A Year in the Life

Mr. Hansen Mr. Ravinka Part 3

By Bix Meister


This is a story featuring gay men, and gay sex, intended for Adults, not Minors.  It is fiction, and as such is not based on any actual people or events.  It is a fantasy intended purely as a catalyst for pleasure.  No attempts have been made to portray safe sex, but the author encourages you to practice it. 


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Mr. Hansen Mr. Ravinka Part 3


Pete embraced me as he poked the last embers in the fire pit, Echo sat at our feet. Everyone had left long ago, but we stayed to watch the fire die. The evening air had chilled considerably, a fact I noticed when Pete went inside. He returned with a bucket of water to dowse the embers.

"You looked chilled babe. I know just the way to warm you."

Pete cuddled me and directed me to the steps with Echo following. We took the set that led to the master bedroom side of the deck, not wanting to disturb Al, who had thought it best that he'd avoid driving in his condition. I agreed to his decision, when I saw that he had driven his vintage Corvette to the wedding. The fact that the Police Captain was in attendance, made his choice easier.

"Allow me" Pete said, picking me up. "I'm carrying my husband over the threshold."

"Gladly, there is no place I'd rather be, than in your arms."

Pete carried me through the door, closing it with his foot after our pup scampered inside. He then laid me gently on our bed, laying right beside me.

"Who put that there," I said, pointing to my dad's surveying transit.

"I did it while you were dancing with Kerry. Boy, your niece is a sweet thing, and smart for her years."

"She's our niece now Pete. I think you described all of our nieces and nephews. But I do have a soft spot for her."

I can tell, looks like she was telling you some secrets. Does she know where the treasure is buried? She sure aced that scavenger hunt."

"She's our little explorer. We did share a secret or two, but I made a vow not to tell."

"Well Mister, I made a vow to love you forever tonight, and I vow to prove how much I love you right now. But first we need to take care of these vests."

Pete pulled me upright and slowly slid my vest off me. After taking his own off, he walked over to the closet and carefully hung them. "Turn on that light will you Kyle?"

The diffused glow of the bedside lamp illuminated Pete as he slowly undressed. "You know Kyle; I was worried about the lack of curtains on that window for our wedding night. But, everyone's gone, and Al is dead to the world, so we are free to do as we please, and seeing you naked would please me."

With that, Pete dropped his trousers. I had forgotten that he had gone commando, but as I saw his dick slowly rise, I was happily reminded. He kicked off his shoes and bent over to take off his socks. "No, leave them on, that would please me."

"So be it," he said with a sly grin. He approached the bed, his dick throbbing as he neared. "Undo your waist, lift up that ass babe. Gotta get you nekkid."


Rolf paced the candlelit loft of the converted church. "Damn, he should be here by now. Is this what I have to look forward to dating a policeman, waiting for my man, because duty calls?" he thought to himself.

The quiet tapping on the side door snapped him out of his self-induced funk. He ran downstairs unconcerned about his nudity. "Boy, Francis, you are a sight for sore eyes."

"Me? look at your naked self. I've spent the last few weeks just thinking about being in your arms Rolf. Imagine how hard it was writing those emails every day, knowing I would see you at the wedding, but I couldn't let on. And even when I saw you, I didn't know what would happen."

"I didn't know you were coming either. But then I saw your smile tonight, I knew I wanted you back."

"Prove it Rolf."

"You've got it." Rolf tugged Francis into his arms. His full beard rubbed against Francis' five o'clock shadow as they kissed.

Francis slowly rubbed Rolf's shaved head. "I love it," he said between kisses. His fingers danced down Rolf's furry back toward his ass. The Captain grabbed a handful of butt-cheek, kneading it while he kissed his lover. With his other hand he leaned Rolfs head back, then moved his full beard so he could kiss his neck.

The hand on Rolf's ass ventured towards his hole. Rolf knew what the night held in store. "I'm ready Captain."

"I am too."


I laid spread eagle on the bed. The bedside lamp was off, only the stars and the half-moon illuminated Pete as he walked towards me. "Gotta admit the socks are a sexy touch Kyle" he grinned. He shook his head for a moment, then dove between my legs. "Ooh, we smell like smoke, maybe we should shower first?"

I kissed his right cheek. "And remove this wonderful taste? Not on your life."

"One smoked sausage, coming your way." Pete straddled my waist and then started to inch his way forward. He laid his dick on my lips. "This is just the appetizer."


Francis looked at Rolf who was sprawled on the bed. "You've got a head start."

After cautiously placing his gun and holster on the night stand, Francis frantically pulled off his clothes. He started by climbing between Rolf's legs, then kissing his neck. "I love the smell of smoke, remind me to take you camping sometime this summer."

"Definitely, just you, me, an air mattress and a tent? I can make do without my CPAP for a week"

"Or we can take my camper and you can bring your CPAP, it's up to you. I just want a chance to sit around the campfire and look at the stars with the man I love."

Francis continued his tour down Rolf's chest, stopping at his nipples for a taste, then spending extra time lapping at his belly button. Rolf flexed his hard on, slapping it against Frank's salt and pepper furred chest. The Captain looked up at Rolf. "Oh I'm getting to that; I'm getting to that."

"At your leisure, I'm liking where this is going Frank."


"I've been wondering since day one, just how do you take it all?"

I wanted to respond, but my mom told me it was impolite to talk with a full mouth. Instead I allowed my tongue to savor the tasty smoked meat that was filling my throat. I looked up at Pete as he slowly thrusted in and out of my mouth. I timed my breathing, allowing me to deep throat his appetizing nine inches.

"You fucked me last night Kyle, it's only fair I return the favor tonight. Get it nice and wet for your ass. Spit and pre-cum will be your lube. I'm gonna rim that hole and have you primed."


Frank sat back on his haunches and admired the furry ass in front of him. Rolf was still on his back, holding his legs up, offering his lover his hole. Frank absentmindedly coated his dickhead with his pre-cum as Rolf slowly flexed his anus.

"Who knew that a hairy man's hole could be so yummy looking. I'm glad I saved room for dessert. How's your back feeling babe?"

Rolf pulled his legs closer to his prodigious gut. "Amazing. I think this is helping me stretch my back muscles. I know the wine helped relax them too."

Frank scooted forward on his knees and lifted Rolf's legs. "Tell me if you are having any issues. I want to give my man pleasure, not pain."

Rolf felt Frank's stubble rubbing his hole, the tongue followed. "Oh yeah babe, who taught you how to rim? You are gonna have my butt ready for that curved boner of yours."

Frank came up for air and held Rolf's ass open with his big mitts. "I believe you did. You taught me so much about how to make love to a man. Every time I was with a guy before, they serviced me. I almost forgot the police motto. "To Protect and Serve." Believe me, I'm going to make that up to you. Now where was I?"

"You were tonguing my hole, opening me up for that beautiful dick of yours."


Pete looked up at me from between my legs. His beard was wet with his own spit. "You're ready Kyle, how do you want it?"

"Spoon me Pete. I want to feel your body close to me, for as long as possible. I need the feeling of your skin on mine. Lick and touch every square inch babe."

He knelt back, slowly stroking his cock. "On your side Kyle, show me that ass. Yeah pull your right leg up. Fuck Kyle, you're beautiful."

Pete laid beside me. I felt his chest fur on my back as he caressed my right thigh. His tongue licked my earlobe as his thickness slid along my ass-crack. A kiss hovered above the hot-spot at the nape of my neck as his dick kneaded my rosebud. The shiver his kiss induced, allowed his entire nine inches to enter me slowly.

"How are you feeling Mr. Ravinka?" Pete groaned.

"Amazing Mr. Hansen."


Frank looked down at the point where his pubes, met Rolf's butt-fur. He was slowly grinding his thick curved dick into Rolf's hot hole. "We're a perfect fit Rolf. At least I think so. Any regrets that I don't measure up to your toys?"

"Why do I need those when I got your loving flesh and blood filling me. In all ways possible I might add." The Captain slowly picked up the pace of his grinding, subtly changing angles of attack. "Oh yeah, hot flesh and blood beats cold silicone anytime, no matter how life-like the website promises them to be."

Frank grabbed Rolf's rigid boner as he started to take longer strokes. "Before the end of the night I want this in my butt. Every time I've ridden my dildo lately, I've thought of you. I need the real deal tonight."

"Then you'd better hold back on your fucking. If you get me over the edge, I might just shoot. And who knows how long my recharge time is these days."

"Oh, I'm confident my ass and my dick can pull two loads out of you. I'd bet my life on it."


The pace of our lovemaking was languid. His hands and tongue were making good on his promise to explore every inch of my body. Pete felt like an extension of my being as he slowly stroked into me.

Even our joking exchange of last names muddled the distinction between us. We had never discussed changing surnames to one or the other. However, our private exchange of names seemed appropriate. To the outer world we were still be ourselves. In our own little enclave, I was suddenly Kyle Ravinka, and he was Pete Hansen.

"Your dick has never felt better in my ass Mr. Hansen. Ohhhh f-f-f-fuck" I groaned.

"And your body has never been this beautiful Mr. Ravinka." Pete flexed his dick in my ass. He was still, just holding me, flexing his dick. "Feel that Mr. Ravinka? I'm right where I need to be."

I felt him flexing. I realized the pulses tapped out 1-4-3. I reached back and tapped out my own 1-4-3 on his furry butt. "Fill me up whenever you want Mr. Hansen."

Pete hugged me tight as he started to hammer into me. "I like being called Mr. Hansen, Mr. Ravinka. It lets me know that I am yours, and you are mine."


"I'm so damn close Frank. Give me that load. OH FUCK."

Francis thrust one last time, hitting Rolf's prostate dead on. Rolf's first volley of cum splattered his large belly, reaching his full beard. Rolf's anus spasmed, pulling Frank's thick load out of him. "Oh fuck Frank, that was fan-effin-tastic. Well worth the wait." Rolf's smile was broad, content.

With his still-hard dick in his lover, Frank rubbed Rolf's cum covered fur. He captured some on his fingers and brought it to his lips. He slowly thrust into Rolf as he tasted his man's juice. He gathered more, frothed it in his mouth, then leaned forward to share it with Rolf.

"I wish I could taste your load babe, but I like where you left it. Maybe you'll get me pregnant. You know we'd make a beautiful son, but I am not saddling him with Francis or Rolf as a name."

"Now Rolf, you know butt babies don't live. And as for tasting my load, give me half an hour to recharge. I'm up for it if you are."

Rolf's dick thumped against his gut. "From the looks of it, we won't need that long."


Pete's dick continued to flex in my butt as he held me. Echo looked at us from his bed near the windows. Sensing that we were through, he ran to the bed, jumped on it, and laid at my feet. "He's definitely your kid Kyle. I guess that makes him Echo Ravinka now."

I wiggled my ass enjoying the feeling of Pete's warmth filling me. Pete pulled me closer into his arms. "This Mr. Hansen, Mr. Ravinka thing is just ours right?" he whispered into my ear. "It's not that I don't want others to know my commitment to you, it is just..."

"I know what you are saying. What we did out there, was for everybody else, what we do in here is for us."


Rolf stood at the urinal, shaking the last drops of piss from his dick. He looked at Frank who was standing at the sink, rifling through the medicine cabinet. "Can I borrow your razor? I want to clean up before we head to this thing at the Diner. God, I can't believe we have to be up in five hours for it. And I can't believe they invited me of all people. You, I understand Rolf. Your ceremony was perfect for them."

Rolf went over to Frank and hugged him from behind, his gut fitting perfectly in the small of Frank's back. "Any doubts about going Frank? We can arrive in separate vehicles if that makes you more comfortable."

"It's okay, Kyle knows about us. By now, Pete probably does too."

"He's not the only one, that little darlin' Kerry knows about you too. She saw us kissing. At least her parents raised her the right way and she didn't get freaked out. She thinks you're handsome. Luckily I do too. You're off this weekend, do me a favor and keep a razor away from your face."

"For you I will. You'll love the beard I'll grow when we go camping."

"I love everything about you Francis. Especially the fact that my CPAP machine doesn't freak you out."

"I miss that blasted device believe it or not. Its soothing sound could have helped me on many a sleepless night lately."


Al stood in front of the mirror of the guest bathroom. He quietly wrung the washcloth, then wiped the streaks of cum that covered his gut. He was more exhausted than drunk earlier when he took the guys up on their offer to stay over. But the dream about Rudy, and the lovemaking he heard from the next room via the heating duct, woke him.

Looking at his crew-cut he knew the reason why Rudy was on his mind. He had to admit it was narcissistic of him to think so, but he had never looked hotter, or better, and Rudy's deft touch was to blame. However, his ego was a good trait in the wrestling arena, but a deficit when it came to finding the right lover.

Al wasn't sure if Rudy was the right man for him. Hell he didn't even know if Rudy wanted a man in his life. But something about the barber made him think this guy was his equal, ego played no part.

As Al looked in the mirror he flicked the fingers of one hand over his flat-top, while he held his dick in the other. "Ready for round two little buddy?"


With Rolf's CPAP mask securely on, Frank pulled the down comforter over their naked bodies. He then spooned his lover, connecting their bodies once again. From his partner's pulse, he knew Rolf was falling asleep, yet Frank struggled, wanting to remain awake.

The evidence of their connection was strong. It was in the taste of Rolf's load that was still on his tongue, and the other one in his ass. The quiet moments where words were not needed were as affirming as the frenzied rutting as Rolf fucked him.

But as Kyle and more knew his secret, he wondered if he could clear those final hurdles. In his sleep Rolf reached back and pulled Frank closer. Suddenly he knew he could.


I awoke at six, still in Pete's arms. I quietly pulled free, and went to the master bath to piss. "Mr. Ravinka huh?" I smiled to myself. "Gladly" I thought.

We were expected at the Diner at nine, so I ensured the alarm was set for eight, and went back to bed.


Rolf's eyelids fluttered as Francis looked down at him. "Hey babe, I didn't mean to wake you. But I got a call from Jason. Duty calls. I need to meet him at his house in a few. I made some of your coffee, I hope you don't mind."

Rolf expertly removed his CPAP mask. "Well I'm up, and from the looks of it so are you" Rolf winked. He had to admit, Frank had never looked better. He was steadying himself against one of the posts of the four post bed. His Duluth Police baseball hat was perched on his head and there was a steaming mug of coffee in his hand. Then there was the single drop of pre-cum clinging to his perfectly curved hard-on.

"I was watching you sleep, I guess my dick likes that. If we had some time, I'd show you how much it does."

"Funny, I don't remember your dick being that big. Looks like you've gained an inch handsome."

Frank patted his gut. "Between the stress, and working out, I lost a little of my gut. What I lost here, I gained here." Frank shook his dick, the pearl of pre-cum went flying. "I hope you're not complaining."

Rolf pushed down the sheets that covered his ball-gut and absent mindedly ran his fingers through the fur. Frank couldn't miss the tent that Rolf's dick made in the remaining sheets. "So you're telling me that if I lose some of this, you'll get some more of this?" Rolf arched his dick, causing the tent in the sheets to move.

"Don't you dare do that Rolf. That plump dick is mighty big the way it is. I don't think I could handle it if it got bigger. `Sides, I like that gut. I loved holding it last night. Damn Rolf, you look so tempting right now I'd jump on and let you ride my ass, but I don't have the time. I gotta get going."

"You had time to put on the baseball hat. What's up with that?"

"It's a habit I guess. Hard one to break."

"Well that is a hard one I don't want to break. Bend it a little yeah, but not break." Rolf's laugh was hearty. "So are you gonna join us at the Diner? I can handle it if you can."

"If we are done in time, yes. Don't save a place for me. I will call you if I am coming. You don't mind that I hope."


"What the fuck is that noise?"

The clatter of the pots and pans from our deck woke us.

I looked up to see most of The Pack standing outside. "Damn Pete, I think we are getting a shivaree. Remember the story Mom shared last night about their shivaree?"

"D'ya mean they still do that?" Pete said as the pounding on our door got louder. Pete quickly grabbed a robe, then went to the door. The guys were still banging their pots, and more noise could be heard below.

Through the heating duct I heard the sound of the deck door being opened in the next room. "What the fuck? Can't a man sleep?" Al yelled.

"Mom, The Cruncher is naked." Kerry's voice was unmistakable.

I heard a quick "Oops, sorry" from the deck, followed by a slamming door. Pete threw my pants to me, then grabbed his own. I put mine on then found a couple of shirts for the two of us.

"The coast is clear" Justin yelled down to my family. "They're decent now."

My family joined The Pack on the deck. Al who had found his own clothes, joined us. "C'mon in guys" Pete said. We didn't expect this or we would have gotten up earlier and not tried to sleep in."

"You shouldn't expect a shivaree, that's the fun of it" Kate said. "You wouldn't allow us to give you gifts, but we have something to give to you downstairs. We didn't know how to go about it until Mom told the story last night. Believe me, this is my first shivaree, and probably last. However, it has been fun, especially seeing your friend's wiener over there."

"Well I'll be damned Kate. I've known Al for decades, and this is the first time I have ever seen him blush" Pete said. "I guess that makes this my best shivaree too. If you'll allow us to get dressed for real this time, we'll meet your downstairs for the surprise."

"Okay, deal," Kate said. "Mr. Cruncher, lead the way. It'll be fun to follow that sexy ass downstairs."


The evidence was laid out on the kitchen table. One envelope, the film package, the camera and pictures and negatives, and finally the box were all there for the Captain to see. "I didn't have the strength to open this last night Frank, I am afraid of what I might find."

"From the sounds of it, you suspect the same person I do. I'm here for you Jason, go ahead and open it. It might help tie it all together."

Jason looked at the box. He didn't know the code for the lock, but he had a hunch. He looked up at the Captain. "D'ya think he used?"

"You meant the world to him, of course he did."

Jason spun the dial, stopping at the numbers corresponding to his birthdate. He could feel the tumbler respond to the numbers, and when he was done, he felt the lock give way.

"Can you open this? I don't think I can."

"For you Jason, anything."

Frank opened it. The contents were few, but significant. There were half a dozen baseball cards, a baseball signed by Mickey Mantle, a gold ring, and oddly enough, a bar of soap. The last one baffled the Captain. "I don't see anything that helps the case Jason, I guess this is a swing and a miss. But he did leave you a few valuable items. Look at this."

Jason saw the Mickey Mantle signature immediately. He had heard the story about the time his dad had been at the old Metropolitan Stadium and got Mickey to sign a ball for him. "So nothing else of importance huh? Let me see."

He yanked the box from Frank's hands. His face got white as he held, then sniffed the soap. "Don't tell me" he said, then started to sob, hiding his face from his superior.


There were about half a dozen small packages on the dining room table. Patty spoke "Kyle and Pete, we know you requested no gifts, but have you ever known us to follow rules? We will say that all of these gifts cost us little to no money, so that follows the spirit of your request. Kerry is the youngest, so she is going to hand them out."

The first one was marked from Kate & John. It was an envelope with a traditional wedding card, the Mr. and Mrs. had been altered to become Mr. and Mr. Inside was a computer disk with the title "Mom's recipes." Kate explained. "I scanned her whole recipe box. Pete, maybe you'll have better luck with her pie crust recipe than I have."

"Pie crust is Kyle's contribution; I think he already has that down pat."

"Down Pat? I guess Patty goes next" Kerry joked.

She handed me a small gift-wrapped item. Opening it I knew exactly what it was, a book from our childhood called "Rumpus." "I've been looking for a copy of this forever. "Pete, this book was written about the early days of my hometown."

"I found it at the flea market last year on the Fourth. I hope you guys will be going there this year."

"We've already reserved the townhouse for them Patty. You can have one of the other rooms" Rhonda said.

The gifts continued to be small, yet significant. The final one on the table was about the size of a matchbox. "This is from us nieces and nephews" Kerry said.

I opened it. It was the very first Hot Wheel I had ever owned. I looked at the chassis. It still had my initials on it. "Where did you get this? How did you find it?"

"Mom gave them to our family when the kids were small" Mandy said. "All of the other cars were well played with, but this one was in perfect condition. I knew there was a reason it was so immaculate, so I asked the kids to save it for you. I forgot we had it, but they didn't."

I was close to tears as the kids hugged me and left me speechless. Scott broke the silence. "Pete, sorry, we didn't have anything for you, but we figured giving you Kyle is enough."

"More than enough Scott, Kyle already gave me my life."

Derek cleared his throat. "One last gift, and from what greeted Justin and I last night when we got home, all I can say is, great minds think alike."

He nodded to the giftwrapped frame on the wall. I instantly knew what was behind the giftwrap. I quickly tore off the wrapping, then put our own copy of the iconic Minnesota print "Grace" back in its rightful place on the dining room wall.

"Mom, that man looks like The Preacher. He's just a little bit older."

"Where is Rolf by the way?" I asked.

"He said he couldn't come out, but he will meet us at the diner. I guess he had something important planned this morning."

"Well, that's done, I guess we can get on our way" John said.

"Not yet. Kyle and I have a special gift for our friend and neighbor Charlie. Justin, make yourself useful and brew some coffee. Angelo, want to join the three of us upstairs?"


Jason continued to cry. Francis felt helpless as he looked at his protégé. He tried to comfort him, but the hand he placed on Jason's shoulder was shrugged off.

"Now I understand, Now I understand. I'm gay just like my dad? That's why he left me. And just like my dad I'll do the same to my son."

Frank tried to comfort Jason again. "You're dad's not gay. That isn't why he left."

Jason knocked Frank's hand away, then pushed him off his chair. He looked at Frank who was slowly getting up. "Don't lie to me Frank. This soap is from the sauna. I now know why the smell was familiar. I'd smell it on my dad when he'd tuck me in at night." Jason's voice got louder "Every fucking time I'd smell it, he was probably getting his dick sucked or being fucked, just like the faggot I am."

The Captain had to regain control of the situation. He closed the door, assumed his power position, took a deep breath, then confidently said "Don't say that Jason. You are not a faggot. I won't let anyone say things like that about my best friend on the force."

Jason looked up at the Captain. His strong arms were crossed over his powerful chest. "Best friend? Really? You are just lying to me."

"Jason, I don't mince words like that. I started off protecting you, because I knew what your dad had done. But over the years I've grown to love you like a son. I never could tell you the truth, because I didn't want to shatter your feelings for your father."

"Just what did he do?" Jason caught his breath as the Captain paced. "You owe me the truth."

"Jason, your dad did go to the sauna. But he would go to the upstairs, private rooms. At first it was just to sweat it out, to collect his thoughts. Then he had an affair just a few years before your mother died. He used the sauna to meet up with his girlfriend. She was married too, so they would steal away to the sauna. He wasn't proud of it, but he was coping with your mom's cancer at the same time."

"I barely remember those years; I think I blocked them out. I don't even think I went to see mom at the hospice."

"Oh you did, and so did your father. When your mom died, your dad cut it off with his woman. Then he started drinking. You'd spend more and more time with your grandparents, it was just a formality when your dad left."

"So what does that have to do with this case? What does this have to do with the Mad Dildoer of all things?"

"If you have a few minutes, I'll fill you in on my theory."


"Rudy, why don't you join us, I am sure the guys won't mind. They have the whole back room reserved, I got here early I guess."

"I dunno, I didn't even attend the wedding."

"You were there in spirit thanks to this." Rolf rubbed his shaved head then lowered his voice. "My man loved it, couldn't keep his hand off my head or my beard. By the way, did you have any luck with the dildo?"

"Jeez Rolf, I don't know if I am comfortable discussing this in a public space."

"Excuse me gents, are you two with The Pack wedding party? We're ready to start seating you."

"Why yes we are. C'mon Rudy, follow the young man."


Frank left Jason's bungalow, still a bit perplexed. Jason was troubled by what he had learned, and yet they were no closer to finding answers. Maybe his hunch was wrong, and there was something to what Derek discussed `round the fire-pit. It couldn't be pure coincidence that Derek knew of a Duluthian who was systematically throwing away sex toys.

Right then his major concern however, was Jason's well-being. He had never seen him break down like this before. All those years trying to shield him from his father's infidelity, came crumbling down with a simple bar of soap. Fortunately, he had recovered his composure enough that when Ashley awoke, Frank felt he could comfortably leave.

Jason looked so natural touching Ashley's baby bump while they perused the pictures. Frank could easily see him being a better father than Jason's own father had been to him.


"I want to sit by the Preacher Man."

"M'name's Rolf, Kerry. All my good friends call me that."

I laughed at Rolf knowing he was fighting a losing battle. Kerry had latched onto him, for better or worse. I nodded to Rudy. "Glad you joined us. I wish I would have made it clear you were welcome at the wedding."

"I know Kyle, I know. I had a previous engagement."

I sat to the right of Rudy, then watched as the next wave of our group entered the backroom. I was hoping that I would see Frank, but he hadn't arrived. Unfortunately, Rolf was hemmed into the corner with no opportunity to sit by Frank, when and if he arrived.

I felt the weight of a man's hand on my shoulder, then saw the familiar white furred forearm of Al reach across the table. "Rudy, glad you could join us. Put it here, I gotta thank you for your haircut, I've gotten tons of compliments"

"That's one fine haircut if I do say so myself. Have a seat."

"I believe I will if the young lady will allow."

Kerry blushed, then stood and whispered in Rolf's ear. Rolf laughed uproariously.

"She said it's fine if you join us, as long as you mind your language and keep your clothes on. Just what does that mean Al?"

"I got awakened quite early this morning by some loud banging. I forgot I was naked until too late. Will you forgive me darling?"

"I'm watching you" Kerry said signaling with her two fingers. "My Uncle Pete's a wrestler, and he will take care of you if you get out of line."

"I'm a wrestler too `lil one. But Uncle Pete and I no longer wrestle each other, we're best buds. And I would never do anything to hurt him, or you. So I apologize for my language, and how you saw me earlier. Do you accept my apology?"

Kerry offered her hand across the table "Deal Mr. Cruncher."

"Can this day get any better?" Rolf smiled. "My new best bud just made the biggest blowhard in the history of pro wrestling, apologize." He winked at Al. "Good on ya, m'man. She's a wise one, this one."

"It will get better when I have their huevos rancheros in front of me. I've been thinking of their huevos all morning," Al said.

"I've been thinking of huevos all morning too" Rolf said under his breath.

I chuckled as Kerry pulled him down to her level, and whispered. "Oh that's the Spanish word for eggs, see there on the menu "Huevos Rancheros. It's on the spicy side if you want to try it."

"I want the waffles and strawberries. Mom won't let me have sweet stuff like that at home, but since we are on vacation. It's okay." Kerry pulled Rolf down again. He listened intently, then looked up. He then whispered to Kerry. Though he tried to be quiet, I couldn't help but hear "Yes he is little one. Yes, he is."

Carl noticed our newest guest too. "I've saved a seat over here Frank. Come join us."


Jason sat alone in his booth at McDonald's. "Mind if I join you for a second? It's my last day, can you believe it?"

"Sure Caleb, sit. I thought you had another week."

"I got all of my shifts covered. Gonna start working for Randy on Monday. I couldn't refuse his offer and it means I may be helping you down the line. Got any cases you need help on?"

"Just one, and it's a big one. I can't tell you the details yet. But tell me this Caleb. What would you do if everything you thought you knew, was a lie?"

"There are truths in almost every lie. Look for the truth."

In his peripheral vision Jason saw a familiar lifted truck drive through the parking lot. "Damn, what's the truth in my own lies?" he thought to himself.


"I can't do it Chase; I just can't do it. He's in there, I saw him, I just can't face him."

"It hurts him too Bub. Bro, that man saved my partner's ass. I respect him for that, and I also respect him because I know he loves you. We'll figure it out one of these days."

"Oh fuck, I hope so Chase. But today just isn't that day. C'mon, I'll treat you to the Diner."

"Hands off bro. Just cuz I support you doesn't mean I am gonna join you at the sauna. You do that on your time."

"I'm talking `bout the real diner, the one on the 27th exit. And hey, how'd you know about the other name for the sauna?"

"Sean mentioned it when we were doing our stakeout up at the rest stop. He had read some online boards about where men hook up, as part of our research. I wondered why they called it the diner, and he said "All you can eat." Chase shook his head. "Boy, you gay guys sure have a code for everything."

As he drove, Bub stuffed his dark blue handkerchief into his right back pocket. He didn't feel like explaining that one to his brother. "You're just skimming the surface Chase, you have no idea. Breakfast is on me brother. Then I am taking you to the sauna, at my home I might add. I think it's time we sweat it out and get to know each other better."


Al poked the yolk of his huevos rancheros. "Look at all that creamy goodness darling, are you sure you don't want a bite?"

"Ewwwww, I'll stick with my strawberry waffles. Right Rolf?"

"I'm glad you are calling me by my name and I am tickled I went with your suggestion. These are tasty." Rolf stabbed a strawberry, then stuffed it in his mouth with a wink and quick lick of his upper lip. I didn't require my Dad's surveying transit to know who the wink was for. I looked over at Frank who was listening intently to Carl, yet smiling back at Rolf. Of all of the romances within our little group, this one struck me as the most wrong, yet most right.

The Captain's own breakfast was simple. He polished off the two eggs, bacon and home fries quickly, while others took their time. "Excuse me" he said as he rose from the table. "Gotta check in with someone, I'll be right back."

I saw him pacing outside as he talked on his phone. When he was finally done he stuck his head in the side door. "Justin, Derek, Got a minute?" He motioned for them to join him. They were huddled close together, it seemed like they were almost embarrassed by the Frank's questions.

Inside my family was planning a trip up the shore to Gooseberry Falls. "Can you join us Al?" I asked.

"Can't" he said curtly. "Working on my newest acquisition. Damn, this puts me in a bind. I rode here with Charlie and my car's back at your house Kyle. I don't want to put anyone out."

"I could drive you out there." Rudy had been silent for most of the meal, so his offer was unexpected.

"Really? You'd do that for me? I'll give you directions on how to get there."

Oh I've been to Pete's house. It's been a while but I know how to get there. I used to cut his hair."

"So you're the barber Pete has told me about huh?"

I couldn't figure out what was going on in Al's mind, but I had a feeling it wasn't good."

Derek and Justin rejoined their table as Frank got back on his phone. Our little breakfast was getting more and more curious.


"Okay Captain, I'll check the roster. I got the books from Thursday's game, at my home. We can bring him in for questioning on Tuesday."

"Fuck" Jason thought to himself, another lie, another truth. He recognized the name of the man the captain had asked about. He was the shortstop for their Thursday night opponents. He didn't recognize him at first, but as the game ended, the shortstop looked him in the eye, and wiggled his index finger against Jason's palm during the post-game handshakes.

The hot shortstop was the first man Jason ever fucked, the guy he tag-teamed with his father-in-law. Jason had heard the little variation on the handshake was secret code that gay men had used to identify each other.

"How am I going to be able to interrogate this guy?" Jason muttered to himself. He would have to beg out somehow. Then he remembered what he saw in the woods the night before. The Captain had his own secrets he was hot being honest about.


Charlie tapped his water glass with his fork. "Before we head up the shore I have an announcement. Through the generosity of Kyle and Pete, I have enough of a down payment to buy the farmhouse from them. I know this is late notice but Angelo and I invite you all over for a barbecue in what will be officially our home."

"Damn Charlie that's great news" Fred said. "Is that what Pete and Kyle talked to you about earlier?"

"Yep they've been putting aside my rent payments. Between that, and the little nest egg that Angelo and I have saved, we should have enough. It just shows what kind of difference it makes when someone believes in you. I think we all owe Kyle for that.

"Oh don't make Kyle to be some sort of Mother Theresa" Scott joked. "I grew up with him, he's no saint."

"Has he ever told you his Mother Theresa story?" Charlie said. "I'd repeat it but it's not meant for young ears. Anyway, back to the barbecue. I will accept no excuses for missing it. It's Memorial Day weekend, and you're all staying through Monday."

"Wouldn't miss it Charlie. I left my sound equipment in Pete's garage maybe I can tote it down and do some Karaoke," Brent added.

"You can count me in too, as long as my little friend Kerry will be there" Rolf interjected. "Maybe we can convince the Captain to do his version of "Ring of Fire. It's legendary in West Duluth. In the meantime, let's get this caravan moving. Who's riding with me?"

I couldn't resist. "Frank, why don't you and Rolf take Kerry, I think she'd like that." As we split up driving duties I grabbed the bill. While paying I noticed Bub who I had known from the sauna. He was sitting with a younger, furrier version of himself. I walked over and offered my hand. "Hey Bub, great seeing you. This must be your brother."

"My name's Chase. I am his younger, handsomer brother."

"Ah, Frank told me about you. Thanks for your help last night. Not a single guest knew what went down."

"Great to hear that. I hope I run into you again, but not under official capacity."

As I turned I heard Bub say "What was that all about?"

"We can talk about it later."


"You haven't said a thing in the last five minutes. Come to think of it, you really didn't speak much at the diner."

"I was just drinking it all in. I don't think I have ever seen any group like that before. You gotta remember being a barber is a lot like being a bartender. The best ones learn how to listen."

"Well I listened too for once, and something has me confused. You say you were Pete's barber when he was a wrestler. How come I didn't know that?"

As Rudy took the road to Pete's place he explained. "No one knew. It was during the time where Pete was injured and they tried to make it look like he was back in Russia, fighting the cold war. You have to remember that."

"Oh, I've heard stories, I'm just confused. Maybe I'm just getting old."

Rudy parked his truck beside Al's Corvette. "Well, I guess this is goodbye. I'll see ya later.

Al looked at Rudy. "Are you doing anything this afternoon? I'd love to give you a ride in the `Vette and then show you my latest project car. Why don't I follow you to your shop where you can drop off your truck? We can then head to my place cuz I need to shower and change. Then we'll take the Vette out to my shop."

"I think I'd really like that Al."

"It's a deal." Al said a hand came down on Rudy's thigh, lingering a bit longer than Rudy expected.

Rudy watched Al walk towards the vintage `Vette. His ass looked amazing, even in the dressier slacks he was wearing. There was a quick wink back to him as Al somehow wedged his large frame into the small sports car. "What did I get myself into?" Rudy thought to himself."


"I got him dead to rights," Al mused to himself. That guy did have a boner for me when he cut my hair the other day, and probably had one for Pete too. Pete told me he played with the hairdresser they hired while Pete was on hiatus. All along Al thought it was a woman, but Rudy was all man.

Al groped the hard-on that was chubbing up between his thick thighs. "Yeah boy, I'm gonna get you some. Rudy wants me. That was a bona fide boner he had the other afternoon. He'll be easy to get. I'll come out of the shower, all dripping wet. He'll be on his knees in no time."

Al spent most of the drive lightly teasing the thick dick his dress slacks did little to contain. It would be an easy seduction. The `Vette would do half of the work, the shower, the rest. He parked behind Rudy and idled his engine, waiting for Rudy to join him.

Al tried to conceal his hard dick as Rudy ducked his head into the passenger window. "Just gonna grab a few cigars, in case you want to enjoy one of my favorites."

"Piece of cake" Al thought. "He'll be chomping on a cigar, then my dick."

The seduction was well thought out in Al's mind until Rudy closed the door on his Barber shop. In a split second Al realized that Rudy was something more than just a quick blow job. Their professional relationship could be damaged easily. And dammit he was tired of blow and go, one night stands with either sex. He realized that he was emotionally connecting with men lately, and the man who emerged from the Barber Shop was the man he most wanted to connect with.

Al reached over and unlocked the door of his car, then killed the idling engine. When Rudy was comfortable in his seat Al gingerly put his hand on Rudy's knee. "Rudy, I'm really going out on a limb here, but. Umm, umm. Damn I don't know how to say this."

"It's okay Al, I think I know. Just drive, we can talk. I can listen. It's my job, you know."


"So what was the cryptic message back at the diner? Just how do you know Kyle?"

"How do you know Kyle, Bub? Other than the "other diner" I mean."

"You go first." Bub looked at his younger brother. Sweat slicked down the fur on his chest. His plump balls forced his penis to lay to the side. Bub himself was a shower, and a grower, Chase, was a grower, not a shower. It felt natural to spend naked time with his brother in his new sauna. He had built it for Jason, but Chase would have to do for now.

"It's official business Bub. You can read it in the matters of record section of the paper in a few weeks. But I can tell you that I helped your lover Jason, and his boss FC keep some undesirables from crashing Kyle's wedding."

"Ugh, don't mention Jason, please."

"Why? Give me a reason."

"Because this happens." Bub pointed to his Frankenstein's Monster of a dick.

"Damn, that's even bigger than I remember. Jason's a great guy who also must be a magician to make that disappear."

"Now what am I supposed to do about it?"

"Don't expect me to help you, even if I was into guys, you're my brother. Ewww. But, I have an idea. Follow me, last one in the lake is a flaming homo."

Chase threw open the door of the sauna and ran towards the lake. Bub pushed him aside at the last moment, beating him to the cold water. Bub screamed as the water hit him. He emerged and looked towards shore, where Chase was doubled over laughing. "Who's the flaming homo now?" Bub taunted.

"I'm not the one with the hard-on bro."

Bub started walking ashore. "Neither am I now. Damn you Chase, you tricked me. Didn't cha?"

"I sure did." Chase put his arms around his naked brother. They walked to the sauna where they retrieved their clothes then sat on a nearby bench and slowly put them on. "You know Bro, Jason is quite the cop. I know he loves you." Chase shook his head. "But damn, that is all I can think of after seeing that dick of yours. Damn! If he can handle that, you gotta win him back."


Rudy ran his hands over the curved dashboard of the Corvette. "It's not just the power of these cars, it's the beauty, isn't it? That's why you like them."

Al mulled it over. "I guess you are right, I never thought of it that way. It's the best of both worlds, power and beauty. Maybe that is why I am bi. I can appreciate both."

"Al, I didn't think I was bi `til recently. But a friend helped me see the beauty in the power. Correct me if I am wrong, but you like your women to be tiny, curvy things, but you like the men you play with, to be men."

"You're right so far, go on."

"Al, I'm the same way. But lately, Damn Al, I dunno if I can put this into words. But, lately I've found I can't connect with women, but when I'm around a masculine man, I see the beauty in their masculinity. Anyway, dammit Al, all I can think about is being with a man. And the guy who is driving this piece of American Muscle is the man I think about. Now you can stop this car right now and throw me out, but I have a feeling you are thinking the same way. But I don't want to blow it."

"I don't either Rudy." Al smiled quietly. "Well I do actually want to blow it, but well, you know what I mean. I want to build something of this. I want to have someone I can wake up with and spend a lazy Sunday with. I want some-one, not some-thing if you get my drift."

"Listen Rudy, I do have to change. My house is just up the block. I'd love to have you in. You can make yourself comfortable while I take a shower, cuz damn, I need it. We can take that ride I promised you. We can go to my shop and see my new project car. But most of all, I want to make a day of it. I want to get to know the man who is making me feel something I've never felt before."

"Is this a date Al?"

"Damn, Rudy, I think it is."

Al parked his car in the driveway of his Denfeld neighborhood home. "This is your home? I never would have guessed." I've always liked the architecture. It's a bit gothic, just like the high school."

"C'mon inside, excuse the clutter." Al opened the heavy wood door and gestured for Rudy to enter. "Make yourself at home. The kitchen's through that archway, grab yourself a beer. Check out the library. It's a good place to sit while I shower."

Rudy chose a beer, then made his way to the library while Al showered. The house was not so much cluttered, as bursting at the seams with books. At first he thought the living room was the library since it had a prominent bookcase, and no TV. Then he saw the small room off to the right. It had floor to ceiling bookshelves with books stacked haphazardly.

When Rudy looked closer he realized there was a system to each stack. Automotive books dominated one shelf, vintage art books another. He could see the stack of local interest books and the ones concentrating on the Great Lakes. Intrigued by the name on the cover, Rudy picked a small green book from one stack, then sat on the oxblood leather chair.

It was the story of pioneers in a small northern Minnesota town. The first few pages drew him in. He sat reading, sipping the beer. It barely registered when Al entered the room.

"I see you found "Rumpus." You know it's funny, that is one of the gifts, Kyle's family gave him today."

Al stood before him. Rudy was accustomed to seeing him in his uniform of a white t-shirt, boots and tight denim jeans. But this time Al's shirt was a buffalo checked, button down, his slacks, khaki. Even his Bass Weejuns were unusual for the former wrestler.

"Al, you are full of surprises today. I never would have guessed."

"You keep saying you never would have guessed. Tell me, why did you pick that book?"

"I'm not sure. I liked the vintage color of the cover, I like the title. "Rumpus" promises a good time."

"You judged a book by the cover huh?"

"Good point. But when I looked inside, I saw something different. Al, I have a question if I can ask. I see no TV, do you own one? And why are there no pictures of your wrestling days? Pete has his wall of shame. Why don't you?"

"Oh I have a TV, but it's in my downstairs bar, and mainly used to watch the ballgame, and sometimes for porn I'd hate to admit. But as for your second question, this is my house, my place to get away. I'm The Cruncher, everyplace else, but here. Here I am Al."

"Well, there is no game on today, are you up for option two?" Rudy chuckled, then stood. For the first time he realized he had at least three inches on his wrestling idol. He walked towards him. "I'm kidding buddy. But I gotta tell you, Al is the man I want to get to know, and if I may, kiss."

Without permission Rudy grabbed Al, angled his head, and kissed him.

"Slow down Rudy. I don't think I've ever said this before, but slow down. I want us to take our time. I want to get to know you. I want you to see who I really am. And when we finally make love, I want to please you in all the ways you want, and need to be pleased. And I want you to do the same for me."

"In the meantime I see you have barely touched that beer. We'll take that ride I promised you. Then when we get back I think I have a nice bottle of wine we could share while I grill some steaks in the backyard. Then, we can bust out those cigars you promised. After that, who knows" Al lifted his eyebrows suggestively.

"Yeah, who knows. I'd be fine with the who knows, but I'd also be fine having a beautiful man like you take me home, giving me a kiss goodnight and the promise of another date. But if the "who knows" happens, so be it. I would be ready, believe me."

"Me too sexy." Al kissed Rudy lightly on the lips. His face glowed as he turned towards the kitchen. "Let me go find that bottle of wine and put it on ice. We got all afternoon to spend together."

"And all night" Rudy thought, as he saw Al's thick butt walk away.


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