A Year in the Life

Mr. Hansen, Mr. Ravinka, Part 2

By Bix Meister


This is a story featuring gay men, and gay sex, intended for Adults, not Minors.  It is fiction, and as such is not based on any actual people or events.  It is a fantasy intended purely as a catalyst for pleasure.  No attempts have been made to portray safe sex, but the author encourages you to practice it. 


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Mr. Hansen, Mr. Ravinka, Part 2

"Hey Preacher"


The interior of Chase's car was silent once again. A breeze through the open window allowed Jason to catch the highway patrolman's scent. The clean smell of Chase's soap, triggered something deep inside Jason. Scents often brought him back to specific moments in his life. This time he realized it wasn't about Bub, but someone from his past. He couldn't put a finger on who it was, but his gut instinct told him it was a memory that his subconscious had blocked.

"Has Bub ever told you where he gets that soap?"

"He said he had an arrangement with a local business. I guess I never asked for details."

"I think I know. He gave some to me, but I used the last bar this week. I'm curious Chase. Did Bub tell you how we met?"

"He did Jason. He was very open about meeting you at the sauna. I think a part of him wanted to brag that he got a stud like you, at his age. You know Jason, he usually goes for the twinks, but he told me he loves his bear cop."

"I don't know if I am a bear yet. From what I've seen on the internet I am more of a cub." Jason thought for a moment, then continued. "Chase, you do realize your soap is from the sauna don't you?"

"Well I didn't know it `til today. Not that it makes any difference."

"I'd hate to impose on you, but my wife is due at the end of June, and I don't see myself making any trips to the sauna. So... do you think you could possibly hit your brother up for an extra bar or two? It is the one thing I can have, that reminds me of him."

"As long as you put it that way, I'll try my best."


"Whoever thought of the suspended buffet is a genius, Justin. I had no idea what you were going to do to hide the evidence of the sling."

"That's my idea, but your brother Scott implemented it."

With the suspended buffet, and a few well-placed arrangements, the workout room was slightly less gym-like. The Captain joined Pete and I while we filled out plates. Justin was still overseeing the buffet line, ensuring everything was fresh, and filled.

"I'm going to go find Karen again. I'll see you out there," Pete said once his plate was full.

"I'll take a break and join you Pete," Justin said. "Kyle I love your mom. She's the type of gal that my grandma would say is full of piss and vinegar."

I laughed as the two of them left, then turned to FC. "Enjoying yourself? Any update on the kids?"

"First of all I don't like minimizing a hate crime by calling them kids. They are thugs, human scum. But yes, I am enjoying myself. Your friend Rolf did quite the job. It was funny, and moving at the same time."

I chanced it. "Don't you mean your friend Rolf?"

FC got quiet. "D'ya mean you know? Did he tell you?"

"I saw how you looked at him, and he at you. That, my friend, is all I needed to know. He's been heartsick about it. Something tells me you are in the same boat."

"D'ya got a moment, and someplace private where we could talk? I want this to be just between you and me."

"Sure, let me tell Pete. We can talk in the office. It'll make me feel like the Gay Godfather."

I grabbed my plate and stuck my head out the patio door "I'll be out in a few minutes. Keep Mom entertained will ya Pete?"

"I think it's the other way around. She sure has a thing for Justin."


"You know I like you Jason. I really have a vested interest in helping my brother out because I'd like to remain friends. You're a good guy, you sorta remind me of my partner Sean."

"Speaking of Sean, I wonder if there is any update. I'd hate to be sitting out here in the middle of nowhere if nothing happens."

"Hey, are you saying getting to know me is nothing?"

"No Chase... Jeez, you know what I mean."

"I know Kid, just fucking around with ya." Chase's phone rang. "Sean buddy. Any news? They're using a friend's vehicle? I guess that makes sense since their vehicles are in the impound lot. Uh huh... Uh huh... I'll call the Captain. No need to get worried yet."


"Thanks Chase. I agree, let's just ride this out. I like your plan if we need to use it. I'm here with Kyle right now. I am sure he and Pete will go along with it. Are you taking care of my boy Jason?"

The Captain held his hand to the phone then spoke to me. "No need to be alarmed, but the thugs are out and about."

"Okay Chase. Contact me with any updates. Maybe I'll stop out with a few plates of the grub, it's damn good. Talk to you soon." He flipped his phone closed, then put it on his belt. I saw the regulation police revolver that was beside it.

"Kyle, thanks for listening to me. I love that guy, but you must realize how difficult it is for me to be in this position. I am glad I have a friend like you to talk to. You'd understand what I mean when I say I want nothing more than to be in his arms every night for the rest of my life."

I stood and held out my arms. "Will these arms do for now?" I embraced FC, but his hug in return was possibly more powerful.

"Damn Kyle, I know what Pete meant about your strength. It isn't physical, it's something more."

"It just means you are part of The Pack now. C'mon, we got a party to attend. Let's go celebrate. And if you want to bring some food out to your guys, I know a handsome man with a freshly shaved noggin who will be more than willing to help. It will give you a chance to talk."

"Deal, let's go join The Pack."

We can use the new deck and stairs. You have to see the view from up there."

"Kyle, I do have one question before we go. I heard you were doing a scavenger hunt for the kids. You remember how I told you about cheating on Rolf? Well... that happened in a glory hole on your property. Aren't you worried the kids might stumble upon it?"

"We're safe. Fred and Jeff dismantled that a few weeks ago. They are in charge of the scavenger hunt. From what I understand the suck shack is padlocked for the time being."

"Whew, I'd hate for that to be discovered."

"Don't concern yourself about that. You have other things to worry about."

"Yeah, what if those thugs make it in here?"

"No, you worry about getting Rolf back into your arms. Let your men worry about the thugs, FC."

"Kyle if I am part of your Pack as you call it, you might as well call me by my name. FC stands for Francis Charles. You can call me Frank, Francis or Charles, anything but Chuck.


"Kyle, it's about time! The kids want to do the scavenger hunt."

I spotted Jeff from the vantage point of the upper deck. He had my nieces and nephews around him, and was holding pens, paper and canvas bags. "You don't need my okay to do the hunt do you?"

"They seem to think so. C'mon down."

Derek interrupted. "Don't forget me. The Best Man is supposed to make a speech in situations like this. It's something I want the kids to hear. They can wait."

"Okay. Speech then scavenger hunt. I'll be right down."

As I descended the right set of stairs a small brick-red ceramic square caught my eye. Molded into it were the intertwined initials PR & KH. This was the detail I was challenged to find. It was similar in size and style to the tiles that Frank Lloyd Wright would embed into his buildings, including the gas station twenty minutes away in Cloquet. I felt like I had just completed my own scavenger hunt.

I tapped Rolf on the shoulder. "Hey buddy, I found the tile, it's a great touch. Thanks." I felt compelled to say more, give my appreciation to my friends and family for their work on the backyard, but I didn't want to steal Derek's limelight. I nodded to him "Derek, you're up."

Derek cleared this throat and then reached into his pocket pulling out a shredded piece of paper. "What can I say about Pete and Kyle? I had a speech ready, but as you can see I tore it up after listening to Rolf earlier. What he said about shelter reminded me something I read form a local author. He was comparing men's and women's underwear at a department store. Men's underwear you buy in furnishings, women's, foundations. Between the furnishings and foundations, you have a start of a home."

"Kyle and Pete prove you don't need a man and a woman, to make a house a home. Look at this house. I don't know if many of you know, but I am a building inspector. A very tough, demanding building inspector, and It is hard to find fault with their house. It's a lot like the men, rugged, strong and sturdy. As Van over there would say, the architecture is honest. Yes, the foundation is strong, strong enough, to withstand a crack or two. But I am not here to talk about their cracks, or their woodwork..."

"Heh heh... he said crack and wood."

"I know... that was for you Jamie or should I call you Butthead?"

"Jamie is fine. Jeez, just because I used to like a show, doesn't mean I'm like the characters."

"Oh I give you credit for that, just teasing one of my newest family members. Anyway back to the speech. This place would not be the great home it is if it wasn't for these two great men, and their hearts. Their loving hearts were there for me when I finally learned the truth about who my father was. In a one fell swoop I went from having no family, to being able to call two wonderful men, dad. How great is that?

"So, here's to my Dads. Kyle and Pete. Justin and I love you just as much as everyone here. Possibly even more since you allowed us to share your day. Derek raised his glass. "To Kyle and Pete."

"To Kyle and Pete" everyone cheered.

Once again I was overcome with the love on display and wanted to take time to thank everyone involved with the back yard, but the kids were anxious for their hunt. "Okay, I want you all to take the time to read the rules first. Everything can be found on our property between here, the creek, and the farmhouse down the road. A few of my friends are in charge of the items with the asterisks, so you will have to get to know them. Don't worry, they won't bite. The first one back to Jeff with all of the items, will get a prize. Good luck. Okay, Jeff, don't send them off, `til all of them read and agree to the rules."

With that done I looked at Brent. "Ready to get this party started? Remember, we have no neighbors, so later on you can turn it up at much as possible, but right now people seem to be mingling."

"Don't worry Kyle, I got you covered. Everyone has liked my dinner music. The next mix should be a big hit. I mixed it live and burned it with my new CD burner. I got it cued up, let me play it." With a flip of a switch, Aretha Franklin's "Respect" boomed through the speakers.

"Respect" was like a call to duty. After dishing out two plates, Frank helped Justin change the buffet over to desserts. Paul removed the arrangement from the fire pit, then quickly built a fire. Al, Carl and Charlie arranged additional chairs around the fire pit. In the hubbub it barely registered when Frank and Rolf joined a hiking trail that led to Beck's Road.


Though the music was fading in the distance, Rolf hummed along with the horn section of "I Got You (I Feel Good).

The Captain stopped, put down his bag, then grabbed Rolf by the elbow. "You know; I never knew you were such a great singer."

"Thanks" Rolf focused on moss growing at the base of a birch. He slowly raised his eyes to Frank's deep brown eyes. "I guess we have a lot to learn about each other. For instance, you've never told me how you broke your nose Francis."

The Captain chuckled. "My best friend in middle school called me Francis. I didn't appreciate that at the time. If you don't like how it looks, I'll get it straightened for you."

Rolf reached out and traced the crooked line of his lover's nose. "Don't you dare. You are already perfect." Again Rolf's laser sharp focus was on Frank's eyes. "Damn Francis, I need this." Rolf put his hand on Frank's neck and yanked him in for a kiss.

Frank's arms engulfed Rolf as he pushed him back towards a maple tree. Rolf felt the Captain's revolver and dick grind into his large belly as the two men's tongues wrestled for space. The Captain pushed Rolf harder against the tree. "Dammit Rolf, I fucked up badly. But I want you back, if you'll take me. I want you right here, right now, but I know that isn't the right thing to do."

Rolf's breathing slowed. "You know I want it to. Look at this. My dick can't lie."

Rolf's black slacks tented in the front, matching the Captain's own. Francis shook his head as his eyes scanned his larger lover. "I was such an idiot Rolf. A weak, foolish idiot. I didn't have the strength to be truthful about who I am and deal with the consequences. But I know all the strength I need can be found in your arms."

"After what I've done to you, I doubt you trust me. Do you trust me Rolf?"

"Oh I do, not always sure why, but I do."

"Then trust me when I tell you that I want everyone to know that I love you. The police chief already knows that I have a man in my life, and he knows it is you. But for some reason I just can't face Jason right now. He's been going through so much shit lately, this might put him over the edge. Give me a week or two, month at the most Rolf. Fuck, I know it's asking a lot but..."

Rolf cut him off. "I plan to be with you for a lifetime. I can handle being away from you one more month. But if it is longer..." Rolf stared at the Captain.

"Don't give me that look. There's no reason we can't be together, we just can't be open about it yet. I want to fall asleep in your arms tonight Rolf, if you'll have me."

"I know it's a cliché but, your place or mine?"

"We'll decided that later. C'mon, we gotta get this food to Chase and Jason. I bet they are starving."


Jason struggled stuffing his hard dick into his trousers. As he walked back to Chase's vehicle he struggled with something else. It seemed impossible, but did he just see Frank and Rolf kissing passionately? He had gone into the woods to relieve his bladder. Looking up mid-stream, he saw two bodies in the woods. Worried that they might be the young men he was after, he snuck closer.

He certainly wasn't ready for what he saw. Rolf from The Pack, and his boss Frank were sucking face. The Captain was grinding into him something fierce. When they broke apart it was impossible to ignore the bulges in their slacks. His own dick reacted, growing to its eight thick inches.

He wanted to sneak closer and hear what they were discussing, but he didn't want to be caught. Besides, he had already seen enough. With a quick glance to his crotch to ensure he was presentable, he made the last few steps out of the forest, to the car waiting alongside the road.


Brent was reading my mind with his playlist. It was loose, funky, and positive. Herb Alpert's disco-tinged instrumental "Rise" had just segued seamlessly into "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers when Pete leaned back into my arms. I did my best to talk/sing the lyrics to my new husband, not really worrying about what our guests thought.

"It's great to see the love "The Boys" have for each other, isn't it Karen?" Connie always used air quotes when she called us "The Boys."

"You know, my husband worried about Kyle. I wish he would be here to see this."

"Oh he is Karen. He is here whether you believe it or not."

Recognizing the voice, I looked back. "Where's the Captain, Rolf?"

"He has unfinished business out there, nothing to worry `bout. In the meantime, who is gonna set me up with a drink?" Rolf winked at me, then turned to Justin. "Justin, what wine would you pair with happiness?"

"I think I have the perfect bottle chilling over here. Just what are you celebrating?"

"Good music, good friends and two wonderful couples tying the knot, what else?" Rolf danced his way over to where Justin was. "The sun will be setting soon. I hope the kids will be back in time."

"They are all here, working on the last item or two" Jeff said. "I hope you have yours ready to go."

Rolf reached into his pants pocket, and jingled the change. "Yep, I'm ready."

Justin opened the bottle, poured a glass for Rolf. "There's something else going on. I can tell by that smile. You can't fool a fool" he whispered.

"That's because you are not a fool, young man." Rolf took a sip of his wine, then boogied over to sit by Pete and I. "Thanks" he mouthed.

Mandy's youngest daughter Kerry came up to us. "Hey Preacher. I think you are my last chance. Do you have a Georgia State quarter?"

"I'm no preacher darling, but I may be able to help you out." Rolf dug into his pants pulling out his change. "Well, would you lookie here. One Georgia State quarter. You must be the lucky one."


Jason looked in the rearview mirror. The sun was setting behind the Captain's head. Despite the quiet and calm, Jason knew that the mind of his superior was anything but calm. He could sense it; he even could smell it. Francis Charles Hendricks smelled like sex. There must have been something else going on between Frank and Rolf to get the pheromones pumping like that.

Jason was still reeling from what he had seen. In one quick moment he was on a level playing field with his superior. However, there was no way he could bring it up, especially with Chase in the car.

Just then Chase's phone rang. "Coming this way huh? We'll be ready. Lead with the unmarked cars, and no sirens. The Captain wants to ensure that their guests have no idea what is going on."


"You'd make a good dad Rolf, Kerry sure likes you," Mandy said.

"Not in my cards I'm afraid. She's a beautiful young lady. I wish she'd drop the Preacher bit though."

"This is her first family wedding so she thinks you are a preacher. I gotta say you did a better job than any preacher I have ever seen. I loved the part you adlibbed about the eagle."

"These guys make it easy. They've helped me in so many ways."

Brent segued into Earth Wind & Fire's "Shining Star." "I've always loved this song. Wanna be my shining star Kerry and dance with the Preacher?"

Rolf picked up Kerry and started to dance in the firelight. He was spinning with her in his arms when she leaned in to whisper in his ear. He stopped long enough to say "I'll tell you later" then went on dancing.


Chase turned off Beck's Road and drove 100 feet towards Pete and Kyles chalet, stopping just beyond a bend in the road. He maneuvered the car so it blocked the road, then killed the engine. "Are you guys ready? It's show-time."

The men exited the vehicle and leaned against it. The Captain assumed his power position: arms folded across his chest, his revolver peeking out of the holster at the waist. He was flanked by Jason and Chase, who also had their guns ready.

Though they were aware of the vehicle the thugs would be using, the maroon minivan that turned the corner was a comical sight. The driver of the minivan hit the brakes when he saw the three armed men. He tried to back up, and head to Beck's Road, but two unmarked cars, and a squad car stopped their progress. The four young men looked like they were ready to bolt, but they were stopped by the sight of six peace officers with their guns pointed their way.

The Captain uncrossed his arms, and lightly put his hand on his gun. He walked with intent towards the van as the three cars trained their floodlights on it. A policewoman picked up the bullhorn. "Come out with your arms up."

The Captain noticed that the driver was not one of the thugs arrested for the attempted gay bashing, and vandalism. As the other officers walked towards the van, the Captain recognized who the driver was. "You know when I went to Denfeld, the coach didn't look kindly on returning seniors who were arrested during the last week of school. Something's telling me that The Hunters will be starting a new linebacker next season."


While Brent played Bob Marley, Pete, Rolf, Carl and I were the only ones to hear the arrest that was happening less than 200 yards away. My nieces and nephews were dancing to "Could You Be Loved" as Carl knelt beside me. "Sounds like they were cut off at the pass just like FC wanted. Knowing him he'll be back at the party soon."

"How much longer are you going to be helping out the Duluth PD, Carl?" Pete asked.

"A few more weeks. Randy has their internet security set up and a new employee on the case. And, we should be making an arrest in another case as soon as we have motive nailed down. Personally I hope I can be back in Pequadna before the Fourth, and I hope you two will be our guests at the townhome."

"That's in the plans Carl. It'll be Pete's first small-town Fourth of July."

"Hell, it will be my first time in Pequadna other than the night our wrestling bus broke down."

"Oh, I had forgotten about that. I remember it was the talk of the school for a few weeks." Carl looked at John. "Didn't they stay at the Motel near your home?"

"Well some of us did." Barry looked at Al. "The Cruncher and I had to share a room, but they wouldn't rent one out to Pete. The Motel manager stated firmly that he wasn't gonna let some commie wrestler rent a room in his establishment."

"Yeah, Barry and I snuck some blankets out to Pete while the rest of us slept inside. I know it was about ten degrees out that night. The Motel manager was more than happy to accommodate me, being a big Cruncher fan and all."

"Don't be too proud of yourself Al" Scott interjected. "Murphy wasn't the best judge of character. Remember how his third wife fleeced him and bankrupted the Motel?"

"Third wife? What happened to his first two?"

The first one ran off with the second one. Or was it the other way around Mom?" Scott asked.

"I forget. Your dad and I didn't talk much about things like that. But enough about that, I'd rather listen to Pete's stories."

"Well I don't know Karen, from the sound of it Pequadna has stories that are far more exciting than mine. If we are going to do story time, it might as well be some of yours, rather than my boring old stories. I'm sure there are some great tales about your grandkids."

"Dad, tell them about the time when Jamie and I found the gay porno magazines when you took us fishing."

"I don't know if that is an appropriate story for a wedding, Ryan."

"Sounds like the perfect story for this crew, that is if your Mother is okay with it" Al laughed.

"I've heard it a dozen times. You'll like it Mr. Muncher."

Al grabbed an imaginary knife, and pulled it from his chest. "Even you Karen? It's tough getting respect around here. Go on John, tell the story while I let my wound heal."

"Well if I must. When the boys were three and a half, I took them fishing. We rented a cabin up north and I was out on the dock fishing with them, when they got bored. They wanted to walk along the shore, and I told them it was okay as long as they kept their life jackets on. A few minutes later they came running down the dock carrying a magazine. Jamie yelled "Hey Dad, this man has another man's penis in his mouth."

"Wait, your three-year-old kids called a wiener a penis?" Al chuckled.

"I believe in raising informed kids" Kate added. "If they came running yelling about a man having a wiener in his mouth, it just could be at a picnic."

"Especially the picnics around here" Paul whispered.

John glared at Paul. "Back to my story. I grabbed the magazine, looked at it quickly, and then asked "Where did you get this?"

"To make a long story short we found it under the boat" Ryan deadpanned. "When we got home mom filled us in, didn't you mom?"

"I told them sometimes when a man loves another man..."

"And sometimes just when they're horny" Paul chuckled.

"Anyway, the kids know that sex is part of a healthy relationship. Knowing that they have two Gay uncles, and now four gay uncles, has helped. I didn't want them to hear the lies from their classmates, or even the lies from church."

"I wish my parents had been this open and honest before Mick and I found the dickystick," Carl laughed.

"Wait Carl, what is a dickystick?" Pete asked.

When I was ten, and our cousin Mick was eight we found an eighteen-inch dildo at the town dump. We didn't know it was a dildo at the time, we just saw it as a harmless toy shaped like a dick. And before you say anything Paul, I can't imagine eighteen inches being harmless."

"Not saying a thing," Paul said as he mimed zipping his lip.

"Anyway, we hid our dickystick and would play with it when we could. I remember taking Uncle Dan's boat out and we'd use the dickystick to hit rocks into the lake. We just treated the dickystick like a baseball bat until Uncle Dan caught us playing with it one day."

"What the hell are you brats doing with that? Where did you get it?" he yelled at us.

"Damn, I can just hear Uncle Dan saying that" I said. "Pete, you remember me telling you that Carl's cousin Mick is our cousin too?"

"Is everyone in your hometown related, or sleeping together?" Barry asked.

"There are days when it feels like it" Rhonda sighed. "Carl, did Uncle Dan ever tell you how he got rid of the dickystick?"

"He tied a cement block to it and dumped it in the lake. He also grounded both of us for a week and wouldn't allow us to take the boat out for a month. When I complained that he wasn't my dad and couldn't ground me he said "Do you want me to tell your dad what the two of you were playing with?"

"What kind of person throws away a dildo anyway?"

Carl looked back. "Oh hey Captain, I assume things went well."

"Everything is neatly tied up. Sort of like your dickystick story. Except as a policeman, I still have a question. What would possess someone to throw away a dildo?"

"I don't know about that situation, but Derek and I met a man recently who was forced to throw away his toys due to his wife finding them."

"Justin, I don't know if that is an appropriate discussion for here, isn't that private?" Derek asked of his husband.

In the firelight Carl stood and joined the Captain. I could see them whispering. Pete stood. "Folks, just in case I forget, we should take care of the laundry list. The buffet is down, but if you are hungry, there is more in the fridge. And drink up. We have a few rooms open here, plus a couple down at the farmhouse. Fred and Charlie are the designated drivers if you drink too much."

"Do you want me to turn up the music Kyle?"

I gave Brent a thumbs up, then fell back into Pete's arms. "I love you so much Kyle" he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. "I feel like I truly became a member of your family today. What a great family."

"The family is better because you are in it."

Pete tapped out our 1-4-3 signal while he kissed my ear gently.

"Can I dance with you Uncle Kyle?"

"It would be my pleasure Kerry" I got up from where I was sitting with Pete and held her hand as we started to dance.

"Not like that, pick me up like The Preacher did. He's a good dancer."

"I'm not sure if "Brickhouse" is the right song to dance that way to. But sure, I'll do it for you."

I picked her up and started to dance. "What is this song about Uncle?" she said, right into my ear.

"It's complicated, you will know more about it when you get older."

"Oh, will I get to find out what a dildo is then too? Mom won't tell me."

"I am sure she is just waiting for a quieter time to tell you."

"Do you kiss Uncle Pete, Uncle Kyle?"

"Yes I do, because I love him."

"Is that why the Preacher Man kissed the Cop? Do they love each other?"

"When did you see that Kerry?"

"I went the wrong way during the scavenger hunt. Don't tell anyone because I want to keep my prize, but I went the wrong way. I saw them kissing, and then I saw the gun. I figured out that he was a cop since Mom's friend Carl has one like that, and he is a cop too."

"I won't tell anyone about you going the wrong way during the scavenger hunt if you don't tell anyone what you saw The Captain and Rolf do."

"Isn't that lying? I don't want to lie."

"You are just keeping a secret until the two of them are able to share their love, just the same way Pete and I did today. You are doing them a favor. Besides, you won the hunt fair and square."

"I hope that The Preacher invites me to his wedding if he marries the cop."

"I can tell that Rolf loves you, and would be happy to have you there when the time comes."


Out of habit, Jason checked his mailbox before entering his Norton Park home. He wanted nothing more than to take a quick shower and join Ashley in bed, but a parcel in the mail box stopped him. He unlocked the door, stepped inside and sat at the kitchen table. He could hear Ashley lightly snoring in their bedroom, so he quietly undid the tabs of manila envelope and dumped out the contents.

Inside was his missing camera, and a package of photos. He quickly had to shift gears from being a tired husband, to policeman. The Captain had left one evidence kit the last time he had visited, so Jason retrieved it. He pulled out the gloves and quickly scanned the photos. Nothing stood out at first, until he came to an obvious gap near the end.

Just a week before they had lost the camera, Jason and Ashley had spent a day at Jay Cooke State Park. They asked the Park Ranger to take a picture of them near one of the falls. That picture, and the negative it should have been on, were missing.

Jason looked at the envelope again. The J of the Jason looked familiar. Near the top of the J was a line that bisected slightly below the top. He had seen a similar J recently, and he knew right where it was. With his gloves still on, Jason went into the nursery and retrieved the memory box from the closet.

It was the exact same J.


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