall on eight inches of exposed cock.

The additional lube was a moot point as he thrust his dick in, ravaging my hole. My butt spasmed on the invading cock, gripping it as he continued at this new pace. "That's right, work that button of yours Kyle. Pull it out of me you horny little fucker."

I looked between my legs. There was a cold look of need in his eyes. Where was the warm, loving eyes of the man who joined my family the previous day as we paid respect to fallen soldiers of my hometown, on Memorial Day? Then I saw a smile curl the right corner of his lips. His tongue flicked out, he bit it softly. I saw warmth return to his eyes as his smile broadened. I smiled back, and bore down on the thickness plundering my ass.


Skyler absentmindedly fiddled with his wedding band as he contemplated the phone call that had just ended. A Duluth Police Department Captain had just called him, giving him two options. He could come in voluntarily and discuss his involvement in an unknown case, or the Captain, who identified himself as FC, would send out a warrant for his arrest.

"What possible reason, would a Duluth Police Department Captain have, that he would need to talk to me?" Skyler thought to himself. He was a model citizen, never had been arrested, or in trouble with the law. The Captain even pointed it out, that he was only a person of interest.

"I'm sure we can clear this up today, and you will be on your way, Skyler," the Captain assured him. "Come in here, the sooner the better, for the sake of the both of us," he added.

Skyler looked at the calendar on his desk. He had no appointments with any clients. He picked up his phone and dialed the West Duluth Police Precinct. "Can I talk to your Captain please? I think his name is FC." When he was patched through immediately, Skyler knew the call was legit.

Thankfully the call was answered on the third ring. "FC here, how can I be of service?"

"Skyler Lloyd. I can make it from downtown in fifteen minutes if that would work for you."

"That'd be great. We can clear this up quickly, if you cooperate."


Pete was holding my thighs against the cold chains of the sling. There was an ecstatic look on his face as he continued to thrust away at my butt. "This ass is mine forever, oh fuck," he grunted. Though I liked his dirty talk, his feral sounds were sending me farther towards ecstasy. The last few days had been gentle, this was animalistic.

My ass was on fire as he pummeled away. Sweat, spit and lube allowed my tunnel to open for his invading dick in ways it never needed to before. My butt was at once loose and sloppy, then tight and gripping. My own dick was swinging around haphazardly as precum flew off it, joining the sweat that covered my gut.

Pete hooked my thighs even tighter as his thrusts became erratic, his huffs and snarls followed suit. His gut spasms were the only body movement which maintained a constant pace, so I focused on them. I found a level of bliss concentrating on his gut. All thoughts and sounds drifted away to a quietude. Pete hooked my thighs one last time, sent his eyes skyward, then stood still as warmth flooded my body. My own load coated my chin, the following spurts streaked my gut and chest.

Pete nearly collapsed, but caught himself in time as he looked back down at me. His face was flush as a smile spread. "No regrets marrying me Mr. Ravinka?"

"Is that what this was all about Mr. Hansen?"

Pete pressed his hands down on my gut, swirling the cum through my fur. He then slowly dragged his dick out of my ass, gave it one last thrust then slapped his hand on stomach. "Maybe. Let's get showered, then cuddle in the sauna. We can discuss things there."


Skyler sat in The Captains office, waiting for him to return. He still had no idea what The Captain could want. Thinking through his life, the only thing that could be the least bit incriminating was his trips to the sauna. Even those were consensual, and his wife was an aware, even supportive, participant in them. She'd send him off, making sure he always wore his "World's Greatest Dad" T-shirt. She'd tell him to return with a butt-load of some man's cum, and then when he would return, she would rim his freshly fucked ass. She would then climb on board his cock, riding it until Skyler shot his own load.

"That can't be it," Skyler thought to himself as he adjusted his dick. The sound of the doorknob caught Skyler by surprise, so he covered his lap, and looked towards the door.

The Captain entered with a manila folder, and another man who was wearing the uniform of a Deputy Sheriff. "Skyler, I'd like to introduce you to Carl. He is visiting us from a nearby county and helping me with this case. We called you here today to discuss what you know about these." The Captain took eight photos from the file, and slapped them down on the desk in front of Skyler. Skyler took one look at the photos, gulped, and looked up at the two lawmen.

"From that look, I assume you are familiar with them," Carl said.

Skyler hesitated for a second, was about to come clean, but thought twice. "I think I need my attorney. His office is not too far from here. I'm sure he can join me and we can quickly figure this out."

"We have no plans to charge you with anything, but it's up to you. Go ahead, call him," FC said.


Jason caught himself looking at the phlebotomist as he drew Ashley's blood. So far the Dr.'s visit was routine, there was no issues with little Patrick. The blood tests were precautionary, but Jason was happy he could be there for his wife. He held his wife's hand as a third vial of blood was drawn. Even in support he couldn't avoid taking glances at the big man whose nametag identified him as Trevor, even though he was just there, doing his job.

"There, that should be enough. We'll be good to go Ashley as soon as I get a band-aid on this," Trevor said, with a wink to Jason.

"Damn, he caught me looking" Jason thought. "Fuck I can't do anything without thinking about my man." Trevor did look like a younger, less fit version of Bub. Jason watched intently as Trevor put a piece of cotton, and then tape on the spot where he drew blood. He labeled the three vials, then put them into his cart, and started to push it away. "That's a hot ass" Jason thought, his eyes boring through the scrubs Trevor wore.

Trevor stopped his cart, then looked over his shoulder, catching Jason staring again. "Our office will be contacting you in a few days with the results. Unless we find something new, this should be the last time you see us `til that little boy wants out to play."

Jason couldn't help but think Trevor was referring to his dick, which was inching down his leg.


Pete held me as we commandeered our top corner of the sauna. We had been silent the entire time as the dry heat enveloped us. "So, what's on your mind?" I finally asked.

"D'ya ever think we are trading one routine for another? Look at me Kyle. This house hadn't changed one bit in decades. Even though you have moved here, we haven't changed the inside all that much. I had my life down to a routine when I met you, and all I've done is changed one routine for another."

"Pete, you've changed a lot in the last six months. You've got me, a new family, a son who is in your life for the first time ever. Plus, look at you, you finally admit you are gay."

"Am I? Sometimes I wonder exactly what I am. Look at us Kyle. Our week is filled with routine after another. Shit, our days starts out the same way. I just don't want to be that old boring married couple. Look how many people we know who are in that rut. Look at your sister and her husband."

"I won't talk about Mandy. You should know better."

"Sorry," Pete said weakly. He hugged me tighter, hoping the topic would go away."


"I dunno Frank, I'm really believing Skyler's story here. I mean his tale is so outlandish that it would be impossible to make it up."

"I see what you mean Carl. But how does it fit in with our case?

"The dildos are symbolic Frank. Each time Skyler and his wife throw one away he is giving up his old ways, and following her new direction. I realize it is kind of kinky compared to the average couple, but it seems to work for them and who are we to judge? They have simply run out of dildos to toss, but the truck they have seen near their garbage, still stops by."

"Carl, I don't know. I just can't imagine a couple or even an individual, having secrets like that. These things they hide will catch up with them sooner or later. I mean, look at Skyler and his wife."

"Or look at Jason. Or look at yourself in the mirror Frank. Ask yourself that question. Or ask Rolf when you see him tonight."

The Captain glanced toward the window. "You mean you know?"

"Yes I know, and I've known for a while. Listen Frank, when I was young I thought the whole world was straight, except for just the stereotypical gays I'd see on Hennepin when I would visit the cities. I wasn't so much taught it, but it was just the undercurrent of the time that gay was bad and straight was good. But as I have grown, and opened my eyes, I have seen that I was so wrong, and some of the people who I had admired, were hiding this secret for no good reason. Frank, I'm going out on a limb here, but I have to believe that your life will be better when you finally come out."

Frank shook his head. "I just don't know Carl; I just don't know. God, I love that man, but I don't want to drag him through the fire."

"He is strong enough, you are strong enough. Listen, let's get this case behind us, help Jason out with the fall-out, and then we can deal with you and Rolf."

"How are we gonna tie our suspect in?"

"I have an idea. Skyler said he would cooperate, so we use him as a target and stake out his place. All we need is a dildo. Got any ideas where we can find one?"

"I do, on one condition. Even though Jason has been instrumental to the case, we keep him out of the loop."

"It's the only way we can proceed with the case, Frank."


I hadn't realized that Pete had left, until mid-afternoon. The fact that Mandy's husband hadn't attended our wedding was a sore subject for me, so after our sauna, I withdrew to the upstairs office where I laid down for a nap. Frankly, Mandy's husband was not my favorite person, so his absence probably helped our event. However, I still saw it as a slam to Mandy, Pete and me.

Pete's return, woke me from my slumber. I expected him stop up to the room and retrieve me, but I heard him go straight to our bedroom, and out to the deck. I stewed silently as I heard a power drill. What possibly could be more important to him than his husband.

In my thoughts, my perfect weekend had been ruined by his actions today. Even my family's impromptu visit home for Memorial Day was overshadowed by the day's events. I was ruminating more, digging myself into a deeper funk when he tapped at the door. "Got a few minutes for your husband?" he asked.

`Always, come on in."

Pete entered, then laid beside me on the bed. "Babe, I don't know what got in me today. Please forgive me."

I wasn't going to let him off that easily. "What exactly happened that I need to forgive?"

"First, I nearly raped you in that sling. I'm a more loving man than that. Second, damn, I don't know how to say it, but your family is too damn perfect, I think I was cutting them down to size by mentioning your brother-in-law. I mean look at them Kyle. What is there, that they can't do? It wasn't even planned, but when some of the town elders saw your brother Scott, they forced him to play Taps. He was note perfect, he had me crying. Look at your family, then look at me, I don't have that kind of a family."

"Yes you do Pete. You have an intelligent, honorable son and his husband, and then you have my family."

"Well, I did something for your family Kyle. It isn't much, but it's the least I can do. It's a way to honor someone I've never met, but have come to love. Come out to the deck with me. Will ya?"

"I'll go anywhere with you Mr. Hansen."

Pete got of the bed, then softly offered his hand. He pulled me into his arms, then led me out to the hall. We were on the deck quickly, when he stopped. "Look at our yard Kyle. That was built by our friends, and our family. Everyone one of them who matters took part in it, except your Mom, and most of all, your dad. C'mon, look down there."

Pete pointed to the landing on the north set of stairs. Attached to the newel post was an American Flag. "Kyle, I remembered your story about your hometown's contribution in World War II. Didn't you say that your little town had more casualties per capita than any place in the US?"

I nodded. "Yes, that still amazes me."

"Well, for most people I know, Memorial Day is just an extended holiday weekend. It's the start of summer, and the start of the tourist season here. But your hometown, and their beautiful little memorial park, is a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice which is the reason we have Memorial Day. I know your dad survived the war, but he lost many friends. I cherished the story you shared about how he would take you to the Memorial Day services yearly, and talk about his friends. Kyle, that flag is for Roy and his friends."

I started to cry, and laugh at the same time. "Damn Pete, I wish Scott was here to play Taps, so I'd have a reason for crying."

"You are crying because you loved your father, you don't need any other reason than that. I just hope that I can live up to his standards, and treat you as he would have wanted me to. I promise that, hell Kyle, this is hard for me to say, but I promise that I will always be loving, gentle and tender with you, instead of rough like I was earlier. I had selfish reasons to fuck you like that, I never should have."

"I was worried for a bit Pete; I can't deny that. But you took me to a new level this morning. As long as you take me along, out of love, I don't mind that trip."

Pete put his arm around my shoulder. "That was intense, wasn't it, Kyle? Here I was worried we'd become boring married farts, but whew, I've never had a more powerful cum. It was a full body experience."

"And you still wonder if you are gay?"

"Fuck it Mr. Ravinka. I don't like labels. But if loving you makes me gay, I am the gayest sunovabitch on earth."


After a quick stop at the lumberyard to meet with Rolf, then a trip over to the church, Frank returned to the precinct, discreet paper bag in tow. Skyler agreed to stop by after his office hours to help set the bait for the Mad Dildoer. All Frank had to do before the end of the day was meet with Carl and the team who was doing the stakeout. Once that was over, he could go home and wait for Rolf to be done with Happy Hour.

The plans were laid to rest when Carl poked his head into his office. "I've talked to the team; they are good to go as soon as we drop that package off. I'm taking you out for dinner and maybe a few brews. I miss my wife already, and I know your man is gonna be home late. You are not getting an option here."

"Where do you suggest we go?" Frank asked.

"There is a bar in walking distance. I heard their burgers are good."

"Damn Carl, for someone so smart, you are so fucking obvious, pardon my French. You know full well The Pack goes there for Happy Hour every week."

"So I am obvious, sue me. I am spending dinnertime with a colleague who then, might to just happen to meet up with a bunch of great men who just happen to be our friends. The fact that one of them is the man you love will be of little consequence to us if you just happen to meet him there, instead of waiting for later. Now let's drop that dildo off with the team and get the fuck out of here. Pardon my French."

"Well, since you put it that way, let's get the fuck out of here."


"Sorry guys, I would have gotten a hold of you earlier, but I had to represent one of my clients who had a quick visit with the cops. Glad I caught you, time to make this legal."

We looked at Tony, our attorney who was sitting across the desk from us, his assistant Claudia at his side. There in front of us were various legal papers, all neatly stacked and collated. "What these represent, is that the plots of land that your old farmhouse is on, will now be a separate property, and you can move forward with the sale of the farmhouse, as you planned."

"The day just got better, didn't it babe?" Under the desk Pete put his hand on my knees and tapped out our 1-4-3 signal. "Happy Hour's on me tonight. Wanna join us Tony?"

"Sorry I got plans for tonight."

"I'll be there, you can buy me a drink" Claudia added.

Pete looked up at her. "You do realize you'd be barking up the wrong tree, don't you? Most of the guys are either married or gay."

"Love is love, and eye candy is eye candy. Listen Petey, there isn't much that happens in West Duluth that I don't know about. I'm just smart enough to keep certain information right here in my pretty head until it is needed. You are lucky I like you guys, especially your man Kyle there. Pete, it's fortunate Kyle flipped you, before I had a chance to flip Kyle."

"Claudia, if even an ounce of me was straight, you'd have a chance. But I'm a full-fledged Kinsey Six, hardwired for a guy like Pete."

"Oh, I can see that. I've never seen Petey happier and I've known him all of my life."

"So, we need to find you, your own Kyle huh?" Pete asked. "I gotta keep you on my good side. I don't need any of my deep secrets to see the light of day."

"Don't you worry your bald, manly head Pete. There's bigger fish to fry. I've heard rumblings of a scandal that will rock West Duluth sometime soon. Let's just say when you build yourself a glass cathedral, one stone can bring it down."

"That's what I love about you Claudia. You must have learned that flair for the dramatic from your Father. Kyle, you watched me wrestling on TV back in the 70's. Claudia's dad Claude was our wrestling promoter. I learned a lot from him. The best thing he ever taught me was to keep my nose clean, and focus on the work."

"A few of the guys should have learned that lesson Petey. I swear that some of the guys thought keeping their nose clean meant they had to kiss my dad's ass. He never respected that." Claudia turned to me. "Kyle, I will let you know that my dad never had anything bad to say about your husband. I don't know how he would have reacted to him marrying a man, but I'd bet he'd like you."

"It would have been great to have met your father. When did you lose him?"

"His body is still with us, even if his mind isn't. Sometimes he is lucid and I feel we have him back. But the moments are rare, and they quickly die away. You two should go see him soon. He is at Park Point Manor."

"We'll make that happen, but first we should sign these papers," Pete said quietly. I could tell that the thought of another person from his past, slipping away, was weighing heavily on his mind.

The office was very quiet as we signed the papers. Tony and Claudia looked on, then added their signatures as witnesses. We were one step closer to the day when Charlie and Angelo would join us as the only property owners on our public, yet private street.


"Frank, whenever Rhonda comes to Duluth, she wants to eat out at the fancy places we can't find in our small town. But I like this place because it reminds me of our small town. I'm gonna miss that when we are done with this case."

"Carl, you are talking like your hometown is so far away. You've become a friend to me Carl. You and Rhonda are welcome to visit me any time." Frank lifted his beer. "To the end of this fucking case, and a start of a friendship."

"Damn, I'll drink to that. If we are lucky we can get this thing done by the end of the week, and move on with our lives. You know, with the kids moved out, we have an empty townhouse out by the golf course. You and Rolf can plan a weekend away. It would be a chance to get beyond the prying eyes of the city and just be yourselves."

"We have talked about taking my camper out. I think I'd prefer that, but maybe I am assuming too much about my man. I'll let him mull over your offer when I see him.

Carl looked up. "You might be getting your chance sooner than you think."


Jason opened the oven door and slid the loaf pan out using his "Head Chef" oven mitt. The meatloaf looked close to ready, so he slid it aside, and added the casserole dish to the rack. For the last few weeks Ashley was craving comfort food, and Jason was more than happy to comply.

Her mood was a seesaw, today more than ever. She left the Doctor's office on a high, but a phone call from her former boss sent her crashing. The promise of meatloaf, and macaroni and cheese, brightened her day. However, the quarrel over the usual sauce he placed on the meatloaf, cratered it.

Jason gave in and put some sauce aside for his own personal use later. His life with Ashley recently, was built on compromises and negotiations. He had already given in, and allowed Ashley to invite her father up for Father's Day in a few weeks. That allowed him to negotiate a trip out of town the next week for the softball tournament in his Father-in-law's city.

He had become good at negotiating with Ashley, even as the hormones that coursed through her pregnant body kept her on edge. He saw no way he could negotiate the one thing he needed most of all. Damn, even five minutes spent relaxing with Bub in the sauna, would make everything better.


The Pack's contingent at the bar congregated around three combined high-top tables. It had been exactly one week since we were surprised by the addition of my family, in the private room. Carl and Frank joined the group, as did Rudy and Al. Claudia invited herself to our table, unabashedly flirting with men she knew were impervious to her charms. Conspicuous in their absence was Charlie and Angelo. We were hoping to surprise them with our news of the day.

Remembering what I had seen at the party, I searched Gino for clues. "You have to ask him, it's not my place to tell you," Gino said.

"I believe I will. Guys, I need to get some air, be back in a sec."

I am not sure anyone noticed me leave, except Claudia who gave me a wink. When I was outside I pulled out my flip-phone and called Charlie's land line.

Angelo answered. "Sup?"

"Where are you guys? Everyone misses you."

"I can't tell you over the phone. If you and Pete stop by later, maybe we can talk. All I can says is it's all good, so don't worry. Have fun at the bar, and celebrate."

Despite Angelo's assurance, I found it hard to concentrate on the having fun part. Something didn't feel right. Claudia sensed it. "Kyle, I gotta show you something in the private room, got a minute or two? I'll get the key from Julie."

Having been in a private party room many times, I couldn't figure out what she wanted to show me, but I played along. We grabbed our beer, then opened the door. She hit a few switches, then putting her arm around me, she led me to the bar.

"Have a seat Kyle," she said, pointing to one specific stool. "Many people don't know this, but my Dad was a silent partner in this bar. After the local wrestling scene died out in favor of national pro wrestling, he needed something to invest in. This bar turned out to be a perfect fit. Too perfect when he and my mom started to have troubles."

She took a swig of her beer, and swallowed hard. "Kyle, you are sitting on my Dad's bar stool. It was on that stool that he drowned his sorrows. And it was on that stool where he became a drunk. Oh, he hid it well," she said, shaking her head. "He hid it well, except to the people who really knew him. Pete, me and my mom all knew. Pete won't admit it, but he was a big help in getting my dad sober. That is why I won't let anyone fuck with Petey, pardon my French. But it is also why I am the only person on earth who can call him Petey."

Claudia put her hand on my knee. "Listen honey. You know I was joking back at the office about flipping you. Believe me, if there was a chance, I would have tried. But I know better than that. I used to date a man who reminded me a lot of my dad. Unfortunately, he had two strikes. One, he was a drunk, just like my dad. And two, he was gay. He never told me as such, but I figured it out."

"I always thought it was my fault. I couldn't make him straight no matter how I tried. Believe me I tried, and he did too." Claudia leaned in, and despite us being the only people in the private room she whispered. "Boy, he was hung thick. It was almost the size of a beer can. But he could never be totally hard for me." She shook her head and laughed. "Honey I tried, I tried."

"I know this man like the back of my hand. If I am not mistaken, he is home right now, fighting his demons. He is going to need a good friend like you to help him fight."


Jason cuddled with Ashley on their sofa, the radio played softly in the background. It was a comfortable conclusion to their day. His meatloaf and mac and cheese hit the spot for his wife, even if they were a little bland for him. He was happy his sauce was there to flavor his portion. This compromise worked in his favor.

Jason rhythmically held Ashley, caressing her pregnant belly. "Damn I felt him kick, he is going to be an active bugger. Like father, like son you know they say." Jason kissed her neck. "I'm really looking forward to being his daddy. We are going to be great parents. In the meantime, I just want to snuggle with the mother of my boy."

"About that," Ashley said, then paused.

The ice princess was back. Jason felt her withdraw.

"It's not you Jase, it's me. I need some alone time. Why don't you be a hon and drive do the Super-Valu. We are out of the praline pecan ice cream I like. You can take your time, stop in the bar if you want to. I won't mind this time."


As Claudia and I finished our beers in private, I had time to contemplate what she had just told me. She further elaborated on her dad and his Alzheimer's. He had been her focus for months, keeping her out of socializing with friends. But as her last hopes gave way, she saw the need to get out.

In the time, she spent away from the bar, she missed out on our recent tradition of Tuesday happy hour. In doing so, she missed out on the exact way many of our lives had changed. Claudia took the last gulp of her beer, then slapped me on the shoulder. "Well, Bucko, we should join the group."

"It's the Pack, and I might have a jersey that fits you. After all, as silent partner in this bar, you are almost a member of the team."

Claudia held a finger to her lips. "That's our secret. And now this bar stool is yours. I don't foresee my Dad ever sitting there again."

"We should do it for old time's sake. Will they let him out of the manor?"

"I dunno, I would need the help of a couple of strong handsome men. Do you know of any?" she asked, fluttering her eyelashes at me.

"We got to get you your own Kyle, Claudia," I laughed. "C'mon, there is a big table full of guys who would help you with everything you need. Well except that one need."

"Wait? The Captain, Al, and Rudy are all gay? Damn, I am out of the loop."

"I can't attest to that. I know some might claim to be bi. However, I feel that on the sliding scale, they are a little bit more into other men right now, than women. C'mon, there must be some straight men out there for you, let's go find them."

We made our way out to join The Pack with perfect timing as our burgers were just being served. From my vantage point I could see Franks knee touching Rolf's as the two of them chatted with Carl. Pete and Al were talking with Rudy, telling him some old wrestling stories.

Martin was talking to Mario and Micah, telling them of his upcoming reunion. "We're meeting tomorrow night to plan the reunion. One of my former students might be stopping by to check out the party room. I'm not sure which student. I only know him by his email account." Martin looked at our table. "Do you still have that key Claudia?"

"I sure do. Julie won't miss it."

I dabbed some of my fries into the paper container of barbecue sauce. Looking up I saw Jason stride to our table. "Hey guys. The wife's hormones are making her a bear tonight. I needed air, mind if I join you?"

I could see the Captain getting uneasy, Carl covered for him. "Jason, how was the appointment today?"

"Just waiting on the bloodwork, but things look copasetic. Damn, I can't wait `til that baby pops out. It's gonna be a hellish month if this keeps up. Fucking pregnant women and their hormones," Jason said under his breath. He realized Claudia was at the next table. "Oops sorry. Pardon my French."

"Listen kiddo. I've never been pregnant, but I have been friends with many pregnant bitches over the years, pardon my French. And when they need their space, they need their space."

It was comical how Claudia put Jason in his place, while still affirming his feelings. I had grown to like Claudia immensely in the few hours I knew her. If my orientation was different, I could see myself with her, but the man I loved was tapping out 1-4-3 on my leg at the time.

While I was enjoying the humor in Claudia's little show, I hadn't noticed that the Captain had left our group. He tapped Jason on the shoulder, and offered him a beer. "I hope this is what the Doctor ordered. C'mon, we'll make space for you, pull up a seat."

Despite the absence of Charlie and Angelo, our first post-wedding happy hour left me with a warm feeling. The recent additions fell comfortably into our group. Jason found time to relax, while Rolf and Frank's body language got understandably distant.

I nursed my beer, hoping to maintain a buzz that wouldn't lead to me being drunk. I was expected back in my office the next day, and I wanted to avoid a hangover at all costs. Plus, I worried about my remaining alcoholic friends. With Charlie absent, Gino and Fred were our only designated drivers.

It was a with a content glow, that I saw a face that I remembered seeing in March, in the bowels of the DECC after Mario's wrestling bout. "Slim, what the fuck are you doing here?" I shouted.

Mario looked up. "Yeah Slim, what the hell are you doing here, and why didn't you call me?"

"I'm here to meet my old wrestling coach, Marty, His email told me he was gonna be here with some friends."

Just then I glanced towards the men's room. Martin was exiting, fiddling with his zipper. He walked towards us, casually watching the baseball game that played on the television above the bar. "Hey Martin, look who's here," I shouted.

He looked up. "Jed, is that you? Damn, you're looking fucking great my friend. Oops, pardon my French," he said, looking at Claudia.

"Jeez, what's up with you guys. You act like I'm a fragile flower with virgin ears. You forget who my dad is, and who I grew up with. Get a fucking clue. This fragile flower has heard a lot fucking worse things. Pardon my French," she winked.


Jason turned the key, his truck revved to life. One beer was enough to calm his nerves; he was glad he nursed it. He had a glow about him as he walked the aisles of the Super-Valu. Ashley only expected the ice cream, but as long as he was there, he might as well stock up on other comfort food staples.

The glow he felt, wasn't the single beer, but the love he saw in Pete and Kyle, and Justin and Derek. It was the same glow he felt with Ashley earlier tonight. If he focused on that glow, he knew he could make a life with Ashley, despite his love for Bub.

He drove down Grand Avenue towards his waiting wife. He remembered the evidence of a fender bender he had seen earlier in the day. The shattered glass he had seen in daylight, sparkled like glitter in his headlights. He often thought it was funny that broken glass could be so damaging, yet he thought nothing of driving over it. Once or twice, it did no harm. But in repetition, it could prove to be destructive.

Jason pulled into his drive, hit the garage door button, then parked his truck. He retrieved the groceries, went inside, and dutifully dished out a small bowl of praline pecan, then headed to the living room. When he didn't see Ashley, he checked their bedroom where he saw her dead to the world.

He returned to the living room, sat down at the computer where he switched email accounts from Ashley's to his own. He had nothing pressing, so he switched back, noticing the new email from Ginger218. It must be one of her coworkers he thought, so he closed AOL, and went back to eating the ice cream. When done, he put the bowl in the sink, rinsing it first. He didn't need to tempt fate with a pregnant wife by leaving dirty dishes, so he loaded the dishwasher, and set it to run.

With the drone of the dishwasher running in the background. Jason sat down on the sofa, and closed his eyes.


Jason stood knee deep in the lake. While holding the bar of soap, tightly in one hand, he scooped a pail full of water with the other. He lifted the pail above his head, and let the water sluice away the suds. He looked towards the sun, which warmed him as the water flowed down his body.

"You need more sun. That is the strangest tanline I have ever seen."

He looked towards the sauna. There a second Jason stood with Bub's arms around him. Both bodies were evenly tanned. It was a testament to hours spent naked while they had tended to the farm.

Jason looked down at his tan, or lack thereof. His legs were tanned deeply, below the line on his thighs were the hem of his softball shorts fell. His legs from the waist band, to the hemline were ghost-white. His arms had a farmer's tan, which was ironic in that his lover the farmer, was tanned all over. The tan on his torso wasn't as deep as his arms and legs, yet not as white as the rest of his legs.

In looking at his tan, he realized some soap suds still clung to his pubes. He scooped one more bucket's worth of lake water, then let it flow over his torso.

When he looked towards the sauna this time, Bub was up there, passionately kissing Trevor, the young phlebotomist that had drawn Ashley's blood earlier in the day. He looked at the two men, then down to the hand that held the bucket. Missing from his hand, was his wedding ring.

With a loud clunk, the dishwasher announced the rinse cycle was done, waking Jason up. He glanced past his hard-on, to his hand, which still had his wedding ring. "I suppose I should fix the washer before little Patrick is born" Jason said to himself, quickly putting the dream, out of his mind.


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