A Year in the Life

Mr. Hansen, Mr. Ravinka, Part 1

By Bix Meister


This is a story featuring gay men, and gay sex, intended for Adults, not Minors.  It is fiction, and as such is not based on any actual people or events.  It is a fantasy intended purely as a catalyst for pleasure.  No attempts have been made to portray safe sex, but the author encourages you to practice it. 


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Mr. Hansen, Mr. Ravinka, Part 1

We Do


Our instructions were explicit. Be ready at four o'clock sharp, and wait for Derek's phone call. The pickup must be packed and our clothes had to be ready. We were given no more information than that. We had put our trust in our family and friends. Everything that was to happen this afternoon and the night afterwards, were to remain surprises.

Pete's phone rang. He looked at it. "Are you ready to do this? He asked before answering the call. "Hello Son... Yes, we're ready... We'll be outside with the keys and the pups."

With the scent of Pete's porchetta still lingering, we walked through the dining room towards the kitchen. I stopped to adjust the print of "Grace" that we had picked up for Derek at the yard sale. After checking to ensure we had everything, we closed the door to Derek and Justin's house. I started towards the Ram pickup with the boys but Pete stopped me. "I don't know the details Kyle, but I got the feeling we are not driving together."

Just then we heard the rumble of Pete's Plum Crazy 1970 Charger. Derek and Justin pulled into the driveway, parked behind Pete's Ram truck, and then got out.

"Dad, you and Echo will come with me. Kyle and Putzki will be going with Justin in the pickup."

Pete threw his keys to Justin. "I trust you buddy."

"After this, I hope I still earn your trust." Justin went to the pickup, opened the door for me with a flourish. "This isn't a limo, but your carriage awaits."

I motioned for Putzki to get in the back, then I got in the passenger seat and unlocked the door for Justin. In the rearview mirror I saw Derek open the door for his father and our boy.

We waited for Derek and Pete to back up, then followed them out of the Morgan Park neighborhood. My curiosity got the best of me. "What's with the separate vehicles? You two do realize we know the way there, don't you?"

"We want the backyard to be a surprise. Besides, Derek needed to talk to Pete about something personal. Trust me, it's all good."

"You always have my trust Justin. Although I have to admit that I was a bit worried about you last night at the softball game. First you were a bit too cocky, my brother even called you a Spike. Then there's the ankle. Just how is that feeling today?"

"The ankle is fine. As for me being cocky. I was just dealing with something personal. But Derek and I talked it out. We're good now, in fact better than good. That is what he's talking to Pete about."

"Again, I will trust you."

Justin shook his head. "I don't know man. I doubt if you'll trust me after I give you this." Justin threw a blindfold on my lap. "When we hit your road, you have to put that on." He looked at me, raised an eyebrow. "D'ya still trust me?"

I smiled, thinking of my blindfolded fun the night before. Last night the blindfold was an attempt to keep Pete's identity from me as he pretended to be the various men who had turned me on. This blindfold was here for a simpler purpose; to keep our new landscaping a surprise until the very last minute.

Since I had only a few minutes before I would be blindfolded, I concentrated on the route. I was heading towards an evening to celebrate my future together with Pete, the man that I loved. I wanted to remember as much as I could about the day.

"Your road is up here. You might as well put it on."

I followed Justin's directions, assuring him that I couldn't see. I had driven the last leg of this drive many times before, so I knew we would be turning into our drive in seconds. Justin parked the truck and killed the engine shortly after Derek had done the same with the Charger.

"Wait here, I'll guide you in."

I heard the door shut and Justin's footsteps as he approached the passenger side. I could sense light, but my vision was obscured. I finally gave in and closed my eyes creating total darkness. I heard Derek and Pete enter the house first, we followed.

"You can remove the blindfolds now." I recognized Rolf's voice.

Derek and Justin removed our blindfolds. In front of us stood Rolf, his head newly shaven. Behind him on the dining room wall was a medium sized, giftwrapped frame.

"Looking quite handsome there Rolf. When did you decide to do this?" I asked.

"My barber, I mean our barber, has been telling me to do this for years. Rudy finally convinced me the other night. S'about time I took a leap of faith." He looked to Pete and Derek. "So guys, are we gonna do this?"


Francis was about to leave the office, and head to the wedding when his phone rang. "What the fuck? They made bail?" He listened to the details. The three punks had indeed made bail, and were out for the weekend. There was a small chance they would interrupt the wedding; one he didn't want to take. Luckily they were warned they would forfeit bail if they came within 500 yards of Pete and Kyle's residence.

He called Jason into his office. "I know you don't want to be there, but since you are on duty tonight, I want you to be on the lookout for them. You can lead a concerted effort to watch their every move. I know our friends in the Highway Patrol have a vested interest in this, so I am calling Chase. He already told me he wants to ensure that you, Pete and Kyle are safe tonight."

"He really said that Captain?"

"Remember, you helped save his partner's ass out there."

"I'm not sure I am comfortable Captain. Remember he reminds me of my guy."

"But so does Fred. I know and you know that you want to ensure that Pete and Kyle's party goes off without a hitch. You can either do it out here, or at the wedding. It's your choice Jason. It's up to you. I'll give you a moment to think about it."

"Okay Frank, but you know me well, and already know what my answer is."


"I'm really glad you went along with it. I just knew you'd agree."

"It was a beautiful moment Pete; I am glad I was there to witness it." Pete kissed me as he held me. We were finally alone in the master bedroom. The wall of windows overlooking the backyard and deck were covered in craft paper obscuring the view.

"We got a few minutes before it begins. Wanna get naked and fuck?"

"I don't know Pete. From the sounds of it, people are starting to arrive. My mom could be outside that door for fuck's sake."

"I promise I won't scream or moan too loudly. Damn Kyle. I really enjoyed the fucking you gave me last night. I hope you think the blindfold was a good touch. Kinda interesting that they used one on us today huh? I tell you I was aroused the entire drive out here thinking of you being blindfolded last night."

"Now you're getting me hard babe. We still have to dress. Remember, we have a surprise in the closet."

Pete kissed me. "Yeah I forgot that. Let me see what it is." He broke his hold on me, then went to the closet. "These have to be Mandy's handiwork."

Pete pulled out two purple, hand-made vests. The fabric was a rich brocade in front with a black satin back and matching lining. Each vest was personalized with a simple, P or K where the label would be.

"I was just planning on a white shirt and black slacks. This makes it even better Pete. We are so damned lucky aren't we?"

"Definitely. You know, I can't imagine my husband looking any more handsome, than he will be when he is wearing this vest."

"Likewise Babe." Pete and I got dressed quickly, then assessed ourselves in the mirror. We were cuddling when we got a phone call from The Captain who told us he would be a bit late, but not to worry.

Soon after Derek knocked on the door. "Are you guys decent?"

"Would it matter Son?" Pete laughed. "Yep we're decent and ready. Let's get this show on the road."

"One last thing Dad. You guys wait out in the hall. Don't go anywhere cuz Justin and I have something I need to do."

We waited while we heard the ripping and crumpling sound as the two men removed the craft paper. Through the door's transom I could see the flood of light entering the room.

"Ready Dads? Come see our masterpiece."

The backyard revealed itself slowly as we walked towards the door leading to the deck. I first noticed the arbor positioned dead center in the space. It was simple and strong with a peak that echoed the roof of the chalet.

"Damn, look at the deck babe. I didn't expect that."

"That is our gift to you Dad. Justin and I put a lot of love into it. Here, check it out." Derek opened the door to the deck. They had expanded the square footage by about double. The deck had a v-shaped railing which pointed precisely at the center of the arbor.

I went to the railing to catch the rest of the details. Front and center was a circular stone patio. In the middle was a square, raised stone structure filled with greenery and purple flowers. Justin put a hand on my shoulder. "That's a fire pit Kyle. It was Paul's idea to dress it up for the wedding. See the compass in the middle of the pavers? You can thank Rolf for that."

I noticed the uniformity of the circular pavers, was bisected by an organic shape. Just as I realized what it represented, Pete asked "What's with the stone part of the patio?"

I looked to Pete. "It's the tip of Lake Superior" I explained. "See, that's the North Shore. If I am not mistaken, the fire-pit represents our home. Damn, Rolf really got us didn't he?"

"You have no idea. Kyle. You know that Frank Lloyd Wright gas station you like in Cloquet?" I nodded. "The prow of that building points due north to the St. Louis River. This deck points due west towards where the river flows locally. The square fire-pit placed in the circle is in honor of Wright's architecture, and your design for The Pack's logo. There is even a hidden detail in the deck that I am sure you will love. But you will have to find that yourself."

I would have to look later, because right then I was realizing that the raised floral beds doubled as seating. Everything about the backyard was becoming overwhelming with the bigger picture obscuring the details. Just then Brent started up the stairway to the right of the deck. It was at that moment I realized there were two sets of stairs.

"Are you guys ready? I got the music cued." We nodded to Brent.

He ducked back down. I heard the first strains of Debussy's Claire De Lune and saw Rolf make his way towards the arbor. Friends and family filtered in as we watched. Each familiar face brought joy as they gathered casually around the arbor and fire-pit.

We heard the distinctive barking of Echo and Putzki. "That's my cue babe. I'll save a seat for you." Justin started down the stairs to the left. He then led the two unleashed dogs towards the arbor. "Sit" he commanded. They did as they were told.

Mandy surprised us on the right side set of stairs. "You two look so handsome in those vests if I do say so myself. Kyle, Mom didn't want to be in the limelight, so I drew the short straw. Guess I am giving you away."

"I couldn't ask for a better person Mandy, and you know it."

Rolf stood still at the arbor and looked at Derek. He raised a questioning eyebrow, Derek nodded. Rolf looked towards the area the music was coming from, and nodded. Claire De Lune faded slowly as Rolf cleared his throat and started singing "Have I Told You Lately."


"I'm late for the wedding guys. You two take care here, you know the drill. By the way Chase, thanks for your help with this. Those guys have grown to mean a lot to me, and I want their wedding to go off without a hitch."

"Isn't that the point of a wedding? To get hitched?" Chase laughed. "Don't worry Captain, Jason and I have your back, we know the drill. Now get! You have a wedding to attend."

Frank closed the door of Chase's personal vehicle. Neither Chase nor Sean were on duty. They were only around to support a cop who came to their aid when they needed him. Sean was riding with a city squad near the West Duluth homes of the three men who had just made bail. If any of their vehicles were to be seen, there would be an unmarked car to follow them, along with two marked cars for back-up.

Chase and Jason were parked on Becks Road near Pete and Kyle's street. Chase fully supported the Captain, but he had another reason to help Jason that night. He wanted to know more about the man who inspired his brother's love.

"So Jase... Tell me a bit about yourself. I hear you play a mean game of softball."


Pete and I flanked the arbor as Rolf sang. Mandy and Echo stood by me, Pete was joined by Derek and Putzki. From my vantage point I noticed The Captain join us in the backyard, sitting by my sister-in-law Kate. Rolf's voice caught, causing him to lose his place. He hesitated, gave a weak smile, then started in again.

"There's a love that's divine."

His voice came back more powerful than before. Though his eyes were closed, he was smiling. I could tell he was focusing on something. When his eyes opened, I swore I saw the focus. Was it Kate? They certainly seemed chummy last night at the softball game. I looked at Rolf again. With the precision I learned from using my father's surveying transit, I calibrated the aim of his focus. It was the Captain. All of Rolf's recent pain, suddenly made sense.

He finished the song, the last notes coming from deep within. Rolf took one step forward. He quietly told Pete and I to face him, then raised his voice to instruct everyone to sit.

With a glance towards where The Captain sat, he cleared his voice once again, then spoke.

"Dearly Beloved; we have gathered here today to get through this thing called life."

My chuckle wasn't the only one.

Rolf winked at me, then continued. "Most people merely get through life. We've all been there. The daily grind, barely existing `til sleep allows us to dream. In dreams we soar like the eagles, but during the ol' day-in-day-out we hunt and peck like chickens. Now I realize this is the point where I could make a joke about the "Hunt-n-Peck-ers" out there, but this is a mixed crowd..."

Among the laughter, Mom's distinctive laugh was the loudest.

"Sorry. Knowing Beavis and Butthead were out there, I couldn't resist that line. Back to my point. I have gotten to know Pete and Kyle extremely well over the last few months. I have seen them soar like - well would you look at that"

With perfect timing Rolf pointed to the sky. "Look who is joining our festivities. That is one proud bird who knows that birds of a feather flock together. So as I was saying, I have seen Pete and Kyle soaring like eagles as they give love and support to their friends."

"But I know them well enough to know it hasn't always been this way. They too were barely getting through life. In fact, they lived mere yards from each other for almost three years. Neither man took the time or effort to introduce themselves, until one of them needed shelter from the storm."

Rolf looked to his right. "I should have known Kate would know this song. Good song innit Kate?"

I turned in time to see her nod.

"Shelter from the storm. That is what love is. That is why we soar like eagles or peck like chickens. We all want to find the nest that is our home, the arms or wings that protect us, the roof or trees that keep us dry."

"Shelter from the storm. It doesn't matter what the storm is. It could be the snow piling up outside, or the storm that rages within ourselves. Just like the rain that can erode the landscape, our inner storms can eat away at our very being, leaving us barely getting through this thing called life."

"Now I know I am mixing my song metaphors, forgive me Kyle. But I can tell from your wink that you love where this is going, so I am going to continue."

"Shelter from the storm. Kyle actually needed shelter from a storm last November. He was battling almost twenty inches of snow on his way home before his car skidded to a stop right in front of this very house. He found that shelter. It wasn't the roof over his head, the fire in the fireplace, or the heat of a sauna. It was in the loving arms of a man who is standing by him right now."

"But you know what is interesting? Even though he was safe and snug in his house that night, Pete wasn't fully aware of his own need for shelter from the storm."

"You got that right" Pete interjected.

Rolf's laugh joined the others, almost drowning them out with its intensity. He looked towards The Captain again, and continued. "Shelter from the storm. Pete's own storm was this. Though he had been with many a woman before, and even a few men, he had never known the shelter that love could bring. He had even been married before, built this beautiful house for her, but it was never his home, until he gave shelter to Kyle."

"There's a love that's divine. Sorry Kyle, another song into the metaphor. But it is exactly what you and Pete have. Love like that is powerful. It provides shelter when dreams haunt you. It's there when forces seem planned to pull that love apart. It grows stronger when the divine lovers find each other's arms again. It is also there when you are introduced to a long lost family member. Ain't that right Derek?"

"Amen Rolf."

"Now, most of us are aware that Pete and Kyle aren't religious, but their love binds them together almost on a spiritual level. The spirit they share, saw them through the storm of a hate crime. Their spirit helped friends who suffered damages in the recent ice storm. That spirit was here as their friends built them this beautiful shelter in their own back yard."

"Yep, the spirit exists in the beautiful purples and greens that Paul used when he did this arrangement. All I had to do was mention the Northern Lights and he was able to capture their color and essence. Derek and Justin built a deck with a prow, much like the lakers that call Duluth their home port, and shelter from a stormy Lake Superior.

Many others built the planters you are sitting on, the patio we've all walked on, and planted the wonderful greenery that provides us privacy and shelter. Now if you look skyward, you may question why I call this shelter. There is no roof, yet we are sitting in a room. We have a hearth, fireplace, and seating, making this a living room."

"But you are not truly living, without experiencing life and love. We all know Pete and Kyle have abundant love to share. It is that love that provides the shelter. It is that love that helps their friends as they combat their own storms. It is that very generous, giving love that allows them to share their day with another couple."

"Which brings me to another bit of news. Derek and Justin, do you have something to share?"

Justin stood and joined his partner, then spoke. "Earlier today, Pete and Kyle were our witnesses as Rolf officiated our much shorter, definitely less wordy, wedding."

Everyone stood and applauded. A few of The Pack team members rushed to hug the couple.

Justin hushed everyone and then continued. "Derek and I are planning a trip to Vermont later on this year to make it somewhat legal, by getting one of those new Civil Unions. Anyone who wants to join us is welcomed to. But now, back to our regularly scheduled event."

"Okay, now where was I?" Rolf asked.

"I think you were talking about life and love" one of the twins yelled.

"Oh yes, the peanut gallery is heard from. But a life well lived and loved provides as much shelter as any structure. It allows us to dream of a land somewhere o'er the rainbow." Rolf turned to me. "Yes Kyle, another song thrown into the metaphor blender. This metaphor is going to be a puree soon."

But to bring it all together, or bringing it all back home as a Dylan album says. We are gathered here today, because someone needed shelter from a storm and have ended up with a relationship that soars like eagles somewhere o'er the rainbow. They got there, because when the elevator tried to bring them down, they punched a higher floor."

"With that Pete and Kyle have written their own vows. Since they, as many of you know, haven't been too involved in the last minute planning of this wedding, their vows have not been rehearsed."

"Hey, we're paying for this shindig" Pete laughed.

"Well, Pete, I was going to say beauty before age, but since you opened your trap, you go first."

"Gladly" Pete said, pulling a piece of paper from his shirt pocket. "Kyle. I look at you and feel something new every time. Many of you know that I used to be a wrestler, but I've never felt stronger than when I am holding this man in my arms. Kyle, I've been thrown around the wrestling ring, but the most pain I have ever endured is when I thought I lost you forever. And though I have had heard the cheers of thousands of fans, I finally understood the word joy when you took me back that night in February. I portrayed a Russian wrestler, but I never understood the English word love, `til we became a team. Now top that!"

"Impossible, but I'll try." I touched his chest. "This is where my heart is." I caressed his bald scalp. This is where my thoughts are." I massaged his biceps. "This is where my strength lies. I found myself, because I found you." I stopped, winked, and with perfect timing he winked at me. I gave him our 1-4-3 hand sign, then turned to Rolf. "I think we are ready."

Rolf wiped a tear from his eye. "Like I said, we didn't rehearse this. Where were we?"

"I think it's time for those guys to say I do cuz I'm starving" Jamie yelled.

Rolf turned to me. "You're their uncle. Was that Beavis or Butthead?"

"Butthead, but you know he's right."

"Okay, who is standing up for these fine gentlemen?"

"We do" Derek and Mandy said in unison.

"Who is supportive of their decision? If you are, say, we are."

"We are" everyone yelled.

"Where are the rings?"

Justin stood. "Putzki, Echo, bring the rings to Kyle and Pete."

They came to us and for the first time I noticed the ribbons tying the rings to their dog collars. Pete and I bent over and undid the ribbon, made sure we had the right ring, and then faced each other.

"Gentlemen, before we do the ring ceremony, I want you to look closely at the inside of the band. You may think that no one notices your 1-4-3 hand signals. Well, we have. And, we have figured out that 1-4-3 means one thing, one very important thing. I L-O-V-E Y-O-U. We have taken upon ourselves to have the jewelers engrave 1-4-3 into your wedding bands."

I looked at Pete. The man I drew my strength from, was crying, I felt stronger.

Rolf continued. "Instead of the usual "I do's" I want you to look at the man you love, place the ring which is a symbol of that love on his finger, and then say and sign 1-4-3. Since Pete spoke his vows first, Kyle you go first this time."

I held Pete's stout hand with my left hand. I felt a vibration as I inspected the 1-4-3 engraving. I was going to be placing this ring on his hand forever, so it was my last chance to see it. His grip got stronger as he raised his ring finger in anticipation. I slowly slid the size 15 ring on his finger, concentrating on the strength his hands held. I deliberately looked up at him then getting closer I whispered "1-4-3 Babe" while my hands signaled my love.

Pete raised my ring to look at it closer. "From my dad to you" he whispered. He then grabbed my hand unhurriedly tapping out our own 1-4-3 Morse code. He slid the ring on my finger. Again I felt the vibrations. His thick fingers made the signal as he loudly proclaimed "1-4-3 Kyle. I love you babe."

Rolf looked at us, then at our friends. "Unfortunately I cannot state that these two are legally Husband and Husband. But if I have ever seen a love meant to last a lifetime, it is theirs's. So instead, I say by the power vested in me by my own belief in a loving humanity, Kyle and Pete are as married as anyone I know, maybe more so. So you guys can kiss each other, and we can get to the food."

Pete held me in his arms, arching his back to look me in my eyes. "For god sake, kiss him already. What are you waiting for?" my Mom yelled.

"Kiss, kiss, kiss," the nieces and nephews started chanting.

It wasn't the most intimate kiss we ever shared. But with our family looking on, it was the most powerful. Pete even sneaked in a humorous butt-grab after we finished. "Yay, let's eat" my mom yelled out.


"I wonder how the wedding is going. This is a first for me. I have been to my share of weddings, but this is the first time I have ever been connected with a gay wedding. Times are changing Jason. Sometimes I struggle to keep up with the changes."

Chase looked over at Jason. He had wanted to broach the subject of Jason's relationship with his brother, but he couldn't figure out way to bring it up tactfully. "You've gone quiet Jase. I hope you don't mind me calling you that. Or do you have a nickname you'd prefer? All of my family has nicknames. I sometimes forget what my real name is."

"Jase and Chase would be kind of confusing. We'd better stick with Jason. So... Tell me how'd you get the nickname Chase?"

"Shortly after joining the Highway Patrol I was involved in a high speed chase that was textbook-like. We got our man and no citizen was put in harm's way. I talked about it so much my brother Bub started calling me Chase."

"Wait, your brother's name is Bub? What kind of name is that?"

"When he was young he was hooked on bubblegum and blowing bubbles. You wouldn't believe it if you knew him now. Bubbles became Bub when he started his growth spurt. He's a big hulk of a bear now. He just came out to me. That is why this wedding is so personal. I can imagine it being him, marrying a guy, somewhere down the line. I don't want anyone to hurt these guys much like I don't want anyone to hurt Bub."

The car was quiet. The cross breeze from the open windows offered momentary relief to Jason. It was short lived when Jason felt a strong hand on his chin. "Look at me Jason. This isn't easy for me either."

Jason looked at Chase. Tears formed quickly. "I didn't know. Believe me I didn't know. Sometimes I wish my life was over so I wouldn't be causing people pain. I love your brother Chase. I love him more than anything. I'd be with him right now if I didn't have a kid on the way."

"Listen buddy, he knows. He loves you just as much. He is even building a sauna on his farm for the two of you."

"Damn, really? He's got it bad doesn't he? And I can't be with him. I am so fucked up."

Tears came to Jason's eyes as Chase opened his arms. "C'mere... Time to hug it out buddy. We'll make it better. We'll figure it out." Jason started to sob as Chase held him. He smelled the same soap scent that Bub had. He wondered if Chase knew where his soap came from.

"God, he is your brother isn't he? You smell just like him. It must be the soap."

"Yeah, I guess. When we were young we couldn't always shower after doing farm-work and before school. A few of the guys tried out a less than flattering nickname on Bub for a while, but he set them straight so to speak. Now he is very anal about the way he smells. And from the way he talks, he is anal about other things if you catch my drift. Just how do you handle it?"

"We are not gonna talk about that are we? What would Bub think?"

"Why not, I guess it comes from working on the farm, but Bub and I already talked about it. Said you were quite the hung stud yourself. But damn, I have seen that dick of Bub's flaccid. I even caught him jacking off a few times growing up. You've taken that dick up your butt? I can't imagine how that felt."

"Well, if you want to know, I was a virgin when he first fucked me. Somehow it just felt natural."

"Damn boy, you are the man. If we can't figure out how to make it work between the two of you, maybe we'll have to clone you. They clone farm animals now don't they?"

Jason laughed. "Thanks I needed that. Between your scent and strong arms, I am afraid I might have gotten hard there."

"Don't worry, you were. I felt that slab of beef poke me once or twice. Bub will be a lucky guy if we ever figure this out."


Pete and I were sitting on one of the planters outside, waiting for our turn at the buffet line when Mom joined us. Her plate was piled with porchetta, salads, and a slice of the muffuletta. "Boy, this tastes great. I heard you made it. What do you call your meat Pete?"

Pete whispered "Do I tell her I call it Pete Jr.?" I tried to stifle a laugh.

He then looked at Mom "It's a porchetta. Glad you like it Karen."

"You're a good cook, you are going to be a great gay-husband to my son." She got quiet. "You know one of my girlfriends was gay back in the 40's. Well... she wasn't my girlfriend, but a girl-friend. And we didn't call it gay back then I don't think. In fact I don't think we called it anything because we didn't talk about it. We just knew that she was never going to be married."

Kate sat down across from us. "Have you tried the muffuletta yet Karen? We ordered a few the other day from the Italian Deli. They are quite tasty."

"I haven't Kate, but I gotta tell you the meat that Pete made is great."

"Yes, Pete's meat is legendary" Rolf said. "Mind if I join you Kate?"

"Be my guest," Kate patted the ledge of the planter near her. "I think we have something we need to discuss.




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